tyndale-pilgrims_rock-prof TYNDALEtyndale-pilgrims_rock-head-prof

Real Name: Tyndale 

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (Negative Zone) humanoid (race unidentified; likely this one?)

Occupation: Apparently a physician, medic, or scientist of some sort...or possibly a priest

Group Membership: Unrevealed; while he was not a hereditary member of the Puritans of Pilgrims Rock (Kenneth Tennyson/Hellscout, Jacob (surname presumably Tennyson); aka Pandorans), he appears to have been adopted into their community 

Affiliations: Gornkai, Hellscout (Kenneth Tennyson),
    He attempted to help the Counter-Earth (Franklin Richards-created) replicated form of Cynthia von Doom

EnemiesDoctor Doom (Victor von Doom);
presumably Annihilus, N-Explorers (Trapster (Peter Petruski), Travers, Travis, Vasquez);
    presumably indirectly Gideon Trust (Colonel, Janus, other), 

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Brother Tyndale

Base of OperationsPilgrims Rock (see comments), Negative Zone

First AppearanceDoom: The Emperor Returns#3 (March, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Tyndale has unspecified medical and analytical abilities.

    He possesses any abilities and/or limitations inherent in native race. tyndale-pilgrims_rock-post

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'6" to 5'10"; he wasn't shown directly next to the 6' tall Hellscout, but he appeared to be at least a couple inches shorter than him)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 140-180 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (likely blue)
Hair: None
Skin: Blue

(Doom: The Emperor Returns#3 - BTS) - As an immense creature assaulted and apparently prepared to destroy Dr. Doom's ship, Doom jettisoned a pod containing a lifeform (the Counter-Earth replicated form of Cynthia von Doom).

(Doom: The Emperor Returns#3 (fb) - BTS) - Considering the being in the pod to be a soul in need, Hellscout and Gornkai brought it back to Pilgrims Rock.

(Doom: The Emperor Returns#3) - Examining the pod, Tyndale asked Hellscout "Wouldst thou bring evil to our very doorstep?" When Hellscout replied that he saw a soul in need, Tyndale countered "This poor woman liveth not as thou livest. There is something unnatural about her. A spell or incantation holds her thus."

    Tyndale continued that while Hellscout was Pilgrim Rock's colony's protector, he had brought this mystery to them, and Hellscout told him that he and Gornkai had done what they thought best. Further examining the dome, Tyndale noted that it was certainly humanoid, and that this sentient hovered just above death, perfectly preserved and ageless. 

    They were interrupted by the arrival and questions of Jacob and then by the arrival of Doom himself, who demanded the return of his "mother."

    Tyndale stood back and watched as Hellscout confronted Doom.

Comments: Created by Chuck Dixon, Leonardo Manco, Klaus Janson & John Stanisci.

    An alien amongst the Puritans? What the what?

    When first referenced in Fantastic Four I#41, their base was called "the Pilgrims Rock." Later in the same issue, it was called "Pilgrim's Rock."
    In Doom: The Emperor Returns#3, it was called "Pilgrim Rock."
    Singular possessive doesn't make much sense. Singular non-possessive seems awkward. I think either Pilgrims Rock (plural, non-possessive) or Pilgrims' Rock (plural possessive) make the most sense.

Profile by Snood.

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Doom: The Emperor Returns#3, pg. 7, panel 3 (posterior);
            panel 4 (face; profile);
        pg. 9, panel 3 (mostly full body profile);

Doom: The Emperor Returns#3 (March, 2002) - Chuck Dixon (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Klaus Janson & John Stanisci (inkers), Andrew Lis, Jeff Youngquist, & Mark Sumerak (assistant editors), Bobbie Chase & Tom Brevoort (editors)

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