Type: Alien dimension

Environment: Essentially Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Kaa, Mister E, Primus, Soul Masters, Stara

Aliases: Shadowverse

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#79 (December, 1960)

Traits: Many of the residents of the Shadow Realm possess the ability to become "living shadows." In this form, they can alter their body's dimensions and form and become one with other shadows. By spreading their shadows into other people, they can take possession of them. Some of the residents of the Shadow Realm can shapeshift into any form using a special chemical.

History: (Strange Tales I#79 (fb)) - The two-dimensional people of the Shadow Realm discovered a chemical which allowed them to assume any form. They decided to use this to conquer Earth, and began sending scout ships in the shape of flying saucers to probe Earth, and sent out scouts amongst humanity. They began to assume the form of shadows in order to hide within humans' own shadows.

(Strange Tales I#79) - The invaders led by Kaa were discovered by scientist Phillip Lawson, and he was able to warn the United Nations of their intentions, and Kaa's invaders were all routed. Kaa himself escaped, and promised to return.

(Incredible Hulk II#184) - Kaa made another attempt at conquering humanity, but was opposed by the Hulk, and was driven out when sunlight removed the shadows he had hidden within.

(Champions#11 (fb)) - When Kaa recovered, he contacted the Shadow Realm to request assistance, and was given a new supply of soldiers. They set up a base in the Mesa of Lost Souls, and began possessing humans through their shadows. Their activities drew the attention of Hawkeye and the Two-Gun Kid.

(Champions#11) - The Champions joined Hawkeye and the Two-Gun Kid, and they fought Kaa and his forces together. Kaa was again seemingly destroyed while trying to possess Angel through his shadow, and the saucer containing Kaa's forces was destroyed by the Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)'s hellfire.

(Marvel Spotlight II#4 (fb)) - The Soul Masters of the Shadow Realm sent their Screamers into a neighboring dimension and over time, conquered its people. When resistance seemed to have died down, they annexed their dimension, making it a part of the Shadow Realm, and kept the survivors alive so that they could feed on their souls. Primus, whose father had been a resistance leader, informed them of Earth, which he had discovered because of the experiments of Dr. Lyman Shaw, who was sending out ultra-high sonic frequencies. He hoped to bargain this information for his people's lives.

(Marvel Spotlight II#4) - The Soul Masters sent their Screamers to Earth to kill Dr. Shaw as they prepared for an invasion, but Primus brought the hero Captain Mar-Vell to the Shadow Realm to help lead the resistance. Mar-Vell trained Primus' people and led an assault on the Soul Masters. During the battle, Primus and all of his men were slain, but so were the Soul Masters and Screamers, and Mar-Vell destroyed the machines the Soul Masters would have used to invade Earth. Mar-Vell managed to return to Earth before the rift between dimensions collapsed.

(Marvel Spotlight II#9) - Mister E invaded Earth from the Shadow Realm, taking control of the staff at Cape Canaveral so that he could make them transform the Solar Shuttle so that it would bombard the sun with negatron particles that would turn it into a black star. He was opposed by Captain Universe (Steve Coffin), who wrecked the shuttle, apparently killing Mister E.

(Defenders II#1 - BTS) - Kaa and his armies were brought to Earth by Yandroth and fought Alpha Flight in Ontario.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

The Shadow Realm is likely connected to the Darkforce Dimension in some way.

The Shadow Realm possibly first appeared in Tales of Suspense I#7, as the "Shadow World" from which an extra-dimensional invader hailed from. This creature was virtually identical to Kaa in terms of powers and appearance.

The Shadow Realm is possibly also the Shadow World home of the House of Shadows.

The story "If the Coat Fits" from Journey Into Mystery I#11 also features a Shadow World, although its citizens replace humans entirely as part of their invasion plans, and did not demonstrate a "living shadow" appearance.

The worlds of Kaa, Mister E and the Soul Masters were linked together by the Shadow Realm entry found in the Appendix: Other Dimensions of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#13.

Kaa was originally said to be from another world on the opposite side of the sun from Earth, rather like Counter-Earth, or the "Planet X" of Goom

by Prime Eternal

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