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Real Name: Thoran Rul

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Xandarian) mutate

Occupation: Keeper of the computers

Group Membership: Champions of Xandar (Comet/Harris Moore, Crimebuster/Frank Moore, Diamondhead/Arch Dyker, Nova/Richard Rider, Nova Prime/Tanak Valt, Powerhouse/Rieg Davan)

Affiliations: Princess Adora, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl/Susan Storm Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Master Xar, Nova Corps (Garthan Saal, others), Rom

Enemies: Skrulls (Emperor Dorrek VII, Empress R'Klll , others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Prime Thoran (Nova Corps rank), "Child-Protector" (nickname used by the Worldmind)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Xandar

First Appearance: (as Rul) Fantastic Four I#205 (April, 1979); (as Protector) Fantastic Four I#208 (July, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Prior to merging with the Xandarian Worldmind, Rul possessed no recorded superhuman powers. As Protector, he had access to various psionic powers. He could utilize the vast array of knowledge stored within the Xandarian computers to accomplish a great number of undocumented physical and mental feats. A brilliant tactician even without the Worldmind's support, he was able to fly through space under his own power and possessed enhanced senses that approached omniscience. Among his recorded feats were locating distant and lost planets within moments and even teleporting people across considerable light years. Once completely fused with the Worldmind, Rul lost his physical form but presumably still had complete access to all the Xandarian knowledge.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Black

History: (Fantastic Four I#205 (fb) - BTS) -Thoran Rul served as Nova Prime and guardian of the prime computer at the pleasure of Queen Adora. He was a member of Xandar's advisory council along with Master Xar and Nova Centurion Tanak Valt. When the Skrulls attacked Xandar to get their hands on the Living Computers, Adora transported to Earth to get help. Rul and Xar stayed behind to guide the defense effort while Valt took the Corps on the offensive.

(Fantastic Four I#205) - Rul greeted Adora and the Fantastic Four, who returned to Xandar in time to ward off the latest Skrull attack. He briefly brought Adora up to speed, giving her the bad news that her lover Valt had been seriously injured and now resided in a medi-pod in the council chambers. Rul then suggested that, with Xandar's main defenses depleted, they should use the near unlimited power of their Living Computers. Adora abhorred the thought but Rul insisted on giving the FF a tour of the Worldmind facility anyway. The sight of the massive machinery impressed Earth's heroes but the tour was cut short when the Skrulls launched yet another attack. Rul transported them directly to the council chambers, where he watched as Xar handed the heroes flight belts so they could join the remainder of the Nova Corps to face the threat. Rul, Xar and Adora then watched the battle unfold and were shocked when the FF were kidnapped by the Skrulls.

(Fantastic Four I#206) - As the Skrulls continued their attack on Xandar, Rul was unable to persuade Adora to focus on the current crisis. Instead, she refused to leave her unconscious lover's side and even ordered Rul and Xar to oversee the defense of the planet with her blessings. Troubled and believing there was no way to save his world, Rul made his way to the heart of the living computers, where he desperately pleaded with the preserved Xandarians brains that power the construct for help. In response, the living minds that fill the mile-high construct used their powers to rip Rul's spirit from his body and infuse it with all their wisdom before returning it to a body reformed to house its newfound power.

(Fantastic Four I#208) - Fused with the power and knowledge of the Worldmind, Thoran rose up from the computer complex in a fiery ball of mental energy and took to space, beckoning the Nova Corps to follow him as he took the fight to the Skrulls. The newly arrived Fantastic Four, Nova and his allies Comet, Crimebuster, Diamondhead and Powerhouse watched him go.

(Fantastic Four I#209 - BTS) - Rul singlehandedly laid waste to a large number of Skrull warships, much to the disbelief of Skrull Emperor Dorrek VII. However, when the reports were confirmed, Dorrek VII panicked and ordered his ship to return to homeworld immediately. In response, his ambitious wife R'klllshot him and took over as leader of the Skrulls. She ordered the remaining armada to retreat temporarily in preparation for one final attack on Xandar.

(Rom I#24 (fb) - BTS) - After several weeks of inaction, Comet, Crimebuster and Diamondhead decided to board a ship and fly off to join the Nova Corps and Thoran Rul in their fight against the Skrulls. The treacherous Diamondhead had no intention of helping his Terran enemies and secretly contacted the Skrulls, who agreed to help ambush the Xandarian flagship by sending out a false distress signal. Upon arrival, the ship and all aboard were to be shifted to another dimension where they could no longer interfere.

(Rom I#24 (fb)) - Before the Xandarian heroes could act, the Skrulls made their move. They lethally wounded Crimebuster and shifted Comet, the Champions and Xandar's remaining Nova Corps forces to the aforementioned dimension.

(Rom I#24 - BTS) - Accidentally visiting Xandar while on his way home to Galador, the Spaceknight Rom happened to be present when the Skrulls attempted to invade the city-planet posing as the Nova Corps. Using his Dire Wraith detecting device, Rom revealed their true identity to the Xandarians, which led to an all-out war.

(Rom I#24) - The conflict ended when Nova managed to return Rul, the Champions of Xandar and the Nova Corps to their native dimension. After helping Rom and the Xandarians fend off the Skrulls for good, Rul (now going by the codename of the Protector) granted Richard Rider's wish and returned him to Earth without his Nova powers. He then once again accessed the knowledge of the computers to locate Rom's homeworld of Galador, instantly teleporting him there.

(New Warriors I#42 (fb) - BTS) - Despite the Protector telling him that he'd lost his Nova powers, Richard Rider still retained a part of the Nova Force powerful enough to eventually light the spark that could revive the Worldmind should that be necessary.

(Avengers I#260 (fb) - BTS) - Protector, the Champions and all of Xandar perished when Nebula attacked the world aboard Sanctuary II, the mobile space fortress created by her alleged grandfather, Thanos of Titan.

(New Warriors I#42) - After the destruction of Xandar, the power of the Nova Corps was concentrated into the sole Nova Corps member Garthan Saal, who went mad with the power and kidnapped Nova (Richard Rider). In the end, Saal and Rider combined essences to restore the Worldmind to the devastated remains of Xandar. Rul was restored as the personification of the Living Computers. He explained to Nova that well before the destruction of Xandar, he and Adora had foreseen that Richard would be the perfect candidate for guarding the crucial aspect of the Nova Force. Rul then announced that he'd be focusing his energies to create a place for others who had lost their homeworld.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman (writer), Keith Pollard pencils) and Joe Sinnott (inks).

Ah, the Xandarian Worldmind, answering the question since 1979 what the Internet would be like if it was powered by the (f)actual knowledge of every human who ever lived. For one thing, it would make Wikipedia a whole lot more accurate.

Still, even though knowledge is power, it's hard to imagine how a collective of preserved grey matter could be of any practical use... let alone supply enough power to beat back an entire armada.

Profile by Norvo.

Protector should not be confused with

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