The flying fortress in action!

Classification: Transport and attack spacecraft (Negative Zone)

Creator: Annihilus

User/Possessors: Annihilus; Blastaar (spoils of war)

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#75 (May 1981)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Annihilus' flying fortress appeared to have 3 internal levels. It was green and had dark green wings and a dorsal fin designed to match Annihilus' wings. There were 3 large engines mounted at the base of the ship, plus an even larger one at the aft. There was a protective dome mounted at the top of the craft large enough for one person only, with a one-handed control that directed a purple-coloured destructive ray. There was at least one large hatch that was used to access the outside. It was constructed of unspecified materials.

Internal viewscreen monitored by Annihilus and the Super-AdaptoidThe inside of the craft had several large chambers, with one that served as a holding room for prisoners, and another with a view screen that showed short range images. There were also many external viewing portals.

There would probably have been some other offensive and defensive measures onboard not actually shown.

History: (Marvel Two-In-One#75 - BTS) - Annihilus' Flying Fortress departed from Annihilus' floating palace in the Negative Zone, with Annihilus, Blastaar and his mate, Nyglar, onboard, as part of a formidable armada to attack Blastaar's homeworld of Baluuur.

(Marvel Two-In-One#75) - Annihilus' Flying Fortress led the attack against the forces on Baluuur's surface, with Annihilus in the craft's top-mounted protective dome as he directed and fired a purple destructive ray at the Baluuurian surface troops. Annihilus then went below and was spied by a hidden Nyglar as he raved before the Super-Adaptoid. Annihilus then saw the Thing and Captain America approach on a view screen, and dispatched the Super-Adaptoid via a portal from the front port side of Annihilus' Flying Fortress.

Fortress in background and Annihilus gives a film review

Elsewhere, defeated by Iron Man, Blastaar returned to Annihilus' starship.

Onboard Annihilus' Flying Fortress, Nyglar released the three captive Avengers (the Beast, Hawkeye and the Wasp), and returned their weaponry and equipment so that they could stop Annihilus, but as the three Earthlings left, Annihilus stepped out of the shadows and murdered her with a blast from his cosmic control rod, just as Blastaar approached. Blastaar held off his vengeance for a planned later betrayal.

(Marvel Two-In-One#75 - BTS) Annihilus and Blastaar left Annihilus' Flying Fortress for the final attack on Baluuur, where Blastaar's final betrayal of Annihilus was revealed; Annihilus' forces were defeated and Annihilus had his cosmic control rod stolen by Blastaar.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco (writer), Alan Kupperberg & Chic Stone (art).

Annihilus called the starship as his "private cruiser", but it's referred to as "Flying Fortress" in the text, a distinctly more suitable title given the violently prolix nature of Annihilus.

No crew were seen on the ship, but may have been hidden or unnecessary. It is not specified whether the craft's wings were fixed or could "flap" when the engines were off.

The final fate of Annihilus' Flying Fortress is unrevealed, but it was likely dismantled and/or destroyed in the wake of Blastaar's victory.

MTIO#75 distinctly called the planet "Baluuur", yet the Marvel Appendix refers to Blastaar's homeworld as "Baluur". Just a minor typo, but I've kept to the issue's spelling for this profile.

MTIO#75 is a classic standalone tale that I initially bought because an advert for the issue showed someone coloured like Darkoth. Despite him not actually being there, it's still classic space opera.

Profile by Grendel Prime


No known connection to:

  • Flying Dutchman’s Ship, immense spectral flying pirate ship, vehicle of the Flying Dutchman, @ Silver Surfer I#8
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  • B-17 Flying Fortress, popular 4-engine bomber used by the USA in World War II
  • Other weapons of Annihilus
  • or to anyone or anything else with a similar name.


Marvel Two-in-One#75, p32, pan3&4 (fortress in action)

p34, pan1 (internal viewscreen)
p34, pan2 (fortress in background)

Marvel Two-in-One#75 (May, 1981) - Tom DeFalco (writer) Alan Kupperberg & Chic Stone (pencilers) Jean Simek & Mike Higgins (inker) Jim Salicrup (editor)

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