Real Name: We-Plex Supreme Intelligence System

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Reality-200080) composite being of Kree minds

Occupation: Spiritual leader of the Utopian Kree; formerly the Marvel's living databank

Group Membership: Plex Intelligences

Affiliations18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt (Captain Glory, Doc Wonder, Merree, Noh-Varr, Rogue Fantastic, Star Splendor, two unidentified members--"fire-headed" & "insect winged"), Exterminatrix (Oubliette Midas), Inhumans (Crystal/Crystalia Amaquelin, Flint/Jaycen, Gorgon/Gorgon Petragon, Maximus the Mad/Maximus Boltagon, Medusa/Medusalith Amaquelin, Swain/Jovana), Ronan the Accuser

EnemiesHexus the Living Corporation, Dr. Midas, Midas Foundation, SHIELD

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Supreme Intelligence, Utopian Plex; possibly Extreme Intelligence (see comments)

Base of Operations: Planet J-453 in Utopian Kree Space;
   formerly Hala (Throneworld), Kree Empire;
   formerly S.H.I.E.L.D. Blacklight Ops 'Omphalos' Orbiter;
   formerly the dimension-schooner Marvel;
   formerly an extradimensional realm

First Appearance: Marvel Boy II#1 (August, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: The Plex Supreme Intelligence system was standard on all Kree diplomatic vessels of Noh-Varr's home reality grown from a Supreme Intelligence seed. It was a programmable piezoplasm housing the accumulated wisdombase of the entire Kree race, which it could access via multiple personality complex interfaces (sometimes different personality complexes could disagree if activated simultaneously). It was dedicated to the protection and survival of the Kree. It used the Omniwave to stay in contact with Noh-Varr and was able to use it to control humans telepathically by creating an Omniwave bubble. Linked to the Marvel's computers it was able to use and control all of the ships internal sensors, weaponry and other systems.

(Marvel Boy II#6 (fb)) - In the fourth aeon of gene mastery the Supreme Intelligence ruled the Kree Empire. Plex Intelligences derived from the Supreme Intelligence were installed on all dimension-schooners, which traveled through many realities to bring the way of the Kree to everyone.

(Marvel Boy II#5 (fb) - BTS) - As a standard installation on board of the dimension-schooner Marvel, Plex became witness to all the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt's adventures.

(Marvel Boy II#1-3 (fb) - BTS, #5 (fb)) - Plex witnessed the many adventures of the 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt.

(Marvel Boy II#1) - When it seemed like the Marvel would finally return to its own dimension, Noh-Varr was in the tank with Plex. A short time later the Marvel was shot down to Earth with Plex, Noh-Varr and the rest of the crew by the Midas Foundation. As soon as the instant Plex Intelligence was reinstalled it activated the ship's defensive systems, which leeched all available energy from the natives and their machines. Plex used this energy to telephase the whole ship to New York City's sewer system before Midas' men could scavenge the ship further. Five of Midas' men were killed during this. After Noh-Varr had escaped the Midas Corporation HQ, Plex contacted him and told him home in on his transmission. Noh-Varr flew to New York City where he was soon reunited with Plex on their ship beneath the town. Plex then explained to Noh-Varr the technological status of this Earth while using New York's energy to repair the ship. He sensed that Noh-Varr was very angry and suggested to him to lie low, but Noh-Varr wanted revenge for the death of his friends and muted Plex.

(Marvel Boy II#2) - Plex stayed in contact with Noh-Varr while he unleashed his rage on NYC. He kept people out of harm's way by hypnotizing them with Omniwaves. The radius of the Omniwave bubble was ten miles wide, which Noh-Varr used to write a message in big flaming letters into NYC. Plex informed him that he could maintain the field for only another 15 minutes when three superpowered humans entered the bubble. Plex told Noh-Varr everything abnormal he could sense about these men and suggested to Noh-Varr to flee. Noh-Varr, who had taken a "Pocket Battlefield" from the archive, needed Plex to explain him how it worked. When Noh-Varr was overpowered by one of the Bannermen, Plex sent bystanders into the "Pocket Battlefield" to surround the Bannerman, who was trained not to attack civilians and was beaten up by them when he reverted to his normal form. Plex told Noh-Varr that no more threats were around and Noh-Varr finished his message.

(Marvel Boy II#3) - Plex alerted Noh-Varr that Hexus had escaped during the raid of the ship by Midas' men. Plex explained to Noh-Varr what Hexus was before asking Noh-Varr to save Earth from it because Noh-Varr was responsible according to Kree-Vann Directive Big Red. Plex and Noh-Varr searched for Hexus, which had become known on Earth as Brand Hex. It was already marking Earth when they found it. Noh-Varr attacked the Brand Hex HQ. Noh-Varr connected Plex with Brand Hex's corporate database and distracted Hexus while Plex hacked the database and sent all of Brand Hex's corporate secrets to rival corporations.

  The next day Brand Hex was history and Plex informed Noh-Varr about the Living Corporation's demise, but Noh-Varr didn't answer because something was interfering with the Omniwave reception.

(Marvel Boy II#4) - Noh-Varr reestablished contact with Plex, who was surprised that Noh-Varr was alive and immediately told him that he was surrounded by hostile forces as the entire city block was a trap. When Oubliette, the daughter of Midas, fled with Noh-Varr into the sewers, Plex contacted Noh-Varr again. Oubliette heard Plex's voice over her watch-radio. Plex explained to her what it was and she informed Plex that Noh-Varr was injured and needed help.

(Marvel Boy II#5) - With Plex's help Oubliette was able to bring Noh-Varr back to the Marvel. There Plex took care of Noh-Varr to genetically reconstruct him. When reconstruction was completed Plex informed Noh-Varr that Oubliette was let into the ship because she had brought Noh-Varr back to the ship. Plex tried to talk some sense into Noh-Varr and Oubliette when they threatened each other with guns. A few more explanations about its own nature and then Noh-Varr let Plex open the ship's memory to show Oubliette the history and the end of the crew by the hands of Oubliette's father. Plex suddenly detected a Skrull chimera signal in Oubliette's mask, but it was already too late. Midas had arrived with armed forces and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. They destroyed the tank with the Plex Intelligence, but didn't catch Noh-Varr and Oubliette.

(Marvel Boy II#6) - Plex kept sending messages to the present S.H.I.E.L.D. psi-operatives until they bled from their noses. Plex then activated its emergency back-up and accessed the database for Kree murderers. It then activated the Helicoptera to kill everything on board that was not Kree. It was still trying to reinstall its base survival routines when Dr. Midas returned fully transformed to pick it up and invade its molecular memory. Noh-Varr ordered Plex to self-destruct, but it couldn't because Midas had enslaved it. Noh-Varr shot Midas to free Plex from his grip. Plex was helpless while Noh-Varr and Oubliette defeated Midas.

  S.H.I.E.L.D. caught Noh-Varr and brought Plex to their space station where it tried to remember what it was. S.H.I.E.L.D. kept experimenting on Plex, but most of Plex's knowledge was destroyed and it didn't work very well anymore.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#2 (fb) - BTS) - Plex was killed...

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - ...and called out to Noh-Varr in a million languages.

(Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways#2 (fb) - BTS) - Because Noh-Varr seemed lost without Plex the Cube's Warden began to mimic Plex's voice and gained full control over Noh-Varr.

(Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?#1/4) - Noh-Varr uploaded the remains of Plex to the Cube's computers to broadcast Omniwaves throughout the prison to calm the prisoners and staff to turn them into his army. The plan failed when a Skrull infiltrator caused Plex to generate a feedback and end the calming Omniwave. Noh-Varr killed the Skrull and left the Cube while his supposed army fought each other.

(Royals#5 (fb) - BTS) - Noh-Varr put the Plex seed in a storage tesseract and took it with him.

(Royals#1) - Noh-Varr was glad that the Inhumans agreed to travel to the Kree homeworld Hala to find out the secret behind the secret of their creation. He told the Plex seed in storage that they would soon get what they wanted.

(Royals#5) - On Hala Noh-Varr opened the storage tesseract and explained to Medusa and Maximus that Plex's own memories would become part of the new Supreme Intelligence's database while mining the old Supreme Intelligence's data during the resurrection for the secret the Inhumans sought. He assured them that this new Supreme Intelligence would be friendlier than the old one because it would be controlled by Plex. He then poured the Plex seed into the dead Supreme Intelligence's tank to begin its reboot.

   The rebooted Plex Intelligence ordered Ronan to stand down. It then transferred the Supreme Intelligence's memory of the Kree's origin to Noh-Varr, who then told the Inhumans about the Primagen that created the Kree.

(Last Annihilation: Wiccan & Hulkling#1 (fb) - BTS) - While incorporating most of the Supreme Intelligence, Plex discarded parts of it.

(Royals#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Plex Intelligence used its repair system to fix the Inhumans' spaceship Astarion.

(Royals#6) - The Plex Intelligence began talking to Ronan like it did to Noh-Varr. It revealed to Ronan that the Hala it originated from was the jewel of all realities and told Ronan to forgive himself for the destruction of this reality's Hala.

(Captain Marvel VII#129) - The new Supreme Intelligence summoned Kree to the remnants of Hala, including the Kree child "Bean" (this is what Carol Danvers called her). She was followed by the Kree Dr. Eve and her creation Mim. Eve considered the Supreme Intelligence's return a good omen.

(Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3) - The Extreme Intelligence sought the Infinity Stones to restore the Kree Empire to its former glory. It sent many Kree into outer space to search for them. (see comments)

(Death of the Inhumans#2 (fb) - BTS) - A group of Kree that the previous Supreme Intelligence had sent generations ago to explore the outer reaches of the universe returned to Hala and found it destroyed and the Supreme Intelligence dead.

(Death of the Inhumans#3 (fb) - BTS) - These Kree desecrated the Supreme Intelligence. (possibly the remains of the previous version or maybe they took a leak in the current version's tank)

(Death of the Inhumans#2 (fb) - BTS) - Then they deposed Ronan and exiled all followers of the Supreme Intelligence because they deemed them unworthy of reshaping the Kree Empire. (Plex somehow escaped Hala or was banished along with them. They probably put him in a shoebox to transport him.)

(Guardians of the Galaxy VI#1 (fb) - BTS) - Noh-Varr founded the Utopian Kree faction following the teachings of the new Supreme Intelligence. A civil war broke out between the Kree Imperium and the Utopian Kree.

   A ceasefire was called after Emperor Dorrek VIII became the leader of the Kree/Skrull Alliance.

(Guardians of the Galaxy VI#1) - A hologram of the Supreme Intelligence inspired the Utopian Kree of Elysion-3 with a speech. The planet was attacked and the population annihilated by Zeus and the Olympian Gods.

(S.W.O.R.D. II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Utopian Plex's crisis protocols recalled the recent neutralization of Knull and the Olympian Gods. It also had data on the inactive crisis with the Kree Imperium and awaited data on the Korvac Apotheosis. The current active crisis involved Zn^rx forces led by Wezel of the Chita Clan invading Utopian Kree colony J-453 and running off the colonists. 593 colonists were evacuated and Plex considered the possible casualties to retake the colony unacceptable even though it would be successful. Plex switched to siege protocol of J-453. Wezel soon requested safe passage through Utopian Kree space.

(S.W.O.R.D. II#5) - Utopian Plex denied Wezel his request even though Wezel was trapped on J-453 because his half-siblings had fenced him in. Plex explained that the Utopian Kree could not be seen taking a side in the Snarkwar, which Wezel didn't take well. He threatened Plex and reminded him of the Utopian Kree's vow to save all sentient beings. Wezel begged for his own safety, but while Plex began to reconsider his position, Wezel was assassinated by Khora of the Burning Heart.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & J.G. Jones.

The original Supreme Intelligence died in Guardians of the Galaxy III#25 (May, 2015) during the Black Vortex crossover when the planet Hala was destroyed.

Plex didn't merge with the Supreme Intelligence, but rather replaced it and only took data it deemed important, which led to remnants of the old Supreme Intelligence turning up in numerous places and these were definitely the worst parts of it.

The Extreme Intelligence mentioned in Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk#3 (August, 2018) doesn't make much sense in context with what was going on at the time. The followers of the Extreme Intelligence wore regular Kree military uniforms. The story was far too close to Death of the Inhumans#1-5 (September, 2018 - January, 2019) when Plex was sent packing by a group of angry Kree explorers. Using the Infinity Stones to restore the Kree Empire to its former glory sounds a bit like something those Kree would do. Maybe their leader called himself the Extreme Intelligence or created a version of the Supreme Intelligence, which was called the Extreme Intelligence.

The history of Plex is a mess since it became the Utopian Kree's Supreme Intelligence. Al Ewing has a clear vision, but other writers keep using the old Supreme Intelligence and/or ignore this version's existence/status.

IMO Plex should've a numbered designation because it was one of a series of Plex Intelligences derived from the Supreme Intelligence, but there was no designation given in the comics.

This Plex Intelligence had much to tell after all the years it was away from its home reality. I'm sure the other Plex Intelligences and their master system the Supreme Intelligence would've been surprised by everything it had witnessed.

The name Rogue Fantastic comes from the Marvel Knights/Marvel Boy Genesis Edition#1. He is the guy with the white temples seen in Marvel Boy II#1 and #5.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

The Plex Intelligence was derived from an alternate version of the:

But should not be confused with:


The Helicoptera were razor sharp little robots. Reprogrammed for defensive measures they were absolutely lethal as they could fly right through enemies. Their original purpose is unknown. Maybe they were used for repairs or reconnaissance.

(Marvel Boy II#5) - Exterminatrix was impressed by the Helicoptera while Noh-Varr told her how dangerous they were.

(Marvel Boy II#6) - Plex used the Helicoptera to kill all soldiers and S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. They were useless against the mutated Dr. Midas.



--Marvel Boy II#5 (Marvel Boy II#5-6

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