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Real Name: Elsie Carson

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Hydra director, housewife

Group Membership: Hydra

Affiliations: Hydra agents (notably Halston), Winderfield Family

EnemiesTeam America (Cowboy (Luke Merriweather) Honcho (James MacDonald), R.U. Reddy (Winthrop Roan, Jr.), Wolf, Wrench (Leonard Hebb), Marauder)

Known RelativesChildren (son, daughter; names unrevealed), Phil Carson (husband)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed location in Midwestern USA

First Appearance: Team America#11 (April, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: A section head of Hydra, Elsie Carson was a capable and competent leader. She possessed excellent people skills and was a capable manager of resources. She was also well versed in martial arts and basic firearm use.


(Team America#12 (fb))- When her husband was injured at work, Elsie Carson found herself working for the criminal organization Hydra via unrevealed means. She started out simply running errands, but she quickly climbed the leadership ladder, finding herself in charge of the Midwestern sector.

(Team America#11 - BTS) - Unlike her fellow Hydra leaders, Elsie took the time to get to know her underlings, making sure to give them large bonuses for success, as well as occasionally giving home-baked goodies to her assassins.

 (Team America#11) – Elsie revealed to Halston the purpose of Hydra’s interest in Team America, then revealed the amount of information she had been compiling over the individual members, hopefully to serve as potential leverage material. Her hopes were crushed when orders came in from the Supreme Hydra that Team America was to be eliminated “in a spectacular fashion”. Elsie sent orders to the Winderfield family to continue their observations. During the day of the local race, Elise watched as Ghost Rider broke onto the track and caused several explosions. Believing Team America already dead, she rushed to prevent Halston from revealing Hydra’s interest in the group, but she was too late. After the battle was cleaned up and most of the Hydra agents in custody, Elsie was confronted by Lance, who told her of the higher ups' anger and how she was being made to be the scapegoat. She made plans to call her family one last time.


(Team America#12) – Taken to a trial by Lance, Elsie was placed in the Circle of Death and pleaded her case. The Supreme Hydra refused to listen to her explanations and ordered the members of the circle to open fire. Elsie ducked and shot out a light, escaping as the circle members shot themselves. Winging Lance, she slipped free of the base and tracked down Team America. Finding them without too much difficulty, she peppered their RV with shots from her Hydra-issued cannon, hoping their deaths would put her back in Hydra’s good graces. She failed, and staring down the barrel of her own weapon, explained the team’s origins to them. Escaping, she went back to her home to say goodbye to her family. 

    Meeting the kill squad outside her home, she negotiated for five minutes alone with her family. Taking the opportunity, she said her final goodbyes to her husband and children before going with the squad. Right before the trigger could be pulled, however, Team America arrived on the scene and beat the Hydra agents. Wolf killed the head assassin during a brief struggle. Surveying the fight’s aftermath, Elsie was annoyed at the team, as their actions now put her entire family at risk. Deciding to flee, the Carsons piled into the family station wagon. Elsie rebuked Honcho’s offer of a safe house, noting how thick the CIA was with Hydra operatives. The Carsons drove off, leaving Team America alone with the defeated Hydra agents.

Comments: Created by Jim Shooter & Tom DeFalco (script) and Dave Simmons (pencils & inks).

Profile by David Lawrence.

Elsie Carson has no known connections to:

Phil Carson

Phil Carson

A former steelworker, Phil Carson lost the use of his legs in a fall. He was unaware of his wife’s job. He fled with his family to escape Hydra.



--Team America#12

Elsie comforts her family

Carson children

A boy and girl (both unnamed), Elsie Carson's children were both unaware of their mother’s secret. They fled with their parents to ecape Hydra.


--Team America#12



A Hydra agent who served under Elsie, Halston was on a first name basis with her. Halston lead the ill-fated assault on Team America.






--Team America#11

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Team America#12 p10, pan2 (main image)
Team America#12 p7, pan3 (headshot)
Team America#12 p14, pan1 (action shot)
Team America#12 p21, pan2 (Phil Carson)
Team America#12 p21, pan3 (Carson children)
Team America#11 p24, pan4 (Halston)

Team America#11 (April, 1983) – Jim Shooter & Tom DeFalco (script), Dave Simmons (pencils & inks), Jim Shooter (editor)
Team America#12 (May, 1983) – Jim Shooter (script), Don Perlin (pencils), Vince Colleta (inks), Jim Shooter (editor).

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