These sets will include technology, magic items, and various other artifacts. In some cases, locations may be found here as well. Chronologies are likely to be incomplete, as I don't often pay as much attention to this.

You can also visit the Magic page for lists on magic items.

Abbey of the Order of St. George of Earth-Shadowline

Ababenzzar (Hyborian city)

About Face (Daredevil story, virus)

Absorbascann (used by Everyman)

Absorbatron (Leader)

Absorber (Wakandan device) - by Chadman

Academy of Light and Shade (Cathari, Bible John)

Aceldama (Bad Seed, vampire drug)

Adams, Murdoch's talisman

Adap-Tor (Justin Hammer)

Admissions Ward (Halfworld chapel)

Aedi (planet)

Aegis (Microverse planet) - by Grendel Prime

Aerocraft (Avengers vehicle) - by Proto-Man

Aeroships (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Aero-Sub (Avengers vehicle, invented by Mr. Fantastic) - by John Kaminski

Age-Converter (Dr. Markov invention)

Agent Beefcake (SHIELD LMD)

Agent Cheesecake (SHIELD LMD) - by G Morrow

AIM Pacific Vista Laboratories (Death's Head-Minion)

Air-Cars (Yashonka tech)

Air-Cruiser (Avengers vehicle) - by Proto-Man

air-cruiser (Karel vehicle)

Airjet-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Airship (Damocles)

airships (Sagittarians)

Airships (Cult of the Living Pharao)

airships (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Akah Ma'at (Conan era, home of Bird Men)

Al the Alien's ship

Alchemax Prototype Satellite Laser of Earth-928

Alchemoid (Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Alchem-Tech (virus, used by Nocturne)

Alchemy Gun (Chemistro (Curtis Carr) )

Al Forbush's Subterannean Diner of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

"Agalrannt" (planet visited by the Audience)

alien automobile (stolen by Earl Rawls)

Alien Launching Platform (Fantastic Four story, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide)

"alien scout's" spaceship (1950s sci-fi)

Alkhema (War Toy; Avengers foe)

Alkinoos of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

All-Seeing Eye (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Almost Reno (Damocles Foundation experiment) - by Prime Eternal

Alpha (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Alpha Stone (extraterrestrial power gem) - by Spidermay & Snood

Alpha and Omega Stones (extraterrestrial power gems) - by Spidermay & Snood

Altar of Neptune's Wrath (Set-related)

Althrace (alien planet, Marvel UK)

Ameboid Robot (Mendel Stromm creation)

Amphibian Androids (Synthoids)

Amphora (Zom's prison)

Amulet of Azmodeus (Master Pandemonium)

Amulet of Blue-Fire (Conan story)

"Amulet of Change" (used by Lena Ivana, Morbius story)

Amulet of Octaviano (used by Deacon Frost doppelganger)

Amulet of the Old Man ("Old Man of the Sea")

Amulet of Pazuzu (Howard the Duck story)

Amulet of Power (Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan)

Amulet of Set (artifact of Ishiti)

Amulets of Damballah (Zombie)

"Andrea" (Paul Wilson invention)

Android X-4 (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Android Champion of Machus

Android Man (Thing foe)

"Andy Android" (Egghead's Android)

Ankh Necklace (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Annihilus' Flying Fortress (Annihilus' Private Cruiser)

Annihilus' Private Cruiser (Negative Zone, Annihilus' ship) - by Grendel Prime

Anomaly Gem (alien artifact) - by Markus Raymond

Antarctica Syndrome (Greedy Killerwatt)

Anti-Charge Bazooka (A.I.M. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing (used to combat cosmic Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Gravity device (Tony Stark's invention) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Magnetic Inverter (Spider-Man invention) - by John Kaminski

Anti-Mind (Deviant creation) - by Norvo

Anubis the Jackal's helmet

Anubis the Jackal's staff

Aphonic Bomb (Anton Trojak's weapon)

Apollocraft (Triax)

Aqiria (Fantastic Four/War Machine story) - by Proto-Man

Aquaria (Hydropolis)

Aquarius (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Aquaticons' city

arcane database (Archenemy's progenitor)

arcane paraphernalia (Aelfric the Mad Monk's sorcerous artifacts collection)

Arctic city (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Ardent Spring (Shi'ar Imperium world, Starjammers story)

arena of the Audience race (Silver Surfer story)

Arena World (Vorin's planet, Shadow Riders story)

Aries (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Ark of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Arkham Tower of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Ark of Omon-Kra (Biphasia dimension, not much info)

Arkon's lightning bolts (Avengers/Fantastic Four stories)

arm of Kx'ulthuum (used by Fafnir Hellhand)

armed carts (Yashonka tech)

Armor of God (Warlord Kargul)

Arn (traders' world city)

arras (Vacharn's tapestry, Conan story)

Arrow of Hoder (found by Order of Hydra)

Arsenal (Avengers/Hulk foe(s) ) - by Stunner, Madison Carter & Prime Eternal

artifact of the Beyonders (Nuwali)

Asbestoscase of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Ashandriar (city, Marada story)

Ashtoroth's pearl (Black Knight/Captain Britain story)

asteroid of the Audience race (Silver Surfer story)

Astro Vid Parlor of Earth-8410 (Broadani)

Asylum (Halfworld location)

Atlantis (Tuk the Caveboy stories)

Atmospheric Ion Saturator (Hostess ad, Stormrider weapon)

Atomic Changer (Kiber's Guards weapon)

Atomic Inverter X-99 (Roxxon device) - by Proto-Man

Atomic Space-Displacer (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

Atom-Sphere (Arkon device) - by Proto-Man

Attrakton (Alpha Centaurians)

Augean Stables (labour of Hercules) - by Will U

A.U.N.T.I.E. (Fantastic Four robot) - by AvatarWarlord72

Auric-Ray (Diablo weapon) - by John Kaminski

Auto-Boxers (Eternals toy) - by John Kaminski

Autocron fleet (Machine Man story)

A.U.T.O.F.A.C. (S.H.I.E.L.D. computer) - by Prime Eternal

Avaleen-4 (Kree fringe world, Star-Lord story)

Axi-Tun starship (Starmasters story)

Azimuth's city (other dimensional city)

Azoth's peak

Azshiran (ring, magic item)

Baba Yaga's hut (Hercules story)

Badoon Mento-Programmer (Defenders foe)

Badwu (traders' world city)

Bag of Enchantment (Moon Wolf's "power item")

Bagmom (Middle Eastern nation, Howard the Duck story)

"Bag of Tricks" (Spatial Distorter)

Ballox (Spider-Man/Iron Fist foe) - by Luis Dantas

Baltic Avenue (Swamp City)

B & O Railroad (Swamp City)

Bandovian Star-Fountain (Starfox story)

Bank (Swamp City)

Banshee Mask (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Baron von Blimp's dirigible (US One)

Baron Zemo's Death-Ray

Baron Zemo's Heli-Hovercraft

basket of Roberta Elk Step (She-Hulk/Johnny Blaze story)

Bastet (Children of Bast)

"Battle Cab" (Mr. Badwrench invention)

Baxter Building of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Be (traders' world city)

Beam-Splitter of New Universe (Andrew Meadows)

Bedreddin (planet, Universal Cosa Nostrum)

Beehive (Enclave)

Beeper Dogs (Yashonka tech)

Beepie (Solarman's robot) - by Grendel Prime

Beetle-Vessel (City-Keepers)

Behemoth (android, Namor foe)

Behemoth (Godzilla Squad helicarrier)

Bell Collar (Inanna's Bailiff)

Bell of Ikonn (magical artifact)

Benin Dagger (magic item, Gambit story)

Berditchev estate (Avengers story)

Berserker android (Frankenstein monster character)

Betan ship (Godzilla story)

Betatron Bomb (HYDRA weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Betelgeuse asteroid of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Beyondersbane (Beyonder-killing device) - by Prime Eternal

Bidoceros space probe (interstellar lightcraft, Hulk story)

Bifrosticon of Earth-10091 (Loki item)

Big Bertha (Venom foe)

Big Casino (Skrulls of Kral)

Big Change in Nutrition (Matriculon item)

"Big Daddy" (Madbomb)

Binary Being's Robots (Binary Beings)

Bioelectric Mask (Genetech device)

Biotron Constructs (SULTAN)

Birdroid (Tri-Man)

Bishop (Hulk foe)

Black Arthur armor (GA, Vagabond story)

Black Blade (Muramasa Sword, Wolverine story)

Black Blade of Baghdad (Black Raazer weapon)

Black Book (Nameless Cults)

Black Book of Bast (used by Miles Keston)

Black Clock (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Black Curator (Orgolhuin)

Blackeye 1 (Silvereye ship)

Black Hole (Cage story)

Black Knight statue (Avengers character)

Black Lama's base

Black Mariah (U.S. Agent's ship) - by Prime Eternal

Black Museum of the Cyborgs (Death's Head, Die-Cut story)

Black Pearl (Seaweed Man, Dire Wraiths)

Blackrig (Highwayman's truck)

"Black Sunset" (used by Doctor Saturn)

Blade of Blood (Shosei Order)

Blake's Android (creation of Don Blake(?))

Blanditron (SOOFI)

Blinding Brazier of Balthakk (Inferno)

Bl'lx (Lunatik's home)

Blockade (Stranger's robot) - by Prime Eternal

"Blocko-Skeletons" (Thor foes) - by Markus Raymond

Bloodgem (Hellfire Helix, Exo-Mind)

Blood-Jewel (used by Grithstane, Monsters Unleashed)

Blood Soldier (Fortress)

Blood Stone (Swami Rihva, Kaman-Ru)

Bloodstone Manor (Ulysses Bloodstone)

Blue Diamonds (rare diamonds) - by the Beetle

Blue Diver (submarine) - by Markus Raymond

Blue Glass Bottle (Elias Dane's item)

Boardwalk (Swamp City)

Bolts of Balthakk (magic spell)

Bombdroid (Tri-Man)

Bombsled (Claude LeBron)

Bone Dragon (Kulan Gath creation)

Bone Machine of Earth-928 (2099 AD, Metalscream)

Book of Cagliostro

Book of Eternity of Universe-7711 (Chen K'an, Hulk story)

Book of Fate (owned by Fates)

Book of Kell (magic book, Serpent Men)

Book of Kells of Earth-691 (31st Century, magic item)

Book of Koth (foretold Kah-Tah-Dhen's return)

Book of Many Things (Sacred Volume of Kâli) - by Prime Eternal

Book of Sins (Darkhold)

Bouncing Ball of Doom (Mad Thinker weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Box of Khyscz (KISS story)

Bradford's mind-transposer machine (pre-FF story)

Brainosaur (Tony Stark's bomb defuser) - by Prime Eternal

Brain's castle of Earth "1958" (Fantastic Four story)

Brain-Altering Energy Beam Projector (Pearl Sect)

Brain Beam (Sagittarian mind scanner)

Brain-Child One of Earth-S (rocket)

Brain-Wave Booster (used by Leader) - by John Kaminski

Brand's mutagenic equipment (used by Serpent Society & Brand Corporation)

Brawn Tank (Iron Man foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Brazen Bull (Inanna's Bailiff)

Brazier of Balthakk (Inferno)

Breachpoint (built by Microverse pioneers) - by Grendel Prime

Breathing Gun (Jaine Cutter's weapon)

Bride of Slorioth (Shadowoman)

British Sleepers (Plasmer characters)

Brood Nest World (X-Men concept) - by Darc_Light

Brood Pit of Earth-9602 (Amalgam, Brother Brood's Brood nest)

Broker's control bracelet

Broker's spaceship

Brother Royal's Barge

Bruce Banner's Robot (created for Thunderbolt Ross) - by Prime Eternal

Bugships I-IV (Goldbug)

Bull Totem (Toro Rojo)

Butcher T. Washington's tank

Butler (Gabriel McGregor creation)

Byan'Hantandu's Book

Byan'Hantandu's ship

Cabattoir (Mr. Badwrench invention)

Cam-Bot (Reed Richards' device) - by Prime Eternal

Cancer (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Candle of Power (Lord Pumpkin power source)

cantina (Halfworld location)

Capricorn (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Captain Barracuda's base

Captain Barracuda's ships

Captain Omen's abandoned base

Captive's ship

Capturebots (Mechadoom)

caretaking automaton (Silver Surfer character)

Carmody Institute (First Line HQ)

Caro statue (Sinbad foe)

Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders (Hawkeye's original carnival) - by Proto-Man

Ca$ino (Red Wolf story)

Cassidy Crystals (used by Baroness)

castle of Shlime (Blackworld, Reality-81665)

Castle (Tamar-Shan-Khun's base)

castle of Guildern (Dark Angel/Wild Thing story)

Castle Computronex of Earth-8206 (Adam-II's HQ)

Castle of the Devil (Baron von Staler)

Castle Frankenstein (Bavaria)

Castle Frankenstein (Switzerland)

Castle Haloga (Vammatar)

Castle Kargul (Warlord Kargul)

Castle Windsor of the Keep McCay (Elsewhere dimension)

"Cat" (Galactus' robot, Secret Wars)

Cathedral of the Dead

Cathexis-Ray (Doc Samson's device) - by Prime Eternal

Cathode Gloves (Count Tagar's weapons)

Cathode's robots (Silver Sable foes)

Cat-illac (Night Cat's car)

Catspur (planet, Lionheart 3442)

Cauldron of Conversion (Axi-Tun weapon)

Caverns of Chaos (place on Crystalium)

Celestial Golems (X-Force foes)

Celestial Order's Space Station (Marvel Universe: The End)

CELINE (Black Widow foe) - by Markus Raymond

Censys (Seeker 3000's computer) - by Prime Eternal

Central City (Great Coordinator) of Earth-861095

Central City (capital of Sphere, Microverse)

Cerebro-Destruct-Mechanism Helmet (Horusians weapon)

Cess (Pixil)

"Chair that Walks Like a Man" (Scarlet Witch pawn) - by Grendel Prime

Chameleon Worms (Darkhold Spell)

Champion's Retreat (Imus Champion)

chandeliers (Inanna's Bailiff)

Changers (Worldform INC)

Charles Xavier's Explorer Wheelchair (tank-tread wheelchair) - by Prime Eternal

Chariot of Time (Mad Pharaoh)

Chef Jay-R-Tee's Pasta (Jason Treemont food business, X-Men story)

Cherron (home planet of Meru & Dalia)

Chiaroscuro (Cathari, Bible John)

"Children" (Mendel Stromm creations)

Chimera (magic item, Dracula story)

Chosen Ones' ship of Earth-8208

Christianson's mansion (International Industrial Alliance)

Chronal Accelerator (Maelstrom's device) - by Proto-Man

Chronal gun (Drom's weapon)

Chronal Research Center of Earth-700 (Tranquility City)

Chronifact (Killpower story item)

Chrono Key (Tempus)

Chronol-Capacitor (Human Torch (Hammond) story)

Chthon Scrolls (Darkhold)

Chunnel (Morgan Sinclair profile)

Cinnibar of Earth-791 (Star-Lord world)

Circlet of Power (Solarman's source of power)

Circuits Breaker (weapon used against Iron Man) - by Grendel Prime

Citadel of Light and Shadow (X-Men story)

Citadel of Necromon of Otherworld

Citadel of Science (Enclave)

Citadel of Terror of Universe-7711 (Tyroc)

Citadel of a Thousand Lamps (Cloudsea dim)

City of "Earth-7310" (ruled by "The Guardian")

City of Evil (Encoders base)

City of Gold (el Dorado)

City of Gold (Bermuda Triangle)

City of Seven Dark Delights (Weirdworld location) - by Prime Eternal

City of Skulls (Ghost Rider story)

City of the Golden Gate (Atlantis)

Clairvoyant Cauldron (Mammy Tuba)

Clavis Key (Time Guardian)

Claw of Bast (Fantastic Four story) - by Zerostar

Clemens, Samuel robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Climate Cannon (Cold People)

Cloak of Golden Feathers (Freya)

Club Fear (Nightmare story)

Coaxer (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Cobalt Bomb (nearly used by Doomsday Man)

Cobalt Cannon (Damocles)

Cobalt Flame (Sacred Flame of Life)

Cobalt Ray Weapon (Tony Stark invention) - by John Kaminski

Cobaltronic Ray (Tyrannus weapon) - by John Kaminski & Grendel Prime

Cobra Crown (Hyborian age, includes an in depth discussion of it and the Serpent Crown) - by Per Degaton

Code Z-19 (Captain Mar-Vell story)

Cogmium Steel (Iron Fist story)

Coldblood-7's car

Collective Intelligence ship 1

Collective Intelligence ship 2

Colony (Thing allies) - by Prime Eternal

Colossus's ship (Vegan)

Combatra (Shogun Warriors unit) - by David Lawrence

Comet ship (Max & Comet Man)

Comicsville (2001 location) - by Prime Eternal

command vessel (Ongulian race, Deadpool story)

Compound of Earth-3071 (adamantium bunker, Wolverine story)

"Compound Z" (Eric Wolton)

Compute-a-Letter Energizer (Magneto creation, fed Alphabet Pet)

Computo (Quasimodo creation, X-Men foe) - by John Kaminski

"Concussion Tank" (used by Bruno Caper)

Conditioning Room (xd, 2000 AD)

Confucius robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Connecticut Avenue (Swamp City)

Conqueror Wheel (Syphonn)

Conquistador's base (X-Men story)

Conquistador's (X-Men story)

Conquistador's kinetic trident (X-Men story)

Containment Center of Earth-8545 (Vi-Locks, part of Mainframe)

Contrary's airship of Ultraverse

Control Pearl (Serestus >> Torg)

Conversion Chamber (Kiber's converter)

Converter Cabinet (Conversion Chamber)

Cookie Factory (Spider-Man story)

Cooler (Ivan the Terrible's prison)

Coral Crab (stolen by Strange)

Corky's Tavern (Alpha Flight story)

Cornerstones of Creation (Conan magic items)

Cor Vacuus (Judge's necklace, Deadline story)

Cosmic Calculator (Pro-Rata)

Cosmic Calculator's Key (Jeweled Key)

Cosmic Key (Scorpio Key)

Cosmic Portal (used by "Piper of Peril")

Cosmic Power Siphon Harness (device of Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Cosmic Wheel of Change (Creators)

Cosmultigizer (sought by Xanja & Valuu)

Costaguay (Carribean island, Chamber of Chills) - by AvatarWarlord72

Costranno's ring (magical item)

Count Abyss' fortress

Counter Gravity Machine (Sun Girl story)

Court of Anubis

court of Earth-700 (Tranquility City)

Crab Truck (Thing foes) - by Markus Raymond

Cradle (Gena-Sys, Psight Corp)

Cragmouth (Godstorm)

Crane Cable (Daredevil foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide) - by Proto-Man

"Creepy Crawlers" (Mendel Stromm creations)

Creighton (city, Omega Keep)

Creme de Profundis (used by Pitiful One) - by Proto-Man

Crete (Tuk the Caveboy story)

Crimebots of Earth-Faces of Justice (Avengers foes)

Crimson Crown of Earth-99062 (Mini-Marvels, used by Crimson King)

Crimson Hand (Asgardian weapon)

Crossroads Chamber (Time Guardian)

Crossroads of Time (Time Guardian)

Crown of Hathor (Nephrus)

Crown of Wisdom (Cornerstones)

Crucible (item guarded by Azimuth)

Crusher (Tunnelworld)

Crypt of Shadows (held Horn of Azoth)

Crypto-Man (Thor/Hulk foe)

Crystal Casque (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Crystalium (xd planet, home of Crystar) - by David Lawrence

Crystal of Kadavus (magic item, Dr. Strange stories)

Crystal of Light and Shadow (X-Men story)

Crystal of Torment (Satan vs Death story)

Crystal of Transferrance (Asgardian, mystic item)

Crystal Spheres (Hyborian era, Conan story)

Crystal Trapezohedron (Nyarlathotep creation)

Crystals of Conquest (Sons of Satannish)

Crystals of Kahesha (Metahumes)

Crystals of Vontsalvant (Thing story)

Cuckoo's Nest (Halfworld location)

cure of Reality-81665 (Bront story)

Curse of the Kings (Hyborian era, Conan story)

Customer Service Representatives (Imperium Emporium)

customs of Reality-80324 (Titan, Paradox story)

Cybernoids of Ultraverse

Cyberno-Tron (Hank Pym device) - by Proto-Man

"Cyber-Santa" (Hydra weapon) - by John Kaminski

Cybertrons (X-Men foes)

Cyborg Dingos (Reavers' pets) - by Darc_Light

Cyclopedia Universum (Watcher dimension) - by Proto-Man

cylinders of Earth-81665 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

Dagoth's Tower

Daily Bugle of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Dakkam (planet of Dakkamites)

Dalek (Microchip weapon) - by Darc_Light

Damballah's Amulet (different for the Amulets of Damballah)

Damiru (Shanna the She-Devil foe)

Damocles Base (Kang, Avengers story) - by Stunner

Dangard Ace (Shogun Warriors unit) - by David Lawrence

Darkdoor (f.e. Eye of Force)

Darkewolde (Elsewhere dimension)

Darkhold (Book of Sins) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Darklore's talisman

Dark River (Conan story)

Dark Seed (Skeletron's ship/body)

Darkstar (submarine)

Dark Tower of Earth-S (Brain-Child)

D'arnel (Microverse world)

Davy Jones' locker (sunken ships & gold)

D'Bari IV (D'Bari)

"Deadend" (Deeden State Correctional Facility)

Death-Birth facility of Earth-691 (21st Century)

"Death-Chariots" (Emperor of Texas)

Death Cruiser (of Devos)

Death-Hand (weapon of Mordillo)

Deathless Frenzy (bio-toxin, Black Widow story) - by Markus Raymond

Deathlok Exact Medical Replica of Earth-7484

Death Mask of Koala Munba (magical item, Moon Knight story) - by Markus Raymond

Death-Ray (Zemo)

Death's Head Satellite (Red Skull's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

death-ship (used by Kraa)

Death Store (Bzzk'Joh)

"Death-Sword of Kx'ulthuum" (Conan story)

deceased's memory reader device (Shi'ar technology, Rom story)

Deeden State Correctional Facility (Human Torch (Storm) story)

Deep Diver (Blue Diver, submarine)

Defendroids (Hulk characters, used by Bereet)

Dehydrolizer (Dr. Cross)

delivery trucks (Imperium Emporium)

Della Gems (planet of the Aris)

Delta Corianus IV (Cinnibar)

Dematerializing Machine (invented by Duncan Sloan)

Demon Duplicates (creations of Professor Zaxton)

Demonica (Pacific Overlords' base) - by Proto-Man

demon's amulet (Illuminator story)

Demon Tree of Earth-78411 (Prime Computer)

Demuzaar (mystic mask, portal to Khaa, Conan story) - by Spidermay

Desecration Annex (space prison) - by Elf With a Gun

Destruct-Drone (Damocles)

Destructoid (Diamondhead weapon) - by John Kaminski

Destructoids (Kree weapons) - by Stunner

DeVasquez Research Technologies (She-Hulk story)

Desalinizer (Banari weapon)

destroyed world (Star-Lord story)

Destruction Beam Robot (Mendel Stromm creation)

Destructo-Ray (Half-Face)

Devastator (Quarry's weapon)

devastator ship (death-ship of Kraa)

Developing Fluid (used by Donald Short)

De Vermis Mysteriis (Black Magic tome) - by AvatarWarlord72

Devil's Advocacy (meeting of demons) - by Grendel Prime

Devil's Breath (poison, Tablet of Death and Entropy formula)

Devil's Marauder of Earth-691 (Skar's tripod)

Diadem of the Giant-Kings (Conan story)

Diamonds of Doom (Namor story)

Diary of the Aged Genghis (Aged Genghis)

"Diesel of Doom!" (Clem Barstow's truck)

Dimensional Converter ("Flatulans" technology)

Dimensional Doorways (Excalibur story)

Dimensional Oscillator (Mercurio)

Dimensionizer (Living Eraser)

Dimension Transporter Helmets (Slaveworld)

Dinosaur Island (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

disintegration amulet (Enforcer)

disintegration ray projector (Enforcer)

disintegration ring (Enforcer)

Disintegrator (Blue City on the Moon) - by Prime Eternal

disintegrator (King Solomon’s Tomb)

disintegrator gun (created by Elias Poole)

D-Machine (Black Panther device) - by Proto-Man

Dolan's time machine (pre-FF story)

Dr. Bob Doom's weapons (She-Hulk foe)

Dr. Doom's Killer Robots - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Doom's Servo-Guards - by Prime Eternal

Doctor Saturn's lab (Ringo Kid story)

Dr. Yes' androids (Venom foes)

Dome (Harek Korgon)

Dominator Helmet (Foreman of Worldform INC)

Dominex (Avengers/Thunderbolts foe)

Dominus (Avengers/Fantastic Four/X-Men foe)

Domitian's Life-Force Runes

Donna Angel's apartment (Googam story)

Doombot A76 (X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Doom Carriers (Worldform INC)

Doomsday Star (Soul Survivors)

Dorado, el (City of Gold)

Dormammu's hidden flower (Dark Dimension; Clea item)

Dostoyevsky, Fyodor robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Dovecote (mountain stronghold, encountered by Captain America)

Dowsing Rod (Water Witch)

Dracula Pendant (picture of Maria)

Dragon (fusion device, Marvel UK)

Dragonflies (Shield, Godzilla Squad)

dragon robot of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

Dragon Men (robots of Draco)

Dragon's Nest (Dragon's Claws base)

Dragorr (Robot of the Gnome)

Drakion Destructoid (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Dreaded winged skull shaft that makes rock walk and clouds talk (Tavistick)

Dreadbusters (AIM weapons) - by Prime Eternal

Dread Citadel (Battletide)

Dreadnought-Drill (used by Psyklop) - by John Kaminski

Dream Machine (Dream Demon, Eugene Beaumont invention)

Drom the Backwards Man's mirror (Spider-Man story)

"Drones" (Shogun Warriors characters) - by Donald Campbell

Drone-X (Drones)

Drop Bears (H.A.T.E. weapons, Nextwave foes) - by Grendel Prime

Druid Tome (Samhain, sought by Dredmund Druid)

Dual Computer (stolen by Circus of Crime, Thor story)

Ducky Wucky (US President's rubber duck)

"Dunk-Bot" (Donovan's robots)

Duplicating Machine (Professor Zaxton)

Dwellers of the Ark (Star-Lord story)

Dyna-Disk (Diablo's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Dynamo City (xt, encountered by Silver Surfer)

Dynamo Sputnik (created by Anton Vanko)

Dyna-Soar (S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Dynorr's handheld vacuum weapon (Alpha Centaurians)

Earth-Borer (Cobalt Man vehicle)

Earth-Crawlers (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

earth-diggin destructo-rays (used by City-Stealers)

Earth-Formers (Worldform INC)

Earth-Shaker (Tyrannus creation, Nova foe) - by John Kaminski

Eau du Profundis (Creme de Profundis)

"Egg-bots" (Egghead creations, Avengers foes) - by John Kaminski

Egghead's Android (Giant-Man/Wasp foe) - by John Kaminski

E-Globes (Energy Globes)

Ego Gem of Ultraverse (Infinity Gems)

Einstein, Albert robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

el Condor statue (Daredevil story)

el Dorado (City of Gold)

el Tigre (Corporation ship)

Electric Company (Swamp City)

Electric Pentagram (Stephen Loss)

electric sword of Jim Fitzpatrick (Eternal Brain story)

Electro-Death Ray (Slaveworld)

Electro-Magnetic Ray Machine (Franz Radzik invention)

Electromagnetic Ray Projectors (Jason Wilkes invention)

Electro-Mag Nets (Shield, Godzilla Squad)

Electronic Mask (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

Electronic Mass Influencer (Xavier's device) - by Prime Eternal

Electro-Probe (Alpha Centaurians)

Electro-Rifles (Dr. Cross)

Element Gun (Star-Lord)

Elite Pursuer-9 Assault Tank (Mako's weapon)

Ember Tryptich

Emmett Proudhawk's medallion of New Universe (summons Psi-Hawk)

Emotion as Energy (tome, KISS story)

Emotion Charger (used to disrupt Reed and Sue's wedding) - by Prime Eternal

Emperor's Compound (Mbangawi location)

Empire Arts Center of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Empire Hotel (Swamp City)

Empress Matilda Docks-Rotherhithe building (former Excalibur HQ) - by Proto-Man

"Empty Heart" (Cor Vacuus, Judge's necklace)

Enamelizer (Hydrators device)

Enchanted Lens (Past Master)

Enchanted Weapons (used by Zuulda Thaal)

"Encephalo-Feedback Scrambler" (Mr. Fantstic invention) - by John Kaminski

Encephalo-Gun (Fantastic Four item) - by Prime Eternal

Encephalo-link (Skrull technology)

End of All That Is (M'Kraan Crystal)

Enemy Sub (Namor foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide)

Energy-Eaters (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Energy Globes (Kiber's life energy converters)

energy orb (former home of the Audience)

Enforcer's car

Enforcer's disintegration ring

Enitharmon's home (Dr. Strange story)

Enslavers' ship

Entity of Ultraverse (from the moon)

Entropy Globe (Cold People)

Eon Ray (Captain Mar-Vell weapon) - by Spidermay

Epiderm-Mask (HYDRA technology) - by Prime Eternal

Epoch Weasel (Dakimh's ship)

Escape Jet (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Essence Urn (used by Psyklop) - by John Kaminski

Eurasia (Subterranea, Doradians)

Event Synthesizer (device to control the flow of time, Marvel UK)

Evil Eye (energy weapon)

Evilizer (fearsome item of power, Speedball story) - by Markus Raymond

"Evolution Accelerator" (xt device, used by Mr. Fantastic) - by John Kaminski

Excalibre of Earth-8912

Exiles-Deming's sky-sleds of Ultraverse

Exile's tower (Nightmare story)

Exo-armor (Punisher)

Exorcist (Exorcist gun)

Exorcist gun (Frank Drake's anti-occult gun) - by Markus Raymond

experimental nuclear reactor (Conquistador)

experimental nuclear reactor/solar projector (Conquistador)

experimental solar projector (Conquistador)

Eye of Ahriman (Thing story)

Eve of Avalon (Evil Eye)

Eye of Bast (Children of Bast)

Eye of Bast (Claw of Bast fragment)

Eye of Dagon (Hyborian era)

Eye of Force (Thule's main Darkdoor)

Eye of Horus (Egyptian relic, Thor story)

Eye of Ibis (magic item)

Eye of Necros (Necromon)

Eye of Watoomb of Earth-58163 (part of House of M's Wand of Watoomb)

Eye of Zatra (Atlantean artifact)

Eye Cups (Inanna's Bailiff)

Eyes of Set (magic items, Conan stories)

FACADE (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Fairer Fowl Farms (Mister Chicken's HQ)

Fangor (Iron Man foe)

Fangs of Farallah (magic spell)

Fantasti-Copter (seldom-used FF vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

"Fantasti-Jet" (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by John Kaminski

Farce (Howard the Duck)

Fastball of New Universe (Timothy Ferris)

Fatal Book (magical text, Captain America (Jeff Mace) story) - by AvatarWarlord72

F.A.U.S.T. (Human Torch/Iron Man/Thor foe)

Fearful Eliza (Inanna's Bailiff)

Fearsome Fist of Farallah (Carnivore)

Feathered Serpent idol (Kukulcan)

Femizonia Island (Superia)

Festung von Furcht (Fortress of Fear, Nazi base) - by Prime Eternal

Fiame (Microverse planet) - by Grendel Prime

"Fight-Bots" (Donovan's robots)

figurehead of Sinbad's ship (animated by Koura)

Firebringer (Lava Men)

Firebomb's bomb

Fireflite of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Fire Fountain (X-Men/Alpha Flight story) - by Proto-Man

First Subterranean Sector of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Fist of Farallah (Carnivore)

Five Heads of Doom (Hand of Five)

500' Tall Humanoid

Fixer's robot (drink server) - by Prime Eternal

Flame Chariot (King Solomon’s Tomb)

Flame of Life (el Dorado)

Flats (traders' world)

Flexo (World War II robot/hero) - by AvatarWarlord72

"Flitter" (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Flood-tide machine (Tidal-Expander)

Flower of Dormammu (Dark Dimension; Clea item)

Flowers by Francesi (Solo Avengers story)

Flying Dutchman's ship

Flying Fortress (Dr. Doom's ship) - by Prime Eternal

Flying Fox (Black Fox's vehicle)

Flying Führer (General Skul's missile)

"Flying Saucer's" homeworld

Flying Saucers of Shadow Realm (Warlord Kaa)

focal tower (used by Lord Ghaur)

Fold Ship (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Proto-Man

Followers (annoying devices of Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Foolkiller's gun (Purification Gun)

Forbidden Book (Fatal Book)

Forbidden Land (el Dorado)

Forbidden Swamp (Serpent Men, pre-Cataclysmic era)

force-field device (Whiz Kids)

Formula Dix-Septième (Deathless Frenzy)

Formula 410 (SOOFI)

Fortress (research facility)

fortress of Count Abyss

Fortress of the Warlord of Other Earth

Fountain (location in Makesh)

Fountain of Destiny of Lemuria (Sinbad story)

Fountain of Eternal Youth (la Hacienda)

Fountain of Youth (la Hacienda)

Foxhole (Black Fox hideout)

Frankensurfer (Borgo, Ludwig von Frankenstein)

Free Parking Lot (Swamp City)

Freestate Technology (Doorman)

Freezemaster (Chill's weapon)

"freeze" ray (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Frénésie Immortel (Deathless Frenzy)

Frog of King Solomon (Time machine)

frozen wasteland planet (Deadpool story)

fruit of Reality-81665 (Bront story)

Full Acclimation Combat And Defense Explo-skeleton (FACADE)

Funeral Dome of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

funnel disks (Alpha Centaurians)

Funtzel's "cool" ship (Deadpool story)

Fur Bible/Journal (Stephen Loss)

Galacian Wall (surrounds Halfworld)

Galactus' "Cat" (Secret Wars robot) - by Stunner

Galax (place on Crystalium)

Gallery of Earth-928 (2099 AD, Metalscream)

galley (Conan story)

Gamega Bomb (Nick Fury/Black Widow story)

Gammadroid (Matrix Eight)

Gamma Generator (ESU power plant, toilet paper story)

Gamma Tank (She-Hulk character)

garden of Ravengard (Conan foe)

Garden of Hesperides (Hera's garden) - by Will U

"Gargan-droid" (Avengers foe) - by John Kaminski

Gargoyle's spaceship (World of Fantasy story)

Gargoyles (Weirdworld, Lord Raven creations)

Garlic Gumballs (invented by Fofo)

Gas X (used by Jonathan Black)

Gatherers (Celestial devices) - by Prime Eternal

Gauntlets of Forever (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Gehenna (Wolverine story)

Gehenna Stone (Wolverine story)

Gemini (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Gemini's armor of Ultraverse (Gemini)

"Gem of Kx'ulthuum" (Conan story)

Gem of Tartarus (used by Pluto, Defenders story) - by Chadman

Gena-Sys HQ

Gender Bomb of Machus/Femizonia

Gene Pool (creation of Burgen)

General Techtronics (Spider-Man company)

Genetic Accelerator (used by High Evolutionary)

Genetic Bomb (High Evolutionary's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Geoportal of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Fantastic Four) - by AvatarWalord72

Gestal, Taranith's ship (Negative Zone)

Ghamola (Shanna the She-Devil foe)

Giant Fly Splotter (used by Sogmaster & Soggies)

Giant Robot Snowman (used by Dr. Tannenbaum)

Gideon's Bible (Halfworld Bible)

Gifting Tree (garden of Ravengard)

"Giger" Portal (Wolverine story)

Gilgamesh's sarcophagus (found by Order of Hydra)

Girdle of Hippolyta (Hercules' labors)

Glass snake (magic item, Conan story)

"Glaucus" construct (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

globe (Damon Dran, Project Four)

Globe of Eternity (Quan-St'ar)

Globe of Souls (used by Enchantress) - by Chadman

Globe of Ultimate Knowledge (Hulk/Uatu/Spider-Man stories)

Glorywand (Weirdworld, mystical blade)

Glove of Asteria (used by Captain Barracuda)

Gloves of the Lamia of Earth-81225

"Go" (Swamp City)

Goblin Women (Spider-Man foes) - by Will U

God-Jewel (Xorr, Thor foe)

God-Machine (Stonecutter)

Godstone (Other Realm)

Golden Beetle (Master of Kung-Fu story) - by the Beetle

Golden Bull (ancient artifact, Thor/Daredevil stories) - by John Kaminski

Golden Dragon (enigmatic statue, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu)

Goldbug's ships I-IV

Golden City of Yagala (Capitol of Melniboné)

Golden Globe of Power (Black Lama)

Golden Serpent (Set power item)

Golden Submarine (the Four of Zephyrland)

Goldilux (Death's Head (FPA) story; planet in Earth-5555 dimension)

Gondora (Savage Land city)

Gorga (animated toy, Captain Universe)

Gorillagrad of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Gossamer Tower (Arakne)

Gotham Bugle of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Gotham Gazette of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Grabber (Dr. Doom's device) - by Prime Eternal

Grand Fleet (Children of the Dreaming Star, Microverse)

Graviton Phase Blaster Triple-Function MK1 (Dark Angel/Shevaun Haldane weapon) - by Changeling

Gravitron (Kronans weapon)

Great Ark (Council ship, Silver Surfer story)

Great Divide (starship of Autolycus)

Great Key (key to the Shattered Lands)

Great Lie (Kestoran race)

Great Machine (L'Empereur du Monde Southern weapon)

great ship of Ultraverse (Entity)

Great Volume (Fatal Book)

Green Hills (place on Crystalium)

Green Ray (Hidden Man)

Gremlins (WW II Nazi weapons)

Grim Reaper Robos (Avengers characters)

Groundhawk (Avengers vehicle) - by Proto-Man

"Growth Ray" (Luther Benedict invention)

Gu-something (traders' world city)

Gycon Nuclear Power Plant (Wolverine story)

Gyro-Cruiser (Wakandan vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Gyrojet (vehicle used by Atom Smasher)

la Hacienda (Man-Thing/She-Hulk characters)

Halfworld (Rocket Raccoon's homeworld) - by Elf with a Gun

Halfworld Bible (logbook of hospice starship Gideon)

Hall of Equilibrium of Earth-81665 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

Halls of Fear (Dweller-in-Darkness)

Hammer-Hand Androids (Synthoids)

handgun of Adolf Hitler (used by Brigand)

Hand of the Creator (mystic item)

Hand of Five (Shogun Warriors foe)

Hand of Five Dooms (Hand of Five)

Hand of Nergal (Hyborian era, magical item)

"Hanuman" construct (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

Harmony Car (Daredevil/Captain America story)

Harmony-1 (Colony)

Harpagus' ring (Conan era)

Harpies Craft (Harpies)

"Harpy" construct (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

Haunted City (Young Allies story)

H.A.W.K. (S.H.I.E.L.D. device) - by Prime Eternal

He Who Protects (Monolith)

Head Robot of Halfworld (Rocket Raccoon character)

Heart of Ahriman (Hyborian era)

Heart of Darkness (Mandarin weapon) - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Heart of the Elephant (Hyborian ear; used by Yag-Kosha and Yara)

Heart of the Infinite (Celestial Order)

Heart of Tammuz (Hyborian era; magical item)

Heart of the Universe (Heart of the Infinite)

Heat-Image Tracer (Fantastic Four device) - by Prime Eternal

Heavy Metal (Avengers foes) - by Stunner

Hecatomb (Shi'ar weapon, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Helen's dollhouse (Micronauts story)

"Helicarrier" (used by CELINE -- holographic illusion)

Helicon (Morgan Stark's base)

Heli-Hovercraft (Zemo)

Helio-Jets (Dr. Mynde)

H.E.L.L. (Marvel UK)

Hellfire Helix (Bloodgem, Exo-Mind)

Hell Toupee (mystic item, used by Melvin J. Weal)

"Hench-droids" (Scarlet Spider foes)

Henry Pym Robos (Avengers characters)

"Hero-bots" (Diamondhead training dummies)

Herodotron of Earth-689

Hexus (Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr) foe) - by Markus Raymond

"Hibernation Hive" (Computo, Cybertrons)

Hidden flower of Dormammu (Dark Dimension; Clea item)

Hidden Man's car

Hidden Temple (Southeast Asia, Spider-Man story)

High Evolutionary's Tower of Earth-99476 (Dino-World) - by Loki

Hijacker's tank I

Hijacker's tank II

Hijacker's truck I

Hodges's robots (Tapping Tommy)

Hollywok Canteen (Howard the Duck)

Holoflex Device (Ted Silverberg)

hologram woman of Earth-93112 (Maxam's homeworld)

Holy Lance (Spear of Destiny)

Home Island (Quadriverse)

Homicide Crabs (H.A.T.E. weapons, Nextwave foes) - by Grendel Prime

Honeymoon Hovercraft (Yellowjacket device) - by Proto-Man

Horn of Azoth

Horn of Kalumai

Hornet's Nest (Yellowjacket's hideaway) - by Proto-Man

Horusian ship

Hospice ships (Halfworld, used by Shrinks)

Host of the Air (Monark Starstalker spaceship)

Hotel Ripley (Brood-infested location)

"Hound Dog" (used by General Argyle Fist)

House at the Graveyard (1950s vampire story)

House of Blue Lights (Asura)

House of Dust (found by Order of Hydra)

House of Rave (Rave HQ)

House of Razor (Razor-Fist) - by PrimeEternal

"Hover Platforms" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Hover-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by John Kaminski

Hover vehicle (Preventive Maintenance, Dr. Octopus)

"Howling Vessel" (living ship, Silver Surfer character) - by Markus Raymond

HS-1000 (used by General Ross)

Hub (Charter headquarters) - by Prime Eternal

Hulk-Killer robot (Hulk foe...surprise!)

Hulk robot (Eternals/Thing/She-Hulk foe) - by Prime Eternal

Humanoids (Hulk foes) - by Stunner

humanoid spaceship (Halfworld, Ship)

Hunter (HYDRA weapon)- by Prime Eternal

hybrid corn (Hulk story)

Hydra Island (Strucker's traditional base) - by Prime Eternal

Hydra-Piller (HYDRA tanks) - by Prime Eternal

Hydra-Ram (HYDRA/S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle)- by Prime Eternal

Hydro-Magnetic Energy Deactivator (weapon of Draco)

Hydromatic Vacuum (Professor Marko invention)

Hydropolis (Namor location) - by Chadman

Hyperatomic Anti-Proton Cannon (Dr. Pym invention) - by Markus Raymond

Hyperwave (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by Markus Raymond

Hyper-Wave Bomb (Skrullian weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Hypno-Gun (Maximus weapon) - by Grendel Prime

IBIC of Irth (Earth-9339, energy-channeling monkey talisman)

Ibis-Staff (used by Karanthes)

I.B.P. (S.H.I.E.L.D. jet) - by Prime Eternal

Iceberg Rocket (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

Icebox (Canadian prison)

Ice Queen (Human Torch/Thing foe)

Id Machine (Wizard invention) - by Norvo

Idol of the Undying Ones (mystic item)

Idol of Tibo (Karl King foe)

Illinois Central Cannonball Express (Casey's train)

Illusioner (Microverse holographic disguise) - by Grendel Prime

Ikkyu's Skull (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Image Projector (Avengers device) - by Prime Eternal

Imaginators (Mindscape)

Impact 739 (SHIELD robot) - by Prime Eternal

Impasse's gun

Imperial Chalet of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Imperiatrix Nest of the Brood Nest World (X-Men concept)

Imperium Emporium delivery trucks

Inferno-42 (A.I.M. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Inficio Aquilus (ancient Tarot deck, Gambit story)

Infiltrator (Invaders flagship) - by LV

Infinity Thrall (Man-Beast creation) - by caliban

Infinity Union (cosmic device, wielded by Nebula) - by Prime Eternal

Infinity Well (Death's realm, magical well) - by Stunner

Infrared Beam (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Infra-Red Machine (Strange Tales)

Infra-World (Captain Omen)

Inorganic Techno Troids (Skrull weapon) - by Proto-Man

Insula-Sphere (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Intello of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Spider-Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Inter-Continental Phone Hook-Up (Nick Fury device) - by John Kaminski

Interdimensional Scanner (Iron Man device) - by Proto-Man

interfering robot (Spider-Man foe, coloring book)

Ionic Inanimate Matter Converter (used by Reed Richards)

Iris Dome (Sky Dragon device)

Iron Collar (Inanna's Bailiff)

Iron Despot of Earth-982 (MC2, Wild Thing (Rina) foe) - by Future

Iron Golems (Lore)

Iron Man's Battleworld armor enhancements (Omnivore)

ISAAC (Titan's super-computer) - by Prime Eternal

ISA Central of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

ISA command post of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Isle of Assassins (on Jarella's world)

Isle of Na'at (Conan story)

Isle of Silence (Loki's sometime-base) - by Prime Eternal & Proto-Man

Isle of the Exiles (hideout of WW2 criminals)

Isometric Exerciser (Fantastic Four item) - by Grendel Prime

Isotope Genome Accelerator (Spider-Man equipment)

ITT (Inorganic Techno Troids)

Ivory Dome (Kuthchemes, Hyborian era)

Ivory Idol of Ikonn (empowered Bedlam of the Exemplars)

Ixar's computer

Ixar's robot

Jacobson's (headquarters of the Waterboys)

Jail (Swamp City)

Jakarah (Seeker 3000, god of the Hkkkt)

Jean Bomb (WMD, Conquest creation....X-Men story) - by Norvo

Jeweled Key (to the Cosmic Calculator)

Jewels of Abu Dhaak (Conan story)

Jewels of Ikerno (New Mutants story)

JLV (Jupiter Landing Vehicle)

Jolly Roger (Frank Rambeau's boat)

Josh (Cockroach Hamilton's gun)

Judge's carriage (Deadline story)

Jupiter of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Jupiter (Emperor of Texas)

Jupiter Landing Vehicle (Stark International invention) - by John Kaminski

Juvenator Machine (Spider-Man item) - by Stunner

K (Stephen Loss/Asura)

Kaiwann (Asian island, Thing/Iron Fist story) - by SQUEAK

Kala's helmet (subterranean technology)

Kâli statue of Dark Powers (Krago)

Kallusian ships (Avengers story)

Kalmari's amulet (magical item)

Kalumesh (city of Dagoth)

Kaptroids (Inhumans foes) - by Spidermay

Karere (Mbangawi location)

Karrg (It the Colossus foe) - by Markus Raymond

Keggar 24-7 (Deadpool story)

Kelka (Hyborian city)

Kentucky Avenue (Swamp City)

Kestor (home planet)

"Kestor-2" (Kestorans)

Kestor's Hope (Kestorans)

Kestral Key of Krakkan (empowered Conquest)

Ke-Thai (Alpha Stone)

Khalis-Wu's castle (Khyscz, KISS story)

Khyscz (hidden country, KISS story)

Kiber Island (Kiber's base)

Killer Robots (Dr. Doom)

"Killer Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Killer Volkswagen Beetle (Corporation weapon) - by Prime Eternal

"Killing Machines" (Mendel Stromm creations)

kinetic trident (Conquistador)

Kinetron Mitts (Leader invention) - by John Kaminski

King (Hulk foe)

King's Crossing (Skrull milk)

King Solomon’s Frog (time machine)

King Solomon’s Tomb

Knight (Hulk foe)

Konak's invisibility ray (pre-FF story)

Kongo (animated toy, Captain Universe)

Korgon's Dome

Kraal's Star Cruiser (Kraal's vessel) - by Grendel Prime

Kraft, Walston--castle

Kral IV (Skrulls of Kral)

Krashner's Bio-Systems, INC (created Braggadoom)

Kree Death Missile (used by Gnobians)

Kree Space Station Web (Mon-Tog)

Kruger, Klaus-robot knights

K-23 Grenade (N'Grith weapon)

Kulan Gath's amulet/necklace

Kun-something (traders' world city, or it ends in kun)

Kurrgo's robot

Kuth (Barodi city, Bishop story)

Kyln (Space prison; Thanos story) - by Stunner

Lacaroo (Skrull birthing device) - by Norvo

Lamp of Alaeddin (Alibar)

Lancea et Clavus Domini (Spear of Destiny)

Lance of Longinus (Spear of Destiny)

Lance of St. Maurice (Spear of Destiny, legendary magical weapon) - by MarvellousLuke

Lances of Light (Luminians)

Land Crusher of Reality-78411 ("Sky Demons" weapon)

laser cannon (Shield I, Godzilla Squad)

Laser Drill (Dr. Sadetsky creation)

Laser Spectroscope of Earth-58472 (Howard Movie Adaptation)

Lasonic Disintegrator (Kree weapon)

Latveria Falls Plaza of Earth-111 (Challengers of Doom)

Laughing Sphinx (pendant, Captain America story)

Lazarus Project (Master Form)

Leo (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Lesser Grey God (Rufus T. Hackstabber's hood ornament)

Lethe (River Lethe)

L'Etroile du Tricherie (jewel)

Lenny's Bar and Grill of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Levant Rubric (magic book, Dr. Strange story)

Levianon (Levians vessel)

Liberator (Thunderbolts device) - by Stunner

Libra (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Libro del Malditos (very rare book, Werewolf story)

Liddleville (Fantastic Four story)

Life-Force Runes (Domitian)

Lifeline Tablet (Tablet of Life and Time)

Lifestone (from Thunderbolts-partial entry)

Lifestone (Dr. Demonicus)

Life Support Spider (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Lightning Lancers' weapons

Lightning Machine (Living Lightning)

Lincoln, Abraham robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Linda (Exorcist gun)

Little Luz's Bronx Girl Bodega (Ghost Rider (Ketch) story)

"Little Schnitzel" (Heather Hudson's former car)

Living Christmas Trees (used by Dr. Tannenbaum)

Living Lightning (machine, Legion of Living Lightning)

"Living Pants" (Arnim Zola creations)

Living Rock (Lava Men)

Living Room (Hydra weapon) - by Markus Raymond

Living Talisman (Enchanters)

Llango-Tri-Color of Reality-80324 (drink, Paradox story)

Lobo (Sky Wolves' base)

Lobo II (Sky Wolves' submarine)

Loch Ness Monster (false one, disguised spaceship)

locket (used by Orphelus)

Long-Lost Kree Outpost (Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel/West Coast Avengers story)

Longride, Hugo (Gladiators founder) - by Elf with a Gun

Lord Hawk's robot hawk

Lord of Death's laboratory (Captain America story)

Lord Pumpkin's armor of Ultraverse

Lord Raven's castle (Weirdworld)

Lotiara (Swampworld)

Lowlands (traders' world location)

Ludite Battle Cruisers

Luna of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Luna of Other Earth

Lunar Lander Site of Earth-700 (Tranquility City)

Luminia citadel (Luminia dimension)

Maas Island (Alden Maas)

Machiavelli, Nicola robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Machine (Mendel Stromm creation/foe)

Macrobots (Kang's robots, Avengers foes) - by Stunner

M.A.C.S. (MAX Armor)

Madbomb (Royalist Forces' weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Mad Computers (Hostess ad, used by Printout Man)

Madrizar (Brood planet)

Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots (Captain America foes) - by Prime Eternal

Mad Thinker's "monster" android (Scavenger)

Mad Thinker's "most powerful" android (Scavenger)

magic horn (Uncanny Tales story)

Magician's wand

Magic Transferal Machine (used by Nicodemus)

Magma's weapons

Magma's pod

Magnetic Space-Communicator (Dane Whitman invention) - by Proto-Man

Magneto-Gravity Machine (Sun-Stealer)

Magnoids (Captain America characters)

Mainframe of Earth-8545 (Vi-Locks base)

Mainstream (Mys-Tech)

Makesh (ancient city) - by Prime Eternal

Malaigent (They)

Malice's spear

Mallet of Destiny (mystic item, Sinbad/Fantastic Four story)

Mammoth (robot, Hydra, Hulk character) - by caliban

Mammy Tuba's other magic items (Howard the Duck story)

Man Amplified Construction Suit (MAX Armor)

Man-Slayer (Captain Mar-Vell foe) - by Spidermay

Man-Thing (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

"Man Stone" ("Alchemist")

Mandarin's killer satellite (laser weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Mandroids (Captain Mar-Vell/Iron Man/Fantastic Four foes) - by John Kaminski

Mandroids (armor/weapon, Tony Stark creation) - by Spidermay

Mandroids (Secbots)

Mantic Gallery of Earth-928 (2099 AD, Metalscream)

Mantic Organ (Stephen Loss)

Marcosa House (Werewolf story)

Marduk (machine planet created by Annunaki)

Mare Imbrium Dome of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Marie (Andreas Flec's manikin)

Mark of Mana (Mana's necklace)

Marmorkjelde (Cloudsea dimensions)

Mars of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Martian Concerto (song, Paradox story)

Marvan (homeworld of the Monitors)

Mask of Death (Deathgrin's power source)

Mask of P'u-Hua (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Mask of Reality (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Mass Aquisition Unit (Dr. Nemesis)

Master of the Cold People's device

Master Form (Wolverine item)

Master Library of the planet Rus (Quasar story)

Master's escape vessel (Alpha Flight story)

Master's North American Defense Walls (Avengers story)

Matriculon (encountered by Hulk and Thing)

matter displacer (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Matter Mobilizer (device of Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

Matter Transmitter (used by "Burglar who walked thru walls")

mausoleum of Iskelior (Dr. Strange story)

MAX Armor of New Universe

"Maxi" Armor (Kymaera story)

Maze (Iron Fist story)

The Maze (Mako's base)

Mbangawi (East African nation) - by Loki

McDonnell XV-1 convertiplane (X-Men plane)

McShane's (nightclub, Captain Britain story)

Meadows of Perambula (Elsewhere dimension)

Mechabytes (Faze's robots, Black Cat characters)

Mecha-Mole (Bob Robertson)

Mechanical dogs (Deathwatcher's devices)

Mechanical Dragon (Iron Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Mechanical Gladiator (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Mechanisaurus Rex (Avengers foe)

Mechanoid (Leader weapon, toilet paper story) - by Proto-Man

Mechanoid (Iron Man foe)

Mechanoids (created by Null-Life Bomb)

Mechanoids (Buchinsky)

Mech-Crab (Attuma's vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Mecho-Assassin (AIM, Captain America/Nick Fury foe) - by Spidermay

Mediterranean Avenue (Swamp City)


Mega-floater (Microverse, Eved)

Mega IV (unknown destination, Monark Starstalker reality)

Mega-Heat Beam (used by H.E.A.T.)

Megalith (Gamma Base, Hulk foe)

Megatron (Drones)

Mek-Men (Professor Power robots) - by Proto-Man & Spidermay

Melting Pot (pre-FF sci-fi item) - by John Kaminski

Melyan Constructs of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Memoriam (moon, former home of Century)

Memory Destroyer (used by "Metal Men")

"Men in Black" ("Alchemist")

Men in Black robots (Drones)

Mercurial Virus (Venom "character") - Markus Raymond

Mercury of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Merlin's diary (magic book) - by Spidermay

Meru's platform

Mesmerizer Wand (Rabble Rouser)

Messianic figure (used by Manipulator, Avengers foe)

Metabolic Disrupter (used by Drom the Backwards Man)

Metalloid (Thing/Tigra foe)

"Metal Men" (Namor foes) - by Grendel Prime

Metalmines of Reality-80324 (Luna, Paradox story)

Michael Air (Frank Gianelli's venture)

Midnight's Whip (US One)

Milehigh Keep (Baron)

Militia Machines of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Helmut Zemo weapons)

Millennia Bloom (Supremor/Ronan weapon) - by Peteparker

Mind Master (Brotherhood of Hades)

Mindmaster Device (Look & See X-Men adventure) - by Proto-Man

Mind Mechanism (Baron Samedi)

Mindrakes (Mindscape)

Mindstorm's rifle (used against Spider-Man)

mindwash of Earth-81665 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

"Mini" Armor (Kymaera story)

Minos Towers (Cornelius Webb's HQ)

Mir-something (traders' world city)

mirror (used by Vacharn, Conan story)

Mirror of All Sight (Weirdworld, used by Lord Raven)

Mirror of Beauty (Cornerstones)

Mr. Biggles (Mojo's hand puppet) - by Markus Raymond

Mr. Justice's Combat Cycle (First Line story)

Mr. Justice's Jet (First Line story)

Mr. McFeelbot (Madison Jeffries creation) - by Norvo

Mists of Frozen Time (Mindscape)

M'Kraan Crystal (Nexus of realities; X-stories)

M'Ndavian justice (legal system used by Intergalactic Council)

Mobile Fallout Shelter (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Moebius Stone

Molecular Transposer (Owen Wallach, used on Frankenstein's monster)

Monastery of the Order of St. George of Earth-Shadowline

Mongu's ship

Monkmobile (Spider-Man story)

Monster Cephalopod (Yellow Claw's robot creature) - by Prime Eternal

Monster from the Lost Lagoon's ship

monster robot (Yashonka tech)

Monstrobot (robot, servant of Brynocki) - by Prime Eternal

Monstroid (Ballox)

"Moon Satellite" (transported Mark Coren)

Moon Thruster (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

moonbase of the Betan (Godzilla stories)

Moondark's ring

Moondark's soul-orb

Moon Tractor (Tony Stark invention) - by John Kaminski

Mortoid (Dakkamite robot warrior)

Mosque of the Yazi Gem

Mostest Hinkies (Crazy Magazine, Hulk story)

Mother-Ship (Simon Ryker)

mother ship of Ultraverse (Entity)

mothership of the Chnitt (Bishop story)

Motyka Bone (Nuwali)

Mount (Pantheon base)

Mountain God (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Mount Avarice (Asmodeus)

Mount Olympus of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Mount Qaf (Hellstorm location) - by Markus Raymond

Mount Shasta of Ultraverse (Contary's base)

Mourning Star (Mourner's ship)

Mouth Pear (Inanna's Bailiff)

Mow (idol worshipped by Micah Synn)

Mu (sunken continent) - by Wolfram Bane

Muramasa Sword (Black Blade)

Murder Machine (Defenders training machine) - by Chadman

Murder Mansion (Black Jack Tarr's home) - by Prime Eternal

Murder Module (Leader weapon)

Murder Mountain (General Skul's fortress)

Murdoch Adams' talisman

Murray's Galactic Vehicle Mart and Sushi Palace (Murray)

Mutant Men (robots of Menace)

Myrmidon (Iron Man foe)

mysterious car (owned by Honest Ernest)

Mystery School (F.66)

Mystic Mountain (Zanadu)

Mystic Prod (Nightmare weapon)

M'Zara Blood Flies (Tyrus Krill's weapon)

Nameless Cults (historical occult text) - by AvatarWarlord72

Nanites (Badoon/Brood technology, Contest of Champions II)

Narcisson (city of the Dark Gods)

Nathan's ship (Ghost Rider story, used by Nathan Beame)

Nation of Earth "1958" (Fantastic Four story)

Nauda's stones (no jokes!)

navigation chamber of the Great Ark (Silver Surfer story)

Nazi Sleepers 1-3 (original Sleepers) - by John Kaminski & Prime Eternal

"Necrophone" (Victor von Doom invention) - by John Kaminski

Necrotech Program (computer program, Aaron Thorne)

Negatron Sphere (Kree technology)

Neptune of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Neptune's Eye ("Old Man of the Sea")

Nest of Sacred Ibis (Temple of Ibis (Thoth) )

Neural dealy-o (used by Kragg)

Neuron-Magnet (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

Neuron Neutralizer Ray (Hostess ad, used by Neuron Nelson)

Neuro-Synchrotron (N'Grith technology)

Neutralizer (Tony Sark invention) - by John Kaminski

Neutralizer Helmet (Dromedan)

Neutralode (device used by Atom Smasher)

Neutron Bomb (attached to Eternity Man)

Neutron Disentegrator of Earth-58472 (Howard Movie Adaptation)

Neutronic Imploder of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

New Atlantis (miniature city)

New Houston of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

"New Kestor" (Kestorans)

New Odessa (Dr. Yes' base)

Nexus of All Reality (M'Kraan Crystal)

Nick Fury LMDs (all of the pesky imitators!) - by Prime Eternal

Nick Fury's Ferrarri 330/P4 Berlinetta (Fury's favorite sportscar) - by Prime Eternal

Nietzche, Friedrich robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Nightclub (Blood base)

Night Cruiser (Lockdown)

Nightmare Boxes (Thog, Nox, Man-Thing story)

Nightmare Chair (Nightmare story)

Nightwind (Nanda vessel)

1986 Honda Prelude SI (Glenn Herdling's car)

No. 7 Nail File (Johnny Blaze weapon) - by Markus Raymond

Nobbler (Moonstomp's hammer)

Non-Euclidian Geometric Protractor (Dr. Pym invention)

Nonesuch (Spindrifter's ship)

North Pole Nuclear Power Facility (Greedy Killerwatt)

Nosferauto (Nosferata's car)

Novaburst (Pulse's ship)

Nth Projector (Nth Command)

Nuclear Measuring Device (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by John Kaminski

nuclear submarine (used by City-Stealers)

Nucleolus (Arakne)

Nucleonic Radiator (Cross Technological Enterprises invention)

Nuform (Roxxon creation)

Nulatrons of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

"nullifier" (Karel weapon)

Nullitor (Thor robot) - by Stunner

Null-Life Bomb (Stranger's weapon) - by Spidermay

Nuron (Professor Savannah's robot)

Nuwali artifact from the Beyonders

Obliterator mothership (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Obliterators (Fantastic Four foes)

Octo-Sapien (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

"Octo-spheres" (used by Lady Octopus)

Ogeon (Tunnelworld)

oil lamp (Geni prison)

Omega Bomb (Kree Death Missile, used by Gnobians)

Omega Keep (Silver Surfer story)

Omega's Ship (Infinity Abyss)

Omega Stone (extraterrestrial power gem) - by Spidermay & Snood

Omm statue (Conan story)

Omm statue (Spider-Man story)

"One Robot Humanoid Horde" (Humanoids)

Ongulia (planet, Deadpool story)

Ootah (Negative Zone)

Operation: Artificial Powers (Fantastic Four power sims) - by Prime Eternal

Operation: Mosquito (Shield I, Godzilla Squad)

Operation Poseidon (Sword of Judgement base/project)

Opto-Ray Magnifying Glasses (Magician)

Orb of Ommennon (Xhoohx)

Orb of Ra (Bloodstone)

Orbiting Death-Ray

Orffyreus Wheel (built by Stonecold)

Organic Energy Attractor (Konrad Zaxon’s device)

Organizer's headquarters

Orgolhuin (Death's Head, Die-Cut story)

Oriental Avenue (Swamp City)

Orion Missile (invented by Bruce Banner) - by John Kaminski

Orogo (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

Oscillation Jackets (Reed Richards invention) - by Changeling

Otomocorp Space Station

"Outer Space Object" (Journey into Mystery story)

Overkill Horn (SHIELD/Hydra weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Overseer (Iron Man foe)

Oyama Corporation Mandroid exo-skeleton (X-Men stories)

Pacific Vista Laboratories (Death's Head-Minion)

Pacifiers (Kree weapons)

Pacion Rex (Gruto's homeworld)

Paingloss's truncheon (Biphasia dimension)

Palace of Death and Rebirth (Anubis)

Palace of Temasika (Tigra story)

Palace of the Universal Church of Truth

Pama (Zen-Pram's vessel)

Pandara's Box

Pandora's Box (Sorcerer)

Pangalactic Star Sled (Lunatik)

Pangoria (planet of Pangorians)

Panoramic Glasses (FBI technology) - by Prime Eternal

Paradise III (Microverse)

Parallax (Century's weapon)

Parallel-Time Projector (Professor T.W. Erwin creation)

Paratron (Machine Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Park Place (Swamp City)

Parthea (planet, Tales of Suspense)

Pawn (Hulk foe)

pencil (xt, used by "Lance Curtiss")

Pentecost's robots (Paxton Pentecost)

Perfection (Death's Head story, virus)

personal force-field device (Whiz Kids)

Peter of the People (underground comic by Roger Krass)

Phaeton Series III Smart Armor (used by Aguilar Institue agents)

Phage ship (symbiote-hunting starship) - by Minor Irritant

Phosgene gas capsules (Yashonka tech)

Photon Disruptor (S.H.I.E.L.D. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

photonic plates (Alpha Centaurians)

Pier Four (former Fantastic Four base) - by Proto-Man

Pig of Earth-5555 (Dragon's Claws' ship)

"Pilot Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Pink Mink (Wolverine/Doop story)

Pisces (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Plague Cask (Asgardian, enchanted item)

planet -unnamed (home of Ebon Seeker and Firefrost)

Planetary Thruster (Starblasters device) (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Planetoid 12 (2100, visited by Charlie Nast)

Planet Twillo (television)

Plastic Bubble Projector (used by Red Skull) - by John Kaminski

Plastic-Men (Black Widow foes)

Plasti-thene (Leader invention) - by John Kaminski

Plastoid (Daredevil foe) - by John Kaminski & Chadman

Plastoid Birthmatrix (used by Alkhema)

PLATO (Force Works house-computer) - by Markus Raymond

Plato robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Pleasure Cruiser (Pro-Boscis)

Pleasureland (Team America location) - by David Lawrence

Pleasure Palace (Valkyrie story)

Pluto of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Pocket Battlefield (used by Noh-Varr)

Polarity Device/Tower (Primus)

polymer cable of Sunder (X-Men story)

P184 (alternate future spacecraft)

Pool of Blood (Dracula story)

Pool of Blood (Tsin Hark)

Portable Distorters (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology) - by John Kaminski

Portable Teleporters of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Poseidon's Undersea Throne Room of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Potter's Costumes (Spotlight Costumes)

Power Drill (Red Skull weapon)

Power Poles (Brad Rossi)

Power Prism of Earth-616 (Krimonn, Dr. Sepctrum)

Power-Ray Machine (Stimulator)

Power-Rod (Quan-Zarr weapon)

Prime Computer of Earth-78411 (Devil Dinosaur/Moonboy foe) - by Grendel Prime

Prime Mover (Dr. Doom's robot)

Primus's drones

Primus's ship

Principle of Reasonable Interest (Aalbort)

Prism of Prescience of Earth-712 (Professor Imam)

Prisma-Crystal (mystical item, Crystar story) - by David Lawrence

Probability Engine of Earth-20051 (Reed Richards invention) - by Grendel Prime

Probiti Training Institute

Professor Dark's microscope (Strange Tales story)

Professor Zunbar's robots (Sub-Mariner foes)

Program (Slorenia) - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Project Azrael (Dr. Strange story)

Project Ricochet (Ricochet Racers ad, Spider-Man/Captain America story) - by AvatarWarlord72

Project Starcore (research facility on Earth's moon)

Project: Survival (Fantastic Four character)

Project 34 (creation of Bruce Banner)

Project: Vanish (military weapon, World War 2) - by Prime Eternal

prospecting equipment (used by "Poker Face")

Protectorate (Avengers foes) - by Prime Eternal

Protector's exo-skeleton

Protectroids (Thor foes)

Protosilicon (Digitek, Marvel UK)

Pseudo-Hulks (Arnim Zola creations, Avengers foes) - by John Kaminski

Pseudoplasmic servants (Technocrat agents)

Psi-Null Field Generators (Nth Command)

Psight Corporation HQ (Gena-Sys)

Psyche-Magnitron (Kree weapon) - by Spidermay

Psychoradiatomic Mediocritizer (Overlord of Dimension X)

Psychotron (Dr. Yen's device) - by Prime Eternal

Psychotron (X-Man)

Ptolemaeus Dome of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Pulse (Kree robot, X-Force character) - by Grendel Prime

pulse wand of Earth-691 (31st century, used by Bubonicus)

Punisher's exo-armor

Punt (traders' world city)

Pura-Shamutra's Pyx (Dr. Strange)

Purification Gun (Foolkiller)

Purple Gem (Dr. Strange)

Purple Stone of Power (Norsec race)

Pursuit Ship (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Pus-Knives (Stephen Loss)

Pym's armor (used by Dr. Nemesis)

Pyx of Pura-Shamutra (Dr. Strange)

Quantum Converter of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Mr. Fantastic invention) - by AvatarWarlord72

Quan-Zarr's citadel (Starlord story)

Quan-Zarr's remote-automatic fighters (Starlord story)

Queega spaceship (Daredevil story)

Queen (Hulk foe)

Quick-Freeze crystal (Bogatyri)

Quin-Jetta (GLA's car) - by John Kaminski

Quintronic Man (Hulk/Nova foe) - by Spidermay & Snood

Q-Bomb (Wizard's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Q-Ray (Anton Trojak's weapon)

Radar Crab (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

radiation-tracking device (Whiz Kids)

radium gems (Xuthal, Conan story)

raider fleets (Alpha Centaurians)

Rainbow Fountain (la Hacienda)

rain control device (Journey into Mystery)

Ralfzz's ship

Raven Banner (Asgardian magic item)

Ravencrag Mental Institution (Moon Knight story)

Raydeen (Shogun Warriors unit) - by David Lawrence

Ray Projector (invented by "Hiram Fletcher")

Reaper's Cat of Nine Tails (Reaper's weapon)

Reaver's battletank

Recordasphere (Hulk character) - by Stunner

Recreater (Time Reversal Ray)

Red Breath (Rocket Raccoon foe) - by Elf with a Gun

Red Ronin (Godzilla/Avengers/Wolverine character) - by Madison Carter & Snood

Redstone (planet, Starlord story)

Red stones (magic items, Conan story)

Reducta-Craft (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Refuge (Time Guardian)

Register of the Order of St. George of Earth-Shadowline

Rejuvenator (Mole Man technology)

Remembrancer (Dr. Doom device) - by John Kaminski

Replicoid (Celestial creation) - by Prime Eternal

Repulse Spheres (Sagittarian attack spheres)

Repulsor Watch (Nick Fury's watch) - by Prime Eternal

Resuscitator (Sagittarian reviving machine)

Resistant's Base (Resistants)

Rescorla (Eros/Starfox story, planet of the Rescorlans)

Restora-Tank (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Resurrection Stone (magic item)

Retribution Virus (Master Mold's weapon)

Revelation (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

Rhino Tank (HYDRA vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Rhinos (Iron Man foes) - by Ronald Byrd

Rick Donalds of Earth-20051 (fast food restaurant)

"Ring of Full Power" (Dr. Strange weapon) - by Spidermay

Ring of Jukas (Ring of the Demon)

Ring of Molub (Conan story)

Ring of Rhax (Ring of the Demon)

Ring of Silence (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Ring of the Demon (cursed item, Hyborean era)

Ring of the Nebulas (Star-Gods item)

Ring of the Yazi Gem

Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr (Stonecutter)

Rings of Vice (Pro-Boscis)

Ringships (Prime-Movers of Tarkus, Sphinxor)

River of Darkness (Hyborian Era)

River Lethe (Hades)

Riverdale (Barnaby Wade's hometown)

Robohorse of Halfworld (Rocket Raccoon character)

Roboids (Justin Hammer's robots) - by Prime Eternal

Robomower of Halfworld (Hulk foe)

Robopolice of Reality-80324 (Paradox characters)

Roboreporters of Reality-80324 (Paradox characters)

Roborescue of Reality-80324 (Paradox characters)

Robos (Avengers characters)

Robot Army (used by Mad Mechanic)

Robot Assassin (created by Dr. Dorcas)

Robot Assassins (Mendel Stromm creations)

Robot Children (Mendel Stromm creations)

"robot detectors" (Avengers story)

robot dogs (Half-Face)

Robot Geisha (Venom foe)

Robot Guard (created by Dr. Dorcas)

robot man (created by Eric Krugg)

Robot-Men (Namor foes) - by John Kaminski

Robot of Bruce Banner (created for Thunderbolt Ross) - by Prime Eternal

Robotrons (robots used by Atom Smasher)

Robots of Halfworld (Hulk/Rocket Raccoon characters)

Robotweilers (Sledge's pets)

rocket ship (Eternal Brain vehicle)

Rocket Skis (Brad Rossi)

Rocky Mountains Hideaway (First Line HQ)

Rogers, Steve LMD (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Rook (Hulk foe)

Rose of Peace (Cornerstones)

Rose of Purity (Defenders story)

Rot (Avengers foe) - by Stunner

Roulette's castle

Rover (Alpha Flight character) - by Norvo

Rover (Dr. Pym's vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Royal Palace of Studduj (Death's Head (FPA) story)

R'Ralmis (planet, Star-Lord)

Ruby of Domination (power item, Dr. Strange/Thing story) - by Markus Raymond

Ruby of Raggadorr (Stonecutter)

Ruby of Sambana (mystical item) - by Grendel Prime

Ruby of Shadows (Terragonia power item)

Ruby of the Nile (found by Ra the Avenger, Captain America story)

Ruby Scarab (Living Mummy, Ms. Marvel, Invaders, Thor stories)

Ruby Skarab (Ruby Scarab)

Ruby Sneakers (Here (And There) )

Ruby Toad (magic relic, Toad God)

Ruinsaw (Stephen Loss)

Rumika (island, Master Form)

Runestaff (of Kamo Tharrn, cosmic item)

Rus (planet, Possessor base)

Rutland, Vermont (US city, famous for its Halloween parade) - by SQUEAK

Ryker's Mother-Ship (Simon Ryker)

Saab Turbo of Steve Hunter (X-Men stories)

Sack's sack

Sacred Armor of Atlantis (Kalen's armor)

Sacred Ball (used by Magic One)

Sacred Flame of Life (el Dorado)

Sacred Krill Statue (Tagak's World)

Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan (w/ Kukulcan profile) or Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan (with el Tigre profile)

Sacred Ruby (protected by Lama)

Sacred Water-Skin (Black Panther) - by the Beetle

Safe Refuge (runaway shelter)

Sagittarius (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

S'Ahra Sharn (K'un-Lun city)

St. Marks Church (Thanademos)

Salvation Generator (Great Coordinator) of Earth-861095

Samarobryn (Nostrodamus prediction)

Samarobryn (Weathermen)

Samura Batch 23 (H.A.T.E. weapons, Nextwave foes) - by Grendel Prime

samurai sword (Rising Sons' cargo)

Sanctuary of Earth-8410 (Midnight Wreckers)

Santa Marceau Cathedral (Interstel Church of Perpetual Annoyance)

Sapphire Lotus (Death's Head, Warheads)

Sapphire Pendant (transformed Vivian Morgan into Morgan Le Fay)

Sapper's ship

sarcophagus of High Priestess of Baal (Amanuensis, Blaze story)

Satan Claw (Strucker's personal weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Satan's Eggs (Dredmund's combat vehicles) - by Prime Eternal

Satellite Machine (Dr. Doom weapon) - by John Kaminski

Satellite of Death (Dr. Doom's weapon)

Saturn of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Savage Land of Earth-99476 (Dino-World) - by Loki

Scarab-Gem (Ruby Scarab)

Scarlet Scarab (Ruby Scarab)

Scarlet Tabernacle (Taboo)

Scarlet Witch Robos (Avengers characters)

Scarvix of Earth-5555 (Death's Head (FPA) stories) - by MarvellousLuke

Scavenger (Fantastic Four foe)

Sceptre of Bast (Claw of Bast fragment)

Schamballah (Eye of Force HQ)

Science City 53 (Meatspore Stormtroopers)

scimitars (Vacharn creations, Conan story)

Scorpio (Jake Fury, Zodiac Cartel and LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Scorpio Key (Mikel Fury)

Scorpius (planet of Scorpians)

Screaming Idol (Tiboro)

Scrolls of Watoomb (written by Watoomb)

Scrying Gem (Dr. Strange mystical artifact) - by Grendel Prime

Sea Fang of Earth-791 (Kip Hölm's ship)

Sealer Beam (Leader invention, Plasti-thene)

Season's Pleasure Palace of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Seaweed Man (Namor foe)

Secbots (armors, used against X-Men) - by Spidermay

Securitrons (Levians robots)

Security City (Gideon Mace)

Security Robots (Secbots)

Seduction Ruby (Thor/Zephyr item)

Seeker 3000 (ark-ship) - by Prime Eternal

Sekhmet Tharn's mansion

Sentinel of Hell (Belaric Marcosa)

Serpent-Amulet (Hyborian era magic item)

Serpent Citadel (Serpent Society HQ)

Serpent Crown (talisman of Set) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Serpent Ring of Set (Thoth-Amon)

Serpent Saucers (Serpent Society vehicles)

Serpent's Crown (Captain Fate's ship)

Serpent's Crown (Captain Fate's second ship)

Serpent-Tiara (magic item, Hyborian era)

Servo-Robot (Namor foe) - by John Kaminski

Set Idol (Hyborian era statue)

Seven Planets of Lemne (Cloudsea dimension)

Shadow City (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

Shadow Cloaks (Agents of Fortune)

Shadow Key (Shadowoman)

Shadowlance (Blackwulf's weapon)

Shadow Realm's flying saucers (Warlord Kaa)

Shadow Spikes (Luminia, Shadow Demons)

Shakespeare, William robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Sharin (Arena World)

She-Clone (She-Hulk character) - by Will U

She-Droid (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

She-Hulk clone (She-Clone)

She-Hulk droid (She-Droid)

Shellbot (Gladiators "member")

Shelter Society (Cadaver's hideout)

Shiatra Book of the Damned (Darkhold)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop (front for headquarters) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Wedge (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarriers (mobile command centers) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Mobile Armored Tank (weapon) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Orbiter (S.H.I.E.L.D. (NOT a group featuring Nick Fury!))

Shing Tau Root (ancient root, used by Fin Fang Foom)

Ship (Star-Lord character)

ship (Arcturan, Morbius story)

Ship (Halfworld, humanoid spaceship)

ship of Ultraverse (Entity)

ship of Earth-8208

Shocker's laboratory (Miss America story)

Shortline Railroad (Swamp City)

Short Stop (becomes the Star Stop, U.S One)

shrine to Death (created by Thanos)

S.I.C.C.A.E.L. (super-soldier gun) - by Prime Eternal

Sidereal Displacer (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by Markus Raymond

"sight-stealing ray" (Queega technology)

Silent Ones' robots (used by Harrison Budge)

Silver Chalice (Rimthursar's magic chalice)

Silvermoon (Harlan Silverbird)

Silver Serpent (Nick Trask's weapon)

Silver Surfer duplicate (Frankensurfer)

Sin City of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Singularity (Silver Surfer location)

Skimmers (Nth Command)

Skornn's beetle-vessel

Skornn's ship

"Skrull Handcuffs" (used by Sensational Hydra)

Skrull milk (King's Crossing)

Skull of Daimon (Taboo)

Skullhuggers (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Skull of Truth (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Sky Cannon (Raymond and Thomas Lightner, Blacksun)

Sky Dragon (Yellow Claw's air fortress) - by Prime Eternal

Sky-Mines (Murder Mountain weapons)

Skyshark's Stuka (modified airplane)

Sky-Skate (Stark Industries creation)

Slade Mansion (Monster of the Moors)

Slade's African Artifacts Store (Patrick Slade)

SLAM (Malum's weapon)

Slaymaster's giant robot snake

Sledpool (created by Ruler of Earth, used by Deadpool)

Sleepers (original Nazi Sleepers) - by John Kaminski & Prime Eternal

Sleepers-British (Plasmer foes)

Sligs fighter drones

Sligs space armor

Snowfall's sarcophagus

"Snow Giant" constructs (created by "Aspect of Eternity")

Socrates robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

Sof (planet orbiting Sirius)

Solar Cannon (Dr. Doom creation)

Solar Chute (used by Mordillo)

Solar-Electromagnetic Instrument (Gorgolla device)

Solar Guns (Yashonka tech)

Solar-Heat Projector (Zemo's Death-Ray)

Solar-Powered Destructo-Ray (Half-Face)

Solar Sword (Val-Larr)

Solar Stone (Kukulcan)

Solitaire's ship (Microverse)

Solo-Cruiser (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Sol-Mac (microwave weapon, Machine Man story) - by Prime Eternal

Sol III of Earth-691 (31st century, Marvel UK)

Somnotherm (Kree weapon, Kaptroids)

Sonic Cannon (Preventive Maintenance, Spider-Man story)

Sonic Crystal (mystic item)

Sonic Disruptor (Skrulls of Kral)

Sonic Enhancers (created by Enos Warwick)

Soulgem (Dhasha Khan)

Soul-Orb (Moondark)

spaceport of Earth-81665 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

spaceport of Reality-80324 (Titan, Paradox story)

spaceship (used by "Poker Face")

Spaceship (used by Zokae & Okzik)

Space Shot Capsule (Namor story, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide)

space station ("Faceless Creatures", Spider-Man coloring book)

Space Terminal of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Spacewheel (Halfworld, space station)

Sparta of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Spatial Distorter (used by Bereet)

Spawn of the Spider (movie, Spider-Man)

Spawns of the Living Room (Hydra weapon)

Spear of Achilles (Greek myth)

Spear of Destiny (Lance of St. Maurice)

Spear of Longinus (Spear of Destiny)

Spectre-Suit (S.H.I.E.L.D. device) - by Prime Eternal

Speedster (Blue Blaze's car)

Sphere (Recordasphere)

Sphere (Microverse planet)

Spiked Chariot (used by Mad Mechanic)

"Spindrome" (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Spider Amulet (Tureem)

Spider-Man robot (by Kang, Avengers foe)

Spider-Man's car (toy story, Spider-Man) - by Proto-Man

Spider-Man's helicopter (toy story, Spider-Man) - by Proto-Man

Spider-Slayers (Spider-Man foes) - by Stunner

Spider-Totem of Ultraverse (Spider People)

spider-vessel (Warkon)

Spirit Gem of Nephrus

Spirit Mold (Soul Survivors)

Spirit of Coolidge (Skrull technology)

Spirit Stone (Towering Oak)

Spy-Ray Lens (S.H.I.E.L.D. device) - by Prime Eternal

Spotlight Costumes (created Thunderstrike's costume) - by Prime Eternal

S.S. Recovery (Marvel Comics#1, Namor story) - by Prime Eternal

Staff of Ibis (used by Karanthes)

S.T.A.N. (Fantastic Four technology)

Star-Blazer (Zodiac Cartel hand weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Star of Capistan (Defenders power item)

Star of Catalax of Universe-7711 (Chen K'an, Hulk story)

Star Brand of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Starcore Command (Starcore control facility)

Starcore One (UN orbiting laboratory)

Starcore Research Station (Starcore Station)

Starcore Station (Tony Stark's station)

Starcore Station (succeeded Starcore One)

Star Eyes (Hulk story, used by Bereet)

Star Hawk (Star Team's ship)

Starhawk's children's asteroid base of Earth-691 (31st Century)

Star Rig (US Archer)

Star-Seed of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

starship (Drones)

Starship Wolf (Earth-72122 @ 2180 AD)

Starstone (Dagoth and Kathulos)

Star Stop (Intergalactic diner, U.S One)

star-suit (Stark Industries creation)

Star Sword (Thongor)

Starwheel (Kree weapon) - by Chadman

stasis tapes (Cult of the Living Pharao)

Static Distorter (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

Stellarax's mace

Stellarax's ship

Stim-o-Lator (Iron Man device) - by Proto-Man

Stimulator (Fantastic Four device) - by Prime Eternal

Stone (Spirits in the Stone, Pariah)

Stormbringer (Elric of Melniboné's sword)

Stormking (planet, Monark Starstalker reality)

Stragg's mind-transfer device

Striders of the Warlord of Other Earth

Strongarms of New Universe (Eduardo Giotti)

Stronghold of Ultraverse (Exiles' base)

Storm Satellite (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Studduj of Earth-5555 (xt planet, Death's Head (FPA) story) - by MarvellousLuke

Stun-ulator (Tony Stark weapon) - by John Kaminski

Sub-Atronic Time Displacer (device of Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

Sub-Surface craft (Rabble Rouser)

subterranean roads of Earth-81665 (Emmanuel Cody's world)

Suma-Ket's sacred blade

Suma-Ket's trident

Sunday Punch Missile (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

Sunscope (Baron Karza weapon) - by Grendel Prime

Sunshine City (Fantastic Four story) - by Proto-Man

Sun-Stealer's ship

Super Humanoid(s) (Humanoids)

Super-Mandroid (SHIELD weapon) - by Spidermay

Super-Patriot's craft

Super-Patriot's Ultimate Weapon

Super Soldiers’ headquarters

Super-Stick (Robby Kyle)

Super-Skates (Maria Karsov)

Supersonic Sound Machine (Dr. Ekker invention)

Super-Synthoids (AIM Synthoids)

Suzuki Shosan's Sword (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Swamp City (Kong Lomerate, Howard the Duck story)

Swamp of Fears (Mindscape)

Swamp Tank (Savage Land exploratory vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Swampworld (Badoon Sisterhood)

Sword in the Star of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

Sword of Evil (Black Blade)

Sword of Gonra (Pre-Hyborian era, Gonra)

Sword of Justice (Lost Treasure of Tao)

Sword of Kamuu (Atlantean artifact) - by Spidermay

Sword of Strength (Cornerstones)

Sword of Scotia (Clansman)

Sword that Conquers All (used by Katuman)

Sylos VII (Microverse planet)

Symbionic Man (Namor foe) - by Spidermay

Symbiotic Weapons Suit - Mark Two (S.H.I.E.L.D. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Synthetic diamond (which gave Spectra her powers)

Synthoids (AIM creations) - by Spidermay

Tablet of Death and Entropy (used by Mr. Negative) - by Markus Raymond

Tablet of Life and Time (Spider-Man stories, used by Silvermane/Hammerhead, etc.) - by Markus Raymond

Taboo's mosque

talisman of Murdoch Adams

Talisman of Tartessus (used by Calyxis)

Talismans of Khyscz (empowered KISS)

Talismans of Power (Magical artifacts) - by Markus Raymond

Tamal (Cotati planet) - by Proto-Man

Tangler (Murder Mountain weapons)

Tank 666 (Ghost Rider characters) - by Loki

tanks (Sagittarian)

Tapping Tommy's robots

TARDIS (The Doctor's time machine)

Taskmaster's Avengers robots (Avengers foes) - by DragynWulf

Taurus (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Tavistick (Rasputin's power item)

Tear of Heaven (Temple of the Sun)

Technocrat's spacestation (Power Pack story)

Teddy (Slapstick villain)

Telempathic Crystal of Earth-791 (Star-Lord story)

Teleportation Projectors of Earth-20051 (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by Grendel Prime

Teleporting Machine (used by "Kyrkalin")

Telescopic Reviver (used by Dr. Drearr, Sun Girl story)

"telescopic robot" (Hulk foe)

Temple at the Ridge of Four Hells (Kaiwann)

Temple Breastplate of Ultraverse (used by Aeon)

Temple of Balthakk (Inferno)

Temple of Contemplation of Earth-712 (Professor Imam)

Temple of Farallah (Carnivore)

Temple of Genetics of Femizonia

Temple of Ibis (Nest of Sacred Ibis (Thoth) )

Temple of Light (Lord of Light's temple)

Temple of Raggadorr (Stonecutter)

Temple of Tangkor Marat (Northern Sect)

Temple of Tangkor Marat (Southern Sect)

Temple of the Coven (Coven)

Temple of the Order of the Hellfire Serpent

Temple of the Rat (Hyborian, sorcerer home)

Temple of the Sun or here

Temple of the Toad (Toad God)

Temple of Toth (Thor: Blood Oath)

Temple of Tirod (Spider-Man robot)

Temple of Valtorr (Decay)

Temple of the Harvesters of Eyes (Vera Gemini's base)

Templeworld (Soul Survivors)

Temploid starship

Temporal Research Center of Earth-700 (Tranquility City)

Temujai (Yellow Claw weapon) - by Spidermay

Tennessee Avenue (Swamp City)

"Tentacle Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Tent Town (Dynamo City)

Terra of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Terra-Co's drill (Deadpool vehicle)

Text of Tantilova (Past Master)

Thanatos's Hover Ship of Earth-9309

Theater of Genetics (birthplace of Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

thermal bombs (Yashonka tech)

Thermal Man (Thor foe) - by caliban

"Therma-tron" (Cybertrons)

Thing robot (Operaton: Artificial Powers)

Thing's Exoskeleton (power simulator) - by Prime Eternal

Think Tank (Mind-Wave)

Think Tank of New Universe (Teresa Roberts)

Thought Projector Helmet (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by John Kaminski

Three Lost Treasures of Tao og Earth-1211

THROB (Black Panther robot)

Thru-the-Ground Tank (Fixer/Mentallo weapon) - by John Kaminski

Thunderer (Nazi jet plane)

Thunderhead (SULTAN)

Thunder Horn (Xemu)

Tiamat (Mars' sister planet)

Tiboro's wand

Tidal-Expander (used by Attuma) - by John Kaminski

el Tigre (Corporation ship)

Time Bike (Avengers / JLA vehicle) - by Skullogeist

Time Bubble (Avengers and Fantastic Four stories)

Time Horn (used by Turner D. Century)

time machine (invented by Eric Kane)

time machine (invented by Simon Stanley)

Time Ray (Time Master)

Time Reversal Ray (Mr. Hyde's device) - by Prime Eternal & John Kaminski

Time-Warp Traveller (Comicsville device)

Titan of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

Titan Time-Probe (Sagittarian probe)

Tomb of King Solomon

Tomb of Orion of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Tomb of the Pharao (Ra the Avenger, Captain America story)

Tome of "Uncoma" (Thanademos)

Tome of Zhered-Na (Man-Thing and Dr. Strange stories)

Tomriv (Nuwali planet)

Torch Song of Reality-80324 (song, Paradox story)

Torranna (pre-Cataclysmic city)

totem (stolen by Devos)

Tower of Dagoth

Tower of Death of Earth-78411 (Dinosaur World, Swarmers)

Tower of the Elephant (built by Yag-Kosha)

Tower of Power (Kong Lomerate, Swamp City)

Tower of the Sun (Olympian location, Thing/Olympians story)

Tower of Time (Bermuda Triangle)

traders' world (planet, Bishop/Deathbird story)

Traffic Control Central of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

training robot of Earth-93112 (Maxam's homeworld)

Tri-Android (Tri-Man)

Triangle antibodies (Triathalon, 3D Man, Avengers stories)

Tranquility City of Earth-700 (Moon city @ 22nd century) - by Norvo

Transdimensional Viewer (Professor T.W. Erwin creation)

Transfer Grid

Transistorized Detector (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

Transparency Capsule (SHIELD invention) - by John Kaminski

Transporter of the Audience (Silver Surfer story)

Tri-Animan (Tri-Man)

Triax's armor

Tri-di-roentgen hand-gun (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Tri-Man (Daredevil character)

Tri-Man (Werewolf foe)

Tri-Man (Spider-Man foe)

Tripodal Observation Vehicle (Leader weapon)

Tri-Sentinel (Spider-Man foe) - by Henrique

Trion shard (Triple Evil)

Triple Evil (Avengers foe)

Triple Threat (Triple Evil)

trivet of Iskelior (Dr. Strange story)

Trunk of Arcana (Cynthia von Doom)

Truthsayer's shack/garden

Truth-Sifter of Earth-5631 (Skrull technology)

"Tryk Slayer" (Seven weapon)

Tryphon's claws (open portal to Tryphon's dimension)

Tryptich (Ember)

Tsiln starship (Gog's spaceship)

Tua (traders' world city)

Tu's (traders' world location)

Twilight Idol (Pokerface's casino, Power Man (Alvarez)/Iron Fist story)

Twilight Well (Kartag, Norns/Fates)

Twin Idols of Zor (mystic artifacts)

Tyanna (planet of the Tyannans)

Tyannan's ship

Typhon's axe

Tyrk's Sky Castle (Arisen Tyrk)

Tyroc of Universe-7711 (Lyissa's base, Hulk story)

Tyrus Krill's ship

U-235 (planet, Deadpool story)

Ultimate Annihilator (Yellow Claw robot's weapon)

Ultimate Machine (Globe of Ultimate Knowledge)

Ultimate Nullifier of Earth-20051 (Avengers/Galactus item) - by Grendel Prime

Ultimate Persuader (Arkon device) - by Proto-Man

Ultimate Punisher of Earth-691 (31st Century, Punishers)

"Ultimate Wave Reader" (Hydrators gadget)

Ultimate Weapon (Super-Patriot)

Ultimo (Iron Man foe)

Ultraforce's dropship of Ultraverse

Ultraforce's headquarters-Headless Cross of Ultraverse

U-Car (underwater FF vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

UFOs ("Faceless Creatures", Spider-Man coloring book)

Ufo's Flying Saucer (Yellow Claw story)

ultramagnet (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Ultra-Men (robots of Brynocki, Shang-Chi foes)

Ultrana (Ixar)

Ultra-Oscilloscope (Kronin Krask)

Ultra-Robots (Lucifer's robots) - by Prime Eternal

Ultra-Sonic Radio Transmitter (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

Ultroids (Ixar)

Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Nameless Cults)

Underground Railroad (Bagmom)

undersea city ("Xenarthrans")

Undersea Throne Room of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Unfolding Edge of Earth-928 (2099 AD, Metalscream)

Unity Process (used by Master of the World, Alpha Flight story)

Universal Compressor (universe smasher) - by Prime Eternal

"Unknown Alien Object" (discovered by Uatu) - by John Kaminski

unnamed exoskeletons ("Blocko-Skeletons")

Uranus of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Urrulu (planet, Deadpool story)

Ur-Xanarrh (Conan era, home of Man-Bats)

US1 (US Archer)

U.S.S. Sea Wolf (Captain Savage's submarine) - by Prime Eternal

"Vacu-tron" (Cybertrons)

Valley of Diamonds (Mole Man's kingdom) - by Prime Eternal

Vatsayana's Tryst (Carnal Serpent)

Venesia (Swampworld)

Venturite spaceships (Tales of Suspense)

Varibeam Flava-Drink Cannon (Fizz)

Vaults of Forbidden Knowledge (Orgolhuin)

Vendetta's spaceship of Earth-928 (2099 AD)

Venus of Reality-80324 (Paradox stories)

Venusian Suit (Whiz Kids)

Verdant Vial of Valtorr (Decay)

Vermont Avenue (Swamp City)

Vial of Valtorr (Decay)

"Vibra-tron" (Cybertrons)

Vibranium projector (Harlan Silverbird)

Vibration-Bomb (Dr. Doom creation)

Vibro-Mace (Cordco, killed Mauler)

Vibrotron (Hank Pym device) - by Proto-Man

Vimana (Tantalus' vessel)

VIRGIL (Force Works foe) - by Markus Raymond

Virgo (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Virus X (AIM weapon) - by Squeak

Vi-Sha (Omega Stone)

Visionary Productions of Ultraverse

Vision Robos (Avengers characters)

Vision Serpent (artifact, Daredevil story)

volcano activating machine (Lava Men)

Volanus' six-wheeler (Thing/Ka-Zar story)

Voodoo King (Journey into Mystery story) - by Future

Voodoo Phone (Marvel Tales item) - by John Kaminski

Vortex Bomb (Hydra weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Vortex Pistol (Monark Starstalker weapon)

Vulcan Machine (Karzz, the Conqueror)

Wager of the Octessence (Exemplars)

Wakefield Falchion (magic blade, Dr. Strange story)

Wand of Watoomb (mystic wand, Dr. Strange/Spider-Man stories) - by Spidermay

Wangal of Damballah (Damballah)

Warbot (AIM, Defenders foe) - by Spidermay

warcraft (death-ship of Kraa)

Warhawk (Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Warhead of Earth "1958" (Fantastic Four story)

Warkon's spider-vessel

Warlord Kaa's flying saucers

Warlord Supreme's starship (Sagittarian)

Warlord Wrogg's ship

"Warnlin" of Universe-7711 (planet, Hulk story)

warp gate (Barodi technology, Bishop story)

war wagons of the Doomsday Star (Soul Survivors)

War-Walker Omega of Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures, Baron Zemo weapon) - by Grendel Prime

Wasp Robos (Avengers characters)

Watchwraiths (Dire Wraith weapons, Rom foes) - by Grendel Prime

Water Attractor (Namor story, "Metal Men" device)

Watergate (Olympian location, Thing/Olympians story)

Waterfall of Watoomb (Tempest)

Waters of Luthuk (used by Tryk queens)

"Weapon S" (Photonic Disruptor)

Weapon-Walker (Mako's battlesuit)

Weather-Caster (Robbie Rider invention) - by John Kaminski

Well at the Center of Time (Nightcrawler)

Well at World's End (Twilight Well)

Well of Life (on planet Bastian)

"Werewolf Rings" (used by Lou Hackett and Russell, Werewolf story)

Whispering Wells (town, Pariah)

White Dragon's submarine

Wicker Man (Celtic myth, Black Knight foe)

Widgets (Ship)

Wijid's items (Bagmom)

"Wild Bill" (S.H.I.E.L.D. robot) - by Prime Eternal

Will-Killing Energy Ray of Earth-74101 (Machus)

wind tunnel (used by "Queen of the Sub-Sea Realm")

"Window Machine" (invented by Andrew Morris)

Witch Compass (Cathari, used by Bible John & Blade)

Witch House (Dagoth and Kathulos)

Witch-World of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

Wolfpack (Khoon's robot servants)

Wolverine Jet (NOT an action figure accessory!) - by Prime Eternal

Woman (Carol Danvers' magazine) - by Spidermay

Wonder Man Robos (Avengers characters)

Wonder Toy (Halfworld, used to cure Loonies)

Wonderworld (Alden Maas' amusement park)

Works (Force Works HQ) - by Proto-Man

Worldengine (Price's device) - by Prime Eternal

Worldform INC's ship

Worldspell (Dry Academy/Smoke Generals)

Wrecker's robot

Wrecker's ray gun

Wrist Hydrophasers (Hydrators weapon)

Writer’s house (Man-Thing story)

Wy'nkar-7 (Lunatik's home planet)

X-Building of Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

Xanadu (Kublai Khan's dirigible)

XF5U-2 Flying Flapjacks (Sky Wolves' planes)

Xhoohx's city-fortress (Tunnelworld)

Xorr the God-Jewel (Thor foe)

X-Press Bar of Reality-80324 (Paradox story)

X-Ranch (mutant brothel) - by MarvellousLuke

Xuthal (city, Hyborian era)

Yankee Bean Stadium (Reverend Egg Foo Yung's stadium)

Yanyoga (Serpent Men, Hyborian era)

Yazdi Gem (Dracula item)

Yellow Claw's flagship (Sky Dragon)

Yellow Submarine (the Four of Zephyrland)

Yeti's temple (First Line Yeti)

Yirbek spaceships (Avengers story)

Yologarch (Red She-Hulk/Machine Man foe) - by Grendel Prime

Zanadu/Zandu/Xandu (the Mystic Mountain)

Zath's statue (Conan era)

Zed Control (Stratosfire)

Zemo's androids (robots) - by Prime Eternal

Zemo's weapons (see Baron Zemo's weapons)

Zenalla of Ultraverse (Fire People)

Zero Street (Night People)

Zerotown (Night People)

Zodiac Field (second Aquarius, Zodiac Cartel)

Zodiac Key (Ankh dimension)

Zodiac Key ("World Trust," new Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

Zodiac’s jet

Zodiac’s castle

Zoga the Unthinkable (Iron Man foe)

Zola's "birds" (Avengers story)

Zoma's observatory (She-Hulk story)

Zorr's starship

Z-Ray (Yashonka tech)

Z-Rays (Cedric Rawlings' radiation)

Zugite coin (Hyborian era)

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