Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: uncertain; possibly Deviant mutate

Occupation: Warrior

Affiliations: agent of the Mole Man;
    possibly Bova,
Man-Bull, Matador, and Toro Rojo

Enemies: Avengers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Subterranea

First Appearance: Avengers I#17 (June, 1965)



Powers/Abilities: The Minotaur is about 15 feet tall and possesses superhuman strength (Class 10-25) and durability. It has large horns on its head and its claws can gouge ruts into solid rock. It did not demonstrate advanced intelligence, and its lifetime underground has made it vulnerable to bright light.

History:  Unrevealed (see comments)


(Avengers I#17) - The Mole Man sent the Minotaur to attack the Avengers in his Subterranean tunnels while they followed a false lead in search of the Hulk. None of Cap's Kooky Quartet could injure the giant beast, but Cap came up with a plan. Hawkeye dazzled the Minotaur with a blast arrow and Cap goaded it into charging him. The rock shattered when the Minotaur's horns hit it, and the Scarlet Witch cast a hex that caused the rock to solidify around the horns. The Avengers left the trapped Minotaur, apparently not caring that it might either starve to death, or die after ripping its horns out of its head in an effort to escape.


(Marvel Year-in-Review 1992) - A Minotaur attended the Springdale branch of the Bar with no Name, enjoying the company of Bova, Man-Bull, Matador, and Toro Rojo.



Comments: Created by Stan Lee (Who Else?) and Don Heck (Why not?)

Minotaur got a decent new image in the UK on the cover from the Avengers (Weekly)#14, pencilled by Ron Wilson and inked by Mike Espesito and Frank Giacoia.

Given the size of this Minotaur and the fate of the Minotaur of myth, I would guess that they were not the same being. More likely, this creature was a Deviant mutate, like many of the Mole Man's mutates. It wouldn't be hard to make an explanation to allow them to be the same, however.

The Mole Man's Minotaur may or may not be:



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