Real Name: Heinrich Himmler

Identity/Class: Deceased human soul-enhanced by magic (World War II, modern era);
   citizen of Germany

Occupation: Agent of Satannish; former Nazi official, head of the S.S. and the Gestapo, German minister of the interior 

Group Membership: None; formerly Lethal Legion (Axe of Violence, Cyana, Coldsteel);
(during his life) Nazi Party, the Gestapo (commanded them, defunct), the Schutzstaffel (AKA the Black Shirts or the S.S., commanded them, defunct)

Affiliations: Adolf Hitler (former commander, legally deceased), August Hirt, Oculist, Kristall Starrer, School for Spies and Saboteurs (including Von Schmeer), Von Bacht;
(as Zyklon) Hangman (Jason Roland), Satannish;
former possession of Mephisto

Enemies: Avengers West Coast (Hawkeye, Mockingbird/H'rpra, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, US Agent, War Machine), Mephisto, Heinrich von Brenner

Known Relatives: See comments

Aliases: None known (to me)

Base of Operations: Satannish's hell;
   formerly Mephisto's Hell;
   formerly Mobile in Germany during World War II

First Appearance: (Himmler mentioned) Captain America Comics#25 (April, 1943); (seen) Sub-Mariner Comics#10/3 (Summer 1943); (as Zyklon) Avengers West Coast#98 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Himmler's physical abilities were all enhanced by Satannish.  He could fly and project lethal gas from his mask or gauntlets.  This gas was presumably similar to the Zyklon-B gas he used during World War II.  His powers could be augmented or drained by Satannish as the demon saw fit.

History: (Blaze II#9 (fb) ) - Just before World War II in 1938 when Austria had joined the Third Reich, the Oculist was a young boy working as a lab assistant for the Kristall Starrer. One day Heinrich Himmler stopped by to see what progress the scientist had made and was so impressed that he granted him 10,000 additional Reichsmark to the grant that had already been given to the Kristall Starrer by Adolf Hitler.

(Historical) - Heinrich Himmler was notorious for his role as one of Adolf Hitler's head assistants in the Third Reich of Nazi Germany during World War II. He was particularly known ordering the use of the deadly Zyklon-B gas to murder prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.
See comments for further history of Himmler.

(Miss Fury#4 (fb) ) - Hitler, Himmler and Goering learned that Brazilian rebels had obtained a substance that disintegrated metal. Suspecting it was Acrothorium, a discovery of the late Polish scientist Novak which had gone missing upon his demise, they sent Gruen of the Gestapo, a man reputed to be in better favor with Hitler than Himmler himself, to retrieve it before the Allies learned of its existence.

(X-Men Legacy I#249 (fb) ) - In October, 1941 Himmler was approached by biologist August Hirt, a fanatic biologist afraid it would be difficult to prove the inferiorirty of inferior races after they had been exterminated by the Nazis. He asked Himmler for a chance to choose 100 specimens among the undesirables in Auschwitz. After killing the subjects he wanted to preserve their skeletons and organs for future research. Himmler liked the idea and gave Hirt the opportunity to find his subjects in April, 1942.

(Captain America Comics#25/2 - BTS) - Following orders from a higher up at the Gestapo HQ Von Bacht destroyed a movie showing the atrocities from a concentration camp. Von Bacht claimed the order came from Himmler directly. He got captured by the Human Torch and Toro a short time later.

(Sub-Mariner Comics#10/3) - Heinrich Himmler taught some men at his infamous School for Spies and Saboteurs and was impressed with Von Schmeer, whom he sent to the US on an infiltration mission almost immediately. Von Schmeer was caught by Namor the Sub-Mariner.

(Men's Adventures#24/2) - Visiting the concentration camp Kesselwald Himmler informed Commandant Heinrich von Brenner that a traitor was among them. When an American flag and a medal fell out of Brenner's pocket Himmler and his adjutant believed him to be the traitor and made him a prisoner in his own camp unaware the items were slipped to Brenner by some of his victims. Brenner was killed in camp.

(Captain America Comics#49/1) - Late in the war, Hitler, Goebbels, Göring and Himmler visited the frontlines to personally inspect roughly 200 young Nazis who had undergone a year's rigorous special training. Per Himmler's instructions, they had been picked because they looked American, and had ensured each was instructed in the history and background of recently captured prisoners who had been murdered once it was established they had no families. As Himmler watched, Hitler then briefed these men, now wearing the uniforms taken from the slain U.S. soldiers and carrying their identity papers, instructing them that they would be sent to countries all over the world to undermine democracy, spread dissent and race hatred, and campaign for a soft peace with Germany, to ensure Nazi Germany's survival and leave it in a favorable position to rebuild for the next war.

(Avengers West Coast#100 (fb) - BTS) - After his death he was consigned to Hell, specifically a branch controlled by the demon Mephisto.

(Avengers West Coast#98) - Another demon, Satannish, stole his soul, along with four others to create his Lethal Legion in effort to gain vengeance on the Avengers West Coast for their previous defeat of him. Satannish imbued him with power, transforming him into Zyklon, and promised him and his allies they could return to true life if they could bring him the souls of the Avengers West. Zyklon participated in a brutal beating of US Agent.

(Avengers West Coast#99) - Zyklon and Coldsteel attacked Mockingbird and US Agent at Sunset Medical Center. He abducted Mockingbid and returned with the Lethal Legion to Satannish's realm.

(Avengers West Coast#100) - As Satannish had planned this drew the Avengers to his realm, where the Legion and Hangman defeated them.  However, Mephisto had sneaked into Satannish's realm within the form of Hawkeye, and attacked Satannish, demanding the stolen souls back.  Himmler and the other members had their powers drained by Satannish to return himself to full power to battle Mephisto. Powerless, they were easily rounded up by the Avengers.  However, Himmler and the rest of the Legion had the souls destroyed as both Mephisto and Satannish struggled to obtain them.

Comments: Himmler adapted by unidentified writer and Carl Pfeufer (artist). Zyklon created by Roy Thomas (writer), Dave Ross (pencils) and Tim Dzon (inks).

I think either Mephisto or Satannish could have duped the other and hidden the souls somewhere for future use.

Adolf Hitler's soul was also consigned to a Hellish realm following his death.  Whether this was Mephisto's version of Hell or another demons (See Satan) is not known.  Based upon the info provided in Hitler's entry, it can be hypothesized that Der Führer was not sent to Mephisto's realm, as he went around Hell looking for somebody to vouch for his worthiness, but wasn't able to find Himmler, who would have probably attested for his former commander.  Then again, the demon could have been Mephisto torturing Hitler with a pointless quest--demons are like that.--Kyle

Background history on the real Heinrich Himmler. Heinrich Himmler was survived by his wife and daughter Gudrun, who lived in Germany until 2018 and was closely associated with Neo-Nazi groups.

Spouse 'Margret Boden' (1926 - 23 May 1945) (his death)
One daughter: Gudrun Himmler Burwitz (marriage name), born in 1929.

"But, I keep waiting for Juan Peron, Francisco Franco, Doctor Salazar (he already has the doctor in his name!), Pinochet, and Battista to return as El Aguila villains............"

According to Alex Gunther: The insecticide used as a killing agent known as "Zyklon-B" is the German word for "cyclone" and was named because its killing effect when observed "went through like a cyclone."

In 1937, Himmler wrote a letter to all licensed German drivers warning them about drunk driving.

In the Life of Pope John Paul II, on page 11 there is somebody wearing glasses near Hitler while he gives a speech. This may be another appearance of Himmler.
--Per Degaton.

Thanks to Dagda for pointing out Himmler's appearances in Captain America Comics#25 (April 1943) and Sub-Mariner Comics#10 (Summer 1943).

   I'm less certain that it's him in Captain America Comics#25/2; the person identified by him is someone at Gestapo HQ, but while Himmler was the overall boss of said group, there would have been other senior officers who could give orders, and the guy identified as Himmler looks nothing like him.

The Ultimate Universe Himmler turned up in Ultimate Thor#1 (December, 2010), while the MCU (or MCU-adjacent) version turned up in Captain America: First Vengeance#2 (July, 2011). He also appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel#35: The Shadow (1988), which might debatedly be considered 616. The Noir version of Himmler appears in Spider-Man: Noir#4 (May, 2009).

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims, Luis Dantas and Loki.

Zyklon (Heinrich Himmler) should not be confused with:

images: (without ads)
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