Noh-Varr as Marvel BoyMARVEL BOY

Real Name: Noh-Varr

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-200080) Kree mutate

Occupation: Earth's protector;
   formerly Avenger;
    formerly fugitive;
    formerly extradimensional peace keeper/spreader of the Kree word

Group Membership: Inhumans;
    formerly the Norman Osborn-led Avengers (Ares, Hawkeye (Bullseye), Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen), Sentry, Spider-Man (Mac Gargan), Wolverine (Daken));
    formerly the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt (Captain Glory, Doc Wonder, Merree, Rogue Fantastic, Star Splendor, 2 more unnamed)

Affiliations: Abigail Brand, Annie (last name unrevealed), Avengers (Ant-Man (Chris McCarthy), Beast (McCoy), Luke Cage, Captain America (Barnes), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Giant-Man (Pym), Hawkeye (Barton), Iron Fist (Rand), Iron Man (Stark), Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Spider-Man (Parker), Spider-Woman (Drew), Dr. Strange, Thing (Ben Grimm), Thor, War Machine (Rhodes), Wolverine), Captain Marvel (Khn'nr), Danger, D-Man, Dr. Doom, Exterminatrix, Fantomex, FF (Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man (Parker), Thing (Grimm)), HAMMER, Maria Hill, Illuminati (Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Professor X), Jarvis, Maestro (future Hulk), Plex Intelligence, Runaways, Squirrel Girl, Supreme Intelligence, Tanarus (Ulik), Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Young Avengers;
    formerly Warden

Enemies: Apocalypse (alternate timeline) and his horsemen, Norman Osborn's Avengers (Ares, Hawkeye (Bullseye), Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn), Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen), Sentry, Spider-Man (Mac Gargan), Wolverine (Daken)), Badoon, Bannermen, Bricker, Church of Hala (indirectly), Drenx pirates, Henry, Gyrich, H.A.M.M.E.R. Agent D-18, Hercules, Hexus, Huntsman, Kang, Lethal Legion (Absorbing Man, Grey Gargoyle, Grim Reaper, Intelligencia (Klaw, M.O.D.O.K., Red Ghost, Thinker, Wizard), Korvac, Kree warfleet, Mr. Hyde, Nekra, Tiger Shark, Wonder Man), Midas, Morgan le Fey, Norman Osborn, Runaways (Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Victor Mancha, Nico Minoru, Old Lace, Chase Stein, Xavin), Serpent (Asgardian), She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), She-Hulk (Lyra) of Earth-8009, S.H.I.E.L.D. (Dum Dum Dugan and Maria Hill in particular), Sin, Skrulls, Terminus, Titanium Man, Ultron, Unit, Voidians, Warden, Weapon XVI, Dr. Carolina Washington, Wonder Man, World (Weapon Plus; including zombie cyborgs), Ymir;
    formerly Avengers (Luke Cage, Captain America (Barnes), Iron Fist (Rand), Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel (Danvers), Ronin (Barton), Spider-Man (Parker), Spider-Woman (Drew), Wolverine (Howlett)), Young Avengers (Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hulkling, Patriot, Speed, Stature, Vision, Wiccan), Exterminatrix

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Captain Marvel, Defense Unit 564, Protector, "Ensign Marvel", "Marvel Boy" (see comments)

Base of Operations: Mobile;
    formerly incarcerated at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, Earth orbit;
    formerly mobile with Norman Osborne's Avengers;
    formerly the Cube (a prison of unknown locations);
    formerly the NYC Underground;
    formerly the dimension-schooner Marvel;
    formerly an extra-dimensional realm

First Appearance: Marvel Boy II#1 (August, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Noh-Varr was genetically engineered to be half-Kree, half-cockroach. Given this strange mix, he is incredibly strong, fast and much more durable than an average human, or even Kree. Due to this, his reaction time is extremely high, and he is able to dodge bullets with little or no problem. Possibly due to his super-speed he is able to walk up walls, defying gravity. His spit is filled with nanotechnology, which causes hallucinations to anyone who comes into contact with it. He can grow or solidify his hair by will. Noh-Varr can also exist on a diet of cardboard and trash. When he is in great danger, Noh-Varr can achieve something called a White Run, where his body will fully take over, allowing him to run at top speed with no distractions. In addition, Noh-Varr's submicrotech nanobots allow him to reroute pain sensations.

    Due to his ancestry and travels through space, Noh-Varr was in possession of many advanced weapon, most of which he had some idea of how to use, not to mention the Marvel, his spaceship. Most notable of the weapons are his gauntlet, which he can transform into a gun by thought, his super-dense costume, lined with alien metals, and the Pocket Battlefield, which chooses between several battlefield situations, depending on whatever is needed at the time. His initial uniform was composed of alien metals, rendering it super-dense and resistant to damage.

    While serving as Protector, he was given specially designed Nega-Bands that were more advanced and differently powered to prior versions, plus a protective outfit that would morph around him. These had shielding properties with gauntlets that could fire powerful concussive blasts, and could also configure tailor-made weapons and devices.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye color: Black
Hair color: White


(Marvel Boy II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Noh-Varr, as a member of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt, was one of the people to negotiate the Skrull/Kree ceasefire of his dimension, ending millennia of war and hostility. But on their way home, the group encountered 3 astro-gods siphoning energy to explore the Hypoverse. During the encounter, spacetime collapsed, and the group was forced to escape through Macrospace. They explored a multitude of realities while trapped there, but finally found a way home...

(All-New Savage She-Hulk#3 (fb) - BTS) - The 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt catalogued 28 varieties of Gendercide Class IV realities where one gender fought the other. In one reality the gendercide was between the Badoon's six unique sexes. Noh-Varr's crew witnessed the last (fe)male kill the last male(fem). The Diplomatic Gestalt seemingly killed the survivor.

(Marvel Boy II#1) - Noh-Varr and his crew finally closed in on their home dimension, but the alien-obsessed Midas caught their SOS signal, and locked them into his dimension. Upon reaching it, Midas ordered his soldiers to shoot the Kree ship with missiles, knocking it from the sky. Other than the ship's living databank, Plex (the We-Plex Supreme Intelligence System, or Plex Intelligence), Noh-Varr was the only survivor.

    As Noh-Varr came to, he found he was trapped in an orange womblike structure called the Bubble, and came face-to-face with his captor, Midas. It seemed as though Midas was a collector of aliens, extra-dimensional creatures, and the such. While Midas threatened him, Noh-Varr spat at the man, but his helmet blocked it from physical contact, and a scientist immediately rushed the sample to the labs. After revealing to Noh-Varr (in typical villain fashion) that he needed the cosmic radiation that his ship used for fuel to further mutate himself, Midas departed. Soon after, another man was sent for a blood sample, but Noh-Varr spat on him, and the man hallucinated about his wife and set him free from the Bubble. While this was going on, Noh-Varr grew his thumbnail out and jabbed the man with it, before making a break for it. Gunning his way through, Noh-Varr eventually found his ship and escaped, but decided to return to give some going away presents (in the form of missiles) to the building (the Midas Foundation) that held him captive. Retreating to the NY subway system with his ship, Noh-Varr decided he'd fix this planet to his liking.

(Marvel Boy II#1 - BTS) - Noh-Varr learnt English by reading through some dictionaries.

(Marvel Boy II#2) - While Plex kept the people out of the way, Noh-Varr unleashed his rage on New York. SHIELD, obviously not too happy with this situation, sent their new experiment -- the Bannermen -- to bring Noh-Varr to them. Using the Pocket Battlefield, Noh-Varr was able to confuse the Bannerman and easily defeat them. Up in the SHIELD Orbiter, Dum Dum Dugan looked down on a satellite view of downtown New York, and received Noh-Varr's message to humanity in big flaming letters... (CENSORED) YOU. Satisfied, Noh-Varr sat down to watch some TV.

(Marvel Boy II#3) - Looking through his ship, Noh-Varr found that one of the tanks in the Concept Dungeon had been broken. Plex told him that what was missing was a living concept, Hexus--a corporation which takes over planets, until it reproduces by sending it's employees into space. Noh-Varr, after a detour at their old office, finally found the main Hexus building, where he was attacked by kamikaze eyebeam employees. Noh-Varr was able to hold them off, while Plex sent their trade secrets to every other megacorp in the world, effectively making them obsolete, and killing the entity. A beaten and bruised Noh-Varr stumbled into a back alley and began to eat some trash, before some cops came to help him/chase him off. But before they could do much, Midas' head assassin and daughter, the Exterminatrix showed up.

(Marvel Boy II#4) - Exterminatrix chased Noh-Varr around the subway system, but he was eventually able to escape. She found him running up the side of a building, and shot a window out from under his feet, sending him dropping. The two fell until Exterminatrix caught a flagpole and Noh-Varr caught... the flag. Exterminatrix shot the flag, and Noh-Varr went crashing through a bus. Still alive, Noh-Varr commandeered the bus, but immediately drove into a trap set by Midas. The bus was shot off the road, and a tired Noh-Varr was beaten down by a group of Midas' thugs, while cameras rolled to make the onlookers believe this was all a movie. Midas, deciding he didn't like the way Noh-Varr was staring at his daughter, decided to pound him to death, but Exterminatrix shot her father through his arm, which made him drop Noh-Varr, and gave the two an opportunity to escape.

(Marvel Boy II#5) - Back at his ship, Noh-Varr got a quick checkup at the ship's computer, before he revealed his past to the Exterminatrix, who then replied in kind. Exterminatrix then exposed her "hideously scarred" face to him, but in reality, other than a short scar across her cheek, she was a normal woman. Noh-Varr kind of stood by while Exterminatrix went off on her father, until a group of her father's agents shot Plex's casing. Noh-Varr and Exterminatrix barely escaped yet again, but were confronted with Midas' monster, one of the Dark Dimension's Mindless Ones.

(Marvel Boy II#6) - Managing to escape from the monster, Noh-Varr returned to find Cosmic Man, the newly christened and powered up Midas, draining Plex's memory banks. Noh-Var immediately shot him in the head, but Cosmic Man merely flinched. He then used his control over the air to crush Noh-Varr, but Exterminatrix returned, and using the Mindless One's head, blasted her father in half. While Exterminatrix mourned, in a way, the death of her father, SHIELD captured Noh-Varr and Plex. As Noh-Varr was dragged away to the Cube, a giant prison for supervillains, he promised that in five months, this would be the capital of the new Kree Empire.

(New Avengers: Illuminati#4) - The Illuminati contacted with Xavier's help Noh-Varr within the Cube. They tried to change his mind about conquering Earth. Namor used violence to reason with him, Black Bolt and Xavier showed him the vast past between Earth and Kree empire with the Inhumans as an example and Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man offered him the possibility to become the next Captain Marvel. In the end they told Noh-Varr to earn his way out of the Cube and he started to like the idea to become the new Captain Marvel.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#2 (fb) - BTS) - Plex was killed, but because Noh-Varr seemed lost without him the Cube's Warden began to mimic Plex's voice and gained full control over Noh-Varr.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#4 (fb) - BTS) - To further control Noh-Varr he was put into constant pain by mangling his operating system with foreign code.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#2) - At the Cube the Warden introduced Maria Hill to Noh-Varr as their tool to capture Runaways. Later the Warden accompanied Noh-Varr to Los Angeles because he was the only one Noh-Var listened too. Warden put a capsule with Skrull scent into Noh-Varr's nose and pulled the Kree at his nose to a chamber. Noh-Varr was kicked inside and released like a bomb from the plane. A short time later Noh-Varr crashed on a sidewalk in Los Angeles. His sudden appearance caused a car accident and he saved a child from one of the cars before continuing on his mission to find the Runaways (especially their Skrull member Xavin). When he found the Runaways and the Young Avengers he took out Xavin first by running past him with his incredible speed and breaking his neck.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#3) - Noh-Varr's mind went into whitespace. He didn't want to kill more of his current enemies and just knocked out Karolina, Wiccan and Hulkling in quick fashion. Then Vision solidified his hand in Noh-Varr's chest and although it caused Noh-Varr incredible pain he felt like home and ripped off Vision's arm in mid-air. With Vision's arm still in his chest he landed to find Victor Mancha, but he saw him as one of his former Kree allies who asked him to kill him. Before Noh-Varr could kick in Victor's face he was kicked away by the giantess Stature like a ball. Warden was upset by Noh-Varr's failure and threatened to activate his psycho-arthritic pain incentives. Noh-Varr got back on his feet and attacked the young heroes again. He clotheslined Patriot and Stature, who was in her normal size at the moment. Kate Bishop tried to shoot him with a tranquilizer arrow, but he stepped aside and it hit Stature instead. Her next arrow was caught by Noh-Varr with ease. He strangled her until she passed out and then grabbed Nico at her throat. Meanwhile Warden had ordered to retrieve Noh-Varr and before he could hurt Nico he was pulled back into Warden's plane with a big grappling hook where Warden was immediately informed about the arm that stuck in Noh-Varr's chest.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#4) - Back in the Cube Noh-Varr with Vision's arm his chest was put into shackles and shown to Warden by two scientists. They told Warden that the nanites in Noh-Varr's blood reacted negatively to the technology in the arm and asked for authorization to use the phasecutter, but the Warden told them to leave it to see what happens. When the uncaptured members of Runaways and Young Avengers attacked the Cube Noh-Varr was activated again to attack them. He attacked Old Lace first and not only took the dinosaur out of the game, but also Chase, who had a psychic connection to the animal. Molly, who tried to stop Noh-Varr, was just tossed away with the dinosaur. Patriot and Kate were no game for Noh-Varr either. He took a piece of debris to smash Chase, but Vision took over Chase and stopped the deadly assault. Suddenly the advantage was on the side of the heroes again because their captured allies were free and Noh-Varr was alone, but they were still not able to stop him. He fought off the attacks of Hulkling, Xavin, Karolina and Wiccan by himself and then used Vision, who could be controlled by Noh-Varr because Vision's arm was still in his chest, to shoot the young heroes with repulsor rays. Victor saw a chance to beat Noh-Varr and touched Vision. Like the first time they met it short-circuited them both, but Noh-Varr was also down afterwards because of Vision's arm in his chest. Vision realized that Noh-Varr's operating system was influenced by foreign code and that he probably was in constant pain and didn't even know who he was. He fixed Noh-Varr's operating system.

  Moments later Warden and his guards appeared. The heroes were gone because Noh-Varr let them escape. Warden got angry and wanted to know what was wrong with Noh-Varr, but he felt much better now. Noh-Varr was now in control of the Cube and declared it the capital of the New Kree Empire. Warden was nothing more than a stool to him now.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - Noh-Varr uploaded pieces of the Plex Intelligence to the Cube's computers to broadcast an Omniwave throughout the prison. The Omniwave made prisoners and guards loyal to Noh-Varr and friendly to each other.

(Mighty Avengers#19 (fb) ) - Noh-Varr tried to contact the Supreme Intelligence when he saw on TV that the original Captain Marvel (actually a Skrull imposer) had returned.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?#1/4) - SHIELD contacted the Cube and Noh-Varr readied the warden by taking control of him via the nanites in his spit. Noh-Varr ordered to bring the warden to his office after he had reported to Maria Hill. Noh-Varr then went down to the yard where the prisoners suddenly freaked out when the Omniwave was shut off by a Skrull virus. Noh-Varr had to kill the alien Bricker before and then flew up to his office with rocket boots. There he found a Skrull kneeling over the dead warden. He killed the Skrull with his exploding fingernails and then decided to leave the Cube to fight the Skrull invasion himself.

(Mighty Avengers#19) - Noh-Varr couldn't get Captain Marvel out of his mind.

(Secret Invasion#1/Mighty Avengers#19) - Noh-Varr watched the riot in the Cube a little while longer and then left.

(Mighty Avengers#19/Secret Invasion#6) - Noh-Varr left the Cube on a Skycycle. When he saw a Skrull ship crashing into a parking lot he went down to investigate the situation. He found Captain Marvel, who had been responsible for the ship's crash. Captain Marvel's burning body died in Noh-Varr's arms and transformed back into his true form -- a Skrull. Before he died, Marvel told Noh-Varr that he couldn't let the Skrulls win.

(Secret Invasion#7) - Noh-Varr flew to New York City to join the fight against the Skrulls.

(Secret Invasion#8) - After the battle had been won by Earth's heroes, Noh-Varr stayed to round up the defeated Skrulls.

(Avengers IV#18) - Dr. Carolina Washington secrtely took one of Noh-Varr's guns while he was being tended by a medic on the battlefield after the Skrulls' defeat.

(Dark Reign Files) - Quasimodo researched Noh-Varr for Norman Osborn.

(Dark Avengers#1 (fb)) - Noh-Varr returned to the abandoned Cube where he was visited by Norman Osborn, who asked him to become the new Captain Marvel as part of the Avengers. Noh-Varr took the offer and soon joined the rest of the team in Avengers Tower in New York City. A short time later Osborn, as Iron Patriot, presented his Avengers to the media, with Noh-Varr dubbed Captain Marvel.

(Moon Knight VI#30) - Moon Knight saw Osborn showcase his Avengers on television.

(Dark Avengers#2) - After the press conference the team met in Avengers Tower. Noh-Varr demanded to do a Skrull sweep, but Osborn had other things in mind. 

(New Avengers#50) - Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) attacked Osborn's Avengers and nearly knocked out Noh-Varr before Sentry was able to constrain her. Spider-Woman then told Osborn where his team could find Cage's team, but Osborn didn't fall for the trap and left with his team for Latveria.

(Ms. Marvel II#35) - The Church of Hala (extreme religious followers of the original Captain Marvel) branch in Charleston, South Carolina committed mass suicide when they saw Noh-Varr as the new Captain Marvel. Noh-Varr secretly went to Charleston to look at the situation. When Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) spotted him on media footage she went there as well to confront Noh-Varr. She attacked him, but Noh-Varr told her that the Captain Marvel that had returned during the Civil War had been a Skrull and that he was a hero that asked Noh-Varr to protect Earth. Noh-Varr then left without throwing a single punch against Carol.

(FCBD Avengers#1) - Along with Osborn's Avengers Noh-Varr got into a fight with Captain America's (Bucky) Avengers. They interrupted their fight when Ares pointed out that the world of Gods and Men were turned into one. They all fought Asgardian ice creatures to reach Twilight Sword. When Ares touched the Twilight Sword, the merging of Earth and Asgard ended and both realms existed apart from each other again. Osborn's Avengers then left because Osborn didn't think it was the right time to take down the other Avengers.

(Incredible Hercules#127) - Noh-Varr joined Osborn's Avengers in attacking Hera, Typhon, Delphyne Gorgon, Huntsman and Pluto at the Excello Soap Company.

(Incredible Hercules#128) - Noh-Varr was nearly knocked out by Hercules, who had been in a confrontation with Hera and her allies. He then got into a personal fight with Huntsman. When Hercules nearly sunk a nearby cruise ship during his escape the Avengers including Noh-Varr helped rescue the civilists. Meanwhile Osborn made a deal with Hera, ending the confrontation with her people.

(Dark Avengers#2) - When intel came in that Dr. Doom was attacked, Osborn decided to help him with his Avengers, but he wasn't happy that this was their first mission. Noh-Varr flew with Ares, Wolverine (Daken) and Spider-Man (Gargan) in a Quinjet to Latveria where Sentry quickly killed Doom's attacker Morgan le Fey, but only seconds later she returned by time-traveling from a different time in her past, killed Sentry and attacked the Avengers.

(Dark Avengers#3) - Noh-Varr and the other Avengers fought the monstrosities Morgan le Fey sent against them. Hawkeye (Bullseye) killed her, but she returned once again. Noh-Varr was surprised when Iron Patriot took off with Doom's body.

(Dark Avengers#4) - Noh-Varr and the Avengers continued their fight with Morgan's monsters. The fight was over when Iron Patriot and Doom returned from the past where they banished Morgan to the distant past. The Avengers returned to New York City and were surprised when Sentry suddenly appeared alive in front of their Quinjet. During the flight Ms. Marvel (Sofen) had a conversation about her Kree moonstone with Noh-Varr, who she congratulated him on a well done job in Latveria.

(Dark Reign: Lethal Legion#1-2 (fb), 3 (fb) - BTS) - Noh-Varr fought alongside the Avengers and HAMMER against the Lethal Legion when they attacked Avengers Tower.

(Deadpool IV#10) - Osborn informed his Avengers that Deadpool was a target. Noh-Varr questioned if the whole team was required, but only Bullseye was assigned.

(All-New Savage She-Hulk#2) - Noh-Varr joined the Avengers to take down She-Hulk (Lyra) from Earth-8009, who came to their reality to seemingly kill Norman Osborn.

(All-New Savage She-Hulk#3) - Iron Patriot (Osborn) ordered Noh-Varr to take down Lyra because he wasn't impressed by Noh-Varr's recent actions. Noh-Varr activated the Pocket Battlefield to fight Lyra inside it, but despite his control over the environment inside the Pocket Battlefield, Lyra managed to fight him off. When Wolverine (Daken) entered the Battlefield, Lyra got distracted by him (hallucinating that he was a woman named Nella, which she had killed in her reality) and Noh-Varr was able to use the toxin in his thumbnail on her to knock Lyra unconscious. Noh-Varr took Boudicca (Lyra's computerized companion) from Lyra and took it to Avengers Tower. Upon leaving his room Boudicca overrode Avengers Tower's internal systems to get in contact with Lyra again.

(All-New Savage She-Hulk#4) - Outside Avengers Tower Noh-Varr aided the Sentry against She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and then aided the other Avengers battling both She-Hulks, who were teleported away by ARMOR (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response Agency) before the Avengers could take them down.

(Dark Avengers#5) - Noh-Varr and the rest of the team watched Iron Patriot helped Sentry regain control over his body from the Void. Back at Avengers Tower, he saw the altercation between Ares and Bullseye. Soon after, Ms. Marvel (Moonstone) invited Noh-Varr into her room and seduced him, and he later admitted that he found the physical interaction unusual. Moonstone then absently revealed that Norman Osborn's team of Avengers was comprised of criminals; he was shocked at this admission.

(Dark Avengers#6 - BTS) - Noh-Varr failed to turn up at the emergency meeting of the team. All were asked, but nobody in Osborn's Avengers knew where Noh-Varr was.

(Dark Avengers#7 - BTS) - The Sentry was deliberately shot in the head by his wife Lindy, who used a gun she had found in Noh-Varr's abandoned room.

(Dark Reign: The List - Wolverine#1) - Noh-Varr tracked down Wolverine and demanded information on the World, the Weapon Plus complex, which Osborn had coveted. Now standing against his former boss, Noh-Varr sought to remove such facilities. Noh-Varr revealed that Osborn had pegged him to take down Wolverine should he prove too much of a threat. He accompanied Wolverine to the newly sentient World where they encountered mind-controlled zombies affected by the virus-like Weapon XVI but Noh-Varr managed to evade the zombies with Fantomex's help. The two found the World's giant brain and initially tried to destroy it until more zombies including a likewise affected Wolverine attacked as commanded by the World. Noh-Varr then kissed the mucous-laden giant brain and the virus attack stopped, although the Weapon Plus living weapons continued to advance until slain, with H.A.M.M.E.R. Agent D-18 also killed by the heroic threesome. Noh-Varr stated that the Weapon Plus facility, now shrunk into a miniature size, could be reconfigured to cure every human disease. Noh-Varr then took the X-jet and left.

(S.W.O.R.D.#1) - Noh-Varr was targeted by S.W.O.R.D.'s co-director, Henry Gyrich, to be expelled from Earth in his quest to rid the planet of aliens.

(Dark Avengers Annual#1 (fb)) - Noh-Varr fled Avengers Tower in an effort to distance himself from Osborn's lies and made repeated attempts to call across space to the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree to find his purpose. However, each effort was tracked by various teams, including the Fantastic Four, S.W.O.R.D. and the Osborn's Avengers, but he usually escaped before any arrived.

(S.W.O.R.D.#2) - In his "white run" mode, Noh-Varr sought to escape pursuing jets (likely H.A.M.M.E.R. forces) but was teleported aboard the S.W.O.R.D. headquarters stationed in Earth orbit and incarcerated.

(S.W.O.R.D.#5) - Freed from imprisonment by Beast under the orders of Abigail Brand, Noh-Varr fought off the invading Drenx pirates alongside other arrested aliens like Beta Ray Bill and Karolina Dean.

(S.W.O.R.D.#5 - BTS) - Noh-Varr was returned to Earth.

Noh-Varr helmet peels back

(Dark Avengers Annual#1) - Noh-Varr thought of peaceful unity between Kree and human, and came across and a young woman called Annie, quickly befriending her. The Sentry suddenly arrived, ordered by Osborn to bring back the Kree warrior dead or alive, and a fierce battle erupted, with Noh-Varr using various destructive Kree weaponry against his foe and declaring he now knew that Osborn's Avengers were criminals or insane. Annie distracted the Sentry with one of Noh-Varr's weapons. Noh-Varr grabbed his weapons and fled, later again attempting to contact the Supreme Intelligence, this time successfully. The Supreme Intelligence revealed that his heroic actions against the Skrulls were inspiring to the Kree and that he had been assigned by the Kree to be Earth's protector ("Ruhi-Tugu" in Kree). The Supreme Intelligence then gave Noh-Varr a set of new Nega-Bands specially designed for him and with a different energy source than prior Nega-Bands. He was then transformed into the Protector. Noh-Varr was later nearby where Osborn and his Avengers were searching for him, with both the Sentry and Daken admitting that they could no longer sense him. Annie stumbled across him and he soon after teleported away. Nearby, Steve Rogers and Captain America (Barnes) watched, with the latter viewing him as being on their side against Osborn.

(Ms. Marvel II#50/2) - While spending time with Annie, Noh-Varr was suddenly attacked by a strangely armored opponent. Noh-Varr immediately morphed into his new suit and his attacker tested his mettle in combat and how fast he would save innocent bystanders from her gun's energy blasts. She was then revealed to be a future version of Annie, claiming to have traveled across millennia and that she needed his help. She was more used to him being arrogant and assured him that he would understand his role in time before she vanished in a flash of time travel. The current Annie then approached Noh-Varr as his suit peeled back and he commented that he did not understand what had just occurred.

(Avengers IV#2) - Seeking help to find a time machine to pursue Kang, Wolverine led the Avengers to find Protector and found him defeating Titanium Man. Noh-Varr was soon constructing a time portal, quickly showing them a functional wrist-mounted space-time continuum viewer where many different yet potential futures were shown (including what appeared to Earth-982 (Earth-MC2), Earth-8410 (Earth-2020 A.D.), Earth-811 (Earth-Days of Future Past), Earth-928 (Earth-2099), and Earth-691 (Earth-Guardians of the Galaxy)), including one where Kang was executed by the super-powered future children of the Avengers, at which point the images collapsed, indicating that the timestream had been broken. Wonder Man suddenly attacked, destroying the time portal. Noh-Varr was ready to rebuild until an extradimensional but disoriented Apocalypse arrived with his Horsemen.

(Avengers IV#3) - A ferocious fight broke out between the two groups until Apocalypse and his minions were thrown back into the damaged timestream. As directed by Maria Hill, Noh-Varr then left with Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine to an old S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker, where Noh-Varr easily created another time machine. The small group then launched into the future to tackle the problem with the timestream.

(Avengers IV#4) - Having arrived at the coordinates set by Stark, the four heroes encountered a massive battlefield of Kang and assorted heroes against the forces of Ultron. Hesitant about killing Kang because of the potential consequences, the four were instead ambushed by Maestro and his forces, including the children of the Avengers. Later awakened, Protector, Wolverine and Captain America were contained in a repulsor shield generated by the aged future Tony Stark.

(Avengers IV#5) - The four then heard how Kang had been sent by Maestro to bring them to the future to stop the collapse of the timestream. However, all were surprised that the future Tony Stark did not recognize Noh-Varr. Stark considered him the key to averting disaster and the four time-flung heroes launched backward in time just as the timestream broke. Arriving back in the present, they once more created a time machine and again traveled forward in time to a desolate landscape dominated by a curious future Ultron.

(Avengers IV#6) - Iron Man beseeched Ultron to let Kang win the impending war to avert the timestorm crippling reality that would destroy all. Dubious, Ultron detected Protector's Kree technology and the four jumped ahead two days to find that Ultron had been defeated by Kang's forces. The four spoke briefly with Maestro, Kang and the future Stark before jaunting back to the present. Noh-Varr was then invited to join the Avengers.

(I am an Avenger#2/4) - Noh-Varr took part in a pie-eating contest at the Annual Avengers Picnic, up against D-Man, Valkyrie and the Thing. Served pies (plus savories) by Jarvis, Noh-Varr continued to eat before, during and after the contest with a huge appetite, but came in third.

(Avengers IV#7) - Noh-Varr introduced his girlfriend, Annie, to his fellow Avengers at Avengers Tower when the Red Hulk smashed through the window, near unconscious after getting pounded by the Infinity Gem-powered villain, the Hood.

(Avengers IV#8 (fb)) - Noh-Varr heard the Red Hulk tell of his encounter with the newly powered Hood, but became suspicious with Iron Man's sudden departure.

(Avengers IV#8) - After contacting Steve Rogers, he and various other Avengers, as well as the Red Hulk, arrived in the Himalayas where the Inhuman city of Attilan once was and faced the newly reformed Illuminati, who were investigating the theft of the Infinity Gems.

(Avengers IV#9) - The gathered Avengers agreed on a plan to split into teams to fight the Hood and use the other four Infinity Gems against him if the situation warranted it.

(Avengers IV#10) - Protector traveled to New Mexico with other Avengers to help Iron Man retrieve the space gem only to find that the Hood had beaten them to it. The empowered Hood cast his opponents away.

(Avengers IV#11) - Iron Man's group recovered to witness the Hood in battle against Thor, the Red Hulk and Namor. The Avengers ran to the fray only to see him vanish to hunt down the other gems.

(Avengers IV#12) - The Hood was finally beaten and the gems taken from him as the assembled Avengers looked on. Protector watched as Iron Man seemingly wished the Infinity Gems away using their own power.

(Avengers Academy#10) - Protector was a guest instructor at Avengers Academy to its members, Finesse, Hazmat, Mettle, Reptil, Striker and Veil, teaching them about extraterrestrial culture.

(Avengers Academy#11) - Korvac's sudden appearance in Hank Pym's lab resulted in the Avengers, including Protector, attacking the major threat. The Avengers fell before his power, although they did weaken Korvac.

(Avengers IV#12.1) - Along with the other assembled Avengers, Noh-Varr heard Abigail Brand tell that Spider-Woman had vanished in Wakanda. The Avengers investigated and quickly beat the villainous Intelligencia who were holding her captive after they had found Spaceknight armor that had fallen to Earth. However, this armor proved to be housing Ultron who had found his way back to Earth. Intent on battle but unprepared, Ultron vanished.

(Avengers IV#13 (fb)) - Noh-Varr once more brought Annie to Avengers Tower.

Noh-Varr tackles the Serpent-empowered Hulk(Avengers IV#17 (fb) - BTS) - Over dinner, Noh-Varr heard Stark tell of a past battle where he had tapped into his mainframe and control his armor simultaneously. He also found out that Stark had an armory inside Avengers Tower.

(Fear Itself#1/Avengers IV#13 (fb)) - Protector stood with other current Avengers in Broxton near the ruins of the fallen Asgard where Iron Man pledged his support to rebuild the godly city. At the later celebrations with Asgardians, he saw Odin beat Thor into submission and the Asgardians then departed via the Rainbow Bridge. 

(Fear Itself#2) - Protector was amongst the Avengers dispatched by Steve Rogers to investigate the falling mystical hammers of the fear god Serpent and the ensuing chaos.

(Avengers IV#13) - Protector gave a brief response to an interviewer about being an Avenger.

(Avengers IV#14) - Protector reflected mutely about the fall of Avengers Tower, downed by the Serpent-possessed Thing, to an interviewer.

(Fear Itself#6) - Protector helped other Avengers carry the fallen and mortally wounded Thor to Asgard before Odin cast them back to Earth. There, he was amongst those that Captain America rallied to confront the Serpent's forces.

Noh-Varr: Kree weapons expert (Avengers IV#15) - Flying down with Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel, Protector tried to stop the Serpent-empowered and Serpent hammer wielding Hulk from wrecking more of Brazil but was knocked aside. The four Avengers, including Hawkeye, concluded that the best strategy now was just not to fight the Hulk.

(Avengers IV#17) - The four Avengers returned to New York to find Sin had arrived amidst the rubble. Protector calibrated a weapon from Kree technology that took control of the various Iron Man armors that Stark had in his armory located in the now fallen Avengers Tower. This helped delay Sin's forces so that Protector could launch a virus that caused the attacking armored exo-suits to explode. Protector later reflected on the battle to an interviewer.

(New Avengers III#16) - Protector commented to an interviewer about what it takes to be an Avenger with particular reference to Dr. Strange.

(Avengers IV#18) - Protector assembled with other serving Avengers at Avengers Mansion when Captain America was about to announce the new Avengers roster.

(FF#11) - Protector gathered with many other friends of the Reed Richards and the FF/Fantastic Four responding to their request for aid in the impending threat of the War of the Four Cities. With the other heroes atop the Baxter Building, they saw the arrival of the Kree war fleet.

(Fantastic Four VI#600/1) - Protector helped the other Avengers and the FF fight the attacking Kree warships and protect New Yorkers from harm.

(Mighty Thor II#9) - Protector joined fellow Avengers (Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Tanarus (actually Ulik surreptitiously replacing Thor as god of thunder)) to stop Terminus.

(Uncanny X-Men II#9) - Protector and other Avengers fought alongside the X-Men to stop alien attacks, in his case by Voidians, instigated by Unit. Protector developed a weapon that would trap them.

(Avengers IV#19) - Protector was amongst the Avengers when Tony Stark showed off the newly rebuilt Vision. They were later presented to the crowds and media outside when they were confronted by an angry Norman Osborn shouting accusations at them.

(Avengers IV#20) - The Avengers moved toward what was actually a hologram through which Osborn remotely undermined the team in front of the assembled media. Rattled, the Avengers then split into teams to track Osborn down; Protector flew with Iron Man to Philadelphia to an old A.I.M. base when Iron Man's armor was hacked and attacked Protector, who quickly called for help.

(Avengers IV#21) - Protector was able to place an override device on the armor, but it functioned only briefly before it was destroyed by the armor's new controller and Protector was overpowered. 

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison (writer) and J.G. Jones (art).

In continuity?
There is some confusion over whether or not the Marvel Boy limited series actually took place in the Prime Marvel Universe, or in an alternate dimension of it. Iron Man 2000 had a specific reference to the series for more information about one of the characters peripherally involved, which is good enough for me; personally, I feel the series had too many cool things in it for it to be just another dimension.
It's been suggested by some people that MARVEL BOY may be a covert Ultimate title, because some of it seems to fit in better with Ultimate continuity than Earth-616. I'm not hugely clear on where they get this from; the only similarity I've noticed is the SHIELD space stations in both are very similar. Dum Dum Dugan, on the other hand, is totally different on Earth-Ultimate (unless that was *another* Dugan working for SHIELD assigned to the Ultimates project...). The clincher for me is how they've been working on recreating a super-soldier serum for half a century on Earth-Ultimate, while in MARVEL BOY the U.N. has gamma-enhanced, Adamantium-laced clone super-soldiers.(Flank McLargehuge)
I agree with Flank on this issue, although it was written to be vague enough to go either way.

He is now firmly entrenched in Earth-616 continuity with his more mainstream appearances like Avengers, etc.
---Grendel Prime

Zzutak was among Midas' collection of aliens in Marvel Boy II#1. A Skrull and possibly a Badoon were also visible (and a Xantha). Midas' monster was one the Mindless Ones from the Dark Dimension.

The television section in the end of Marvel Boy II#2 seemed to be a tribute of sorts to Veidt's monitors in Alan Moore's The Watchmen. Also, amongst the screens, Rorschach, a character from the book, is visible.
The Teletubbies, The Thing, The Vision, The Mole Man, hieroglyphics, a samurai, a lizard with a flamethrower and several monkeys were also visible.

In one of the Macroverse dimensions, a tribute to Wildstorm's The Authority is shown, and in another, a large group of Popupians are seen.

Marvel Boy?
Despite the book name, Noh-Varr was never referred to as Marvel Boy in the series, though he was known as Ensign Marvel to his teammates in the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt.
However, as pointed out by Proto-Man and Jim Sharpe, he also received the name in the Marvel Encyclopedia--Snood.

Morrison to Gruenwald Dictionary
Superspectrum = Omniverse - "The immense rainbow of realities, where everything you ever imagined is just as real as everything else and all at once" I think they also call it Macrospace, but that may just mean the nexus point.

Noh-Varr's message to Earth is definitely one of my favorite alien announcements. "What happened to 'Take me to your leader'" indeed.

When SHIELD finally captured Noh-Varr, Dum Dum Dugan's words to Noh-Varr... "And (CENSORED) you to you too, kid."

Cockroach DNA, eh?
Of course, I have to make a Cockroach Conspiracy mention for Snood here.
Oh, absolutely...and the technology that created this is likely to be along the lines of the Pursuer technology, which created both the Pursuer, and later Korath the Pursuer--Snood.

The name Rogue Fantastic comes from the Marvel Knights/Marvel Boy Genesis Edition#1. He is the guy with the white temples seen in Marvel Boy II#1 and #5.
--Markus Raymond

I really don't like the New Avengers: Illuminati title. My problems with this issue start with the Illuminati fearing revenge from the Kree, if they found out that Noh-Varr was imprisoned on Earth. I honestly don't think they know about him and I doubt they would care much for an alternate reality's Kree mutate, but what do I know? Later Noh-Varr knew that Mar-Vell betrayed the Kree in this reality. Sure, there is the possibility that Mar-Vell betrayed the Kree in Noh-Varr's home reality too or maybe Noh-Varr heard about it somewhere during his stay on Earth in....prison or maybe as a slumber story from Plex during the Marvel Boy title. Possible No-Prizes aside everything has changed since then. The original Captain Marvel returned only to be later revealed as a Skrull and Noh-Varr is now the new Captain Marvel....and Bendis even mentioned his alternate reality heritage in Mighty Avengers.
--Markus Raymond

Noh-Varr received entries in All-New OHotMU#7, the Civil War: Battle Damage Report#1 & OHoTMU A-Z HC#7.

In Dark Avengers Annual#1, Noh-Varr claimed that he had traversed "millions of alternate dimension", but was now trapped on this version of Earth.

Hm. A bit of an awkward continuity issue here on how to slot in his other Osborn Avengers appearances with a continuing story from Dark Avengers #1 (introduction) through to #5 when Noh-Varr escapes, so I've slotted his short-term Avengers' Captain Marvel period in as best I can.
---Grendel Prime

In Dark Avengers#6, 7 & 10, Noh-Varr appeared only on the cover. The cover of #6 shows him to be fleeing what appears to be a very nasty Venom and could be slotted in when Osborn's Avengers were hunting him down.

Profile by Zerostar. Dark Avengers, SWORD and Protector updates by Grendel Prime.

Noh-Varr, star of Marvel Boy volume II, later known as Protector, should not be confused with:

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