Membership: Badd Axe, Barracuda, Batwing (Jimmy Santini), Bengal (Duc No Tranh), Butterball (Emery Schaub), Constrictor (Frank Schlichting), Ringer (Keith Kraft), Riot, Stronghold, Warbow;
Blackwing, Doctor Sax (Jack Dulouz), Firearms, Johnny Guitar (Johnny Logan), Komodo (Melati Kusuma), Mutant Zero (Mary Walker), Scarlet Spiders (Michael, Van, Patrick), Slaughter Boy, Taskmaster, Trauma (Terrance Ward)

Purpose: To act as a black ops squad for the Fifty-State Initiative

Aliases: None

Affiliations: Gauntlet (Joseph Green), Henry Peter Gyrich, HAMMER (Victoria Hand, Norman Osborn, others), the Initiative (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Cloud 9/Abby Boylen, Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Rage/Elvin Halliday, Slapstick/Steve Harmon, Stature/Cassie Lang, Stingray/Walt Newell, "Thor Girl"/unidentified Skrull, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett, Jr., Ultragirl/Suzy Sherman), Living Laser (Arthur Parks), Penance (Robbie Baldwin), Scorcher (Jamal Hudak), Taskmaster;
formerly Hardball (Roger Brokeridge)

Enemies: Bloodscream, Death's Head Warguard, Dragon Man, Gorilla-Man (Arthur Nagan), Hydra (Hardball/Roger Brokeridge, Scorpion/Carmilla Black, others), KIA (Michael Van Patrick clone), Roughouse, Skrulls ("Dum Dum Dugan," Criti Noll, Veranke, numerous others), Warbound (Elloe Kaifi, Korg, others)

Base of Operations: Camp HAMMER, USA;
formerly Camp Hammond, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

First Appearance: Avengers: The Initiative I#4 (September, 2007)

History: (Avengers: The Initiative I#5 (fb)) - Secretary of Superhuman Armed Forces Henry Peter Gyrich decided to put together a black ops team within the Fifty-State Initiative that answered to him and him alone. He soon began recruiting members into his Shadow Initiative.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#4) - Two weeks later, when Hardball met with Sen. Woodman to turn over SPIN tech he had stolen from the Initiative's labs, Woodman remarked that if Henry Peter Gyrich knew how stealthy Hardball could be, he would have Hardball in his black ops team, the Shadow Initiative. Not long after the Hulk invaded Manhattan, Henry Peter Gyrich activated his Shadow Initiative for their first field mission: get in and rescue the Initiative recruits that had been sent to assist against the Hulk.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#5) - Henry Peter Gyrich briefed the Shadow Initiative on their upcoming mission to rescue the Initiative recruits from the Hulk and, after they were dismissed, the Shadow Initiative traveled into Manhattan, where the Scarlet Spiders and Mutant Zero split from the rest of the group. Constrictor, Bengal and Trauma made their way to the captive Initiative recruits, taking out some of the Hulk's Death's Head Warguard and regrouping with Mutant Zero along the way. The Shadow Initiative's rescue of the Initiative recruits alerted the Hulk's Warbound allies, who attempted to stop the Shadow Initiative. After defeating the Warbound, the Shadow Initiative was informed that the Hulk was on his way and Trauma agreed to stay behind to cover the escape of the rest of the Shadow Initiative and the formerly captive Initiative recruits. Trauma held his own for a short time but was ultimately beaten by the Hulk and left behind as the Scarlet Spiders destealthed and got Trauma onto the Shadow Initiative's stealth ship, where Trauma began his recovery.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#8 (fb)) - Shadow Initiative members Constrictor, Bengal and the Scarlet Spiders were present when Initiative recruits brought in the captive Dragon Man. They watched as Dragon Man briefly escaped and was recaptured, with one of the Scarlet Spiders rescuing Initiative recruit Cloud 9, who had frozen up.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#10) - When Henry Peter Gyrich was attacked by the unhinged MVP clone called KIA, Gyrich quickly summoned the Shadow Initiative to protect him. As they rushed into action, Constrictor asked Bengal when the Shadow Initiative became Gyrich's personal guard but Bengal suggested Constrictor focus on the matter at hand before they were passed by the Scarlet Spiders and Mutant Zero, prompting Bengal to suspect the situation to be serious if Gyrich had activated Mutant Zero. Upon arrival to Gyrich's location, the Shadow Initiative engaged KIA but KIA transformed his Tactigon's energies into razor-wire to sever Constrictor's arms before the Scarlet Spiders demasked to show that they too were clones of MVP. Momentarily confused, KIA soon renewed his attack, decapitating one of the Scarlet Spiders as Bengal escaped with the wounded Constrictor.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#11) - Following Constrictor and Bengal's escape and KIA's departure to pursue his intended victims, the Shadow Initiative's mission was ended when Mutant Zero requested to return to her Zero Room and Henry Peter Gyrich allowed her to leave before ordered the two remaining Scarlet Spiders to pursue KIA.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#17 (fb) - BTS) - When alien Skrulls invaded Earth, they drew many of the Initiative recruits away from Camp Hammond then focused their attack on the Camp's only other line of defense: the Shadow Initiative. Since the Yellowjacket in charge of the Initiative was actually Skrull Criti Noll, he summoned the Shadow Initiative from their quarters.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#17) - The Shadow Initiative was called into action as power was restored to many areas, forcing Bengal to leave his family and Trauma to depart from the medical wing of the Initiative's Camp Hammond. Constrictor was also summoned from his bed chambers and Mutant Zero was called into action from her Zero Room. Sent into the main courtyard of Camp Hammond, where many of the Initiative Skrulls were meeting their queen, Veranke, the Shadow Initiative located Ant-Man at insect size and pulled him into their ranks. Explaining to the terrified Ant-Man that he had actually led them right to the Skrulls' commander, the Shadow Initiative prepared for a stealth mission to assassinate Skrull Queen Veranke. A short time later, the Shadow Initiative discussed a potential plan for assassinating Veranke until they began questioning whether their own teammates could be Skrulls, prompting Constrictor to remove one of his cybernetic arms as proof of his humanity and Ant-Man to insist that if he could change his shape, he would have already transformed into Brad Pitt and had relations with Angelina Jolie. Deciding to test everyone's humanity by transforming into each of the Shadow Initiative's greatest fears, Trauma started with the volunteering Bengal, transforming into the murdered bodies of Bengal's family, then turning to Mutant Zero, transforming into the dark side of Mutant Zero's own self and prompting Mutant Zero to punch him in the face. Mutant Zero then suggested they get their mission started. A short time later, the Shadow Initiative had Ant-Man shrink down and place a bomb, enlarging it to explode and announce their attack. During the battle, Mutant Zero managed to kill "Queen Veranke," only to learn that the Skrull she had killed was a double, and the true Queen Veranke sowed distrust among the Shadow Initiative, prompting Constrictor to accuse Trauma of being a Skrull since he could change shape. Affected by the fears of the other Shadow Initiative members, Trauma uncontrollably assumed the form of a Skrull and the Shadow Initiative, and was severely beaten by Constrictor. Admitting that the sowing of suspicions again bore fruit for the Skrulls, Queen Veranke had her personal guard beat the other Shadow Initiative members and gloated about how they had lured Camp Hammond's only line of defense out into the open for capture.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#21 (fb) - BTS) - During the Skrulls' invasion, the Shadow Initiative learned that their teammate Mutant Zero was actually the schizophrenic killer Typhoid Mary.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#20) - Following the Skrulls' Secret Invasion, Gauntlet gathered some of the senior Initiative personnel together to inform them that Initiative recruit Hardball had defected to Hydra and that he had holed up on foreign soil, meaning that the Shadow Initiative would need to be secretly deployed to avoid an international incident. Gauntlet then asked who authorized the Shadow Initiative's missions and, after learning that several personnel who could have authorized the missions had left the Initiative following the Skrulls' invasion, Gauntlet realized that he was now the senior officer within the Initiative. Gauntlet then assembled the Shadow Initiative (as well their ally Ant-Man, and both Taskmaster and Initiative recruit Komodo) in their briefing room and admitted that none of them looked worse for wear despite their brief captivity by the Skrulls. Bengal replied that the Skrulls tended to torture their captives but did not have the time to be thorough with the Shadow Initiative, prompting Gauntlet to ask the Shadow Initiative if they were ready for a new mission. Constrictor remarked that they were ready as long as the Initiative wanted to continue using them and Gauntlet reminded the Shadow Initiative that their capture by the Skrulls distracted the Skrulls long enough for Ant-Man to escape with the Skrulls' doomsday plans. Gauntlet then gave Ant-Man a promotion into the Thunderbolts team and Taskmaster bid Ant-Man farewell as Mutant Zero got up to leave as well. Gauntlet quickly asked where she was going and Mutant Zero reminded Gauntlet that she had previously had an agreement with Henry Gyrich that allowed her to leave during mission briefings. Mutant Zero reluctantly sat back down and Bengal then asked if Ant-Man's promotion had something to do with Taskmaster and Komodo being present in their meeting. Gauntlet replied that Bengal was half right before announcing that Taskmaster had been given new responsibilities as the Shadow Initiative's field leader and that Komodo was present because she had intimate knowledge of the Shadow Initiative's next target: Hardball. Gauntlet then briefed the Shadow Initiative on their mission to extract Hardball from his Hydra training camp on the hostile island nation of Madripoor. Komodo interrupted Gauntlet, however, revealing that she would only assist the Shadow Initiative with information on Hardball if she was allowed to accompany them to Madripoor to take down Hardball herself. Gauntlet then dismissed the Shadow Initiative so he could have a private discussion with Komodo regarding her desire to accompany the Shadow Initiative. As each of the Shadow Initiative went their separate ways to prepare for the mission, Mutant Zero sarcastically grumbled how informative the briefing was and how she was so glad she had sat through it, unaware that Taskmaster had suspicions about her and was thinking of the way he could be certain about his suspicions. Taskmaster then followed Mutant Zero into the Camp Hammond gyms, where Mutant Zero demanded to know why Taskmaster was following her. Admitting he wanted to see her moves, Taskmaster was quickly attacked by Mutant Zero and Taskmaster immediately recognized her fighting style, smashing her helmet to reveal her as Typhoid Mary.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#21) - The Shadow Initiative (with Komodo) traveled over the Pacific Ocean towards Madripoor. After being told they would arrive in five minutes, Taskmaster asked Mutant Zero if she planned to hold a grudge, as he needed to know for the sake of the mission's success if she would be dependable. When Taskmaster promised not to reveal her identity, Mutant Zero removed her helmet and admitted that the rest of the Shadow Initiative had learned she was Typhoid Mary during the Skrulls' Secret Invasion. The unknowingly Komodo remarked that she was only there to stop her ex-boyfriend Hardball and Taskmaster then asked Mutant Zero why she signed up with the Initiative after busting out of prison. Mutant Zero replied that the Initiative had promised her a pardon and the integration of her various personalities but followed up that the integration was still a work in progress. The Shadow Initiative then arrived at their jump point and Mutant Zero put her helmet back on before the Shadow Initiative was briefed on the secrecy of their mission and how knowledge of their existence would be denied if they were captured. They were also told that if they missed their pickup, they would be left behind in Madripoor before the Shadow Initiative jumped out of their plane to parachute into Madripoor. Back at Camp Hammond, several Initiative recruits graduated to full Initiative teams, with Batwing being assigned to the Shadow Initiative.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#22) - Upon touching down in Madripoor, Mutant Zero removed her armor in favor of her old Typhoid Mary outfit to better blend in Madripoor's Lowtown area. Typhoid then returned to the Shadow Initiative and Komodo and informed them that their intelligence had been correct about Madame Hydra formerly ruling Madripoor before being deposed by Iron Man and Tyger Tiger. Typhoid then revealed that while Tyger Tiger had instituted several reforms since taking over Madripoor, Hydra was still present in a big way and was preparing for a counterstrike. Komodo quickly reminded the Shadow Initiative of their mission to extract Hardball and asked if Hardball was indeed in Madripoor. Typhoid answered in the affirmative but commented that it appeared Hardball had wasted no tears on ending his previous relationship with Komodo. The conversation was interrupted, however, by the arrival of Hardball himself, his new girlfriend Scorpion and a squad of Hydra agents.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#23) - As the Shadow Initiative was surrounded by Hydra agents, Taskmaster lightheartedly commented that it was always nice when a target comes right to them and Komodo suspected Hardball's mind was being controlled by Scorpion if Hardball thought a squad of Hydra goons scared the Shadow Initiative. When Hardball shot Komodo with power-inhibiting nanobots, Taskmaster ordered the Shadow Initiative to run while the powerless Bengal and Constrictor covered their escape. Typhoid quickly led the Shadow Initiative into nearby underground tunnels and when Bengal was shot in the leg while trying to rescue the now-powerless Komodo, Constrictor used his cables to pull Bengal to safety, reminding Bengal that Komodo knew that anyone was expendable when she agreed to accompany the Shadow Initiative there. Once safe, Taskmaster suggested the Shadow Initiative move, as they had less than four hours to reach their pickup point, but Typhoid reminded them that they had not completed their mission and she refused to leave Madripoor without Komodo. Taskmaster and Constrictor argued for leaving Komodo behind, feeling intel on Hydra having access to power-inhibiting was more important than the extraction of Hardball. The discussion of whether to rescue Komodo or head to their pickup point was soon made moot when Typhoid pointed out a television broadcasting the dissolution of SHIELD, who was supposed to be picking them up. Realizing that they had now been left behind to die without SHIELD, the Shadow Initiative bemoaned their expendability, unaware that Roughouse and Bloodscream were creeping up behind them.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#24) - As Bengal's wife tearfully confronted Gauntlet about the whereabouts of her husband and the status of the Shadow Initiative with SHIELD's dissolution, the Shadow Initiative found themselves battling Bloodscream and Roughouse in Madripoor. Downing the two villains, the Shadow Initiative decided to feign switching sides and Taskmaster calmed his team down, informing Bloodscream that, with SHIELD dissolved, they would like to see Bloodscream's boss about joining them. Taken to an underground Hydra base, the Shadow Initiative met with Hardball and commented that they would side with whichever side was greenest but Scorpion suggested locking the Shadow Initiative up, feeling as if they were on no one's side but their own. Hydra goons then led the Shadow Initiative towards the armory for disarming but the Shadow Initiative fought back in the hallways, defeating the goons and buying the group time to use Hydra's resources to send a message to SHIELD's replacement organization, HAMMER. Before Constrictor could get a message out to HAMMER, however, more Hydra agents arrived and attempted to shoot the increasingly crazed Typhoid with power-inhibiting darts. Typhoid managed to telekinetically stop the darts in mid-air then burned the Hydra agents alive using pyrokinesis, revealing to the Shadow Initiative that her dominant personality was no longer the one the group arrived in Madripoor with. Typhoid then blew a hole in the wall, admitting that the Shadow Initiative might slow Hydra down while she made up for lost time. Typhoid then ran off into the woods, leaving the Shadow Initiative behind. Constrictor then revealed that he managed to get a message out to HAMMER but admitted Typhoid might've had the right idea by escaping. Upon suggesting that the Shadow Initiative grab Hydra's power-inhibiting weaponry and run for it, Constrictor was corrected by the arrival of Hardball, Scorpion, Bloodscream and Roughouse, who were investigating the explosion created by Typhoid. Taskmaster ordered the Shadow Initiative to take them all down and as they battled Roughouse and Bloodscream, Scorpion revealed to Hardball that she was secretly working against Hydra and suggested Hardball go rescue Komodo during the distraction. During the fight, Ant-Man appeared and stopped Bloodscream and Roughouse, revealing that HAMMER had sent him and a bunch of HAMMER agents to rescue the Shadow Initiative. Constrictor ran after the escaping Hardball, only to learn that Hardball deliberately led Constrictor to Komodo as HAMMER agents surrounded him. Upon returning to America, the Shadow Initiative were summoned to the Avengers Tower Conference Room, where they were debriefed. As the Shadow Initiative mingled with Ant-Man, Victoria Hand and HAMMER agents, HAMMER head Norman Osborn entered the room and allowed Bengal's wife to reunite with her husband. After revealing that Hardball had been remanded to the Negative Zone's Prison 42, Osborn announced that the Shadow Initiative had been rewarded a few nights at the Plaza Hotel for relaxation. As the Shadow Initiative left the room, Osborn spoke with Taskmaster, who admitted the Shadow Initiative's failure to acquire Hydra's technology and loss of their teammate Mutant Zero, but Osborn surprisingly did not fire Taskmaster, instead offering Taskmaster a position as head of the Initiative.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#26 (fb) - BTS) - With Norman Osborn now in charge of the Initiative, the Shadow Initiative became a covert ops group no longer since Osborn had his own people for black ops.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#32 (fb)) - Osborn tasked Taskmaster with passing criminals off as Initiative heroes and Taskmaster chose several lesser criminals to become the new Shadow Initiative.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#27 (fb)) - After down-on-their-luck villains Johnny Guitar and Doctor Sax signed up with the Initiative following Norman Osborn's takeover, they were assigned to the Shadow Initiative. Thinking they had finally made it big, Johnny Guitar and Doctor Sax sat in a meeting with other new Shadow Initiative recruits in which Taskmaster informed them all that their first mission would be to retake the Negative Zone's Prison 42 from alien space pirates. Concerned, Johnny Guitar went to visit Taskmaster to ease his fears, only to find Constrictor speaking with Taskmaster about how the new recruits were the "sorriest excuse for a Shadow Initiative team" he had ever seen. Johnny also overheard Taskmaster reveal to Constrictor that Osborn already had a black ops unit and that the Shadow Initiative was being used as "cannon fodder" to make things easier for the Initiative's "A-teams." Taskmaster then assured Constrictor that all the new recruits were good for was dying, causing Johnny Guitar to secretly fall into a deep depression.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#26) - Taskmaster met with Komodo and informed her that Prison 42 had been overtaken by alien pirates, allowing Hardball to escape. He then asked Komodo if she would like to officially join the Shadow Initiative to help retake Prison 42 and keep Hardball from permanently escaping Initiative custody. Komodo accepted but mentioned that Shadow Initiative was horribly understaffed for such a huge undertaking, prompting Taskmaster to explain that the Shadow Initiative had evolved under Norman Osborn's watch and that numbers would no longer be a problem. Taskmaster then introduced Komodo to the Shadow Initiative's newest recruits: Batwing, Ringer, Badd Axe, Firearms and the entire roster of the former supervillain group, Heavy Mettle.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#27) - As the new Shadow Initiative recruits readied for their trip to the Negative Zone, Doctor Sax, unaware of Taskmaster's true use for the Shadow Initiative, promised to protect Johnny Guitar. Feeling unworthy of Sax's protection, Johnny Guitar attacked Doctor Sax, damaging his hands and forcing Sax, who was unaware Johnny was actually trying to spare his life, into the infirmary. The other Shadow Initiative recruits egged on the fight until Taskmaster broke up the fight, roughing Johnny up enough to remind him who was boss. Despite hoping he would be thrown into the stockades, Johnny was nonetheless well enough to participate on the mission to the Negative Zone. A short time later, after Johnny had visited Doctor Sax in the infirmary, Taskmaster led the Shadow Initiative to the Negative Zone portal, promising to follow them into the Negative Zone with the "big guns." Once in the Negative Zone, the Shadow Initiative fought valiantly against the Negative Zone aliens but during the battle, Johnny Guitar was killed. As the battle progressed, new Shadow Initiative recruit Slaughter Boy was killed, prompting Firearms to panic and attempt to go back through the portal to Earth. While Firearms was trying to reopen the portal, he was shot to death. Realizing they needed to get to safe area, Bengal worked with Komodo and the Shadow Initiative came up with a plan to use the invulnerable Butterball as a diversion while the rest of the Shadow Initiative got to safety. Taskmaster then communicated with Butterball, asking for sitrep, and Butterball informed Taskmaster that half of Heavy Mettle were dead as well as Johnny Guitar, but Taskmaster uncaringly told Butterball he had nothing to worry about, being invulnerable, and claimed that he would be arriving shortly after taking care of some last minute preparations. Realizing the Taskmaster and the Initiative were never behind the Shadow Initiative in the first place, Butterball was told to grab a gun and continue fighting. Hardball soon turned on the other Prison 42 inmates who had allied with Blastaar and aided the Shadow Initiative until Taskmaster and a group of other Initiative agents arrived to turn the tide. During the cleanup, Batwing asked Bengal if the Initiative could have sent aid earlier and Bengal reminded the Shadow Initiative that they had learned with this mission where they stand among the Initiative, which was more valuable than the retaking of Prison 42.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#28) - Following the successful retaking of Prison 42, Shadow Initiative members Constrictor and Butterball were publicly billed as heroes for public relations purposes while Taskmaster discussed with Komodo about adding Hardball, who was equally billed as a hero, to the Shadow Initiative. Finding the idea of adding the double agent Hardball to the Shadow Initiative ridiculous, Komodo refused to be on a team alongside Hardball and Taskmaster responded by threatening to remove Komodo's powers if she quit the Shadow Initiative. Still refusing, Komodo's powers were removed and she departed the Initiative in a wheelchair three hours later. Shadow Initiative members Badd Axe and Ringer were later sent against the rogue Initiative Heavy Hitters team alongside several other criminal Initiative members working for Norman Osborn.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#30 - BTS) - When the demon Nightmare affected reality, Taskmaster saw visions of the Shadow Initiative members he had sent to die in the Negative Zone coming back as zombies to claim him.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#31 - BTS) - When the Hood complained to Norman Osborn about Taskmaster, Osborn reminded the Hood that Taskmaster had led the operation in which the Shadow Initiative retook Prison 42 and that he was instrumental against the Initiative's recent battle against the demon Nightmare.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#34) - As Shadow Initiative member Ringer aided several Initiative criminals in battling the invading Avengers Resistance, other more heroic members such as Batwing, Butterball and Bengal were ordered confined to their quarters by HAMMER guards. When explosions rocked the Camp HAMMER training facility, the heroic Shadow Initiative members were stirred and Bengal suggested that it would be a good time to strike despite being confined to quarters. Soon coming face to face with Penance, the Shadow Initiative were invited to join Penance against the Initiative. As the battle outside progressed, Bengal hurled a sai at the Hood with a note attached and explained that it was the official resignation of Bengal, Batwing and Butterball. The three former Shadow Initiative members then aided the Avengers Resistance and Penance against the Hood and the criminal Initiative members.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#35) - With the Hood gone, the criminal Initiative members lost the magical power boost the Hood had provided and the Avengers Resistance defeated the criminal Initiative members (including Shadow Initiative members Badd Axe and Ringer) with the help of former Shadow Initiative members Butterball, Bengal and Batwing.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli.

Online sources list Avengers: The Initiative I#29 as an appearance of the Shadow Initiative but we don't see the group, only Constrictor, who was acting on his own, and Badd Axe and Ringer, who were present with other Initiative criminals and not part of the Shadow Initiative. Similarly, online sources also mention the Shadow Initiative appearing in Avengers: The Initiative I#33 but that issue only features Constrictor and Ringer, each acting independently without the group.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
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Avengers: The Initiative I#17, p17, pan5 (Shadow Initiative, roster after Scarlet Spiders left)
Avengers: The Initiative I#20, p10, pan5 (Shadow Initiative, roster after Taskmaster took over group)
Avengers: The Initiative I#21, p4, pan1 (Shadow Initiative, en route to a mission)
Avengers: The Initiative I#22, p13, pan1 (Shadow Initiative in Madripoor)
Avengers: The Initiative I#27, p15, splash page (Shadow Initiative vs. Negative Zone aliens, death of Slaughter Boy)

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