Real Name: Mary Walker

Identity/Class: Human mutant;
    US citizen with a criminal record
    identity known to US legal and psychiatric authorities

Occupation: Mercenary, assassin; former licensed super hero, actress, private investigator, women's rights advocate (volunteer), teacher

Group Membership: Formerly Initiative, Shadow Initiative (Bengal, Constrictor, Komodo, Scarlet Spiders (Michael, Patrick, Van), Taskmaster, Trauma), Women's Action Movement

Affiliations: Absorbing Man, Ammo, Babe, Bullet (Buck Cashman), Bushwacker, Constrictor, Officer Clair Dodge, Jessie Drake, Electro (Max Dillon), Flavia, Gladice Henry, Hester, Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Donna Lopez, Andrea Lorean, Michael "Man Mountain" Marko, Eve Martson, Patch (of Hellhouse), Rip, Sabretooth, Scalphunter, Steel Raven, Trevor, T-Ray, Tulip, Vamp/Animus (Denise Baranger) proto-husk, Wildboys (Jet Ving & Marvin "Spit" Lockerbie, unidentified female abuse victim);
    formerly Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady), Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Deadpool (Jack/"Wade Wilson"), Doc Samson, a Doombot, Gauntlet (Joseph Green), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Henry Gyrich, Tyrone Janson, John, Dr. Rudy Katz, Maltese, Melissa, Dr. Ellen Nina, Brian Roberts, Louis, Matthew, & Sally Tarsitino, Vengeance (Michael Badilino), Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett), unidentified demon, unidentified judge, unidentified juror, unidentified surgeon;
    unwittingly aided by Skrulls serving Veranke;
    sometimes she was blindly loyal to defending women;
    Typhoid often seduced any man she needed for something

EnemiesBilly, Bloodscream, Luke Cage, Susan Calkin, Lance Cashman, C.F., Crossbones, Zoe Culloden, Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Daredevil, Deadpool, a Doombot, Death's Head Warguard, Dr. Doom, Harold Driver and other FBI agents, "Dum Dum" Dugan Skrull imposter, Dusk, Fortress/Project, Garrote (Tyrannus Cordin), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Hardball (Roger Brokeridge), Harry, Harvey, Dr. Zachary Hoffner, Tony Hoyt, Dr. Michael Hunt, Hydra, Jack, Dr. Sidney Joern, Joey, John, Jessica Jones, Dr. Rudy Katz,  Lee, Lifeform (George Prufrock), Jack Morray, Karen Page, Dr. James Power, Power Pack (Alex, Jack, Julie, & Katie Power), Officer Evan "Race" Racette, Officer Dick Richards, Roughouse, Jimmy "The Whale" Sabini, Sano Orii, Scorpion (Carmilla Black/Thasanee Rappaccini), Super-Skrulls, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Trent Squint, Jack "Baby" Taranova, Quince Taranova, Tina, Trevor, Bobby Two-Tones, Vengeance, Veranke, Vinnie the Elbow, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Westside Ripper (Ophelia Taranova), Wolverine, Yakuza, two unidentified judges, unidentified juror, two unidentified mall security guards, unidentified milk truck driver, multiple unidentified mobsters, unidentified psychic surgeon, multiple unidentified male victims;
    formerly T-Ray
    Bloody Mary hates men in general

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents, possibly also foster or adoptive parents

Aliases: Bloody Mary, Innocent Mary, Mary Mezinis, Mutant Zero, Typhoid, Walker;
    formerly Lyla Hughes;
    impersonated Siryn;
    portrayed Linda Loman and others in various plays

Base of Operations: Unrevealed...last seen in Madripoor;
    formerly the Zero Room, Camp Hammond, Stamford, Connecticut;
    formerly the Raft, Ryker's Island prison, off New York City;
    formerly Gutman Institute for Mental Excellence;
    formerly Ravencroft, West Chester, New York; 
    formerly Hell's Kitchen, New York City;
    formerly Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: Daredevil I#254 (May, 1988);
    (Bloody Mary) Marvel Comics Presents#150 (Late March, 1994)
    (Walker) Marvel Comics Presents#151 (Early April, 1994)
    (Mutant Zero) Avengers: The Initiative#5 (October, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Typhoid Mary suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder or Split Personality), and her differing personalities frequently struggle for dominance or oppose each other. Each of her personae --  "innocent" Mary, lusty Typhoid, misandric Blood Mary, rational and capable Walker, and the coldly efficient Mutant Zero -- manifests a different heartbeat rate, alpha waves, electroencephalographic patterns, biorhythms, and even her scent from each of her personae. Her hair style, texture, facial expressions each change markedly, and her skin will become erythematous (flushed) to varying degrees in her more aggressive personae. Even those with enhanced senses and/or perceptions, such as Daredevil and Wolverine, are usually unable to recognize her different selves as the same person.

    Her innocent Mary aspect is timid, gentle, pleasant, helpful, and artistically gifted, but also fragile, emotionally dependent on others, and (at least formerly) sickly and prone to seizures and other disorders. Though she has frequently been confronted with evidence of her other personae, Mary tends to forget or block out this information and generally remains unaware of their existence. On occasion, however, Mary's strong feelings, such as her love for Matt Murdock, have allowed her to exert influence on her other personae and/or force her persona into ascendance. Mary generally lacks any superhuman abilities, though some of her other personae have sometimes manifested their abilities through her when influencing her activities and behavior. Mary has minimal combat skills, but when threatened, she will frequently revert to one of her more aggressive selves.

    As Typhoid, she is aggressive, lusty, manipulative, rebellious, uncontrollable, and violent, willfully malevolent, and even murderous. She is willing to use sex to get what she wants or for its own ends. Typhoid runs a continual low grade fever, and her skin becomes erythematous due to her skin's capillary dilation. She possesses limited telekinetic powers that enable her to levitate small objects (up to approximately 10 pounds, though on rare occasion, she has moved heavy objects like cinderblock or barrels, perhaps 50 -100 lbs.) over short distances. She possesses pyrokinesis, enabling her to set aflame objects in her immediate vicinity. Typhoid also has limited telepathic abilities, generally implanting psychic suggestions in unsuspecting individuals or small groups, such as influencing others to look towards or away from her or enabling her to escape detection even when walking through a crowded room. She can cause animals or people of low intelligence to fall asleep. For unrevealed reasons (perhaps subconscious psychic interference), Daredevil cannot get a clear image of her as Typhoid with his radar sense, nor is he able to follow her heartbeat clearly. Typhoid has exceptional, though not superhuman, physical abilities (strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes), and she is a highly formidable hand-to-hand combatant. She has some training in judo and has exceptional skill in wielding, throwing, and telekinetically hurling bladed weapons. When Typhoid is threatened with defeat in battle or is enraged by abusive male behavior, she often shifts into her Bloody Mary personae, but when that personae is more deeply submerged, Typhoid is much more prone to murderous and hateful behavior. Typhoid is generally able to manipulate Mary to some extent, directing her behavior without her knowledge and sometimes manifesting telepathic, telekinetic, or pyrokinetic powers through her. When Mary feels strongly about something, however, she has proven able to defy Typhoid's will or even push herself into ascendance. Typhoid does not generally remember her time as Bloody Mary or Walker.
    Typhoid carries a variety of machetes and smaller knives. Typhoid generally wears white make-up over the entire right side of her face.

    As Bloody Mary, she is misandric (man-hating) and murderously violent. She possesses none of Typhoid’s sexual lust, just a savage desire to slay and punish men. She possesses the full range of Typhoid’s powers and generally telekinetically uses knives or any metal present to form metal armor over her body.

    As Walker, she tends to manifest the best of the above three personae's traits, though she does not manifest superhuman powers. She is capable and sympathetic, but lacks Mary's artistic skill, Typhoid's carnal impulses, and Bloody Mary's extreme violence. She can willfully revert to other personae, though certain situations may push one of the other personae into dominance. Aware of her different selves, she can sometimes provide them with general guidance, though she does not remember their activities. When acting as a private detective, she had her various selves use post-it notes to provide clues to what they had found or done.

    As Mutant Zero, she possessed all of Typhoid's powers and skills, but she was coldly efficient. She would appear, accomplish a specific task, and then return to solitude for mediation. This personae crumbled after being confronted with her existence as Typhoid. She has commented that she felt naked without her sword...but apparently has no problem wearing Typhoid Mary's open leather jacket over bare breasts. Though she doesn't carry guns, she is an exceptional markswoman and is skilled at hitting rapidly moving objects, even while she is rapidly moving as well.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

(Marvel Comics Presents#129/3 (fb)) - As a fetus in the womb, the future Typhoid Mary heard the harsh words of her screaming parents, crashing against her mother's belly, causing her to curl tighter.

(Marvel Comics Presents#151 (fb) - BTS) - Mary's birth name was Walker (presumably her last name).

(Marvel Comics Presents#129/3 (fb)) - After being born, "every night, the shadow of violence and cruelty passed over her body," causing her to cringe in her crib. Then she'd hear the footsteps that she came to learn meant unwelcome touches, and she'd shut her eyes tightly, her soul clenching into a fist.

(Typhoid#4 (fb)) - At some point, a man (her father?) tied a gun into Mary's mouth as punishment for something, telling her that she might trip the trigger by even breathing.

(Marvel Comics Presents#129/3 (fb)) - One night, when the hand reached into her crib, she curled up so tightly that she shoved her own mind deep into her unconscious, "and out lashed a savior...a wild, frenzied, clawing, screaming defender! That shadow -- he never, ever fell on her again."

(Marvel Comics Presents#151 (fb) - BTS) - The trauma and need to protect herself caused her to manifest telepathic, telekinetic, and pyrokinetic powers.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb)) - The infant who would become Typhoid Mary was discovered to possess a dissociative identity: One persona, which became known as Mary, was sweet and cooperative, but fragile, sickly, and prone to seizures and other disorders; the other, which became known as Typhoid (named for the constant fever she ran in this persona), was bereft of Mary's sicknesses and proved to be utterly unapproachable, uncontrollable, and murderous, even as a little girl.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb) - BTS) - Per Mary's account, her father was blind. This eventually led her to work with blind children.

(Power Pack I#53 (fb)) - Since he couldn't see, Mary's father didn't use lights, so he didn't pay for electricity, and consequently Mary grew up without lights, TV, radio, or refrigerator. During the day, she read to her father from their few books, though she was never sure if he listened. Mary stopped going to school and never had any friends. Her father's disability checks paid to have food delivered, though her father rarely ate. Mary's world ended with the setting of the sun, and she spent each night praying for the sun's return to create the world anew.
    In the end, Mary's devotion couldn't save her father, and he died, leaving her alone.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb)) - Institutionalized since childhood, the young girl underwent every known test but continued to baffle the entire scientific community. Mary remained unaware of her other persona (see comments).

(Typhoid#4 (fb)) - Young Mary heard a crazy person in the institution rambling about fairy tales.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb)) - Little was known of Typhoid, as she could only be recorded when sedated. She spent every waking moment relentlessly battling all help, relentlessly and furiously. The only time she cooperated with testing was during training of her nascent telekinetic training, as it was something she wanted to develop (see comments).

(Marvel Comics Presents#151 (fb) - BTS) - She was noticed by the wrong people, who stole her, then experimented on and abused her, seeking to harness and steal her powers.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid eventually escaped.

(Marvel Comics Presents#110 (fb) - BTS) - Mary awakened in a beautiful hotel room, not remembering how she got there, and she was surprised to find a bright red dress (that she would never have worn) as well as bruised lip and rope burns on her wrists.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb)) - Mary turned up a year later as an extremely successful stage actress. Most people she worked with felt her destined to become the greatest actress of the decade, but then she disappeared, presumably when Typhoid decided to end her career.

(Daredevil I#350 (fb) - BTS) - Working as a prostitute named Lyla (her hair dyed blond), she was alleged 19 years old and grew up somewhere in New Mexico. She was allegedly running from a father "who didn't know the difference between a daughter and a wife." She came to New York to be a dancer or an actress.
    Lyla worked alongside Donna Lopez and Babe, becoming good friends with the former. Donna felt that Lyla was suffering.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 (fb) - BTS) - Mary kept 10% of her profits, and the brothel in which she worked tended to service a higher level clientele.

(Daredevil: The Man Without Fear#2 / Daredevil I#350) - Lyla was present when Matt Murdock/Daredevil tracked one of the Fixer (Roscoe Sweeney)'s men to her brothel. When the women assumed it to be a raid, Matt fought back, knocking "Lyla" out the window to her seeming death. Matt was plagued by guilt for this for years.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Daredevil 2004: Typhoid Mary) - With Lyla/Mary's fall, Typhoid took control again and embarked on her criminal career, vowing never to be hurt by a man again

(Deadpool#7 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid worked with T-Ray in Beliz (and apparently previously, as well) for six months, making large amounts of money and sharing a sweaty romance, but eventually things went bad and he left her with the business end of a shotgun taped to her throat.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid launched a career of robbery and blackmail in Chicago, Illinois.

(Daredevil I#254) - Typhoid Mary stopped a man, Rip, from mugging another man, then seduced him and made him her agent. Shortly thereafter, she and Rip ambushed and slaughtered a group of drug dealers to claim their money; afterwards, Mary romanced Rip amidst the dead bodies, laughing off his attempt to prove his dominance over her with a punch as she instead proved she was on top.

(Daredevil I#254 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid wiped out a number of Hell's Kitchen gambling dens and drug houses that were under the Kingpin's domain, killing many of the criminals she encountered.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89: Typhoid Mary) - Much of the New York City press viewed her favorably, regarding her as a vigilante, as she only killed criminals, and even the NYPD seemed to tolerate her activities.

(Daredevil I#254 - BTS) - One of the Kingpin's agents reported that Typhoid Mary was taking down his operations. Intrigued, the Kingpin ordered a private viewing of all government and private computer data on her.

(Daredevil I#254) - Typhoid looted a gambling den, laughing off warnings that it was run by the Kingpin and tormenting one of the criminals by telekinetically manipulating a knife.

(Daredevil I#254 - BTS) - The Kingpin was impressed with what he learned, and felt that he could use both of Typhoid Mary's personae to ruin Matt Murdock and Daredevil. He ordered his agent to put word out on the street that she was to come see him at once.

(Daredevil I#254) - Using her telepathic and telekinetic powers to escape detection, Mary made her way up the Kingpin's headquarters and put her machete to his neck, but he casually punched her away. When she set his desk on fire, he smothered the flames under his palm. With Typhoid impressed enough to listen, Fisk offered her 1 million dollar to take down Murdock and Daredevil, making him love her like he couldn't live without her, and then ripping his heart out and leaving him alive and bleeding. Noting Murdock was handsome, Typhoid accepted, noting that for a job with such juice she would have done it for free.
    The next day, Mary attracted Murdock's attention, introducing herself as a volunteer worker with the blind and offering to help young Tyrone Janson, blinded by Kelco (a Kingpin owned business)'s toxic waste. Making a connection to his blindness and claiming to be able to teach Tyrone how to see without eyes, Mary quickly earned Matt's full attention.

(Daredevil I#255) - Mary brought Tyrone by Matt Murdock's place, and she used her telepathic abilities to make Tyrone think he was gaining awareness of his surroundings. She then seduced Matt, earning a romantic kiss.
    Later, Typhoid ambushed Daredevil, taunting him with the name "Merry Christian." Though angered by her violent means, he nonetheless found himself strangely attracted to her, though even his perceptions could not identify her as the same person as Mary; even his radar sense blurred around her form. After getting him hot in more ways than one, she slipped away, delighting in this assignment, as making Mary fall in love with him would hurt Mary, too.

(Daredevil I#256) - Mary met again with Matt, telling him how she was continuing to improve Tyrone's navigating skills. Matt tried to apologize for kissing her, but was distracted by a man having a heart attack. After he saved the man, Mary kissed him again. Back at her apartment, Mary was enjoying being in love when Typhoid began to take over again; Mary briefly realized what was happening before being overwhelmed completely. Typhoid later met up with one of the jurors in the case of Janson vs. Kelco, convincing her to accept payment to vote against the needed unanimous verdict for the plaintiff. When Typhoid and Rip later met with the Kingpin, she influenced the Kingpin and taunted him with her affections for Murdock and Rip, causing him to become jealous.
    When Daredevil tried to communicate with the juror, Typhoid assaulted him again, leading him into a sewer and continuing to fog his radar to minimize his effectiveness against her. When she gained the advantage over him and began strangling him underwater, Mary's persona surfaced and forced Typhoid to run away. Daredevil subsequently convinced the juror to reject the Kingpin's money, while Mary went home and took a shower to try to wash away how dirty she felt. The jury voted against Kelco.

(Daredevil I#257) - Kingpin summoned Typhoid to a meeting, but Mary showed up instead. After she spurned his advances and noted her affection for Murdock, the Kingpin told her to get out. Back at her apartment, Mary worked on a drawing while daydreaming about Matt, but Typhoid taunted Mary for being a slut and made her ruin the drawing. Typhoid then took over again and redecorated the whole apartment with random paint. She then visited the Kingpin. While the two engaged in some archery, Kingpin questioned Mary's showing up for her appointment, but Typhoid assured him she was in charge. As she detailed her plans to make Murdock leave Karen before revealing who he was really in love with, the Kingpin told her to drop her weapons and kissed her passionately. All the while, she thought how she had Fisk's heart in the palm of her hand and she was going to make a fist.
    Later still, Mary met with Matt, who told him he was thinking about telling Karen what had been going on between them. Mary kissed him again after igniting a series of nearby candles.

(Daredevil I#259) - Claiming she was afraid to be alone, Mary pressured Murdock to spend more time with her. While working out in the pec deck, Typhoid attempted to assuage the Kingpin's concerns over delays in destroying Murdock, telling him that she was enjoying her work too much to rush it, but he was concerned that her Mary side was in love with Murdock and was preventing her from hurting him. When Typhoid tried to laugh it off, calling him fatman, Kingpin pulled back on the machine's cables, hurting Typhoid's shoulders as he told her never to call her fatman and demanded she finish up with Murdock that same day, as he couldn't stand the thought of Murdock touching her for one more day. Typhoid remained defiant, telling Kingpin that he wouldn't hurt her and that she had him wrapped around her little finger; as he left, however, she realized that Mary's love was making her too strong, and she was constantly struggling to dominate. Realizing that Mary might overwhelm and lock her away, Typhoid vowed that if she couldn't have Daredevil then no one could. She then accessed the Kingpin's database and located a file containing names of what she felt to be "big-time Daredevil foes": Ammo, Bullet, Bushwacker, and the Wildboys. Since Mary wouldn't let her hurt Daredevil directly, she decided to let others do the job for her.
    Shortly thereafter, Typhoid entered Bullet's home, getting Bullet's attention by threatening his son Lance, but he swiftly agreed to her offer to kill Daredevil...and then showed some romantic interest in her. She later fought her way into a New York City prison, slaughtering several guards before freeing Ammo and convincing him to join her. When several other prisoners tried to come with them, Mary slashed several of them with her sword (or machete) and then slammed the cell door on them.

(Daredevil I#259 - BTS) - Typhoid and Ammo broke the Wildboys out of prison.

(Daredevil I#259) - Alongside Ammo and the Wildboys, Typhoid watched as a surgeon reattached Bushwacker's gun arm. Typhoid then instructed all of them to feel free to brutally batter Daredevil, but to leave him alive for her. Mary later met with Murdock, again begging him not to leave her alone.

(Daredevil I#260) - After Daredevil was battered in succession by Bullet, Bushwacker, Ammo, and then Jet and Spit, he was left hanging weakly from a bridge by the latter two. Threatening the Wildboys with her sword, she stopped them from killing Daredevil. She started to pull Daredevil up, telling him she loved him, but then dropped him off the bridge to the ground far below as a tear ran down her face.

(Daredevil I#261) - After manipulating one of the Kingpin's agents into wanting her, Typhoid reported to the Kingpin, who grabbed her by the neck, angry that she had seemingly killed Daredevil. Mocking him, she encouraged him to kill her. He slapped her away, and the two fought for awhile before things again turned to romance. Afterwards, Typhoid thought to herself that the Kingpin thought he had tamed her but that he would eventually find out who owned who. Later, Mary, bruised and battered from the recent struggle and wondering why, wandered out on the bridge above Daredevil's still fallen body, considering suicide as the only way she could stop Typhoid.

(Daredevil I#262) - As Inferno raged over Manhattan, Mary stood on the bridge, shifting back and forth between personae. Mary saw the fallen Daredevil and began to approach him, but as she did, he revived sufficiently to destroy a demonized vacuum cleaner that was attacking him. It exploded, and to protect herself, Mary subconsciously released Typhoid who deflected debris with her machetes. She next approached the collapsed Daredevil, still in Mary's appearance, and introduced herself as Typhoid Mary.

(Daredevil I#263 (fb) - BTS) - Mary apparently regained control of her form and had Daredevil brought to a hospital.

(Daredevil I#263) - As Inferno continued, Typhoid made deals with certain demons. Meanwhile, however, Mary visited Daredevil in the hospital, and she told Karen Page she knew who Daredevil was and that he loved her. When Matt revived, possibly due to Typhoid's telepathic influence, he called Mary's name, breaking Karen's heart.
    Later, a demon-bonded Mary confronted the Kingpin, telling him that Daredevil had survived (not revealing that it was Mary that saved him), but when he insisted she stay with him at all times, she told him that he was the servant of demons; the demons then claimed he had sold his soul to them years ago.

(Daredevil I#264 - BTS) - Emotionally spent, Daredevil left New York and wandered the country.

(Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger#9) - During the "Acts of Vengeance" conspiracy, Typhoid met with Dr. Doom (or a Doombot).

(Power Pack I#53 (fb) - BTS) - Doom (or a Doombot) employed Typhoid to obtain the secrets of Kymellian technology from Dr. James Power.

(Power Pack I#53) - Working with a blind girl, Melissa, Mary pretended to accidentally encounter Alex and Julie Power, as well as their friend Tandy Bowen (Dagger, then temporarily blind). While accompanying all four Power children to Tandy's apartment to meet her stepfather, Phillip Carlisle, Mary pretended to accidentally trip Tandy; Julie Power thought it was done on purpose, but Alex accused her of being jealous of Mary's beauty. The kids later took her to meet James Power, and Mary spent time meeting Alex after school, establishing a bond. Learning that Alex felt inadequate around his father, she decided to exploit this. She told Alex a story about failing her own father (see comments), earning his sympathy. Later that night, Typhoid tormented Mary, threatening to blind her unless she turned out the lights and ate sardines (or something in a similar package) like when she was a child.
    Upon assuring Alex was completely enthralled with Mary, Mary began to pay more attention to James Power (even kissing him once) and influenced James to scold and belittle Alex.
    Typhoid subsequently left a note from Mary saying she had been abducted, which, as intended, drew Alex to try to rescue Mary. Typhoid instead confronted Alex (who didn't recognize her as the same person). Typhoid showed videos of her technology capturing Dr. Power. When the rest of Power Pack arrived and attacked her, Typhoid fled and caught up with James. Alex pursued her while the others put off flames she had started. Typhoid dropped Dr. Power off of the top of a building, but Alex saved him. Typhoid escaped as the Power family reunited, mocking Mary that she would never let her know affection like that family.

(Power Pack I#53) - Typhoid told Doom of her actions, which sent him into a rage, as that was not what he had employed her to do. In particular, he was furious over her seeming efforts to kill Dr. Power, as he knew firsthand how devastating it could be to lose a father. After Doom detailed this loss, Typhoid departed, mocking him as she had found the chink in his armor...which was her intent all along.

(Captain America I#373) - When Bullseye approached the Kingpin to discuss potential future employment, Kingpin had Typhoid leave the room at Bulleye's request.

(Captain America I#374) - Kingpin voiced his frustration to Mary about drug-dealers moving in on his territory (which was actually a plot of the Red Skull)

(Captain America I#375) - While the Kingpin was out on a date with Typhoid (looked more like Mary) at a restaurant in Little Italy, they were interrupted by Captain America (at the time under the influence of ice, a drug which had bonded to the Super-Soldier serum in his system) who sought information on the drug war.

(Captain America I#376) - The dinner was again interrupted, this time by Crossbones, sent by the Red Skull to slay the Kingpin. At the Kingpin's instruction, Typhoid got out of the way. She later tried to ambush Crossbones with a thrown knife, but his head was knocked aside by Daredevil who threw his billy club to save his life. As the two men fought, Kingpin took Typhoid and departed. Typhoid later offered to take out whoever had sent Crossbones, but the Kingpin refused, wishing to use Bullseye instead. When Typhoid insisted she was Bullseye's equal, Fisk noted that she was not, however, expendable, like Bullseye.

(Captain America I#377) - When Bullseye called in and reported the Red Skull's death (which proved to be a robot duplicate), neither the Kingpin nor Typhoid believed the Skull was really dead.

(Daredevil Annual#7/4) - Mary threatened a criminal, telling him he had spoken too much of his activities with the Kingpin, then telepathically manipulated him into committing suicide. This drew the attention of the monstrous, cannibalistic Lifeform who was wandering the streets. Her telepathy failed to drive Lifeform away, and her control wavered as Mary felt sympathy for the creature and tried to take over to help it. Ultimately, Lifeform resisted all of Typhoid's assaults and swatted her down to the ground and prepared to feed, but then Mary took over and apologized for Typhoid's actions, saying Typhoid couldn't control herself. Sensing the dual personae within Typhoid Mary and suffering from two egos as well, Lifeform took sympathy on her and left her in peace.

(Marvel Comics Presents#109 - BTS) - Roberts, an assassin/product of the Project's psychic surgery, confronted Wolverine, asking his help in exposing the Project's activities. He named "Mary Walker" as another product of the Project and asked Wolverine to find her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#110 (fb) - BTS) - Logan contacted Mary Walker and arranged to meet with her at a diner to discuss the possibility of her being a Project agent and of helping Roberts.

(Marvel Comics Presents#110) - Logan approached Mary, who seemed ignorant of the Project and its agents but noted that she did have memory blocks and nightmares of having done terrible things. She offered to visit the Project to see if it jogged any memories, specifically hoping to figure out the missing parts of her memory. Mary had a number of addresses and maps (I'm not sure where she was supposed to have gotten them from), but before they went out looking, Mary wanted to be sure Logan wouldn't turn her in to the police if they found out bad things about her. Sympathizing with having woken up with blood on his hands, Logan kissed her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#111) - Investigating one of the Project's facilities alongside Logan, Mary was horrified when Logan beat up some guards. In the laboratory, Mary released a number of research animals, while Logan opened a safe and found videotapes labeled "The Project." Back at Mary's house, they watched some tapes on the Project's psychic surgery, which touched a chord in Mary, bringing Typhoid to the surface. Typhoid confronted Logan, kissing him, and when he tried to talk Mary back into control, Typhoid kissed him again and set his shirt on fire. When he tore his shirt off, she set his skin on fire and fled.

(Marvel Comics Presents#112) - Meanwhile, Typhoid forced one of the Project psychic surgeons (Trevor?) to reprogram another, Harry, to make him hate all the things he had previously enjoyed. When Logan tracked her down (hoping to find a way to liberate Mary from Typhoid), Typhoid reminded him that he had been psychically programmed as well and sought his aid in taking vengeance on these men. When Logan tried to reach Mary, Typhoid pretended to let Mary surface, only to set Logan on fire once again.

(Marvel Comics Presents#113) - Blinded by the fire, Logan nonetheless caught hold of Typhoid and threatened to cut Mary out of her. Mary surfaced once again, and Logan vowed to finish collecting the evidence needed to prove Roberts had not been in control of his actions and then to get Mary some help. When Logan left her to guard Harry while he forced information from Trevor?, Mary's thoughts drifted to her past and the problems Typhoid had caused her. Taking advantage of her distress, Typhoid took control and prepared to pay back the Project scientist.
    In reading the whole arc, it actually seems that Mary let Typhoid out but then used her to accomplish her agenda in confronting Sidney.

(Marvel Comics Presents#114 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid abducted the scientist, stole the research/evidence, torched the laboratory and fled.

(Marvel Comics Presents#114 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid traveled to the house of Sidney Joern, the Project's head psychic surgeon and slaughtered his guards before reverting to her Mary persona.

(Marvel Comics Presents#114) - Mary confronted Sidney, telling him she had evidence that placed him as the mastermind of the Project's illegal psychic surgery operations and told him she wanted him to do his work in reverse on her, removing the killer persona within her. Intrigued, Sidney agreed to do so.

(Marvel Comics Presents#115 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid Mary allowed Sidney and his agents to hook her up to their technology and begin the psychic surgery on her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#115) - Sidney and his men worked on Typhoid Mary, and Sidney discussed how he could bring her back to her earliest childhood to prevent the development of the Typhoid persona. Unwilling to have Mary alive to potentially blackmail him further, Sid prepared to shut down her mind and/or kill her, but Wolverine arrived to stop him. Wolverine tried to make Sid finish the elimination of Typhoid but he proceeded with another, less obvious way to kill her, until one of his aides, Trevor, exposed his actions. After Sid shot Trevor and began shooting at Wolverine, Typhoid Mary awakened and confronted both Logan and Sid.

(Marvel Comics Presents#116) - Telekinetically hooking Wolverine up to the equipment (much like his Weapon X experimentation), Typhoid to hunt down and slaughter all of the psychic surgeons, impaling agent Harvey with a pipe as he fled. As she embraced and then stabbed agent Lee, Logan tackled her, trying to force Mary to the forefront, and with a kiss he briefly did so; but then Typhoid regained control, leapt out a window, and escaped.
    Wolverine apparently beheaded Sidney, though his head was apparently kept alive by the Project, which became the Fortress.

(Daredevil I#292) - Typhoid was present alongside the Kingpin during a meeting with Colonel Strang (secret Hydra agent Garotte), agreeing to his group of investors support in Fisk's media enterprises. After he left, Typhoid questioned working with a "backwoods bozo," but the Kingpin assured her he was only using him for his money. With the business over, they were both happy to move on to the night's pleasures.

(Daredevil I#294) - Typhoid was present alongside the Kingpin at Fisk Entertainment Television when news anchor Peter Scott protested against reading the subjective, inflammatory material given to him. Fisk calmed Scott, telling him he was sure they could come to an understanding. After Scott left, Typhoid mocked the Kingin for kowtowing for ratings points, but he assured her that was not the case, after which he instructed his agent Maltese to see to it that Scott's 12 year old son suffered the temporary loss of his legs.

(Daredevil I#295) - After the Kingpin and Typhoid watched a decidedly more cooperative Peter Scott read the news, Typhoid showed the Kingpin a sensationalistic headline that they had arranged for the Daily Post as part of Fisk's efforts to increase FET's appeal to the common man.

 (Daredevil I#297 (fb) - BTS) - Daredevil delivered papers to the Department of Social Services, including forged signatures of two doctors and a judge for a petition for the involuntary commitment of "Mary Mezinis."

(Daredevil I#297) - As part of a plot to take down the Kingpin, Daredevil placed a shattered locket of his wife, Vanessa, on his desk. That night, when Typhoid wanted more lovin', the Kingpin instead lashed out at her, accusing her of failing to take care of matters in the Bronx, as well as getting rid of potential subversives within his operation. He further noted that these indicated she disregarded his business and was using him to indulge her desires. Irate, Typhoid left, assuring him that she would take care of the matters.
    Typhoid later visited Jimmy "The Whale" Sabini to tell him he needed to double his percentage to the Kingpin, retroactive a month ago. She walked in on Sabini mocking the Kingpin's weight and slashed one of his men, Joey, when he tried to get rid of her. After Sabini warned her to stay away from his merchandise, she set some of his cocaine on fire and then issued her orders. Sabini started to protest, but then Daredevil arrived and challenged her. Before departing, she warned Sabini to remember what they had talked about, jamming her thumb into his recently enucleated eye socket. When Typhoid tried to meet Daredevil outside the building, he swiftly knocked away her machetes with his Billy club. He then tackled her, pinned her down, and surprised her with a passionate kiss. Caught off guard by his sudden affection, Typhoid kicked him off and ran away, but he confronted her again and pulled her close, and the two kissed passionately.

 (Daredevil I#297) - After a night of romance, Daredevil left Mary still sleeping. Soon after, Tony Hoyt and Susan Calkin of the Department of Social Services had the superintendent let them into her room, and they sent two aids, Jack and Tina, to bring her in in a straight jacket. Mary was in tears as they approached, closing her eyes and hoping she was just dreaming this.

(Marvel Comics Presents#123/3 (fb)) - While institutionalized, Mary pretended to take her medication, but hid them under her tongue and then spit them out and hid them later.

(Marvel Comics Presents#123/3 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid escaped the institution, and Mary took a job working with the Women's Action Movement, promoting equality for women, promoting protection from sexual harassment, etc.

(Marvel Comics Presents#123/3 - BTS) - Taking the form of Typhoid Mary, the demon Dusk assaulted the Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch).

(Marvel Comics Presents#123/3) - Working at a WAM booth at a mall in upstate New York alongside the young, unmarried, pregnant, but upbeat Eve and the older, cynical, anti-male Andrea, Mary encountered Dan Ketch. As she talked to him about how both men and women had problems to deal with, she found herself intrigued with Dan, which made her feel uneasy. She fled to the bathroom, where Typhoid taunted her for her desires. Typhoid told Mary she needed her to do something.

(Marvel Comics Presents#124/3) - Dusk communicated with Mary, telling her he could remove Typhoid from her if she would deliver Ghost Rider to him by driving him to the brink of madness. Eve came to check on Mary in the bathroom, and they left to find the lights off in the mall. When Mary walked towards the back of the mall to get Andrea's van, a trio of corrupt security guards (including Billy) decided that her garb indicated she wanted a man. They confronted her, but when one of them grabbed her and tried to kiss her, Typhoid emerged and caused him to choke on his tongue, then slammed the other two men against the wall, killing one of them. Drawn by the danger, Dan Ketch became Ghost Rider but arrived as Typhoid smashed the men, and -- thinking he was seeing the woman from his dream -- assumed her to be a murderess. He struck her down with his penance stare, causing her to experience the pain she had caused her enemies, incapacitating her; blood shot began to ooze from her body.

(Marvel Comics Presents#125/3) - Ghost Rider was distraught when the collapsed Typhoid reverted back to innocent Mary. When Eve and Andrea found Mary's collapsed form, Andrea decided that it was time for the final battle of the sexes, and she began rallying women for war. Dusk took control of Mary and awakened her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#126/3) - When Andrea praised Mary for killing the two men, Mary denied ever hurting anyone and then ran away. Mary again reverted to Typhoid and sought out Billy, the security guard who had gotten away (who had since gone on a mad shooting spree, presumably influenced by Dusk). She first found Danny Ketch and the priest Louis Tarsitano, and she assaulted Danny, trying to get him to turn into Ghost Rider. Just as he transformed, the remaining guard arrived, shooting at her, but she levitated a knife and stabbed him with it, then set him on fire. The vengeful Ghost Rider then wrapped his chain around her neck and told her she would never kill again.

(Marvel Comics Presents#127/3) - Typhoid telekinetically removed Ghost Rider's chain from around her neck and then knocked him back, after which she lunged on top of Father Tarsitano, taunting his innocence and telling him to save her. As Ghost Rider fought her again, he found himself torn between the desire to punish her but the need to not harm Mary, which pushed him over into madness, which brought him fully into Dusk's realm, the Realm of Insanity.

(Marvel Comics Presents#128/3) - Mary confronted Matthew and Sally Tarsitino (son and wife of Reverend Lou), taunting them and pretending to try to seduce young Matthew, but she departed when Loy arrived. Realizing Dusk had betrayed her, never intending to cure her, Typhoid found an entrance to the Realm of Insanity and entered it, intending to teach Dusk that Typhoid was not to be crossed. As she entered, however, she failed to realize that only insanity could enter Dusk's realm, and the sane aspects of her were left behind, defenseless.

(Marvel Comics Presents#129/3) - Within the Realm of Insanity, Typhoid located Eve on the verge of being seduced by a seemingly benevolent male manifestation of Dusk, and she drove him off, then shared a vision of her past with Eve to convince her never to trust men.
    Meanwhile, back on Earth, Mary's vulnerable spirit was confronted by the pure/innocent spirits of Eve and Dan Ketch.
    Typhoid further tried to disabuse Eve of the thought that a knight would save her, telling her there were no white knights, only insanity. At that point, Dusk appeared and confronted them both, and tormented Typhoid with all of her darkest fears, as well as the emotions associated with all of the men in her life. Ghost Rider approached and instructed her to release Mary from her clutches, but Typhoid refused to be controlled or enslaved. Denouncing all men for hurting her, she leapt off a cliff into a spiked pit.

(Marvel Comics Presents#130/3) - Pure Mary's spirit form weakened, but Eve and Dan's forms, possibly bolstered by the thoughts and prayers of the others, worked to save her. Within the Realm of Insanity, Ghost Rider and Eve defied Dusk's will, and they levitated with Typhoid through a portal back to Earth and reunited her with Mary's spirit form. Typhoid began to revive as Dusk tore through his realm into the mortal world, but weakened and traumatized by recent events, she decided to flee. She broke into and stole a car to "get home to her babies," which turned out to be some drug that dulled her mind into the sweet bliss of oblivion.
    Meanwhile, Ghost Rider dunked Dusk's head into a toilet bowl whose water had been blessed by Father Tarsitino, seemingly destroying Dusk.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#2) - Typhoid Mary was transported to Monster Island for the Monster Island Party after the Infinity War.

(Marvel Comics Presents#150 (fb) - BTS) - Mary returned to psychiatric care under Dr. Hunt, who diagnosed her identity disorder and also noted the two personalities were splintering into a third. He placed her in a virtual reality simulation where she could switch personae under his secret monitoring.

(Typhoid#1 (fb)) - Within her straightjacket and in a padded cell, Mary spoke to her different selves as recorded on the institute's footage.

(Typhoid#1 (fb)) - When a guard came to bring Mary food, Typhoid broke out of her restraints, overpowered (and possibly killed) him, and left her in his restraints as she escaped the room.

(Typhoid#1 - BTS) - Hunt passed footage of Mary and her various selves from the institute's tapes to his friend Trent.

(Marvel Comics Presents#150 (fb) - BTS) - Mary disappeared for three days, her release arranged by an unidentified judge, who sought an affair with Typhoid. She proved more than he could handle, trashing part of his house and burning his face with wax. The judge contacted Dr. Hunt to come get her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#150) - The judge let Dr. Hunt and his associate, John, into his house to get Typhoid. Hunt went in first, but Typhoid quickly got him hot and bothered and pulled him into an embrace (a knife in her hand); John rushed in and drugged her into incapacitating, but not before she asked Hunt if John might want to join them. Back at the psychiatric hospital, Mary recovered from the drugs, feeling terrified and humiliated, and placing her trust in Dr. Hunt to help her.
    Shortly thereafter, Wolverine resolved to locate and free the mutant empath Jessie (whom he mistakenly assumed to be a girl) from the Fortress facility but needed Typhoid's help to penetrate security, which could track brainwaves, scent, pulse, etc. He met with Mary in the hospital, and she begged him to kill her to end her suffering. He instead convinced her to help him free Jessie. When Dr. Hunt tried to stop him, noting that she was too delicate and was about to start the integration process, Logan cowed him by noting that he seemed to have a more than a professional interest in her and was planning on establishing Typhoid as the sole persona for his own ends.
    Posing as technician from Computer Express, Mary (who had no trace of powers they could measure) gained entrance into the Fortress, then turned into Typhoid, took out several guards, located Jessie and began to escape, but security measures able to track Jessie incapacitated them both. As they collapsed, Jessie sent out Typhoid's thoughts, contacting Ghost Rider and Daredevil for aid. As Dan Ketch was out of touch, the message was instead sent to Ghost Rider/Vengeance (Michael Badilino).

(Marvel Comics Presents#151 (fb) - BTS) - The incapacitated Typhoid was implanted with a chip that the Fortress could use with which to track her.

(Marvel Comics Presents#150) - Fortress technicians put Typhoid in a sensory deprivation tank and began studying her memories. Forced to relive her worst memories, Typhoid cried out (via Jessie) for them to stop, then lashed out with destructive force with her telekinesis and pyrokinesis, slaying many Fortress agents (but sparing the women) and then making armor for herself as she assumed the new identity of Bloody Mary, who hated and sought to punish all men.
    After escaping, Mary took Jessie to a women's shelter for some food and a bed to sleep in. After learning of the shelter's files on abused women, Mary was shocked to learn Jessie was a boy who had taken a more feminine form via his empathic nature. Lashing out as Bloody Mary again, she abandoned Jessie, stole the shelter's files, and departed.
    As the Fortress sent their agent Steel Raven to recover Jessie, Bloody Mary began assaulting and killing misogynistic men, delivering unto them the same injuries they had given to their victims. Daredevil (unable to find either Typhoid or Mary by their scent), Wolverine, and Ghost Rider each continued their search for Mary.

(Marvel Comics Presents#151) - Typhoid played pool at a bar, betting herself and deliberately losing to Fast Charlie. Back in his hotel room, she made the quick shift to Bloody Mary and brutally beat him in the same fashion as he had beaten his two wives. Later, as Mary resurfaced, Steel Raven confronted her, having tracked her via the Fortress' chip. Bloody Mary knocked Steel Raven aside, and when she revealed she had abandoned Jessie long before, Steel Raven called a truce, then convinced Typhoid to help her take vengeance against Dr. Zachary Hoffner for his role in experimenting on children. When Ghost Rider/Vengeance appeared soon after, he blasted Bloody Mary with a hellfire blast that reverted her back to innocent Mary, who fled. Soon reverting to Bloody Mary, she found and beat another abusive man, but when his abused wife protected him, Bloody Mary became disgusted and decided to focus on hurting them men who had hurt her. When Wolverine attempted to ambush Bloody Mary, Daredevil, not recognizing her as Typhoid or Mary, stopped him from attacking what he thought was an innocent woman, and Bloody Mary escaped before they could come to an understanding.
    As Mary slipped amongst her personae, Wolverine found and attacked anew, then tried to reason with her, but Bloody Mary closed-mindedly blamed all the world's evils on men. Nonetheless, Bloody Mary still saw Dr. Hunt as her would-be savior, and she was disillusioned when Wolverine revealed that Hunt was in love with Typhoid and intended to preserve her and destroy the other personae. Wolverine sympathized with her mental manipulation and pushed her to manifest her different personae. They were interrupted by Steel Raven who encouraged Mary to flee, and she again ran into Jessie, who noted that he was a girl trapped in a boy's body, and that he wanted to be like her...the best of her...a fourth personae. Looking within herself, she manifested this fourth persona, Walker, a more stable, rational, and functional version.
    Walker traveled to Dr. Hunt's hospital, using her telepathic powers to block her presence from those around her, and confronted Hunt. Accusing him of psychic rape, she screamed for help, then publicly accused him of holding her captive, drugging, and abusing her, instructing the security agents to check his videotape library for evidence. Walker subsequently made a public statement, announcing her mission to avenge all women who had been wronged, physically, mentally, professionally, romantically, etc. by punishing each abusive man via the same methods he had used against each woman. She then departed alongside Jessie.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#3) - Mary attended the Water Festival of the Inhumans.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#213 (fb) - BTS) - Mary stopped taking her medications.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#213 (fb) - BTS) - Bloody Mary battered and slew two abusive men.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#213 (fb) - BTS) - Bloody Mary slew a third abusive man, one who had moved from town to town seducing and beating up women (some of them he even married). Innocent Mary stayed behind, claiming to have seen and heard everything through a hole in the wall.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#213) - With reporter Peter Parker present alongside the NYPD, Mary reported how this woman had read the man's crimes off papers and then done the same thing to him. She was terrified and believed to be a homeless person, and Parker took sympathy on her, giving her his and Mary Jane's phone number and inviting her for a home-cooked dinner. Back at her apartment, Mary was surprised to find artwork and weapons from her various personae, then found the files on the abusive men and resolved to do something about one particularly proliferative man.
    Typhoid showed up at the Parker's apartment, mocking her for being a loyal wife and eventually trashing their apartment before departing. Soon after, Typhoid arrived at a bar and teased a trio of men before deciding they weren't enough for her and beating them senseless. Spider-Man caught up to her as she was leaving, and she played him with enticement or feigning ignorance before punching or kicking him. After striking him with a barrage of levitated junk, he asked her about the killings, and she denied it before reverting to Mary and fleeing. Typhoid sought to retake control, but, just before Spider-Man caught up to her, she reverted to Bloody Mary again and targeted Jack Morray, the particularly abusive man she had noted before. She aimed a rifle at him, but Spider-Man fouled her aim, and the two fought fiercely, if briefly. Spider-Man bound her with webbing, but she set it afire, along with her surroundings, and fled while Spider-Man dealt with the fire -- though he did have time to tag her with a Spider-Tracer. Spider-Man then realized that Mary, Typhoid Mary, and Bloody Mary were all the same person, and that one of the latter two might return to threaten MJ anew.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#214 (fb) - BTS) - Mary spent a few hours in a library researching the holdings of Jack Morray, as well as the life of Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#214) - Catching up to Jack Morray at another of his homes, Bloody Mary discovered and then removed Spider-Man's tracer. She then reverted to Typhoid, leaving Bloody Mary's armor behind as a decoy for Spider-Man. Later on, as Mary (Innocent or Walker), she pretended to faint in front of Morray, who took her into his townhouse. As he prepared to seduce and assault her, she changed to Typhoid and pretended to be a willing participant. As he told her how he liked to bring women nearly (or fully) to the brink of death as some sort of turn-on, she changed into Bloody Mary, assembling armor from his kitchen knives. Before she could attack, Spider-Man arrived, webbed up Morray, and fought Bloody Mary. She caught him off guard with a headline blaming him for Gwen Stacy's death, but when she attacked anew, he recovered and fought her. As he tried to convince her to stop her assaults, she reverted to Typhoid, intending to use other tactics, but he denied her and ultimately convinced Mary Walker to come out. While Mary cried over what her other selves had done, Morray shot himself, though Spider-Man's webbing stopped it from being any more than a surface wound. Walker then resurfaced and agreed to turn herself in. When John Jameson arrived with a guard from Ravencroft, Walker confessed her multiple personae and their crimes, noting she hoped to be cured after which she would willingly face criminal charges for the crimes her other selves committed.

(Marvel Swimsuit Special#4) - Typhoid Mary visited Madripoor during Prince Baran's tourism boost.

(Typhoid#1 (fb) - BTS) - Mary was placed into a halfway house. Mary befriended a man named John (telling him that she could only know him as long as he didn't ask too many questions), Walker tried to keep to herself, and Typhoid slipped out periodically.

(Typhoid#1 - BTS) - Trent watched the footage of Mary with his friend, Quince Taranova, and they resolved to use department access of Quince's father, Jack, to hack into confidential files and find out where Mary was last placed. They intended to capture her and make a movie about her as their prisoner.

(Typhoid#1) - Within her halfway house, Walker was frustrated by her painting abilities, noting that Mary was the one with the talent. Mary's friend John called for her, and Walker released Mary to talk to and meet with him. Mary learned from another resident, Gladice Henry, that her daughter Cynthia was missing. Soon after, Gladice reported that Cynthia was dead, and that the police didn't care because she was a prostitute. Walker got a number from Gladice for Flavia, another prostitute who had called Gladice. Flavia informed Walker (who claimed to be a private investigator) that several prostitutes had been killed by some unidentified client, and Bloody Mary vowed to find the guy and kill him. Walker later met with Flavia and viewed the body of the newest victim, Rachel. Following the police officer to a meeting with a judge (whose name had been found in Rachel's black book, which they then hid) who all joked about the prostitute's death, Bloody Mary subsequently confronted and brutally beat the judge, making sure to mess up his face (including knocking out some teeth and breaking his jaw) to make it better fit his character.

(Typhoid#2) - Each of Mary's aspects posted clues they found on a bulletin board that Walker tried to make sense of.
    Typhoid worked as a prostitute to try to attract the killer who had become known as the West Side Ripper, befriending Flavia, Hester, and Tulip. When Officers Claire Dodge and Dick Richards approached, the other girls warned Typhoid about Richards being corrupt, and they all refused to answer any questions. Typhoid further taunted Richards, and he followed her into an alley and threatened her to pay him in cash or flesh so he wouldn't bust her or shoot her in the mouth and let it be blamed on the Ripper. Enraged, she beat him up, then bound several wires around his head and tied a gun into his mouth.
    Walker later had Flavia set up a trick with the john Officer "Race" Racette. Typhoid took care of business, but when he asked her to suck his gun, she figured he was the Ripper, and she reverted to Bloody Mary, then brutally beat and finally shot him in the head, killing him. 

(Typhoid#3) - Typhoid seduced a hotel manager to find out who had rented the room used by Tulip. Mary later convinced a cop to tell her the name of a recently shot police officer, Race, by pretending to want to say a prayer for him. Bloody Mary beat up a man to force him to tell how Richards had once hinted he may have killed a hooker and let it be blamed on the Ripper. Reviewing her other selves' notes, Walker traveled to the police office and met with Clair Dodge, offering to place a decoy for the Ripper. Dodge refused due to legality issues, and upon learning Tulip had become the next victim, Bloody Mary briefly slipped out before Walker regained control. Walker informed Dodge of Richards' corruption before returning home. There she was met by Trent, who shared his own psychoses with her before she was called away to watch over Hester as she prepared to service Jack Taranova. Hester was unharmed by Jack, but when the next "client" came in, she pounded on the wall for help but Trent then drugged Typhoid into incapacitation; Hester was killed by her "client" (later revealed to be Jack's wife).
    Typhoid later awakened, restrained in Quince's chair, and Quince and Trent explained how they were going to make a movie as they cured her. When they asked her why she killed, she tricked Trent into getting close enough for her to bite his ear, but Quince drugged her out again.

(Typhoid#4) - Quince and Trent proceeded with filming their efforts to cure Typhoid of her violent impulses via saturation/desensitization therapy. Though she felt she could kill them at any point, she waited for the right moment. After reliving events of her childhood, Typhoid pretended to be cured, then had a crisis as her various selves confronted each other in her head, arguing with and even stabbing each other. As this occurred, her telekinetic abilities rampaged, shattering Quince's lab. Upon reviving, she considered shooting herself, but Trent stopped her. Telling Quince and Trent she killed people because some people should be dead, she forced her way out of Quince's lab and ran into Jack, whom she knew as having seen the prostitutes who had died. Jack revealed that his wife was the real killer and showed Typhoid film of this. Typhoid/Bloody Mary was devastated to find out that a woman was the killer; feeling she couldn't kill women, she was highly conflicted, and initially considered that Mrs. Taranova was actually another voice in her head. After Mrs. Taranova revealed that she had killed four prostitutes, Typhoid recalled that Race had killed one, and figured that Richards must have killed the other two.
    Bloody Mary soon after confronted Richards, battering him again. Dodge approached and Richards begged for her help, but Dodge said she couldn't help as he had forced her to resign and she didn't have a gun. Bloody Mary then fatally shot Richards and gave the gun to Dodge.
    Working out of an office as a private investigator, Walker met a battered female client who wanted the man set up and sent to jail. Walker was happy to help.

(Ultimate Super-Villains: Who do you Want me to Be) - Typhoid Mary had a session with her psychiatrist. Later, working as a private investigator and assisted by a Japanese man, she adopted the personality of a meek woman in order to infiltrate a group of men running a forced prostitution ring.

(Deadpool#6 (fb) - BTS) - Placed in room 5B of the Gutman Institute for Mental Excellence, one of Mary's selves (Typhoid?) put out a want ad detailing a request to free her, while another (Mary Walker) put out a request to assassinate her.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Katz worked with Mary, making progress at resolving two to three of her personae (Mary Walker and Bloody Mary)

(Deadpool#6) - From within a padded cell on Long Island, Mary worked on paper dolls, while Bloody Mary and Typhoid taunted her.
    Sometime later, Deadpool decided to pursue the want ad (freeing the target, then perhaps having Weasel kill her if she proved too annoying), while Bloody Mary, not trusting a man, hired the Vamp to prevent Deadpool from succeeding in either mission. Deadpool ultimately defeated Vamp/Animus and was met by Mary Walker who told him she was going to fade from existence, and offered him the number to one of Typhoid's Swiss bank accounts to kill her; when he hesitated, she grabbed his gun and tried to kill herself. Deadpool stopped her and then broke her out, after which she reverted to Typhoid as she revealed she had placed both want ads and sent Vamp to kill him

(Deadpool#7) - Not having any of the promised money to pay Deadpool, Typhoid attacked him, but he outmaneuvered her. She told him the Kingpin would pay him, but after he told her the Kingpin was MIA, she tried to offer him some lovin' to pay off her debt. He instead decided to bring her to the Hellhouse to have her work off her debt as mercenary, and they hijacked a milk truck to get there after Typhoid savagely beat up the driver. At Hellhouse, Typhoid proved her talents by subduing CF with a footstool shoved through his face.
    After T-Ray tried to warn Deadpool about staying away from Typhoid and that if he tried to help her he'd only end up being hurt worse himself, Deadpool mocked T-Ray, who responded by setting his mask on fire. As Deadpool panicked and ran, Typhoid was interested to learn he was so self-conscious about his face being seen, but when she tried to get close to him, he kicked her through a window. She fell to the street below, and the action triggered the memory of being previously kicked out the window by the young Matt Murdock/Daredevil. When Deadpool went to check on her, she announced that they had to go to New York to destroy Daredevil.

(Daredevil I#366 - BTS) - Dr. Nina of the Gutman Institute contacted the offices of Nelson, Murdock, and Sharpe regarding an emergency involving Mary Walker; Sunny Sitka took the message.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 (fb) - BTS) - Deadpool traveled to Manhattan with Typhoid, hoping that allowing her to confront Daredevil would be a cathartic release (and figuring Daredevil could handle himself against her), but he was unaware of her agenda against several other men.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid want on a killing spree in Manhattan, slaying men with a history of abusing women, including putting a hole through Bobby's brain and giving another guy a Columbia necktie that hung down to the kneecaps she cut off.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid murdered Dr. Katz at his Midtown office.

(Daredevil/Deadpool 1997) - Daredevil visited the Gutman Institute and learned of Typhoid's recent activities. Typhoid attacked and slew the judge who had sent her to the Gutman Institute. Deadpool, meanwhile, arranged a meeting with Daredevil (ignoring his warnings about getting involved with Typhoid) and led him into Typhoid's trap in the dead judge's home. Typhoid first ambushed Deadpool then kissed him, but he was furious when she told him she had slain her former doctors and the judge. She promised not to harm any more civilians as long as she helped him set up Daredevil, then she stabbed him through the chest before heading out to take down the mobsters at the Viper Club. As she slew the mobsters, Deadpool led Daredevil to the club, taking out their high-tech armored agents. As Daredevil approached Typhoid, she stunned him with the club's sound system. She kicked him, announcing that Mary was dead, then attacked with her sword, and then Deadpool ambushed Daredevil, stunning him again so that Typhoid could batter him further. She then revealed that she was the woman he had kicked out the window years before. Expected this to crush Daredevil, she was surprised when he refused to take responsibility for her criminal career, and he took advantage of her confusion to subdue her. As he accused her of retreating into insanity when things got too tough and embracing the darkness, she curled up on the ground and asked Deadpool to kill him. Deadpool instead revealed that this was what he was hoping for, some practical therapy for Typhoid. He took Typhoid, promising to do right by her and hoping he could resist her temptations and bring them both closer to the light.

(Deadpool#8 (fb) - BTS) - Deadpool kept Typhoid handcuffed in a rarely used warehouse in Queens, New York.

(Deadpool#8) - Deadpool checked in on Typhoid, trying to explain how he had been trying to help her come to terms with who she was, and he was surprised when she planted a big kiss on him. After he took off her handcuffs, she noted that his efforts had been heroic and noted that she wanted to show him who he really was, just like he had done for her. Suddenly snapping his wrist, she told him of her plans to kill someone in the city every 20 minutes unless he stopped her, and she departed before he could react. As he happened upon people she had brutally slain, he resolved to take her down. Meanwhile, Landau, Luckman, & Lake's Monty told Zoe Culloden that any interaction with Typhoid would result in a setback for Deadpool with regards to their grooming him as the Mithras.
    Deadpool eventually caught up to Typhoid before she could slay a priest, but she continued to torment him, distracting him to save one man in a gathered crowd while she slew another. She mocked him for not being enough of a hero to save both men, which had the desired effect, as he pulled out his gun and shot at her, catching her in the calf as she tried to dodge. As he told her he was trying to help her, she continued to goad him, telling him he was a crazy killer and mocking him by calling him "hero" as he beat her ever more savagely. Before finally collapsing, she told him that this was his true self and that he should stop trying to live a lie. Noting how horrified the crowd was by the beating he had just delivered, Deadpool told someone to call help and wandered off.

(Deadpool#10) - Having recovered from her beating at Deadpool's hands, Typhoid arrived at Hellhouse to confront Deadpool anew. He was away, and she instead met Zoe Culloden, who had come there to excise Typhoid from Deadpool's life.

(Deadpool#12) - Typhoid asked Patch if he had heard anything from Deadpool, and he hadn't, but he did offer to teach her a few new tricks, which she declined, telling him his heart couldn't handle it. She then wandered off into the shadows, knowing that Zoe was following her, then made herself invisible to Zoe. As Culloden panicked and teleported away, Typhoid lifted Zoe's handheld computer, which revealed Deadpool's interest in Siryn.
    When Deadpool got drunk and extremely depressed in a cornfield in Iowa after being rejected by Siryn, Typhoid took Siryn's form, told him she loved him, and kissed him.

(Deadpool#13) - Deadpool awakened alongside "Siryn," feeling good about himself and vowing to prove himself worthy of her, but then she awakened, insulted him, and turned off her image inducer, revealing herself to be Typhoid. The devastated Deadpool asked why she had done this, and she licked his face, telling him "because I could." She then left him.

(Deadpool#14) - Typhoid approached T-Ray, each noting and respecting the damage the other had done to Deadpool. After T-Ray noted that when Deadpool recovered, they'd crush him anew, and Typhoid departed for more of the usual: chaos, trouble, toying with silly boys...

(Deadpool#38 (fb) - BTS) - Mary Walker became a stage actress again, playing Linda Loman in "Death of a Saleman" in a Soho theatre.

(Deadpool#38) - Seeking some sort of resolution to his problems (including a curse by Loki that made him look like actor Thom Cruz), Deadpool went to see Mary act, but the crowd went crazy upon realizing "Thom Cruz" was among them, and Deadpool left without talking to Mary, not wanting to perhaps push her into another of her personae.

(Deadpool#61) - After Deadpool was seemingly killed by Sabretooth, Typhoid was among the many attendees of his funeral. She spent some time talking to the Juggernaut, and then participated in the fight that Deadpool's spirit precipitated by possessing Poolboy and making him pinch Marko's butt.
    This was one of the "Nuff Said" issues, which had no dialogue.

(Deadline#2) - Typhoid was present at one of New York's Bar with No Names when Kat Farrell came seeking information on Judge Hart.

(Daredevil II#46) - Via hypnosis, Mary's persona took sole control, and she became a stage actress.

(Daredevil II#46) - Mary was working as a stage actress when the Kingpin, posing as a reporter from Soap Opera Digest arranged an interview. Mary wondered if they met before, but the Kingpin, having researched that a shock to the system can break the effects of hypnosis used to manage dissociative identity disorder, smacked her to the ground. The effects were as expected, and the Kingpin was happy to greet Typhoid anew.

(Daredevil II#47) - Typhoid confronted Sano Orii and a group of Yakuza preparing to execute Samuel, an agent of the Owl (and a former Kingpin agent), slaughtering all Yakuza present except Sano. The Kingpin arrived soon after and sent both Sano and Samuel away to spread the word that he was back.

(Daredevil II#46 / Daredevil II#47) - Typhoid confronted and set Matt Murdock on fire on the streets alongside his then-girlfriend, Milla Donovan.

(Daredevil II#48) - As Murdock struggled to put himself out, one of his bodyguards, Jessica Jones, tackled and fought Typhoid. Taking a few punches, Typhoid taunted Jess, then set her on fire and went after Murdock again. He dodged her flame blast, but when Jess came at her again, Typhoid slashed her with her sword. Typhoid tried to finish Jess off, but Cage grabbed her, shattered her sword, and then punched her to Jess. A series of punches from Cage, Jess, and finally Murdock eventually dropped her.

(Daredevil II#48 - BTS) - FBI agents took Typhoid into custody and doped her heavily with tranquilizers.

(Weapon X II#26) - Typhoid was present at the Satan's Circus bar, playing poker alongside Constrictor, Absorbing Man, and Sabretooth. She couldn't make up her mind about who turned her on...Daredevil, Thor, Nick Fury, Daredevil...When she taunted Sabretooth about being under Weapon X's control, he threatened her, but the management calmed things back down.

(Weapon X II#28) - Typhoid again played cards at Satan's Circus, alongside Constrictor, Absorbing Man, Sabretooth, and Scalphunter.










(New Avengers: Most Wanted Files (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid was imprisoned in the Raft, the maximum security prison of Ryker's Island.

(New Avengers#1) - Employed by a Skrull posing as Elektra, Electro arranged a breakout from the Raft. Typhoid was among those released from their cell.

(New Avengers#2 / New Avengers#3 (fb) - BTS / New Avengers#4 (fb) - BTS / New Avengers: Most Wanted Files) - Cage, Captain America, Iron Man, Sentry, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman worked to contain the criminals, though 42 escaped, including Typhoid.

(Civil War: War Crimes#1 (fb) - BTS) - Typhoid and Man Mountain Marko met with the Kingpin's agent's Turk Barrett's babies' momma (and possibly his wife), passing along information about Hammerhead having a meeting of various super-villains.

(Avengers: The Initiative#21 (fb) - BTS) - Following the Raft breakout, Mary had more problems with her various personae. When the Initiative started, Mary approached those in charge, agreeing to work for them if they would give her a pardon as well as help her integrate the pieces of her mind.

(Avengers: The Initiative#5 (fb) - BTS) - Doc Samson psychoanalyzed Mary, who assumed the new identity of Mutant Zero.

(Avengers: The Initiative#5) - As Mutant Zero practiced combat against a robot drone at Camp Hammond, Doc Samson informed Henry Gyrich that she would be ready for action if they limited her time in the field. He also noted that it was most important that they reinforce her new identity, Mutant Zero, and not mention any of her old names. Soon after, Mutant Zero met with the other members of the Shadow Initiative, a covert strike force under Gyrich's direction, but left before the mission briefing. Gyrich refused to tell the others anything about her, noting that she officially did not exist. When the Shadow Initiative was dispatched into Manhattan to free the cadets captured by the Hulk's Warbound, Bengal and Constrictor found themselves overwhelmed by a number of Death's Head Warguards, but the Warguards stopped upon detecting Mutant Zero, whom they recognized as the primary threat. They scanned for and then located her, but she dodged all their fire, then skewered one robot, stole its weapon, and used it to incapacitate the other six robots. She then vanished again, leaving the others to their mission.

(Avengers: The Initiative#10) - When KIA (Killed In Action) went on a rampage, the Shadow Initiative was called in to stop him. After Constrictor had both arms cut off and one of the Scarlet Spiders (Van) was decapitated by KIA, Mutant Zero telepathically blocked Gyrich's and her presence from KIA until KIA was distracted by the presence of Gauntlet.

(Avengers: The Initiative#11) - After KIA departed the base, Gyrich surveyed the damage.  Noticeably disturbed, Mutant Zero told him she had to get back to the Zero Room, right away. Gyrich gave her permission.

(Avengers: The Initiative#17) - Mutant Zero was meditating in the nude in the Zero Room when she was summoned to meet with the rest of the Shadow Initiative when Skrulls invaded the base. They tracked Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady) to a meeting of the Skrull leader Veranke, whom they planned to assassinate. To prove they were not Skrulls, they had Trauma manifest their greatest fears: when Trauma manifested Typhoid (though the reader couldn't see who it really was, you could only tell it was a redhead) as Mutant Zero's greatest fear (revealing her true identity to Ant-Man, Bengal, Constrictor, and Trauma), she punched Trauma down. Noting that if one of them was a Skrull they were already dead, she exhorted them to completely their mission. After Ant-Man blew a hole into the Skrull war room, the Shadow Initiative burst in and attacked, and Typhoid blew a hole in Veranke's head...except that it wasn't Veranke, it was a body double. The real Veranke then made her presence known and duped the Shadow Initiative, inviting them to join the Skrull cause and telling them that she'd known of their presence b/c one of them was a Skrull. The others suspected it was Trauma, their fears causing him to manifest himself as a Skrull, and Mutant Zero punched him out. With Trauma out of the way, Veranke's Super-Skrulls soon took out the others, with the Dum Dum Dugan Skrull using the Thing's form and strength to punch out Bengal and Mutant Zero.
    The Shadow Initiative members were taken prisoner by the Skrulls, though Ant-Man escaped.

(Avengers: The Initiative#20 (fb) - BTS) - The Skrulls tortured the Shadow Initiative, but didn't have time to be "thorough" enough to do them any real harm.

(Avengers: The Initiative#20) - After the Skrulls' defeat, Gauntlet took over the Initiative and summoned the Shadow Initiative to go after Hardball, who had defected to Hydra and was on foreign soil, in Madripoor. When the group met in their briefing room, Gauntlet informed them Ant-Man was being promoted to the Thunderbolts and that Taskmaster was the new field commander of the Shadow Initiative. When Mutant Zero attempted to depart, Gauntlet ordered her to sit down and stay for the meeting. After the meeting, as the annoyed Mutant Zero exited, Taskmaster suspected (via her stance and gate) who she really was and decided to test her to see if she was right. When he later followed her into the gymnasium, he goaded her into a fight (even using her pyrokinesis). Watching her fight confirmed his suspicions, and he shattered her faceplate, exposing her as Typhoid Mary.

(Avengers: The Initiative#21) - En route to Madripoor, Typhoid assured Taskmaster she didn't hold a grudge against him, and she took off her mask, revealing her true identity to Komodo as well. When Taskmaster asked why she had joined the Initiative, she told him, and further noted that the integration of her personae remained a work in progress. The members soon jumped out of the ship to land via parachute, and Taskmaster warned them that if they got caught, the Initiative would deny they knew them.

(Avengers: The Initiative#22 (fb) - BTS) - In Madripoor's lowtown, Mutant Zero (back in her Typhoid Mary garb) did some reconnaissance, learning that despite Tyger Tiger's taking power, Hydra still had a significant presence there, that they were preparing a counterstrike against Tyger, and that Hardball was now seeing another woman (Scorpion/Carmilla Black).

(Avengers: The Initiative#22) - Mutant Zero reported back to her teammates what she had learned, after which they were confronted by Hardball, Scorpion, and a Hydra army.

(Avengers: The Initiative#23) - After Hardball shot Komodo with a vial of SPIN (Super-Power-Inhibiting Nanobots) that completely neutralized her powers. Realizing the problem, Taskmaster scrubbed the mission and told everyone to run. Typhoid set up a wall of flame to cover their flight. Typhoid levitated a manhole cover for them to flee through, but after Bengal got shot, Constrictor pulled him through but left the powerless and legless Komodo behind for Hydra to capture. Typhoid, Taskmaster, Bengal, and Constrictor regrouped, with Bengal arguing that they go back for Komodo, but then they saw the report that SHIELD had been dismantled following Stark's failings against the Skrull invasion, and they realized they would have no extraction...and Bloodscream and Roughouse approached them from behind.

(Avengers: The Initiative#24) - Bloodscream and Roughouse attacked Typhoid, Taskmaster, Bengal, and Constrictor. When several seeming killing sword strokes failed to stop Bloodscream, Typhoid decapitated him, but he replaced his head and then laid his blood draining touch on Typhoid, who then freaked out and set him on fire. Mary asked for the Zero Room, but Taskmaster reminded her it was half a world away and told her to pull it together. Taskmaster then offered to defect to Hydra since SHIELD was dissolved. Still bleeding, Mary began to lose it, "Bleeding. Bloody. Bloody Mary...Quite contrary...hahaha." Not trusting them, Hardball and Scorpion ordered them locked up, but they broke free and took out the Hydra guards. As Constrictor sent a message to HAMMER (SHIELD's successor), Taskmaster tried to calm Mary, but when the next batch of Hydra agents rushed in and tried to shoot her with SPIN, she reverted to Bloody Mary and torched the Hydra agents. She then blew a hole in the wall, and when Taskmaster warned her about drawing more attention, she screamed at him to shut up and threatened to tear out his eyes. Having lost time to make up and figuring Taskmaster, Bengal, and Constrictor might slow Hydra down, she fled, warning Taskmaster that she better never see him again.

Comments: Created by Ann Nocenti, John Romita Jr., and Al Williamson.
    Mutant Zero created by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli.

    It was a big mystery who Mutant Zero was when she first appeared, but the hints were pretty obvious right from the start...female mutant, multiple personae...not that Typhoid's the only one, but there's not THAT many others. In Avengers: The Initiative#10, she demonstrated telepathic powers. Then she was shown to have red hair in Avengers: The Initiative#17.
    Gyrich referred to her, in reference to the 198 known existing mutants post M-Day, as the 199th.

The flashback in Power Pack#53 may be false, part of a story Mary uses to get closer to others, as she was supposed to have been institutionalized since childhood. Similarly the note about her father being blind may be false, too. However, Typhoid did taunt Mary with some of the details of the Power Pack flashback when there was no one else around to fool, so I've included them in history.

    As far as I can tell, Mary first receives the name "Mary Walker" in Marvel Comics Presents#109 by her creator, Ann Nocenti, though she had received the last name Mezinis the previous year in Daredevil I#297.

    Thanks to John McDonagh for pointing out the Ultimate Super-Villains story, and to Darci for correcting a number of typos in the entry.

Profile by Snood.

Typhoid Mary was obviously named after the historical Typhoid Mary - http://history1900s.about.com/od/1900s/a/typhoidmary.htm - wash your hands after you go to the bathroom

No known connections to:

Bobby Two-Tones

(Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97 (fb) – BTS) – Bobby Two-Tones was a gangster once killed by being shot in the head by Typhoid Mary.

--Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97 ('97 (fb) – BTS.

Dr. Rudy Katz

(Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97 (fb) – BTS) – Dr. Rudy Katz worked with Typhoid Mary at the mental institution, making progress at resolving two of her personalities (likely Mary Walker and Bloody Mary). Mary broke free and killed Katz.

--Daredevil/Deadpool Annual '97 ('97 (fb) – BTS.

Vinnie the Elbow

(Daredevil/Deadpool Annual ’97 (fb) – BTS) – Small-time crook Vinnie the Elbow was killed by Typhoid Mary in his own home.

--Daredevil/Deadpool Annual ’97 (97 (fb) – BTS

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