Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans

Significant Inhabitants: Annihilus, Dr. Bruce Banner, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, She-Hulk, the Thing), Dr. Walter Langkowski, Dr. Michael Morbius, Franklin Richards, Sue Richards, Suzy Richards, Alicia Storm

Significant Locations: The Baxter Building in New York City, New York; Latveria

First Appearance: What If? II#30 (October, 1991)

History: (What If? II#30) - As Franklin Richards awoke following a nightmare (involving his parents, a monster, and Doctor Doom), his parents arrived to comfort him. Franklin explained his dream and Reed assured him that they would never let anything hurt their son. Reed and Sue then tucked their son back in bed, leaving him unconvinced that a monster was not growing within his mother.

    Months later, Sue was taken to the hospital in extreme pain due to complications of her second pregnancy. As the months continued, Sue Storm became weaker and weaker, eventually losing her invisibility powers altogether. When the time came for her to give birth to her second child, Sue Storm was rushed again to the hospital, where Doctors Morbius, Langkowski, and Banner all assisted in the baby's delivery. She-Hulk, Johnny Storm, Alicia Storm, and Franklin all waited outside in the waiting room, where Franklin announced that according to his dreams, his mother was going to die due the monster inside her. As Reed welcomed the birth of his daughter, Dr. Morbius informed him that they were unable to save the mother. When Reed came out to the waiting room to tell everyone, Franklin ran out of the room crying, knowing that his nightmares were coming true.

    As the years passed, Franklin became more and more distant from his sister, Suzy, warning Alicia Storm to stay away from Suzy. Shortly after his warning, Alicia passed away and one year after her passing, Franklin noticed that Johnny Storm had become delirious after losing his powers. Thinking it time to explain to his father what was going on, Franklin visited Reed's lab and explained that Suzy was killing anyone she came into contact with. Angered and tired of Franklin's "jealousy," Reed slapped his son across the face, claiming that the deaths were caused by excess cosmic radiation given off by himself and the other members of the Fantastic Four. Several weeks later, Franklin attempted to warn the Thing that Suzy was killing those around her and six months after his warning, Ben Grimm was back to being a normal human, having lost his powers. Seeing this as a blessing, Ben Grimm went on a date where he was shot by a criminal that he had once put in jail as the Thing. At the hospital, Franklin once again tried to explain to his father that Suzy was a monster and Reed once again slapped his son, allowing Suzy to visit Ben on life support.

    Two months after Ben Grimm died, Franklin visited Doctor Doom in Latveria, where he explained his hypothesis that his sister, Suzy, was some sort of monster that drained the life of others. Doom listened to Franklin and then asked what concern his sister would be to Doom, to which Franklin replied that the deaths caused by Suzy were increasing as she got older and that, if not stopped, she could one day pose a threat to Latveria. Within the following week, Doom and Franklin returned to the Baxter Building, where Doom asked to take Suzy to his laboratory for observation. Reed angrily ordered Doom to leave his home and to take his betraying son with him before he killed him. Doom then announced that Franklin was correct about Reed being deranged. A battle then ensued between Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom, which left Reed on the ground telling Suzy to run. Suzy then saw fit to reveal her true nature, that of a monstrous creature, as well as her true intentions to drain the life of all those around her. Reed turned to Franklin and begged for his son's forgiveness, only to be scooped up by Suzy and drained of his lifeforce. Doom stood valiantly and told Franklin to run, as he fended off the monster Suzy. Suzy easily drained the power from Doom's armor and then drained the life from Doom as well, before setting her sights on Franklin himself. Franklin managed to find a weapon and Suzy laughingly replied that he could not expect to defeat her with a gun. Franklin then revealed that he didn't need to kill her, merely knock her off her feet and into the opened portal behind her: the portal to the Negative Zone. Inside the Negative Zone, Suzy begged for Franklin to release her until she was found by Annihilus, whom she saw a new source of food.

With Suzy defeated, Franklin walked over to his father's dead body and mourned, taking no solace in the fact that his dreams were right all along.

Comments: Created by Jim Valentino, Dale Eaglesham, and Pat Redding.

This reality diverged from the events seen in Fantastic Four I#267 (June, 1984).

One thing of note: This reality was officially given the number of Earth-91111 in the Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four. -Proto-Man

It is unknown whether this reality's Alicia Storm was Lyja or not.

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Victor von Doom was essentially the same as his 616 counterpart up until Franklin Richards contacted about his theory that his sister, Suzy Richards, was a monster that drained the life from those around her. After seeing the evidence given to him by Franklin, Doom visited the Baxter Building, where he asked to observe Suzy. Angered, Reed attacked Doom until Doom managed to knock Reed to the ground. After Suzy revealed herself and killed her father, Doom ordered Franklin to run and attempted to fend off Suzy himself. Unfortunately, Suzy drained the power from his armor and eventually, the life from his body.

--What If? II#30 (#30d












Reed Richards was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until the birth of his second child and the death of his wife, Sue, in childbirth. Following Suzy's birth, Reed became increasingly deranged as Franklin warned him that Suzy was killing those around her. Eventually striking his son for his "jealousy," Reed became obsessed with protecting his daughter. When Franklin returned from a visit to Latveria with Doom, a crazed Reed savagely lashed out at Doctor Doom until Doom knocked Reed to the floor. Reed warned Suzy to run away, but Suzy revealed his true monstrous form and intentions. Realizing that Franklin had been right all along, he turned and begged for forgiveness before being drained of his lifeforce by his own daughter.

--What If? II#30 (#30d








Franklin was basically the same as his 616 counterpart up until he began to have nightmares of a monster growing inside his mother. After his mom died in childbirth, Franklin began to suspect that his sister was the monster and his fears were increased when his loved ones began dying around him. Eventually deducing that his sister Suzy was behind the deaths, Franklin tried to explain to his father, only to be met with abuse. Franklin finally met with Doctor Doom, who arrived at the Baxter Building to observe Suzy. Mister Fantastic angrily attacked Doom until Doom managed to floor Reed. When Suzy revealed her true monstrous form, Reed realized that his son was right in time to be drained of his lifeforce. As Doom died trying to save Franklin, Franklin managed to find a weapon and use it to knock Suzy in the Negative Zone portal. With Suzy defeated, Franklin mourned the loss of his father.

--What If? II#30










Sue Richards was pretty much the same as her 616 counterpart up until she became pregnant with her second child. As her pregnancy progressed, she became weaker and weaker until she finally lost her invisibility powers. She died giving birth to her daughter, whom Reed Richards named Suzy, after her mother.

--What If? II#30 (#30d







Suzy was the daughter of Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman. The actual presence of Suzy inside Sue Richards caused her to become weak and eventually lose her invisibility powers. Sue died in childbirth and throughout the years, Suzy slowly killed each and every person that came in contact with. Franklin always suspected her to be a monster and when both he and Doctor Doom arrived at the Baxter Building to observe her, Suzy revealed her true monstrous form. She then drained the life from her father and then Doom. She then went after Franklin, who knocked her into the Negative Zone. Once inside, Annihilus arrived and she was happy to see that even in the Negative Zone, she had food.

--What If? II#30









Alicia Storm was married to Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, and acted as a babysitter for Franklin and Suzy Richards. As years passed, Alicia began to become weak and eventually passed away due to Suzy absorbing her lifeforce.

--What If? II#30 (#30d








Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, was just like his 616 counterpart until his wife, Alicia, died. When she died, Johnny began to show the same signs that Alicia did. He eventually lost his flame powers and became delirious.

--What If? II#30







Ben Grimm was exactly like his 616 counterpart up until the birth of Suzy Richards. After lengthy exposure to Suzy, Ben eventually lost his powers, reverting back to his normal human self. Happy to see that he was no longer a monster, Ben decided to go out for a night on the town. While out, a criminal who he once put away as the Thing shot him, leaving him in critical condition. Suzy, Franklin, and Reed Richards all visited Ben in the hospital and when Suzy went in Ben's room for a "visit," she drained the life from his body.

--What If? II#30 (#30d










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