Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human (Austrian) mystically mutated technoloy user (World War I, World War II to modern era)

Occupation: Oculist

Group Membership: None;
formerly Nazi Party

Affiliations: Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler;
formerly Oculist

EnemiesOculist, Quentin Carnival (Aura-Lee, Johnny Blaze, Kody, Lobster Lad, Madame Yang Kwei Fei, Clara Menninger, Princess Python, Roach, Wolf, others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Crystal Gazer (English translation)

Base of Operations: Mobile;
formerly an unidentified dimension (see comments);
formerly a laboratory in Vienna, Austria

First Appearance: (Eyes of the Kristall Starrer) Blaze II#1 (August, 1994); (full) Blaze II#9 (April, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: The Kristall Starrer was a gifted oculist, who dabbled in science and mysticism to create portals to other dimensions with lenses and prisms. Upon losing his physical form Kristall Starrer literally was a mere shadow, unable to physically interact with the material world, but despite that he could emanate waves of guilt, despair and anguish to influence others to commit suicide. He could also track down his eyes everywhere in the world. He could not exist without dark corners to hide in.

Height: Variable (as shadow); 6'1"(physical form; approximately)
Weight: None (shadow); 170 lbs. (physical form; approximately)
Eyes: None (as shadow); blue (physical form)
Hair: None (as shadow); bald (physical form)


(Blaze II#9 (fb) - BTS) - The Kristall Starrer was an oculist living in Vienna, Austria. When Austria joined the Third Reich in 1938 the Kristall Starrer was granted 10.000 Reichsmark by Adolf Hitler himself to continue his supernatural experiments.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - Kristall Starrer was visited by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler. The young boy later known as Oculist worked for the Kristall Starrer and delivered a glass jar to him. The Kristall Starrer assured Himmler that the boy was Aryan like them and not a Gypsy. Kristall Starrer instructed Himmler to put on smoked goggles during the experiment, which nearly blinded the curious young boy, who peaked through a door's keyhole to see the lights created by the Kristall Starrer's experiment.

   Kristall Starrer took care of the boy and woke him up with salts. Kristall Starrer then asked him to help him realign the prisms for the next experiment.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Himmler was so impressed by Kristall Starrer's experiments that his grant was raised by another 10,000 Reichsmark, which was enough to buy larger lenses and finer prisms.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - Kristall Starrer eventually found the correct arrangement of lenses and prisms to cross over to another dimension. Upon finding the key he realized he had to rid himself of his eyes and walked right into the beam created by his machines. His physical form turned insubstantial for a moment. When he turned around to the young boy his eyes where burning white and Kristall Starrer told the boy he would be gazing upon the light from the beginning of time.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Using his machines the Kristall Starrer crossed over to another dimension, giving up his corporeal form in the process, and leaving behind only his physical eyes, which the young boy took with him. The boy also kept the Kristall Starrer's notes on his experiments to study them.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) - BTS) - During his years in extradimensional exile the Kristall Starrer learned to emanate waves of anguish, despair and guilt.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - The Kristall Starrer's shadow eventually returned to Earth and his shadow hunted the Oculist for decades to retrieve his physical eyes from him.

(Blaze II#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Oculist sent the eyes to Clara Menninger of the Quentin Carnival.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Kristall Starrer kept haunting the Oculist, who decided to retrieve the eyes from Clara to get rid of the Kristall Starrer's haunting, by giving back the eyes to his former master.

(Blaze II#9 - BTS) - Clara didn't hand over the eyes to the Oculist, who, influenced by the Kristall Starrer, gouged out his own eyes and strangled himself to death.

(Blaze II#9) - That night Kristall Starrer's shadow appeared and scared the Quentin Carnival employees. The shadow burst into Johnny Blaze's trailer, who was already attacked by the eyes and nearly strangulated. Blaze shot the shadow with the Hellfire shotgun, but the shadow managed to create illusions of Blaze's family and made Blaze nearly choek himself to death. Blaze ultimately resisted the Kristall Starrer's influence and turned his motorcycle's Hellfire imbued light on Kristall Starrer's shadow to banish him by lighting every corner in his trailer.

Comments: Created by Larry Hama (writer), Keith Pollard (pencils) & Bill Reinhold (inks).

Nothing is known about the dimension the Kristall Starrer went to, but it is possible, assuming the story's writer Larry Hama likes to return to previous ideas, that it was the Dimension of Exiles seen in the Tetrarchs of Entropy story in Avengers I#328-331. It is also possible that this dimension is the same as the Realm of Exiles seen in Nightmare#1-4 (1995). It is surely the same dimension Baal and Ice Box Bob had been trapped in because both were able to use the Kristall Starrer's eyes to send messages to Johnny Blaze and Clara Menninger.
Or maybe he went to the Shadow Realm....

BTW the shadow form of the Kristall Starrer kind of reminds of the classic Nosferatu (1922) vampire movie from German director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Kristall Starrer has no known connection to:

Kristall Starrer's eyes

The eyes were imbued with the energies created by the Kristall Starrer's experiments, linking them to other dimensions, and enabling them to see those dimensions and all kind of auras and energies on Earth. They could also be focused to release energies to show visions or break through dimensional barriers.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - The Kristall Starrer removed his eyes and left them behind when he crossed over to another dimension. The boy later known as the Oculist took the eyes with him.

(Blaze II#9 (fb) - BTS) - Kristall Starrer's shadow returned to Earth and hunted down the Oculist to retrieve his eyes, but the Oculist, growing tired eventually, sent them to Clara Menninger, knowing the woman would be able to wield their power.

(Blaze II#1) - Clara Menninger received the package with the Kristall Starrer's eyes somewhere in Pennsylvania at Mr. Schenker's shop. She started using the eyes the same day, gaining sight for the first time in her life, when they embedded themselves in her eye sockets.

(Blaze II#2) - In Brownings Corners the eyes showed her a vision of Man-Thing sent to her by Ice Box Bob, who tried to lure Johnny Blaze into the Citrusville Swamp. The Shadrach Brothers spied on her and stole the eyes to find Man-Thing for themselves. Blaze and the ghost boy Holden Blevins retrieved the eyes.

(Blaze II#3) - Blaze angered Clara when he didn't want to return the eyes to her. She promised to tell everything she knew about Bob and Blaze's kids when she got back the eyes. She used the eyes, whose evil influence made her insult her friends, and reveal that the eyes enabled her to see other dimensions and the souls of the people around her. Blaze had to stop Wolf from cutting out the Kristall Starrer's eyes from Clara's head. Clara saw Holden Blevins's weird aura through the eyes. Baal and Bob used the eyes again to send a message to Johnny Blaze through them. Clara kept the eyes in.

(Blaze II#4) - Clara became scared of using the eyes, but Blaze wanted her to use them again to find his children and Jesse Pinto. Wyatt Wingfoot knew a way around forcing Clara to use the eyes herself. Suspecting Roberta Elk Step's mystic basket was a focal point to channel mystic energies and hoping that would help them locate and learn more about the murderer of Jesse Pinto's family, Wyatt Wingfoot placed the basket over the jar containing the Kristall Starrer's eyes. After a burst of bright light, those present saw a vision involving the Wendigo, Ice Box Bob, and the god-demon Baal (though they could not identify who he was).

(Blaze II#5) - Clara put the eyes back in and had Wolf put Roberta Elk Step's mystic basket over her head for a second. The eyes created a beam of light that showed her the way to Johnny Blaze and Warpath, who had been captured by Darryl Licht transformed into Anung-Ite. She jumped on a motorcycle with Princess Python to follow the light to a nearby mesa. The beam allowed her to pass right through the stone. The beam of light passed both within the mesa, where the Anung-Ite was battling Blaze and Warpath; and through Ice Box Bob's former prison that held Jesse Pinto, Emma and Craig Blaze. Into the latter realm -- via his own eyes following the mystic eyebeams -- passed a mystic, apparently benevolent manifestation of the Wendigo, who took from Jesse the magic No. 7 nail file and then continued following the beam into the former realm, where it gave the nail file to Blaze before following the eyebeams out the far wall. Meanwhile, en route to the mesa, Princess Python's snake, Benny, grabbed Blaze's hellfire shotgun, which Blaze had dropped while the Anung-Ite was taking him to the mesa. As Clara and Princess Python arrived within the mesa, the eyebeams ceased, and Clara tossed the hellfire shotgun to Blaze. Sticking the mystic nail file through one of the shotgun shells, Blaze blasted the Anung-Ite with said shell propelled by the hellfire shotgun, and the Anung-Ite reverted to a powerless Licht, and the mesa vanished.

(Blaze II#6) - Kody took the eyes from Clara, but Bellingham's local shaman Eve Two Crows forced him to return them to Clara. She put the eyes back in and immediately insulted Eve.

   Putting on more provocative clothes Clara went to Eve's office and used the eyes to hit Eve's computer with a mystical beam and create a portal to the benevolent Wendigo they were looking for.

(Blaze II#7) - Clara visited Johnny Blaze in hospital and had the jar with the Kristall Starrer's eyes with her, but wasn't using them because she was too scared they would gain even more control over her. Eventually she agreed to use them when Blaze asked her to and used them to help Blaze find his motorbike and the Quentin Carnival members, who were hunting for the Double-Tap and his friends, who had robbed the carnival and had nearly killed Blaze.

(Blaze II#8) - Clara put the eyes back in and the provocative leather outfit back on. Clara told Blaze that she was leaving the eyes in all the time now and that it was Blaze's fault because he forced her to put them back in in the first place. With the eyes in she tried really hard to kiss Blaze, but he got distracted by Arcade's Murderama trailer...

(Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - Influenced by the eyes Clara stayed very provocative and mean. The Oculist visited the Quentin Carnival to retrieve the eyes from Clara, but she wouldn't hand them over even after he told her the story of the Kristall Starrer and how he had returned and was searching for his eyes. The Oculist was told to leave the Carnival when he tried to force Clara to hand over the eyes.

(Blaze II#9) - After learning that the Oculist got killed (it was actually suicide) Blaze decided to keep the Kristall Starrer's eyes with him in his trailer. The eyes tried to strangulate Johnny Blaze before the Kristall Starrer's shadow burst into his trailer. Blaze used his Hellfire imbued motorcycle's light to banish the shadow. With the Kristall Starrer gone Clara immediately put the eyes back in.

(Blaze II#10) - The eyes showed Clara a vision of the Tetrarchs of Entropy because Blaze's children where at the same place as them. Clara kept the eyes in through the attack by the Undead MC on the Quentin Carnival.

(Blaze II#11) - Clara used the eyes to show Blaze and the Punisher where the Undead MC where fleeing to. She kept the eyes in while hunting down the vampires.

(Blaze II#12) - Clara used the eyes to learn that the box guarded by the Undead MC had something powerful inside.She kept the eyes in during the fight. After the vampires' defeat she removed the Kristall Starrer's eyes, put them back in the jar and handed them over to Blaze. She had finally decided that she didn't want to be consumed by them.

--Blaze II#1 (Blaze II#9 (fb), Blaze II#1-8, Blaze II#9 (fb) Blaze II#9-12

images: (without ads)
Blaze II#9, p, pan (shadow form)
Blaze II#9, p9, pan3 (physical form)
Blaze II#9, p12, pan1 (head shot)
Blaze II#1, p9, pan4 (Eyes of the Kristall Starrer)

Blaze II#1-4 (August-November, 1994) - Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud LaRosa (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Blaze II#5 (December, 1994) - Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud LaRosa, Al Williamson & Hubbs (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Blaze II#6-8 (January-March, 1995) - Larry Hama (writer), Henry Martinez (pencils), Bud LaRosa (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Blaze II#9 (April, 1995) - Larry Hama (writer), Keith Pollard (pencils), Bill Reinhold (inks), Marie Javins (editor)
Blaze II#10-12 (May-July, 1995) - Larry Hama (writer), Gary Erskine (artist), Marie Javins (editor)

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