Real Name: Jackson (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Hobo, formerly musician, formerly worked in bars

Affiliations: Hulk

Enemies: Hammer and Anvil

Known Relatives: Leroy "Hammer" Jackson (son)

Aliases: None 

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the United States.

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#182 (December, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: He plays a harmonica, and is patient, understanding, generous, and friendly.

History: Almost nothing is known of Crackajack Jackson's life before his first appearance. He said his boy is all he had left, so that implies he once had a home and a job. He at some point had a wife and a son, and was allegedly always on the road working in several "cheap nickel-an-dime bar." At some point he lost everything and became a hobo.

(Incredible Hulk II#182) - Hulk was wandering aimlessly when he heard mesmerizing music that drew him to the source of it. There, he found Crackajack Jackson, a hobo with a harmonica. Crackajack was really friendly and offered Hulk a place to sit down near a warm fire. He then gave him some beans, which Hulk liked very much. The next day, Hulk and Crackajack went fishing for breakfast. Crackajack was off to see his boy, and invited Hulk to come with him. Hulk had nowhere to go, so he tagged along. 

The next night, Crackajack made a fire and they had some more beans. Then, Crackajack taught Hulk how to write the alphabet and spell his name. Hulk was very happy to have a new friend. They finally made it to where Crackajack 's son was, which happened to be a prison. Hulk smashed the guards and leaped with Crackajack into the prison. However, when they got to the prison yard, they found that Crackajack 's son was Hammer, of Hammer and Anvil fame. They had returned to the prison from which they had escaped to destroy it in vengeance. Crackajack apologized for never being there for his son when he needed him when he was a kid. Hammer was still really mad at his dad. Crackajack tried to touch his son, but accidentally touched the chain that gave Hammer and Anvil their power, and was immediately killed by it. Later on, after Hulk defeated Hammer and Anvil, he buried Crackajack , and marked the grave with a tombstone on which he spelled Crackajack 's name (or tried anyway).

Comments: Created by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe

This was the first time a human friend of Hulk's died.
Crackajack wasn't the Hulk's first human friend to be killed. That "honor" probably goes to the unnamed scientist killed by Commies in Tales to Astonish I#66.
--Continental Op

Crackajack Jackson also appeared in a vision to the Hulk while Doc Samson had him under a hypnotic trance, but this is obviously not an actual appearance.

Thanks to Leader's Lair for the image. This is my 41st profile, not including ones I reformatted from Spider-Fan, and Leader's Lair has provided images on at least 25% of these.

And a funny tidbit to add:
After Hulk's encounter with Crackajack he becomes OBSESSED with beans, at least for the remainder of the Len Wein run of Hulk.
--Nicholas Peron


CLARIFICATIONS: Crackajack Jackson should not be confused with:

Incredible Hulk II#182 (December, 1974) - Len Wein (writer), Herb Trimpe (artist), Roy Thomas (editor)

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