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Classification: Extraterrestrial, humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Norsec

Known Members: Vindar, Those-Who-See

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Dr. Carson, Dr. Wilcox and a lot of other "evil" beings who sought for knowledge.

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight II#8 (September, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Some members of the Norsec race were able to transfer their conscience into inanimate objects and use the power of the Purple Stone. The Stone granted the control over energy and matter.

Traits: Human-like. They dressed like the human populations of the ancient Syria or Babylon.

History: (Marvel Spotlight II#8 (fb)) - The Norsec were a pacific and prosperous race. They lived in a city or a land surrounded by the sea. The Norsec had subtracted to the waters a great part of soil, so the land was under the sea level. Thousands of miles of dams surrounded the city. They were skilled architects and artists and built beautiful buildings and wonderful giant statues in the style of Earth's ancient Egypt.
    The population was governed by the Supreme Council. The Council lived in towers and was the guardian of good and morality. People obeyed to their requests and everybody lived satisfied.

    Vindar was a guardian of the dams. His work was the inspection of the thousands miles of wall around the city.

    One day one of the dams was shattered by the waters, all the Norsec died, only Vindar survived. The Supreme Council transferred their consciences into some inanimate giant statues and became Those-Who-See. The punishment for Vindar was to be the guardian of the planet, without anyone to live with.

    Those-Who-See started to punish who they believed evil. They punished musicians and artists, philosophers and researchers, thinkers and students, all from other planets, not sparing the Skrulls. The punishment for the "evil" people was to transport them to Norsec and put them into a paralyzed conscious status, unable to do any interaction with the environment.

    The Supreme Council didn't usually act physically, using sentinels, but sometime it happened.

(Marvel Spotlight II#8) - Two terrestrial scientists of a space observatory were studying the space sector where the Norsec planet was. They were considered "evil" and were kidnapped and transported to Norsec. While Captain Marvel and two other scientists were investigating their disappearance, Those-Who-See used again the Purple Stone, sent a purple pulse of energy and kidnapped Dr. Carson and Dr. Wilcox leaving Captain Marvel surprised and a little smell of ozone.

    Those-Who-See put the four scientists under the "paralyzing" treatment; meanwhile Captain Marvel had followed the purple pulse of energy through the open space and had met Vindar. Those-Who-See animated a sentinel-statue and sent it to attack Mar-Vell. During the hard fight, Mar-Vell had the idea to destroy the Purple Stone. He shattered the Stone and Those-Who-See's power and all the "punished men" were returned to their original worlds.

Comments: Created by Mike W. Barr/ Dick Riley (writer), Frank Miller (pencils), Bruce Patterson (inks).

The technological level of Norsec, when Captain Marvel visited it, was very advanced: mid-air suspended stairs, a teleporting device, a sort of suspended animation for the "punished" and an almost invulnerable force field around some of the paralyzed subjects. It is unbelievable that with a so advanced technological level all the Norsecs were killed by a flood. I suppose that when the cataclysm occurred the city had a lower level of technology and that the Supreme Council developed the high-tech city after, thanks to the Stone of Power, and also freed the town from the water, again.

Another Stone of Power. Any connection with the Hellfire Helix and the Lifestone Tree? Maybe, for further explanations go here.

Profile by Spidermay.

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    Vindar was the guardian of the dams that surrounded the city. He used a long staff which could teleport himself and other persons with him.

    Vindar was the only Norsec surviving the flood that killed the people of Norsec.
    After years, he considered that the paralyzed condition of the punished was normal. He was the only being who could interact with the prisoners without triggering the force fields which surrounded them.

    He welcomed Captain Marvel and told him the story of his race but tried to hide the four scientists to Captain Marvel. When Mar-Vell went angry Vindar teleported both in front of the giant Sphinx statue of Those-Who-See and informed Mar-Vell about the great power of the Purple Stone.


--Marvel Spotlight II#8





The Purple Stone of Power

    The Purple Stone was the source of power of the Supreme Council. The Stone was placed on the brow of a giant Sphinx where the minds of the components of the Supreme Council were contained.

    The Stone realized the desires of the Council. The Stone was used to kidnap beings from various planets through a pulse of purple energy.  It could create constructs of energy which were controlled by the Council, such as a giant Cerberus that attacked Captain Marvel.

    Captain Marvel shattered the Stone with ease.


--Marvel Spotlight II#8





Dr. Carson and Dr. Wilcox

    Doctor Carson and Doctor Wilcox worked in a space observatory. They asked Captain Marvel for help in opening an armored room where they believed two of their colleagues were trapped. But during their investigations they were hit by a purple pulse of energy that transported them to Norsec.

    They all underwent the "paralyzing" punishing treatment but were freed when Captain Marvel shattered the Purple Stone.


--Marvel Spotlight II#8




Dr. Morgan

    Dr. Morgan was one of the scientists who worked for Operation: Starlight. Operation: Starlight was a research project for intelligent life from other planets performed through the observation of starlight. Two of his colleagues were observing the space sector where the Norsec planet was when they noticed a purple light approaching Earth at incredible speed. They were kidnapped by Those-Who-See.

--Marvel Spotlight II#8




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Marvel Spotlight II#8 (September, 1980) - Dick Riley & Mike W. Barr (writers), Frank Miller (pencils), Bruce D. Patterson (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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