Sascra about to feed in the arena

Real Name: Sascra

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Negative Zone) native/mutate giant octopus

Occupation: Mindless executioner for Annihilus

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Annihilus

Enemies: Annihilus' enemies, Blastaar, Nyglar, Scrupolo

Known Relatives: Unknown

Aliases: Slithering Strangler

Base of Operations: The Negative Zone;

(former) Annihilus' palace in the Negative Zone

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#75 (May, 1981)


Powers/Abilities: Sascra's usual method of execution was, in the words of Annihilus, to "crush his victims to a soggy pulp before consuming them... limb by limb!" Sascra's tentacles, which were at least about 1' thick, were strong enough to initially hold Blastaar, with suckers that were about 6" in diameter. The tentacles were up to (approximately) up to 40' long. Sascra was yellow, with orange highlights on its torso/head, which seemed about 25-30' long, 15' wide and 10' high. He also had bulbous green eyes that were about 2' wide. He had beak-like jaws that were about 3' wide.

    Sascra's overall speed would have been very slow (below normal), although the speed of its thrashing tentacles seems to have been quite fast. Its mind would have been feeble.


Blasted into Negative space!


History: The exact origins of the enormous, land-based, octopus-like Sascra have not been revealed.

(Marvel Two-In-One#75) As a show of support for their new alliance, Annihilus invited Blastaar to his arena, where Sascra, proclaimed as the "unstoppable, unconquerable executioner of Annihilus", crushed his victims prior to eating them slowly; death lasted hours.

    At the packed event for public executions, Blastaar saw his wife, Nyglar, in the arena, one of Sascra's intended victims, along with Scrupolo, her servant, and leapt into the arena to save them, but was instead caught by one of Sascra's thrashing tentacles. Annihilus only observed at this point, curious to see how his new ally, Blastaar, would handle himself. However, Blastaar proved to be stronger than Sascra's tentacle, and he then blasted Sascra into the black void of Negative space using his blasting fingers, where Blastaar intended that the scarred Sascra should drift.





Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco (writer), Alan Kupperberg & Chic Stone (art).

    Sascra's length covered almost the whole arena, so short of having tranquilized him (yes, it's a he) and dropping him in there, the only other viable option seems to be that it lived in the stadium, although he could also have been kept below the stadium and then elevated up for public executions.

    It is very likely that Sascra survived the blast into space; it may still be floating around, or it may have been hunted down by a vengeful Blastaar.

On a slightly separate note, octopi on Earth are water-based, but there is no confirmation that Sascra could not survive in a water-based environment.

Marvel Two-In-One#75 is a classic standalone tale that I initially bought because an advert for the issue showed someone colored like Darkoth. Despite him not actually being there, it's still classic space opera.

Profile by Grendel Prime


Sascra has no known connections to

or to anyone else with a similar name.

Marvel Two-In-One #75 p11, pan1 (arena view);

p12, pan5 (space blast)

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