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Real Name: T'Channa

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-2301), human magic user

Occupation: Would-be-conqueror, former princess

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dark Dimension (Nameless Ones and others), Doombots, unidentified servant
formerly Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom)

Enemies: Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch/Wanda, Vision), Black Panther (T'Challa), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Jonatha Storm, Invisible Girl/Sioux Storm, Mr Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Galactus, S.H.I.E.L.D (Nick Fury, Dum-Dum Dugan and unrevealed others), Tigra

Known Relatives: T'Challa (Black Panther, brother), unidentified father (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Floating Fortress, Latveria;
Wakanda (place of birth)

First Appearance: Marvel Mangaverse#3 (August, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: A proud Wakandan princess T'Channa learned hand-to-hand combat at a young age. In her adult life T'Channa studied the arcane arts, developing her powers to such an extent she surpassed even her teacher, Dr. Doom. Her magic abilities included banishing people to the Ethereal Realm and tapping into the powers of the Dark Dimension. She used the Dark Dimension's shadow matter to empower all of her mechanics; a large army of Doombots, the towering Doom Mecha and a shield that surrounded the floating fortress of Latveria. It was composed of living ectoplasm which fed on the evil and hatred of the beings of the Dark Dimension (Nameless Ones and others). She would regularly "summon" a sword she called Doombringer.

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Marvel Mangaverse#5 (fb) - BTS) - To determine who would succeed their father as the shamanic chieftain of the Panther Clan, T'Channa and her brother T'Challa faced each other in a trial of combat. However, T'Channa lost to her brother and was left for dead.

(Marvel Mangaverse#6 (fb) - BTS) - T'Channa travelled to Europe in search of arcane knowledge. She learned of the masked Victor von Doom, who was well-known within the occult and took an interest in her once she managed to gain an audience with him and her potential became obvious.

(Marvel Mangaverse#6 (fb) ) - T'Channa became Victor von Doom's apprentice although she hid the true extent of her powers since she planned to steal Doom's identity. T'Channa figured anybody hiding behind the mask could be Doom. When the time came, she used the full extent of her powers to banish Doom to the Ethereal Realm which was populated by gods and monsters. With Doom out of the way T'Channa assumed his identity.

(Marvel Mangaverse#4 - BTS) - Now posing as Doom, T'Channa ruled over Latveria.

(Marvel Mangaverse#4 (fb) - BTS) - In the time that followed Latveria went through a major technological revolution.

(Marvel Mangaverse#3) - When the Earth came under attack by the living planetoid Galactus, Latveria was one of the many places decimated and drained by Galactus' tentacles. T'Channa watched in anguish from her floating castle swearing someone, somewhere would pay for the attack.

(Marvel Mangaverse#4 (fb) - BTS) - In the weeks that followed, T'Channa grew frustrated when the United Nations did nothing while the Latverian people were dying in the streets. She decided both the UN and US President Steve Rogers had failed to properly protect the world, forcing her to do their job for them. To do so she planned to show the world the true power of her techno magic during a meeting of the United Nations.

(Marvel Mangaverse#4) - Doom revealed her presence at the United Nations accompanied by dozens of mechanical creatures causing mayhem while she ordered the people to bow down and submit to the might of Doom. However T'Channa noticed her brother T'Challa who was also present and had transformed himself into the Black Panther. Determined to kill him, Doom summoned her Doombringer sword. But just before Doom could decapitate her brother she was attacked by Captain America. Not having anticipated she would face Cap so soon, she quickly used her abilities to kill both of Rogers' bodyguards after which she revealed her reasons for being there. Seconds later Doom noticed the arrival of the mecha Iron Avenger piloted by the Avengers. With a mere touch of her hand, Doom drained the mecha of its power, disabling the giant machine. With no power to keep it afloat, the machine crashed on Liberty Island. Determined to stop the Avengers once and for all, Doom ripped the Iron Avengers suit open since the Avengers were still trapped inside. Doom easily killed Hawkeye with an electricity blast and then attacked the Vision with so much power he literally melted. The Black Panther and Captain America had followed Doom and attacked again, however Doom once more summoned the Doombringer sword and managed to stab Captain America through the chest after which the hero was also beheaded. While Doom stood over Captain America's corpse she declared that from now on the world would fall under the rule of Doom.

(Marvel Mangaverse#5) - While the heroes were still recovering from the massacre, Doom returned to her flying fortress. On board she gave the order to attack another Iron Man-like mecha piloted by SHIELD's Dum Dum Dugan, causing his death. That night while receiving a status report from the Doombots T'Channa sensed her brother was close by and said he could come out of hiding. T'Challa complied, but before they could talk Doom picked up an intercepted communication between Nick Fury and Reed Richards who were plotting against her. To stop them, Doom summoned her Doombringer sword which allowed her to drain all mechanical power in the city, causing a blackout. She then sensed a pending attack by the small strike force of Dr. Strange, his apprentice Tigra and surviving Avenger Scarlet Witch. To stop the heroes, Doom deployed a large army of Doombots. With matters taken care of Doom focused her attention on the Black Panther, T'Challa tried to appeal to his sister's better side prompting T'Channa to remind him of how he'd left her for dead at their trial of combat all those years ago. She revealed she'd just sent her army of Doombots (powered by the Dark Dimension) to stop the surviving heroes, while also erecting a mystic barrier safeguarding the world from threats like Galactus. Doom then pleaded with her brother to join her side after which she took off her mask, revealing she was indeed T'Channa.

(Marvel Mangaverse#6) - T'Channa recounted the events that led to her becoming Doom, however, all T'Challa could see was a cold blooded killer. Seeing no further use in her brother's presence she ordered her Doombots to deal with him while she would summon the full power of the arcane dimension to keep the world safe from alien invasion. Just then T'Challa transformed himself into an actual panther, leaping towards Doom. However, the Doombots easily took care of him. One of the Doombots then informed Doom about the Fantastic Four's imminent arrival, prompting her to unleash the towering Doom Mecha on the heroes.

(Marvel Mangaverse#6) - On several television screens Doom witnessed the heroes' progress; the arrival of the Fantastic Four, her brother in a prison cell and Doctor Strange's fight in the Dark Dimension. Doom however, had failed to realize the Scarlet Witch and Tigra had already invaded her castle and revealed their presence to her. The two heroines didn't seem to pose any real threat as Doom quickly took hold of them and summoned her Doombringer sword. Just then Doctor Strange successfully opened an astral doorway to Eternity, thereby severing Doom's connection to the Dark Dimension. At the same time, the Fantastic Four had defeated the Doom Mecha and had her brother escape from his imprisonment. After another brief fight with her brother, Doom was finally stabbed in the chest by the Scarlet Witch who used the Doombringer sword. After assuring them she would return one day, T'Channa died.

Comments: Created by Ben Dunn.

The Dark Dimension inhabited by the Nameless Ones shown in Marvel Mangaverse#6 is the same one introduced back in Strange Tales I#126 (November, 1964).

Due to the Asian specific nature of the Mangaverse reality, it goes without saying that while characters might look similar to their 616 counterparts, they most likely will have distinctly different names, codenames or powers. Therefore we will only list the names when they have been used in the comics.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

T'Channa has some connections to

Doom has some connections to

Dr. Doom

Real Name: Unrevealed (most likely Victor von Doom)

Ruler of the nation of Latveria, Doom was a well-known practicioner of the occult. At one point he took the Wakandan princess T'Channa as his protégé. Doom however failed to realize she planned to usurp his identity as soon as she knew all he did. Once she deemed the time had come T'Channa used the full extent of her powers and banished Doom to the Ethereal Realm, a place populated by gods and monsters. With Doom trapped, T'Channa hid herself behind his mask and assumed his identity.

--Marvel Mangaverse#6 (fb)

unidentified servant

Real Name: Unrevealed

An unidentified servant of Doom who was present when he destroyed another Iron Man-like mecha containing SHIELD agent Dum-Dum Dugan.

Comments: Doom's servant was particularly interesting since it was not like the other Doombots but possessed a human brain. The servant might have been Earth-2301 answer to Brain Drain or the Eternal Brain.

--Marvel Mangaverse#5


Doom had created a large army of Doombots, androids that resembled Doom's appearance. This army was animated by T'Channa using the shadow matter of the Dark Dimension. T'Channa used the Doombots in her fight against the heroes but were ultimately stopped by Doctor Strange.

--Marvel Mangaverse#5, Marvel Mangaverse#6

Doom Mecha

The Doom Mecha was a towering giant that was also empowered by the shadow matter of the Dark Dimension. During Doom's fight against Earth's heroes the Doom Mecha was sent to fight the Fantastic Four. Even though the Fantastic Four used their new meta-talents suits to attack the mecha, the machine wasn't destroyed until Doctor Strange severed the connection to the Dark Dimension, thereby cutting its power somewhat. By combining their powers the Fantastic Four managed to destroy the now weakened Doom Mecha.

--Marvel Mangaverse#6

images: (without ads)
Marvel Mangaverse#4, p13, pan1 (main image)
Marvel Mangaverse#5, p23, pan5 (closeup)
Marvel Mangaverse#6, p22, pan7, 8 (death)
Marvel Mangaverse#6, p1, pan2 (Dr. Doom)
Marvel Mangaverse#5, p4, pan1 (unidentified servant, back)
Marvel Mangaverse#5, p4, pan6 (unidentified servant, front)
Marvel Mangaverse#5, p20, pan4 (Doombots)
Marvel Mangaverse#6, p9, pan5 (Doom Mecha)

Marvel Mangaverse#3 (August, 2002) - Ben Dunn (writer, pencils, inks), C.B. Cebulski, Brian Smith, Ralph Macchio (editors)
Marvel Mangaverse#4 (September, 2002) - Ben Dunn (writer, pencils, inks), C.B. Cebulski, Brian Smith, Ralph Macchio (editors)
Marvel Mangaverse#5 (October, 2002) - Ben Dunn (writer, pencils, inks), C.B. Cebulski, Brian Smith, Ralph Macchio (editors)
Marvel Mangaverse#6 (November, 2002) - Ben Dunn (writer, pencils, inks), C.B. Cebulski, Brian Smith, Ralph Macchio (editors)

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