Real Name: H'rpra

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Skrull) mutate

Occupation: Adventurer; secretly a Skrull infiltrator

Group Membership: Dead Sisters (Dead Girl, Moira MacTaggert, Gwen Stacy, U-Go Girl);
formerly Legion of the Unliving (Captain Mar-Vell, Dr. Druid, Hellcat, Swordsman/Jacques DuQuesne, Thunderstrike, Wonder Man), West Coast Avengers (Darkhawk/Chris Powell, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Living Lightning, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, US Agent/John Walker, Vision, War Machine/Jim Rhodes, Wonder Man), Skrull Empire

Affiliations: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Aquarian (Wundarr), Beast (Hank McCoy), Dr. Stephen Strange, Grasshopper, Hellcat, Hellstorm, Klaw, Dr. Myron MacLain, Mr. Sensitive, Monkey Joe, Morning Star, Phantom Rider (Lincoln Slade), Piano Player, Thunderbolts (Atlas/Erik Josten, Charcoal, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Jolt/Hallie Takahama, Mach-2/Abe Jenkins, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Songbird);
formerly Grim Reaper

EnemiesAlkhema, Battledroids, Demonswarm, Dr. Demonicus, Grim Reaper, Kraven (Sergei Kravinoff), Lethal Legion (Axe of Violence, Coldsteel, Cyana, Hangman/Jason Roland, Zyklon), Mephisto, Mockingbird (Barbara Morse), Mysterio (Quentin Beck), Pacific Overlords (Cybertooth, Irezumi, Jawbreaker, Kain, Kuroko), Pitiful One, Power Platoon, Quantum, Raksasa, Satannish, Ultron;
formerly Avengers (Captain America, Firestar, Giant-Man (Pym), Iron Man, Justice, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Vision, Wasp), Goliath (Erik Josten), Klaw, Morning Star

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Barbara "Bobbi" Morse Barton

Base of Operations: Heaven; (see comments)
formerly Arena of Tainted Souls in Mephisto's Hell;
formerly Avengers West Coast Compound
formerly somewhere in Skrull Empire

First Appearance: Avengers West Coast#91 (February, 1993) (see comments)

Powers/Abilities: As a Skrull she was a shapeshifter and underwent a process that made her Skrull nature virtually undetectable by scientific and mystical means. She possessed Mockingbird's memories and physical skills including gymnastics, several forms of martial arts, and her spy and pilot training enabling her to fly Quinjets, Skycycles and various SHIELD vehicles. She was a skilled archer and marksman with a variety of firearms and was proficient in the use of her battle-staves. She was knowledgeable in biology and spoke English and Spanish fluently.


(New Avengers: The Reunion#2 (fb) - BTS) - A Skrull posing as a bartender in Los Angeles sold Mockingbird a drink with a tracking device inside. After she drank it he informed his superiors and told them to prepare her replacement (memories and powers included, though powers wasn't that hard because Mockingbird has no superhuman abilities).

(Aengers West Coast#91/New Avengers: The Reunion#2 (fb) ) - In Death Valley during the Avengers West Coast's battle with Ultron, who had abducted Mockingbird to use her brain patterns as template for Alkhema, two Skrulls, including H'rpra approached a badly beaten up Mockingbird. H'rpra's partner took Mockingbird with him while H'rpra returned to the AWC as Mockingbird.

(Avengers West Coast#91) - When Clint asked "Bobbi" if she really wanted the divorce she told him she doesn't and kissed him. Mockingbird then joined the AWC to destroy Ultron and rewired a rocket they planned to use. Mockingbird stood by as their plan failed because the rocket could not destroy the Adamantium bodies of Ultron and Alkhema.

(Avengers West Coast#92) - Back at AWC Compound Clint and "Bobbi" spent the rest of the day together. Mockingbird jokingly told Clint that she didn't go through with the divorce because he gave the best back-rubs this side of a Tokyo Bath House. Clint finally forgave her about killing Phantom Rider (which this Mockingbird actually never did, but she knew about it). When Kuroko broke into the Compound Clint and "Bobbi" dressed up and caught her. She asked for help against Dr. Demonicus, then passed out. A short time later Goliath (Josten) attacked to get revenge on Wonder Man, Clint as Goliath fought him. Mockingbird shot Josten with an electrified arrow in the head and rammed him with a Skycycle to give Clint an opportunity to knock Josten out. After whipping up a sedative with a doctor to keep Josten unconscious, Mockingbird flew Clint back to the Compound. Back inside they showed the rest of the team to Kuroko, who told them Demonicus planned to destroy the world.

(Avengers West Coast#93) - Mockingbird and the rest of the WCA listened to Kuroko's story about her escape from Demonica. They failed to protect her from Klaw and Morning Star, who returned Kuroko to Demonica against her will. Moments later Mockingbird, Goliath (Barton) and USAgent decided to aid Iron Man, who had trouble with Battledroids at Stark International, and Mockingbird kicked some robot butt.

(Avengers West Coast#94) - Mockingbird, Goliath, USAgent and War Machine destroyed the last few Battledroids then returned to the Compound to join the rest of the AWC as an official UN delegation to Demonica. Kuroko suddenly told them that she returned on her own free will, but the AWC didn't believe anything and attacked Demonicus' Pacific Overlords. When Demonicus threatened the lives of the passengers of an airliner, which was forced to land on Demonica, the AWC agreed to leave. Demonicus asked Mockingbird and USAgent to stay on the island and come with him to the temple of the demon Raksasa. Though Mockingbird was handcuffed she could active her battle-staves, held by Kuroko, to hit Klaw, who was holding USAgent with a sound-construct. USAgent freed Mockingbird and together they fought the Pacific Overlords and Demonicus, who promised Raksasa the heroes wouldn't leave the cave alive.

(Avengers West Coast#95) - Kuroko knocked out Mockingbird while USAgent fought Morning Star outside the caves. Morning Star joined USAgent against Demonicus and they saved Mockingbird from being sacrificed to Raksasa. Morning Star also convinced Klaw to join them against Demonicus. Klaw's soundwaves damaged the caves beneath while Mockingbird fought Cybertooth. The heroes and their villanous allies united to enable the escape of the captured passengers and then escaped with a Quinjet themselves while Demonica sunk with Demonicus and the Pacific Overlords still on the island.

(Avengers West Coast#96) - Mockingbird watched Goliath (Barton) and Spider-Woman (Carpenter) in a training fight when War Machine arrived and stopped them because their gardener Roberto was under some rubble next to them (He got attacked by Living Lightning, who was influenced by the Goddess. Infinity War tie-in!) Mockingbird thanked him and then tried to call the Scarlet Witch, but couldn't reach her on the phone. Fearing something had happened to her as well Mockingbird, Clint and War Machine left to visit her and were immediately assaulted by the Scarlet Witch (the Goddess' influence again!), who left after using her magic on Clint. Mockingbird barely escaped the building alive when Clint didn't realize the Scarlet Witch put a hex on him that made him grow when he attempted to shrink. They soon joined up with War Machine and Spider-Woman after USAgent and Living Lightning left to join the Goddess as well. Afterward Clint and "Bobbi" had a coffee at the shopping center and were attacked by the Power Platoon.

(Avengers West Coast#97) - Mockingbird, Goliath and War Machine fought the Power Platoon and caught them when War Machine cut them off from direct sunlight. After Goliath decided to return to his Hawkeye identity Mockingbird got some info on the Power Platoon. Quantum arrived to break out the Power Platoon with Wundarr's aid. The Power Platoon and Wundarr stopped fighting and left when Quantum ordered them to kill the heroes (the Goddess' influence made them see that killing was wrong). Quantum threatened them before leaving!

(Wonder Man II#24) - Mockingbird aided in the search for Wonder Man.

(Avengers West Coast Annual#8) - Mockingbird joined the AWC at San Francisco's Coit Tower to follow an anonymous tip regarding Ultron and Alkhema. They all fell under Ultron's control! Ultron sent Mockingbird and War Machine to Mexico to place one of his volcano activators there. Living Lightning and Tigra were unable to stop them and were captured and returned to Ultron's base. Iron Man's attack on Ultron broke Ultron's control over the other WCA members, who defeated Ultron with Alkhema's aid (she was the one tipping the AWC off at the start of the story and worked against Ultron all along...even though she is really EVIL).

(Avengers West Coast#98) - Mockingbird was shocked when Hawkeye stepped down as AWC chairman to take some time off with Mockingbird. Mockingbird nominated Scarlet Witch to succeed him and she got the job. They left the Compound soon after.

(Avengers West Coast#99) - Mockingbird and Hawkeye joined the AWC when they visited USAgent in hospital after he was attacked by Mephisto's Lethal Legion. Mockingbird stood by as Hawkeye berated USAgent for not being a team player. Mockingbird visited USAgent again and he tried to leave hospital, but they were assaulted by the Legion's Coldsteel and Zyklon. The latter abducted Mockingbird while the former fled when the rest of the AWC arrived. Scarlet Witch used a spell to open a gateway to Satannish's realm, but the Legion and Satannish threatened Mockingbird's life and dared the AWC to enter. Mephisto then appeared and made the AWC an offer.

(Avengers West Coast#100) - Mephisto sent the AWC to Satannish's realm and hid inside Hawkeye. When the AWC arrived there Mockingbird told them to leave because they couldn't save her, but the AWC fought on until most of the team were captured. Mephisto left Hawkeye to fight Satannish for the Lethal Legion's souls, who originally belonged to Mephisto. Mephisto freed the AWC, including Mockingbird, and they fought the Legion on Mephisto's behalf. Mephisto and Satannish inadvertently destroyed the souls while fighting over them. When Mephisto attempted to betray the AWC by taking their souls the team fled back to Earth, but a vengeful Mephisto spit Hellfire through the portal and struck down Mockingbird when she jumped in the line of fire to protect Hawkeye (The Skrull's feelings to Hawkeye became too real for her own good. Poor Mockingskrull!). She died shortly after in Hawkeye's arms. Days later the team attended her funeral.

(Thunderbolts 2000 (fb) - BTS) - A demon fleeing from Mephisto's Hell was carrying one of Mockingbird's battle-staves when Hellstorm encountered him.

(Avengers III#10) - The Grim Reaper summoned the spirit of Mockingbird as part of his newest Legion of the Unliving to take revenge on the Avengers and the world for his life and death. Facing off against the current Avengers roster the Legion defeated them. Mockinbird fought Justice, but only defeated him due to Druid's aid.

(Avengers III#11) - After defeating the Avengers the Legion moved into Avengers Mansion. Mockingbird threatened a tied up Jarvis when the Scarlet Witch arrived. The Legion knocked her out as well and threatened to kill her when she regained consciousness, but the Witch used her powers to undo the Reaper's control over the Legion, who returned to the Reaper to free the Avengers and aid them against their former master and his demons. When the Scarlet Witch closed the rift created by the Grim Reaper the undead Avengers returned to Hell including Mockingbird, who attempted to give the Avengers a message for Hawkeye, but failed to do so.

(Thunderbolts 2000 (fb) ) - Contacted by Hellstorm Mockingbird told him that Mephisto was going to use Patsy Walker as a pawn to kill Hellstorm and that he should ask Hawkeye to help him.

(Thunderbolts 2000 - BTS) - Hellstorm did as he was told and sent Anton Devine to contact Hawkeye and send him to Hellstorm's Fire Lake mansion.

(Thunderbolts 2000) - Hellstorm told Hawkeye about the demon, but not about his meeting with Mockingbird. A demon posing as Swordsman lured Hawkeye to Mephisto's realm where Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts, who followed him there with Pluto's help, to free Patsy, though Hawkeye still believed it to be Mockingbird. Nearly overpowered by a horde of souls Hawkeye was saved by Mockingbird, who tossed one of her battle-staves, imbued with chaos energy, down to him. Hawkeye tied the stave to an arrow and shot Mephisto with it, enabling Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts to flee with the mysterious woman they came to save. When they returned to Earth and realized that it was Patsy and not Mockingbird Hawkeye was pissed at Hellstorm, who defended himself by telling Hawkeye that he did what Mockingbird wanted him to do.

(Hellcat I#3) - Hellcat returned to Hell to meet with Mockingbird in the Arena of Tainted Souls in an attempt to get her out of Mephisto's Hell, but Mockingbird decided to stay because she deserved to be in Hell, but not for killing Phantom Rider.....and we never learned what it actually was, but with the Skrull retcon, which wasn't planned at that point, it could now be said that her being a Skrull spy was the reason.

(GLA#4) - Doorman encountered Mockingbird in the void of oblivion where she played cards with other deceased Great Lakes Avengers including Dinah Soar, Monkey Joe and Grasshopper.

(Dead Girl#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Mockingbird moved to Heaven and joined the Dead Sisters club.

(Dead Girl#1) - Mockingbird hung out with Gwen Stacy and Dead Girl in Heaven.

(Dead Girl#2) - The Dead Sisters' book club including Gwen, Mockingbird and Moira MacTaggert met to talk about the novel Ulysses. Mockingbird didn't finish it, but that wasn't the only problem of the day because Dead Girl, who was known to skip complicated books, was late. When Dead Girl arrived at the meeting with Dr. Strange the other Dead Sisters were all over him because they haven't seen a life man for some time. Dead Girl asked the Dead Sisters to join her to deal with the threat posed by undead troublemakers led by Pitiful One, but Mockingbird was reluctant to go to the Lower Depths (nobody wants to return to Hell).

(Dead Girl#3) - Moira, Mockingbird and Gwen found U-Girl and led her to Dead Girl and her team to teleport them to safety when they were fighting Mysterio and Kraven.

(Dead Girl#4) - Mockingbird and the other Dead Sisters aided Strange in finding the Pitiful One's address in Hell's level of dead bureaucrats. Gwen Stacy eventually found his address in Hell (at the Hotel of Self-Loathing).

(Dead Girl#5) - Mockingbird, Gwen and Moire decided they had done enough and returned to Heaven for their book club meeting while Dead Girl and her team traveled to the Hotel of Self-Loathing to defeat the Pitiful One.

Comments: Created by Brian Michael Bendis, Jim McCann & others (that liked the idea to bring back Mockingbird).

This profile is written under the assumption that the Mockingbird seen in Hell & Heaven is the Skrull on not something else!

The exact point of Mockingbird's replacement was revealed in Avengers: The Reunion#2 (June, 2009). The concept of Mockingbird being replaced in the past by a Skrull first appeared in Secret Invasion#8 (January, 2009). Hawkeye didn't know until New Avengers: The Reunion#2 that Mockingbird actually had their divorce papers with her before she was abducted by Ultron and then the Skrulls.

H'rpra's real name was revealed in the update section of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#1 Softcover under the Avengers' update.

How did she end up in Heaven? Did she eventually atone for her sins during her battles in the Arena of Tainted Souls? Maybe Hellstorm had something to do with it, but we don't know for sure!
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Mockingbird (H'rpra) should not be confused with:

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