Real Name: Oubliette Midas

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Terrorist

Group Membership: None;
former Midas Foundation member

AffiliationsDoctor Midas, Mindless Ones, Orb, Plex Intelligence;
formerly Noh-Varr;
Exterminatrix construct: Annie construct, Leah construct, Merree construct, Mother, Patriot (whatever he was), Ultimate Nullifier construct

Enemies: Avengers (Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff, Luke Cage, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Thing/Ben Grimm, Thor/Odinson), Chilean soldiers, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Nick Fury, a Mindless One, Nova (Sam Alexander), Puppet Master, SHIELD, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Uatu the Watcher, X-Men (Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iceman/Robert Drake, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James "Logan" Howlett);
formerly Doctor Midas, presumably many other extraterrestrials;
Exterminatrix construct: Young Avengers (Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Loki, Hulkling/Teddy Altman, Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr, Miss America/America Chavez, Prodigy/David Alleyne, Wiccan/Billy Kaplan)

Known RelativesDoctor Midas (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
formerly Midas Foundation HQ

First Appearance: Marvel Boy II#1 (August, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: She was trained in hand-to-hand combat and the use of ordinary guns and more sophisticated weapons. Her arsenal included an unspecified energy weapon, a golden revolver and a motorbike with built-on machine guns. Due to her training she was very athletic and able to always use her surrounding to her advantage. She wore boots with Vibranium soles that enabled her to walk up walls. Her father secretly built Skrull adapto-circuitry, which constantly mutated to evade detection, into her leather mask.


(Marvel Boy II#5 (fb) - BTS) - Oubliette was raised in a greenhouse to promote rapid brain growth and logevity.

(Marvel Boy II#4-5 (fb) - BTS) - When she was 8 Dr. Midas scarred her face in a duel to "make her stronger". He told her that it was deformed and from this day on she wore a leather mask when she was around other people.

(Marvel Boy II#5 (fb) - BTS) - She was trained by her father to kill everything that ever tried to live. Over the years she hunted vampires, space monster and Greek gods.

(Marvel Boy II#1) - Oubliette and her father listened from an apartment to the report on Noh-Varr from one of the scientists, who was running tests on Noh-Varr. Oubliette tried to identify Noh-Varr's weak points.

(Marvel Boy II#3) - One day after Noh-Varr had stopped Hexus, Oubliette arrived in a golden car in the alley where Noh-Varr was found by cops. When she told the cops Midas' military code they decided to leave. With her golden gun and a golden bullet Exterminatrix was ready to take out Noh-Varr.

(Marvel Boy II#4) - Noh-Varr escaped, but Exterminatrix followed him on her golden motorbike with built-on machine guns into New York's underground system. They fought through one trains and Noh-Varr kicked her off her bike after they left it. Exterminatrix tried to shoot him with her energy gun, but Noh-Varr avoided the shot and escaped again. Exterminatrix informed her father that Noh-Varr was heading his way and then continued to hunt Noh-Varr. She walked up a building with her vibranium soled boots and shoot at the wall beneath Noh-Varr's feet. He fell from the building and took on his way down Exterminatrix with him. While falling she was able to hold onto a flagpole while Noh-Varr fell with the flag into a bus after Exterminatrix shot him. On the ground Noh-Varr ran into a pack of Dr. Midas' agents. Exterminatrix cheered them on when they beat up Noh-Varr. Her father wanted to know if Noh-Varr was looking at her, but Exterminatrix didn't anyone would want to look at her scarred face. She took off her mask, but her father put it back on. Exterminatrix watched her father beat up Noh-Varr even more to learn the location of his cosmic ray engine. Exterminatrix shot Dr. Midas through the hand with her golden bullet before he could rip out the heart of Noh-Varr. She took Noh-Varr and fled with him into the sewer system.

(Marvel Boy II#5) - Exterminatrix brought Noh-Varr to his ship, the Marvel and stayed with him while the machines healed him. When Noh-Varr was conscious again she had a heated conversation with him, which ended with both pulling a gun on each other, but no shot was fired. Noh-Varr revealed his past to Exterminatrix, who was impressed by the robotic Helicoptera Rotors. In the end she understood why he acted so hostile after loosing everyone when her father shot down the Marvel. Noh-Varr gained Exterminatrix's trust and she showed him her face. She only had a small scar on her cheek and realized that her father had lied to her for all those years. Meanwhile Midas, his soldiers and SHIELD arrived and the Plex Intelligence revealed that the technology that led them to the ship was in Exterminatrix's mask. She denied being responsible and told Noh-Varr that she was used like everyone by her father. Once again she helped Noh-Varr to escape her father through the sewer system. She contacted Midas to tell him that she knew that she looked normal and that she would soon get him. Midas then sent a Mindless One after his daughter and Noh-Varr, which attacked them.

(Marvel Boy II#6) - The Mindless One killed many innocents from a subway before Noh-Varr and Exterminatrix stopped it. Exterminatrix cut off its head with a part of the railway and then returned with Noh-Varr to his ship where they fought Dr. Midas. Exterminatrix used the Mindless One's head to shoot her father through his chest. Another shot seemingly destroyed him (in reality he was transported to the Dark Dimension). Exterminatrix threw up after killing her father. Then SHIELD entered the ship and caught Noh-Varr and the Plex Intelligence. Exterminatrix escaped and began what she called a Cosmic Jihad. She destroyed a Disney World and threatened on TV to ruin the holidays for every child in the world until Noh-Varr was released. The president watched the news with concern and was told that SHIELD had sent hunter-destroyed telepaths after her.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - At some point Exterminatrix was caught and incarcerated at the Raft. Tony Stark listed her on his list of interesting loose ends as an enemy of the Superhero Registration Act.

(Ms. Marvel II#18 - BTS) - Puppet Master sent mind-controlled Chilean soldiers to the Raft to kidnap Exterminatrix for his collection of women, but they failed.

(Original Sin#3 (fb) ) - Orb approached Doctor Midas and told him about his dreams and suggested an alliance to rob the Watcher's home of its secrets. Exterminatrix wanted to shoot Orb, but Midas silenced her and agreed to partner with Orb.

(Original Sin#1 - BTS/Original Sin#7) - Orb, Exterminatrix, Doctor Midas and a bunch of Mindless Ones invaded Uatu's base, which allowed Orb to just enter it. When the Watcher discovered the invasion he confronted the villains and they tried to murder him.

(Original Sin#7 (fb) ) - While Uatu fought the Mindless Ones and Orb Exterminatrix plundered the armory.

(Original Sin#1) - Orb and Exterminatrix realized that the Mindless Ones were changing too fast since invading Uatu's base. Exterminatrix couldn't control them anymore.

(Original Sin#2) - The Avengers surrounded the warehouse the Mindless Ones, Exterminatrix, Doctor Midas and Orb were hiding in. Exterminatrix was feeling strong enough to wrestle a Mandroid. Even though her father kept feeling worse she was not going to leave him behind as Orb suggested.

(Original Sin#2/Nova V#18/Amazing Spider-Man III#4/Daredevil V#6/Deadpool V#29) - Exterminatrix armed herself and led the Mindless Ones in an attack on the Avengers, but they defeated her.

(Original Sins#3/2) - Exterminatrix's fighting techniques against the likes of Captain America went viral on social media. Hulkling showed some of the gif's to her ex-boyfriend Noh-Varr.

(Original Sin#3) - Midas and Exterminatrix were present when Orb released the Watcher's secrets from the stolen eye, which washed over the city and all the present heroes.

(Original Sin#3 - BTS) - Exterminatrix escaped with her father and the Mindless Ones.

(Original Sin#6) - Midas and Exterminatrix hijacked a ship. While Midas forced the captain to bring them to a certain location in the ocean Exterminatrix slew the rest of the crew while telling her father that they should've never returned to Earth after the incident on the Moon. Upon arriving at the location Midas' rocket ship Midas 17 rose from the ocean. Midas and Exterminatrix were going to return to the Moon and steal the rest of Uatu's powers.

(Original Sin#7) - Back on the Moon Exterminatrix, her father and the Mindless Ones approached Uatu's citadel.

(Original Sin#8) - Exterminatrix entered Uatu's citadel alongside her father and the Mindless Ones. When Nick Fury cut off her father's right hand she took the hand, ignored her father's order to shoot Nick Fury in the head with a golden bullet, and, fearing death, fled the Moon.

   Back on Earth Oubliette sat on a stone in a desert. Her powers, enhanced by Uatu's energies, were gone, her father was gone and she feared his empire would crumble without him. When a snake touched Midas' hand it turned to gold. Oubliette took the golden snake and called it a start to the New Midas Empire.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison & J.G. Jones.

The ponytail on her mask wasn't her real hair as seen on the second image.

A mix between an exterminator (her daddy liked killing bugs) and a dominatrix (that leather-outfit said everything). Its strange that her overprotective (and violent) father allowed her to wear such an outfit in the public. He was crazy, but he loved his daughter a lot in his own twisted way.

She hunted Greek gods? An untold story I'd like to read. She also called herself the Lara Croft of evil. Lara Croft is a well endowed video game character that was the main character in Eidos' Tomb Raider series. Angelina Jolie played Lara in two movies and comics about her are published by Image.

From Plex's English dictionary:
Oubliette; a dungeon, the only entrance to which is through the top.

In Young Avengers II#8 (September, 2013) the Young Avengers ended up in a reality where several faceless and somehow supernatural versions of Exterminatrix assaulted them. They barely escaped them.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Exterminatrix should not be confused with:

Exterminatrix construct

(Young Avengers II#12 (fb) - BTS) - Loki unconsciously created from his guilty conscience, using the magic stolen from Wiccan, constructs of former lovers of the Young Avengers members including Oubliette Midas.

(Young Avengers II#10 - BTS) - The Oubliette construct joined Leah's support group of exes from Young Avengers members.

(Young Avengers II#10) - In a magic circle created by Leah, Oubliette, Merree, Annie, Ultimate Nullifier and Patriot waited for the arrival of Leah and Hulkling. Oubliette told the group how Noh-Varr was her delicious prey and that it was no wonder he had dumped Annie and Merree, the latter defended herself that she had actually died. Hulkling left the group after listening for a while and ended up caught by Mother, who Leah and the others were working for.

(Young Avengers II#11) - Leah sent a photo with her smartphone to Loki showing herself, Annie, Merree, Ultimate Nullifier, Oubliette, Patriot and Mother with Hulkling trapped in Mother's home dimension. Leah then told Loki that Mother would release all the evil counterparts of the Young Avengers on Earth. While Leah's support group including Oubliette waited in Mother's dimension for the Young Avengers, Mother herself called Wiccan's parents to tell them that Wiccan would soon be coming home.

(Young Avengers II#12) - While waiting Oubliette painted her fake fingernails with poison. Merree and Annie were disgusted with Oubliette, who told them that they could have their revenge on Noh-Varr and the fun with him. Oubliette then sent Noh-Varr a selfie from Mother's home dimension. When the Young Avengers arrived in Mother's dimension Oubliette, armed with her golden gun, shot at Noh-Varr.

(Young Avengers II#13) - Oubliette kept going after Noh-Varr and asked him if he didn't want her back. Noh-Varr actually gave it a thought and pretty much dumped Kate Bishop when he told her that Oubliette was the girl of his dreams. Leah stopped the fight and disappeared with Oubliette and her other allies after Loki admitted that he had been working with Mother from the start and that he had been manipulating the Young Avengers all along because he wanted to control Wiccan when he rewrote the rules of magic.

--Young Avengers II#10 ([Young Avengers II#12 (fb)], [Young Avengers II#10], Young Avengers II#10-13

images: (without ads)
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Marvel Boy II#4, p5, pan4 (original costume)
Marvel Boy II#5, p13, right side (head shot)
Young Avengers II#13, p2, pan2 (construct)

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