Real Name: Helen "Hallie" Takahama

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer;
former Burger Planet cashier, student

Group Membership: None;
formerly Young Allies (Bucky/Rikki Barnes, I.Q., Kid Colt/Elric Freedom, the Rip, Toro/Benito Serrano), Redeemers (Beetle/Leila Davis, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Charcoal, Citizen V/John Watkins III/Helmut Zemo, Fixer/Paul Norbert Ebersol, Meteorite/Valerie Barnhardt, Scream, Smuggler/Conrad Josten), Thunderbolts (Atlas/Erik Josten, Charcoal, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, MACH-2/Abe Jenkins, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Songbird/Melissa Gold)

Affiliations: Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Firestar/Angelica Jones, Giant Man/Hank Pym, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Justice/Vance Astrovic, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Thor/Odinson, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Vision, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Commission on Superhuman Activities, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Doc Samson (Leonard Samson), Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom), Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Heather Hudson of Earth-3470, Longshot, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295, Power Princess/Zarda of Earth-712, Spider-Man/Miguel O'Hara of Earth-6375), Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Firebird (Bonita Juarez), Ghost, Heroes for Hire (Luke Cage, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, White Tiger), Jikekt, Keka'akeluak, Dr. Vasily Khandruvitch, Lightning Rods (Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar), Machine Man (X-51), Magdalene, New Warriors (Firestar/Angelica Jones, Darkhawk/Chris Powell, Justice/Vance Astrovich, Night Thrasher/Dwayne Taylor, Nova/Richard Rider, Rage/Elvin Haliday, Speedball/Robbie Baldwin), Ogre (Brian Dunlap), Alex Power, Rebel (Connor O'Reilly) of Counter-Earth, Dallas Riordan, Scourge (Jack Monroe), SHIELD (G.W. Bridge, Radek, others), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Swordsman (Phillip Jarvert), Techno, Thunderbolts (Atlas/Erik Josten, Baron Zemo/Helmut Zemo, Blackheath/Sam Smithers, Fixer/P. Norbert Ebersol, Moonstone/Karla Sofen, Songbird/Melissa Gold, Vantage/Dallas Riordan), Young Avengers (Loki, Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Hulkling/Teddy Altman, Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, Miss America/America Chavez, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Wiccan/Billy Kaplan);
      formerly her friends from school (Adam, Aidan, Chester, Elisa, Gaye, Scott)

Enemies: Anomaly (Koyami Sazaki), Atlanteans (Queen Dorma, others) of Counter-Earth (Franklin), Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo), Dominex, Elements of Doom, Graviton (Franklin Hall), Growing Man, Hercules (Heracles), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Hulk robot (not the Eternals' one), Humus Sapien, Hydra (Baron Strucker/Wolfgang von Strucker, Horst Eisele, others), Imperial Forces of America/Royalist Forces of America/Secret Empire (Brute Force, Cheer Chadwick, Hesperus Chadwick, William Taurey, Shocktroopers), Jury (Bomblast, Firearm, Ramshot, Sentry/Curtis Elkins, USAgent/John Walker, Wysper), Kobik, Kosmosians, Masters of Evil (Aqueduct, Bison, Blackwing/Joseph Manfredi, Boomerang/Fred Myers, Cardinal/Donald Clendenon, Constrictor/Frank Schlichting, Crimson Cowl/Justine Hammer, Cyclone/Pierre Fresson, Dragonfly/Veronica Dultry, Eel/Edward Lavell, Flying Tiger, Gypsy Moth/Sybil Dvorak, Icemaster, Joystick, Klaw, Lodestone, Man-Ape, Man-Killer, Quicksand, Scorcher, Shatterfist, Shockwave, Slyde/Jalome Beacher, Sunstroke, Supercharger, Tiger Shark), Masters of Evil (Bulldozer/Henry Camp, Klaw/Ulysses Klaw, Man-Killer/Katrina Luisa Van Horne, Piledriver/Brian Calusky, Thunderball/Eliot Franklin, Tiger Shark/Todd Arliss, Whiplash/Anton Vanko, Wrecker/Dirk Garthwait), Onslaught (indirectly), Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert) of Earth-58163, Rat Pack, Rip (O & K) of Counter-Earth (Franklin), Sentinels, SHIELD (Mandroids, others), Sky Raiders, Techno, Thunderbolts of Counter-Earth (Baron Zemo/Heinrich Zemo, Chain Lightning, Iron Cross/Helmut Zemo, Makeshift, Phantom Eagle/Lloyd Bloch, Solarr), Young Avengers (from many parallel Earths), Arnim Zola & his mutates;
      formerly Avengers (Captain America/Steve Rogers, Giant Man/Hank Pym, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Thor/Odinson, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne), G.W. Bridge, Charcoal, Commission on Superhuman Activities, Dr. Vasily Khandruvitch, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Lightning Rods (Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar), Marsten and other school bullies, Scourge (Jack Monroe), Young Allies (Bucky/Rikki Barnes, Toro/Benito Serrano)

Known RelativesRobert Takahama (father, deceased), Jane Takahama (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Holly Tsuruta, Hallie Shimosato

Base of Operations: Mobile on Earth;
   formerly Attilan of Counter-Earth (Franklin);
   formerly Mt. Charteris, Burton Canyon, Colorado;
   formerly several cabins in the Colorado Rockies;
   formerly the space station Samarobryn;
   formerly Four Freedoms Plaza, New York City

First Appearance: (Hallie) Thunderbolts I#1 (April, 1997); (as Jolt) Thunderbolts I#4 (July, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Jolt can change into pure bio-electrical energy, enabling her to discharge energy blasts and fly. She possesses enhanced strength (lifting just under a ton), supersoniclevel speed, and reflexes. Before her "death" her powers consisted of hyperkinetic agility, allowing her to move with superhuman speed and to jump great distances. Due to this, her metabolism caused a build-up in her system of bio-electric energies, which she could redistribute through her body as a shock against those that touched her. In this form, it was believed she could absorb virtually any form of energy to replenish and enhance her strength and speed; whether that applies to her current form remains unrevealed. Jolt possesses a near-encyclopedic knowledge of modern costumed superhumans. For an extended duration, Jolt's human form was partially paralyzed and she walked with a cane; as a result, she spent most of her time in energy form.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 109 lbs.
Eyes: Brown; (energy form) white
Hair: Black; (energy form) none


(Thunderbolts: Distant Rumbling#-1) - Robert and Jane Takahama moved with their young daughter Hallie into an apartment in Manhattan, New York City. Hallie loved to watch the lightning through the window.

(Thunderbolts I#6 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Hallie heard in an interview with Falcon (Sam Wilson) about the Avengers' fight with the Elements of Doom.

(Thunderbolts I#7 (fb) - BTS) - Jolt had been following the mutant Firestar's career.

(Thunderbolts I#10 (fb) - BTS) - <One year before Thunderbolts I#10> Hallie participated in a field trip to Four Freedoms Plaza.

(Thunderbolts I#30 (fb) ) - Hallie went to high school in Manhattan and was a happy teenage girl with friends.

(Thunderbolts I#33 (fb) ) - On her 15th birthday Hallie was at school hanging out with her kind-of-boyfriend Aidan. When bullies attacked her friend Chester she defended him. Returning home her friends Aidan, Chester, Adam, Scott, Elisa, Gaye and her parents held a surprise party for Hallie.

(Thunderbolts I#33 (fb)/Thunderbolts I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Her friends and parents were killed in front of Hallie by an energy blast from a Sentinel under Onslaught's control. She saw her friends and family's broken bodies lying on the street.

(Thunderbolts I#33 (fb) ) - Running down to the street in a panic Hallie found the bullies from school, including Marsten, smashed by concrete as well. Hallie rounded up all the abandoned children she could find and took them to her high school's basement where they would be safe. They got trapped inside when school above got destroyed. Eventually they managed to dig out.

(Thunderbolts I#4 (fb)/Thunderbolts I#33 (fb) ) - Trapped in Manhattan's ravaged neighborhoods with other children. Hallie protected the younger children and provided them with food while the mercenaries known as Rat Pack caught more and more of the children.

(Thunderbolts I#1) - Hallie watched a news crew reporting across the street while hiding in a ruin, but before she could run across the street a member of the Rat Pack used chloroform to knock her out then dragged her away.

(Thunderbolts I#1 - BTS) - The Rat Pack delivered Hallie to Arnim Zola.

(Thunderbolts I#4 (fb) ) - Hallie heard from her cell the screams of the other children, who were experimented on by Arnim Zola.

(Thunderbolts I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Zola's mutates periodically dragged Hallie out of her cell for experiments.

(Thunderbolts I#4 (fb) ) - Though Hallie never saw Zola his experiments on her made her feel like she was torn apart from the inside.

(Thunderbolts I#2) - Hallie was once again dragged from her cell by Zola's mutates for more tests.

(Thunderbolts I#4 (fb) ) - Using the speed and energy powers she had gained through Zola's experiments Hallie escaped from the mutates and the castle.

(Thunderbolts I#3) - Hallie hid from the mutates in the woods then headed south to find help.

   Hallie broke into Four Freedoms Plaza and got caught by the security system. The Thunderbolts released her and showing off her new powers told them she was searching for the Fantastic Four because she needed their help and would force the Thunderbolts to bring her to the F4 if she needed to.

(Thunderbolts I#4 (fb) ) - After learning her story the Thunderbolts agreed to help Hallie save her friends. Songbird took Hallie to Techno, who was working on a uniform synthesizer, to get new clothes.

(Thunderbolts I#4 (fb) - BTS) - Hallie received a costume and the codename Jolt. Meteorite warned that aiding Jolt would cause problems because she made the former villains forget that they were actually just role playing as heroes.

(Thunderbolts I#4) - Following Jolt's instructions the Thunderbolts found the castle she was kept at and broke into it. They fought their way through mutates until they found Arnim Zola himself. When all his mutates were not enough to defeat the Thunderbolts on their own Zola merged the mutates into one giant monstrosity. Looking at the eyes of the monster Jolt realized that the mutates were her former friends and stopped the Thunderbolts from attacking the monster. She asked the monster to try to reverse whatever Zola did to them, but instead the monster blew itself up to prevent itself from hurting Jolt. Without further defenses the Thunderbolts captured Zola, who to Jolt's shock made all these horrific experiments just for science.

   Later in front of the press Citizen V (Zemo) officially asked Jolt to join the Thunderbolts and she accepted the offer.

(Thunderbolts '97) - Jolt trained in front of the Thunderbolts then asked the team how Citizen V had put them together. Citizen V told her to meet him after a shower in his office so he could tell her the Thunderbolts' story. Without telling her who he or the other Thunderbolts actually were Zemo told her how he had recruited the rest of the team, even saving one of them (Atlas) from another dimension. Jolt was glad Citizen V had told her everything and then went to Techno so he could explain the readouts on her powers to her.

(Thunderbolts I#5) - Jolt and the other Thunderbolts went out to the city while they had some time off. Sofen joined Hallie and offered her psychological help whenever Jolt needed it. Jolt told Meteorite that she was scared that if she didn't keep her powers in check she would explode. At that moment Hallie actually blew up a newsday stand causing people to recognize her as Jolt and asking for autographs. When Hallie seemed unable to cope with the situation Karla transformed into Meteorite and joined Hallie in giving autographs to the crowd surrounding them.

   On the order of Baron Strucker Hydra agents sent the Growing Man against Meteorite and Jolt. They were soon joined by the other Thunderbolts in their battle against the Growing Man and ultimately forced the growing threat to revert into its unhatched capsule form.

(Thunderbolts I#6) - Karla helped Hallie put up posters in her room. Karla was glad that Hallie considered Karla as a replacement for her mother.

   A short time later Dallas Riordan called the Thunderbolts for help against the Elements of Doom. The T-Bolts split up to deal with simultaneous attacks by the Elements of Doom and Jolt joined Atlas, Citizen V and Songbird at Madison Square Garden. Jolt recognized the Elements of Doom as old Avengers foes she had once heard about in an interview with Falcon. Jolt was instrumental in defeating Iron and the other Elements of Doom preventing her and her fellow Thunderbolts from reaching the Elements' hostages. Jolt and the others saved as many hostages as possible from the poisonous Elements and eventually forced the Elements of Doom to retreat from Madison Square Garden. Back at Four Freedoms Plaza Riordan gave the T-Bolts another call and Jolt told her that Techno could easily find the Elements of Doom, due to the radioactive elements. Jolt was shocked when Citizen V refused to help any further against the Elements of Doom because his team didn't receive access to the Avengers' files as he had requested.

(Thunderbolts I#7 (fb) ) - Seeing an opportunity to drive a wedge between Citizen V and the rest of the Thunderbolts Meteorite sided with Jolt and convinced Techno to find the Elements of Doom and attack them.

(Thunderbolts I#7) - Jolt flew into battle with the Thunderbolts. They found the Elements of Doom's citadel in Central Park and immediately got attacked by some Elements. Jolt got caught by Copper, who channeled her electricity though himself to blast Meteorite and MACH-1. The Elements brought the captured Thunderbolts into their citadel and shackled them to a wall. Jolt whispered to Songbird to create solid-sound gauntlets, so she could escape her shackles later. The captured heroes were surprised when Dr. Khandruvitch appeared on a screen and started to gloat about his Elements of Doom to them and then witnessed how the Elements turned on their creator and revealed that they would turn the Thunderbolts and all other humans into Element-drones. Songbird dissolved her solid-sound gauntlets then freed the other T-Bolts. Jolt was shocked when the Element Iron appeared in their cell and snapped Techno's neck.

(Thunderbolts I#8) - The Elements recaptured Jolt and Meteorite after Techno was slain. Some time later the robotic Techno, with the original Techno's mind backup, freed Jolt and the other Thunderbolts and showed them that Songbird had found Dr. Khandruvitch, who was now working with them to stop the Elements of Doom. Minutes later Jolt lured Hafnium into an attack by MACH-1. Jolt took a quarter-kilo of Hafnium and brought it to Khandruvitch and Techno for their machine to destroy the Elements. The T-Bolts escaped the citadel and Techno used the destabilization ray Khandruvitch had built on to his robot body to destroy the Elements of Doom. Atlas then tossed lead on to the radioactive Elements, who were hot enough to melt the lead and keep the radioactive elements encased inside lead. After the final battle Jolt got to talk to Firestar, whose career she had been following.

(Incredible Hulk II#459 - BTS) - Members of the Thunderbolts sealed off a hole created a fight between Hulk and Abomination in the Midtown Tunnel.

(Heroes Reborn: The Return#2) - Jolt fought alongside the Thunderbolts, Hercules and Doc Samson the out-of-control Hulk in Central Park until he fled.

(Thunderbolts I#10) - At a press conference with the Thunderbolts it was made official that the National Security Council and United Nations had granted the team Paragon-Level security clearance. Moments later G.W. Bridge led a SHIELD's attack on the Thunderbolts, revealing that they were actually Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. Jolt, who was unaware of their true identities up to this point, couldn't believe what was happening. The Thunderbolts fled the authorities and Jolt followed them after she was nearly apprehended because she had been part of the Thunderbolts.

   After stealing a raincoat Jolt walked through the streets and watched on TV how the Thunderbolts' security clearance was revoked. Jolt still couldn't believe that her heroic friends were actually hardened criminals and ran to Four Freedoms Plaza. She hid in the ventilation system and watched Baron Zemo and reunite at Four Freedoms Plaza with the other Thunderbolts. When they fled the building in the Thundership Jolt hid in the storage locker and only heard Zemo blowing up the top floors of Four Freedoms Plaza.

(Thunderbolts I#11) - Jolt hid out in the ventilation system on a former Advanced Idea Mechanics installation Zemo had turned into his team's temporary base. Jolt listened to her former teammates. Some of them didn't like Zemo's plan while Zemo blew up rockets with the press of a button in the Carnelian countryside. She was shocked at how much Zemo was enjoying the destruction. Jolt eventually confronted Meteorite, Atlas, MACH-1 and Songbird and realizing they were not into Zemo's plan at all told them that she had a plan how to take him down. When Zemo and Techno entered the room Atlas sided with them and Zemo knocked the others out with a device Techno had come up with. He then ordered Atlas and Techno to murder the other Thunderbolts. During the fight Jolt destroyed Techno's cloaking module of the satellite, but Techno still caught her, controlling the satellite's cables. Jolt's plan seemingly worked when the Avengers and Fantastic Four arrived on the satellite, but they were already under control of Zemo's bio-modem and fighting for him.

(Thunderbolts I#12) - With Jolt's side outnumbered Zemo was going to shoot her in the head, but Atlas stopped Zemo and helped Jolt and the other Thunderbolts escape Zemo and his mind-controlled heroes. They took the Avengers' Quinjet and fled to the Samarobryn Station, a creation of Egghead. There they started planning and Iron Man, who had only faked to be under Zemo's control, joined them. Jolt came up with a risky plan and Iron Man and MACH-1 created a device to block the bio-modem's signal in a 300-yard radius. The Thunderbolts invaded Zemo's base and attacked the Avengers and Fantastic Four, who were due to Iron Man's device not under Zemo's control anymore. While the others fought the heroes Jolt and Meteorite went to destroy the bio-modem, but Techno had moved it. Meteorite distracted Techno long enough for Mr. Fantastic locating the station's central processing unit, which the Scarlet Witch destroyed. Jolt escaped the base with the Thunderbolts and returned to Samarobryn, which MACH-1 flew to the Avengers and Fantastic Four, who had barely escaped the destruction of Zemo's base inside Mr. Fantastic, who had turned himself into a blue sphere around the heroes. Despite saving the heroes Captain America made it clear that the Thunderbolts would have to stand trial for their crimes, but before they could be apprehended the Thunderbolts were teleported to Kosmos.

(Thunderbolts I#13) - Teleported in front of the Kosmosian ruler Jekuakkekt the Thunderbolts were considered guests until Keka'akeluak recognized Atlas as the "Intruder from Beyond" and sent the army against them. The Thunderbolts fled and found many burned down villages and battles between Kosmosians. Stranded on Kosmos the Thunderbolts were eventually found by the young prince Jikekt, who told them about Kang enslaving his people to build the Growing Men and that his people had teleported the Thunderbolts to Kosmos because they were the last to fight a Growing Man on Earth, not knowing that Atlas had been one of them. Jolt was against Atlas sacrificing himself so the others were allowed to leave and suggested the whole team would return to the palace and explain to the Kosmosian that Atlas was not an intruder after surrendering.

   Back at the palace the Thunderbolts allowed themselves to be handcuffed. The Kosmosians demanded their death, but Jekuakket ordered them to be interrogated about Kang. Meteorite fled the cell and made a deal with Jekuakket's vizier Keka'akeluak.

(Thunderbolts I#14) - Jikekt promised to Jolt that his father would find a way to keep the Thunderbolts alive, but Jolt didn't believe him because she knew that he had to kill them to keep the peace on Kosmos. When Meteorite returned she told Jolt that she had been right that the team had to stick together when they were back on Earth. The Thunderbolts watched as Kosmosian rebels invaded the city. On Jekuakket's request the Thunderbolts aided his Elite Guard against the rebels. During the battle Jolt got distracted by the violence and Atlas had to save her. The fights continued until Jolt defeated the rebel leader L'klekk'tak. She and Atlas took L'klekk'tak back to the palace, but while they were on their way Meteorite slew the Kosmosian ruler Jekuakket as part of her deal with Keka'akeluak, who took over Jekuakket's position in the process. To Jolt's surprise Keka'akeluak blamed L'klekk'tak for Jekuakket's death, continuing the warfare. As part of the deal Keka'akeluak teleported the Thunderbolts back to Earth.

(Thunderbolts I#15) - Back on Earth the Thunderbolts hid out in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Karla convinced Hallie that though Hallie could get off lightly the others would go to prison because nobody cared about how the Thunderbolts had stopped Zemo. Jolt was glad when everyone agreed to stay together as the heroic Thunderbolts. Because Hallie didn't want anyone from the team to do anything illegal Karla suggestd they get new identities and real jobs so they could live. Mach-1 used a buried stash to give himself and the team a start with forged papers Karla got for the team at a bar in Denver. Now known as Holly Tsuruta Hallie got a job as a cashier at Burger Planet.

   A few days later Hallie found a note Atlas had left under her door. He had left because he felt he would only bring down the team. Shortly after the Thunderbolts were found by SHIELD, who fought the Thunderbolts until the ran away and right into the arms of the Lightning Rods.

(Thunderbolts I#16) - The Thunderbolts defeated the Lightning Rods. Jolt easily knocked out Doorman with her bio-electric powers. Afterward the Thunderbolts posed, while standing in the shadows, as the Lightning Rods in front of SHIELD. Jolt as Flatman and the others were convincing enough for SHIELD. G.W. Bridge ordered to ready the prisoners for transport while the disguised Thunderolts just left.

   The next day on the outskirts of Colorado Springs Jolt and the others discussed what they would do next while listening to the news. SHIELD would continue the hunt while members of the Avengers revealed that the Thunderbolts might've rebelled against Zemo. When they learned from the news that the Hulk was rampaging through Wyoming the Thunderbolts were going after him for some good press. They found him in Cottonwood, Wyoming and fought him until they realized it was actually a Hulk robot, which was secretly sent to lure them to Wyoming by Baron Zemo.

(Thunderbolts I#17) - The Thunderbolts kept fighting the Hulk robot. Shortly after the Lightning Rods appeared Moonstone got tackled by the Hulk robot, who absorbed a vast amount of her energy until the robot disappeared and got replaced by Graviton, who was now back on Earth which had been Zemo's plan all along. Graviton assaulted both teams mercilessly knocking out Jolt with a gravimetric whirlwind of debris. After both teams were defeated and unable to defend themselves anymore Graviton gloated until Atlas jumped from a plan on to him, interrupting his concentration and freeing the Thunderbolts and Lightning Rods from him. Moonstone gave a speech to Graviton that he lacked vision and only fought heroes for no reason, resulting in Graviton leaving and searching for something more ambitious to do. Jolt finally flipped and confronted Moonstone about always putting problems off and making everything worse because Graviton would eventually return more dangerous the same way Moonstone's actions had turned Kosmos in a warlike paranoid place determined to conquer Earth. Moonstone quickly calmed down the situation and the Thunderbolts left the city without the Lightning Rods going after them.

(Thunderbolts I#18 (fb) - BTS) - The Thunderbolts moved into an old cabin in the Colorado Rockies Songbird owned a fake name.

(Thunderbolts I#18) - Jolt talked to Atlas a bit and thanked him for saving her life from Zemo then gave him hope that he was going to fix his problems and stay strong with the Thunderbolts because she believed in him. They were observed by Cyclone when they returned to the cabin. Cyclone attacked the Thunderbolts and fought them until Jolt knocked him out with a bio-electricity surge. When he woke up again he immediately escaped. Jolt followed him on Moonstone's orders and called the Thunderbolts when Cyclone halted at a warehouse on the outskirts of a small town. At the warehouse they got into a fight with Crimson Cowl's new Masters of Evil and were defeated. Flying Tiger knocked Jolt unconscious. When the Thunderbolts woke up again Crimson Cowl offered them a chance to join her team. She gave them time to consider it and allowed the Thunderbolts to leave. Jolt was worried that some members of the Thunderbolts would actually take Crimson Cowl's offer.

(Thunderbolts I#19 (fb) ) - The Thunderbolts stopped an armed robbery at the First Western Bank in Boulder, Colorado and it made the news.

(Thunderbolts I#19) - The Thunderbolts watched the news and Gayle Rogers asking people about their opinion on the Thunderbolts. The public still didn't trust the Thunderbolts giving the team even more reason to join up with Crimson Cowl. Jolt began to cry and screamed at them because she was sick at playing their cheerleader and trying to convince them that they could be more than criminals. When three teenagers (Angie, Danny, J.B.) from Burton Canyon arrived at the Thunderbolts' door to ask them for help against a militia calling itself the Imperial Forces, who were recruiting people all over the area to fight against the US government, the Thunderbolts agreed to help them. Jolt joined them on the mission and after looking at the burning town Atlas suggested to infiltrate the area in civilian clothes. A police officer informed the Imperial Forces of the visitors he couldn't just turn away and the Imperial Forces sent Charcoal and some Shocktroopers to capture them and bring them to countless other prisoners. Abe signalled Moonstone, who brought the team their costumes. The Thunderbolts then fought Charcoal and Shocktroopers at the town. During the fight Jolt stopped Atlas from using a car against Charcoal because they had just borrowed (stolen) the car. The Masters of Evil arrived and Klaw blew the car to pieces before Man-Killer told the Thunderbolts that Crimson Cowl would want an answer from them soon. Charcoal escaped. Though Jolt feared the Masters' interference would drive the Thunderbolts more towards them it actually infuriated her teammembers, who felt the Masters had stolen them a victory and Moonstone suggested to go up against them.

(Thunderbolts I#20) - In Fort Worth, Texas the Thunderbolts attacked the Masters of Evil during the robbery of the Western Currency Facility of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. Jolt was against the revenge plot, but still fought hard against the Masters of Evil, taking out their leader and teleporter Crimson Cowl first by frying the circuits in her cloak. It worked until Klaw knocked out the whole Thunderbolts team and encased them in hard-sound for Crimson Cowl to decide what to do with them. Dreadknight (actually Hawkeye in disguise) came to rescue the Thunderbolts. Not seeing a reason to continue the fighting Crimson Cowl and the Masters of Evil fled. The Thunderbolts took Dreadknight back to their cabin and while the Thunderbolts debated if they should allow him to join them he revealed that he was actually Hawkeye.

(Thunderbolts I#21) - Jolt tried to hold back her teammates from attacking Hawkeye because he was an Avenger. Because Hawkeye didn't stop fighting them either Jolt turned on Hawkeye and attacked him as well, but he moved out of the way and Jolt accidentally zapped Moonstone with her powers. Hawkeye then called truce to give him a chance to explain himself. He wanted to become the Thunderbolts' leader to get them a fair shot at winning over the public and getting pardoned. Except for Songbird everyone else was happy with his offer, but Songbird fled. MACH-1 followed her and when she ran into the military they called the rest of the team for help. Hawkeye came up with a plan to save them without attacking the military. Back at the cabin the Thunderbolts finally took Hawkeye's offer not knowing that the Commission on Superhuman Activities didn't sanction his actions and actually threatened to send him to jail as well if he aided the Thunderbolts. Hawkeye then dropped on the Thunderbolts that MACH-1, their only known murderer still had to go to prison to show the team's good will.

(Thunderbolts I#0) - Jolt was happy to sleep in an actual bed when the Thunderbolts stayed at the Royalton Towers in Boulder, Colorado. Though they were still not sure about Hawkeye they wanted to trust him. Jolt and the others had dinner at the Royaltons' Mountainview Grill when Hydra attacked. With Hawkeye's help they quickly took down Hydra and the group leader Horst Eisele. Gayle Rogers, who was meeting Hawkeye that day, reported on the incident.

(Thunderbolts I#22) - Jolt silently stood by as the rest of the team discussed with Hawkeye why MACH-1 had to be turned in when Hercules suddenly crashed through the wall to take revenge on Atlas for beating him nearly to death back when Atlas was with Zemo's Masters of Evil. Jolt and the others aided Atlas against Hercules until Hawkeye, who got knocked out almost at the beginning of the fight, told Hercules to stop because killing any of the Thunderbolts would make Hawkeye look like an idiot after he gave them a speech about not killing. Hercules left and in front of Jolt and the others Abe agreed to go to prison.

(Avengers III#12) - During their search for a new home Hawkeye led the Thunderbolts to Dominus' old base in Arizona. Jolt wanted to know more about Dominus and Hawkeye told her everything he knew. The Thunderbolts went through the base and Jolt reported to Hawkeye that everything she found looked as good as new. Searching for Hawkeye the Avengers went to Dominus' base and got into a fight with the Thunderbolts. Jolt fought against Wonder Man. When it became clear that the Thunderbolts had not kidnapped Hawkeye and Hawkeye was with them by choice the fight was over. Unfortunately Dominus' former base awakened and turned into the giant robot Dominex, who knocked the Avengers and Thunderbolts out with somni-rays except for Jolt, who was not affected by the somni-rays. She woke up the other Thunderbolts and they tried their best to stop Dominex on its way to civilization. When Moonstone ripped a hole into Dominex's leg the other Thunderbolts followed her inside, but Dominex closed the hole with an energy shield, trapping Jolt and the others inside. While the Avengers fought Dominex from the outside the Thunderbolts destroyed its power source from the inside. Captain America let the Thunderbolts go off free, but promised Hawkeye if they made a mistake the Avengers would take the whole team down, including Hawkeye.

(Thunderbolts I#23) - After moving into a rented cabin Jolt, Songbird, Atlas and Moonstone watched on TV as Abe Jenkins was turned over to the police by Hawkeye. Hawkeye returned, followd by Charlie Burlingame. The boy revealed himself to be Charcoal and the Thunderbolts attacked him, but Hawkeye used a sonic arrow to stop the fighting and give Charcoal a chance to explain himself. Shortly after US Agent and the Jury, working for Edwin Cord, attacked the Thunderbolts. Jolt saved Hawkeye from USAgent, but Bomblast blew up the Thunderbolts' cabin. With only US Agent left on his feet the Thunderbolts left. Hawkeye, with the Thunderbolts behind him, gave an interview to Gayle Rogers and promised that the Thunderbolts would next go after Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil.

(Thunderbolts I#24) - After a short scuffle between Charcoal and the rest of the Thunderbolts, Jolt bonded with him over the fact that they were seemingly both mutated by Arnim Zola. The Thunderbolts then headed to Robinette, Nebraska where according to the reports the National Guard was fighting members of the Masters of Evil. After fighting the Masters they escaped when Crimson Cowl activated a storm. The Thunderbolts got trapped in the storm and helped the locals to survive. Atlas covered the locals while Songbird closed the gap to the ground with solid sound. When the storm was over the town was gone, but the survivors were still thankful to Jolt and the Thunderbolts because they lived. The Thunderbolts then followd Charcoal's finger, which Hawkeye had put on Crimson Cowl to track her, to Mt. Charteris. They found Crimson Cowl's whole team gathered inside Mt. Charteris.

(Thunderbolts I#25) - While Crimson Cowl's machines caused storms all over the world the Thunderbolts infiltrated her Masters of Evil at Mt. Charteris. Moonstone posed as an ally to Crimson Cowl, but got arrested while Hawkeye and the others knocked out a group of Masters and put on their costumes. Jolt put on Joystick's costume commenting that she would like to see her face when she woke up, betting that Joystick would probably be wishing she was the type to wear underwear. They made it on the base's flying command level, but Moonstone blew their cover to gain Crimson Cowl's trust and the Thunderbolts were forced to fight the remaining Masters of Evil. Crimson Cowl fled with Moonstone, Dragonfly and Sunstroke in an escape pod. While the Masters of Evil stood each other in the way Jolt got in a few good kicks and punches against the likes of Shockwave, Flying Tiger and Klaw. When Hawkeye got knocked down and Flying Tiger threatened to kill him Jolt pretended to surrender, but the Thunderbolts immediately jumped into battle again, saving their leader and defeating the Masters of Evil. Meanwhile Moonstone betrayed Crimson Cowl and caught her, but in the end it was just Dallas Riordan and not the real Crimson Cowl, but everyone believed she was the villain.

   In a new cabin the Thunderbolts celebrated their victory over the Masters of Evil and the good press they received for it.

(Thunderbolts I#26) - Jolt was present when Hawkeye declared Mt. Charteris the Thunderbolts' new HQ.

(Thunderbolts I#33 (fb) ) - Ogre watched Atlas playfully tossing Jolt into the air.

(Thunderbolts I#27) - Hawkeye revealed to Jolt that Moonstone got a new ID including transcripts, birth certificates and medical records for her and Charcoal so they could attend Burton Canyon High School starting that day. Jolt was now Hallie Shimosato. Jolt wasn't thrilled about going to high school again and tried to talk her way out of it by telling Hawkeye that it was illegal to use falsified documents and immoral for him to support this after he sent Abe to prison for murder. Hawkeye assured her that murder and falsifying documents to get a high school diploma is different.

   Later at high school Jolt got into the face of another student and Charcoal. She was recognized by the teenagers, who had previously asked the Thunderbolts for help against the Imperial Forces of America. Back at Mt. Charteris Jolt made tuna fish for herself because she knew Hawkeye would be cooking that night (in self-defense according to her).

(Thunderbolts I#28 (fb) ) - The Thunderbolts and their new ally Angel watched a taped news broadcast of Graviton recruiting people for his flying Sky Raiders, offering the power of flight in return for absolute obedience. When Jolt wanted to suit up to join the team against Graviton she was told by Hawkeye that she would not cut school after she had just started.

(Thunderbolts I#28) - Against Hawkeye's order Hallie put on her costume and after convincing Charcoal to join her took Hawkeye's Skycycle to fly to California and join the Thunderolts' fight against Graviton. When they got close to the fight a gravimetric wave pushed them away and Jolt and Charcoal saw their teammates defeated at the hands of Graviton.

(Thunderbolts I#29) - Charcoal held Jolt back from just attacking Graviton. Convinced by him Jolt tried to call the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, but both were unavailable. The Heroes for Hire had unfortunately broken up, but Jolt then remembered Machine Man, who could probably help her. Remembering that Machine Man had been spotted at Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California last week she and Charcoal went there, but Machine Man had taken himself apart for maintenance and needed another three days to reassemble himself. Machine Man still helped them, providing them with gravity canceling armbands. While Jolt attacked Graviton Charcoal provided armbands to the rest of the the Thunderbolts. Though they put him down for a moment Graviton went completely crazy and started tossing chunks of his flying island at the Thunderbolts.

(Thunderbolts I#30) - When the Sky Raiders were running for cover leaving Graviton alone against the Thunderbolts, Moonstone, to Jolt's surprise, suggested to take off the armbands and use them against Graviton directly. Unaware he wasn't protected anymore Graviton didn't attack Angel with his gravimetric powers when he flew right at Graviton. Angel disabled Graviton's powers using the armbands temporarily, but then Graviton's powers turned on himself and he turned into a black hole and disappeared while the Thunderbolts fled. Jolt wondered if Graviton was once again trapped in the dimension he mentioned the last time they met. Jolt returned with the team to Mt. Charteris using the Skycycle.

   The next morning the damanged Champscraft had been repaired (Ogre, who lived at Mt. Charteris, was secretly aiding the T-Bolts at this point) and Jolt liked the new design. Later that morning Hallie and Charlie attended high school again. Remembering her old school and friends Hallie couldn't bear attending class.

(Thunderbolts I#30 - BTS) - Hallie went to Marvel Burgers and spent four hours there before returning to school.

(Thunderbolts I#30) - Back at school Hallie witnessed the abduction of Charlie at the hands of Imperial Forces Shocktroopers. She immediately called the other Thunderbolts for help.

(Thunderbolts I#31 (fb) ) - Back at Mt. Charteris Jolt commented on the lipstick on Hawkeye's cheek (it was Moonstone's).

(Thunderbolts I#31) - In Cimarron County, Ohlahoma the Thunderbolts infiltrated an Imperial Forces of America speech in civilian clothes. Bio-scans revealed their powers including Jolt's boi-electricity. The scientists called William Taurey to ask him what to do with these people. Taurey ordered them to tag the people and let them through because they would be dealt with at the Imperial Forces' Cornwallis Base. The Thunderbolts were seperated from the rest by Cheer Chadwick, who led them through the base to the lab where they were holding Charcoal. When the Thunderolts revealed themselves Cheer sent the mutated Brute Force against them. Jolt freed Charcoal during the fight. The Thunderbolts were knocked out by an energy cannon.

(Thunderbolts I#32) - At Cornwallis Base the Thunderbolts awakened in the grand arena faced by Shocktroopers and Brute Force for the entertainment of the people. Jolt held her own against Shocktroopers and her Brute Force counterpart Fizgig, whose powers were inferior to Jolt's. USAgent and the Jury eventually came to the aid of the Thunderbolts forcing the Secret Empire's leadership to flee. Hawkeye promised Jolt that the Avengers, the authorities and the rest of the team could do research on the Secret Empire to find them while Jolt and Charcoal returned to school. Hawkeye told Jolt to talk to Moonstone about her problem with going to school.

(Iron Man Annual '99) - In Denver, Colorado Jolt and the rest of the Thunderbolts saved workers at a burning construction site.

(Thunderbolts I#33) - Hallie told Karla about her birthday when her school friends and parents got killed by Sentinels. Remembering their deaths made her scared of going back to school.

(Thunderbolts I#35 (fb) - BTS) - Karla suggested to Hallie to maintain a video diary to give voice to the feelings she would normally repress.

(Thunderbolts I#33) - Meanwhile Ogre had been caught by the rest of the team. Charcoal told Jolt that Ogre had been an old X-Men villain. He was the one, who was secretly fixing their equipment. Jolt had never heard of the Ogre and he told his history to her and the others. (Shortly after Techno caught Ogre and replaced him).

(Thunderbolts I#35 (fb) ) - As suggested by Karla Hallie started a video diary and talked about losing her parents during the Onslaught crisis, joining the Thunderbolts, how much they had changed, especially Songbird and about Charcoal, who had become a true friend.

(Thunderbolts I#34) - After Hawkeye told the press the Thunderbolts would go after the Hulk Hallie and Charcoal were both ready to go, but Hawkeye sent them to school. Charcoal liked it, but Jolt was disappointed. At school accidentally ran into a guy, who dropped his meal and got angry. Charcoal tried to calm the situation. Angie, J.B. and Danny asked Charlie if they should have a mocha-frost after school with Hallie and talk to her. Charlie realized that Hallie was only faking that she was over her depression. Charlie later told Hallie about the idea of Angie, Danny and J.B. when they passed by a TV and saw the Thunderbolts fighting the Hulk on it. Later at the Wide Awake coffehouse in Burton Canyon Hallie had a mocha with Charlie and the friends from school. She was in the line of sight of the Scourge (Jack Monroe)'s sniper rifle.

(Thunderbolts I#37 (fb)/Thunderbolts I#43 (fb) ) - Hallie was shot in the head in front of Charlie and her friends from school at the Wide Awake coffehouse.

(Thunderbolts I#47 (fb) ) - Jolt was going through a dark tunnel to a light.

(Thunderbolts I#35 (fb) - BTS) - When the Thunderbolts returned home from their fight with the Hulk Charlie was waiting for them to tell them that Hallie had been shot while they were having coffee with friends.

(Thunderbolts I#35 (fb)/Thunderbolts I#38 (fb) ) - Clint and Karla identified her body at the morgue.

(Thunderbolts I#35 - BTS) - The Thunderbolts attended the funeral of Hallie. Reporter Gayle Rogers recognized the slain school girl as Jolt and started investigating her death because no bullet was found at the crime scene. Ogre (Techno) gave Jolt's video diary to Moonstone. The individual members watched it.

(Thunderbolts I#36 (fb) - BTS) - Techno stole Jolt's corpse from her grave and put it into a hibernation chamber.

(Thunderbolts I#36) - Jolt was in a hibernation chamber in Ogre's former basement hideout in Mt. Charteris now under Techno's control.

(Thunderbolts I#37) - Jolt was still in the hibernation chamber. Techno was surprised when his internal monitors read a bio-electric build-up higher than anything Jolt could ever release when she was alive. He was then registering life signs from her.

(Thunderbolts I#47 (fb) ) - When she awakened the first thing she saw was Techno.

(Thunderbolts I#38) - Techno kept watch over the revived Jolt in the hibernation chamber and compared her readings to those of other energy-based superhumans. Atlas talked to Ogre (Techno) about Hallie's death, unaware she was actually alive in a hibernation chamber in the next room. When the V-Battalion's Vanguard carrier was scrambling all of Mt. Charteris' systems Techno put all his energy into keeping Jolt breathing.

(Thunderbolts I#42) - Scourge discovered Techno's hidden lab with Jolt's hibernation chamber. He read her as almost pure bio-elelctrical energy and realized that the three hibernation chambers (the others included Ogre and Humus Sapien) were linked to Techno, which meant killing Techno would result in the death of those inside the chambers.

(Thunderbolts I#43) - Scourge watched Techno and Jolt's hibernation chamber thinking about what he should do.

(Thunderbolts I#44) - While looking at the three hibernation chambers Techno was atacked by Scourge. Techno realized that he was Jolt's murderer and warned Scourge of destroying him because it would also end the lives of Jolt and the others in the hibernation chambers. Scourge called them acceptable losses.

(Thunderbolts I#45) - Techno walked around his secret lab with Jolt's hibernation chamber behind him and wondered where Scourge had gone after their short encounter. Scourge, shrunken down by Pym Particles, was hiding in Techno's ear. Posing as Ogre Techno contacted Goliath (Pym) about Wonder Man's condition with Jolt's chamber out of sight. Moments later Scourge ripped through Techno from the inside, leaving him severely damaged on the ground.

(Thunderbolts I#46) - Unable to move due to hard-air molecules Techno watched Scourge work on the hibernation chambers. Techno wondered why Scourge would save a person he had killed and Scourge replied that she was a finished assignment. Jolt gained consciousness inside the chamber and Techno already regretted that he had to kill her to safe himself. Techno started rerouting the power from the chambers to himself, but then paused. Jolt broke out of her chamber while Techno shut off with a smile on his face because he had saved her and not decided to kill her. Jolt then attacked Scourge, who was trying to contain Atlas, outside Mt. Charteris and promised Atlas to help him afterward.

(Thunderbolts I#47) - Jolt fought against Scourge until he asked her to stop so they could prevent Atlas from growing out-of-control and run amok. Jolt didn't want Atlas to die, but Atlas asked her to let him go. Scourge then used Pym Particles to shrink Atlas down until he was small enough to not cause massive destruction when he detonated.

(Thunderbolts I#48) - Jolt welcomed her surprised teammates back to Mt. Charteris. She nearly fried MACH-2 and explained that she still needed time to adjust to her new body because she was not able to return to human form. With SHIELD waiting for them the Thunderbolts went to the Canadian rockies to talk about Atlas' death and Jolt' return. Jolt told her team that Scourge was specifically targeting the Thunderbolts for somebody and didn't come across as a stone-cold killer because he saved many people by shrinking down Atlas to dicrease his explosion.

   Following Pym Particle residue the Thunderbolts tracked Scourge down to Denver International Airport and caught him. When Scourge was seemingly revealed to be Captain America Jolt screamed at Hawkeye because he had been lying all along about the CSA supporting him and the Thunderbolts never had a chance at redemption. She suddenly reverted back to human form, but partially paralyzed.

(Thunderbolts I#49) - Following Jolt's revelation Charcoal attacked Hawkeye and was held back by his teammates. On their to take Scourge to the authorities Moonstone destroyed his holographic disguise revealing him to be Jack Monroe, the former Nomad. Jolt thought he was dead, but wasn't surprised with Monroe's history that he was once again mind-controlled. Monroe then revealed how he was saved by Vernon Hatchway and then injected with nano-probes, who controlled his body so he would work as an assassin for Henry Gyrich (who was actually controlled by Baron Strucker through the same nano-tech), who wanted the Thunderbolts taken down. After hearing his story Jolt told the other that they had to go after Gyrich to show him how wrong he was about them.

(Thunderbolts I#50) - The Thunderbolts broke into the CSA's offices in Washington DC and saved Citizen V (Watkins), sent in by Valeria Cooper to stop Gyrich's scheme, from being infected with nano-probes after the rest of his teams, the Redeemers, already got infected by Gyrich. The Thunderbolts fought the controlled Redeemers with Jolt knocking out Fixer before she was taken out of the fight by Atlas' younger brother Smuggler. Charcoal brutally attacked Smuggler and Jolt stopped him because Atlas wouldn't have wanted this to happen. Jolt transformed to human form to show Smuggler that all of them had sacrificed things to be heroes. The Thunderbolts and Redeemers then joined forces to face off with Gyrich. Jolt destroyed all the nano-probes in the building with her bio-electricity including the ones that controlled Gyrich, which she had noticed when they confronted Gyrich. In the aftermath the Thunderbolts got pardoned, but Hawkeye was sent to prison for his unauthorized operation.

(Thunderbolts I#52 (fb) - BTS) - Jolt ended up a warden of the state because she was still a minor and was put in the Redeemers program.

   At Mt. Charteris, the new base of the Redeemers, Jolt and Charcoal joined them and welcomed their new team's temporary field leader Captain America.

(Thunderbolts I#51) - Jolt, Charcoal, Smuggler and Meteorite were training with Captain America at Mt. Charteris and Charcoal managed to catch Cap.

   Cap led the Redeemers on a mission in Latveria to stop a terrorist attack with poison gas by Counter-Earth's Young Allies on Dr. Doom. After an EMP took down their ship the Redeemers were assaulted by Rebel until it became clear that they were all fighting for Doom, who was blackmailing the US to help him for the release of Dallas Riordan.

(Thunderbolts I#52) - Jolt, Charcoal, Fixer and Smuggler were searching for Bucky (Rikki Barnes) in Symkaria, but they couldn't find her. Bucky's partner Toro caused an avalanche that buried them, but Fixer blew a way through the debris. Though Jolt fought Bucky she seemed friendly, but still considered her a terrorist and unlike Charcoal didn't want to join the Young Allies. After Bucky and Toro had to surrender Bucky revealed that the gas was inert, then returned to Counter-Earth. Jolt was impressed and considered one day joining the Young Allies if she ever got a chance to. After the mission Jolt, back in human form and using a cane, was led back to the Redeemers' ship by Charcoal. On the ship she asked Cap why he was lying to Doom about Bucky burying gas bombs all over Latveria to blackmail Doom into not withholding basic necessities on Counter-Earth anymore. Cap told her that he wasn't lying, but playing politics.

(Thunderbolts I#53 (fb) ) - Charlie watched Hallie go throgh physical rehab with SHIELD agent Radek. When she fell down Charlie wanted to help her, but Radek held him back because Hallie had to learn on her own to walk again. Hallie transformed into Jolt to show that there was no need for her to learn walking again because she could just transform into energy. Radek warned her that staying in her energy form could continue her physical body's atrophy. Jolt transformed back into Hallie and thanked Charlie for his attempt to help before he left for school.

(Thunderbolts I#53) - Observed by Captain America Hallie continued physical rehab with Radek.

   The Redeemers rushed to Charcoal when he got attacked by Shocktroopers, but when they arrived he had already defeated them.

(Thunderbolts I#54) - Hallie continued physical rehab under Radek's guidance. Before Captain America handed over leadership to Citizen V (John Watkins III possessed by Helmut Zemo) he told Jolt that he hoped she regained her sense of hope. When Fixer forced Ogre to return along with his last hibernation chamber specimen Humus Sapien it caused a reality earthquake. Jolt bet that it was Fixer's fault and witnessed energy waves emitted from the awakened Humus Sapien destroying the ceiling at the Mt. Charteris base.

(Thunderbolts I#55) - Ogre warned Jolt and the rest of the Redeemers to engage Humus Sapien in combat. Hearing that Jolt told the present SHIELD agents to do what Ogre said. Humus Sapien's reality waves hit the mountain's main support braces, destroying the base and burying the Redeemers inside it. After the Redeemers had regained consciousness Jolt suggested to severe Humus Sapiens link to Earth's bio-field, which was what Ogre was doing all these years. Ogre wondered how they could get Humus Sapien back into the tesseract machinery and had Jolt, Charcoal and Scream power it up first. Humus Sapien returned to base and asked Ogre to help him stop him. Ogre told him to just power the tesseract so he could return to the dimension where Ogre had kept him all this time. Jolt witnessed Humus Sapien opening the portal and going through along with Ogre. She wished them good luck. Moments later Graviton appeared at Mt. Charteris and confronted the Redeemers.

(Thunderbolts I#56) - Graviton took Jolt out by negating gravity around her, which her bio-electrical form needed for bandwidth cohesion, dispersing her form.

(Thunderbolts I#57 - BTS) - Jolt's bio-electricity remained in the air during Graviton's fight with the Thunderbolts.

(Thunderbolts I#58) - After Fixer shocked Graviton with several thousand volts the electricity generated by the attack jumped through the Thunderbolts' technical components and ultimately merged into Jolt, who immediately stopped the Thunderbolts from attacking Graviton because if they killed him all the cities he had lifted into the air would drop and billions would die. Jolt motivated Moonstone to talk Graviton out of killing billions. It seemed to work, but suddenly a portal was opened by M'Reel, who had been diverting energy from Graviton the whole time to free his race. The Thunderbolts now fought the invading P'tah and drove them back with the help of Graviton. When Graviton was hit by an energy spear he and the Thunderbolts, who were still fighting the P'tah, where placed under a hard-sound sphere to protect Earth from Graviton's impending implosion.

(Thunderbolts I#59) - The Thunderbolts had successfully driven the P'tah back to their prison dimension, but were themselves transported to Counter-Earth (Franklin).

(Thunderbolts I#61 (fb) - BTS) - Graviton protected the Thunderbolts from his implosion by sending them through the sun to Counter-Earth.

(Thunderbolts I#59) - The Thunderbolts awakened on Counter-Earth in Russia and were found by the Thunderbolts of this world.

(Thunderbolts I#60) - Heinrich Zemo had Fixer at gunpoint and wanted to know what his team was after while Jolt and the others woke up. Moonstone eventually convinced Zemo to let them go. While flying over the Soviet refineries Jolt and the others wondered how they got to an alternate Earth. Jolt hoped Charcoal would be back alive like Atlas when they got back home.

   The Thunderbolts went undercover in human form on Counter-Earth. Realizing the people of this world needed their help Hallie transformed into Jolt to save a man from an angry mob. The people thought Jolt was an Avenger or one of the Young Allies. Hearing that Jolt realized that they had been transported to Counter-Earth and told her teammates that this was a world that needed heroes like them. Unfortunately for Jolt the others were more interested in leaving their time as heroes behind and just get back to their own Earth.

(Thunderbolts I#61) - The Thunderbolts' train from Moscow to Berlin derailed and attacked by bandits, who needed the water. Moonstone noticed that Jolt's speech was getting better when Jolt managed to convince her teammates to stop the bandits from robbing the train by aiding them to build what they needed the most: a well. Afterward she put the train back on the rail and reached the German border a day later.

(Thunderbolts I#62) - Hallie watched a speech of Heinrich Zemo and was reminded of Hitler. Abe told Hallie that the satellite Germany was going to shoot into Earth's orbit was going to control and not link Earth's telecommunications. Hallie then told her teammates about Zemo's scary World Party propaganda, but the Thunderbolts still wanted to go through with their plan to use the unmanned rocket with the satellite on board to leave Counter-Earth. When Fixer transferred Helmut Zemo's mind, who was stuck in Fixer's tech-pack, into Iron Cross, Helmut's Counter-Earth counterpart, he got attacked by Counter-Earth's Thunderbolts. While Jolt and the others dressed up for the rocket launch Fixer ran from the Counter-Earth Thunderbolts right past his teammates. They came to his aid with Jolt taking down Chain Lightning. The Thunderbolts then destroyed the rocket and afterward MACH-3 revealed to the press what Germany had planned to do. Jolt thanked her team later when they met Helmut Zemo in his new body.

(Thunderbolts I#64 (fb) ) - Jolt had to get between Zemo and Moonstone when they got into a fight over Zemo's suggestion to lead the team again and rule this world. When Zemo asked where they should go from here Jolt suggested to make the Inhuman city Attilan this world's new capital.

(Thunderbolts I#63) - Helmut Zemo led Jolt and the others to Attilan.

(Thunderbolts I#64) - In Attilan the Thunderbolts worked on starting the city's anti-gravity generators and when they succeeded mastered the flying city and flew to Tokyo taking refugees aboard Attilan from the ravaged city. Jolt felt that the energy storms in Tokyo were not electric. Aboard Attilan Jolt took care of the children. After examining the strange energy Fixer came up with an idea to counter it. MACH-3 and Fixer created a counterfield powered by the bio-electric and ionic energy of Jolt and Atlas. After the plan succeeded the energy was removed on a smaller scale with the help of Atlas and Jolt from the refugees the Thunderbolts took in from Tokyo.

(Thunderbolts I#66) - Jolt flew through Attilan and had a hard time enduring the adoring cheers from the refugees. She met with Dallas, who was drawing Justine Hammer, before both of them flew down from the city to repair a dam. After Atlas had repaired the support brace Jolt jump-started the hydroelectric generators. They then returned to Attilan where Jolt asked Fixer for another job. Fixer promised to come up with a new list within an hour. She got bored and called Mach-3, who didn't want her company. Jolt later got into an argument with Zemo, Fixer and Dallas when they told her that they had to nuke Tokyo to stop the weird energy null space from spreading. Jolt was against it because there were still people down in Tokyo. Dallas reminded her that they had given them plenty of time to leave and that something had to be done. Jolt let angrily and watched the detonation from Attilan. Zemo couldn't even bear talking to her when he saw her cry. After listening to Moonstone talk to the refugees a bit Jolt returned to her room and wrote a letter to Charlie on her laptop. In the end she deleted it. Jolt was afraid that she had put the Thunderbolts on a road paved with good intentions that led them straight to Hell.

(Thunderbolts I#68) - Jolt and MACH-3 were out looking for similarities between the energy in Tokyo and the radiation haze over Paris.

(Thunderbolts I#70) - When they arrived in Paris Mach-3's tracking devices picked up movement in the abandoned city. Jolt called Zemo about this, but Mach-3 didn't wait for the other Thunderbolts and went in on his own. Jolt reunited with her team while Mach-3 was attacked by the ghosts of Paris. When the Thunderbolts decided to concince the city that it was dead the cosmic being Rip appeared and forbade them to do that. The Thunderbolts went against the Rip's order and while Jolt and Atlas kept the Rip distracted, Mach-3 used an electromagnetic pulse to destroy the mind-link of the ghost city and save the souls. Jolt, Zemo and Atlas watched the radioactive haze clear up. The Rip was angry and the Anomaly rose from their forms.

(Thunderbolts I#72) - Anomaly knocked out the Thunderbolts, but before he could release all the Anomaly's energy upon Earth he was ripped apart by Moonstone, who was now empowered by the Moonstone Gems of two realities. When the Thunderbolts regained consciousness Fixer and MACH-3 assumed that Anomaly was the same guy that wouldn't leave Tokyo and was talking to his "parents". Jolt was annoyed that whenever they saved Counter-Earth from one problem another was right around the corner. Fixer found the source of the energy in Siberia and the Thunderbolts went there to find out what the source actually was. Travelling to the bottom of the diamond mine they found a gigantic spaceship. The ship's energy made Atlas feel sick and forced him to revert to Dallas Riordan's human form. Inside the ship the Thunderbolts encountered the Young Allies, who explained that if the ship would destroy Counter-Earth if it stayed. Jolt kept both teams from fighting, but when the Rip, a member of the Young Allies, told them that the Thunderbolts' Earth had to die for Counter-Earth to keep existing she couldn't prevent her teammates from attacking the Young Allies. Jolt and Bucky had a talk while the others fought and Bucky explained that they sought a plan to save both Earths. Before the Young Allies' I.Q. could stop the fighting through telepathy the Anomaly returned and knocked everyone out. Zemo sided with Anomaly to save Counter-Earth and destroy Earth.

(Thunderbolts I#74) - The unconscious heroes including Jolt awakened while Zemo forged plans with Anomaly to destroy one Earth to save the other. While Jolt and the others started working on the ship I.Q. contacted Zemo and came up with a plan to save both Earths by covering the ship in a bio-electro-ionic field, using the powers of Atlas and Jolt, to cut off the connection between the ship on Counter-Earth and its counterpart on Earth. The plan worked and Fixer saved Jolt's life, who would have lost her life in the process, by grounding her and as a result stranding her on Counter-Earth. Jolt only wanted to know if the plan had worked and it seemingly did because the ship was gone an Counter-Earth was still there.

(Thunderbolts I#75) - Jolt was teleported back to Attilan by Kid Colt with the other Young Allies. Recognizing Jolt as one of their saviors the Thunderbolts they cheered the young heroes. Jolt asked the Young Allies to keep saving Counter-Earth along with her and they agreed to her plan.

(Avengers/Thunderbolts#5 (fb) - BTS) - On Abe Jenkins' request Warbird (Carol Danvers) contacted Hallie on Counter-Earth to help the Thunderbolts against Moonstone.

(Avengers/Thunderbolts#5) - Jolt arrived on Earth and Moonstone immediately asked her to join her cause, but Jolt instead powered the Liberator with her bio-electricity, fixing it and reversing the energy flow. The Liberator reabsorbed the energy from Moonstone and Iron Man reprogrammed it to become permanent, draining Moonstone of all her superhuman powers.

(Avengers/Thunderbolts#6) - Before the Liberator was finished draining Moonstone Hawkeye damaged it. Jolt asked if Scarlet Witch could stop the gravimentric bubbles Moonstone got trapped in during the process, but she couldn't. Jolt herself tried to free Moonstone, but Moonstone didn't trust her anymore. Moonstone ended up in a coma.

   Jolt told Iron Man that she would return to Counter-Earth because they needed her there.

(Exiles I#81 (fb) - BTS) - Jolt did return and recovered to a point she no longer needed a cane and most her facial palsy had healed. Along with the Young Allies she kept trying to make the planet livable again and took in as many refugees on Attilan as they could.

   Queen Dorma eventually tricked the Young Allies to fly Attilan to a meeting point of her choosing, claiming she sought an alliance. She actually planned to shoot down Attilan with a missile.

(Exiles I#81) - Jolt and the other Young Allies were waiting for Dorma when the Statue of Liberty, animated by Proteus of Earth-58163, stranded on Counter-Earth after Earth-3470's Heather Hudson, a member of the Exiles, tricked him to go there instead of Earth in Reality-616. They took Proteus back to Attilan after he handed over the Atlanteans' missile and offered them his aid against their enemies in return for their aid against his enemies: the Exiles. Jolt was present when Bucky told Proteus everything to know about Counter-Earth. When the Exiles arrived on Counter-Earth to capture Protues they were opposed by the Young Allies, who were shocked when Proteus turned out to be utterly evil. The Rip, deciding Proteus was the being able to judge Counter-Earth once and for all, then took Proteus away, leaving the Exiles and the Young Allies behind on Attilan.

(Exiles I#82) - The Young Allies explained to the Exiles who the Rip was. When both teams arrived in Atlantis they found the Atlanteans including Dorma dead as they city had been lifted from the ocean by Proteus and the Atlanteans couldn't survive outside the water. Proteus fired the Atlanteans' rockets and Jolt and Kid Colt did their best to stop them. Jolt shut down several missiles with electrical blasts. Meanwhile Blink had put a behaviour modifier into Dorma's crown, which the proud Proteus put on. Proteus' mind was modified to only access its host Morph's memories, defeating him.

   After the Exiles' Heather Hudson sent the remaining rockets into space the Young Allies thanked the Exiles for their aid against Dorma and Proteus.

(Young Avengers II#11 - BTS) - Jolt was apparently contacted by Avengers Academy's Finesse to join other teenage heroes in battle against the extradimensional parasite Mother.

(Young Avengers II#12 - BTS) - Jolt arrived on Earth to aid the Young Avengers against Mother alongside many other teenage heroes.

(Young Avengers II#13 - BTS) - Jolt participated in the battle against the extradimensional versions of the Young Avengers sent to Earth by Mother. (see comments)


(Thunderbolts IV#10 (fb) - BTS) - The Young Allies found a way to send Jolt back home by converting her to electricity and then fire her off into space and bounce her off a few satellite arrays.

(Thunderbolts IV#10 (fb) ) - Jolt got to the other side of the sun and passed by Starcore Station.

(Thunderbolts IV#10 (fb) - BTS) - Jolt reached Earth, but got stuck in Earth's electromagnetic sheath.

(Thunderbolts IV#10) - 8 months later when Atlas thought about Jolt she homed in on him and reached the Arctic where the Thunderbolts' current base was located. She saved Atlas from an attack by the Masters of Evil and brought him to safety. Due to his injuries Atlas believed Jolt to be a hallucination and slowly lost consciousness while she explained to him how she returned to Earth.

(Thunderbolts IV#12) - Jolt urged Atlas to get to his feet before he froze to death. When his heart stopped she resuscitated him with her electricity, then helped him to his feet and headed with Atlas to the Thunderbolts' base. They were shocked when they saw Kobik, the child-like manifestation of a Cosmic Cube, unravel reality at the base. While Atlas tried to calm down Kobik, Jolt took out Tiger Shark. When Atlas failed Jolt tried to knock out Kobik with an energy blast. Fixer transformed Kobik back into a Cosmic Cube with an energy blast, but she immediately exploded. Kobik used her last energy to save everyone, including Jolt, from certain death. The explosion burnt off most of Jolt's energy, shrinking her down to a few inches. Ghost found her unconscious form and put her in his pocket before leaving the destroyed Arctic Thunderbolts base.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils) & Vince Russell (inks).

In Thunderbolts Annual 2000 Charcoal was haunted by a demon posing as Jolt in Mephisto's Hell.

One of the most likeable characters of the late 90s IMHO, who never got to do much outside the dearly missed Thunderbolts title.

Thanks to Michael Niosi for pointing out her missed BTS appearance in Young Avengers II#11-13. She was never seen on panel, but Jolt was mentioned and Niosi thinks it is her partial picture coming off of the picture of Finesse.

   But was it really her in Young Avengers? If it was her she was apparently returned to Counter-Earth after the events of Secret Wars III. If it was not her, it could've been Kyi, a teenage teleporter, who also went by the codename Jolt and could not be shown because he was created in an Ultraverse title.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Jolt (Hallie Takahama) should not be confused with:

Robert & Jane Takahama

(Thunderbolts: Distant Rumbling#-1 (fb) - BTS) - Robert got a job at the United Nations in New York City and moved from Ojai, California to New York City.

(Thunderbolts: Distant Rumbling#-1 (fb) ) - Robert and Jane movied with Hallie into an apartment in Manhattan, New York City on the Upper East Side near Central Park. Robert was glad that the apartment was only ten minutes away from his job by subway and that he could take his bicycle on sunny days. Jane couldn't wait for her classes at Empire State University to start soon. Moving in they watched a lightning storm through the window.

(Thunderbolts I#33 (fb) ) - Robert and Jane held a surprise birthday party along with Hallie's friends at their apartment. When Hallie came home they she was surprised at first and moments later witnessed the death of her family and friends when a Sentinel blasted the wall behind them. Robert and Jane tumbled to the street and died in the rubble of what had been their living room. Hallie found them in the sreet then ran away.

--Thunderbolts: Distant Rumbling#-1 (Thunderbolts: Distant Rumbling#-1, Thunderbolts I#33 (fb)

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