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Real Name: Rieg Davan

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Xandarian) mutate

Occupation: Syfon Warrior

Group Membership: Champions of Xandar (Comet/Harris Moore, Crimebuster/Frank Moore, Diamondhead/Arch Dyker, Nova/Richard Rider, Nova Prime/Tanak Valt, Protector/Thoran Rul), formerly Nova Corps, formerly Terrible Trio (Condor, Diamondhead/Arch Dyker)

Affiliations: Princess Adora, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Girl/Susan Storm Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Master Xar, Nova Corps (Garthan Saal, others), Queen Adora, Rom

Enemies: Nebula, Skrulls (Emperor Dorrek VII, Empress R'Klll,others), Sphinx

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Syfon Warrior (Nova Corps rank), "pup" and "young one" (nickname used by Black Condor)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                  formerly Xandar;
                                  formerly London, England;
                                  formerly Black Condor's Roost, Long Island, New York;
                                  formerly Xandar

First Appearance: Nova I#2 (July, 1976)

Powers/Abilities: Rieg Davan possessed all the typical powers and abilities of a Nova Corps Syfon Warrior: he can absorb most types of energy to increase his baseline endurance, stamina and strength to superhuman levels. When fully powered, his strength grows from pressing 1 ton to roughly 50 tons. If he siphoned off sufficient energy, he could unleash it in a massive explosion or fire force bolts through his hands. Davan could drain both machinery and living beings of energy with a mere touch. He is a skilled warrior and pilot of various Xandarian spacecraft.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition I#16) - Rieg Davan underwent special training in the Syfon Warrior division of the Nova Corps. He became one of the division's most adept operatives.

(Nova I#24 (fb) ) - Davan was ordered by imperial suzerain Adora to take his space ship to investigate rumors Xandar was facing an invasion. Out on patrol, his ship collided with a comet that caused severe damage. Davan drifted in space for months, helpless with the knowledge the invasion of Xandar had most likely occurred already.

(Nova I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Davan's spaceship eventually crashed in one of Earth's oceans. Suffering from amnesia, he was rescued by the villainous Condor who saw a use for Davan and his powers in his fight against the Sphinx.

(Nova I#6 (fb) ) - Hoping to bind Powerhouse to him, the Condor told him that his absorption powers had caused him to siphon off all the life aboard a nearby shipwreck. Fearing he was now a wanted criminal, the confused and amnesiac Powerhouse agreed to work with the Condor.

(Nova I#2) - The belligerent Condor was most displeased when he returned to his Roost and found Powerhouse wasn't there to greet him. He sought out the youth who was wandering outside, smacking him around to do his bidding. He forced Davan to put on his costume as they sought out the new, powerful young hero Nova. Condor had Davan absorb as much of Nova's power as he could in preparation for their inevitable confrontation with the Sphinx. In the next phase of their plan, Condor took Powerhouse to a nearby museum to retrieve vital information from a sarcophagus on display. Nova intervened and Davan accidentally destroyed the sarcophagus with the information, making the Condor so furious he abandoned him. This left Powerhouse so distraught, it allowed Nova to punch him out.

(Nova I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Nova took the unconscious, but still dangerous Powerhouse to the police. They took him to the hospital where his power draining abilities were negated by placing him inside an absorbatron which also kept him unconscious.

(Nova I#6) - Still feeling Powerhouse could be useful, Condor and his new ally Diamondhead invaded the hospital to break him out. Nova picked up the distress call one of the nurses sent out and decided to intervene. However, he was overcome by the Condor and his petrifying gas. Both Powerhouse and Nova were taken to the Condor's Roost where the villain put Davan in his old costume again. Davan immediately tried to resist serving the Condor, but he brutally beat him back into submission. Powerhouse then watched Condor probe Nova's mind using his computalyzer.

(Nova I#6) - The Condor learned of the existence of Nova's Xandarian spaceship in orbit around Earth. He was eager to access its databanks to help him in his quest. However, Powerhouse rebelled and siphoned off sufficient current to disrupt the computalyzer. This freed Nova and led to Condor and Diamondhead pounding both teens until they behaved again. Nova was placed back in the computalyzer and subjected to a mind control procedure. However, as a result Nova turned evil and assumed control of the Terrible Trio.

(Nova I#6 - BTS) - Unbeknownst to Powerhouse, Nova and the others, the Sphinx was observing their progress from his fortress, planning appropriate countermeasures to their plans.

(Nova I#7) - After some predictable infighting, Condor told Powerhouse, Nova and Diamondhead of the foe he had been preparing for: the Sphinx, a 5000 year old foe from ancient Egypt who had come to the United States to spread terror and become Lord of Crime, a title Condor felt belonged to him.

(Nova I#7 - BTS) - Sphinx observed the Condor's rant and had to laugh because his opponent had no idea of his true objective: become emperor of the world itself. Powerhouse stayed behind while Nova and the Condor flew off to steal a component needed for the Condor's craft to reach the Nova Prime ship.

(Nova I#7) - Upon returning to the Roost, Nova's mind control began to fade, forcing Powerhouse to drain some more power until Condor could put their new ally in the computalyzer again. Seeing Nova get reconditioned made Powerhouse realize this may well have been the same method through which Condor had turned him into a helpless accomplice. Powerhouse joined the others as they flew to the Nova Prime ship, with Nova using the technology in his helmet to gain access to the vessel.

(Nova I#7 - BTS) - Sphinx grew concerned that Powerhouse, Condor and the others were gaining an advantage over him by plundering the alien vessel. Redirecting the energies of his Ka stone into space, he managed to activate and control the ship's defenses.

(Nova I#7) - Condor led Powerhouse and the others in their battle against the various robots and internal defenses. Powerhouse absorbed so much energy, he was about to explode but Condor ordered him to redirect the energies to blast open the armored door to the ship's armory. At that same moment, Nova freed himself from his mind control once more and attacked Condor. Powerhouse refused a direct order to attack Nova, but still followed Condor in raiding the armory and escaping with weapons to use against the Sphinx. Nova was left alone in his ship, seemingly unable to escape.

(Nova I#8 - BTS) -Using the Nova Prime ship's computers, Nova saw footage of Powerhouse, Condor and Diamondhead attacking the Sphinx's palace, blasting his troops with the Xandarian weapons they'd stolen.

(Nova I#10) - During the assault on the Sphinx's palace, Powerhouse noticed he couldn't drain the villain's henchmen of their energies, learning they were actually empty shells. Alerted by his aide Kur, the Sphinx involved himself in the battle, revealing the true shape of his base as the pyramid of knowledge. Taking on the Sphinx outside, all combatants were surprised when Nova showed up to join the fight (he had learned the Condor's location through the computers of his ship). Powerhouse managed to drain some of the Sphinx's energies, but the villain was still strong enough to knock out Diamondhead. Powerhouse then focused on Nova, fighting him to a near standstill and siphoning off enough energy to leave them both vulnerable to the Sphinx who had not only survived an assassination attempt by the treacherous Kur, he also transformed Condor into his avian namesake. Sphinx decided to take in Powerhouse and Nova to probe their minds in hopes of finding an answer to the one question that kept plaguing his existence for millennia.

(Nova I#11) - Probing the mind of Nova, the Sphinx was frustrated to learn that the young hero possessed the answer, but his Nova powers prevented anyone from accessing his mind or even force him to give information under duress. Frustrated, the Sphinx chose an unusual tactic. He wiped Richard Rider's mind of any knowledge of being Nova and sent him home, planning to get the answer from him when his mind was less guarded. Seeing no further use for Powerhouse, he mindwiped him too and transported him to London. Regaining consciousness, Rieg Davan was once again totally lost in an unfamiliar world.

(Nova I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Davan survived for months as a derelict on the streets of London.

(Nova I#24) - Sphinx sent Nova to collect Powerhouse. Seeing Nova instantly made him regain most of his memories and in the ensuing brawl the two young heroes caused massive damage to the city before the Sphinx retrieved them both with a teleportation beam. Joined on board by Dr. Sun, Crime-Buster and Comet, Nova and Powerhouse were brought before the Sphinx who restored Rieg Davan's full memory. Now aware he was a Xandarian, he instantly recognized Nova's vessel as a Centurion starship. 

(Nova I#24 - BTS) - No one realized Diamondhead had snuck aboard the Sphinx' ship by stowing away on Crime-Buster's pod ship.

(Nova I#25) - Powerhouse effortlessly piloted Nova's starship towards Xandar, space-phasing the craft to reach the planet in the first quadrant of the Andromeda galaxy. He warned off the secretive Dr. Sun when he attempted to access the forbidden knowledge of the ship's computers, but their argument was cut short when Diamondhead revealed himself. Before Powerhouse could act, Sphinx reduced the villain to rubble, promising to restore him to teach him a lesson. Just then, the ship ran into an attacking Skrull armada. Powerhouse left Crime-Buster to mind the controls while he joined Nova and the Sphinx outside to deal with the Skrulls. Nova was impressed when Davan used the full extent of his abilities to easily blow up entire ships. The battle ended when the surviving Skrull fleet beat a retreat. Gathering all their forces back inside the ship, it was decided to hightail it to Xandar before the Skrulls would return.

(Fantastic Four I#206) - Upon reaching Xandar, Powerhouse and the others were stunned to see the once proud planet had been reduced to its four major cities, interconnected through an artificial support system. Furious and grieving, Powerhouse worried about the fate of his family. When he spotted a rogue Skrull craft heading for Xandar, he wasted no time blasting the craft unaware three of Earth's Fantastic Four.

(Fantastic Four I#208) - Powerhouse was the first to see the error of his ways and he had Nova quickly bring in the FF, who had survived the attack and the coldness of space inside one of the Invisible Girl's force bubbles. At the same time, both the Sphinx and Dr. Sun teleported to Xandar in hopes of gaining access to the World Computers. Moments later, Powerhouse met the FF, who were already feeling the effects of the Skrull aging ray they'd recently been subjected to. Upon arriving on Xandar proper, the FF were reunited with their fourth member the Human Torch, who'd teleported in to join his teammates. Not too long afterwards, Powerhouse and the others noticed that Nova Prima Thoran had merged with the World Computers. This granted him significant omniscience, enough to foresee the Skrulls coming assault. Before they could truly gird themselves against this attack, they learned the Sphinx had absorbed the knowledge and power of the Xandarian computer banks, gaining massive super powers in the process. Ranting, raving and deeming himself unbeatable, the Sphinx tore a bloody swath through the Nova troops and even made short work of the FF, Nova and his allies. The Sphinx swatted most of Earth's heroes aside and even Powerhouse's absorption powers proved ineffective. The Sphinx then took off, declaring his intent to conquer Earth. While the FF planned to save Earth, Powerhouse voiced his intention to stay on Xandar to help his people.

(Fantastic Four I#209) - Powerhouse watched from the side as Mr. Fantastic used the Xandarian Worldmind's knowledge to quickly construct a miniature, sentient robot that he dubbed H.E.R.B.I.E. which was tasked to help the team locate Galactus, whom Mr. Fantastic figured would be the only one able to stop the Sphinx. The FF asked Nova, Powerhouse the remaining heroes of Earth to stand together as the new Champions of Xandar against the ever present Skrull threat while the Fantastic Four tried to save Earth from the Sphinx. Not too long after that, Powerhouse and the other Xandarians learned that the Skrulls had pulled back all of their forces in preparation for one, final attack on Xandar.

(Rom I#24 (fb) - BTS) - Powerhouse and Protector had joined the Nova Corps in fighting the Skrulls on the frontlines. After several weeks of inaction, Comet, Crimebuster and Diamondhead decided to join them. However, the treacherous Diamondhead had no actual intention of helping and secretly contacted the Skrulls. They agreed to help ambush the Xandarian flagship by sending out a false distress signal. Upon arrival, the ship and its inhabitants were to be shifted to another dimension..

(Rom I#24 (fb)) - Before the Xandarian heroes could act, the Skrulls made their move. They lethally wounded Crimebuster and shifted Comet, the Champions and Xandar's remaining Nova Corps forces to the aforementioned dimension.

(Rom I#24 - BTS) - Accidentally visiting Xandar on his way home to Galador, the Spaceknight Rom happened to be present when the Skrulls attempted to invade the city-planet posing as the returning Nova Corps. Using his Dire Wraith detecting device, Rom revealed their true identity to the Xandarians, which led to an all-out war.

(Rom I#24) - The conflict ended when Nova managed to return Powerhouse, the Champions of Xandar and the Nova Corps to their native dimension. After helping Rom and the Xandarians fend off the Skrulls for good, Powerhouse watched Protector help locate Rom's homeworld. He then saw off Richard Rider, who was teleported to Earth while leaving his Nova powers behind on Xandar. 

(Avengers I#260 (fb) - BTS) - Powerhouse, the Champions and all of Xandar perished when Nebula attacked the world aboard Sanctuary II, the mobile space fortress created by her alleged grandfather, Thanos of Titan.

(Nova II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shi'ar Imperial soldiers Fath'raj and Shy'tarra reviewed the history of Earth's Nova, Richard Rider. They took special notice of Rider's time with Powerhouse and the other Champions of Xandar.  

(Nova II#5 (fb) - BTS) - When the Condor regained a semblance of humanity and renewed his fight against Nova, the two opponents recounted their shared history, including the time Condor used Powerhouse as his accomplice.

(Nova III#1 (fb) - BTS) - Reconnecting with his old high school girlfriend Ginger Jaye, Richard Rider told her of the adventures he secretly had during their time together, including the fights with Powerhouse, Condor and others.

(Nova III#4 (fb) - BTS) - Spying on Nova as part of his latest revenge schema, Condor thought back to their past conflicts in which Powerhouse was his unwitting pawn.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, John Buscema, Joe Sinnott

For a man named Powerhouse, Rieg sure got slapped around a lot when he was with Condor.

"The Terrible Trio" was not an official name for the grouping of Powerhouse, Diamondhead and Condor, it was first coined in conversation by the Sphinx's aid Kur.

Powerhouse, as part of the Champions of Xandar, received profiles in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#2 (1983), Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition I#16 and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z HC Vol. 2 (2008).

Profile by Norvo.

Powerhouse should not be confused with:

images: (without ads)
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Nova I#6 p9, pan5 (stuck in absorbatron)
Nova I#7, p15, pan4 (can't stand being badgered)
Nova I#10, p9 pans2&3 (trying to absorb Sphinx)
Nova I#25, p18, pan5 (true Syfon warrior)
Fantastic Four I#209, p7, pan5 (fears invasion)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition I#16 p46, pan4 (killed by Nebula)

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