Membership: Angrir, Greithoth, Kuurth, Mokk, Nerkkod, Nul, Skadi, Skirn

Purpose: To serve the Serpent

Aliases: "Hammer-Wielders," "Monsters"

Affiliations: The Absorbing Man (Carl Creel), Attuma, the Draumar (Bonegrinder, others), Frost Giants, the Grey Gargoyle (Paul Duval), Juggernaut (Cain Marko), the Red Skull (Sinthea Shmidt), the Serpent (Cul), Sleipnir, Titania (Mary MacPherran Creel);
    forcibly the Hulk (Bruce Banner), the Thing (Ben Grimm)

Enemies: Atlanteans, Avengers (Black Widow/Natalia Romanova, Luke Cage, Captain America/Bucky Barnes, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange, Falcon/Sam Wilson, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers, Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse, Protector/Noh-Varr of Earth-200080, Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Thor/Thor Odinson, Valkyrie/Brunnhilde, War Machine/Jim Rhodes, Wolverine/James Howlett), Avengers Academy faculty (Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Justice/Vance Astrovik, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Tigra/Greer Nelson), Avengers Academy student body (Finesse/Jeanne Foucault, Hazmat/Jennifer Takada, Mettle/Ken Mack, Reptil/Humberto Lopez, Striker/Brandon Sharpe, Veil/Maddy Berry), Dracula (Vlad Tepes Dracula), Future Foundation (Dragon Man, Invisible Woman/Sue Richards, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards), Heroes for Hire (Gargoyle/Isaac Christians, Paladin), the Immortal Weapons (Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1/Sihing, Fat Cobra, Iron Fist/Danny Rand, Prince of Orphans/John Aman, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter/Li Hua), Janus (son of Dracula), Alicia Masters, the Monkey King (Sun Wukong), Odin, Red She-Hulk (Betty Banner), Redwing, Rick, Shang-Chi

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth;
    formerly Asgard

First Appearance: (mentioned, Skadi possessing Sin seen) Fear Itself#1 (June, 2011);
    (mentioned, Kuurth, Nerkkod, Nul & Skirn possessing Juggernaut, Attuma, Hulk & Titania seen) Fear Itself#2 (July, 2011);
    (assembled as a group, seen in shadow) New Mutants III#31 (November, 2011);
    (fully seen & assembled as a group) Fear Itself#6 (November, 2011)

(New Mutants III#31 (fb)) - The Worthy were servant warriors of the Asgardian Serpent (Cul) and they were, in turn, served by the Draumar foot soldiers including Bonegrinder.

(Mighty Thor I#7 (fb) - BTS) - The Worthy, often referred to as the children of the Serpent, enjoyed the sport of stilling the panic that the nightmarish horse Sleipnir generated.

(Mighty Thor I#7) - When Cul's brother Odin attempted to slay Sleipnir, Cul arrived on the scene, accompanied by his Worthy, and he explained to Odin that Sleipnir needed to run riot on occasion, as it made both Sleipnir and himself feel better, and the Worthy enjoyed the sport of stilling the panic Sleipnir created. The Worthy then watched as Odin accused Cul of going mad by keeping both his brothers and those he ruled in a state of constant fear.

(New Mutants III#31 (fb) - BTS) - Over the course of eons, the Worthy's rage and hate transformed them into monsters.

(Mighty Thor I#7) - Odin eventually began attacks on the Serpent, slaughtering every agent the Serpent sent after him for forty straight days and nights, and the Serpent soon gathered together the now-monstrous Worthy to express his anger. The Serpent ordered the Worthy to fight against Odin, not stopping until they had Odin's head on a pike. The Worthy Skadi quickly informed the Serpent that Odin was on his way into the Serpent's palace as they spoke and the Serpent panickly asked Skadi what the emotion he was feeling was. Skadi explained that the Serpent was feeling what all of the Worthy felt outside of that room: the fear of living in the shadow of another.

    Concocting a plan to stop Odin long term, the Serpent summoned the Worthy close and informed them that his enmity with Odin was a very long game being played and that they must fortify themselves for the future. Soon realizing what the Serpent was alluding to, Skadi attempted and failed to halt the Serpent's actions as he slammed his hammer to the ground, transforming the Worthy into energy and projecting their consciousnesses elsewhere. He then promised he would someday call the Worthy back home.

(Fear Itself#2 (fb) - BTS/Mighty Thor I#7) - During Odin's (and Asgard as a whole's) exile of the malevolent Serpent via banishment to the depths of the seas, the Worthy's consciousnesses were lost behind the Veil of Tears, their essences now trapped within their mystic hammers, which were subsequently sent into space. From his undersea imprisonment, the Serpent vowed to someday reclaim his Worthy from beyond the Veil.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#9 (fb) - BTS) - During World War II, the Nazi Red Skull's Thule Society attempted to summon the Asgardian hammer belonging to the Worthy Skadi.

(Fear Itself#1 - BTS) - In the modern era, when the Red Skull's daughter Sin touched an Asgardian hammer that had recently fallen to Earth, she was possessed by the essence of the Worthy Skadi, daughter of the Serpent, thereby breaking the spell that sealed the Serpent away. After reviving, the Asgardian Serpent was sought out by Skadi/Sin and, upon the two reuniting, the Serpent immediately sought to spread fear throughout Earth by summoning the rest of the Worthy.

(Fear Itself#2/Thunderbolts I#158/Heroes for Hire III#9 (fb)/Fear Itself: Wolverine#2 (fb) - BTS/Fear Itself: The Deep#2 (fb)) - Sending the Worthy's Asgardian hammers to various points on Earth, unaware the streaking hammers were witnessed by the Silver Surfer, the Serpent began to reassemble his Worthy, starting with Juggernaut, who became possessed by the Worthy Kuurth.

(Fear Itself#2) - Another hammer fell near the the Hulk, who became possessed by the Worthy Nul, and Titania, possessed by Skirn. After Titania was transformed into Skirn, the Serpent called out to the first three Worthy and ordered them to cause terror throughout the world. As the Serpent continued calling out to the Worthy, the Atlantean Attuma found a hammer beneath the oceans and became possessed by the next Worthy, Nerkkod. As each of the Worthy then set out to accomplish the Serpent's goals, the world news organizations wondered where Earth's heroes, such as the Avengers, were.

(Invincible Iron Man I#504 - BTS) - Following the Asgardian hammer falling in New York City and empowering/possessing Juggernaut, other hammers of the Worthy fell in the Kunlun mountain range and Paris, France.

(Invincible Iron Man I#504 - BTS/Fear Itself: The Worthy#1/4 - BTS) - Witnessing the hammer hit in Paris, the criminal Grey Gargoyle touched the hammer and was possessed by Mokk, becoming the next member of the Worthy to be reborn in a new body.

(Iron Man 2.0 I#5 - BTS) - The Worthy's Skirn/Titania and Titania's husband, the criminal Absorbing Man, were drawn to the hammer in the Kunlun mountains.

(Fear Itself: Deadpool#1 - BTS/Fear Itself: Deadpool#3 (fb) - BTS) - News reports came in about the various supervillains of the Worthy being granted greater strength and a hunger for destruction by the Asgardian hammers falling from the sky. Seeing the reports from a Video Delights store, the criminal Walrus wished that he could also become one of the Worthy, equipped with a mystic hammer for mass destruction. Hoping to cash in on the events involving the Worthy, the mercenary Deadpool tricked the Walrus into attacking Cimmaron, New Mexico with a fake hammer and planned to have the town of Cimmaron pay him to subsequently get rid of the Walrus.

(Iron Man 2.0 I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Steve Rogers monitored the Worthy as they were empowered across the globe and worried that the situation might be too much to handle. After defeating Iron Fist, who was attempting to protect the mystic realm of K'un-Lun, and the Monkey King, who sought the fallen hammer for himself, Titania/Skirn bade the Absorbing Man to touch the hammer in the Kunlun mountains and when he did, he was possessed by Greithoth and became one of the Worthy as well.

(Avengers Academy I#15 - BTS) - While the Avengers Academy faculty handled the escaping prisoners from the Raft, which had been destroying during the transformation of Juggernaut into the Worthy Kuurth, the Avengers Academy students were sent to Washington, D.C. to assist with civilian evacuation during an attack by Sin/Skadi on the Capitol. As the Worthy continued their individual attacks in various locations worldwide, Skirn/Titania and Greithoth/Absorbing Man attacked Dubai, India as part of the Serpent's orders for the Worthy to spread terror throughout the world. Once the Academy faculty had helped apprehending the escaped Raft supervillains in New York, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Maria Hill contacted Giant-Man and asked for the faculty's assistance in Dubai. As the faculty prepared to travel to Dubai, Hill briefed Giant-Man on the newly empowered Absorbing Man, revealing that S.H.I.E.L.D. intelligence suggested that the Worthy (or "Hammer-Wielders," as Hill called them) were being possessed.

(Fear Itself#3) - While Skirn/Titania and Greithoth/Absorbing Man rampaged through Dubai, Avengers squads fought against the individual Worthy members in Washington, D.C. and Brazil.

(Fear Itself#3/Fear Itself: Spider-Man#2) - The Fantastic Four investigated one of the Serpent's hammers that fell near Yancy Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side but when the Thing touched the hammer, he was possessed by Angrir and transformed into another of the Worthy.

(Herc I#4) - The Worthy continued their attacks, with Nerkkod/Attuma flooding Vancouver, British Columbia, Skadi/Sin battling Captain America in Washington, D.C. and Nul/Hulk battling Ms. Marvel and the Protector in the Amazonian rain forests of Brazil.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#3 - BTS) - After Miriam Sharpe prevented a group of bystanders from killing the heroic Speedball, she suggested someone use a laptop to find out what was going on to create so much fear in people and a nearby woman volunteered her laptop, from which all of the bystanders, as well as Sharpe and Speedball, learned that the eight members of the Worthy were assaulting various parts of the world with casualties in the thousands. The news report went on to detail some of the Worthy's actions including Skadi/Sin's invasion of Washington, D.C., Greithoth/Absorbing Man's assault on Dubai, India, Mokk/Grey Gargoyle's transformation of Paris, France into stone, Nul/Hulk's attack in Brazil and other attacks across the United States.

    Agreeing to do as Sharpe asked and check on parts of the world that didn't have other help, Speedball had the artificial intelligence Jocasta open a dimensional doorway and when she asked if he would be going to Dubai or Washington, Speedball asked her to open to somewhere that didn't already have superhero assistance. Jocasta questioned his request, remarking that the Worthy members were too powerful to take on alone, but Speedball reiterated his request and Jocasta did as ordered. Entering the portal, Speedball found himself face-to-face with Kuurth/Juggernaut in Salem, Missouri.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#4 - BTS) - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent out an emergency alert to all residents of St. John's, Newfoundland, noting that the attacking Attuma, like all of the possessed Worthy, had received a significant enhancement in power and the alert suggested any within sight of Attuma should be evacuated. After Speedball helped knock Attuma out of Newfoundland, a bystander going by the online handle of Newfie82 immediately flocked to social media to report that Speedball had defeated one of the Worthy in Newfoundland, remarking that the Worthy could be stopped, until Attuma returned.

(Avengers Academy I#16 - BTS) - Giant-Man managed to teleport Skirn/Titania and Greithoth/Absorbing Man out of Dubai as the Avengers Academy students helped civilians in Washington, D.C. during the Worthy member Skadi/Sin's continued attack on the Capitol.

(Heroes for Hire III#9 - BTS) - Misty Knight briefed the Heroes for Hire on the Worthy's individual activities including the Juggernaut's earlier transformation/possession by Kuurth and his subsequent destruction of the Raft prison, and Skadi/Sin's attack on Washington, D.C. Paladin responded to Knight's briefing, noting that he was battling Angrir/Thing on Yancy Street, and asked for backup. Unaware that a man named Brady Briedel had been seriously injured and mutated by chemicals during Angrir's rampage, Knight sent Gargoyle to assist Paladin before checking in with Shroud, who was investigating the damage Kuurth/Juggernaut had done to the Raft.

(Fear Itself: Wolverine#2 - BTS) - Twenty four hours following the hammers falling and the various superhumans' possession by the Worthy, S.T.R.I.K.E. squad leader Sutton told his agents about a dream he had regarding a divine hammer that would split the world in two and how he took the appearances of the Worthy around the globe as a sign to act now to write his and his agents' names in history. As Sutton announced his plans and dreams, unaware that his agents were questioning whether Sutton was acting on his dreams or actual orders from S.T.R.I.K.E. Command, Sutton displayed video and still images of the Worthy in an effort to better communicate his ideas and dreams. In the meantime, reporter Melita Garner was attempting to reach her then-boyfriend Wolverine, noting to herself the fear present in New York City, how reports were coming in from across the globe about the "monsters" wrecking havoc as part of what appeared to be some sort of larger war and how all of these events appeared to be tied to the hammers that had fallen from the sky the day prior.

(Hulk II#37 - BTS) - As the Worthy's Skadi/Sin continued her attack on Washington, D.C., Angrir/Thing began a more concentrated attack on New York, drawing the attention of the Avengers' Red Hulk. The battle between the Red Hulk and the Worthy's Angrir/Thing ultimately led to the destruction of Avengers Tower.

(Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force#1 - BTS) - After being summoned by his X-Force teammate Archangel, the heroic mutant Wolverine showed Archangel footage of the Worthy causing worldwide destruction and suggested that perhaps having the insane Deadpool on their team was the way to go considering what was going on in the world at the time. As X-Force later investigated a suicide bomber and suspected the religious, anti-mutant Purifiers to be behind the attack, the Purifiers' then-leader Jonathan Standish watched televised footage of the Worthy's attacks and assumed the attacks were the opening of the Biblical Seventh Seal. Thinking of the possibility of a fully assembled Worthy, Standish considered them the Devil incarnate, come to steal the souls of humanity before they could ascend to Heaven, and Standish decided that mutants weren't the Purifiers' only enemy but rather, all superhumans.

(Avengers Academy I#17) - Following Skadi/Sin's departure from Washington, D.C., Skirn/Titania and Greithoth/Absorbing Man found themselves teleported to Giant-Man's unmanned Arctic research center and decided to get back at Giant-Man by taking the Worthy's mission of terror directly to Giant-Man's recovering Avengers Academy students. The two Worthy members then used their hammers to teleport out of the Arctic and into the dimension housing Giant-Man's Infinite Avengers Mansion.

(Thunderbolts I#160 - BTS) - From the aftermath of Skadi/Sin's Washington, D.C. attack, Luke Cage contacted the Raft prison and learned that Juggernaut had become one of the Worthy as well. Insisting that the Thunderbolts had to recapture Juggernaut, Cage explained that, while they didn't know much about the Worthy as of yet, it appeared that anyone who acquired one of the Worthy's hammers became changed for the worse. Cage ordered the Thunderbolts to go after Juggernaut/Kuurth outside Chicago, Illinois and the team subsequently teleported near Juggernaut, where they discussed whether or not Juggernaut was possessed in a manner similar to the Thing's transformation into the Worthy member Angrir. In their attempt to reach Juggernaut's consciousness, the Thunderbolts had their member Ghost phase inside of a briefly halted Juggernaut/Kuurth and Satana assisted in bringing the rest of the Thunderbolts inside Juggernaut/Kuurth's mind. The Thunderbolts soon met with the consciousness of the Worthy Kuurth himself, who cast them out of Juggernaut's body and began his attacks anew.

(Thunderbolts I#161 - BTS) - As Juggernaut/Kuurth erupted into the air from Chicago, leaving behind a smoldering crater and the injured Thunderbolts, Fixer attempted to locate a transport to get the Thunderbolts Beta Team to Chicago, suspecting that the Worthy were merely an advance attack with a second wave of attack incoming.

(Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt#2 - BTS) - The young hero Prodigy held a press conference to assure civilians that his ally Thor Girl was not a threat and that she was not one of the hammer-wielding Worthy that were being seen on news reports. After she was convinced to publicly turn herself in for recent actions in Atlanta, Thor Girl was contacted by unidentified federal agents, who attempted to interrogate Thor Girl on the potential motives and targets of the Worthy, of which Thor Girl was unaware. Prodigy soon contacted Hardball in Las Vegas to inform him that they had been tracking one of the Worthy, Juggernaut/Kuurth, westward and that Juggernaut/Kuurth seemed to be heading towards Las Vegas.

(Heroes for Hire III#10 - BTS) - While Heroes for Hire Shroud and Elektra battled the Purple Man-controlled Raft escapees and Paladin and Gargoyle barely survived their encounter with Angrir/Thing, Misty Knight checked on the status of the rest of the world's problems, only to witness superheroes battling the individual Worthy members in various parts of the world, including Kuurth/Juggernaut in California and Mokk/Grey Gargoyle in Paris.

(Alpha Flight IV#3 - BTS) - Canadian Prime Minister Gary Cody held a press conference, where he falsely claimed that Department H had proof that Alpha Flight's Guardian was in league with the hammer-wielding Worthy.

(Alpha Flight IV#4 - BTS) - Attempting to cross into the United States to obtain assistance from their former teammate Wolverine, the outlawed Alpha Flight used a spell from team member Shaman to trick law enforcement into thinking they were going into the USA to attend a law enforcement conference on the Worthy in Albany, New York.

(New Mutants III#30 - BTS) - When the New Mutants were trapped in Mephisto's Hell-Realm, the demon Mephisto gloated that the mutant group had nowhere else they desperately needed to be as he drew forth images of some of the Worthy's actions, including the X-Men battling Juggernaut/Kuurth in San Francisco and Sin/Skadi ripping off the cybernetic arm of Captain America (Bucky Barnes) in Washington, D.C.

(New Mutants III#31 - BTS) - After being devoured whole by the Draumar Bonegrinder, Danielle Moonstar experienced some of his memories including his time serving the Worthy, although the Worthy appeared in his memories as the monsters they became rather than the how they originally appeared.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#6 (fb) - BTS) - Odin met with the heroic Valkyrie to inform her that her time as valkyrie was nearing its end and warned of what he must do to Earth when the Serpent's shadow was cast on the Asgardian World Tree. When Valkyrie insisted that Odin did not give the heroes of Earth enough credit and insisted that they would push back the Serpent, Odin showed Valkyrie the seeming death of Captain America (Bucky Barnes) and reminded her that the Worthy was still scouring the Earth, decimating even the greatest of Earth's heroes. When Valkyrie replied that she knew of the Worthy's actions, Odin was surprised that she did not feel fear or doubt over the situation.

(Fear Itself#4) - The Serpent reached out to each of the individual Worthy members as they continued to cause destruction across Earth and ordered them to continue spreading fear without mercy, remarking that soon enough, the fearful mortals would do the Worthy's work for them by looting and destroying their own cities. Reminding his Worthy that he was being well-fed with the fear they were spreading, the Serpent commented that he would soon be strong enough to take on Odin himself. At the same time, Odin was preparing the Asgardians for war against the Serpent and planned to destroy Earth to prevent the Serpent's influence from spreading, warning the Asgardians that the Serpent's Worthy carried with them weapons more mighty than any seen on Earth. Explaining that the Worthy were driven by unfathomably dire purposes, most simply to spread fear, Odin informed the Asgardians that the Serpent cared not for war, only slaughter.

    After speaking with Nick Fury, Iron Man and Thor went to recruit Steve Rogers back into the role of Captain America. Finding him already in costume, the two Avengers briefed Steve on how Sin, Juggernaut, Titania, Absorbing Man, Attuma, the Grey Gargoyle, Hulk and the Thing had all been changed into representations of the Worthy by the Serpent's hammers. When Steve suggested acquiring counter weapons, Thor explained that the Serpent fed on fear and how the Worthy were causing mass destruction in an effort to spread that fear so that the Serpent could eventually usurp Odin himself. Drawing more power from the fear generated by the Worthy, the Serpent soon summoned forth his so-called "Kingdom of Fear" and, as the Worthy each looked skyward, the Serpent created a large floating castle near the moon. Steve Rogers soon after parachuted into Manhattan as Captain America to aid the Avengers there against the Worthy's Sin/Skadi while Thor confronted the Serpent himself, only to be teleported into a fight with Hulk/Nul and Thing/Angrir in New York.

(Herc I#5) - Upon seeing Manhattan in flames, the demigod Hercules remarked to his reluctant ally Basilisk that he suspected his Avengers friends were likely busy at the moment, unaware that Thor was continuing to fight the Worthy's Hulk/Nul and Thing/Angrir.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#5/2  - BTS) - As Thor battled the Worthy's Hulk/Nul and Thing/Angrir, the heroic Spider-Girl was chasing down looters. Suddenly finding herself transported onto some sort of  battleship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean alongside several other teenage heroes, Spider-Girl watched as Power Man attempted to break up an argument between Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson) and Amadeus Cho, reminding them both of how the Worthy and Sin/Skadi's Nazi mechs were still causing chaos worldwide.

(Fear Itself#5) - As Thor continued his battle against Hulk/Nul and Thing/Angrir, Captain America (Steve Rogers) confronted the Worthy's Sin/Skadi, who gloated that the thunderous sound in the distance was Thor being broken. Thor eventually managed to break Angrir's control over the Thing after pulling his hammer Mjolnir through Thing/Angrir's chest and Captain America continued his fight with Sin/Skadi until the Serpent showed up, floating his "Kingdom of Fear" into New York. After the Serpent downed Captain America and the arriving squad of Avengers, the Thing was fully separated from the Worthy Angrir by the mutant powers of Franklin Richards and Thor managed to knock the Hulk/Nul into space, promising that their battle was not over as Hulk/Nul fell back to Earth elsewhere.

(Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula#1) - When the Hulk/Nul landed in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, where he began savagely attacking and killing the vampires residing there, the vampire lord Dracula was given visual intel by his son Janus about the Worthy that showed the Thing, Absorbing Man and the Juggernaut all wielding Asgardian hammers. Dracula was then informed that the Hulk had also recently become one of the hammer-wielding Worthy prior to his landing within the vampire community and how the Worthy's worldwide attacks seemed to possess no discernible pattern, other than simply spreading chaos and destruction. Janus then remarked that their intel could find no connection between the Worthy members, other than how they each had a hammer and the strength to wield it. He then followed up with a comment that someone had turned the Worthy loose on the world and that, so far, no one had been able to stop the Worthy. Dracula then remarked that they should deal with one impossible task at a time, suggesting they focus on their own problem of the Hulk/Nul and let the so-called "heroes" deal with the rest of the Worthy. Dracula then ordered an airborne team to attack the Hulk/Nul with the entirety of the battle captured for analysis in hopes of finding an exploitable weakness in the Hulk/Nul.

(Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula#2 - BTS) - After the Hulk/Nul easily defeated a legion of monsters that Dracula sent against him, Dracula reluctantly agreed to work with the exiled Forgiven sect of vampires and their leader Raizo Kodo demanded every bit of data on the Hulk/Nul and the Worthy. While subsequently perusing the data with Kodo, Dracula noted that the entire planet was caught up in the Serpent conflict with battle zones erupting and expanding around each member of the Worthy. Kodo replied by questioning if each member of the Worthy had their hammer in their possession for the duration of each conflict they were involved in. Dracula answered by explaining that reports showed that each of the Worthy's hammers were not activated until they were encountered by each of the Worthy's individual hosts, to which Kodo commented on the significant note that each of the Worthy's hammers seemed to be meant for each of their individual hosts only. When Kodo's Forgiven were to be sent into the field to stall the Hulk/Nul until the vampire Legate could gather more forces for a final confrontation, Kodo informed his teammate Nighteyes that the Worthy were intentionally trying to create fear.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#6/4 - BTS) - The Asbestos Man attacked the Milwaukee, Wisconsin public market, wielding a croquet mallet and claiming to be one of the Worthy, but he soon departed when he learned that the market employee feared him due to his hazardous, cancer-causing costume and not because of his own villainous merits.

(Avengers Academy I#17) - Busting through the wall of the extradimensional Infinite Avengers Mansion, the Worthy's Titania/Skirn and Absorbing Man/Greithoth attacked the Avengers Academy students. The students attempted to flee, feeling that the Worthy were out of their league, but they quickly found that none of the Mansion's dimensional doors or communications equipment were functioning. Stuck inside the Infinite Avengers Mansion, the students faced the two Worthy members and Titania/Skirn destroyed a portion of the Mansion.

(Avengers Academy I#18) - The Worthy Titania/Skirn and Absorbing Man/Greithoth continued destroying parts of the Infinite Avengers Mansion as the Avengers Academy students fled into hiding. When the fleeing students ran afoul of Titania/Skirn, the student Veil attempted to merge the molecules of her gaseous form with that of Titania/Skirn in an attempt to take control of Titania/Skirn's body but ended up incapacitated by the sheer horrors within Titania/Skirn's mind. After capturing the downed Veil and Reptil, Titania/Skirn and Absorbing Man/Greithoth embraced one another, intending to savor the fear they had generated, but they were interrupted by radioactive student Hazmat, who claimed a desire to make a deal with the two Worthy.

    When Hazmat suggested joining the Worthy herself, claiming that humanity and especially Giant-Man had done nothing for her or the other Avengers Academy students, the two Worthy members discussed Hazmat's proposal and decided to have Hazmat prove the legitimacy of her claims by killing Veil and Reptil. As Titania/Skirn motioned towards the fallen students, she realized Hazmat had merely been a distraction while her fellow students Finesse and Striker rescued their classmates. Hazmat then generated a small nuclear explosion, burying the two Worthy in rubble and buying the Academy students time to also rescue their classmate Mettle, who had been left adrift in the dimensional space. Titania/Skirn and Absorbing Man/Greithoth quickly freed themselves from the rubble and chased Hazmat and Striker through the halls of the Infinite Avengers Mansion. The students eventually managed to generate holograms of Giant-Man, prompting the two Worthy to hurl their hammers at the perceived hero, only to hit each other and knock themselves out of the Mansion.

    Figuring the only way to escape was to use Pym Particles to grow themselves out of their dimensional space and into their home dimension, the Avengers Academy students activated the Mansion's Pym Particle generators, only to immediately draw Absorbing Man/Greithoth's ire. Absorbing the Pym Particle energy, Absorbing Man/Greithoth infused the entire Infinite Avengers Mansion with Pym Particles in an effort to force the Infinite Avengers Mansion to appear in the Earth dimension, its size potentially crushing an entire city.

(Avengers Academy I#19) - As the Worthy's Absorbing Man/Greithoth continued forcing the Infinite Avengers Mansion and everything in it to grow, passing through the Microverse, Titania/Skirn reveled in the fear they were generating within the Microverse. Meanwhile, the Avengers Academy students found a failsafe program that would destroy the Infinite Avengers Mansion, potentially taking the two Worthy members with it, but Finesse informed them that both she and Hazmat would have to stay behind to distract the Worthy members while the other students escape before the detonation. Mettle insisted on staying behind as well and shortly after the three remaining Avengers Academy students moved to the location where they would need to escape the detonating Mansion, a kissing Mettle and Hazmat were discovered by the two Worthy members. Mettle and Hazmat's battle with Titania/Skirn and Absorbing Man/Greithoth was soon interrupted by the arrival of Giant-Man and Quicksilver, who rescued the students and initiated the destruct sequence. The two Worthy members easily survived the explosion, however, and emerged in Chicago as the Pym Particles grew everyone back into their proper dimension.

(Fear Itself#6 - BTS) - Having grow much stronger by feeding on the fear felt by Earthlings, the Serpent reached out to the Worthy, announcing that the time had come to slaughter Odin and the armies of both Asgard and Earth. He then ordered the Worthy to converge on the Asgardian World Tree and to kill everything in their path along their way.

(Avengers Academy I#19) - Now back on Earth, the Worthy's Titania/Skirn suggested Absorbing Man/Greithoth renew his earlier attack on Giant-Man but Absorbing Man/Greithoth instead announced that he felt the Serpent summoning them for an upcoming final battle. The two Worthy then teleported away, with Absorbing Man/Greithoth inviting Giant-Man to participate in the upcoming battle so that he could carve the Serpent a new throne from Giant-Man's skull.

(Invincible Iron Man I#509 - BTS) - As the Serpent continued summoning the Worthy back to him for the upcoming final battle, Grey Gargoyle/Mokk received the summons seconds before he was to kill the armored Rescue in Paris, France. Sensing the Worthy's summons, Grey Gargoyle/Mokk tossed Rescue aside and departed, obeying the summons of his master.

(Fear Itself#6) - After the remaining Worthy, minus Nul and Angrir, assembled with the Serpent, they accompanied the Serpent towards the Asgardian World Tree in Broxton, Oklahoma. As the Serpent and his Worthy neared the World Tree, Captain America and a militia group of civilians met the Worthy and Cap remarked that it was time to see what made the Serpent afraid.

(Fear Itself#7) - The Serpent and his Worthy watched as Captain America opened fire on their approaching city and the Serpent ordered the Worthy to kill everyone present, take the World Tree and bring him Odin's head.

(Fear Itself#7/Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula#3 - BTS) - Towards the end of an intense battle against the Hulk/Nul in the walled city of St. Sebastian, the Forgiven's Inka used her vampiric power of mesmerism to trick the Hulk/Nul into thinking his wife Betty was confronting him over his actions while possessed and part of the Worthy.

(Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula#3 - BTS) - Fighting against his possession by Nul, the Hulk used all of his strength to crush his Asgardian hammer, removing the influence of the Worthy Nul from his mind and restoring him to his human Bruce Banner persona.

(Fear Itself#7/Fear Itself: The Fearless#8 (fb)) - The Worthy and Sin/Skadi's Nazi forces then joined in a massive assault on Broxton, Oklahoma, battling Captain America and the arriving, Asgardian-empowered Avengers.

(Avengers Academy I#20 - BTS) - Former Avengers Academy student Veil watched the battle between the Avengers, the Serpent and his Worthy on television from her room at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. The news reporters noted that the tide seemed to be turning against the Serpent and the Worthy.

(Fear Itself#7) - When the Serpent was ultimately slain by Thor, the Worthy's hammers flew from their grasp and the Worthy's consciousnesses departed their human hosts alongside the hammers.

(Avengers Academy I#20 - BTS) - Television reports confirmed that those possessed by the Worthy were stripped of their power and that the battle was over. These reports were seen by Veil as she continued to watch the televised battle against the Serpent and his Worthy.

(Journey into Mystery I#630 - BTS) - Returning home from the battle against the Serpent, the Asgardian Volstagg told his many children his version (unaware he was actually glimpsing Reality-11126) of the story of the Serpent's reawakening, the empowerment of the Worthy and their ultimate defeat.

(Fear Itself: The Home Front#7 - BTS) - After being apprehended in the wake of the Serpent's defeat, the criminals who had been possessed by the Worthy pleaded insanity, claiming that they were not responsible for their actions. Learning of the formerly possessed criminals being taken into custody, Miriam Sharpe determined that, regardless of whether or not the criminals were responsible for their actions as part of the Worthy, the criminals would likely kill more people if they remained free.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#1 (fb) - BTS) - Most of the Worthy's hammers were placed under the responsibility of Captain America and those found were secured and moved to fortified locations for safekeeping.

(Fear Itself#7.3 - BTS) - When Tony Stark visited the liquid prison of the criminal Grey Gargoyle, one of the guards asked Stark if it was true that the Grey Gargoyle was not going to be tried for his crimes and that he did not know what he had done, to which Stark replied that the Thing only vaguely recalled his time as part of the Worthy, as if recalling a dream. Stark then commented that if the Thing could only recall that, who was to say what those possessed by the Worthy truly remembered of their actions.

(Avengers IV#14 - BTS) - At some point following the battle against the Serpent, his Worthy, and the destruction of Avengers Tower, various members of the heroic Avengers were interviewed and several mentioned the recent events involving the Serpent and the Worthy. Specifically, Iron Man spoke during the interview about the Serpent's calling forth of the spirits of his Worthy followers to inhabit modern day Earthly bodies. Other Avengers discussed the Worthy's various attacks including Skadi/Sin's attack on Washington, D.C. and the Thing becoming possessed by the spirit of Angrir.

(Avengers IV#15 - BTS) - During the course of the Avengers interviews, Spider-Woman asked her interviewers if they knew about the Worthy and their hammers. Luke Cage's subsequent interview had him explaining to his interviewers that the Asgardian god of fear had given eight magic hammers to the eight Worthy. Spider-Man's interview had him identifying one of the transformed Worthy as the Hulk.

(Fear Itself#7/2 - BTS) - After being freed from captivity by her agents, Sin, painfully missing the loss of her divinity as part of the Worthy, was seen by several doctors including Malpractice of the D.O.A., who reminded Sin of the importance of the knowledge she had acquired while part of the Worthy. Realizing she recalled every part of her time with the Worthy, Sin proclaimed that there was work to do.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Asgardian Valkyrie was tasked by Asgardian All-Father Odin with retrieving the Worthy's hammers regardless of condition.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#1 - BTS) - After Captain America refused to turn over the Worthy hammers that had been located, Valkyrie watched over the Worthy Skadi's hammer, secured in the Secret Avengers' Quincarrier, unaware that the assassin Crossbones had bartered with a rich collector on a flash drive containing data on the locations of the other hammers utilized by the Worthy, which he then turned over to Sin. When War Machine was sent to keep an eye on Valkyrie and he agreed with Captain America about keeping the hammers secure himself, Valkyrie attacked War Machine and absconded with Skadi's hammer.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#4 (fb) - BTS) - Keeping the Worthy Nerkkod's hammer in constant movement inside the belly of giant shark, Namor the Sub-Mariner was warned to expect Valkyrie to come after the hammer.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#2 - BTS) - Tracking the Worthy Nul's broken hammer to Transylvania, Valkyrie remained unaware that Crossbones and Sin were acquiring another missing Worthy hammer in Paris.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#3 - BTS) - Upon tracking Valkyrie to Transylvania, the Secret Avengers (and Valkyrie) were attacked by vampires and Valkyrie suggested she hold them off while the Secret Avengers retreated but Sharon Carter refused to leave without the Worthy's hammers that Valkyrie had acquired. While Valkyrie and the Secret Avengers fought the vampires, Crossbones and Sin attempted to repower one of the Worthy's hammers that they had acquired and the attempt killed all of Sin's employed mystics, prompting a smiling Sin to imagine what could be accomplished with all of the hammers. Eventually, Valkyrie and the Secret Avengers managed to defeat the vampires at the cost of Sharon Carter being bitten but Valkyrie saved Carter's life with one of Asgard's golden apples and departed with the Worthy's hammers, unaware a tracking device had been placed on one of the hammers by the D.O.A. organization.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#4 - BTS) - Valkyrie brought the broken hammer of the Worthy Nul to the dwarf Tolor, who was shocked to see the hammer in pieces. When Valkyrie informed Tolor that the hammer was broken by the Hulk, Tolor warned of the folly of breaking the hammer, as it contained the essence of the Worthy Nul and could have released Nul's essence into the world at large. Valkyrie then replied that perhaps the Worthy's hammers were not as valuable to some as to others before commenting that there were still six hammers left to locate. Tolor seemed to think acquiring the remaining hammers was no small feat and warned that the Worthy's hammers had the potential to tear the entirety of the Nine Worlds asunder. Tolor then reminded Valkyrie that Odin had seen the Worthy's hammers as the promise of doom and destruction and how Odin had trusted only Valkyrie in the task of retrieving the hammers. Suspecting that Odin had foreseen her involvement in retrieving the hammers long before he had made her a valkyrie, the Valkyrie commented on Odin keeping secrets and Tolor reminded her of the task at hand: to retrieve and secret the Worthy's hammers back into Asgardian custody.

    As Tolor sought to train Valkyrie in the art of stealth for her future attempts to acquiring more of the hammers, Sin and Crossbones had located the hammer of the Worthy Nerkkod in the belly of a giant shark that was kept constantly on the move in order to keep the hammer safe. Destroying the shark, Sin and Crossbones prepared to find the hammer amidst the blood and viscera, with Sin expressing her opinion that Nerkkod was the most ambitious of all of the Worthy, having amassed an army to conquer both land and sea during his time possessing Attuma. Crossbones replied that Nerkkod had rather missed a shot at the big leagues in his defeat and he then dug around in the shark's viscera to obtain the Worthy hammer, only for the two to draw the attention of Namor the Sub-Mariner. Admitting that he had been told to expect people to go after the Worthy's hammers, Namor commented that he was happy it was Sin instead of Valkyrie. As Sin and Crossbones unleashed the undersea Devourers to cover their escape with Nerkkod's hammer, Valkyrie sought another hammer of the Worthy in the Baxter Building, headquarters of the Future Foundation, only to be met by the Thing.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#5 - BTS) - Revealing that he now recalled everything the Worthy Angrir whispered in his head during his time possessed by Angrir, the Thing explained how he had no control of his actions while possessed by the Worthy and that he had allowed Valkyrie into the Baxter Building, not wishing to fight another friend. When the Thing proved unable to break Reed Richards' code to access Angrir's hammer, Valeria Richards hacked into the system and Valkyrie was allowed to depart with the Worthy's hammer, suggesting the Thing not be crushed by his guilt over his actions while possessed by Angrir as she departed. In the meantime, Crossbones and the D.O.A. broke into the Raft prison to steal the Worthy hammer formerly utilized by now-Raft prisoner Titania. The Thunderbolts and Luke Cage were quickly deployed, with Cage using the depowered Worthy hammer against Crossbones, but Crossbones gained the upper hand and teleported away with the Worthy's hammer despite being shot in the arm by the Raft's warden John Walker and missiles fired by Mach-V. When the injured Crossbones and D.O.A. returned to Sin, she kissed Crossbones, proclaiming that the lessons taught her by the Worthy's Skadi were holding true and that the final Sleeper would be awakened once they had all of the Worthy's hammers.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#6 - BTS) - As Crossbones, Sin and the D.O.A. scoped out Project: PEGASUS in preparation of acquiring the Worthy hammer being held there, the Avengers arrived on the scene with their ally Daimon Hellstrom to check on the hammer's security. PEGASUS' Director Gruenwald assured the Avengers that the Worthy's hammer was secure while Valkyrie met with Asgardian queen Freyja to discuss her mission, commenting on her suspicions that Odin might've specifically chosen her to become a valkyrie with the Worthy's hammers in mind. Freyja agreed to uphold Odin's promise to reunite Valkyrie with her lover Sigmund in Valhalla if she succeeded in gathering up the Worthy's hammers so they could be sealed away. Back at Project: PEGASUS, Sin unleashed the mystic energies PEGASUS had been experimenting with, causing a horde of demons to appear, and during the ensuing chaos, Crossbones located the Worthy hammer deeper inside the facility, only to be met by the mutant Wolverine.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#7 - BTS) - Crossbones and Wolverine savagely fought each other over the Worthy's hammer while the Avengers dealt with the demons at Project: PEGASUS. Doctor Strange eventually sent his astral form out to discern the source of the demons and when he located the D.O.A. and the device causing the demon swarm to appear, he noticed Valkyrie flying towards and sought her aid to destroy the machine. Valkyrie at first thought Strange was there to stop her from acquiring the Worthy hammer there but Strange insisted he didn't care about the hammers or her quest for them. As Valkyrie and Strange confronted the D.O.A., Wolverine found himself roasted by Daimon Hellstrom, who betrayed the Avengers and retrieved the Worthy's hammer himself. Just as Valkyrie and Dr. Strange destroyed the D.O.A.'s device and Valkyrie left to retrieve the hammer, Hellstrom sided with Sin, providing her with the captured hammer and attacking the Avengers to cover Sin's escape. As the villains teleported away with the hammer, Valkyrie arrived on the scene to hear Sin's gloating that she had arrived too late.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#8 - BTS) - Returning to her residence empty-handed, Valkyrie was asked by Tolor where the Worthy's hammer was and Valkyrie quickly suggested that Tolor not be in such a hurry, as once the Worthy's hammers were retrieved, the comfort of her extradimensional home would cease to exist. Valkyrie then asked Tolor to fix her chipped sword and Tolor replied on how tired Valkyrie appeared and suggested rest, prompting Valkyrie to remind him that their enemies had already acquired four of the Worthy's hammers while they only had three. As Sin discussed remembering everything from her time with the Worthy to Daimon Hellstrom, Valkyrie ventured to the island of Utopia, where she was given the Worthy's hammer there by Danielle Moonstar, a former valkyrie herself. When Emma Frost arrived and attempted to stop Valkyrie from taking the hammer, peering into Valkyrie's mind to discover where Valkyrie had hidden the Worthy hammers she'd already acquired, Valkyrie fought back using the hammer and flew off into the sky on her winged horse, only to be met by Storm.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#9 - BTS) - Valkyrie attempted to use the Worthy's hammer against Storm but Storm struck the hammer with lightning, causing it to fall towards the waters below. Valkyrie quickly retrieved the hammer and Storm responded by generating several whirlwinds, prompting Valkyrie to respond in turn by flying towards the city in an effort to force Storm to inhibit her abilities to keep from harming innocents. When Storm remarked on Valkyrie's villainous maneuver, Valkyrie leaped at Storm with the Worthy's hammer, knocking Storm unconscious. As Valkyrie pulled the unconscious Storm from the water, Daimon Hellstrom learned from Sin's ancient Thule documents that the Asgardian Valkyrior could imprison and banish the Worthy's hammers within their own souls. Realizing that Valkyrie might do the same with the Worthy Skadi's hammer, Sin immediately demanded Crossbones find Skadi's hammer. When Valkyrie later returned to her extradimensional home, she found Captain America and Doctor Strange waiting for her and she angrily proclaimed that she would not given up the Worthy's hammers. Strange admitted his suspicions that Valkyrie was collecting the Worthy's hammers so that she could die banishing them from existence. Valkyrie confirmed that once she had retrieved all of the Worthy's hammers, she would make her final journey to Valhalla, banishing the hammers as her soul vanished.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#10 - BTS) - After blowing up Valkyrie's extradimensional home, injuring Dr. Strange and Captain America, the D.O.A. attacked Valkyrie while Crossbones located the hidden hammers of the Worthy that Valkyrie had acquired. Once the Worthy's hammers were secure, Crossbones, Daimon Hellstrom and the D.O.A. teleported away with the hammers, leaving Valkyrie to interrogate the injured D.O.A. member Innards. Returning to Sin, Crossbones turned the Worthy's hammers over Sin, who announced her plans to use the hammers to power a Destroyer robot to burn the world to ash. When Valkyrie and the Avengers arrived to retrieve the Worthy hammers, Sin used the distraction to project her consciousness into the Destroyer robot, which was equipped with all of the hammers at once.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#11 - BTS) - While the Avengers battled the Worthy hammer-powered Destroyer housing Sin's consciousness, Crossbones betrayed her and gave information on how to stop the Destroyer to Dr. Strange, admitting his wish that things were back to normal with Sin and the Worthy hammers were destroyed.

(Fear Itself: The Fearless#12 - BTS) - The Avengers continued battling the Worthy hammer-powered Destroyer and Valkyrie was mortally wounded in the conflict. With the information given to him by Crossbones, Dr. Strange realized that the banishment or destruction of the Worthy's hammers were key to stopping Sin in the Destroyer robot. Strange then summoned Valkyrie back from the brink of death to confront the Destroyer and Valkyrie removed the Worthy's hammers from the Destroyer's grasp and used them against the Destroyer. Valkyrie eventually managed to destroy the Destroyer, sending Sin's consciousness back into her own body, and the Asgardian Valkyrior arrived on the scene to retrieve the Worthy's hammers. As he watched the Valkyrior fly away with the Worthy's hammers, Captain America asked Valkyrie where the hammers would be taken and he was told that they would taken to hidden realms, never to return and each protected by a shieldmaiden.

Comments: Created by Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen and Wade von Grawbadger.

    This profile is intended to cover only the issues featuring the Worthy as a group and not the individual Worthy members, who might someday receive their own profiles. As such, the appearances of the individual Worthy members are not included in this profile, even if they were members of the Worthy at the time of their appearances. In cases where multiple Worthy members appear in an issue but were acting independently of the group, I included those appearances in this profile as BTS appearances of the group as a whole.

    The Worthy were not mentioned by name or seen as a group in Invincible Iron Man I#504 but the Serpent's hammers are seen and the Grey Gargoyle is empowered, becoming a member of the Worthy, in that issue so I've listed the appearance in this profile as a behind-the-scenes appearance of the Worthy. Similarly, Fear Itself: Deadpool#1 also does not mention or show the Worthy by name but the news reports specifically mention the group of supervillains empowered by hammers that fell from the sky. This is a direct reference to the events seen in Fear Itself#2 in which the villains became members of the Worthy. Therefore, I've also included it in the History section of this profile.

    Sin/Skadi mentions "we" while explaining her mission to Ghost Rider (Alejandra) in Ghost Rider VII#1 but there is no way of knowing if "we" referred to just Sin & the Serpent or the Worthy as a group. Since the Worthy was not mentioned by name or any other details in that issue, I've chosen not to include that as an appearance of the Worthy in this profile.

    The main image of the Worthy in this profile was a little confusing to determine what exactly the image was. It is seen while Jonathan Standish is watching television but the image could not be video footage of the assembled Worthy because at that point, the Worthy were mostly acting independently without assembling together despite being a group. Plus, the image shows various cities behind them to represent the cities they were independently attacking. Therefore, the image must be something seen in the mind's eye of Standish as he imagines the Worthy to be the Devil incarnate but it's also one of the best pictures of the assembled Worthy so I still used it as the main image for this profile.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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