Real Name: Wallace Jackson

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: Cavalry (Stunt-Master/Steve Brooks, Thor Girl, Ultragirl);
formerly the Initiative (Ant-Man/Eric O'Grady, Bengal, Constrictor/Frank Payne, Crusader/Z'reg, Diamondback/Rachel Leighton, Gargoyle, Gauntlet/Joseph Green, Geiger, Komodo/Melati Kusuma, Melee, Nighthawk, Proton/Geldoff, Scarlet Spiders, Stature/Cassie Lang, Stingray, Taskmaster, 3-D Man/Delroy Garrett, many others)

Affiliations: Justin Baldwin, Maddy Baldwin, Henry Peter Gyrich, Philmont Magee, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), the elderly people at State Street Hospital

Enemies: KIA, Doctor Rattamun, Skrulls;
formerly Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: Steve (uncle)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Atlanta, Goergia;
formerly Baytown, Texas

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#264 (May, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Wears a costume which makes him able to fly, and gives him superhuman strength. The costume also gives him a force field protecting him from harm, preventing Spider-Man's web from sticking to him, and enables him to shoot energy bolts. Wallace himself is a 16 year old kid, not stupid but not all that bright, either.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#264 (fb) - BTS) - At NASA, Steve (Red 9's uncle) builds the costume worn by his nephew.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#264 (fb) - BTS) - A few days ago, Wallace turned 16, and a few of his friends put him on a bus o New York City so he could go fight his favorite superhero.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#264 (fb) - BTS) - Red 9 comes to New York City to look for Spider-Man to fight him.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#264) - Meets with Spider-Man, begins to "play" with the superhero, telling him "you can't catch me". Telling Spider-Man that Red 9 is "rough, tough, baddest of the bad," he tries to attack him, but Spider-Man evades him, making Red 9 crash into a chimney. Spider-Man tells Red 9 to go home to his mommy, but Red 9 tells him that he has been looking for him for two days and two nights, and now he wants to fight him. Spider-Man still proves smarter than the kid, but Red 9 tries all his tricks using his blasters to try to hit Spider-Man, although he is again outwitted by Spidey. The two of them keep on fighting each other, and suddenly they crash through a window at the State Street Hospital, Philmont Magee's room. Red 9 passes out, and one of the nurses at the hospital looks at the young kid, telling Doctor Rattamun that the kid has a high fever and is out cold. Spider-Man leaves Red 9 at the hospital.
BTS - When he wakes up again, he leaves the hospital to look for Spider-Man again.
(Amazing Spider-Man I#264) - Out in the streets, he once again attacks Spider-Man to prove his worth. Spider-Man asks the kid where he got the costume from, and Red 9 tells him that he got it from his uncle Steve, who works for NASA. During the ongoing fight between Spider-Man and Red 9, Red 9 accidentally destroys some papers Spider-Man has worked hard for to obtain. Spider-Man gets mad at his "enemy", and Red 9 decides to make a run for it. Spider-Man stops him, and destroys his costume, leaving the kid.
BTS - Comes to State Street Hospital to help the elderly people against their doctor Rattamun, helps them tie him up, until Spider-Man arrives.
(Amazing Spider-Man I#264) - When Spider-Man comes to the hospital he learns that Wallace has helped the elderly people against Doctor Rattamun

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Red Nine as a potential Initiative recruit.

(Avengers: The Initiative#8 (fb)) - Red Nine was drafted into the Initiative, and arrived in a bus full of new recruits including Ant-Man, the Crusader, Melee, Geldoff, Dragon Lord, Geiger and Diamondback. Taskmaster inspected the recruits as they arrived, introducing himself as their drill instructor. Red Nine and the other recruits scattered when Ant-Man wound up in a fight with fellow recruit Stature.

(Avengers: The Initiative#9 (fb)) - Red Nine and the other new cadets were pitted against Taskmaster and quickly beaten by him in battle. Later, Taskmaster brought them to the combat simulator room to test their abilities against robots, but the rampaging clone KIA burst in. Red Nine joined the other cadets in attacking KIA.

(Avengers: The Initiative#9) - Taskmaster found Red Nine's unconscious body after his defeat at KIA's hands.

(Avengers: The Initiative#12) - Red Nine accompanied Triathlon, Taskmaster and his fellow cadets as they presented Dragon Lord's remains to his family.

(Marvel Apes: Speedball Special#1) - Gorilla Girl woke up new recruit Speedball, (from the ape universe) when he was having a bad dream. Taskmaster announced an early training, annoying Ant-Man, who ridiculed Speedball for waking them all up. Gorilla Girl defended Speedball, who couldn't hit Ant-Man due to his size-changing powers. She grew defensive when Ant-Man called her Speedball's girlfriend. As Prodigy scoffed at the fight, Speedball offended Gorilla Girl by yelling at her and saying they were nothing alike, provoking her into changing into a gorilla and punching him, which inadvertently allowed him to crash into Ant-Man. Prodigy continued wondering how a monkey ever belonged among them, and Speedball knocked Prodigy through the wall just as Red-9 was showing in Maddy and Justin Baldwin. The Baldwins soon left, disappointed that Speedball wasn't their true son. As the cadets went to train, Speedball was kicked out of the Initiative.

(Avengers: The Initiative#14) - Red Nine was present at Camp Hammond when 3-D Man appeared to warn the Initiative about the Skrull infiltration in their ranks, but due to a deception by Crusader he was led to believe that everyone at Camp Hammond - including Red Nine - was a Skrull.

(Avengers: The Initiative#15/Secret Invasion#3/Secret Invasion: Runaways/Young Avengers#1) - Red Nine was sent into battle with the rest of the active Initiative cadets to defend New York against an army of powerful "Super-Skrull" agents.

(Secret Invasion#5) - The cadets and their allies, in Nick Fury's safehouse while regrouping, heard Yellowjacket announce the Skrull invasion to the world on the television.

(Secret Invasion#6) - Fury moved the recruits in to final battle, joining dozens of other heroes and villains in the final battle for New York City.

(Secret Invasion#7-8) - Red Nine participated in the final battle against the Skrulls in Central Park.

(Avengers: The Initiative#20) - Red Nine was among the Initiative cadets who were upset with the 3-D Man for killing Crusader, who had been a Skrull.

(Avengers: The Initiative#21) - Red Nine graduated from Camp Hammond's training program and was assigned to the Georgia Initiative team.

(Avengers: The Initiative#23) - Red Nine helped with the cleanup in the area around Camp Hammond after the battle with Ragnarok.

(Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt#1) - When the Serpent (Cul) began his reign of terror on Earth, Steve Rogers commissioned Prodigy to reassemble the Initiative to handle the fear-induced rioting that was spreading across the country.

   The Cavalry, including Red Nine, stopped a robbery at Al's Gun & Ammo Emporium in Atlanta. Red Nine explained to the owner that cops wouldn't come because they had their hands full with rioters. Receiving a text from Prodigy Red Nine told his teammates that Prodigy wants to bring back the Initiative.

   Red Nine was among the Initiative members who gathered in Washington DC to rejoin the Initiative.

   He later joined the Cavalry back in Atlanta to deal with rioters. The situation got out of hand when a policeman shot at Thor Girl because she was using an Asgardian hammer like the Worthy and the bullet ricocheted back at the policeman, wounding him.

Comments: Created by Craig Anderson (writer) & Paty Cockrum (artist)

Profile by: The Beetle with Prime Eternal

Red 9 shouldn't be confused with

Wallace Jackson shouldn't be confused with

Philmont Magee shouldn't be confused with


Doctor and hospital administrator at State Street Hospital, a doctor who works by the books, and it not very fond of elderly people, especially dislikes Philmont Magee.

Called Doctor Ratface by the patients


-- Amazing Spider-Man I#264






Elderly man who lived at 81 West 12th Street, but was by mistake declared dead, due to a computer mix-up with Philip Magee of 12 West 81st Street. Philip Magee died two month ago, and Philmont Magee was moved to the hospital, but the two persons were mixed up by a computer mistake, and Doctor Rattamun who wanted Philmont out of his hospital, tried to use the fact that Philmont was declared dead to have him out of the hospital, but Spider-Man helped the old man

-- Amazing Spider-Man I#264






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p7, pan3 (Philmont Magee body shot)

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