Membership: Michael, Patrick; formerly Van (all Michael Van Patrick clones)

Purpose: To halt the misdeeds performed by the Initiative program;
formerly to protect Baron von Blitzschlag and act as a black ops squad for the Initiative when needed

Aliases: "Kids" (called by Spider-Man), "Mein Kinder" (called by Baron von Blitzschlag), "the MVPeople" (called by Hardball), "My Boys," "My Poor Boys" (called by Baron von Blitzschlag), Red Team

Affiliations: Baron Wernher von Blitzschlag, Counter-Force/New Warriors (Debrii/Deborah Fields, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Night Thrasher/Donyell Taylor, Rage/Elvin Halliday, Slapstick/Steve Harmon, Ultragirl/Suzy Sherman), Greg Forrest, Gauntlet (Joseph Green), Henry Peter Gyrich, the Initiative (Annex/Alex Ellis, Batwing/Jimmy Santini, Cloud 9/Abby Boylen, Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, Geiger/Delilah Deerborn, Hardball/Roger Brokeridge, Hellcat/Patsy Walker, Komodo/Melati Kusuma, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Prodigy/Ritchie Gillmore, Red 9/Wallace Jackson, Stature/Cassie Lang, Stingray/Walt Newell, Sunstreak/Andrea Rourke, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett, Jr., "Thor Girl"/unidentified Skrull), MVP clone ("Michael Van Patrick"), New Warriors (Blackwing/Barnell Bohusk, Decibel/Jonothan Starsmore, Phaser/Christian Cord, Renascence/Sofia Mantega, Ripcord/Miranda Leevald, Skybolt/Vincent Stewart, Tempest/Angel Salvadore, Wondra/Jubilation Lee), Shadow Initiative (Bengal/Duc no Tranh, Constrictor/Frank Schlichting, Mutant Zero/Mary Walker, Trauma/Terrence Ward), SHIELD, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Taskmaster, Tigra (Greer Nelson), War Machine (James Rhodes), Senator Woodman

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner), KIA (Michael Van Patrick clone), Ragnarok (Thor Odinson cybernetic clone), the Sinister Syndicate (Boomerang/Fred Myers, Hydro-Man/Morrie Bench, Shocker/Herman Schultz), Skrulls, the Vulturions (Honcho, others), Warbound

Base of Operations: Mobile;
formerly Camp Hammond, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

First Appearance: Avengers: The Initiative I#3 (August, 2007)

History: (Avengers: The Initiative I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The clones later called Michael, Van and Patrick were grown from the genetic material of deceased Initiative recruit MVP.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#10 (fb) - BTS) - During Michael, Van and Patrick's creation, Initiative scientist Baron von Blitzschlag mixed some of his DNA into the clones' genetic makeup, making them imperfectly matched to MVP's genetic code.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Scarlet Spiders were programmed to be loyal to Initiative scientist Baron von Blitzschlag, who they stayed close to while remaining out of the public eye.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update I#2 - Scarlet Spiders entry (fb) - BTS) - Baron von Blitzschlag, who began thinking of the clones as his "sons," outfitted Michael, Van and Patrick with replicas of Spider-Man's Starktech "Iron Spider" armor.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#3) - During an Initiative mission against the outlaw Spider-Man, one of the Scarlet Spiders used the stealth properties of his suit to spy on a fight between Spider-Man, Shocker, Boomerang and Hydro-Man. Reporting in to War Machine, the Scarlet Spider asked if he should engage and was told not to, as any aggressive action might trigger Spider-Man's spider-sense. When Spider-Man was distracted by War Machine and Initiative recruit Komodo, the three criminals attempted to get away but were stopped by the three Scarlet Spiders.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#5 (fb)) - While recruiting for his personal Shadow Initiative group, Secretary of Superhuman Armed Forces Henry Peter Gyrich summoned the Scarlet Spiders and asked if they were ready for a new assignment. The trio saluted Gyrich and exclaimed that they were born ready.

(Avengers: The Initiative I Annual#1/3) - After Baron von Blitzschlag finished writing a memo to Henry Peter Gyrich, the three Scarlet Spiders made tea for the Baron and helped clean the tea that Blitzschlag had previously spilled. Blitzschlag thanked the Scarlet Spiders, proclaiming them to be good boys.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#4) - Two weeks after accepting Gyrich's assignment with the Shadow Initiative, the three Scarlet Spiders were summoned by Henry Peter Gyrich as part of his Shadow Initiative for their first group field mission: rescue and assist the Initiative recruits that had been sent in against the Hulk.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#5) - The Scarlet Spiders sat at a table in Camp Hammond's Subbasement 9, where Henry Peter Gyrich brief the entire Shadow Initiative on their upcoming mission against the Hulk. During the briefing, the Scarlet Spiders asked why the Shadow Initiative was bringing in Trauma if their mission was to rescue minors from the Hulk in the first place but Gyrich quickly explained that Trauma was the only omega-level superhuman on the Camp Hammond base and the Shadow Initiative should place a high priority on getting Trauma in and out from the mission. After Gyrich dismissed the Shadow Initiative, they all were stealthily sent into Manhattan, where the Scarlet Spiders entered their own stealth mode and recorded the proceedings for Gyrich. The trio then fanned out to act as the Shadow Initiative's eyes, prepared to report back on the Hulk's location while the rest of the Shadow Initiative rescued the Initiative trainees. Keeping tabs on the Hulk, the Scarlet Spiders reported back to the Shadow Initiative after the Hulk had defeated the US military and revealed that the Hulk was heading towards Madison Square Garden, the location of the Shadow Initiative. Following Hulk to Madison Square Garden, the Scarlet Spiders arrived to find a badly beaten Trauma and a departing Hulk. Destealthing, the Scarlet Spiders rescued Trauma and got him onto the Shadow Initiative's stealth ship.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#7) - The Initiative's Baron von Blitzschlag had the Scarlet Spiders act as additional security during a meeting with Senator Woodman, who had secretly recruited the armored Vulturions to steal Blitzschlag's gamma research. When the Vulturions succeeded in stealing Blitzschlag's attache case despite Woodman giving them the kill sign, the Scarlet Spiders destealthed to attend to Blitzschlag, who ordered them to go after the Vulturions. Knowing that the Scarlet Spiders had not been approved for public action yet, Sen. Woodman ordered Blitzschlag to recall the Scarlet Spiders but Blitzschlag refused, claiming it was time for the public to see what the Scarlet Spiders could do. Their public outing drew the attention of Henry Peter Gyrich, who informed Yellowjacket (secretly a Skrull impostor) and War Machine of the Scarlet Spiders' activities and assured them that the Scarlet Spiders would reacquire Blitzschlag's gamma research. While chasing the Vulturions, the Scarlet Spiders were also noticed by Spider-Man, who gave chase after recognizing his old "Iron Spider" costume on the trio. War Machine was eventually able to patch into the communications array within the Scarlet Spiders' costumes and requested a status report from the trio, who apologized for breaking protocol by going public. Spider-Man then publicly entered the fray, attacking one of the Scarlet Spiders while the others were ordered to continue pursuit of the Vulturions. Another of the Scarlet Spiders broke formation to rescue the one attacked by Spider-Man, inadvertently leaving the third Scarlet Spider to battle the Vulturions alone. The two Scarlet Spiders managed to convince the attacking Spider-Man to help them against the Vulturions by playing back an audio file of Spider-Man telling others to do what was right as the third Scarlet Spider was taking a beating from the Vulturions. As Spider-Man left to rescue the beaten Scarlet Spider, the other two used their costumes to mimic the classic red and blue and black costumes formerly worn by Spider-Man. Each posing as Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spiders each took out one of the Vulturions and reunited with their beaten brother as the true Spider-Man took out the third Vulturion. Regrouping with Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spiders were ordered by War Machine to take Spider-Man down but they chose to turn off their commlinks instead. When reporter Greg Forrest arrived to interview all four, the Scarlet Spiders protected Spider-Man's identity by each transforming into a duplicate of Spider-Man and claiming there were four Scarlet Spiders rather than three and the true Spider-Man. Revealing they worked for a government program and claiming that the fourth Scarlet Spider  was being "released from the program" due to recent actions, the other three Scarlet Spiders confused the public with their statement, allowing Spider-Man to regain some of his previous anonymity. Returning to Camp Hammond, the Scarlet Spiders were reprimanded by Baron von Blitzschlag for disobeying their commander's orders. When Blitzschlag demanded they unmask, the Scarlet Spiders explained that helping Spider-Man was the right thing to do, much to Baron von Blitzschlag's shock, as he had never programmed the clones to think like that.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#8 (fb)) - The Scarlet Spiders were present when Initiative recruits arrived at Camp Hammond with the captive Dragon Man. When Dragon Man escaped, one of the Scarlet Spiders dove to protect Cloud 9, who had frozen up. Once Dragon Man was recaptured, the Scarlet Spiders watched as Henry Peter Gyrich introduced the recruits to their newest drill instructor: the villainous Taskmaster. The Scarlet Spiders were later placed in stasis to sleep while Baron von Blitzschlag, Henry Peter Gyrich and Criti Noll, the Skrull posing as Yellowjacket, discussed the possibility of creating more clones of MVP to staff the Fifty-State Initiative.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#10) - The Scarlet Spiders were summoned alongside the rest of the Shadow Initiative to protect Henry Peter Gyrich from unhinged rogue MVP clone KIA. During the battle, KIA severed the arms of the Scarlet Spiders' teammate Constrictor, prompting the Scarlet Spiders to remove their masks in an effort to talk KIA down from his rampage. Upon seeing that the Scarlet Spiders were clones of MVP just like himself, KIA was at first confused at how none of them were unique but soon renewed his anger, exclaiming that if they were MVP then they too were dead and killing one of the Scarlet Spiders, Van, by severing his head. The two remaining Scarlet Spiders then jumped back to avoid more of KIA's attacks before KIA turned his attention elsewhere, sensing that another of his potential victims, Gauntlet, was nearby. Before KIA could kill Gauntlet, however, the two remaining Scarlet Spiders re-entered the battle and announced their plans to kill KIA in retaliation for killing their cloned brother.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#11 (fb)) - The two remaining Scarlet Spiders continued their attack on KIA until KIA noticed his intended Initiative recruit victims escaping and knocked the two Scarlet Spiders aside.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#11) - After KIA left to pursue the fleeing Initiative recruits on his kill list, the remaining Scarlet Spiders rushed to the aid of the injured Baron von Blitzschlag. Henry Peter Gyrich soon ordered the Scarlet Spiders to pursue KIA as the only able-bodied men left at Camp Hammond and despite their misgivings, the Scarlet Spiders were told to follow orders by Baron von Blitzschlag and they did as they were told. Arriving at the Negative Zone's Prison 42 to find a barely breathing War Machine, the Scarlet Spiders reported the injury to Henry Gyrich, who ordered War Machine not to summon Iron Man. Attempting to help War Machine by using their medic training, the Scarlet Spiders were surprised to see that War Machine was mostly machine before taking advantage of the distracted War Machine when he called Iron Man to enter stealth mode and continue their pursuit of KIA through the Prison's jump gate. Soon arriving at Tennessee's Initiative base under construction, the Scarlet Spiders found everyone there dead and began tracking the destruction to KIA's location. Arriving in Bulls Gap, Tennessee as several of Earth's heroes and the Initiative recruits were attempting to hold KIA in place, the Scarlet Spiders used the mechanical arms in their armors to pin KIA in place as the clone of MVP who had replaced the original erased KIA's mind using a helmet designed by Baron von Blitzschlag. In the aftermath of KIA's defeat, the Scarlet Spiders were introduced to Brian Van Patrick, the true MVP's father, by the MVP clone.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#12 (fb)) - As Iron Man suggested all of the heroes return to Camp Hammond, the Scarlet Spiders stood with Justice as he refused to return and instead formed the Counter-Force group with his surviving former New Warriors. When the MVP clone claimed he would never go anywhere near the Initiative again, the Scarlet Spiders claimed the clone as their own family and if he did not return to the Initiative, they would not also, choosing instead to stay behind with the rest of Counter-Force.

(New Warriors IV#15 (fb) - BTS) - After joining Counter-Force, the Scarlet Spiders had all traces of Starktech removed from their armor.

(New Warriors IV#14) - The Scarlet Spiders accompanied Counter-Force to an Appalachian safehouse, where they found Night Thrasher (Donyell Taylor) searching for signs that his brother Dwayne might be alive. The Scarlet Spiders then watched as both Justice and Rage, unaware that Night Thrasher was Donyell and not their former teammate Dwayne, tried to reason with Night Thrasher, who announced that he didn't have time to explain himself to Counter-Force. Soon suspecting Night Thrasher to be an alien Skrull, Justice and Counter-Force slowly sized up the situation but Counter-Force's Slapstick attacked, leading Night Thrasher to defend himself. A fight quickly broke out, with Night Thrasher leaping over one of the Scarlet Spiders and downing the other with a sweep kick. As the fight escalated, Night Thrasher's teammates in the New Warriors arrived to confront the Scarlet Spiders and Counter-Force.

(New Warriors IV#15) - The fight between Counter-Force and the New Warriors continued, with Night Thrasher hitting one of the Scarlet Spiders with one of his batons while kicking the other Scarlet Spider. The New Warriors' Renascence then followed up by hitting one of the Scarlet Spiders with her mechanical tentacles while the other Scarlet Spider managed to get a kick in on Ripcord. Night Thrasher soon ended the fight by generating a shockwave with his batons and revealing himself as Donyell Taylor, much to the surprise of the Scarlet Spiders, Counter-Force and even Thrasher's own New Warriors teammates. After learning that Night Thrasher sought to find DNA evidence that disproved his brother's apparent death as a Skrull impostor, Counter-Force agreed to help Night Thrasher and the Scarlet Spiders soon accompanied Counter-Force and the New Warriors to a SHIELD Helicarrier, where Dwayne Taylor's corpse rested. Finding the Helicarrier under attack by Skrulls, Night Thrasher had Justice lead the Scarlet Spiders, Counter-Force and the New Warriors against the Skrulls while he evened the odds by crashing their transport into the Helicarrier. The Scarlet Spiders then busted their way into the Helicarrier alongside the New Warriors and Counter-Force, only to find that any and all Starktech had been disabled by the Skrulls. While Justice and Night Thrasher located Dwayne Taylor's corpse and ran a DNA test, the Scarlet Spiders, Counter-Force and the remaining New Warriors battled the Skrulls, including a Nova-powered super Skrull. After defeating the Nova Skrull, the rescued SHIELD agents told the New Warriors and Counter-Force to depart as a way of thanking the rogue superhumans for the rescue. Before leaving, Night Thrasher and Justice acquired the corpses of the former New Warriors killed in Stamford, Connecticut and the next day, the Scarlet Spiders, Counter-Force and Donyell Taylor's New Warriors held a funeral for the fallen former New Warriors at the Taylors' Appalachian safehouse.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#22 (fb) - BTS) - Following Night Thrasher's joining Counter-Force, the Scarlet Spiders accompanied Counter-Force to Camp Hammond to retrieve the corpse of MVP and expose the Initiative's experiments on him.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#21) - Finding Camp Hammond under attack by the deranged cybernetic Thor clone known as Ragnarok, the Scarlet Spiders confronted Ragnarok alongside their Counter-Force teammates.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#22) - The Scarlet Spiders remained ready for battle as Counter-Force announced that they had proudly taken back the team name of the New Warriors and accused Ragnarok of tainting Thor's name and legacy. A battle soon began and during the fight, Night Thrasher determined Ragnarok to a cyborg and ordered the Scarlet Spiders to hack into Ragnarok's robotic systems to disrupt his internal mechanisms. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Spiders proved unable to hack into Ragnarok's systems, remarking that while the systems should be Starktech, they appeared to be more alien in nature before Ragnarok swatted the Scarlet Spiders away. The higher-ranking Initiative recruits soon joined the fray as well, assisting the Scarlet Spiders and New Warriors against Ragnarok, eventually knocking Ragnarok's cybernetic hammer away from him. Scarlet Spider Michael immediately went to work using his mechanical spider legs to open the hammer and deactivate the technology inside. Noticing Michael messing with his hammer, Ragnarok activated his lightning powers, frying Michael from afar and killing him. While the other Initiative and New Warriors doubled their efforts against Ragnarok, the surviving Scarlet Spider, Patrick, rushed to his deceased brother's side and announced that Michael couldn't leave him alone, promising to kill Ragnarok. Baron von Blitzschlag then appeared and explained that while Patrick could not kill Ragnarok, he could assist Blitzschlag in avenging Michael. While Blitzschlag distracted Ragnarok, absorbing the electricity hurled at him, Patrick rigged up an holographic display to show proof that Ragnarok was an artificial creation. When Ragnarok claimed he was being deceived, Patrick removed his mask and then removed the mask of Michael to show that they were clones of each other to further prove to Ragnarok that the Initiative was capable of creating artificial beings. Sufficiently convinced of his artificial nature, Ragnarok claimed that the measure of a man was his refusal to surrender and departed, promising to confront the real Thor over his recent failures at protecting Asgard. Following Ragnarok's departure, Baron von Blitzschlag and Patrick mourned Michael's death but when Blitzschlag mentioned that Patrick was all he had left, Patrick turned his back on Blitzschlag, remarking that while Blitzschlag was the closest thing to a father he had, he was not family. Patrick then asked Blitzschlag to bury Michael next to Van, as Michael would have wanted that, before returning to his New Warriors teammates alone. Patrick then led the New Warriors to Blitzschlag's lab, where the corpse of MVP was being held. Blitzschlag argued, refusing to allow the New Warriors to acquire MVP's corpse, but Patrick announced that Blitzschlag would have to kill him to stop the New Warriors. Blitzschlag asked why Patrick was aiding the New Warriors and Patrick replied that MVP deserved better than to be kept for experimentation.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#23) - After exposing the Initiative's experiments on MVP's corpse to reporters, Patrick accompanied the New Warriors (with new recruit Ultragirl) in departing Camp Hammond with MVP's corpse as Baron von Blitzschlag mourned over Michael's corpse.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#25 - BTS) - Returning MVP's corpse to his father and the MVP clone posing as the real Michael Van Patrick, the New Warriors apologized for what the Initiative had done and Patrick immediately informed the other clone that Michael had been killed and that he was the last of the Scarlet Spiders. Patrick then began to state how he knew that the clone was not from the same batch as Michael, Van and himself and that perhaps the clone might wish to take Michael's place in the Scarlet Spiders but the clone merely stated that it was not a good time to discuss such things.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#30 - BTS) - When the New Warriors returned to the newly-renamed Camp HAMMER to rescue their captured teammate Night Thrasher, they found Baron von Blitzschlag attempted to torture Night Thrasher and Patrick ordered Blitzschlag to let Thrasher go, prompting Blitzschlag to ask Patrick to stay with him and assume that Patrick was lost without the other deceased Scarlet Spiders. Blitzschlag offered to create new Scarlet Spiders but Tigra reminded Patrick that new Scarlet Spiders would only be clones of Patrick's deceased brothers and Patrick agreed, remarking that Blitzschlag could not erase his mistakes so easily.

(Heroic Age: Heroes I#1 - BTS) - While writing reports on various superheroes shortly after taking command of the United States superhuman forces, Steve Rogers noted that Patrick, the only surviving Scarlet Spider, was one of a trio of MVP clones known as the Scarlet Spiders. Rogers further noted the deaths of Scarlet Spiders Michael and Van and the other Scarlet Spiders' deaths had left Patrick somewhat off-balance.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli.

After two of the Scarlet Spiders perished, the clone calling himself Patrick continued on as the lone Scarlet Spider. Since this is a group profile of the assembled Scarlet Spiders, I thought it best to leave the further appearances of Patrick, the lone surviving Scarlet Spider, in a profile of his own instead of this group profile since the group effectively ended when Michael died.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Scarlet Spiders has no known connections to:

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