These sets will include technology, magic items, and various other artifacts. Chronologies are likely to be incomplete, as I don't often pay as much attention to this.

You can also visit the Magic page for lists on magic items.

About Face (Daredevil story, virus)

absolute zero apparatus (Cold Warrior invention)

Absorbascann (used by Everyman)

Absorbatron (Leader)

Absorber (Wakandan device) - by Chadman

Abundant Gems (cosmic power items, Howard the Duck story)

Abundant Glove (cosmic power item, Howard the Duck story) - by Markus Raymond

Aceldama (Bad Seed, vampire drug)

Activator (xt, Cyberdrones technology, linked to Gestalt Bomb)

Adams, Murdoch's talisman

Adap-Tor (Justin Hammer)

Aerocraft (Avengers vehicle) - by Proto-Man

Aeroglide of Earth-928 (Mongrel's vehicle)

Aeroships (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Aero-Sub (Avengers vehicle, invented by Mr. Fantastic) - by John Kaminski

Age-Converter (Dr. Markov invention)

Agent Beefcake (SHIELD LMD)

Agent Cheesecake (SHIELD LMD) - by G Morrow

Air-Cars (Yashonka tech)

Air-Cruiser (Avengers vehicle) - by Proto-Man

air-cruiser (Karel vehicle)

Airjet-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

airplane (1950s, owned by Mac Grant)

Airship (Damocles)

Airship of Earth-8107 (Dr. Octopus' mobile HQ) - by David Lawrence

airships (Sagittarians)

Airships (Cult of the Living Pharao)

airships (Cult of the Living Pharao)

air ships (xt, Cyberdrones vehicles)

"air transformer" (stolen by Pinhead, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) story)

Al the Alien's ship

Alcatraz Base Command Module of Curtiss Jackson/Power Broker (Captain America/Hulk story)

Alchemax Prototype Satellite Laser of Earth-928

Alchemoid (Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Alchem-Tech (virus, used by Nocturne)

Alchemy Gun (Chemistro (Curtis Carr) )

Alice II (Ted Higgens' ship)

alien automobile (stolen by Earl Rawls)

Alien Launching Platform (Fantastic Four story, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide)

"alien scout's" spaceship (1950s sci-fi)

alien spacecraft (empowered Stalkers, Venom/Vengeance story)

alien tree (glowing flower, given to Hannah by Groot)

Alkhema (War Toy; Avengers foe)

Alkinoos of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

All-Seeing Eye (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Alpha (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Alpha Stone (extraterrestrial power gem) - by Spidermay & Snood

Alpha and Omega Stones (extraterrestrial power gems) - by Spidermay & Snood

"A Man Destroyed!" (1956 TV movie in MU) - by Ron Fredricks

Amazing Friends of Earth-10511 (Spider-Friends)

Amazing Guitar of Death (Miles Flatt's guitar)

Ameboid Robot (Mendel Stromm creation)

Amphibian Androids (Synthoids)

Amphora (Zom's prison)

amulet (xt, Golgotha)

amulet/key of Reality-8116 (Joenis Soule possession)

Amulet of Aagara (cyber comic, invulnerability-granting mystic item) - by Proto-Man

Amulet of Azmodeus (Master Pandemonium)

Amulet of Blue-Fire (Conan story)

"Amulet of Change" (used by Lena Ivana, Morbius story)

Amulet of Ka (pre-Cataclysm magic item, Kull story)

Amulet of Octaviano (used by Deacon Frost doppelganger)

Amulet of the Old Man ("Old Man of the Sea")

Amulet of Pazuzu (Howard the Duck story)

Amulet of Power (Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan)

Amulet of Pure White Light of reality-8116 (used against demon Bialgesuard)

Amulet of Set (artifact of Ishiti)

Amulet of Sibyl (Olympian mystic item) - by Proto-Man

Amulets of Damballah (Zombie)

Analysis Ball (Skrull device) - by Proto-Man

Anathema Vault (Gul Damar Space Station)

ancestors/urns (ancient Egypt, owned by Ashake)

Ancient Talisman (Jade Serpent)

"Andrea" (Paul Wilson invention)

Android X-4 (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Android Champion of Machus

Android Man (Thing foe)

Andromeda of Reality-691 (first Terran starship) - by Donald Campbell

"Andy Android" (Egghead's Android)

Angie of Ultraverse (Harmonica's universal tool)

Ankh Necklace (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Annie Oakwood (Old West, ventriloquist dummy)

Annihilus' Flying Fortress (Annihilus' Private Cruiser)

Annihilus' Private Cruiser (Negative Zone, Annihilus' ship) - by Grendel Prime

Anomaly Gem (alien artifact) - by Markus Raymond

Antarctica Syndrome (Greedy Killerwatt)

Anti-Charge Bazooka (A.I.M. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing (used to combat cosmic Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

antidote (created by Dr. Harold Schmidt)

Anti-Gravity device (Tony Stark's invention) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Magnetic Inverter (Spider-Man invention) - by John Kaminski

Anti-Mind (Deviant creation) - by Norvo

Anubis the Jackal's helmet

Anubis the Jackal's staff

Apex (Brekk religion)

Aphonic Bomb (Anton Trojak's weapon)

Apollocraft (Triax)

Aqhat's arrows (mystic arrows)

Aqhat's bow (mystic bow)

Aquarius (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Arachne-Ax of Earth-62069 (Spider-Manly's weapon)

Aracne of Earth-19192 (Sea-Spider's ship)

arcane database (Archenemy's progenitor)

arcane paraphernalia (Aelfric the Mad Monk's sorcerous artifacts collection)

Arcanum Chymicum (18th century, created by Konrad Dippel)

architecture of Reality-21394 ("Kiashon" structures)

Archon's electro-shackles (xt, used by Thuvrian king Archon)

Archon's shield (xt, used by Thuvrian king Archon)

Archon's sonic lance (xt, used by Thuvrian king Archon)

Arctic Complex (used by Bedlam, Alpha Flight stories)

Argon's sword (Chane story)

Argon's trophies (Chane story)

Argus (ship of Tito, Conan story)

Aries (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Ark of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Ark of Omon-Kra (Biphasia dimension, not much info)

Arkon's lightning bolts (Avengers/Fantastic Four stories)

arm of Kx'ulthuum (used by Fafnir Hellhand)

Armageddon's warship (Hulk story)

armed carts (Yashonka tech)

Armor of God (Warlord Kargul)

Armored "F" of Earth-665 (Forbush Man's equipment) - by Proto-Man & MarvellousLuke

armored truck (lifted by Great Gambo)

Arnold (enhanced LMD, Black Widow foe)

armored uniforms (xt, Drenx)

arras (Vacharn's tapestry, Conan story)

Arrow of Hoder (found by Order of Hydra)

Arsenal (Avengers/Hulk foe(s) ) - by Stunner, Madison Carter & Prime Eternal

artifact (xt, Tinas IV)

artifact of the Beyonders (Nuwali)

Asbestoscase of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Ashtoroth's pearl (Black Knight/Captain Britain story)

Astarion (Inhuman intergalactic spaceship) - by Chadman

asteroid (new home of Victor Farrington)

Astraea of Earth-9591 (Ruins) (rocket)

Atmospheric Ion Saturator (Hostess ad, Stormrider weapon)

Atomic Changer (Kiber's Guards weapon)

atomic gun (caused mutation of the Weed)

Atomic Inverter X-99 (Roxxon device) - by Proto-Man

atomic machine (mutated the Spider)

atomic machine (mutated Bruttu)

atomic pistol (invented by Dr. Mark Kells, Lance Brant story)

Atomic-powered drilling machine (used by Henry Burke)

Atomic Re-Assembler (Sigmar invention, Eternals)

Atomic Space-Displacer (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

atomic transmitter (caused Mekano to run amok)

Atomo-Duplicator (Kang technology, used in Spider-Man robot creation)

"atom" prison (invented by Dr. Hydro)

Atom-Sphere (Arkon device) - by Proto-Man

attack fighter (Klangian battlecraft)

Attrakton (Alpha Centaurians)

Augmatrons (Skrull technology, powerful sound amplifiers)

augmentation chamber (Power Broker Inc.)

A.U.N.T.I.E. (Fantastic Four robot) - by AvatarWarlord72

Auric-Ray (Diablo weapon) - by John Kaminski

Auto-Boxers (Eternals toy) - by John Kaminski

Autocron fleet (Machine Man story)

Auto-Disintegrator (Zetora's gun)

auto-extensors (Operation: Artificial Powers)

A.U.T.O.F.A.C. (S.H.I.E.L.D. computer) - by Prime Eternal

auxiliary rudder control (section on the Space Queen)

Aventurine Stone (power item of Set, Conan/Dark Agnes story)

Axi-Tun starship (Starmasters story)

Azshiran (ring, magic item)

Badge of Office (Magistrati badge)

Badoon Mento-Programmer (Defenders foe)

Bag of Enchantment (Moon Wolf's "power item")

"Bag of Tricks" (Spatial Distorter)

Balefire Blade (Sisterhood of Danu's Siobahn Lauchline)

Ballox (Spider-Man/Iron Fist foe) - by Luis Dantas

Baluchistan Century Plant (Young Allies storyline) - by Grendel Prime

Bandovian Star-Fountain (Starfox story)

Banana Board of Reality-95019 (flying surfboard of Silverback Surfer)

Banshee Mask (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Baron von Blimp's dirigible (US One)

Baron Zemo's Androids (Zola creations, served Baron Zemo) - by Prime Eternal

Baron Zemo's Death-Ray

Baron Zemo's Heli-Hovercraft

basket of Roberta Elk Step (She-Hulk/Johnny Blaze story)

Battaloids (training robots, Champion's Training Facility)

"Battle Cab" (Mr. Badwrench invention)

battle frigate of the Mad Folk of the Crab Nebula (Deadpool Corps story)

Battle Helmet of Earth-665 (Forbush Man's equipment) - by Proto-Man & MarvellousLuke

battle tank (Klangian battlecraft)

Battle Wagon ("Road Warriors", First Line story)

Beam-Splitter of New Universe (Andrew Meadows)

Bedevilling Bolts (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Bedlam's Arctic Complex (Alpha Flight stories)

Beeper Dogs (Yashonka tech)

Beepie (Solarman's robot) - by Grendel Prime

Beetle-Vessel (City-Keepers)

beetles (illusion created by George Farren's unidentified visitor)

Behemoth (android, Namor foe)

Behemoth (Godzilla Squad helicarrier)

Behemoth puppet (controlled Atlantean Behemoth android, Puppet Master creation)

Belag's spaceship (xt, Cat (Greer Grant) story)

Bell Collar (Inanna's Bailiff)

Bell of Ikonn (magical artifact)

Benin Dagger (magic item, Gambit story)

berries (1950s, turned Barney Lowry invisible)

Berserker android (Frankenstein monster character)

Beta-Gun (handheld weapon used by Kree Sentry#9168)

Betan ship (Godzilla story)

Betatron Bomb (HYDRA weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Beyondersbane (Beyonder-killing device) - by Prime Eternal

Bhontars (Byan'Hantandu energy spheres, Cloak & Dagger story)

Bidoceros space probe (interstellar lightcraft, Hulk story)

Bifrosticon of Earth-10091 (Loki item)

Big Bertha (Venom foe)

Big Casino (Skrulls of Kral)

Big Change in Nutrition (Matriculon item)

"Big Daddy" (Madbomb)

Big Wheel (Rocket Racer's ship) - by Markus Raymond

Big Wheel (drone, Ceres Goldstein creation) - by Markus Raymond

Biggie Small album (Black Goliath's digital download music album)

Binary Being's Robots (Binary Beings)

Bindings of the Demon K'hur (used by Nina the Conjurer & Ancient One) - by Donald Campbell

biobeam (Skrull weapon)

Bioelectric Mask (Genetech device, used by Adrian Eiskalt)

Biotron Constructs (SULTAN)

Birdroid (Tri-Man)

Bishop (Hulk foe)

Black Arthur armor (GA, Vagabond story)

Blackbird of Earth-652975 (Pryde of the X-Men cartoon)

Black Blade (Muramasa Sword, Wolverine story)

Black Blade of Baghdad (Black Raazer weapon)

Black Book (Nameless Cults)

Black Book of Bast (used by Miles Keston)

Black Clock (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Black Curator (Orgolhuin)

Blackeye 1 (Silvereye ship)

Black Knight statue (Avengers character)

Black Mariah (U.S. Agent's ship) - by Prime Eternal

Black Mirror (mystic item, housed Darkhold page)

Black Orchid (Jann of the Jungle plant)

Black Orchid (Jann of the Jungle plant...not the same as the above) - by Ron Fredricks

Black Pearl (Seaweed Man, Dire Wraiths)

Blackrig (Highwayman's truck)

"Black Sunset" (used by Doctor Saturn)

Blade of Blood (Shosei Order)

Blake's Android (creation of Don Blake(?))

Blanditron (SOOFI)

blaster pistol (xt, Protar race)

blaster rifle (xt, Protar race)

blasters (xt, Froma weapons)

blasters (xt, Drenx)

Blinding Brazier of Balthakk (Inferno)

Blockade (Stranger's robot) - by Prime Eternal

"Blocko-Skeletons" (Thor foes) - by Markus Raymond

Bloodgem (Hellfire Helix, Exo-Mind)

Blood-Jewel (used by Grithstane, Monsters Unleashed)

Blood Opals (used to summon Whole Moon Hawk)

Blood of Ymir (transformative Asgardian artifact) - by Proto-Man

Blood Soldier (Fortress)

Blood Stone (Swami Rihva, Kaman-Ru)

Bloodstorm's car of Ultraverse (Sludge story)

Blue Diamonds (rare diamonds) - by the Beetle

blue crystals of Reality-8116 (Tyjor)

Blue Diver (submarine) - by Markus Raymond

Blue Fly's Calling Card of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man story)

Blue Glass Bottle (Elias Dane's item)

B-Mod prototype of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb invention)

boat of Al Clark (1950s)

body cell analyzer (part of mutant-creating machine)

Boeing Aeroglide of Earth-928 (Mongrel's vehicle)

bolo-cable launchers (used by Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

Bolts of Balthakk (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Bombdroid (Tri-Man)

Bombsled (Claude LeBron)

Bone Dragon (Kulan Gath creation)

Bone Machine of Earth-928 (2099 AD, Metalscream)

Boneyard Dog (Sovel Redhand's ship)

Book of Ultraverse (empowered Book)

Book of Antag of reality-691 (Guardians of the Galaxy story) - by Donald Campbell

Book of Cagliostro

Book of Eternity of Universe-7711 (Chen K'an, Hulk story)

Book of Fate (owned by Fates)

Book of Kell (magic book, Serpent Men)

Book of Kells of Earth-691 (31st Century, magic item)

Book of Koth (foretold Kah-Tah-Dhen's return)

Book of Many Things (Sacred Volume of Kâli) - by Prime Eternal

Book of Sins (Darkhold)

Book of the Grimtoad Sorcerers (Shadow-Earth, Genghis Grimtoad's tome)

Book of Thoth (ancient Egyptian mystical tome) - by AvatarWarlord

"Book with the Sutured Heart" (used by Merlin) - by Donald Campbell

Bouncing Ball of Doom (Mad Thinker weapon) - by Prime Eternal

boxing bag (heavy) (Champion's Training Facility)

boxing bag (reflex) (Champion's Training Facility)

boxing machine (Champion's Training Facility)

Box of Khyscz (KISS story)

Bradford's mind-transposer machine (pre-FF story)

Bradley Brenton's mansion (Strange Tales, home to Shaggy Creature)

Brainosaur (Tony Stark's bomb defuser) - by Prime Eternal

Brain-Altering Energy Beam Projector (Pearl Sect)

Brain Beam (Sagittarian mind scanner)

Brain-Child One of Earth-S (rocket)

Brainwashing device of Earth-8107 (used by Buzz Mason) - by Loki

Brain-Wave Booster (used by Leader) - by John Kaminski

Brand's mutagenic equipment (used by Serpent Society & Brand Corporation)

Brawn Tank (Iron Man foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Brazen Bull (Inanna's Bailiff)

Brazier of Balthakk (Inferno)

Breathing Gun (Jaine Cutter's weapon)

Breathing Potion (Kree life support medication) - by Donald Campbell

Bridge of Asbru (mystic creation, interdimensional bridge)

Bride of Slorioth (Shadowoman)

British Sleepers (Plasmer characters)

Broker's control bracelet

Broker's spaceship

Brona's Barrier (barrier between dimensions created by Brona)

Brother Royal's Barge

Bruce Banner's Robot (created for Thunderbolt Ross) - by Prime Eternal

bug-pod (used by Binary Bug, Machine Man story)

Bugships I-IV (Goldbug)

Bull Totem (Toro Rojo)

"burning glass" (Scar invention, Destroyer story)

Butcher T. Washington's tank

Butler (Gabriel McGregor creation)

Buszhard (Snark spaceship, used by Prince Hyinar)

buzz-drones (Sinsear weapons)

Byan'Hantandu's Book (Cloak & Dagger story)

Byan'Hantandu's spacecraft (Cloak & Dagger story)

Cabattoir (Mr. Badwrench invention)

Cam-Bot (Reed Richards' device) - by Prime Eternal

"camera-like device" (used by Roger Reynolds, shrinking beam)

Cancer (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Candle of Power (Lord Pumpkin power source)

canopic jar (trap for Heka-Nut's body and power)

Capricorn (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Captain America's shield of Earth-9591 (Ruins)

Captain Barracuda's ships

Captain Dea-Sea's starships (Kree)

Captivator of Earth-6676 (25th century robot)

Captive's ship

Capturebots (Mechadoom)

car (owned by George Weston)

car (Santa Claus' car, borrowed by Sammy Glenn)

car (Eopia, Egaliterns)

car/spaceship (Martian prison transport, taken by Rocky Baines)

car/ship (Pluto, Zad Compton's ship)

card (Power Broker Inc.)

caretaking automaton (Silver Surfer character)

Caro statue (Sinbad foe)

carriage of Lady Grey (18th century)

casket (Hyborian era, owned by Ghunthar)

Cassandra 4 of Earth-21766 (NASA rocket, designed/stolen by Reed Richards) - by Proto-Man

Cassidy Crystals (used by Baroness)

"Cat" (Galactus' robot, Secret Wars)

Cathedral-Ship (Proselytes, red sect)

Cathexis-Ray (Doc Samson's device) - by Prime Eternal

Cathode Gloves (Count Tagar's weapons)

Cathode's robots (Silver Sable foes)

Cat-illac (Night Cat's car)

Cauldron of Conversion (Axi-Tun weapon)

Cazon's ship (one-person saucer ship owned by Cazon)

Celestial Corn-Feeder of Reality-12115 (used by Liverer)

Celestial Golems (X-Force foes)

Celestial Order's Space Station (Marvel Universe: The End)

CELINE (Black Widow foe) - by Markus Raymond

Censys (Seeker 3000's computer) - by Prime Eternal

centrifugal force ray (Tony stark invention, used against Crusher)

Cerebro-Destruct-Mechanism Helmet (Horusians weapon)

ceremonial blade (used by Cat-People of Pangea)

Chains of Krakkan (magic spell)

"Chair that Walks Like a Man" (Scarlet Witch pawn) - by Grendel Prime

chamber of Earth-148611 (New Universe, used to mutate Rodstvow)

Chameleon Worms (Darkhold Spell)

Champion's Training Facility (Thing story)

Champscraft (Champions of Los Angeles/Thunderbolts vehicles)

chandeliers (Inanna's Bailiff)

Changers (Worldform INC)

Charles Czarkowski's robot (She-Hulk foe)

Charles Xavier's Explorer Wheelchair (tank-tread wheelchair) - by Prime Eternal

Chariot of Time (used by Mad Pharaoh)

Check Mates (online dating site, used by Squirrel Girl)

Chef Jay-R-Tee's Pasta (Jason Treemont food business, X-Men story)

chemical spray (1950s, accidentally turned Joe Tully invisible)

Cheops Crystal (Living Monolith power item)

Chicked musical of Earth-8311 (live stage show) - by Proto-Man

"Children" (Mendel Stromm creations)

Chimera (magic item, Dracula story)

Chleee's ship (Glx starship)

Chorus Sentries (Inhumans W.M.D.s, Maximus creations) - by Chadman

Chosen Ones' ship of Earth-8208

Christmas tree (set up by Monsters on Mercury)

Chronal Accelerator (Maelstrom's device) - by Proto-Man

Chronal gun (Drom's weapon)

Chronifact (Killpower story item)

Chrono Key (Tempus)

Chronol-Capacitor (Human Torch (Hammond) story)

Chronometric Liquid Compound (used by Gambit)

Chrono-Phone (Charles Czarkowski invention, She-Hulk story)

Chronospheres (timespheres on Kang's Sphinx)

Chthon Scrolls (Darkhold)

cigarette lighter of Henry Burke (lost in the past)

Circlet of Power (later Odinsword, previously the Rhinegold)

Circlet of Power (Solarman's source of power)

Circuits Breaker (weapon used against Iron Man) - by Grendel Prime

circular blades of Reality-5391 (used by Alfred Kurt to create Half-People)

Circulator (Avengers Mountain teleportation hub) - by Proto-Man

Clairvoyant Cauldron (Mammy Tuba)

Clamp of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Clave mothership (traveled from Earth-950108 to Earth-616)

Clavis Key (Time Guardian)

Claw-Copter of Earth-9602 (Dark Claw vehicle)

Clawmobile of Earth-9602 (Dark Claw vehicle)

Claw of Bast (Fantastic Four story) - by Zerostar

Clemens, Samuel robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Clementine of Earth-88194 (Hughes Glomar Explorer, deep sea retrieval device)

Climate Cannon (Cold People)

Cloak of Golden Feathers (Freya)

Clone (Doctor Megalomann creation, Captain America foe)

clothes-supplier (device on Kang's Sphinx)

Coaxer (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Cobalt Bomb (nearly used by Doomsday Man)

Cobalt Cannon (Damocles)

Cobalt Flame (Sacred Flame of Life)

Cobalt Ray Weapon (Tony Stark invention) - by John Kaminski

Cobaltronic Ray (Tyrannus weapon) - by John Kaminski & Grendel Prime

Cobra Crown (Hyborian age, includes an in depth discussion of it and the Serpent Crown) - by Per Degaton

Code Z-19 (Captain Mar-Vell story)

Cogmium Steel (Iron Fist story)

Coldblood-7's car

Collective Intelligence ship 1

Collective Intelligence ship 2

Colossus's ship (Vegan)

Colony ship of Reality-92131 (insect-like spacecraft used by the Colony)

Combatra (Shogun Warriors unit) - by David Lawrence

comet of 2060 AD (headed for Earth, alternate future)

Comet ship (Max & Comet Man)

command ship (Technarchy of Eopia)

command vessel (Ongulian race, Deadpool story)

communication equipment of Reality-8116 (The Rock)

communication screens (xt, Gramosian technology)

Compeller Beam (Rigellian technology, Thor story)

Complete Fantasy XXXVI (video game)

Compost-Mobile (Green Skull's flying vehicle) - by Proto-Man

compound-screen viewer ("Wise Ones", Doctor Doom construct)

"Compound Z" (Eric Wolton)

Compute-a-Letter Energizer (Magneto creation, fed Alphabet Pet)

computer complex (used by Saurian Holmes, Land of Leftovers)

computer disk (traded by Mr. Pound to Mr. Sterling, Black Widow sent to retrieve)

Computo (Quasimodo creation, X-Men foe) - by John Kaminski

concrete swan (Doctor Bong creation)

"Concussion Tank" (used by Bruno Caper)

Conditioning Room (xd, 2000 AD)

Confucius robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Conqueror Wheel (Syphonn)

Conquest of Earth-2775 (Ranshi Empire timeship, Cable story)

Conquistador's reactor (X-Men story)

Conquistador's kinetic trident (X-Men story)

containment globes/spheres (Games, Battletide)

containment tank (trap used by Namor against Dr. Hydro)

Contrary's airship of Ultraverse

Contraxian ships (numerous)

control panel (used to control "Isaac Nicholson's" robot teddy bear)

Control Pearl (Serestus >> Torg)

Conversion Chamber (Kiber's converter)

Converter Cabinet (Conversion Chamber)

Converters (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America video game)

Cool Copter (Kool-Aid Man vehicle)

Coral Crab (stolen by Strange)

Corky (wooden cork, Mister Immortal ally) - by Proto-Man

Cornerstones of Creation (Conan magic items)

Cor Vacuus (Judge's necklace, Deadline story)

Cosmic Calculator (Pro-Rata)

Cosmic Calculator's Key (Jeweled Key)

Cosmic Cube (later evolved into Kubik) - by Proto-Man

Cosmic Cube of Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories, used by Thanos)

Cosmic Key (Scorpio Key)

Cosmic Portal (used by "Piper of Peril")

Cosmic Power Siphon Harness (device of Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Cosmic Radio (Zetora's radio)

Cosmic Wheel of Change (Creators)

Cosmic X-23 Spaceship (Zetora's spaceship)

Cosmultigizer (sought by Xanja & Valuu)

Costranno's ring (magical item)

Counter Gravity Machine (Sun Girl story)

"Crab Ship" of Number One (Earth-8107, Hulk story)

Crab Truck (Thing foes) - by Markus Raymond

Crane Cable (Daredevil foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide) - by Proto-Man

Creature from the Black Bog's spaceship (Tales of Suspense, Marvel Monster)

"Creepy Crawlers" (Mendel Stromm creations)

Creme de Profundis (used by Pitiful One) - by Proto-Man

Crimebots of Earth-Faces of Justice (Avengers foes)

Criminal Selector ("A Man Destroyed", TV movie invention)

Crimson Circle of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Crimson Crown of Earth-99062 (Mini-Marvels, used by Crimson King)

Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Crimson Hand (Asgardian weapon)

Crown of Hathor (Nephrus)

Crown of Wisdom (Cornerstones of Creation, Conan stories)

Crucible (item guarded by Azimuth)

cruisers of Reality-8116 (Zygotean ships)

Crusher (Tunnelworld)

Crypto-Man (Thor/Hulk foe)

Crystal Casque (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Crystal Column (Contraxian race, memory storage device)

crystal-flowers (Microverse, Spartak flower)

Crystal of Kadavus (magic item, Dr. Strange stories)

Crystal of Light and Shadow (X-Men story)

Crystal of Torment (Satan vs Death story)

Crystal of Transferrance (Asgardian, mystic item)

Crystal of Woi (magic relic used by Yao) - by Proto-Man

Crystal Spheres (Hyborian era, Conan story)

Crystal Trapezohedron (Nyarlathotep creation)

crystals (crystal planet, Alpha Flight foes)

Crystals of Conquest (Sons of Satannish)

Crystals of Kahesha (Metahumes)

Crystals of Vontsalvant (Thing story)

Cudgel of Yaziya (magic hammer wielded by Dr. Strange) - by Proto-Man

cure of Reality-81165 (Bront story)

Curse of the Kings (Hyborian era, Conan story)

Customer Service Representatives (Imperium Emporium)

Cybernoids of Ultraverse

Cyberno-Tron (Hank Pym device) - by Proto-Man

"Cyber-Santa" (Hydra weapon) - by John Kaminski

Cybertank (Devos the Devastator vehicle)

Cybertrons (X-Men foes)

Cyborg Dingos (Reavers' pets) - by Darc_Light

Cyclopedia Universum (Watcher dimension) - by Proto-Man

Cyclotron of reality-35722 (invented by Zadixx)

cyclotron (used by Paul Hartwick, nuclear device)

cylinder (used by Magneto)

cylinders of Earth-81165 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

cylindrical container (dropped in front of Philip Lerou)

Daedalus Wing (sold at Balthazar's Used Goods Emporium, X-Factor story)

Daily Bugle article (1930s, on flying sacuer sighting in New Jersey)

Daily Instrument of Reality-8116 (Altarix newspaper)

Dalek (Microchip weapon) - by Darc_Light

Damballah's Amulet (different from the Amulets of Damballah)

Damiru (Shanna the She-Devil foe)

Damocles Base (Kang, Avengers story) - by Stunner

damp-chords (Sinsear weapons)

Dangard Ace (Shogun Warriors unit) - by David Lawrence

Danger Room of Earth-652975 (Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Pryde of the X-Men cartoon)

Dark Crystal (mystic crystal)

Darkdoor (f.e. Eye of Force)

Dark God (Hyborian deified effigy of Brule) - by Wolfram Bane & Snood

Darkhold (Book of Sins) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Darklore's talisman

Dark Man (effigy of Bran Mak Morn)

Dark Mirror (Black Mirror)

Dark One (Dark Man)

Dark River (Conan story)

Dark Seed (Skeletron's ship/body)

Darkstar (submarine)

Davy Jones' locker (sunken ships & gold)

D.D.T. Gun of Reality-5391 (gun developed by Dr. Fronter)

"Death-Chariots" (Emperor of Texas)

Death Cruiser (of Devos)

Deathfire Bomb (Sakaar, Hulk story)

Death-Hand (weapon of Mordillo)

Deathless Frenzy (bio-toxin, Black Widow story) - by Markus Raymond

Deathlok Exact Medical Replica of Earth-7484

Death Mask of Koala Munba (magical item, Moon Knight story) - by Markus Raymond

"death ray" (Scar invention, Destroyer story)

Death-Ray (Zemo)

death-rays (Dragon-Men of Ligra weapons)

Death's Head Satellite (Red Skull's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

death-ship (used by Kraa)

Death-Star of Reality-5106 (used by Stygians, Space Squadron story)

"Death-Sword of Kx'ulthuum" (Conan story)

Death T.H.R.O.W.S. (Crossfire weapons, Hawkeye/Mockingbird foes) - by Markus Raymond

Death Techno Hybrid Remotely Operated Weapons Systems (Death T.H.R.O.W.S.)

deceased's memory reader device (Shi'ar technology, Rom story)

decoy spaceship (found by Harry Grubb)

Deep Diver (Blue Diver, submarine)

Defender (Puppet Master robot, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Defendroids (Hulk characters, used by Bereet)

Defense Synths (Hob henchmen, Death's Head foes)

defense systems of Reality-791 (Heaven's defenses)

Dehydrolizer (Dr. Cross)

delivery trucks (Imperium Emporium)

Della Gems (planet of the Aris)

Dematerializing Machine (invented by Duncan Sloan)

Demon Mirror (Black Mirror)

Demon Duplicates (creations of Professor Zaxton)

demon's amulet (Illuminator story)

Demon's Norn Stone (empowered Demon)

Demon Tree of Earth-78411 (Prime Computer)

Demuzaar (mystic mask, portal to Khaa, Conan story) - by Spidermay

Derath's blaster (A'askvarii technology)

Derath's conertor (A'askvarii technology)

derelict ship (encountered by Ebon Seeker & Firefrost)

derelict ship (Zalgodians)

Destruct-'Droids of Earth-81244 (30th century, hunted Ralf)

Destruct-Drone (Damocles)

Destructoid (Diamondhead weapon) - by John Kaminski

Destructoids (Kree weapons) - by Stunner

DeVasquez Research Technologies (She-Hulk story)

Desalinizer (Banari weapon)

Destruction Beam Robot (Mendel Stromm creation)

Destructo-Ray (Half-Face)

Devastator (Quarry's weapon)

Devastator drones (Devos the Devastator, Avengers/Inhumans foes)

devastator ship (death-ship of Kraa)

Developing Fluid (used by Donald Short)

De Vermis Mysteriis (Black Magic tome) - by AvatarWarlord72

device (used by Hyena, repowered Human Torch (Hammond) )

Devil Bird (Lorna the Jungle Girl foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Devil's Breath (poison, Tablet of Death and Entropy formula)

Devil's Marauder of Earth-691 (Skar's tripod)

Diadem of the Giant-Kings (Conan story)

diamond (Superius Rexian bait, stolen by Dunstan Blake)

"Diamond of Death" (fake diamond, Black Marvel story)

Diamonds of Doom (Namor story)

Diary of the Aged Genghis (Aged Genghis)

"Diesel of Doom!" (Clem Barstow's truck)

Dimension Machine (Abner Doolittle invention, Captain America story)

"dimension machine" (invented by Albert Manning)

Dimensional Converter ("Flatulans" technology)

Dimensional Doorways (Excalibur story)

Dimensional Gateway (Invaders story, Nazi device) - by Ron Fredricks

Dimensional Oscillator (Mercurio)

dimensional transporter (created by Derath)

Dimensionizer (Living Eraser)

Dimension-Transit (Zakka invention, Deviants)

Dimension Transporter Helmets (Slaveworld)

Dirty Bird (Scalphunter's vessel)

Discover, Observe, Gather (robots serving Mys-Tech, Dark Angel foes)

"disintegrating gun" (fake weapon used by Protector (Gerald Marsh)

disintegration amulet (Enforcer)

disintegration ray projector (Enforcer)

disintegration ring (Enforcer)

Disintegrator (Blue City on the Moon) - by Prime Eternal

disintegrator (King Solomon’s Tomb)

disintegrator gun (created by Elias Poole)

disintegrator ray (Tony Stark invention)

dissolving spray (Crimson Dynamo (Turgenov) weapon)

D-Machine (Black Panther device) - by Proto-Man

Doc Draggett's robot (Old West, used against Kid Colt)

Dockyard (Gul Damar Space Station)

Dolan's paraphernalia (pre-FF time travel story)

Dolan's time machine (pre-FF time travel story)

Dr. Bob Doom's weapons (She-Hulk foe)

Dr. Doom's Killer Robots - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Doom's Servo-Guards - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Nod's Good Bod (weight loss supplement created from Big Bertha's DNA & Mutant Growth Hormone)

Dr. Nod's Hot Cod (fish oil supplement)

Dr. Yes' androids (Venom foes)

Dominator Helmet (Foreman of Worldform INC)

Dominex (Avengers/Thunderbolts foe)

Dominus (Avengers/Fantastic Four/X-Men foe)

Domitian's Life-Force Runes

Doombot A76 (X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Doombots of Earth-2301 (Mangaverse, Doom/T'Channa)

Doom Carriers (Worldform INC)

Doom Mecha of Earth-2301 (Mangaverse, Doom/T'Channa creation)

Doom Tube (Doctor Megalomann base, Captain America video game)

Doomveda: The Mandalas of Mahatma Doom (mystic tome, by Mahatma Doom)

Dormammu's hidden flower (Dark Dimension; Clea item)

Dorrek's starship (Skrull ship)

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Dowsing Rod (Water Witch)

Dracula Pendant (picture of Maria)

Dragon (fusion device, Marvel UK)

Dragonflies (S.H.I.E.L.D., Godzilla Squad)

Dragonflies (Cybertek fighter jets, Deathlok foes)

dragon robot of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

Dragon Men (robots of Draco)

dragon ships of Ptahuacan (Conan story)

Dragorr (Robot of the Gnome)

Drakion Destructoid (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Dreaded winged skull shaft that makes rock walk and clouds talk (Tavistick)

Dreadbusters (AIM weapons) - by Prime Eternal

"Dreadful Disc" (Jeff Barker invention)

Dreadnaughts (Dreadnoughts)

Dreadnought-Drill (used by Psyklop) - by John Kaminski

Dreadnoughts (Hydra robots) - by Chadman

Dreadnoughts of Reality-791 (Lorq spaceships)

dreadnoughts of Reality-8116 (Zygotea ships)

Dream Chair of Earth-57780 (used by Beautiful Dreamer)

Dreamfresh (Perdita's "Number One Radiation Blocker")

Dream Machine (Dream Demon, Eugene Beaumont invention)

Dreamskipper (Sakaar Imperial pleasure cruiser)

Dreolln spaceships (Star-Thief's race)

drill (xt, Gramosian technology)

Drom the Backwards Man's mirror (Spider-Man story)

Drone Surroguards (Umbral Dynamics security robots) - by Proto-Man

"Drones" (Shogun Warriors characters) - by Donald Campbell

drones (U.S. Army, Captain America/Human Torch foes)

Drone-X (Drones)

Drop Bears (H.A.T.E. weapons, Nextwave foes) - by Grendel Prime

drug (Land of the Golden Star, Thor story)

Druid Tome (Samhain, sought by Dredmund Druid)

Dual Computer (stolen by Circus of Crime, Thor story)

Ducky Wucky (US President's rubber duck)

"Dunk-Bot" (Donovan's robots)

duplicating machine (Pedro Lopez)

Duplicating Machine (Professor Zaxton)

Dwellers of the Ark (Star-Lord story)

Dyna-Disk (Diablo's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Dynamo Sputnik (created by Anton Vanko)

Dyna-Soar (S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Dynorr's handheld vacuum weapon (Alpha Centaurians)

Earth-Borer (Cobalt Man vehicle)

Earth-Crawlers (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

earth-diggin destructo-rays (used by City-Stealers)

Earth-Formers (Worldform INC)

Earth-Shaker (Tyrannus creation, Nova foe) - by John Kaminski

Eau du Profundis (Creme de Profundis)

Ebon Rose (Gaea-created Cornerstones of Creation, Ian McNee stories)

Ebony Blade (vampire-fang-containing fake; planted to be wielded by Black Knight (Dane Whitman) ) - by Snood & Loki

Ebony Idol (1950s, time travelling item)

Edge of Intrados (used by Blade) - by Markus Raymond

Educator (Proselytes/green sect, media device)

Effigy of Vincent Durand (1950s, voodoo doll created by Papa Genoux)

"Egg-bots" (Egghead creations, Avengers foes) - by John Kaminski

Egghead's Android (Giant-Man/Wasp foe) - by John Kaminski

E-Globes (Energy Globes)

Ego Gem of Ultraverse (Infinity Gems)

Einstein, Albert robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

el Condor statue (Daredevil story)

el Tigre (Corporation ship)

Electric Pentagram (Stephen Loss)

electric sword of Jim Fitzpatrick (Eternal Brain story)

electrically-controlled glass vats (used by Herr Mole, Human Torch (Hammond) story)

Electro-Death Ray (Slaveworld)

Electro-Magnetic Ray Machine (Franz Radzik invention)

Electromagnetic Ray Projectors (Jason Wilkes invention)

electromagnetic signal device (used by Torr)

Electro-Mag Nets (Shield, Godzilla Squad)

electroni-blade (Enclave creation, used by Alicia Masters)

Electronic Brain of Reality-5391 (Speed Carter story)

Electronic Garbage Disposal Field of Earth-45968 @ 2010 AD (destroyed Willy Phelps' time machine)

Electronic Mask (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

Electronic Mass Influencer (Xavier's device) - by Prime Eternal

Electro-Probe (Alpha Centaurians)

Electro-Ray Barrier (Ludwig von Frankenstein creation)

Electro-Rifles (Dr. Cross)

electro-vibra suit (Operation: Artificial Powers)

Eleha'al fruit (Sakaar, Skaar story)

Elemental Obliterator (cosmic power item, Power Pack story)

Element Gun (Star-Lord)

Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank (Mako's weapon)

Elizabeth Dawes Sterling's robots (Daredevil foes)

E-M600A of Earth-59523 (spaceship from Earth @ 2306 AD)

Ember Tryptich

Emergency Escape Capsule of Curtiss Jackson/Power Broker (Captain America/Hulk story)

Emissaries of Overlord's items of Reality-6966

Emmett Proudhawk's medallion of New Universe (summons Psi-Hawk)

Emotion as Energy (tome, KISS story)

Emotion Charger (used to disrupt Reed and Sue's wedding) - by Prime Eternal

Empress Matilda Docks-Rotherhithe building (former Excalibur HQ) - by Proto-Man

"Empty Heart" (Cor Vacuus, Judge's necklace)

Enamelizer (Hydrators device)

Enchanted Lens (Past Master)

Enchanted Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power (Mogul weapon, used by Volstagg)

Enchanted Weapons (used by Zuulda Thaal)

"Encephalo-Feedback Scrambler" (Mr. Fantstic invention) - by John Kaminski

Encephalo-Gun (Fantastic Four item) - by Prime Eternal

Encephalo-link (Skrull technology)

End of All That Is (M'Kraan Crystal)

Enemy Sub (Namor foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide)

Energy Cubes (flying objects with various abilities, used by Dr. Square)

Energy-Eaters (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Energy Globes (Kiber's life energy converters)

energy orb (former home of the Audience)

energy tanks (Negative Zone, found by N-Explorers)

Enforcer's car

Enforcer's disintegration ring

Enslavers' transport ships (Troxx ships, Silver Surfer story)

Enslavers' worldship (Troxx ship, Silver Surfer story)

Enterprise D of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, Star Trek: Next Generation TV series)

Entity of Ultraverse (from the moon)

Entropy Globe (Cold People)

Eon Ray (Captain Mar-Vell weapon) - by Spidermay

Epiderm-Mask (HYDRA technology) - by Prime Eternal

Epoch Weasel (Dakimh's ship)

escape bed-elevator (Power Broker's estate)

Escape Craft of Curtiss Jackson/Power Broker (Captain America/Hulk story)

Escape Jet (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

escape ship of Ptahuacan (Conan story)

Essence Urn (used by Psyklop) - by John Kaminski

Eternal Flame of Pama (Earth-17383's 26th century, fueled by time paradoxes) - by Proto-Man

Eternity Alarm (for Cave of Ages/Mangog's prison)

Euroforce plane (Marvel Italia, Euroforce vehicle)

Event Synthesizer (device to control the flow of time, Marvel UK)

Evil Eye (energy weapon)

Evilizer (fearsome item of power, Speedball story) - by Markus Raymond

"Evolution Accelerator" (xt device, used by Mr. Fantastic) - by John Kaminski

Evolution-Accelerator (Futurist/Randolph James invention)

Evolvo-Chamber (Doctor Bong invention)

Excalibre of Earth-8912

Excellency's robots of Earth-49121 (@ 30th century, Blonde Phantom story)

Excellency's "thinking machines" of Earth-49121 (@ 30th century, Blonde Phantom story)

exercise bicycle (Champion's Training Facility)

Exhibit programs of hostile environments (Orgolhuin/Black Museum exhibit)

Exiles-Deming's sky-sleds of Ultraverse

Exile's tower (Nightmare story)

Exo-armor (Punisher)

Exorcist (Exorcist gun)

Exorcist gun (Frank Drake's anti-occult gun) - by Markus Raymond

experimental jet (1950s, stolen by Mac Grant)

experimental nuclear reactor (Conquistador)

experimental nuclear reactor/solar projector (Conquistador)

experimental solar projector (Conquistador)

exploding diamonds (K'lanti weapon, X-Factor story)

extension/press cable machine (Champion's Training Facility)

external hard drive (Gholar's hard drive, Venom (Thompson) story)

extraterrestrial criminal's spaceship (possessed by Manoo's enemy)

extraterrestrial dummy (found by Harry Grubb)

Eye of Ahriman (Thing story)

Eye of Avalon (Evil Eye)

Eye of Bast (Children of Bast)

Eye of Bast (Claw of Bast fragment)

Eye of Dagon (Hyborian era)

Eye of Force (Thule's main Darkdoor)

Eye of Horus (Egyptian relic, Thor story)

Eye of Ibis (magic item)

Eye of Necros (Necromon)

Eye of Solomon of Earth-38191 (mystic artifact capable of magical harm)

Eye of the Gods of Reality-8116 (dimensional portal)

Eye of True North (magic item wielded by Nina the Conjuror) - by Proto-Man

Eye of Watoomb of Earth-58163 (part of House of M's Wand of Watoomb)

Eye of Yin (ancient artifact, utilized by Mandarin) - by Ron Fredricks

Eye of Zatra (Atlantean artifact)

Eye Cups (Inanna's Bailiff)

Eyes of Set (magic items, Conan stories)

Eyes of the Kristall Starrer (mystic items, Johnny Blaze stories)

FACADE (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Falcon of Zingara (Alvaro's ship, Conan story)

"False Memory Chamber" (Captain America story) - by Ron Fredricks

Family Jewels (cosmic talisman of power) - by Stunner

Fangor (Iron Man foe)

Fangs of Farallah (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Fantasti-Copter (seldom-used FF vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

"Fantasti-Jet" (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by John Kaminski

Fantasti-Wagon (Spider-Boy vehicle, Amalgam Universe)

Fantastic Four cartoon (in-universe animated series) - by Norvo

Farce (Howard the Duck)

Fastball of New Universe (Timothy Ferris)

Fatal Book (magical text, Captain America (Jeff Mace) story) - by AvatarWarlord72

F.A.U.S.T. (Human Torch/Iron Man/Thor foe)

Fearful Eliza (Inanna's Bailiff)

Fearsome Fist of Farallah (Carnivore)

Feathered Serpent idol (Kukulcan)

Fernando's Doughnuts (the ancient Curtis' particular favorite brand of donuts)

Fifth Sleeper (Red Skull weapon, Captain America foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Fifty Shades of Gamma Ray (book read by an alien while in the Collector's Zoo)

"Fight-Bots" (Donovan's robots)

figurehead of Sinbad's ship (animated by Koura)

Filbert Phelps' time machine (1960s, Journey into Mystery)

File 116 (S.H.I.E.L.D. file) - by Ron Fredricks

Final Project (Eternals of Eyung technology, created Over-Mind)

Find Your Truth (Perdita show, Oracle Adventures)

Fireball (coloring book, Ashius weapon)

Firebringer (Lava Men)

Firebomb's bomb

Fireflite of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Fire Fountain (X-Men/Alpha Flight story) - by Proto-Man

Firestarter app (dating app)

First Tarot (Doctor Strange/Secret Defenders/Ian McNee stories)

fishbowl of John Harvey (WW2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) story)

fish-gun (used by Rocket Raccoon)

fish-helmet (used by Rocket Raccoon)

fishing trawler (1950s, traveled to 16th century)

fish tank (used by Fish People of "Lost Atlantis")

Fist of Farallah (Carnivore)

Five Heads of Doom (Hand of Five)

500' Tall Humanoid

Fixer's robot (drink server) - by Prime Eternal

flagship (Annihilation Wave, Eradica)

Flame Chariot (King Solomon’s Tomb)

flame jet suit (Operation: Artificial Powers)

Flame of Life (el Dorado)

Flames of the Faltine (magic spell) - by Spidermay

The Flat Out Truth (overly exaggerated Flatman autobiographical book) - by Proto-Man

fleet/flagship (Krugreppeans, Defenders story)

Flesh Age (Orgolhuin/Black Museum exhibit)

Flexo (World War II robot/hero) - by AvatarWarlord72

"Fliegende Tod" (Fliegentod)

Fliegentod (Teutonic Knight's flying warship, Invaders foe) - by Markus Raymond

"Flitter" (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

floating castle (Myth-Realm, Saraband's base)

floating ship of Lord High Protector (Conan story)

Floo Bar Turbines (Byan'Hantandu technoloy, Cloak & Dagger story)

Flood-tide machine (Tidal-Expander)

flower (given to Hannah by Groot)

Flower of Dormammu (Dark Dimension; Clea item)

Flowers by Francesi (Solo Avengers story)

Flux Array (Gul Damar Space Station)

Flying Barge of Earth-78423 (Cult of Entropy, Howard the Duck story)

Flying Bongers (Doctor Bong vehicles)

Flying Chicken of Earth-78423 (CHICKEN aircrafts)

Flying Death (Fliegentod)

Flying Dutchman's ship

Flying Fortress (Dr. Doom's ship) - by Prime Eternal

Flying Fox (Black Fox's vehicle)

Flying Führer (General Skul's missile)

flying machines (Shadow-Earth, used by Kang)

flying saucer (1950s, Martian)

flying saucer (Raptar's ship)

"Flying Saucer's" homeworld

Flying Saucers of Shadow Realm (Warlord Kaa)

focal tower (used by Lord Ghaur)

fog (encountered by "Ted Grey", time travel "device")

Fold Ship (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Proto-Man

Followers (annoying devices of Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Foolkiller's gun (Purification Gun)

Forbidden Book (Fatal Book)

Forbush Man's Battle Helmet & Armored "F" of Earth-665 (Forbush Man's equipment) - by Proto-Man & MarvellousLuke

Force-belt of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb invention)

force-field device (Whiz Kids)

force field gun (used by Insect Man's son)

Force's spaceship of Reality-691 (Guardians of the Galaxy story)

Formula Dix-Septiéme (Deathless Frenzy)

Formula 410 (SOOFI)

Fountain of Youth ("Forbidden City" in Tibet, sought by Jonathan Storm)

Frankensurfer (Borgo, Ludwig von Frankenstein)

Freezemaster (Chill's weapon)

"freeze" ray (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Fránásie Immortel (Deathless Frenzy)

Freight Platform Ni'thurr (Gul Damar Space Station)

Frog of King Solomon (Time machine)

fruit of Reality-81165 (Bront story)

Fugue Armor (Genetech creation, used by Adrian Eiskalt)

Full Acclimation Combat And Defense Explo-skeleton (FACADE)

Fun Machine of Earth-57780 (Toymaker's growth/shrink ray)

funnel disks (Alpha Centaurians)

Funtzel's "cool" ship (Deadpool story)

Fur Bible/Journal (Stephen Loss)

Galacian Wall (surrounds Halfworld)

Galactus' "Cat" (Secret Wars robot) - by Stunner

galley (Conan story)

galley ships of Ptahuacan (Conan story)

Gamega Bomb (Nick Fury/Black Widow story)

Gammadroid (Matrix Eight)

Gamma Generator (ESU power plant, toilet paper story)

Gamma Tank (She-Hulk character)

Gammatron Bombarder (US Air Force device designed to counter gamma beings) - by Prime Eternal

"Gargan-droid" (Avengers foe) - by John Kaminski

Gargoyle's spaceship (World of Fantasy story)

Gargoyles (Weirdworld, Lord Raven creations)

Garlic Gumballs (invented by Fofo)

Gary Gaunt's experimental formula (Golden Age, mutated Gaunt)

gas canister (1950s, used by Sam Binder against Monstro)

gas sprayer (Golden Age, used by Madam Satan)

gas/transport device of Reality-56862 (2301 A.D., used by Yago)

Gas X (used by Jonathan Black)

Gateway of the Demon Glass (Black Mirror)

Gatherers (Celestial devices) - by Prime Eternal

Gauntlets of Forever (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Gehenna Stone (Wolverine story)

Gemini (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Gemini's armor of Ultraverse (Gemini)

"Gem of Kx'ulthuum" (Conan story)

Gem of Tartarus (used by Pluto, Defenders story) - by Chadman

Gem Theater Soda Machine (malfunctioning drink dispenser, Luke Cage foe) - by Minor Irritant

Gems of Merlin (Stones of Merlin)

Gender Bomb of Machus/Femizonia

Gene Pool (creation of Burgen)

generator-battery (invented by Dr. Nicolas Bradley)

Genetic Accelerator (used by High Evolutionary)

Genetic Bomb (High Evolutionary's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Geoportal of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Fantastic Four) - by AvatarWalord72

George Farren's machine (1950s, sensed criminal intentions)

Gelstal, Taranith's ship (Negative Zone)

generators (Negative Zone, found by N-Explorers)

Gestalt Bomb (xt, Cyberdrones weapon)

gestation chamber (on "Cluster" robot ship)

Ghamola (Shanna the She-Devil foe)

giant diamond (formerly owned by Manoo)

Giant Fly Splotter (used by Sogmaster & Soggies)

giant green security robots (at Saturnyne's trial on Earth-622, Captain Britain foes)

giant magnets (used by Zamu)

Giant Robot (Avengers video game)

Giant Robot Snowman (used by Dr. Tannenbaum)

Gideon's Bible (Halfworld Bible)

Gifting Tree (garden of Ravengard)

Gigantauron (planet-destroyer, Shogun Warriors foe)

"Giger" Portal (Wolverine story)

Gilgamesh's sarcophagus (found by Order of Hydra)

Girdle of Hippolyta (Hercules' labors)

Girl Cadet Cookies (cookies sold by little girls...definitely NOT Girl Scout Cookies) - by Proto-Man

"Glass of Doom" (1950s horror) - by Ron Fredricks

Glass snake (magic item, Conan story)

"Glaucus" construct (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

globe (Damon Dran, Project Four)

Globe of Eternity (Quan-St'ar)

Globe of Souls (used by Enchantress) - by Chadman

Globe of Ultimate Knowledge (Hulk/Uatu/Spider-Man stories)

Glorywand (Weirdworld, mystical blade)

Glove of Asteria (used by Captain Barracuda)

Gloves of the Lamia of Earth-81225

glowing flower (given to Hannah by Groot)

Goblin Slayers (Anti-Spider Squad, robots)

Goblin Women (Spider-Man foes) - by Will U

God-Jewel (Xorr, Thor foe)

Godkiller Mark II armor (anti-Celestial Iron Man armor) - by Proto-Man

God-Machine (Stonecutter)

Godslayer (Gamora's blade)

Godstone (Other Realm)

Golden Beetle (Master of Kung-Fu story) - by the Beetle

Golden Bull (ancient artifact, Thor/Daredevil stories) - by John Kaminski

Golden Dragon (enigmatic statue, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu)

Goldbug's ships I-IV

Golden Globe of Power (Black Lama)

Golden Serpent (Set power item)

Golden Submarine (the Four of Zephyrland)

Goom's ship (Marvel Monster)

Goom's Time Machine (Marvel Monster)

Gorga (animated toy, Captain Universe)

Gorgon spaceships (xt, Journey into Mystery)

"Gorilla from Outer Space's" spaceship (1960s, encountered by Mike Mullins)

Gorillagrad of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

gorillion trophy (1950s, traded to Rocky Miller)

Gormuu's spaceship (xt, Kraalo spaceship, Fantastic Four story)

Gotham Bugle of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Gotham Gazette of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Governor's mansion (Trusivor of Eopia)

Governor's office (Trusivor of Eopia)

Grabber (Dr. Doom's device) - by Prime Eternal

Grabber of Earth-57780 (Kang invention, Spidey Super Stories)

Gramosian (xt, Thor/Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)/Venom (Thompson) characters)

Grand Bois' wangal (voodoo item used to focus the Grand Bois' powers)

Grand Fleet (Children of the Dreaming Star, Microverse)

Grandmaster's Tri-Sphere (Game of the Galaxies device) - by Proto-Man

Grappler Machine (used by Cobra and Mr. Hyde, Thor story) - by Ron Fredricks

Graviton Phase Blaster Triple-Function MK1 (Dark Angel/Shevaun Haldane weapon) - by Changeling

Gravitron (Kronans weapon)

Gravity Array (Gul Damar Space Station)

gravity beam (invented by Arro Goron, 2469 AD)

Gravity Nullifier (Rigellian technology, Thor story)

Great Ark (Council ship, Silver Surfer story)

Great Divide (starship of Autolycus)

Great Furnace ("Wise Ones", forged Doctor Doom's mask)

Great Key (key to the Shattered Lands)

Great Lie (Kestoran race)

Great Machine (L'Empereur du Monde Southern weapon)

great ship of Ultraverse (Entity)

Great Volume (Fatal Book)

Green Dragon (1950s Captain America vehicle) - by Ron Fredricks

green mist (dimensional portal to "Twilight World")

Green Ray (Hidden Man)

Gremlins (WW II Nazi weapons)

Grim Reaper Robos (Avengers characters)

Groundhawk (Avengers vehicle) - by Proto-Man

"Growth Ray" (Luther Benedict invention)

Gruto's spaceship (Journey into Mystery)

Guardstar of Earth-8107 (defense satellite) - by Loki

Gul Damar Space Station (Shi'ar base, X-Men story)

guppy warp (used by Macho Gomez)

Gyro-Cruiser (Wakandan vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Gyrojet (vehicle used by Atom Smasher)

Haalmhad homeship of Reality-791 (Star-Lord story)

Halfworld Bible (logbook of hospice starship Gideon)

Hammer-Hand Androids (Synthoids)

handgun of Adolf Hitler (used by Brigand)

handheld sedation beam (blaster used by the Harvester from Beyond)

Hand of the Creator (mystic item)

Hand of Five (Shogun Warriors foe)

Hand of Five Dooms (Hand of Five)

Hand of Nergal (Hyborian era, magical item)

Hand of the Vishanti (mystic item)

hand-weapons (Proselytes/red sect)

Hangar Deck #51 of Reality-8116 (The Rock)

"Hanuman" construct (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

Harith Damyish fighter jets (Starlord story)

Harmonium (K'lanti music device, X-Factor story)

Harmony Car (Daredevil/Captain America story)

Harmony-1 (Colony)

Harpagus' ring (Conan era)

Harpies Craft (Harpies)

"Harpy" construct (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

Harvester from Beyond's ship (interstellar spacecraft)

H.A.W.K. (S.H.I.E.L.D. device) - by Prime Eternal

He Who Protects (enchanted disc used to keep Monolith inert)

Head Robot of Halfworld (Rocket Raccoon character)

Heart of Ahriman (Hyborian era)

Heart of Candra (gem imbued with essence of Candra's real heart)

Heart of Darkness (Mandarin weapon) - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Heart of the Elephant (Hyborian era; used by Yag-Kosha and Yara)

Heart of the Infinite (Celestial Order)

Heart of Tammuz (Hyborian era; magical item)

Heart of the Universe (Heart of the Infinite)

Heat-Image Tracer (Fantastic Four device) - by Prime Eternal

Heavy Metal (Avengers foes) - by Stunner

Hecatomb (Shi'ar weapon, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Helen's dollhouse (Micronauts story)

"Helicarrier" (used by CELINE -- holographic illusion)

Heli-Hovercraft (Zemo)

Helio-Jets (Dr. Mynde)

Hellfire Helix (Bloodgem, Exo-Mind)

Hell Toupee (mystic item, used by Melvin J. Weal)

"Hench-droids" (Scarlet Spider foes)

Henrietta (18th century freighter ship, transported Kendra Change)

Henry Pym Robos (Avengers characters)

Herald's Urn (Power Cosmic item, Yondu story) - by Grendel Prime

"Hero-bots" (Diamondhead training dummies)

Herodotron of Earth-689

Heteropteron (Negative Zone, Lord Catastrophus' fortress)

Hexus (Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Hibernaculum of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb invention)

"Hibernation Hive" (Computo, Cybertrons)

Hidden flower of Dormammu (Dark Dimension; Clea item)

Hidden Man's car

High-Intensity Field Cannon (designed for commandant, Hulk story)

Hijacker's tank I

Hijacker's tank II

Hijacker's truck I

History of the Supremes (tome on the history of Sorcerer Supremes) - by Donald Campbell

hive (insectoids of Ch''rp)

Hodges's robots (Tapping Tommy)

Hollow Out of Time (Merlin's prison for those cursed by the Word of God) - by Donald Campbell

Holoflex Device (Ted Silverberg)

hologram woman of Earth-93112 (Maxam's homeworld)

Holo-Map of Reality-21394 ("Kiashon" technology)

holo-rooms (Glib's Grog and Grub)

Holy Lance (Spear of Destiny)

Homicide Crabs (H.A.T.E. weapons, Nextwave foes) - by Grendel Prime

Honeymoon Hovercraft (Yellowjacket device) - by Proto-Man

Hopper's seaplane (U.S. air mail, Hopper Hertnecky)

Horn of Auohumla (Ragnahorn)

Horn of Azoth

Horn of Harrowing (Limbo/Otherplace item) - by MarvellousLuke

Horn of Kalumai

Hornet's Nest (Yellowjacket's hideaway) - by Proto-Man

Hortiguns (guns that fire bullets capable of growing more guns)

Horusian ship

Hospice ships (Halfworld, used by Shrinks)

Host of the Air (Monark Starstalker spaceship)

"Hound Dog" (used by General Argyle Fist)

hourglass (Myth-Realm, used to stop time by Morgaina)

house (owned by George Weston)

"Hover Platforms" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Hover-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by John Kaminski

Hover Harness (used by Power Broker)

Hover vehicle (Preventive Maintenance, Dr. Octopus)

Howard the Truck (diesel truck, Howard the Duck annoyance) - by Proto-Man

"Howling Vessel" (living ship, Silver Surfer character) - by Markus Raymond

"H" ray (Tarantula's weapon, Lance Brant story)

H-Ray generators (National Force, Punisher story)

HS-1000 (used by General Ross)

Hudson Holographic Image Processor of Earth-88194 (Mount Weather, Forbin System device)

Hughes Glomar Explorer of Earth-88194 (ship, mobile Merchants base)

Hulk-Killer robot (Hulk foe...surprise!)

Hulk robot (Eternals/Thing/She-Hulk foe) - by Prime Eternal

Humanoid manufacturing vats of alternate future (Clark Buchan story)

Humanoid nursery of alternate future (Clark Buchan story)

humanoid spaceship (Halfworld, Ship)

humanoids of alternate reality (ca. 2090 AD, served humanity, created & destroy by Philip Morgan)

Humanoids (Hulk foes) - by Stunner

Humanoids (Professor Prometheus/Baron Karza creations, Micronauts foes)

H.U.M.P.H.R.I.S. of Earth-6513 (Reed Richards technology) - by Grendel Prime

Hunter (HYDRA weapon)- by Prime Eternal

hunting trophy of Troy Ferman (@ 1972-1973)

hybrid corn (Hulk story)

Hydra-Piller (HYDRA tanks) - by Prime Eternal

Hydra-Ram (HYDRA/S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle)- by Prime Eternal

Hydro-atomic jack of Reality-8116 (The Rock)

Hydrocule weapons (fired enlarged water molecules, invented by Dr. Hydro)

Hydro-Magnetic Energy Deactivator (weapon of Draco)

Hydromatic Vacuum (Professor Marko invention)

Hydropolis (Namor location) - by Chadman

Hyperatomic Anti-Proton Cannon (Dr. Pym invention) - by Markus Raymond

"hypersonic" scalpel (device used by the Harvester from Beyond)

Hyperwave (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by Markus Raymond

Hyper-Wave Bomb (Skrullian weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Hypno-Gun (Maximus weapon) - by Grendel Prime

hypno-illusion capsules (owned by Torr)

Hypno-Persuader (Dr. Doom invention, Fantastic Four stories) - by Ron Fredricks

hypno-ring of Earth-6212 (used by Valeria)

IBIC of Irth (Earth-9339, energy-channeling monkey talisman)

Ibis-Staff (used by Karanthes)

I.B.P. (S.H.I.E.L.D. jet) - by Prime Eternal

Iceberg Rocket (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

ice-guns (Kallusian weapons)

Ice Pellet from Vonnegut 9 (item held by Lila Cheney, X-Factor story)

Ice Queen (Human Torch/Thing foe)

Id Machine (Wizard invention) - by Norvo

idol (disguised Superius Rexian spaceship)

Idol of Tam-Bor (device engineered by Zarek & Ronan)

Idol of the Undying Ones (mystic item)

Idol of the Thieves (Ptahuacan, Conan story)

Idol of Tibo (Karl King foe)

idols of Kraa (Wabuzi tribe)

Illinois Central Cannonball Express (Casey's train)

Illusioner (Microverse holographic disguise) - by Grendel Prime

Ikkyu's Skull (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Image Projector (Avengers device) - by Prime Eternal

Image-Projector (Sigmar invention, Eternals)

Images of Ikonn (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Imaginators (Mindscape)

"immunizer ray" (Oliver Clements' invention)

Impact 739 (SHIELD robot) - by Prime Eternal

Impasse's gun

Imperium Emporium delivery trucks

Inferno-42 (A.I.M. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Inficio Aquilus (ancient Tarot deck, Gambit story)

Infiltrator (Invaders flagship) - by LV

Infinity Horn of Reality-8116 (Orsirosian item, Dreadstar story)

Infinity Mirror Shards of Reality-41252 (dust from destroyed Infinity Stones, power source) - by Proto-Man

Infinity Thrall (Man-Beast creation) - by caliban

Infinity Union (cosmic device, wielded by Nebula) - by Prime Eternal

Infinity Well (Death's realm, magical well) - by Stunner

"infra-ray detector/delta-ray gun" (used by Zamu)

Infrared Beam (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Infra-Red Machine (Strange Tales)

Infra-World (Captain Omen)

inhibitor collars (Games, Battletide)

Inorganic Techno Troids (Skrull weapon) - by Proto-Man

Insula-Sphere (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

intelligence ray (mutated Beasts of Berlin)

Intello of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Spider-Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Interceptors (Cynodd ships, Gun Runner stories)

Inter-Continental Phone Hook-Up (Nick Fury device) - by John Kaminski

interdimensional banishment gun (used by RT-Z9/Artie Zix, She-Hulk stories)

Interdimensional Scanner (Iron Man device) - by Proto-Man

interfering robot (Spider-Man foe, coloring book)

interplanetary shuttle (Cynodd ship, Gun Runner stories)

interplanetary transmitter (Oliver Clements invention)

Interpolation Inserter (xt technology, Rocket & Groot story)

Interstellar Beamer (Eternals of Eyung technology)

interstellar spaceship (Centaurius II, stolen by John the Changeling)

interstellar ships (xt, Gramosian ships)

Invader's ship (Quarrnian spacecraft)

"Invaders from another world's" spaceship (encountered by Victor Marshall)

ion bridge (Rigellian, Sky Station 14-R)

Ion-drive rocket (Dire Wraiths, Wraith-brothers)

Ionic Inanimate Matter Converter (used by Reed Richards)

Iris Dome (Sky Dragon device)

Iron Collar (Inanna's Bailiff)

Iron Despot of Earth-982 (MC2, Wild Thing (Rina) foe) - by Future

Iron Golems (Lore)

Iron Man Auto Wreckers (Claude Starkowski's shop, Howard the Duck)

Iron Man's Battleworld armor enhancements (Omnivore)

Iron Man's model 16 armor (sentient armor/Ultron Mark Twelve, Iron Man foe)

Iron Manicure (manicure set sold online by Iron Man)

ISAAC (Titan's super-computer) - by Prime Eternal

Isometric Exerciser (Fantastic Four item) - by Grendel Prime

Iso-Nuclear Duplicator (Kang technology, used in Spider-Man robot creation)

Isotope Genome Accelerator (Spider-Man equipment)

ITT (Inorganic Techno Troids)

Ivory Idol of Ikonn (empowered Bedlam of the Exemplars)

Ixar's computer

Ixar's robot

Jab-14 (Fixer's servant robot) - by Norvo (see also here)

Jade Serpent (Conan story, Crypts of Lanjau)

Jade Tiger (Master Khan pet, origin of Tiger Amulets)

Jakarah (Seeker 3000, god of the Hkkkt)

Jakuna Singh's jet (presumably a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet)

jalopy (Bob Brant's old automobile)

Jamhook vault of Harith Damyish (Starlord story)

Jann voodoo doll (created by Akra)

Janus' car of Ultraverse (Janus' vehicle)

Jason Grubb's cargo (taken to Camelot)

Jean Bomb (WMD, Conquest creation....X-Men story) - by Norvo

Jelly of Doom (WWII, flesh-eating protoplasm used by Francis Dork)

Jeremy Torgan's yacht (1950s)

Jersey Cows musical of Earth-8311 (live stage show) - by Proto-Man

jet of Earth-88194 (mobile Merchants base)

Jet Paralyzer (Crimson Dynamo (Turgenov) weapon)

Jeweled Key (to the Cosmic Calculator)

Jewels of Abu Dhaak (Conan story)

Jewels of Ikerno (New Mutants story)

Jewels of Seven Suns (item held by Lila Cheney, X-Factor story)

Jezebel (Little Pieces' knife, Bad Boys)

Jimmy Jolly's Magic Brolly (magic umbrella belonging to Jimmy Jolly)

JLV (Jupiter Landing Vehicle)

Joe Blitz (Chainsaw's gun, Punisher story)

Joe Tully's chemical spray (1950s, accidentally turned Tully invisible)

Johan's robot duplicate of Earth-8107 (created by Doctor Doom) - by David Lawrence

John Bentley's time machine (Tales to Astonish)

John Harvey's fishbowl (WW2, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) story)

Jolly Roger (Frank Rambeau's boat)

Jornik's ship (X-Factor story)

Josephine of Earth-928 (Auntie Maim's hammer)

Josh (Cockroach Hamilton's gun)

journal of Ho Yinsen (New Timbetpal)

journal of Woodrow McCord (Man on the Wall)

Judge's carriage (Deadline story)

ju ju staff (Staff of Solomon)

ju-ju stave (Staff of Solomon)

Jupiter (Emperor of Texas)

Jupiter Landing Vehicle (Stark International invention) - by John Kaminski

Juvenator Machine (Spider-Man item) - by Stunner

K (Stephen Loss/Asura)

Kala's helmet (subterranean technology)

Kâli statue of Dark Powers (Krago)

Kallusian ships (Avengers story)

Kalmari's amulet (magical item)

Kang's Sphinx (time machine used by Avengers during Destiny War) - by Donald Campbell

Kaptroids (Inhumans foes) - by Spidermay

Karrg (It the Colossus foe) - by Markus Raymond

Kelco robot (Daredevil foe)

Kelta (Savage Land, Aerians sport)

Kestor's Hope (Kestorans)

Kestral Key of Krakkan (empowered Conquest)

Ke-Thai (Alpha Stone)

Kid Cyborg (robotic gunslinger, Arcade's Murderworld) - by Ron Fredricks

Kigor bombers (weapon-carrying ships)

Kigor spaceships (interstellar spacecraft)

Killer Robots (Dr. Doom)

"Killer Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Killer Volkswagen Beetle (Corporation weapon) - by Prime Eternal

"Killing Machines" (Mendel Stromm creations)

Kill-Wagon of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, Star Tigers' ship)

kinetic trident (Conquistador)

Kinetron Mitts (Leader invention) - by John Kaminski

King (Hulk foe)

King Solomon’s Frog (time machine)

King Solomon’s Tomb

Kinky Hooves: The Musical of Earth-8311 (live stage show) - by Proto-Man

Kinsmen's helicopter (Banshess/Syrin story)

Kio's ship (Venom (Thompson) story)

K'lanti ship (xt, X-Factor story)

Knight (Hulk foe)

Kodor's blasters (Badoon weapons)

Kodor's energy tether/lasso (Badoon weapon)

Kodor's molecular stimulator (Badoon device)

Kodor's ship (interstellar spacecraft)

Konak's invisibility ray (pre-FF story)

Kongo (animated toy, Captain Universe)

Kraal's Star Cruiser (Kraal's vessel) - by Grendel Prime

Kraken (Lemurian mask, Captain America/Namor story) - by Markus Raymond

Kraken submarine (Commander Kraken's submarine) - by Chadman

Krampus' sleigh (Krampus' vehicle)

Kree Death Missile (used by Gnobians)

Kree evac transport (Tarsis, escape vessel)

Kree fighters (Tarsis defense, used against Silver Surfer)

Kree Intelligence Matrix (Tarsis, Kree technology)

Kree starship (Captain Tar-Rell's ship)

Kruger, Klaus-robot knights

K-23 Grenade (N'Grith weapon)

Kulan Gath's amulet/necklace

Kunga's spaceship (1960s alien)

Kurrgo's robot

Kymellian Flute (used to control Xanthian Boulder Snakes)

K'ythri's Highway (Gul Damar Space Station)

Lacaroo (Skrull birthing device) - by Norvo

Lama's horn (1950s, summoned Yetti)

Lamp of Alaeddin (Alibar)

lamp of Dr. Leon Korber (opened portal to another world)

Lamp of Lucifer (mystic item, used by Umar and Doctor Druid) - by Markus Raymond

Lancea et Clavus Domini (Spear of Destiny)

Lance of Longinus (Spear of Destiny)

Lance of St. Maurice (Spear of Destiny, legendary magical weapon) - by MarvellousLuke

Lances of Light (Luminians)

landcraft (Dragon-Men of Ligra vehicle)

Land Crusher of Reality-691 (Badoon vehicle, Guardians of the Galaxy story)

Land Crusher of Reality-78411 ("Sky Demons" weapon)

laser cannon (S.H.I.E.L.D., Godzilla Squad)

laser cannon of Reality-791 (K'yndarii weapon)

Laser-cannon (Nicholas Trask device, She-Hulk story) - by Prime Eternal

laser defenses (Power Broker Inc.)

Laser Drill (Dr. Sadetsky creation)

Laser-Proof Vest (worn by Lou Monkton, Nicholas Trask's laser-cannon demonstration)

Laser Spectroscope of Earth-58472 (Howard Movie Adaptation)

Lasonic Disintegrator (Kree weapon)

Last Avengers Story of Earth-9511 (fake book of the final battle of the Avengers)

Last Chronicle of Chthon (hidden in Black Mirror)

Laughing Sphinx (pendant, Captain America story)

launch-site ("Soviet Spacemen", Bob Brant and the Trouble-Shooters)

Lazarus Project (Master Form)

Leader's Humanoid Body (strength-enhancing armor designed by the Leader)

Lemo Douglas' estate (Golden Age, Hercules (Varen David) story)

Lenses of C'Thunda (C'Thunda creations, used by Death-Stalker)

Lens-Ray (Lenses of C'Thunda, used by Death-Stalker)

Leo (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Lesser Grey God (Rufus T. Hackstabber's hood ornament)

L'Etroile du Tricherie (jewel)

Levant Rubric (magic book, Dr. Strange story)

Levianon (Levians vessel)

Leviathan (Hydropolis, Hulk story)

Leviathan of Earth-88194 (US Naval SSBN Leviathan)

Liberator (Thunderbolts device) - by Stunner

Libra (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Libro del Malditos (very rare book, Werewolf story)

Life-Force Runes (Domitian)

Lifeline Tablet (Tablet of Life and Time)

Life Model Decoy master matrix chip/cartridge (used for Red Guardian android)

Lifestone (from Thunderbolts-partial entry)

Lifestone (Dr. Demonicus)

Life Support Spider (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Light Cutter of reality-8116 (Vanth Dreadstar's spaceship)

Lightcutter II of reality-8116 (Syzygy Darklock's ship)

Light of Darkness (mystic artifact, used by the Forgotten) - by Proto-Man

Lightning Lancers' weapons

Lightning Machine (Living Lightning)

Lincoln, Abraham robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Linda (Exorcist gun)

"Little Schnitzel" (Heather Hudson's former car)

Living Christmas Trees (used by Dr. Tannenbaum)

Living Lightning (machine, Legion of Living Lightning)

"Living Pants" (Arnim Zola creations)

Living Rock (Lava Men)

Living Room (Hydra weapon) - by Markus Raymond

Living Talisman (Enchanters)

living thorns (Jann of the Jungle plant)

Llango-Tri-Color of Reality-80324 (drink, Paradox story)

Lobo (Sky Wolves' base)

Lobo II (Sky Wolves' submarine)

Loch Ness Monster (false one, disguised spaceship)

locket (used by Orphelus)

Longride, Hugo (Gladiators founder) - by Elf with a Gun

Lord Hawk's robot hawk

Lord High Protector's floating ship (Conan story)

Lord Pumpkin's armor of Ultraverse

Lost Bones of Eh-Yuh (time-reversing magic item) - by Proto-Man

Lucius Dilby's robot (Spider-Man/Doctor Strange foe)

Lucky Glrpnx (Zu'ub scavenging ship)

Ludite Battle Cruisers

"Lurkers'" craft (Doctor Druid story)

Machiavelli, Nicola robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

machine of Michael Templar (Venus story)

Machine (Mendel Stromm creation/foe)

"Machine Gun" Martin statues (on Skrull planet Kral IV)

Macho Gomez's fish-gun (used by Rocket Raccoon)

Macho Gomez's fish-helmet (used by Rocket Raccoon)

Macho Gomez's hand-weapon (used by Deadpool)

Machomobile (Macho Gomez/Deadpool vehicle)

Macrobots (Kang's robots, Avengers foes) - by Stunner

M.A.C.S. (MAX Armor)

Madam Macabre's wig (included size-changing circuitry, Giant-Man/Wasp story)

Madam Macabre's prefabricated room (made from plasticized steel, Giant-Man/Wasp story)

Madbomb (Royalist Forces' weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Mad Computers (Hostess ad, used by Printout Man)

Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots (Captain America foes) - by Prime Eternal

Mad Thinker's "monster" android (Scavenger)

Mad Thinker's "most powerful" android (Scavenger)

"Magic Bullet" (Vârcolac item)

magic cloak (used by Davey Drew, Golden Age)

magic horn (Uncanny Tales story)

magic mirror(s) (Myth-Realm, used by Saraband)

Magician's wand

magic pencils (coloring book, sought by Ashius)

Magic Transferal Machine (used by Nicodemus)

Magma's weapons

Magma's pod

Magnetic Space-Communicator (Dane Whitman invention) - by Proto-Man

Magneto-Gravity Machine (Sun-Stealer)

magnifier screen (1950s, Science Laboratory #342)

Magnoids (Captain America characters)

Magnum Zs (Crossfire weapons, SHIELD foes)

main observatory computer banks and consoles (Stranger's Cosmic Complex)

main observatory transport mechanisms (Stranger's Cosmic Complex)

Mainstream (Mys-Tech)

Makka's spaceship (xt, Aquila Centurius)

Malaigent (They)

Malice's spear

Mallet of Destiny (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Maltese Mouse of Earth-8107 (cartoon, stolen by Black Cat)

Ma Mayhem's bag (Werewolf by Night story)

Ma Mayhem's mask (Werewolf by Night story)

Ma Mayhem's silver axe (Werewolf by Night story)

Ma Mayhem's silver-coated whip (Werewolf by Night story)

Ma Mayhem's silver dust (Werewolf by Night story)

Ma Mayhem's sleeping gas (Werewolf by Night story)

Ma Mayhem's vacuum cleaner (Werewolf by Night story)

Mammoth (robot, Hydra, Hulk character) - by caliban

Mammy Tuba's other magic items (Howard the Duck story)

Man Amplified Construction Suit (MAX Armor)

Man-Slayer (Captain Mar-Vell foe) - by Spidermay

Man-Thing (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

"Man Stone" ("Alchemist")

Mandalay Gem (Celestial weapon, key to locating Black Vortex) - by Donald Campbell

Mandarin's killer satellite (laser weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Mandroids (Captain Mar-Vell/Iron Man/Fantastic Four foes) - by John Kaminski

Mandroids (armor/weapon, Tony Stark creation) - by Spidermay

Mandroids (Secbots)

Mannequinovs (X-Men Danger Room props) - by Norvo

Mantic Organ (Stephen Loss)

Marie (Andreas Flec's manikin)

Mark of Mana (Mana's necklace)

Mark of Sorrow (Earth-13729 cursed brand from Dr. Doom) - by Proto-Man

Mark of Wong-Chu (Iron Man story)

Mark Twelve Sonic Depressor (sonic weapon used against Hulk by Leader's androids) - by Prime Eternal

Martian Concerto (song, Paradox story)

Martian flying saucer (1950s, encountered by "Lou Briggs")

Martian space-raft (1950s, used by "Lou Briggs")

Marvel of Reality-200080 (18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt's ship)

Marvel Boy's ship (saucer-like spacecraft of Marvel Boy/Uranian) - by Proto-Man

Mask of Death (Deathgrin's power source)

Mask of P'u-Hua (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Mask of Reality (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Mass Aquisition Unit (Dr. Nemesis)

Master of the Cold People's device

Master Form (Wolverine item)

Master's escape vessel (Alpha Flight story)

Master's North American Defense Walls (Avengers story)

matter displacer (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Matter Duplicator (Simon Miller invention)

Matter Mobilizer (device of Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

Matter Transmitter (used by "Burglar who walked thru walls")

matter-transmiting machine (used by Krogg)

matter transporter (1950s, Jeff Raye invention)

MAX Armor of New Universe

Max Kole's drumsticks (enchanted by Madame Grimm)

"Maxi" Armor (Kymaera story)

Maze (Iron Fist story)

McDonnell XV-1 convertiplane (X-Men plane)

mech (future technology used by Adolf Hitler of Earth-14534)

Mech. Skull (Avengers video game)

Mech. Taco (Avengers video game)

Mechabytes (Faze's robots, Black Cat characters)

Mecha-Mole (Bob Robertson)

mechanical bees (Swarm creations, Champions foes)

Mechanical dogs (Deathwatcher's devices)

Mechanical Dragon (Iron Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Mechanical Gladiator (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Mechanical Mole (WW2, Agent Axis vehicle, Invaders story)

"mechanical monster" (Lemo Douglas creation, Hercules (Varen David) foe)

mechanical oysters (criminal robots) - by Proto-Man

mechanical surgeon (Doctor Dreer invention)

Mechanisaurus Rex (Avengers foe)

Mechanoid (Leader weapon, toilet paper story) - by Proto-Man

Mechanoid (Iron Man foe)

Mechanoids (created by Null-Life Bomb)

Mechanoids (Buchinsky)

Mech-Crab (Attuma's vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Mecho-Assassin (AIM, Captain America/Nick Fury foe) - by Spidermay

Medusa Cannon (Baron Zemo death ray variant) - by Donald Campbell

Medusa Effect death ray (Medusa Cannon)

Meeko (Ratatoskr)

Meeks' technological gifts (given to humanity, alternate Earth)

Mega-floater (Microverse, Eved)

Mega-Heat Beam (used by H.E.A.T.)

Megalith (Gamma Base, Hulk foe)

Megatron (Drones)

Megobars (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Megocybs (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Megodwarfs (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Mek-Men (Professor Power robots) - by Proto-Man & Spidermay

Melting Pot (pre-FF sci-fi item) - by John Kaminski

Melyan Constructs of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Memory Destroyer (used by "Metal Men")

"memory-eraser disk" (used by Darek)

"Men in Black" ("Alchemist")

Men in Black robots (Drones)

Mend-Meks (Kree repair units) - by Prime Eternal

Mental Manipulator of Earth-14101 (Leader device) - by Proto-Man

Mento-Corder of Reality-691 (Badoon starship recording device) - by Donald Campbell

Mercurial Virus (Venom "character") - Markus Raymond

Merger & Acquisition (Mr. Sterling's yacht, Black Widow story)

Merlin Stones (Stones of Merlin)

Merlin's diary (magic book) - by Spidermay

Meru's platform

Mesmerizer Wand (Rabble Rouser)

Messianic figure (used by Manipulator, Avengers foe)

Metabolic Disrupter (used by Drom the Backwards Man)

Metalloid (Thing/Tigra foe)

"Metal Men" (Namor foes) - by Grendel Prime

"Metal Monster" (1950s, Journey into Mystery robot-like armor) - by Ron Fredricks

"Meteorite" (1950s, "Stranger's" spaceship)

meteorite (1660 AD, landed in Hamburg, Germany)

meteorite (used to destroy Thing That Crawled by Night)

"meteors" (1950s, shrunk Mark Coren)

Michael Air (Frank Gianelli's venture)

Michael's paintings of Earth-Shadowline (Michael Guillermos)

Micro-module of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb invention)

Micro-Transistorized Light Neutralizer (device to render targets invisible, created by the Ultra Violet Man)

Mid Morning 'Merica show (daytime television talk show) - by Proto-Man

Midgard Serpent statue (encountered by Albert Nesbit)

Midnight Runner of Earth-9620 (Excalibur's stealth jet)

Midnight's Whip (US One)

Militia Machines of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Helmut Zemo weapons)

Millennia Bloom (Supremor/Ronan weapon) - by Peteparker

Mime Mobile (Murderous Mimes)

Mime Motorcycle & Sidecar (Murderous Mimes)

Mime Tank (Murderous Mimes)

Mime Van (Murderous Mimes)

Mind Master (Brotherhood of Hades)

Mindmaster Device (Look & See X-Men adventure) - by Proto-Man

Mind Mechanism (Baron Samedi)

mind prober (used by Rommbu)

Mindrakes (Mindscape)

Mindroot (mind-altering Tirenian plant)

Mindstorm's rifle (used against Spider-Man)

mind-transfer machine (used by Kublai Khan, Machine Man story)

"mind-transposer machine" (1950s invention, Lewis)

mindwash of Earth-81165 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

"Mini" Armor (Kymaera story)

mining equipment of Reality-8116 (The Rock)

mirror (mystic, created by Ben Gavin)

mirror (of Martha; reflected "Strange Stone" energies)

mirror (used by Vacharn, Conan story)

Mirror of All Sight (Weirdworld, used by Lord Raven)

Mirror of Beauty (Cornerstones of Creation, Conan story)

missile (destroyed the Spider)

Mr. Biggles (Mojo's hand puppet) - by Markus Raymond

Mr. Justice's Combat Cycle (First Line story)

Mr. Justice's Jet (First Line story)

Mr. McFeelbot (Madison Jeffries creation) - by Norvo

Mister Morgan's Monster of alternate reality (ca. 2090 AD, robot resisting alien invasion) - by Prime Eternal

Mists of Frozen Time (Mindscape)

Mists of Ragador (Conan story, magic spell)

Misty of Earth-66881 (sailing ship captained by Mercedes Knight)

Mjolnir (later Odinsword, previous age of Asgard)

Mjolnir of Earth-2301 (Mangaverse, Thor's hammer)

M'Kraan Crystal (Nexus of realities; X-stories)

M'Ndavian justice (legal system used by Intergalactic Council)

Mobile Fallout Shelter (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

mock equipment (Doctor Bong creation)

Model 01 Iron Man armor drones (New Timbetpal)

Model M-17 Sonic Screen (Werewolf by Night story, Jim Kerry invention)

Model Soldiers' van (Dark Angel story)

Moebius Stone

Mogul's enchanted crystals (Thor stories)

Mogul's sky-craft (Thor stories)

Mogul's sword (Thor stories)

MOLD-GROWTH X (1950s, discovered by Dr. Markham)

Mole (1950s, used to discover "subterranean city")

"mole car" (used to reach Golden City)

Mole Man's robot (Avengers foe)

molecular converter (used by Yellow Claw, built by Professor Ford)

molecular converter projector (Professor Ford invention)

Molecular Rearranger (Adamantium-shaping device) - by Proto-Man

Molecular Transfuser (used by Chleee, empowered Hammer & Anvil)

Molecular Transposer (Owen Wallach, used on Frankenstein's monster)

Molynite (power source, principal Rotruvian export) - by Proto-Man

Mondurian steel door (Land of the Golden Star, Thor story)

Mongu's ship

monkey gland serum (1950s, used by Franz Lukoff)

Monkmobile (Spider-Man story)

Monolith (Kree homing device) - by Prime Eternal

"Monster" Ambassador's flying saucer

Monster Cephalopod (Yellow Claw's robot creature) - by Prime Eternal

Monster File (File 116)

Monster from the Lost Lagoon's ship

Monster in the Iron Mask's spaceship (xt, fast-than-light spaceship)

monster robot (Yashonka tech)

Monsteroso's family spaceship (owned by Monsteroso's parents, saved Monsteroso)

Monstrobot (robot, servant of Brynocki) - by Prime Eternal

Monstroid (Ballox)

Monstrom's spaceship (1960s monster story)

monstrous planet (1950s, destroyed Lord Sett's world)

Moon colony's starship (xt, Froma technology)

Moon-Man's roadster (Golden Age, Moon-Man story)

"Moon Satellite" (transported Mark Coren)

Moon Thruster (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Moondark's ring

Moondark's soul-orb

Moon Tractor (Tony Stark invention) - by John Kaminski

Morag (Kree shuttlecraft once used by Captain Mar-Vell) - by Donald Campbell

Morgaina statue (Myth-Realm, Saraband creation)

Mortoid (Dakkamite robot warrior)

Mosquito (Roberta Christianson's plane)

Mostest Hinkies (Crazy Magazine, Hulk story)

Mother-Ship (Simon Ryker)

mothership (Contraxian race)

mother ship of Ultraverse (Entity)

mothership of the Chnitt (Bishop story)

mothership of the Clave (traveled from Earth-950108 to Earth-616)

mothership (Games, Battletide)

mother ship (New Timbetpal ship)

Mother submarine (Vision (Aarkus) story, Shark-Subs base)

Motyka Bone (Nuwali)

Mountain God (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Mourningspyre (Crimson Cosmos tower that psionically projects history)

Mourning Star (Mourner's ship)

Mouth Pear (Inanna's Bailiff)

Mow (idol worshipped by Micah Synn)

mummy case of "Hercules" (Marvel Boy/Martin Oksner Burns origin)

"Munntosso" (1950s, alternate Earth, vulcans controlled by "Lizard-Men")

Muramasa Sword (Black Blade)

Murder Machine (Defenders training machine) - by Chadman

Murder Module (Leader weapon)

Murder Mountain (General Skul's fortress)

Murdoch Adams' talisman

Mutant-Creating Machine (Magneto technology) - by Ron Fredricks

Mutant Men (robots of Menace)

mutant-power circuit of Cerebro of Earth-652975 (Pryde of the X-Men cartoon)

mutated rose (mutated by Victor Avery)

Myrmidon (Iron Man foe)

Mys-Tech D.O.G.s (robots serving Mys-Tech, Dark Angel foes)

mysterious car (owned by Honest Ernest)

Mystic Mirror of Zeus (magic Olympian viewing item) - by Proto-Man

Mystic Prod (Nightmare weapon)

M'Zara Blood Flies (Tyrus Krill's weapon)

Nameless Cults (historical occult text) - by AvatarWarlord72

Nanites (Badoon/Brood technology, Contest of Champions II)

Nano-Swarm (L'ar Gath Five technology/defense)

Nathan's ship (Ghost Rider story, used by Nathan Beame)

National Force's flying vehicles (Arizona, Punisher story)

Nauda's stones (no jokes!)

Nautilus of Earth-3145 (Astro-Spider story, orbital space station)

Nazi Sleepers 1-3 (original Sleepers) - by John Kaminski & Prime Eternal

necklace of power (used by Karlk, Conan story)

"Necrophone" (Victor von Doom invention) - by John Kaminski

Necrotech Program (computer program, Aaron Thorne)

Needful (sword of Siegmund & Siegfried)

Negatron Sphere (Kree technology)

Neural dealy-o (used by Kragg)

Neuro-Lances (Sakaar technology, Hulk stories)

Neuron-Magnet (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

Neuron Neutralizer Ray (Hostess ad, used by Neuron Nelson)

Neuro-Synchrotron (N'Grith technology)

neutralizer (Dr. Phillip Zolten Rambow invention, Fantastic Four story)

Neutralizer (Tony Sark invention) - by John Kaminski

Neutralizer Helmet (used against Dromedan)

Neutralode (device used by Atom Smasher)

Neutron Bomb (attached to Eternity Man)

Neutron Disentegrator of Earth-58472 (Howard Movie Adaptation)

Neutronic Imploder of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

New Adventures of the Mighty Avengers cartoon of Earth-8107 (cartoon chronicling Earth-82026's Avengers) - by David Lawrence

New Timbetpal (flying island, Sons of Yinsen)

New York Police Department Mandroids (Spider-Man characters) - by Spidermay

Nexus of All Reality (M'Kraan Crystal)

Nick Fury LMDs (all of the pesky imitators!) - by Prime Eternal

Nick Fury's Ferrarri 330/P4 Berlinetta (Fury's favorite sportscar) - by Prime Eternal

Nick Fury's flying saucer of Odhams Earth

Nietzche, Friedrich robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Night Cruiser (Lockdown)

Nightmare Boxes (Thog, Nox, Man-Thing story)

Nightmare Chair (Nightmare story)

Nightmare Dust (used by the Olympian Morpheus)

Nightwind (Charter Federation starcruiser, Shogun Warriors foe) - by Donald Campbell

1986 Honda Prelude SI (Glenn Herdling's car)

No. 7 Nail File (Johnny Blaze weapon) - by Markus Raymond

Nobbler (Moonstomp's hammer)

Non-Euclidian Geometric Protractor (Dr. Pym invention)

Nonesuch (Spindrifter's ship)

Norn Stone (empowered Demon)

Nosferauto (Nosferata's car)

Novaburst (Pulse's ship)

Nth Projector (Nth Command)

Nuclear Measuring Device (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by John Kaminski

nuclear submarine (used by City-Stealers)

Nucleolus (Arakne)

Nucleonic Radiator (Cross Technological Enterprises invention)

NuForm (Roxxon creation)

Nulatrons of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

Null Bomb (Rigellian weapon, Thor story)

Null Cascade (Shi'ar weapon, X-Men story)

"nullifier" (Karel weapon)

Nullitor (Thor robot) - by Stunner

Null-Life Bomb (Stranger's weapon) - by Spidermay

Null-Trons (Kree robots, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) foes)

Nuron (Professor Savannah's robot)

Nuwali artifact from the Beyonders

NYPD Mandroids (Spider-Man characters) - by Spidermay

Obedience Disks (Sakaar technology, Hulk stories)

object (sought by Byan'Hantandu)

Obliterator mothership (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Obliterators (Fantastic Four foes)

Obsidian Stones (Stones of Merlin)

occult materials (owned by Ilsa Strangway)

Octo-Sapien (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

"Octo-spheres" (used by Lady Octopus)

Oculus Oroboros (magic item, Doctor Strange stories)

Odinsword (previous Mjolnir, Rhinegold, Odin's sword, Thor stories)

Odin-Sword (Odinsword)

Odin Sword (Odinsword)

oil lamp (Geni prison)

oil tankers of Third World Army (Moon Knight story)

Ol' Bailey (oak tree near Churchill Prep, Vampire Tales story)

old British comics (vintage UK comic books)

Old Sparky (electric chair, Ice Box Bob vehicle)

Omega Bomb (Kree Death Missile, used by Gnobians)

Omega's Ship (Infinity Abyss)

Omega Stone (extraterrestrial power gem) - by Spidermay & Snood

Omm statue (Marvel Team-Up)

Omm statue (Spider-Man story)

Omnic (Starlord device)

Omni-Wave Annihilator of reality-93165 (Kree weapon of mass destruction) - by Donald Campbell

One Night in Ooty movie (Ajay Roy film) - by Proto-Man

"One Robot Humanoid Horde" (Humanoids)


Ootah (Negative Zone)

Operation: Artificial Powers (Fantastic Four power sims) - by Prime Eternal

Operation: Mosquito (Shield I, Godzilla Squad)

Operation Poseidon (Sword of Judgement base/project)

Opto-Ray Magnifying Glasses (Magician)

Orb of reality-8116 (used by Taurus Killgaren)

Orb of Necromancy of Otherworld (Descendants/Earth-666 magic item)

Orb of Ommennon (Xhoohx)

Orb of Ra (Bloodstone)

Orbit-Engine (Counter-Earth device, used by High Evolutionary) - by Proto-Man

Orbiting Death-Ray

Orbivator (Doctor Megalomann creation, Captain America video game)

Orffyreus Wheel (built by Stonecold)

Organic Energy Attractor (Konrad Zaxon’s device)

"Oriental Idol" (1950s, mystic item...eyes influenced Joe Ravek)

Orion Missile (invented by Bruce Banner) - by John Kaminski

Orogo (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Orsirosian ships of Reality-8116 (xt, Dreadstar foes)

Oscillation Jackets (Reed Richards invention) - by Changeling

Oscilloscope (Skrull tech, used to track Kree) - by Prime Eternal

Otomocorp Space Station

"Outer Space Object" (Journey into Mystery story)

Overdrive vehicles

Overkill Horn (SHIELD/Hydra weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Overseer (Iron Man foe)

Oversword (Odinsword, previously the Ring of the Nibelung)

oxygen helmets of Ptahuacan (Conan story)

Oyama Corporation Mandroid exo-skeleton (X-Men stories)

Ozak's spacecraft (Dethan spaceship)

Pacificer Pistol of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb invention)

Pacifiers (Kree weapons)

Paingloss's truncheon (Biphasia dimension)

paint (alien substance, created the Glob)

Pama (Zen-Pram's vessel)

Pandara's Box

Pandora (Pilgrims Rock, 175h century ship, brought to Negative Zone, Fantastic Four story)

Pandora's Box (source of evils, owned by Sorcerer & Tyrannus)

Pangalactic Star Sled (Lunatik)

Panoramic Glasses (FBI technology) - by Prime Eternal

Pantasy (movie, written or directed by Wally Sidney)

Parabolic Slicing Blades (PEESBEE)

Parallax (Century's weapon)

Parallel-Time Projector (Professor T.W. Erwin creation)

Paratron (Machine Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Pawn (Hulk foe)

PEESBEE (Sinsear weapons)

pencil (xt, used by "Lance Curtiss")

pentagram (used by Jeremiah Warrick)

Pentagram of Farallah (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Pentecost's robots (Paxton Pentecost)

Percy Van Norton's yacht (Golden Age, Strongman)

Perfection (Death's Head story, virus)

Peri-Viewer (used by Ludwig von Frankenstein)

Personal Defense Buckle of reality-8116 (worn by Ajar'l Darklock)

personal force-field device (Whiz Kids)

Peter of the People (underground comic by Roger Krass)

Peter Parker's stuffed animal (housewarming gift) - by Norvo

Petrifactor (D'Bari weapon, Vuk)

petrifying gas (Golden Age, used by Madam Satan)

Phaeton Series III Smart Armor (used by Aguilar Institue agents)

Phage ship (symbiote-hunting starship) - by Minor Irritant

Philip Philips' camera (1950s, photographed extradimensional cratures)

Philip Philips' 3-D glasses (1950s, saw extradimensional creatures)

phoenix amulet (Epimetreus creation, Conan story)

phoenix symbol (Epimetrius the Sage enchantment)

Phosgene gas capsules (Yashonka tech)

Photon Disruptor (S.H.I.E.L.D. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

photonic plates (Alpha Centaurians)

picture in Tommy's storybook ("Ted Grey")

Pierre Garou's grapes (1950s)

Pierre Garou's puppets (1950s)

Pierre Garou's tour bus (1950s)

Pig of Earth-5555 (Dragon's Claws' ship)

Pildorr's spaceship (2062 A.D., housed 100,000 raiders)

"Pilot Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Pink Mink (Wolverine/Doop story)

Piratasaurs' ship (interstellar spacecraft)

Pisces (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Plague Cask (Asgardian, enchanted item)

Planetary Thruster (Starblasters device) (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Planetoid Bomb (Axi-Tun weapon, Star Masters story)

Plastic Bubble Projector (used by Red Skull) - by John Kaminski

"plastic flesh" of Realit-5391 (used by Alfred Kurt in creation of Half-People)

Plastic-Men (Black Widow foes)

Plasti-thene (Leader invention) - by John Kaminski

Plastoid (Daredevil foe) - by John Kaminski & Chadman

Plastoid Birthmatrix (used by Alkhema)

PLATO (Force Works house-computer) - by Markus Raymond

Plato robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Pleasure Cruiser (Pro-Boscis)

pleasure ray (Dr. Benway's weapon)

Pocket Battlefield (used by Noh-Varr)

pod (xt, Golgotha)

Polarity Device (Primus)

polymer cable of Sunder (X-Men story)

P184 (alternate future spacecraft)

Pool of Blood (Dracula story)

Pool of Blood (Tsin Hark)

Poporb (Krylorian technology, used by Chirreep; unpublished)

pop-stims (xt drink, Glib's Grog and Grub)

Portable Distorters (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology) - by John Kaminski

Portable Teleporters of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

portal device (Tribellian race)

poster of Earth-10511 (Howlett's, resistance)

power beamer (Reed Richards invention)

Power Broker's private experimental laboratory (Captain America stories)

Power Drill (Red Skull weapon)

power jewel (granted Witch magical powers, coloring book)

Power Poles (Brad Rossi)

Power Prism of Earth-616 (Krimonn, Dr. Sepctrum)

Power-Ray Machine (Stimulator)

Power-Rod (Quan-Zarr weapon)

Power Stones (energy storage device used by Skrulls) - by Donald Campbell

Prampton multi-read (device, Starlord story)

Prime Computer of Earth-78411 (Devil Dinosaur/Moonboy foe) - by Grendel Prime

Prime Mover (Dr. Doom's robot)

Primus's drones

Primus's ship

Principle of Reasonable Return (Aalbort's ship)

Prism of Prescience of Earth-712 (Professor Imam)

Prisma-Crystal (mystical item, Crystar story) - by David Lawrence

Prismatic Bridge of Asbru (mystic creation, interdimensional bridge)

Probability Engine of Earth-20051 (Reed Richards invention) - by Grendel Prime

probe/message of Odotopians (Fantastic Four story)

Professor Dark's microscope (Strange Tales story)

Professor Davis' generator (empowered Human Top (Bruce Bravelle))

Professor Zunbar's robots (Sub-Mariner foes)

Progeny Swarm Ship of Reality-93060 (ships that carry Progeny swarms, Ultraverse)

Program (Slorenia) - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Project Azrael (Dr. Strange story)

Project Ricochet (Ricochet Racers ad, Spider-Man/Captain America story) - by AvatarWarlord72

Project 34 (creation of Bruce Banner)

Project: Vanish (military weapon, World War 2) - by Prime Eternal

Project Worldcore (xt, "Egosian" extinction saving project)

Prometheus Pit (Professor Prometheus creation, access point to Microverse)

Prometheus Pits (Baron Karza creations, teleporters)

prospecting equipment (used by "Poker Face")

Protectorate (Avengers foes) - by Prime Eternal

Protector's exo-skeleton

Protectroids (Thor foes)

Proton Beam (commandant weapon used against Hulk)

Proton Coagulation Ray (Rigellian technology, Thor & Iron Man stories)

Proton Gun (used by Planner, Captain America story)

protonic blade (weapon used by the Harvester from Beyond)

Protonic Disintegrator (Kree execution device, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) story)

Protosilicon (Digitek, Marvel UK)

Prototype Weapon (Dark Angel story)

Pseudo-Hulks (Arnim Zola creations, Avengers foes) - by John Kaminski

Pseudoplasmic servants (Technocrat agents)

Psi-Null Field Generators (Nth Command)

Psyche-Magnitron (Kree weapon) - by Spidermay

Psyche-Search Gauge (Rigellian technology; Thor story)

Psycho-Probe (Skrull mind-reading device) - by Prime Eternal

Psychoradiatomic Mediocritizer (Overlord of Dimension X)

Psychotron (Dr. Yen's device) - by Prime Eternal

Psychotron (X-Man)

Psyke-Disks of Reality-691 (Badoon technology) - by Donald Campbell

Pulse (Kree robot, X-Force character) - by Grendel Prime

pulse wand of Earth-691 (31st century, used by Bubonicus)

pulsmarmite/ferrous motile shape pre-programmed for automatic defense (used by the Enhanced Smith)

Punisher's exo-armor

Pura-Shamutra's Pyx (Dr. Strange)

Purification Gun (Foolkiller)

Purple Gem (Dr. Strange)

Purple Stone of Power (Norsec race)

Pursuit Ship (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Pus-Knives (Stephen Loss)

PVRMO shoes (designer shoes, wanted by Connor Young & Miles Morales)

Pym's armor (used by Dr. Nemesis)

Pyramoids (cosmic artifacts used by Grandmaster & Challenger) - by Proto-Man

Pyre (Skrull W.M.D.) - by Donald Campbell

Python of Odhams Earth (attended Special Squad Christmas party)

Pyx of Pura-Shamutra (Dr. Strange)

Quantum Converter of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Mr. Fantastic invention) - by AvatarWarlord72

Quantum Enhancer of Earth-8107 (Lightwave power booster) - by Loki

Quan-Zarr's remote-automatic fighters (Starlord story)

Quark of unrevealed reality (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron, Dominators robot servants)

Queega spaceship (Daredevil story)

Queen (Hulk foe)

Quick-Freeze crystal (Bogatyri)

Quin-Jetta (GLA's car) - by John Kaminski

Quintronic Man (Hulk/Nova foe) - by Spidermay & Snood

Q-Bomb (Wizard's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Q-Ray (Anton Trojak's weapon)

Radar Crab (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

radiation-tracking device (Whiz Kids)

radium gems (Xuthal, Conan story)

Raffles (Forge/Kitty Pryde creation, computer-security cracker)

Ragnahorn (Asgardian power item used by Ulik) - by Markus Raymond

Ragnarok (Odinsword)

Ragnarocket of Earth-730834 (Hydra weapon, Avengers)

raider fleets (Alpha Centaurians)

railcar of Corporation Mountain base (Machine Man story)

Rainbow Fountain (la Hacienda)

rain control device (Journey into Mystery)

Rains of Raggadorr (extradimensional event, magic spell) - by Spidermay

Ralfzz's ship

"Raptor-hounds" of Earth-32943 (Motormouth foes)

Raven Banner (Asgardian magic item)

Raydeen (Shogun Warriors unit) - by David Lawrence

ray gun (Rommbu's weapon)

"ray machine" (fake used against Midnight Monster)

Ray Projector (invented by "Hiram Fletcher")

Reaction Bombs (Eternals of Eyung weapons)

Reaper's Cat of Nine Tails (Reaper's weapon)

Reaver's battletank

Recordasphere (Hulk character) - by Stunner

recording decive (used by RT-Z9/Artie Zix, She-Hulk story)

Recreater (Time Reversal Ray)

Red Breath (Rocket Raccoon foe) - by Elf with a Gun

Red Lion (Conan's ship to Ptahuacan)

Red Orchid (Jann of the Jungle plant)

Red Ronin (Godzilla/Avengers/Wolverine character) - by Madison Carter & Snood

Red Shadows (spell invoking Xotli in Ptahuacan)

Red Skull's giant laser cannon (Avengers video game)

Red Skull's robot soldiers (Avengers video game)

Red stones (magic items, Conan story)

Reducta-Craft (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

regenerators (Committee machine, Werewolf by Night story)

Register of the Order of St. George of Earth-Shadowline

Rejuvenator (Mole Man technology)

relics (collected by the Forgotten)

Remembrancer (Dr. Doom device) - by John Kaminski

Rend Eels (Oculus Oroboros defense spell)

Replicoid (Celestial creation) - by Prime Eternal

Reporter Organism (mutated Maa-Gor)

Repulse Spheres (Sagittarian attack spheres)

Repulsor Watch (Nick Fury's watch) - by Prime Eternal

Resuscitator (Sagittarian reviving machine)

Restora-Tank (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Resurrection Altar (Wakanda, Black Panther stories) - by Markus Raymond

Resurrection Stone (magic item)

Retribution Virus (Master Mold's weapon)

Revelation (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

Rhinegold (later Odinsword, formerly Mjolnir of the previous age of Asgard)

Rhinegold Ring (later Odinsword, previously the Rhinegold)

Rhino Tank (HYDRA vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Rhinos (Iron Man foes) - by Ronald Byrd

Ribbons of Raggadorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Rick Donalds of Earth-20051 (fast food restaurant)

rifle of Earth-10511 (Roxxon resistance, Spider-Man weapon)

Rifter of Earth-16101 (Skrull space-time rift-creating device)

Rigellian control device (She-Hulk story)

Rigellian translator of Reality-22073 (used by Eyla to communicate with visiting Rigellians, ca. 41st century Earth/Harmony, Cable story)

"Ring of Full Power" (Dr. Strange weapon) - by Spidermay

Ring of Jukas (Ring of the Demon)

Ring of Molub (Conan story)

Ring of Power (later Odinsword, previously the Rhinegold)

Ring of Rhax (Ring of the Demon)

Ring of Silence (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Ring of Solomon of Earth-38191 (mystic ring housing the djinn Mephisto)

Ring of the Demon (cursed item, Hyborean era)

Ring of the Nebulas (Star-Gods item)

Ring of the Nibelung (later Odinsword, previously the Rhinegold)

Ring of the Sect of the Red Serpent (Conan story)

Ring of the Vishanti (mystic spell)

Ring of the Yazdi Gem

Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr (Stonecutter)

Rings of Raggadorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Rings of Vice (Pro-Boscis)

Ringships (Prime-Movers of Tarkus, Sphinxor)

Ritual of Ikonn (magic spell) - by Spidermay

R.I.V. (Royal Inhuman Vessel, Inhuman vessel) - by Chadman

Robohorse of Halfworld (Rocket Raccoon character)

Roboids (Justin Hammer's robots) - by Prime Eternal

Robomower of Halfworld (Hulk foe)

Robopolice of Reality-80324 (Paradox characters)

Roboreporters of Reality-80324 (Paradox characters)

Roborescue of Reality-80324 (Paradox characters)

Robos (Avengers characters)

roboservant of Jason of Spartax (Inhumans character)

Robot Army (used by Mad Mechanic)

Robot Assassin (created by Dr. Dorcas)

Robot Assassins (Mendel Stromm creations)

Robot Children (Mendel Stromm creations)

"robot detectors" (Avengers story)

robot dogs (Half-Face)

Robot Geisha (Venom foe)

Robot Guard (created by Dr. Dorcas)

robot laborers (Robot X enemies)

robot man (created by Eric Krugg)

Robot-Men (Namor foes) - by John Kaminski

"robot" Mojo (Rocket Raccoon/Groot foe) - by MarvellousLuke

"robot monsters" (Dr. Benway creations, Spider-Woman/Hulk foes)

Robot of Bruce Banner (created for Thunderbolt Ross) - by Prime Eternal

robot of Charles Czarkowski (She-Hulk foe)

Robotrons (robots used by Atom Smasher)

robots of alternate reality (failed servant prototypes, before 2090 AD)

robots of Earth-8107 (Doctor Doom's army, Spider-Man foes) - by David Lawrence

robots (Contraxian race, servants)

Robots of Halfworld (Hulk/Rocket Raccoon characters)

robots (served Ultron-12, West Coast Avengers foes)

robots of Earth-92131 (X-Men '92 cartoon, US Army)

robot ships of "Cluster" (Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin & Jessica Drew) foes)

robot teddy bear (1960s, invented by "Isaac Nicholson")

Robotweilers (Sledge's pets)

rock-boring ship (used by the Gool)

rocket-bikes (used by Longlegs Secundus)

rocket ship of Earth-49121 (@ 30th century, time machine; Blonde Phantom story)

rocket ship (Eternal Brain vehicle)

rocket ship (Dragon-Men of Ligra vehicle)

Rocket Skis (Brad Rossi)

rockets of the Viscardi (distant past)

Rogers, Steve LMD (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Rolleys (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Rook (Hulk foe)

"Room of Mystery" (1950s experimental satellite, George Boyle & Walter Nevins creation)

Rosebud II of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, Fantastic Four's time sled)

Rose of Peace (Cornerstones of Creation, Gaea-created magic item)

Rose of Purity (Defenders story)

Rot (Avengers foe) - by Stunner

Rotators (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Rover (Alpha Flight character) - by Norvo

Rover (Dr. Pym's vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Roxxon Oil Tower#25 (former Roxxon oil rig) - by Proto-Man

Royal Inhuman Vessel (Inhuman vessel)

Rruothk'ar's spacecraft of Reality-791 (Star-Lord story)

Rublins (planet Perdita currency)

Ruby of Domination (power item, Dr. Strange/Thing story) - by Markus Raymond

Ruby of Raggadorr (Stonecutter)

Ruby of Sambana (mystical item) - by Grendel Prime

Ruby of Shadows (Terragonia power item)

Ruby of the Nile (found by Ra the Avenger, Captain America story)

Ruby Rays of Raggadorr (magic spell, Defenders story) - by Spidermay

Ruby Scarab (Living Mummy, Ms. Marvel, Invaders, Thor stories)

Ruby Skarab (Ruby Scarab)

Ruby Sneakers (Here (And There) )

Ruby Toad (magic relic, Toad God)

Ruinsaw (Stephen Loss)

runed bar/staff/rod (Conan story)

Runestaff (of Kamo Tharrn, cosmic item)

Ryker's Mother-Ship (Simon Ryker)

Saab Turbo of Stevie Hunter (X-Men stories)

sacks (xt, Gevaltan items, Doctor Strange stories)

Sack's sack (Deadpool story)

Sacred Armor of Atlantis (Kalen's armor)

Sacred Ball (used by Magic One)

Sacred Flame of Life (el Dorado)

Sacred Krill Statue (Tagak's World)

Sacred Necklace of Rhan (used by Charles Palentine)

Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan (w/ Kukulcan profile) or Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan (with el Tigre profile)

Sacred Ruby (protected by Lama)

Sacred Serpent (Jade Serpent)

Sacred Water-Skin (Black Panther) - by the Beetle

Sagittarius (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

sailboat (Silas Grant's ship)

Salvation Generator (Great Coordinator) of Earth-861095

Samarobryn (Nostrodamus prediction)

Samarobryn (Weathermen)

Samurai Robots of Earth-8107 (Ichiban Electronics robots)

samurai sword (Rising Sons' cargo)

Samuroid Batch 23 (H.A.T.E. weapons, Nextwave foes) - by Grendel Prime

Sapphire Lotus (Death's Head, Warheads)

Sapphire Pendant (transformed Vivian Morgan into Morgan Le Fay)

Sapper's ship

sarcophagus of High Priestess of Baal (Amanuensis, Blaze story)

sarcophagus within a hidden chamber (K'un-Lun, Urchin)

sarcophagi (prisons of the Sirens)

Satan Claw (Strucker's personal weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Satan's Eggs (Dredmund's combat vehicles) - by Prime Eternal

satellite (Russian, powered Devastator's gauntlets)

satellite (Zalgodians)

Satellite Machine (Dr. Doom weapon) - by John Kaminski

Satellite of Death (Dr. Doom's weapon)

saucer ships of "Cluster" (Spider-Woman (Mattie Franklin) foes)

saucers (xt, Protar race)

saucers (Contraxian race)

Savage Land dome (Sun People)

S-Bomb (Iron Man foe Doctor Strange invention)

scanner (Konrad Zaxon invention, measured organic energy of living beings)

Scarab-Gem (Ruby Scarab)

Scarab of Isiris (mystical artifact, Abdullah Razmuz)

Scarlet Scarab (Ruby Scarab)

Scarlet Screen of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Scarlet Sphere of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Scarlet Tabernacle (Taboo)

Scarlet Witch Robos (Avengers characters)

Scavenger (Fantastic Four foe)

Scent-inels of Earth-94319 (Spider-Man Magazine, Spidey's Spectacular Sillies, robot skunks)

Scent-Ry possibly of Earth-665 (Captain Mar-Vinn foe, Not Brand Ecch)

sceptre (Invaders story, Hitler item) - Ron Fredricks

Sceptre of Bast (Claw of Bast fragment)

Sceptre of Osiris of Earth-6799 (magic power-granting scepter) - by Proto-Man

scimitars (Vacharn creations, Conan story)

Scopitron (Polemachus telescopic device) - by Proto-Man

Scorpio (Jake Fury, Zodiac Cartel and LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Scorpio Key (Mikel Fury)

Scorpion of Reality-56862 (2301 A.D., rocket ship used by Yago, Astonishing story)

Scrambler (Charles Czarkowski creation, She-Hulk story)

Scream (weapon used by Kio, Venom (Thompson) story)

Screaming Idol (Tiboro)

screening (Power Broker Inc.)

Scrolls of the Vishanti (mystic texts)

Scrolls of Watoomb (written by Watoomb) - by Spidermay

Scrying Gem (Dr. Strange mystical artifact) - by Grendel Prime

Scylax (clipper of Glora Teth/Heavy Duty on Nautilus)

Sea Fang of Earth-791 (Kip Hölm's ship)

Seal of Solomon (mystic item, King Solomon)

Sealer Beam (Leader invention, Plasti-thene)

Search-'Droids of Earth-81244 (30th century, hunted Ralf)

seat of power (Doctor Bong's typewriter & printing press)

Seaweed Man (Namor foe)

Secbots (armors, used against X-Men) - by Spidermay

secure line (Power Broker's estate)

Securitrons (Levians robots)

security drones (prison planet Devin-9)

Security Robots (Secbots)

Seduction Ruby (Thor/Zephyr item)

"Seeing Red: The Red Skull's Guide to Hydra Philosophy" (read by Brain Drain)

Seeker 3000 (ark-ship) - by Prime Eternal

seismograph (Rigel-3, Rigellian technology)

Seismo-Recorder (seismic activity monitoring computer device) - by Prime Eternal

Sentinel of Hell (Belaric Marcosa)

Serpent-Amulet (Hyborian era magic item)

Serpent Crown (talisman of Set) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Serpent Ring of Set (Thoth-Amon)

Serpent Saucers (Serpent Society vehicles)

Serpent's Crown (Captain Fate's ship)

Serpent's Crown (Captain Fate's second ship)

Serpent-Tiara (magic item, Hyborian era)

serum (created by Victor Avery)

Servo-Robot (Namor foe) - by John Kaminski

Set Idol (Hyborian era statue)

Shadow Bikes (Shadow Riders vehicles)

Shadow Cloaks (Agents of Fortune)

Shadow Key (Shadowoman)

Shadowlance (Blackwulf's weapon)

Shadow Realm's flying saucers (Warlord Kaa)

Shadow Spikes (Luminia, Shadow Demons)

Shagg's control panel (Journey into Mystery, alien technology)

Shakespeare, William robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Shareen's ship (extraterrestrial crystalline spacecraft)

Shark-Subs (Japanese submarines, Vision (Aarkus) story) - by Ron Fredricks

Shark's boat (Invaders story)

She-Clone (She-Hulk character) - by Will U

She-Droid (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

She-Hulk clone (She-Clone)

She-Hulk droid (She-Droid)

Shellbot (Gladiators "member")

shell forms (xt, Golgotha)

Shi'ar internal shuttle (Gul Damar Space Station)

Shi'ar robot (Gul Damar Space Station, X-Men foe)

Shiatra Book of the Damned (Darkhold)

S.H.I.E.L.D. containment tube (used to capture Agron, Captain America story)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Wedge (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers (mobile command centers) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. missile (Helicarrier weapon)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Mobile Armored Tank (weapon) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Orbiter (S.H.I.E.L.D. (NOT a group featuring Nick Fury!))

Shield of Earth-66881 (sailing ship belonging to Admiral Gyrich)

Shield of Endless Misery (mystic artifact, used by the Forgotten) - by Proto-Man

Shifting Sands of Ikonn (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Shing Tau Root (ancient root, used by Fin Fang Foom)

ship of Ryan Birks (Dracula story)

ship (Glx starship, used by Chleee)

Ship (Star-Lord character)

ship (Arcturan, Morbius story)

Ship (Halfworld, humanoid spaceship)

ship (Proselytes/green sect, interstellar)

ship of Reality-8116 (Zygotean Landing Party 017)

ship of Ultraverse (Entity)

ship of Earth-8208

ship of Jornik (X-Factor story)

ship of robot race of Centauri 9 (Deadpool Corps story)

ship stolen by X3Z (Sreneskian, stolen by Omega the Unknown)

ships (xt, Drenx)

ships (Oracle Adventures security forces)

ship's beacon (device found in Shareen's alien ship)

ship's log (Zalgodians)

ship's power sphere (device found in Shareen's alien ship)

Shiva (Weapon X robot, Wolverine foe)

shock-therapy device (modified by Abner Doolittle, Captain America story)

Shreen's weapon of Reality-791 (Star-Lord story)

shrinking fluid (used by Dran Decker, WW2 Terror story)

shrinking potion (created by Dr. Harold Schmidt)

shrinking serum (invented by Perry Moore)

shuttle (Contraxian, used by Varga)

shuttle (Games, Battletide)

Sibyl's Amulet (Olympian mystic item) - by Proto-Man

S.I.C.C.A.E.L. (super-soldier gun) - by Prime Eternal

Sidereal Displacer (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by Markus Raymond

"sight-stealing ray" (Queega technology)

Silent Ones' robots (used by Harrison Budge)

Silver Chalice (Rimthursar's magic chalice)

Silvermane robot (Mysterio agent, Spider-Man foe)

Silvermoon (Harlan Silverbird)

Silver Scythe (Michiko Watanabe's sword(s))

Silver Serpent (Nick Trask's weapon)

Silver Surfer duplicate (Frankensurfer)

Singularity (Silver Surfer location)

Sinsear's command center base (Cable story)

skeletons (Pilgrims Rock, Negative Zone)

Skimmers (Nth Command)

Skins of Necromancy (Salomé's mystical articaft)

Skool Buss (Overdrive vehicle)

Skornn's beetle-vessel

Skornn's ship

Skrang's starship

Skrimblatt (drug, used by Zalkor)

"Skrull Handcuffs" (used by Sensational Hydra)

Skrullmelons (fruit that take on the properties on other fruit)

Skrull milk (King's Crossing)

Skull-Face movie (1937 movie, remake planned 15 years later)

Skullhuggers (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Skull of Daimon (Taboo)

Skull of Truth (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Skull Satellite (Red Skull's orbiting satellite base, Bubble Funnies story) - by Proto-Man

Sky Bird (Little Hercules' plane)

Sky Cannon (Raymond and Thomas Lightner, Blacksun)

Sky-Cycle of Earth-8342 (vehicle, Captain America: 30 years in the future)

Sky Dragon (Yellow Claw's air fortress) - by Prime Eternal

sky-hook (Jupiterians, used against Sserpo)

Sky-Mines (Murder Mountain weapons)

Skyscrolls (video game)

sky seat (invented by Arro Goron, 2469 AD)

Skyshark's Stuka (modified airplane)

Sky-Skate (Stark Industries creation)

Sky Station 14-R (Rigellian satellite orbiting Rigel-3)

SLAM (Malum's weapon)

Slaughter Room (Professor Slaughter's Extermination Chamber)

slaver transport of Reality-791 (Shakati's slavers)

Slaymaster's giant robot snake

Sledpool (created by Ruler of Earth, used by Deadpool)

Sleepers (original Nazi Sleepers) - by John Kaminski & Prime Eternal

Sleepers-British (Plasmer foes)

slidewalk (used by Longlegs Secundus)

Sligs fighter drones

Sligs space armor

snake-headed statue (Serpent Men, Spider-Man story)

Snowfall's sarcophagus

"Snow Giant" constructs (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

Socrates robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

solar battery (1950s, invented by Dr. Peter Fulton)

Solar Cannon (Dr. Doom creation)

Solar Chute (used by Mordillo)

Solar-Electromagnetic Instrument (Gorgolla device)

Solar Guns (Yashonka tech)

Solar-Heat Projector (Zemo's Death-Ray)

solar probe ship (Contraxian race)

Solar-Powered Destructo-Ray (Half-Face)

Solar Sword (Val-Larr)

Solar Stone (Kukulcan)

Solar Wave (phenomenon utilized by Doctor Doom) - by Ron Fredricks

Solitaire's ship (Microverse)

Solo-Cruiser (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Sol-Mac (microwave weapon, Machine Man story) - by Prime Eternal

Sol III of Earth-691 (31st century, Marvel UK)

Somnotherm (Kree weapon, Kaptroids)

Son-Dar and Teress' starship (Kree, Priests of Pama)

sonic amplifiers (mutated Barry Witherspoon)

sonic blaster (used by Binary Bug, Machine Man story)

Sonic Cannon (Preventive Maintenance, Spider-Man story)

Sonic Crystal (mystic item)

Sonic Disruptor (Skrulls of Kral)

Sonic Enhancers (created by Enos Warwick)

sorcerer portraits (Antiquary paintings, Gambit story)

Soulgem (Dhasha Khan)

Soul-Orb (Moondark)

Soviet spaceship ("Soviet Spacemen", Bob Brant and the Trouble-Shooters)

Space Arks (Rigel-3, Rigellian technology)

space armada ship (xt, Gramosian ships)

Space Bird No.1 spaceship (used by "Bugs" astronauts from Earth)

"Space Cabbie"'s shuttle (interstellar taxi)

spacecraft of "Moon-Man" (1950s)

spacecraft of "Night Watcher" (1950s)

spacecraft (Klangian ship)

Space Master Disintegrator Gun (1950s, toy gun owned by Billy Herrick)

spaceport of Earth-81165 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

Space Queen (spaceship, encountered Osirusians) - by AvatarWarlord

space-craft (1950s, Martians)

space creature's ship (coloring book)

spaceship of "Iceberg Alien" (Journey into Mystery)

spaceship of "Stranger" (1950s)

spaceship (used by "Poker Face")

spaceship (Aldebarans)

spaceship (Centaurans, pre-modern)

spaceship (1950s, "Stranger from Space")

spaceship of Earth-59523 (used by Lynn Hamilton to reach Mars)

Spaceship (used by Zokae & Okzik)

spaceship (used by "Them")

spaceship (used by Torr)

spaceship (used by Thing from the Hidden Swamp)

spaceship (used by Oog)

spaceship (used to rescue Oog)

spaceship (Rommbu's vessel)

spaceship of Zetora (pre-modern era)

spaceship (used by Martian Who Stole a City)

spaceship (Rigellian, Sky Station 14-R)

spaceship of Reality-691 (Force, Guardians of the Galaxy story)

spaceship (Microverse, Psyklop)

spaceships (xt, Cyberdrones vehicles)

spaceships (Meeks race)

Space Shot Capsule (Namor story, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide)

space station ("Faceless Creatures", Spider-Man coloring book)

space trawlers of Reality-8116 (The Rock)

Spacewheel (Halfworld, space station)

Sparkitendrils (Sparkitect energy source)

Spatial Distorter (used by Bereet)

Spawn of the Spider (movie, Spider-Man)

Spawns of the Living Room (Hydra weapon)

Spear of Achilles (Greek myth)

Spear of Bones (weapon used by young Yao/Ancient One) - by Proto-Man

Spear of Destiny (Lance of St. Maurice)

Spear of Longinus (Spear of Destiny)

specimen cage (used by Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

Spectre-Suit (S.H.I.E.L.D. device) - by Prime Eternal

Speedster (Blue Blaze's car)

Sphere (Recordasphere)

Sphere of Sara-Kath (mystic item, Spider-Man stories) - by Markus Raymond

Spider-Robot of Earth-31198 (Armored Spidey's voice-activated robot, Spider-Man cartoon)

spiked battering fields (Champion's Training Facility)

Spiked Chariot (used by Mad Mechanic)

"Spindrome" (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Spider Amulet (Tureem)

Spider-Friends of Earth-10511 (Roxxon resistance, Spider-Man creations)

Spider-Man robot (by Kang, Avengers foe)

Spider-Man's car (toy story, Spider-Man) - by Proto-Man

Spider-Man's helicopter (toy story, Spider-Man) - by Proto-Man

Spider-Slayers (Spider-Man foes) - by Stunner

Spider-Totem of Ultraverse (Spider People)

spider-vessel (Warkon)

Spirit Banner of Temujin (Atlas Foundation artifact) - by Proto-Man

Spirit Gem of Nephrus

Spirit Mold (Soul Survivors)

Spirit of Coolidge (Skrull technology)

"Spirit" of Miles Danting (Golden Age, created by Effendi Mahomad)

"spirit-separator machine" (1950s, invented by Eric Finley)

Spirit Stone (Towering Oak)

Spotted Plague (used by Mogul, Thor stories)

Spy-Ray Lens (S.H.I.E.L.D. device) - by Prime Eternal

SQ1 Deep Sea Attack Craft (Cybertek underwater vehicle, Deathlok foe)

Squirrel-a-Gig (Squirrel Girl's helicopter) - by Chadman

Squirrel Nest of Earth-15705 (Squirrel Girl's nest)

S.S. Luxuria (ocean-liner, saved by Doctor Druid from Aquaticans)

S.S. Recovery (Marvel Comics#1, Namor story) - by Prime Eternal

S.S Ruby of Earth-78423 (Ali Blubber's yacht, Howard the Duck story)

"stabilizer" drug (Power Broker Inc.)

Staff of Dravid (magic staff, used by Doctor Strange)

Staff of Ibis (used by Karanthes)

Staff of Moses (Staff of Solomon)

Staff of Polar Power (Nebulos' weapon)

Staff of Solomon (ancient mystic item used by Moses, Solomon, Solomon Kane and others)

Staff of Sulieman (Staff of Solomon)

Stafford's alien samples (Men on the Wall)

Stafford's ship (Men on the Wall)

staffs (Proselytes/red sect, weapons)

S.T.A.N. (Fantastic Four technology)

Star-Blazer (Zodiac Cartel hand weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Star of Capistan (Defenders power item)

Star of Catalax of Universe-7711 (Chen K'an, Hulk story)

Star Brand of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Starcore One (UN orbiting laboratory)

Starcore Research Station (Starcore Station)

Starcore Station (Tony Stark's station)

Starcore Station (succeeded Starcore One)

Starcruiser Nightwind (Charter Federation starcruiser, Shogun Warriors foe) - by Donald Campbell

Star Eyes (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Starfighters of Reality-791 (Lorq spaceships)

Starfighters of Reality-791 (Shakati's slavers)

Star Hawk (Star Team's ship)

Starhawk's children's asteroid base of Earth-691 (31st Century)

Starhawks of Reality-791 (xt, Haalmhad)

Star Kings tv series (Earth-616 television series, Star Lords spinoff) - by Proto-Man

Starlab (Professor Prometheus' former base)

Star-Lord (vacuum cleaner of the Ravagers) - by Donald Campbell

Star of Vengeance (Kree ship, Captain Mar-Vell story)

Star Rig (US Archer)

Star Scepter (chosen weapon of Pharoid)

Star-Seed of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

starship (used by Skrang)

starship (D'Bari, Vuk)

starship (Drones)

Starship Wolf (Earth-72122 @ 2180 AD)

starships (Elan race)

starships (xt, K'lanti race)

Starstone (Dagoth and Kathulos)

Starstone (used by Merlin, Ebony Sword) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

star-suit (Stark Industries creation)

Star Sword (Thongor)

Starwheel (Kree weapon) - by Chadman

stasis field (used by Dr. Kurarkill, Iron Man story)

stasis tapes (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Static Distorter (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

Statue of Isiris (tricked Abdullah Razmuz, Human Torch (Hammond) story)

Statue of Kukulcan (1948 in Apaco, Namora story)

steamship (Silas Grant's ship)

Steel Claw (metal prosthetic of Louis Crandell)

Stellarax's mace

Stellarax's ship

Sternbots (Humanoids)

Stim-o-Lator (Iron Man device) - by Proto-Man

Stimulator (Fantastic Four device) - by Prime Eternal

Stimulator (Kree device guarded by Sentry #9168)

Sting Ray (WW II submarine, Captain David Marcus)

Stone (Spirits in the Stone, Pariah)

Stones of Halkor (extraterrestrial inscribed stones) - by Donald Campbell

Stones of Merlin (Merlin creations, owned by Doctor Doom) - by Donald Campbell

Stormbringer (Elric of Melnibon´'s sword)

Stormslayer of Earth-36054 (formerly Bashenga's Vibranium axe, wielded by King Killmonger)

Stragg's mind-transfer device

"Strange Stone" (alien artifact, 1950s) - by Ron Fredricks

Stratosphere-Plane (invented by Sir Ronald Gale)

strength augmentation process (Power Broker Inc.)

Striders of the Warlord of Other Earth

Strongarms of New Universe (Eduardo Giotti)

strongbox (owned by Henry; held "Strange Stone")

Storm Satellite (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Stun-ulator (Tony Stark weapon) - by John Kaminski

Sub-Atronic Time Displacer (device of Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

sub-car (Planner's vehicle, Captain America story)

Sub-Surface craft (Rabble Rouser)

subterranean city (1950s, discovered by Jeff Cord)

Suction Machine (WWII, used by Shark-Man)

Suma-Ket's sacred blade

Suma-Ket's trident

Sunday Punch Missile (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

Sunscope (Baron Karza weapon) - by Grendel Prime

Sun-Stealer's ship

Super Humanoid(s) (Humanoids)

Super-Mandroid (SHIELD weapon) - by Spidermay

Super-Patriot's craft

Super-Patriot's Ultimate Weapon

Super-Stick (Robby Kyle)

Super-Skates (Maria Karsov)

Supersonic Sound Machine (Dr. Ekker invention)

Super-Synthoids (AIM Synthoids)

Superius Rexians technology

surgical device (WW2, Agent Axis machine, Invaders story)

Suzuki Shosan's Sword (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Swami Mordo's mansion (1950s)

Swamp Tank (Savage Land exploratory vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Sword in the Star of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

Sword of Bone (Cornerstones of Creation, Oshtur-created magic item, used by Cadaver)

Sword of Evil (Black Blade)

Sword of Fangs fakes of Ultraverse (Mantra's "weapons")

Sword of Gonra (Pre-Hyborian era, Gonra)

Sword of Justice (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Sword of Kamuu (Atlantean artifact) - by Spidermay

Sword of Naram-Sin of Earth-85133 (Devil-Slayer MAX weapon)

Sword of Ravian (pre-Cataclysmic mystic weapon, Kull story)

Sword of Scotia (Clansman)

Sword of Strength (Cornerstone of Creation, Conan story)

Sword that Conquers All (used by Katuman)

Symbionic Man (Namor foe) - by Spidermay

Symbiotic Weapons Suit - Mark Two (S.H.I.E.L.D. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

symbol (Proselytes/red sect)

Symbol of the Vishanti (spell)

Synchro-Staff (Space Phantom)

Synthesizing Chambers/Receptacle (Eternals of Eyung technology, created Over-Mind)

Synthetic diamond (which gave Spectra her powers)

Synthoids (AIM creations) - by Spidermay

Syntropy (created by Synergysts)

Sy-Torak gem (empowered Jazinda, She-Hulk stories)

Tablet of Death and Entropy (used by Mr. Negative) - by Markus Raymond

Tablet of Life and Time (Spider-Man stories, used by Silvermane/Hammerhead, etc.) - by Markus Raymond

Tath En'ruh (Boneyard Dog)

Talisman of Blood of Earth-93121 (mystical gem, King Arthur & the Knights of Justice) - by Grendel Prime

talisman of Murdoch Adams

Talisman of Tartessus (used by Calyxis)

Talismans of Khyscz (empowered KISS)

Talismans of Power (Magical artifacts) - by Markus Raymond

Talons of Farallah (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Tangler (Murder Mountain weapons)

Tank 666 (Ghost Rider characters) - by Loki

tanks (Sagittarian)

tanks (Technarchy of Eopia)

tanks of Tamarata (Champion (Tryco Slatterus) foes)

Tapping Tommy's robots

TARDIS (The Doctor's time machine)

Tarnhelm (magic helmet, used by Alberich, Fafnir and Siegfried)

Taskmaster's Avengers robots (Avengers foes) - by DragynWulf

Taurus (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Tavistick (Rasputin's power item)

"Taxi" Taylor's craft (Ducky Dozen)

"taxicab" booth of Earth-49121 (@ 30th century, Blonde Phantom story)

Tear of Heaven (Temple of the Sun)

teardrop of Midgard Serpent's statue (caught by Albert Nesbit)

tear gas (used against Monster in the Iron Mask)

techno-breaker (used by Binary Bug, Machine Man story)

Technocrat's spacestation (Power Pack story)

Techtronicon cannon (Negative Zone weapon) - by Proto-Man

Teddy (Slapstick villain)

Telempathic Crystal of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

teleport beam (transport beam equipped onto the Harvester from Beyond's ship)

Teleportation Projectors of Earth-20051 (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by Grendel Prime

teleportation ray (used by Martian Who Stole a City)

Teleporting Machine (used by "Kyrkalin")

telescope (Dragon-Men of Ligra device)

Telescopic Reviver (used by Dr. Drearr, Sun Girl story)

"telescopic robot" (Hulk foe)

Temple Breastplate of Ultraverse (used by Aeon)

Temploid starship

Temporal Assimilator (Collector's time-travel device) - by Proto-Man

Temujai (Yellow Claw weapon) - by Spidermay

"Tentacle Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Terminals (Cybertek armors, Deathlok foes)

Terra-Co's drill (Deadpool vehicle)

Terror Tank (U.S. army prototype, used by Bo Barrigan)

Teutonic Knight's seaplane (WW2, Invaders story)

Text of Tantilova (Past Master)

T-Gun (Bruce Banner invention) - by Ron Fredricks

Thanatos's Hover Ship of Earth-9309

The Book (Byan'Hantandu, Cloak & Dagger story)

The Truthful Account of the Salem Witch Trials (Obadiah Shaw's book)

Therhin (xt, Iron Man story)

thermal bombs (Yashonka tech)

Thermal Man (Thor foe) - by caliban

"Therma-tron" (Cybertrons)

The Scream (weapon used by Kio, Venom (Thompson) story)

Thing Mega Morph of Earth-50810 (giant transforming robot) - by Grendel Prime

Thing Rings of Earth-700974 (used by Benji Grimm) - by Proto-Man

Thing robot (Operaton: Artificial Powers)

Thing's Exoskeleton (power simulator) - by Prime Eternal

Think Tank (Mind-Wave)

Think Tank of New Universe (Teresa Roberts)

Thirst Ray (Thirsties weapon, Kool-Aid Man story)

Thor's hammer of Earth-9591 (Ruins) (possibly Mjolnir)

thought control machine (1950s, Fred Palmer invention)

thought machine (1950s, Rojan technology)

Thought Projector Helmet (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by John Kaminski

Three Lost Treasures of Tao og Earth-1211

THROB (Black Panther robot)

throne ("Wise Ones", Doctor Doom's throne)

Thru-the-Ground Tank (Fixer/Mentallo weapon) - by John Kaminski

Thunderbird 3 of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, Thunderbirds TV series)

Thunderer (Nazi jet plane)

Thunderer of Earth-10091 (Thor's chariot)

Thunderhead (SULTAN)

Thunder Horn (Xemu)

thyamite (mined on OK Space Station)

Tiboro's wand

Tidal-Expander (used by Attuma) - by John Kaminski

Tigerfire of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, Hellcats ship)

Tiger Sweet perfume incendiary device (1946, used by Fire Bandits)

el Tigre (Corporation ship)

Time Bike (Avengers / JLA vehicle) - by Skullogeist

time-bomb (used by Herr Mole, Human Torch story)

time-bomb (used by Nazi saboteur Hans Reuger)

time-bomb (created by Jason Grubb)

Time Bubble (Avengers and Fantastic Four stories)

Time Bungee of Earth-44145 (Norman Osborn invention)

Time Glider (time vehicle, Beast invention) - by Grendel Prime

Time Horn (used by Turner D. Century)

Time Knife (time-traveling weapon used by Ka-Zar) - by Proto-Man

time machine (1955 AD, invented by Ed Evans)

time machine (1959 AD, invented by Harvey Wilkes)

time machine (1959 AD, invented by Professor Dolan)

time machine (1959 AD, invented by Frank Hanes)

time machine (1960 AD, invented by Willy Phelps)

time machine (1962 AD, invented by John Bentley)

time machine (1962 AD, invented by Filbert Phelps)

time machine (1963 AD, invented by Simon Stanley)

time machine (1963 AD, invented by Eric Kane)

time machine (1963 AD, invented by Frederick Fenton)

time machine (1965 AD, invented by Walter Phelps)

time machine (1965 AD, invented by Ashley Hunt)

time machine (1980s, future technology, used by Mary Bobkins)

time machine (invented by Charles Czarkowski, She-Hulk story)

time machine of alternate Earth (2050, invented by Derek Welles)

time machine (invented by Arro Goron, 2469 AD)

Time Projector (Zakka invention, Deviants)

Time Ray (Time Master)

Time Reversal Ray (Mr. Hyde's device) - by Prime Eternal & John Kaminski

Time ship of Reality-22073 (ca. 41st century Earth/Harmony, Cable story)

Time Sphere (Centaurans, pre-modern)

"Timestream" (Conan story)

Time Tether device (time-funneling device, created by alternate future Vision) - by Proto-Man

"time-viewer" (1950s, Paul Haines invention)

"time-viewer" (1950s, Louis Stark invention)

Time-Warp Traveller (Comicsville device)

Titan Time-Probe (Sagittarian probe)

T-Mech (Transisto-Mech)

tomb-wall (Lair of the Lions)

Tome of "Uncoma" (Thanademos)

Tome of Zhered-Na (Man-Thing and Dr. Strange stories)

tomes of reality-8116 (owned by Taurus Killgaren)

Tomorrow Stone (power item, Gambit: The Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone Marvel Cyber Comic)

Torch Song of Reality-80324 (song, Paradox story)

Torricane (Tullk's ship)

totem (stolen by Devos)

Totem-Stick of the Lion God (mystical transdimensional weapon of Sekhmet) - by Grendel Prime

training robot of Earth-93112 (Maxam's homeworld)

tranquil-gas (used by Insect Man)

transference machine (Doctor Doom technology, transfers super powers)

Transit Drive (Transit System)

Transit System (Shadow Riders)

Transdimensional Viewer (Professor T.W. Erwin creation)

Transfer Grid

Transisto-Mech (WW2, Jim "Taxi" Taylor's robot) - by Ron Fredricks

Transistorized Detector (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

(Transistor-Powered) Ejector (Iron Man high-tech device, Avengers item)

Transparency Capsule (SHIELD invention) - by John Kaminski

Transport Chamber (used to reach Transport Egg, Iron Man story)

Transport Egg (Lunar Observation Base, Rigellian technology, Iron Man story)

Transporter of the Audience (Silver Surfer story)

Transtemporal Somaprojector of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb invention)

trapper spaceship (caught Harry Grubb)

Treasure of the Bororos (stolen by Rex Ross)

Treasures of Tutankhamun of Earth-57780 (targeted by Toymaker)

Tri-Android (Tri-Man)

Triangle antibodies (Triathalon, 3D Man, Avengers stories)

Tri-Animan (Tri-Man)

Triax's armor

Trident (submarine, Hulk foes)

Tri-di-roentgen hand-gun (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Tri-Man (Daredevil character)

Tri-Man (Werewolf foe)

Tri-Man (Spider-Man foe)

Triplicator of Reality-5391 (gun devised by Dr. Fronter)

Tripodal Observation Module (Leader weapon)

Tri-Sentinel (Spider-Man foe) - by Henrique

Tri-Sphere (Game of the Galaxies device) - by Proto-Man

Trion shard (Triple Evil)

Triple Evil (Avengers foe)

Triple Threat (Triple Evil)

trivet of Iskelior (Dr. Strange story)

troublesome pistol (used by Woodrow McCord)

Trunk of Arcana (Cynthia von Doom)

Truth Chair (Kree interrogation device) - by Prime Eternal

Truth-Sifter of Earth-5631 (Skrull technology)

"Tryk Slayer" (Seven weapon)

Tryphon's claws (open portal to Tryphon's dimension)

Tryptich (Ember)

Tsiln starship (Gog's spaceship)

Tuesday Ruby of Earth-78423 (bomb, Howard the Duck story)

turpentine (used to destroy the Glob)

Tutankhamen's sarcophagus (Iron Fist/Power Man story)

T.V.A. Time Cycle of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, used by Death's Head (FPA) )

Twilight Idol (Pokerface's casino, Power Man (Alvarez)/Iron Fist story)

Twilight Well (Kartag, Norns/Fates)

Twin Idols of Zor (mystic artifacts)

two-person crafts/ships "bubbles" (xt, Gramosian ships)

Tyannan's ship

Typhon's axe

Tyrus Krill's ship

U.F.O. of unrevealed reality (visited Maruthea, U.F.O. TV series)

Ultimate Amplifier of Earth-730834 (A.I.M. invention, stolen by Black Knight/Garrett)

Ultimate Annihilator (Yellow Claw robot's weapon)

Ultimate Machine (Globe of Ultimate Knowledge)

Ultimate Nullifier (cosmic power item, Fantastic Four/Avengers/Spider-Man etc. stories)

Ultimate Persuader (Arkon device) - by Proto-Man

Ultimate Punisher of Earth-691 (31st Century, Punishers)

"Ultimate Wave Reader" (Hydrators gadget)

Ultimate Weapon (Super-Patriot)

Ultimo (Iron Man foe)

Ultraforce's dropship of Ultraverse

U-Car (underwater FF vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

UFOs ("Faceless Creatures", Spider-Man coloring book)

Ufo's Flying Saucer (Yellow Claw story)

Ultimate Nullifier (cosmic power item, Fantastic Four/Avengers/Spider-Man etc. stories)

ultra-frequency transmitter (Iron Man foe Doctor Strange invention)

ultramagnet (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Ultra-Men (robots of Brynocki, Shang-Chi foes)

Ultrana (Ixar)

Ultra-Oscilloscope (Kronin Krask)

Ultra-Rejuvenator (Avengers' life support device) - by Proto-Man

Ultra-Robots (Lucifer's robots) - by Prime Eternal

Ultra-Sonic Radio Transmitter (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

Ultra Violet Molecular Disintegrator (Ultra Violet Man's death ray)

Ultroids (Ixar)

Ultron-I units of Earth-41252 (Red Skull creations, powered by Infinity Mirror Shards) - by Proto-Man

Ulysses of Reality-7643 (Monark Starstalker's robotic falcon/nervous system)

Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Nameless Cults)

Unfolding Edge of Earth-928 (2099 AD, Metalscream)

unidentified extradimensional demon's spaceship (landed in Leonia, New Jersey)

unidentified flying saucers (xt, Woodrow McCord foes)

unidentified gas of Earth-52123 (invented by Ignatz Nopply)

unidentified giant robot (xt, Woodrow McCord foe)

unidentified mutated plant (accidentally mutated by Henry Pym)

unidentified spaceship (found by Magneto)

unidentified statue (located on Omicron Seti)

Unity Process (used by Master of the World, Alpha Flight story)

Universal Compressor (universe smasher) - by Prime Eternal

"Unknown Alien Object" (discovered by Uatu) - by John Kaminski

unnamed exoskeletons ("Blocko-Skeletons")

U-666 (WW2, Nazi Thule Society u-boat)

US1 (US Archer)

US Naval SSBN Leviathan of Earth-88194 (submarine, mobile Merchants base)

U.S. Sting Ray (WW II submarine, Captain David Marcus)

U.S.S. Barracuda (submarine, "Torpedo" Taylor stories)

U.S.S. Sea Wolf (Captain Savage's submarine) - by Prime Eternal

"Vacu-tron" (Cybertrons)

Valmoora's Spell (used with Stones of Merlin)

Van Dyne Perfume (Janet Van Dyne's fragrance line) - by Proto-Man

Valtorr's Stings (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Vaporizer (commandant weapon used against Hulk)

Vapors of Valtorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Vatsayana's Tryst (Carnal Serpent)

Venturite spaceships (Tales of Suspense)

Varibeam Flava-Drink Cannon (Fizz)

vehicles (Proselytes/red sect)

vehicles (Proselytes/green sect)

Vendetta's spaceship of Earth-928 (2099 AD)

Ventro the Great (1950s, Kevin's ventriloquist dummy)

Venusian Suit (Whiz Kids)

Verdant Vial of Valtorr (Decay)

Vermis Mysteriis (Black Magic tome) - by AvatarWarlord72

Verteor 250s possibly of Reality-791 (Iforani ships)

Vial of Valtorr (Decay)

Vibra-Gun (Baron Heinrich Zemo weapon) - by Grendel Prime

Vibranium of Earth-36054 (metal used to forge Bashenga's axe)

"Vibra-tron" (Cybertrons)

Vibranium-damped gloves (designed by N'Yaga, used by Black Panther)

Vibranium projector (Harlan Silverbird)

Vibration-Bomb (Dr. Doom creation)

Vibro-Mace (Cordco, killed Mauler)

Vibrotron (Hank Pym device) - by Proto-Man

Victor Cartwright's mock-ups (Strange Tales, fake Vulcans)

Victor Phillips' serum and antidote (1960s, man becomes gorilla)

video drones of Earth-50101 (Spider-Man (Pavitr Prabhakan) creations)

viewer (Dr. Nicola Bradley invention)

viewing device (used by Count Abyss)

viewing device (used by Sakaar Democratic Insurgency)

viewscreen (used by Astrologer Royal)

Vimana (Tantalus' vessel)

Vince Rivers' costumized automobile (1950s, 3-D Man story)

Vincent Farnsworth's safe (trapped inside, but escaped)

Vipers of Valtorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

VIRGIL (Force Works foe) - by Markus Raymond

Virgo (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Virus X (AIM weapon) - by Squeak

Vi-Sha (Omega Stone)

Vision Robos (Avengers characters)

Vision Serpent (artifact, Daredevil story)

Visi-Rod (Rigellian technology, Thor story)

Vittoria (16th century ship)

Vnish Battle Platforms of Reality-791 (Carina Prime)

volcanic device (xt, Gramosian technology)

volcano activating machine (Lava Men)

Volcanus' six-wheeler (Thing/Ka-Zar story)

Volkswagen Van of Kropotkin the Great (Hulk story)

voodoo effigy (1950s, created by Papa Genoux)

Voodoo King (Journey into Mystery story) - by Future

Voodoo Phone (Marvel Tales item) - by John Kaminski

voodoo staff (Staff of Solomon)

voodoo stave (Staff of Solomon)

Vortex Bomb (Hydra weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Vortex Pistol (Monark Starstalker weapon)

VTOL Craft (advanced RCAF vehicle utilized against the Hulk)

vudu stave (Staff of Solomon)

Vulcan Machine (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Vulture's Roost of Earth-8107 (large airship headquarters of Vulture)

Wager of the Octessence (Exemplars)

Wakandan Helicarrier Bosemann (Wakandan flying vehicle/aircraft carrier) - by Proto-Man

Wakefield Falchion (magic blade, Dr. Strange story)

walkers (xt, Gramosian weapons)

Walter Burke's amusement park projects (created for Charlie Harris' park)

Walter Phelps' cargo (taken to 25 AD with time machine)

wand (used by Jeremiah Warrick)

Wand of Watoomb (mystic wand, Dr. Strange/Spider-Man stories) - by Spidermay

Wanderer (small submarine, created by Felix Bradin in 1950s)

Wangal of Damballah (Damballah)

Warbot (AIM, Defenders foe) - by Spidermay

warcraft (death-ship of Kraa)

Warhawk (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Warhead of Earth "1958" (Fantastic Four story)

Warkon's spider-vessel

Warlock's Eye (Asgardian mystic item, Thor stories) - by Markus Raymond

Warlord Kaa's flying saucers

Warlord Supreme's starship (Sagittarian)

Warlord Wrogg's ship

War Machines (Beast-Men of Brutheim, Conan story)

warp gate (Barodi technology, Bishop story)

war wagons of the Doomsday Star (Soul Survivors)

War-Walker Omega of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Baron Zemo weapon) - by Grendel Prime

Wasp Robos (Avengers characters)

Watchwraiths (Dire Wraith weapons, Rom foes) - by Grendel Prime

Water Attractor (Namor story, "Metal Men" device)

Waterfall of Watoomb (Tempest)

Waters of Luthuk (used by Tryk queens)

Wax Man's weaponry (World War II, Captain America story)

weapon of Odotopians (Fantastic Four story)

"Weapon S" (Photonic Disruptor)

Weapon-Walker (Mako's battlesuit)

Weather-Caster (Robbie Rider invention) - by John Kaminski

Web-Slinger (Spider-Boy device, Amalgam Universe)

Well at the Center of Time (Nightcrawler)

Well at World's End (Twilight Well)

Well of Life (on planet Bastian)

Well of Souls (power source of Nostume & Tetra, Conan stories)

Wembley Mark V (Esau Shaw's pistol)

"Werewolf Rings" (used by Lou Hackett and Russell, Werewolf story)

whistle (owned by "Ted Grey")

White Dragon's submarine

White Dragon's Transcriber (technology, Iron Man story)

Wicker Man (Celtic myth, Black Knight foe)

Widgets (Ship)

Wijid's items (Bagmom)

"Wild Bill" (S.H.I.E.L.D. robot) - by Prime Eternal

Will-Killing Energy Ray of Earth-74101 (Machus)

"wind-blown tree" (caused Oliver Clements' suicide)

wind tunnel (used by "Queen of the Sub-Sea Realm")

Winds of Watoomb (magic spell) - by Spidermay

window at Cal Ferris' house (1950s)

"Window Machine" (invented by Andrew Morris)

Wings of Watoomb (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Wings over the World (Worthington Industries charitable organization) - by MarvellousLuke

Wire-Gun (WWII, used by Shark-Man)

Wishing Boxy of Earth-4290001 (Infinity Gauntlet variant) - by Donald Campbell

Witch Compass (Cathari, used by Bible John & Blade)

Wolfpack (Khoon's robot servants)

Wolfsblade (Vârcolac item)

"Wolfseye" (Vârcolac item)

Wolverine car (action vehicle, Hot Wheels Car) - by Grendel Prime

Wolverine Jet (NOT an action figure accessory!) - by Prime Eternal

Wolverine Mega Morph of Earth-50810 (piloted by Wolverine, giant transformable mecha) - by Grendel Prime

Woman (Carol Danvers' magazine) - by Spidermay

womb-ship (Aquarian origin)

Wonder Car (Golden Age, "Taxi" Taylor's vehicle)

Wonder Man Robos (Avengers characters)

Wonder Toy (Halfworld, used to cure Loonies)

Wonderwork (xt, Gevaltan weapon, Doctor Strange story)

Word of God (extraterrestrial book/technology) - by Proto-Man

Worldengine (Price's device) - by Prime Eternal

Worldform INC's ship

Worldspell (Dry Academy/Smoke Generals)

Wrecker's robot

Wrecker's ray gun

Wrist Hydrophasers (Hydrators weapon)

"Wristlets of Sutnaqoccu" (mystic artifacts, utilized by Champion of the Universe)

Wundagore-3 (ship of the Man-Beast and his New Men, Adam Warlock story)

Wundarr's ship (Aquarian origin)

Xanadu (Kublai Khan's dirigible)

XD-1 (used by Tom Gorman, time travelled to ancient Egypt)

Xenian spaceship (interstellar spacecraft)

XF5U-2 Flying Flapjacks (Sky Wolves' planes)

X-Machine (Ludwig von Frankenstein creation, Silver Surfer story)

Xorr the God-Jewel (Thor foe)

X-ray machine (John Bentley invention)

X-R70 (1950s, Mole vehicle)

Yankers (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Yazdi Gem (Dracula item)

Yellow Claw's flagship (Sky Dragon)

Yellow Submarine (the Four of Zephyrland)

Yin idol (Himalayan temple, housed Eye of Yin)

Ying & Yang (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America video game)

Yirbek spaceships (Avengers story)

Yologarch (Red She-Hulk/Machine Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Yoof's by-product (extraterrestrial experiment waste)

yo-yo (future technology, temporarily owned by Tommy Bobkins Jr.)

Zad Compton's car/ship (ship from Pluto)

Zath's statue (Conan era)

Zed Control (Stratosfire)

Zemo's androids (robots) - by Prime Eternal

Zeta Two (Orgolhuin/Black Museum exhibit)

Zipper Unripper (Howard the Duck/S.H.I.E.L.D. item)

Zo's spaceship (golden Attalian spacecraft, made to withstand sun's heat)

Zodiac Field (second Aquarius, Zodiac Cartel)

Zodiac Key (Ankh dimension)

Zodiac Key ("World Trust," new Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Zodiac’s jet

Zoga the Unthinkable (Iron Man foe)

Zola's "birds" (Avengers story)

Zombie Planet movie (Earth-616 movie)

Zorr's starship

Zorreks (Doctor Megalomann creations, Captain America foes)

Z-Ray (Yashonka tech)

Z-Rays (Cedric Rawlings' radiation)

Z's ship of reality-8116 (Zygotean, Dreadstar story)

Zugite coin (Hyborian era)

Zundamite Leaf Tea (from the planet Zundam)

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