Real Name: Justine Hammer

Identity/Class: Human (Monégasque) technology user

Occupation: Heiress, industrialist, criminal mastermind; former interim liaison to technological defense at the Pentagon

Group Membership: CEO of Hammer Industries/Hammer International;
former member of the Hood's supervillain army;
former leader of the Masters of Evil (Aqueduct, Bison, Black Mamba, Blackwing/Joseph Manfredi, Boomerang/Fred Myers, Cardinal/Donald Joshua Clendenon, Constrictor/Frank Payne, Cyclone/Pierre Fresson, Dragonfly/Veronica Dultry, Eel/Edward Lavell, Flying Tiger, Gypsy Moth/Sybil Dvorak, Hydro-Man, Icemaster, Joystick, Klaw, Lodestone, Machinesmith, Man-Ape, Man-Killer/Katrina Luisa van Horne, Quicksand, Scorcher, Shatterfist, Shockwave, Slyde/Jalome Beacher, Sunstroke, Supercharger, Tiger Shark)

Affiliations: Arms Merchant, General Bruce Babbage, Detroit Steel Corps, Don Fortunato (see comments), Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Jonas Harrow, Hydra (Horst Eisele, others), John King, Madame Masque (Whitney Frost), Mandarin, Owl (Leland Owlsley), Razor-Fist (Douglas Scott), Spymaster ("Leonard Pimacher"), Wizard;
formerly Detroit Steel (Doug Johnson III), Sasha Hammer, Ezekiel Stane

Enemies: Robert Baldwin, Black Widow (Natasha Romanova), Citizen V (Dallas Riordan), Detroit Steel (Doug Johnson III), Sasha Hammer, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Raft guards, Silver Sable (Silver Sablinova), Ezekiel Stane, Stark Resilient (Bambi Arbogast, Tim Cababa, Bethany Cabe, Walter Macken, Rescue/Pepper Potts), Thunderbolts (Amazon/Katrina Luisa van Horne, Atlas/Erik Josten, Blackheath/Sam Smithers, Charcoal, Citizen V/Helmut Zemo, Cyclone/Pierre Fresson, Harrier/Donald Joshua Clendenon, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Mach-2/Abner Jenkins, Meteorite/Karla Sofen, Skein/Sybil Dvorak, Songbird/Melissa Gold), War Machine (James Rhodes), Wild Pack

Known Relatives: Justin Hammer (father, deceased), Sasha Hammer (daughter)

Aliases: Crimson Cowl

Base of Operations: Hammer Industries in Arlington, Virginia;
formerly an estate in Symkaria;
formerly Mount Charteris in Burton Canyon, USA

First Appearance: Thunderbolts I#3 (April, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Justine was well-versed in unarmed combat, an expert with advanced technologies and a cunning leader, criminal organizer and ruthless industrialist. In the past she used a cybernetically-controlled cloak, which could be moved and reshaped by her thoughts. In stiffened form it could become hard enough to impale an opponent or wrap them up in constrictive sheets of cloth. The cloak also enabled her to levitate, to emit a blinding light, and to teleport herself and/or other persons and material. She only needed a small part of her cloak to teleport herself.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 161 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (possibly started wearing brown contact lenses; see Invincible Iron Man issues)
Hair: Black with white streaks (dyed brown)


(Thunderbolts I#69 (fb) - BTS) - Justine always had to prove herself to her father Justin Hammer and never got anything from the money he had.

(Invincible Iron Man#33 (fb) - BTS) - Justine had a daughter with the Mandarin.

(Thunderbolts I#69 (fb) - BTS) - She eventually created the Crimson Cowl persona to succeed with the help of the superhuman community, where he failed.

(Thunderbolts I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil (Cyclone, Flying Tiger, Klaw, Man-Killer, Tiger Shark) were hired by Don Fortunato (see comments) to take over the warehouse of a rival boss.

(Thunderbolts I#3) - At the warehouse the Thunderbolts aided Black Widow against Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, but in mid-fight Crimson Cowl appeared, blinded everyone and teleported her team away.

  Crimson Cowl and her Masters of Evil, still working for Fortunato, guarded a high-tech weapons trade with the Arms Merchant. Zemo had learned of the assignment and attacked Crimson Cowl and her Masters of Evil with the Thunderbolts. Crimson Cowl once again blinded everyone and then teleported her team away.

(Thunderbolts I#25 (fb) ) - Crimson Cowl offered Eel and other villains membership with the Masters of Evil.

(Thunderbolts I#33 (fb) ) - The Masters of Evil led by Crimson Cowl moved into Mount Charteris.

(Thunderbolts I#18) - Crimson Cowl sent Cyclone out to find the Thunderbolts and lure them into a trap. He succeeded, but instead of beating up the Thunderbolts, Crimson Cowl offered them membership with her Masters of Evil. Before she let them go to think about her offer, she threatened to tell all their enemies the whereabouts of the Thunderbolts, in case they didn't want to join her Masters of Evil.

(Thunderbolts I#19 - BTS) - Crimson Cowl sent out the Masters of Evil (Cyclone, Flying Tiger, Klaw, Man-Killer, Tiger Shark) to get an answer from the Thunderbolts. They interfered into the Thunderbolt's fight with Charcoal, which angered the heroes.

(Thunderbolts I#20) - Crimson Cowl led her team in the theft of fresh printed money from the Western Currency Facility in Forth Worth. The Thunderbolts attacked them, but where defeated by the Masters of Evil. Dreadknight (Hawkeye in disguise) came to the Thunderbolts' aid against the Masters of Evil. When the police arrived, Crimson Cowl couldn't teleport her team away because her cloak was damaged. Instead Klaw helped them to get away.

(Thunderbolts I#0) - After the Crimson Cowl vowed to notify the Thunderbolts' enemies of their whereabouts, they began by telling HYDRA. Crimson Cowl watched the news of Hawkeye taking leadership of the Thunderbolts and their defeat of the Hydra assassin team led by Horst Eisele.

(Thunderbolts I#23) - Klaw wasn't happy that Crimson Cowl constantly underestimated the Thunderbolts, but she didn't and sent Man-Killer to get a report from Cyclone on the Thunderbolts. Later that day the news reported of the Thunderbolts' escape from the Jury. Crimson Cowl watched the news and was shocked when Hawkeye announced that the Thunderbolts would go after her Masters of Evil.

(Thunderbolts I#24) - Crimson Cowl tested a Weather Modulator in Robinette, Nebraska. Her team was attacked by the Thunderbolts, but Cowl's plan succeeded and she teleported her Masters of Evil away after the Weather Modulator was activated. She caught Citizen V when she tried to destroy the Weather Modulator.

(Thunderbolts I#25) - Crimson Cowl activated with the Central Control Unit in Mt. Charteris Weather Modulators all over the world. With several new members among her Masters of Evil she watched the chaos brought upon Earth by their plan. Crimson Cowl was surprised when Moonstone (aka. Thunderbolts' Meteorite) appeared to join her Masters of Evil. Though Crimson Cowl wanted to believe her, she had Moonstone incarcerated in a cell with power-dampening shackles, to ensure success of the Masters' current plan. From inside the Masters' aircraft's Command Level, Crimson Cowl contacted several world leaders and demanded a trillion dollars from them to stop the machines. Moonstone exposed the Thunderbolts (who had been disguised as some of the Masters of Evil) to Crimson Cowl to gain her trust. While the Masters of Evil fought the Thunderbolts, Crimson Cowl took off with a smaller vessel (the main part of the control unit) with Moonstone, Sunstroke and Dragonfly. While Cowl continued her extortion plot, Moonstone freed herself from the shackles and then caught Crimson Cowl after knocking out Sunstroke and Dragonfly.

(Thunderbolts I#42 (fb) ) - Within seconds Crimson Cowl teleported Dallas Riordan out of her Citizen V uniform into a non-functioning replica of her cloak.

(Thunderbolts I#25 - BTS) - Moonstone brought Crimson Cowl to the Thunderbolts, who were all surprised when Crimson Cowl was revealed as Dallas Riordan, their former liaison.

(Thunderbolts I#69 (fb) - BTS) - After Justin's death Justine inherited his fortune and moved to Symkaria.

(Thunderbolts I#39 - BTS) - After Dallas revealed to the Thunderbolts that she was Citizen V, Crimson Cowl's cloak appeared and teleported her away.

(Thunderbolts I#40) - The cloak brought Dallas to Crimson Cowl's new home. Some time later Crimson Cowl appeared to tell Dallas that she wanted the V-Battalion and the Thunderbolts to fight each other, to weaken them for her own attack on them.

(Thunderbolts I#41 - BTS) - Imprisoned at Crimson Cowl's home, Dallas counted the seconds between meals and eventually used this knowledge to escape her cell.

(Thunderbolts I#42) - Dallas as Citizen V attacked Crimson Cowl. Citizen V used an electrical cable to deactivate Crimson Cowl's cloak and then ran after her through the whole complex. Crimson Cowl managed to get to a vessel on a platform, but Citizen V caught up to her and got hold of the Cowl. Crimson Cowl flipped the platform's railing and released the cloak. Citizen V, still holding onto the cloak, dropped into a river far below.

(Thunderbolts I#64) - Crimson Cowl teleported into Cardinal's cell at Seagate Penitentiary. She offered him revenge on Hawkeye for his daughter's (Meteorite) death if he joined her Masters of Evil. She promised to kill Hawkeye for him and he agreed to help her. Crimson Cowl teleported Cardinal out of prison and introduced him to her new Masters of Evil (Black Mamba, Cyclone, Gypsy Moth, Hydro-Man, Machinesmith & Man-Killer), who should capture Plantman for her.

(Thunderbolts I#65 - BTS) - Crimson Cowl's team failed and most of them (Cardinal, Cyclone, Gypsy Moth & Man-Killer) joined Hawkeye when they learned that Crimson Cowl needed Plantman as a trigger for a toxin inside them.

(Thunderbolts I#67 (fb) - BTS) - Cowl's former Masters of Evil revealed to Hawkeye that she lived in Symkaria.

(Thunderbolts I#67) - Justine Hammer was visited by Silver Sable, her Wild Pack and Hawkeye's Thunderbolts team (Amazon (Man-Killer), Blackheath (Plantman), Cyclone, Harrier (Cardinal), Skein (Gypsy Moth) & Songbird). When Sable revealed that she came there to arrest Justine, she knocked out two Wild Pack members and teleported with Silver Sable away (imprisoning her in the process) only to return as Crimson Cowl seconds later with her remaining Masters of Evil (Black Mamba, Hydro-Man, Machinesmith) to fight Hawkeye and his Thunderbolts.

(Thunderbolts I#69) - Crimson Cowl's team defeated the Thunderbolts and imprisoned them at Justine's estate. She then turned to Blackheath, who turned catatonic, but Justine didn't need him conscious anyway and took him to the lab, where Machinesmith already waited to work on him to find out how to activate the bio-toxin Justin Hammer had set up in all his employees and other members of the superhero community. Crimson Cowl oversaw Machinesmith's progress when suddenly Blackheath released a pollen to negate the bio-toxin. The Thunderbolts attacked and Skein ripped apart Justine's costume, leaving her naked, and used the cloth to wrap up Machinesmith.

(Thunderbolts I#71 - BTS) - After her defeat at the hand of the Thunderbolts, Crimson Cowl's home was invaded by Dum Dum Dugan and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Elite Agents.

(Thunderbolts I#73 (fb) ) - Still naked, Justine was put into one of her own cells by the Thunderbolts.

(Thunderbolts I#73 - BTS) - Skein stitched most of Justine's cloak back together for Silver Sable.

(Civil War: Front Line#9/2) - Incarcerated at the Raft, Justine planned her escape along with Grim Reaper and Razor-Fist. At the arrival of Robert Baldwin (the former Speedball) she took a piece of her old cloak, she had hidden in her mouth, and teleported herself into the main control room to release all prisoners. The prison break was stopped by Robert Baldwin, but Justine escaped. (see comments)

(New Avengers I#33) - Crimson Cowl attended along with Madame Masque, Jonas Harrow and Wizard the Owl's auction of a Deathlok replica in Hell's Kitchen. The auction was attacked by the Hood and his aid John King, who revealed to the potential buyers that from this point on every criminal activity had to be permitted by the Hood. Crimson Cowl didn't know the Hood.

(Marvel Zombies 4#1) - Crimson Cowl was standing behind the Hood when he was contacted by Black Talon about acquiring a zombie virus.

(Dark Reign: The Hood#4 (fb) - BTS) - Crimson Cowl loaned one of her cloaks to the Hood when he tried to limit the use of his regular cloak because he was afraid to fall under Dormammu's control.

(Dark Reign: The Hood#4) - Crimson Cowl told Controller about Hood borrowing her cloak.

(Dark Reign: The Hood#5) - Crimson Cowl witnessed the Hood defeating Force on the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island, New York.

(Invincible Iron Man#25 (fb) - BTS) - Justine went legit by taking control over her late father's corporation Hammer Industries.

(Invincible Iron Man#25) - Representing Hammer Industries in front of representatives of the U.S. Army, including General Babbage, who had done business with Justin Hammer and Roxxon for years, Justine and her genius daughter Sasha gave a presentation on Detroit Steel, Hammer Industries' self-proclaimed future of private corporate security. They showed a hype video of the prototype dealing with terrorists and introduced the armor and its pilot Lt. Doug Johnson III of the U.S. Air Force to Babbage and his colleagues. Justine proudly introduced Johnson, the trainer of all future Steel Corps pilots and added how her daughter had enhanced Johnson in her labs through her research into man/machine spinal hybrid mechanics. The mother-daughter duo invited the military to spend millions to save billions in the future. Justine assured everyone present Hammer International was prepared to begin custom construction of Detroit Steel mechs for precise security needs immediately, including arctic, high-velocity, high-casualty and mobile models for urban encounters. Babbage cut the presentation short by reminding Justine and Sasha that Tony Stark was back in business. After the presentation Babbage approached Justine and Sasha to tell them the whole presentation was a waste of time and even though he had respect for Justine's father he called Justine out for her attempt to con her way into a market that had been occupied by the same businesses for generations. Babbage suggested to Justine to let the Hammer brand rest, not dishonor her father and just leave the war business to men like him and Tony Stark. Leaving in their limousine with Johnson Justine and Sasha talked about how horrible the presentation went, angering Johnson, who felt they were trying to make him the laughingstock in private security after he had gone through with Sasha's gruesome operations. Justine and Sasha had a drink and told Johnson to calm down because they just had to wait for Tony Stark to screw everything up with the military.

   In Manassas, Virginia at the Prince William County Fairgrounds Justine bought all lots of decommissioned H.A.M.M.E.R. assets, including a dozen scuba-mechs. The auction was canceled due to her insane offer. She offered another million dollars if the dots were scraped off the logos.

   Upon arriving in Pakistan Justine received a text message that Tony Stark had told a room full of highly influential people that he was out of the weapons business and asked them to invest into his free energy initiative or else he would put them out of business. Seconds later Justine received a call from General Babbage, who asked Justine to show him what the Detroit Steel armor could do. Justine promised to come back to him as soon as her meeting with another client was finished. She and her daughter Sasha had just arrived in a terrorist camp.

(Invincible Iron Man#26) - Justine and Sasha showed the terrorists the Detroit Steel video, then told them the U.S. Army would send Detroit Steel after them soon. She then sold them the decommissioned H.A.M.M.E.R. assets, which were actually old S.H.I.E.L.D. armors and weapons mostly created by Tony Stark. She asked them what would be more delicious than going to war with their oppressors with Tony Stark's own guns. The terrorists bought the weapons and Justine and her daughter took off in their limousine with a briefcase filled with Euros and had a drink on the idiots that had just bought Stark Industries weapons from them.

   Justine landed her helicopter next to a building Spymaster had just torched and hired Spymaster to infiltrate Stark Solutions and destroy Stark's new corporation from within before it could even really become big.

(Invincible Iron Man#27 (fb) - BTS) - Justine and Sasha sold Stark-manufactured ballistics-resistant S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killer armors and weapons to a group of criminals in Japan to provide targets for Detroit Steel later on.

   The Japanese government signed a contract with Hammer Industries to create personalized Detroit Steel armors for them.

(Invincible Iron Man#27) - The armored criminals attacked Shibuya Station in Tokyo and Detroit Steel, piloted by Jonson, was close by as planned by Justine and Sasha to stop them. Johnson was shocked at the armors and weapons provided to the lunatics by Justine and Sasha, but Sasha told him that they would be no problem for him. Justine told Sasha to tell Johnson to hose the blood of the criminals off the Detroit Steel armor before coming topside.

(Invincible Iron Man#28 (fb) - BTS) - As planned by her mother Sasha shut down the Cape-Killer armors during Detroit Steel's attack on the criminals to make it an easy win for him.

(Invincible Iron Man#27) - Justine, Sasha and Johnson with the Detroit Steel armor met with the press and the thankful locals. Justine received a call from Babbage, who was impressed at Detroit Steel's showing in Japan, which was all over the news. Justine called it a coincidence that they were there to protect Japan's people after the Japanese government had just signed on with Hammer Industries. Justine asked Babbage if their was need for the Detroit Steel armor now and Babbage immediately called the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon to officially award contracts to Hammer Industries.

(Invincible Iron Man#28) - Iron Man and War Machine arrived on scene and Justine introduced herself and her daughter to Stark. She made clear Hammer International had been granted temporary security liaison status to Shibuya prefecture and that she and local first responders had dealt with the situation. Justine also told Stark that they had met before (indicating she had met him before in another life...did Crimson Cowl ever encounter Iron Man during her stint with the Hood or the Masters of Evil...probably BTS). Justine informed Stark that her corporation was filling the gap left behind by Stark not being interested anymore in these kind of messes. Stark and Justine got into each others face before Justine told Stark that he was late because Detroit Steel had the situation already resolved before Iron Man even arrived. She called Iron Man yesterday's news and Iron Man introduced himself to Detroit Steel, who came to Justine's defense when she got loud. Away from the cameras Sasha showed Stark that the criminals were wearing Stark Industries' Cape-Killer armor and told him to quit showboating at their media event and just leave.

(Invincible Iron Man#28 - BTS) - Maria Hill called Stark's confrontation with Justine Hammer a disaster that made all the good guys look bad. She informed him that the Cape-Killer armors were switched off during Detroit Steel's fight with the criminals and that something was fishy about the whole situation. At the same time Stark was sure he had seen Justine's daughter somewhere else before. After doing some research he was sure she was in Taipei with Ezekiel Stane when he blew up Stark Tower there.

(Invincible Iron Man#29) - Justine showed Lt. Johnson his Wingman Drone backups at the Hammer Industries Facility in Ely, Nevada. Johnson was happy to see them and wanted to know when they would be up and running and Justine gave her daughter Sasha a call. Sasha tricked a bunch of tech-enthusiasts to use the Detroit Steel Mobile Experience, a mere game according to Sasha, to start the Wingman Drones in Ely, Nevada and directed the tech-nerds to train their skills with the drones in target practice. Justine and Johnson saw it live on site.

(Invincible Iron Man#29 - BTS) - James Rhodes met with General Babbage to tell him about his and Stark's worries about the Hammer girls, Detroit Steel and the military doing business with them. Babbage threw him out.

(Invincible Iron Man#31 (fb) - BTS) - Justine ordered Spymaster to sabotage Stark Resilient's prototype car Alpha in hope Stark would pull out of the 21-Green Expo as a result.

(Invincible Iron Man#29) - Invited by Tony Stark Justine and Sasha attended the Stark Resilient Gala. Stark joked he was afraid they wouldn't get their invitation through all their dummy addresses between them and the postal service. To everybody's surprise Tony quickly left the party with Justine's daughter Sasha.

(Invincible Iron Man#30) - After Sasha openly attacked Tony Stark (he actually heard Ezekiel Stane's tech inside her body and confronted her about it, which resulted in her getting mad, revealing to him how she and her mother planned to make him obsolete and then going all psycho) Justine called her daughter an idiot for revealing their evil intentions to Stark. Unable to contact Spymaster Justine was afraid he would reveal himself upon going through with sabotaging Stark's prototype (it blew up and Tony immediately knew sabotage was involved). As soon as the Detroit Steel app went live 2.2 million people downloaded it to Justine's surprise and Sasha's delight. Five out of these 2.2 million users were randomly given control over Detroit Steel's Wingman drones at all times.

(Invincible Iron Man#31) - Justine called Sasha and Johnson in for a meeting at Hammer Industries to tell them that Stark had announced he would unveil the prototype car at his own factory. Justine considered this move a result of Sasha's attack on Stark paired with Spymaster's sabotage of the first prototype car. She was sure Stark would not have suspected the sabotage if Sasha had not attacked him. Now Stark knew Justine and Sasha were after him and went through with unveiling the prototype by any means necessary to call them out. Justine asked Johnson to attack Tony Stark as Detroit Steel on U.S. soil, but he was afraid of civilian casualties and was against it. Justine succeeded to convince him by telling him they needed to embarrass Tony Stark and prove Detroit Steel was the better Iron Man and she was sure Johnson was the best at preventing civilian casualties. While Justine convinced Johnson to go through with the attack Sasha was standing behind him, ready to take him out.

(Invincible Iron Man#31 - BTS) - The newest map update for the Detroit Steel app became the test track at Stark Resilient's factory where Tony Stark would unveil the prototype. Shortly after the map update went live a Wingman drone swarm attacked the test track during the car's test run. Pimacher, who had downloaded the app update as well, warned Stark about the attack, but it was already too late.

(Invincible Iron Man#31) - Justine and Sasha were informed the attack was under way and Detroit Steel was en route to the test track as well.

(Invincible Iron Man#33 - BTS) - Detroit Steel and the Wingman, who were tracking repulsor signatures, were still after Tony Stark, who fled in his car. On Maria Hill's order cellular communication was shut down in the area to kill the Wingman drones. Detroit Steel kept going after Tony Stark.

   Hill called General Babbage and even though she couldn't prove he knew about the Hammer girls' actions against Stark she knew Babbage had a direct line to them since he had awarded security contracts to them. Hill forced Babbage to call Justine Hammer and tell them to back off Stark immediately.

(Invincible Iron Man#33) - When Tony Stark got out of his car Detroit Steel asked Justine, who was on a private jet with Sasha, for permission to kill him. Justine told him to hold on for a second because Babbage was on the other line. Babbage ordered her to call off Detroit Steel, but Justine wasn't afraid to be court-martialed and suggested she could just blackmail Babbage. Babbage retorted he would confess to everything and Justine would be tried for treason and Stark would be left running the board while they were in jail. Realizing this would make Stark look good Justine agreed to call of Detroit Steel and wait for another day to get permanently rid of Stark. Justine made sure Babbage knew that he owed the Hammers for calling of Detroit Steel. Johnson ended up celebrating with Stark in front of the press, claiming they had worked together to defeat the drones.

   Later Justine called in her favor with Babbage and asked him to transfer Guantanamo detainee 139 to Black Box Facility "Michael Charlie One". Though Babbage didn't know how she had any of these information he agreed to do so because like Justine said he was transferring a bad man from one bad place to an even worse place. The detainee was actual Ezekiel Stane and when he arrived at the location was welcomed by his girlfriend Sasha and her parents Justine and Mandarin, who wanted to use Ezekiel for future plans. Justine accompanied Mandarin inside his home.

(Invincible Iron Man#504 - BTS) - Tony Stark received a bottle of presumably wine from Hammer Industries to congratulate him on winning the chance to rebuild Asgard. (clearly a jab at the former alcoholic Stark by Justine)

(Invincible Iron Man#505 - BTS) - Justine Hammer sent Detroit Steel to Paris to take out the mutated Asgardian hammer-wielding Grey Gargoyle and make Iron Man, who had been fighting Grey Gargoyle at the moment, look bad. Grey Gargoyle ripped apart Detroit Steel's armor and turned Johnson to stone. Returning to Stark Resilient from Paris Tony took the bottle of wine and flew with it to Asgard.

(Invincible Iron Man#506 - BTS) - Tony drank the bottle of wine, sacrificing his sobriety, because he knew gods liked sacrifices and eventually Odin answered his call.

(Invincible Iron Man#506) - When Johnson wasn't responding anymore Justine called General Babbage to speak to him about Paris, but couldn't reach him. She was unaware of Sin's attack on Washington D.C. and asked for a newspaper or laptop to get an update on the situation. Even though she couldn't get through to Babbage she left a message for him with his secretary relying her plan to deal with the situation in Paris to her. Justine was sure Babbage would thank her for sending in her daughter Sasha leading the Hammer Corps (later Detroit Steel Corps) and told her daughter she could consider herself authorized to enter France on behalf of the U.S. Armed Forces and French government. Sasha ordered the Hammer Corps to recover the Detroit Steel armor, Johnson and consider anyone else alive an enemy combatant.

(Invincible Iron Man#507 - BTS) - Sasha and the Hammer Corps attacked Rescue (Pepper Potts) in Paris before Grey Gargoyle assaulted them all.

(Invincible Iron Man#508 - BTS) - After Sasha escaped Grey Gargoyle's grip she informed homebase the Hammer Corps were unable to locate Detroit Steel and Johnson. The Hammer Corps retreated, leaving Rescue behind at Grey Gargoyle's mercy.

(Invincible Iron Man#509) - Even though Rescue defeated Grey Gargoyle in the end Justine Hammer found a way to make her look bad. Justine commented on the current events all over the world and granted everyone the right to be scared and panicked right now, but then commented on on leaked footage of Potts crying in her office wearing the Rescue armor, implying that unlike heroes like Captain America Potts was just another Stark employee cracking under pressure.

(Invincible Iron Man#510 - BTS) - A photograph taken during a battle between Iron Man and tech-stealing members of A.I.M. in Seattle made it on the front page of the Daily Bugle in an article that claimed Tony Stark was drunk while piloting the Iron Man suit in this battle. This was orchestrated by Mandarin and his allies including Justine.

(Invincible Iron Man#510) - Justine silently sat next to Mandarin in a limousine while he complimented Ezekiel Stane on orchestrating an attack as planned on the Al Taqua Desalinization Plant 1 in Abu Dhabi. Stane was afraid their current direction would not only be seen as an attack on Stark, but also on the United States. Mandarin told him not to think that small because in his opinion they had declared war. He held up the article claiming Tony Stark was drunk as Iron Man.

(Invincible Iron Man#511) - At Hammer Industries Hangar Justine stood by as the press was introduced to Sasha Hammer as the new face of Detroit Steel.

   Justine later met with Spymaster near Stark Resilient and told him to shed his current undercover identity because they were making their move against Stark now.

(Invincible Iron Man#512) - Justine and Sasha attended the funeral of Lt. Doug Johnson in Arlington (in #519 it was revealed an empty coffin had been buried). During the funeral Justine was informed that Mandarin's Dreadnoughts had attacked the Three Gorges Dam in Sandouping in China. Babbage sent in War Machine and Sasha asked her mother send word that the Detroit Steel Corps are en route as well. Moments later Sasha took off as Detroit Steel in front of the press.

(Invincible Iron Man#514 (fb) - BTS) - Hammer Industries finished construction of the Governor device.

(Invincible Iron Man#514) - General Babbage and Justine Hammer came to Stark Resilient to talk some sense into Tony Stark. Stark had just flooded the court with truckloads of records from his armor when they tried to find prove for him flying the armor drunk. Babbage and Justine knew they would find the prove at some point and Justine reminded Stark that Hammer Industries had sent him the bottle he got drunk on. They asked Tony to save them, the lawyers and paralegals the time to go through the data and just agree to wear the Governor, a device that could monitor his health and allowed them to shut the Iron Man suit down and only leave Tony with the technology's survival routines at any time. They insisted it was only for his good and to ensure the safety of everyone. Babbage left the device with Bethany Cabe before threatening to see Stark in court if he didn't comply.

(Invincible Iron Man#514 - BTS) - Stark complied and put the Governor into his repulsor node.

(Invincible Iron Man#514) - During a fight at the Wilmington Oil Fields in Los Angeles Justine Hammer and Babbage decided to shut down Iron Man to prevent him from pursuing Whirlwind when the villain escaped. Tony asked them to power him up again to go after the villain and then go to Downtown Los Angeles to deal with whatever there was going on (the new Melter/Christopher Colchiss working for Mandarin), but Justine told him not to worry about Downtown Los Angeles because they had already sent in War Machine.

(Invincible Iron Man#515) - Justine had a video conference with Ezekiel Stane and the Mandarin. Ezekiel Stane ceded operational oversight of Melter's attack in Los Angeles to Justine, but warned her to keep a tight leash on the unstable Melter. Mandarin told Ezekiel that Justine had the situation under control then told Ezekiel and Justine that he and Sasha had arrived at the Pentagon to meet Babbage.

(Invincible Iron Man#515 - BTS) - Under Justine's supervision Melter, Whirlwind and Living Laser killed War Machine...or at least they thought they did. (He was alive and well thanks to technology created by Tony.)

(Invincible Iron Man#516 - BTS) - During a battle with the new Firebrand and Crimson Dynamo sent by Mandarin Iron Man was shut down again by Justine or Babbage. The Detroit Steel Corps then took care of the villains.

(Invincible Iron Man#517) - At the Baxter Building Justine Hammer, Babbage and Pepper Potts were present when Tony Stark and the Iron Man suit removed from his body by Reed Richards. Justine didn't want to believe Richards had removed the Iron Man technology from Tony Stark's body for real. Richards handed over a container filled with the inert liquid the suit was made of to Justine so she could do whatever she wanted to with it. Tony then asked them to remove the Governor from his repulsor node (he had tried in #515 only to find out it was booby-trapped and couldn't be removed anymore). Both Babbage and Justine frowned. (The Governor was apparently gone by the end of the issue.)

(Invincible Iron Man#519) - Doug Johnson, completely crazy and calling himself Detroit Steel, arrived at Hammer Industries in a car with Justine's daughter Sasha on the passenger seat (he had drugged her in #516 and then fought her in #517-518 until he defeated her due to her drugged state). Johnson held a gun to her head and told the guards he was there to reclaim his property. At the moment of his arrival Justine was in a press conference with a foreign president (some unidentified dictator), who had hired Hammer Industries to provide for his security. With full control over his security Justine had ordered him and his family to be removed from his land's capitol at once, which he called a coup d'état. She ended the video conference when she heard the alarm on base. She was informed the invader was Doug Johnson and her daughter was his hostage. Surrounded by numerous soldiers Johnson pulled Sasha from the car and carried her, bound like a calf, to her waiting mother. Justine ordered everyone to hold their fire, then walked up to Jonson and told him she was neither scared nor ready to negotiate with him. She eventually offered Johnson the Detroit Steel suit in return for her daughter. Justine ordered everyone to lower their weapons and the crazy Johnson, still calling himself Detroit Steel, dropped Sasha on the ground. Justine then led Johnson to the Detroit Steel armor. Sasha told Justine she couldn't just give the armor to Johnson after the lunatic had tried to kill her in her own home. Justine agreed and told her to be ready to run away because as soon as Johnson climbed into the Detroit Steel armor it would be remote-detonated.

(Invincible Iron Man#520) - Justine and Sasha watched as Johnson climbed inside the Detroit Steel armor. As soon as he was inside Justine ordered to detonate it, but they couldn't because Johnson had hacked the suit from an Internet Cafe beforehand (because Hammer Industries were idiots and never changed the passwords like they should have). Detroit Steel attacked the Hammers and Sasha told her mother to run while she took care of Johnson. Sasha with the drugs gone from her system was ready to take down Johnson with the Detroit Steel Corps as her backup and Sasha cut off his head.

(Invincible Iron Man#521) - Shortly after members of the Detroit Steel Corps were pulled by the U.S. Army from security the president of Gobroon Nation (resulting in his death at the hands of angry citizens), Justine Hammer called Babbage to confront him about it. She reminded him her more than 200 Detroit Steel Corps agents were the glue holding together some of the sketchiest nations in the world and warned him to pull their mandate. Babbage revealed that it was too late for warnings because the Detroit Steel Corps had already been pulled out. He told her she would be punished for her crimes of covering up the death of Johnson and him going crazy and attacking Hammer Industries when he turned up alive again. Babbage said goodbye to Justine and committed suicide, shooting himself in the head.

   After Babbage's suicide Sasha met with her mother in Justine's office. They talked about his suicide and about the future of the Detroit Steel Corps. Justine planned to refocus on domestic issues until the international scene had cooled down again. She was sure everything would be okay for them again fully trusting Mandarin and Ezekiel. Sasha got angry when Justine mentioned to trust Ezekiel because he wasn't calling her back. She told Justine to tell Ezekiel to pick up his phone if she trusted him so much (she was not aware Mandarin had enslaved him at that point).

(Invincible Iron Man#522 - BTS) - As Justine suggested the Detroit Steel Corps led by Sasha took went local and took care of incidents in America. They attacked Iron Man (Rhodes) after he took down Titanium Man and Whirlwind in Vancouver, British Columbia. Iron Man escaped them with the aid of Rescue (Potts).

(Invincible Iron Man#524 (fb) - BTS) - Due to the fact Hammer Industries was doing most of the private security sector work for the Pentagon Justine became interim liaison to technological defense at the Pentagon until Babbage's replacement was vetted by her.

(Invincible Iron Man#524) - Pepper Potts and Carson Wyche of Stark Resilient tried to get to Babbage's successor at the Pentagon to talk about the abduction of Tony Stark, which Potts called an international incident. She was surprised when Justine entered and revealed she in Babbage's office until his permanent replacement was vetted. She asked Potts and Wyche to come into her office and wanted to know why they thought Stark was in China. Potts refused to answer and Justine denied Potts' request to look into it and forbade any Resilient operatives from entering China in the future. Immediately after they were gone Justine called Mandarin to tell him that Stark had somehow contacted Stark Resilient because Potts and Wyche knew he was in China. He didn't take it well that Stark once again managed to outsmart him. (It got worse over the next issues ending with Mandarin's defeat at the hands of Iron Man and some his former operatives, including Ezekiel Stane, who left Mandarin in a comatose state in #526).

(Invincible Iron Man#527 (fb) - BTS) - On the flight back from China Bethany Cabe loaned Ezekiel her cellphone. He texted Sasha to tell her he was coming home and to greet her mother for him.

(Invincible Iron Man#527) - After learning that Ezekiel had contacted Sasha he was sure they would kill Justine. Tony called Justine on her way to the parking lot at the Pentagon, but she didn't want to take any advice from him and hung up on him. In her car Ezekiel and Sasha were already waiting for her. She seemingly didn't survive the encounter with them.

Comments: Created by Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley & Vince Russell.

At the time Thunderbolts I#3 was published Don Fortunato was on the rise in the New Yorker underworld and he worked together with Hydra, like Black Widow surmised.

I think Justine took the chance to escape the Raft in Civil War: Front Line#9/2 unlike most others, who were stopped by Baldwin.

There was a Crimson Cowl seen in Hawkeye IV#4 (January, 2013) at an auction for a secret SHIELD tape. She kept her identity secret. Since Justine was seemingly killed by her daughter and Ezekiel Stane it is unknown who this Crimson Cowl was, but maybe Justine somehow survived and it was her in costume again.

Thanks to Mike McDermott for pointing out a recurring snafu.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Crimson Cowl has no known connection to:

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