Real Name: KIA (though he was a clone of Michael Ian Van Patrick)

Identity/Class: Clone of human mutate

Occupation: Vengeance seeker

Group Membership: Assassins Guild (Bella Donna Boudreaux, Assassin, Boomerang/Fred Myers, Bushwacker/Carl Burbank, Crossbones/Brock Rumlow, Death Adder/Theodore Scott, Lord Deathstrike, Scorpia/Elaine Coll, many others);

Affiliations: None

Enemies:  Avengers (Iron Man/Tony Stark, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Wasp/Janet Van Dyne, Wonder Man/Simon Williams), Baron Wernher von Blitzschlag, Deadpool (Jack, "Wade Wilson"), Debrii (Deborah Fields), Gauntlet (Joseph Green), Henry Peter Gyrich, the Initiative (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Cloud 9/Abby Boylen, Crusader/Z'reg, Diamondback/Rachel Leighton, Dragon Lord/Tako Shakara, Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, Geiger/Delilah Dearborn, Hardball/Roger Brokeridge, Hellcat/Patsy Walker, Komodo/Melati Kusuma, Melee, Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond, Proton/Geldoff, Red 9/Wallace Jackson, Stature/Cassie Lang, Stingray/Walt Newell, "Thor Girl"/unidentified Skrull, Triathlon/Delroy Garrett, Jr.), Justice (Vance Astrovik), Rage (Elvin Halliday), S.H.I.E.L.D., Slapstick (Steve Harmon), Taskmaster, Trauma (Terrence Ward), Ultragirl (Suzy Sherman), Brian Van Patrick, Michael Van Patrick (MVP clone), War Machine (James Rhodes), Yellowjacket (Criti Noll)

Known Relatives: Wernher von Blitzschlag (creator), Michael Van Patrick (MVP, genetic progenitor, deceased), Michael (clone "brother," deceased), MVP clone ("Michael Van Patrick"), Patrick (clone "brother"), Van (clone "brother," deceased)

Aliases: "Captain Shirtless" (insult from Constrictor), "Child" (called by Baron von Blitzschlag), "Ian" (suggested name), Killed in Action, "Quart of Milk. Dozen Eggs. Lady's Home Journal" (insult from Slapstick), "Soldier," "Son" (called by "Yellowjacket"), Michael Van Patrick, "Wernher Junior" (suggested name)

Base of Operations: Camp Hammond, Stamford, Connecticut, USA

First Appearance: Avengers: The Initiative I#8 (February, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: KIA had peak human physical attributes, especially in strength and athleticism, due to his genetic nature being cloned from MVP. The Tactigon, a near-infinitely powerful weapon, was also grafted on his arm, allowing him to hack into any computer system. The Tactigon was also capable of transforming into nearly any weapon including energy blasters, blades and even venom injectors. While connected to the Tactigon, KIA could sense his perceived victims nearby.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Eyes: Solid white (no visible pupils) (glowing pink when using Tactigon)
Hair: Brown

History: (Avengers: The Initiative I#14 (fb)) - A clone was created from the genetic material of deceased Initiative recruit MVP and the heads of the Fifty-State Initiative (Baron von Blitzschlag, Henry Peter Gyrich and "Yellowjacket") discussed putting the Tactigon weapon onto the clone.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1 - KIA entry - BTS) - After discussion, the clone who would become KIA was officially selected to wear the Tactigon.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#9 (fb)) - In an effort to make the clone worthy to wield the Tactigon, footage of former Initiative recruit Armory, who had previously wielded the Tactigon, was programmed into the clone in addition to all of MVP's memories. Upon emerging from his clone tank, the clone who would become KIA insisted that he was Michael Van Patrick despite Initiative scientist Baron von Blitzschlag suggesting several names to go by since another clone was using the name Michael Van Patrick in Kentucky. When Blitzschlag suggested the name "Wernher Junior" after himself, the clone refused and again insisted he was Michael Van Patrick. Blitzschlag followed up by questioning what the clone would do if Blitzschlag ordered the clone to assume that name and the clone answered that he would do so since Blitzschlag was his superior officer. "Yellowjacket" (actually disguised Skrull Criti Noll) then arrived with the Tactigon weapon and explained how the Initiative wished for the clone to connect to the Tactigon and test it. Unfortunately, moments after being hooked into the Tactigon, the clone was overwhelmed with memories of MVP's death and the Tactigon grafted itself onto the clone's arm. Demanding to know more information, the clone used the Tactigon to access Camp Hammond's computer systems, where he viewed footage of the true MVP's death. Claiming he was MVP and could not have been killed in action, the clone had the computers run a status report and was told that the real MVP had indeed died in action. Unhinged, the clone was ordered to step away from the computers by "Yellowjacket" and Baron von Blitzschlag agreed, remarking that the clone should listen to his father. Denouncing Blitzschlag as his father, the clone hurled a large piece of machinery, knocking the feeble Blitzschlag into the wall before "Yellowjacket" directly ordered the clone to stand down. Claiming that he was dead and couldn't be ordered around, the clone proclaimed himself Killed in Action (KIA) and blasted "Yellowjacket." Psychotically repeating the words "killed in action," KIA killed all of the MVP clones present within "Yellowjacket"'s lab and used the Tactigon to carve "KIA" into his chest. Escaping the lab, KIA burst into the training area of Camp Hammond, where Taskmaster was training a group of new recruits. Assuming KIA to be part of the training simulation, the new recruits attacked KIA, who killed Dragon Lord and easily beat the other students, remarking to Taskmaster that he had been careless with the lives of his students. Taskmaster was then shocked when KIA turned and went after "Yellowjacket."

(Avengers: The Initiative I#8/Avengers: The Initiative I#14 (fb)) - Pursuing "Yellowjacket," who escaped by shrinking down to size, KIA searched the Camp Hammond subbasements for "Yellowjacket," eventually locating him and announcing that Yellowjacket was on his list.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#9) - "Yellowjacket" tried reasoning with KIA, calling him a good kid and good soldier and asking him to put down the weapon so he could get help, but KIA instead blasted "Yellowjacket" and announced him killed in action. KIA then turned back toward the terrified Taskmaster, who asked if he was also on KIA's list. Momentarily pausing, KIA replied that Taskmaster was not his list, prompting Taskmaster to throw down his weapons and ask if there was a problem between them. When KIA replied that there was no problem and departed, Taskmaster checked on Crusader. Trauma and "Thor Girl" (actually another disguised Skrull) met KIA in the hallway, a shocked Trauma exclaimed how he had seen MVP die. Still claiming to be MVP, KIA announced that he had died thanks to Trauma but before KIA could blast Trauma, "Thor Girl" stood in Trauma's defense and was blasted instead. Upon seeing the horribly burned "Thor Girl," Trauma used his powers to transform himself into the one thing the Tactigon feared most but KIA, unafraid of Trauma's form himself, transformed the Tactigon into a bladed weapon and stabbed Trauma. Leaving Trauma behind to die, KIA made his way into Camp Hammond's infirmary, where drill instructor Gauntlet was apparently still comatose following an earlier attack. Announcing that he preferred combat vs. killing a comatose opponent, KIA found Gauntlet's bed to be empty.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#10) - KIA stumbled around looking for the missing Gauntlet before sensing another potential victim from his list, Henry Peter Gyrich, nearby. As Gyrich and several SHIELD got visual on KIA's whereabouts, KIA blasted his way into their chamber, prompting Gyrich to order his Shadow Initiative to the location to protect him. KIA quickly killed the SHIELD agents present by transforming the energy from his Tactigon into razor-sharp tendrils but before he could kill Gyrich, the Shadow Initiative arrived. Constrictor managed to wrap KIA in his tendrils but KIA transformed the Tactigon's energies into razor-wire and severed Constrictor's arms before the Scarlet Spiders demasked to show that they too were clones of MVP. Momentarily confused at seeing how none of the MVP clones were truly unique, KIA renewed his attack, decapitating one of the Scarlet Spiders and continuing his search for Henry Peter Gyrich, who had been cloaked by Mutant Zero. Soon sensing that Gauntlet was nearby, KIA was attacked the comatose Gauntlet, who was being animated by his gauntlet. Blasted outside, KIA recognized Cloud 9, Komodo and Hardball, proclaiming them to be on his hit list. The Initiative quickly opened fire on KIA, who protected himself by wrapping himself in Tactigon energy tendrils before firing back, blasting off one of Nighthawk's wings, a hole through one of Gargoyle's wings and grazing Cloud 9. Announcing his victims killed in action, KIA was again attacked by Gauntlet, who was still being animated by his own gauntlet. Stabbing into Gauntlet's shoulder, KIA managed to awaken Gauntlet, who was nearly killed by KIA until the remaining Scarlet Spiders re-entered the fray.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#11 (fb)) - As the two remaining Scarlet Spiders attacked KIA, he fired the Tactigon blindly, hitting Komodo's eyes and forcing her to regrow them as a small group of Initiative recruits made their way to the Camp Hammond jump gate to locate the perfect MVP clone, who had been living in Kentucky disguised as the true MVP. Again announcing that Cloud 9, Komodo and Hardball were all on his kill list, KIA continued firing, damaging Komodo as the recruits continued their trek. Realizing his intended victims were escaping, KIA knocked aside the Scarlet Spiders and pursued the recruits into the Camp Hammond jump gate, arriving in the Negative Zone Prison 42, where War Machine attempted to hold KIA off while the recruits continued their trek towards the MVP clone's location in Tennessee. Proclaiming that War Machine was not on his kill list, KIA ordered War Machine to stand down but War Machine instead attacked KIA.

(Avengers: The Initiative I#11) - KIA tracked the Initiative recruits to Bulls Gap, Tennessee, where he destroyed a house to announce his arrival. Announcing Justice as his next victim for recruiting MVP into the Initiative in the first place, KIA easily swatted aside most of the former New Warriors aiding Justice until Slapstick agreed to go alone against KIA. KIA quickly attacked but the amorphous Slapstick shrugged off all physical attacks, responding with jokes until KIA adjusted his Tactigon to destroy Slapstick's molecular bonds, causing him to collapse in a puddle of ectoplasm. Proclaiming Slapstick dead, KIA was attacked by Hardball and Komodo, whom KIA poisoned using Rigellian snake venom from his Tactigon. As Cloud 9 watched, KIA then shrugged off attacks from Rage and Debrii before the Avengers arrived on the scene. Keeping the Avengers at bay, KIA battled the team until Cloud 9 walked into his line of fire. Possessing the memories of the original MVP and his feelings for Cloud 9, KIA halted his attack and warned Cloud 9 that she could be killed. Fighting back the Tactigon's desire to kill Cloud 9, KIA was kissed by Cloud 9, who generated gas within KIA's esophagus, choking him. Quickly recovering, KIA was held in place until the Scarlet Spiders arrived and pinned KIA where he stood using their armor's mechanical arms. The MVP clone then placed the mind-erasing helmet onto KIA and erased his mind, downloading it into the helmet.


(Deadpool: Assassin#4 (fb) - BTS) - Death Adder joined the New Orleans-based Assassins Guild.

(Deadpool: Assassin#4) - Assassins Guild leader Bella Donna Boudreaux offered a bounty on Deadpool's head to several assassins, including K.I.A., the clone of Michael Ian Van Patrick.

(Deadpool: Assassin#5) - Deadpool and his friends from the Hellhouse attacked the Assassins Guild headquarter. During the battle Bella Donna was aided by her hired assassins Assassin, Black Mamba, Boomerang, Crossbones, Death Adder, K.I.A., Lord Deathstrike and Scorpia. K.I.A., Scorpia and Black Mamba were taken out of the fight when Deadpool electrocuted them with his Deadpool Trackers.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Christos N. Gage and Stefano Caselli.

Profile by Proto-Man. Update by Markus Raymond (Deadpool: Assassin).

K.I.A. has no known connections to:

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