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Project: PEGASUS

Membership: Alocca (security), Faith Barrows, Bob (project technician), Helen Carver, Dr. Slevin Clark, Dr. Mortimer Dauoi, Dr. Eduardo DeVere, Finch, Frank (project technician), Dr. Anson Harkov, Howie (transport), Dr. Pons Indenbaum, Jenkins (security), Mr. Jensen (transport), Dr. Andrew Kappelhoff, Sidney Keith, Davis Kent, Jessica Knowles, Talia Kruma, LeAnn Margolis, Dr. Margaret Mayfair, Seamus McAnn, Todd Meeker, Jerome N'Tuba, Dr. Jeannine O'Connell, Dr. Jason Rivera, Schirra (a Guardsman), Scully (security), and over one thousand more researchers, administrators, technicians, Guardsmen and other security, and service employees;
   (former): Blue Shield (security director), Darkhawk (security director), Firebolt (security director), Dr. William Foster (Giant-Man), George (security), Gruenwald (project director), Guardsman (Michael O'Brien, security director), Harry (security), Dr. Thomas Lightner, Dr. Evelyn Necker (robotics head), Quasar (Wendell Vaughn, security director), Ralph (security), Rick (security), Robert "Robbie" Rider (robotics technician), Dr. Henri Sorel (Sorel was seen to work at the Vault, but may or may not again be at PEGASUS), Squadron Supreme of Earth-712 (Arcanna, Dr. Spectrum, Haywire, Hyperion, Power Princess, Shape, Skylark, Whizzer), Thing, Tom (security), Victorius (in disguise), Dr. Myron Wilburn;
   (objects of study, most former): Angler, Aquarian (Wundarr), Atom Smasher (Ronald English)'s corpse, Kayla Ballantine and the Starbrand, Biohazard (Fletcher Traynor), Blacklash, Blackout, Blue Shield, Bres, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants robots (Magneto, Mastermind, Quicksilver), Captain Hero (Super-Skrull, Kl'rt), Cosmic Cube, Dazzler, Electro, Equinox, Willie Evans, Fusion, Giant-Man (Foster), Incandescent Man, Ion, Jack of Hearts, Kismet, Klaw, an Earth-616 equivalent of Minion, Moonstone (Sofen), Nitro, Nova (Rider), Nova Corps members, Nth Projectors, Nuklo, Psigns of the Times, Quasar (Vaughn), Rhino, Serpent Crown, Solarr, Squadron Supreme of Earth-712 (Arcanna, Dr. Spectrum, Haywire, Hyperion, Power Princess, Shape, Skylark, Whizzer), Tony Stark's Alpha-Particle Generator, Toad, U-Foes (Vector, X-Ray; likely others), Vibro, Vision, and many other people and items as of yet unrevealed.

Purpose: Project: PEGASUS (Potential Energy Groups / Alternate Sources / United States) is a Department of Energy research facility originally designed to explore all possible sources of energy. Among other things, it became one of the world's premiere sites for studying superhuman manipulation of various energy types, and briefly acted as a containment facility for super-powered criminals.

Affiliations: Project: PEGASUS is a subsidiary of the U.S. government, specifically the Department of Energy. It has engaged in scientific and technical exchanges with many organizations including SHIELD, STARCORE, and Stark International. PEGASUS and the Vault cooperated and overlapped in a number of areas, including developing and deploying the Guardsmen.

Enemies: A.I.M. (including Bernard Worrell), Imus Champion, Geometer, Glitch, Grunt, Incandescent Man's sister, Roxxon Energy Corporation (including Deathlok robot, Firebolt, the original Grapplers (Letha, Poundcakes, Screaming Mimi, Titania), Dr. Thomas Lightner, Nth Command, Thundra), Omnivore, Set, Skrulls, Squadron Supreme (zombie mutates: Amphibian, Blue Eagle, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Nighthawk, Nuke, Power Princess, Shape, Tom Thumb, Whizzer), Victorius, Whirlwind. Many of the "former objects of study" above were involuntarily studied, and might be considered enemies as well.

Base of Operations: Project: PEGASUS' entrance is located atop the Adirondacks' Mt. Athena in upstate New York, and appears to be a fairly high-tech observatory: the visible buildings include two three-story buildings, a cluster of geodesic domes, an observatory, a radio telescope installation, a hangar, a landing strip, and an air control tower. The facility itself is embedded within the mountain, running 24 stories deep. While a steep bluff descends from one side of the facility, below which lies a lake, the other sides are less severe and it is possible to drive to PEGASUS' surface buildings via a moderately steep and winding road, though still sufficiently wide enough to allow a semi to travel it. Project: PEGASUS itself is top secret - the general public is aware of neither PEGASUS' true nature, nor its underground components, though the existence of a facility named Project: PEGASUS is well documented. The town of Pottersville, New York, was located several miles away, but has since been destroyed by Willie Evans (it is unclear if the town has been rebuilt). The current Project:PEGASUS site was occupied by an orphanage from at least the 1930s until the mid-1940s. This was replaced by a government nuclear facilty and research lab from the mid-1940s forward, which eventually became Project:PEGASUS.

Organization: PEGASUS is headed by one main Administrative Director; this was Dr. Myron Wilburn for most of PEGASUS' life, though he was replaced by Director Gruenwald, who was in turn removed by HAMMER. Three other Directors (or Heads) reported directly to the Administrative Director: a Head for Research (Dr. Anson Harkov), a Head for Development, Patents, and Marketing (Dr. Margaret Mayfair), and a Head for Security (originally Quasar, then Guardsman, Blue Shield, Firebolt, Blue Shield again, and Darkhawk). All three of these Heads may have a number of subsidiary directors who in turn report to them (for example, Evelyn Necker was a Robotics Head, and likely reported to the Research Head). As in any organization, in the absence of one of the above someone else will be assigned to assume their responsibilities.
Physical structure of PEGASUS can easily be read from the main image to the upper right. Several elements are notably missing on that main map but most are included on the yellow map to the lower right. These include: the "H Level" Fast breeder reactor which is PEGASUS' primary power source, though it has many others; three living modules, named Sunday Times, Lower Slobbovia, and Miami Beach; an emergency bolt hole evacuation/egress system, and a separate series of rocket sled escape tubes; a magma tap and several abandoned bore holes descending from a module located beneath the thermal research facility (one of these abandoned bore holes connects to a Lava Men village); "the Pit," a nuclear waste disposal station; a "Stand-Off Emergency Monitor Station," located beneath and away from the facility. For still a third map of these facilities, see the Deluxe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, issue 10, page 28.
Super-humans were confined for study for a time in the Compound (a D-level dome), but most of the super-human confinees have been transferred to the Vault. Extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional aliens are still occasionally confined in the Compound.

above ground facilities

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#42 (August, 1978)


(Incredible Hercules I#137 (fb)) - Under the name Miranda Minerva, the Greek goddess Athena ran an orphanage at the top of Mount Athena from before the Great Depression up through World War II. She tested students there, seeking one with a 'hypermind'. Pythagoras Dupree was an orphan there, but fled during World War II.

(Giant-Size Avengers I#1 (fb) / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9) - After World War II, a nuclear facility was placed on Mt. Athena (presumably Athena's orphanage was abandoned or sold first). The Whizzer and Miss America worked as super-powered guards there. A 1949 nuclear accident was prevented only by their plunging into a nuclear inferno and gaining control of it; when Miss America subsequently gave birth to their son (Robert Frank Jr., Nuklo) there at the Mt. Athena facility, the child began emitting deadly radiation, and was soon placed in a "chrono-module," subsequently buried under another government facility near New York City. The Whizzer and Miss America quit soon after.

(Marvel Team-Up I#18 (fb) / Official Marvel Index to Marvel Team-Up#1) - The apparently dead Blastaar was brought to an upstate research lab for study; this was an early predecessor to the PEGASUS facility. The body was later stolen by Professor Paxton Pentecost.

(Marvel Two-in-One#42 (fb)) - Project: PEGASUS was a special program organized by the Department of Energy, as a site for the study of all forms of energy in hopes of finding viable substitutes. It was built to be utterly impregnable, and was top secret.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#112-113 (fb) - BTS / Iron Manual Mark 3) - Following his partnership with Captain America, the Falcon headed up a secret SHIELD group that oversaw security during the construction of the Project: PEGASUS facility.

(Marvel Two-in-One#53 (fb) - BTS)- The Project: PEGASUS facility was designed by Skip Markham, Dr. Myron Wilburn, and Basera Staar.

second map

(Marvel Two-in-One#53) - PEGASUS was designed as a sterile environment; once it was completed visitors underwent decontamination upon entering the facility.

(Marvel Two-in-One#58 - BTS) - The Roxxon Energy Corporation, through their subsidiary the Nth Command, began acting on a plan to activate and employ an Nth Projector within Project: PEGASUS for the purpose of banishing the facility to another dimension and removing its threat to the corporation's energy profits. They hired Dr. Thomas Lightner to infiltrate PEGASUS, establish a good name there, and then help them smuggle the Nth Projector in, though Lightner had his own plans, unbeknownst to Roxxon.

(Marvel Two-in-One#42 (fb) - BTS) - Project: PEGASUS hired Dr. Thomas Lightner as a consultant on cosmic energy.

(Marvel Two-in-One#42 (fb) - BTS) - Given unusual security problems, PEGASUS asked SHIELD for help and Nick Fury asked Captain America to spend some time at Project: PEGASUS, investigating.

(Marvel Two-in-One#42 (fb) - BTS) - Wundarr was brought to Project: PEGASUS for testing. They used him in tests hoping to unlock the secrets of the Cosmic Cube, as well as to cure his stunted mental growth.

(Marvel Two-in-One#53 (fb) - BTS) - Solarr and Nuklo were brought to PEGASUS for testing.

(Marvel Two-in-One#57 (fb) - BTS) - Following a fight which broke many of his bones, Electro was brought to PEGASUS for testing; Klaw was also brought there.

(Marvel Two-in-One#42) - Hearing Wundarr was led at Project: PEGASUS, the Thing broke into the "utterly impregnable" facility. Captain America stopped Grimm, and the pair observed Wundarr's test with the Cosmic Cube, and its Victorius-cause failure. Victorius stole the Cube and teleported away, and the Thing and Captain America followed in a PEGASUS jet equipped with the latest Stark International energy tracers.

(Marvel Two-in-One#43) - The Thing and Captain America retrieved the Cosmic Cube (which they believed to now be powerless), and returned it to Project: PEGASUS.

(Marvel Two-in-One#53 (fb)) - Following his exposure to the Cube, all forms of energy around Wundarr began shutting down, forcing the facility to confine him in a very large and mostly empty room.

(Marvel Two-in-One#53 (fb) - BTS) - Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) joined Project; PEGASUS as head of security.

(Marvel Two-in-One#53) - The Thing joined Project: PEGASUS as security. Thomas Lightner covertly created a security breach which allowed Roxxon's Deathlok robot to enter the facility.

(Marvel Two-in-One#54) - The Thing and Quasar defeated Deathlok, destroying the robot in the process. Bill Foster joined PEGASUS as a staff scientist, bringing the corpse of Atom-Smasher for study. Lightner released Nuklo to create confusion in order to gain time needed to finish building a Nth Projector that Deathlok had been unable to finish.

(Marvel Two-in-One#55) - The Thing and Giant-Man (Bill Foster) stopped Nuklo, though his appointed guardian, Henri Sorel, chewed the pair out for their violent actions. Quasar prevented a near-meltdown caused by Nuklo and Lightner's actions. Giant-Man was subsequently given security status at PEGASUS.

(Marvel Two-in-One#56) - Thundra and the Grapplers (Letha, Titania (DaVita), Poundcakes, and Screaming Mimi) broke into PEGASUS, but were stopped by Quasar, Giant-Man, and the Thing; meanwhile, Lightner completed his Nth Projector.

(Marvel Two-in-One#57) - A security meeting involving Dr. Wilburn, Margaret Mayfair, Anson Harkov, and the Thing, Quasar, and Giant-Man provided no answers to the string of difficulties. However, follow-up by the three heroes uncovered Lightner's presence at most of the problems, but Lightner activated his Nth Projector on himself at about that time. Meanwhile, Wundarr had awoken and traveled to the Cosmic Cube; his passage allowed Solarr and Klaw to escape their confinement.

(Marvel Two-in-One#58) - Wundarr transformed into the Aquarian via the Cube, and Lightner became the Nth Man by using the Nth Projector on himself. Eventually the Thing, Thundra, Quasar, Giant-Man, and the Aquarian stopped Lightner, and the Thing and the Aquarian left PEGASUS shortly thereafter. Foster remained, having revealed that he was suffering from radiation poisoning and was seeking PEGASUS' help in treating it.

(Marvel Two-in-One#60) - Comic creators Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, and George Perez attended a party for Alicia Masters and discussed their recently published six-part Project: PEGASUS story.

(Marvel Two-in-One#67) - The Thing visited PEGASUS, placing the Serpent Crown there for safe-keeping and getting a promise from Quasar that PEGASUS would not do anything with it. Ben shared lunch with Quasar and Giant-Man.

(Marvel Two-in-One#73) - The Thing and Quasar, following leads, uncovered the Nth Command and their role in the Nth Man affair, and Roxxon's sponsoring of it.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#55) - Presented legal papers at PEGASUS by lawyer Emerson Bale and Nitro's daughter, Virginia Hunter, Dr. Wilburn was forced to release Nitro. He immediately forcefully exploded, knocking out Wilburn, Finch (who had brought Nitro up), and the others, and fled.

(Dazzler#7) - PEGASUS agent Mr. Meeker observed/stalked Dazzler.

(Dazzler#8) - PEGASUS agent Mr. Meeker and a compatriot effectively threatened Dazzler into accompanying them.

(Dazzler#9) - Meeker brought Dazzler to PEGASUS, where she was loosely blackmailed into being studied. Quasar befriended her, but PEGASUS' legal threats prevented her from leaving; Quasar interrupted one escape attempt. Klaw eventually tricked Dazzler into freeing him; she accidentally absorbed Klaw entirely, blasted a hole to the outside, and fled.

(Dazzler#10) - Quasar and PEGASUS security pursued Dazzler, but a spaceship pulled her into it and departed.

(Marvel Two-in-One#81) - At PEGASUS, Bill Foster collapsed as a result of radiation poisoning.

(Marvel Team-Up I#113) - Nitro was transported to PEGASUS from New York, in a car driven by Mr. Jensen and accompanied, for part of the trip, by Quasar.

(Contest of Champions I#1) - Jack of Hearts was at PEGASUS being studied when he and Quasar were teleported away.

(Marvel Team-Up Annual#5) - The Serpent Crown began manipulating the minds of those around it, starting with one technician. Eventually controlling elements of PEGASUS' security forces, it managed to get itself placed upon Quasar's head and took control of him; soon after it controlled everyone else inside PEGASUS. Using four cosmically-powered dimensional cannons, PEGASUS' staff began summoning and donning crowns from other dimensions in an attempt to summon the elder god Set. However, the Thing, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange intervened; Spider-Man used the Cosmic Cube to damage the Crowns, and Dr. Strange and the others then used the Cube to destroy the Crowns, freeing PEGASUS and its staffers.

(Quasar#2 (fb) / Avengers Annual#18/2 (fb)) - Disappointed with his performance against the Serpent Crown's threat, Quasar gave his resignation to Dr. Wilburn and left PEGASUS.

(Captain America Annual#7) - When the Cosmic Cube re-awakened, AIM forces organized by Bernard Worrell led an all-out assault on PEGASUS. Dr. Wilburn called for help and Captain America responded, but the Aquarian had taken the Cube first; AIM soon acquired it while the two fought over it. Once AIM possessed the Cube they abandoned the assault on PEGASUS.

(Avengers I#236 - BTS) - Quasar was replaced as security director by the Guardsman (Michael O'Brien).

(Avengers I#236) - Thermal researchers at PEGASUS used a borer to sink a new magma tap, and the facility was immediately invaded from below by Lave Men (the bore had burst into one of their villages). O'Brien sent out a request for aid, bringing the Avengers (and Spider-Man) there, and they convinced the Lava Men to stand down and that PEGASUS would cease drilling their permanently. Meanwhile, in the Compound, three technicians (Frank, Bob, and someone else) had worked feverishly on Dr. Abner Croit's stabilizer, which had been damaged by earth tremors, only to have Blackout erupt from the device. Blackout tried to escape PEGASUS, and collected Moonstone (Sofen), Electro, and Rhino to help.

(Avengers I#237) - While the Lava Men departed, the four escapees headed for the nuclear research dome, shutting down power all over PEGASUS. Moonstone started a nuclear meltdown, allowing her and Blackout to flee (Electro and Rhino were recaptured), but Spider-Man and the Avengers stabilized the reactor.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#111) - Contacted by a Dr. West, SHIELD agents transported Bobby Wright, a.k.a. Captain Hero, to Project: PEGASUS to study the alien spore that they believed empowered him.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#113) - The Formorian Bres, imprisoned at PEGASUS, began controlling those around them; he murdered at least six, including guards Rick, Harry, and Tom, and fellow prisoner Solarr. He was eventually defeated by the Guardsman, Captain Hero, and the Falcon and Iron Fist, who had come to visit Bobby. Iron Fist and Falcon were both given PEGASUS security clearances during the visit.

(Marvel Team-Up I#149 (fb)) - According to a blond woman, her twin brother was part of a Project: PEGASUS experiment to channel electricity through the human body. The experiment was moderately successful, but eventually drove the subject insane. The subject, dubbed the Incandescent Man, escaped PEGASUS by shutting down their power grid, but when he fell into a river he was drained of his charge. She vowed to recover her brother and use his power to destroy PEGASUS.

(Thing I#24) - After doctors offered Rhino an experimental treatment which they theorized could restore his humanity, Rhino agreed and was placed in a well-protected containment transport, and removed from Project: PEGASUS. The Miracle Man attacked the transport en route, but the Thing interfered and convinced Rhino to surrender. The Thing then returned the Rhino to PEGASUS, turning him over to the Guardsman, who noted that many of the villains kept there were beginning to be transferred to other facilities so as to allow more research.

(Power Pack I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Douglas Carmody "collected a marker" from an acquaintance at Project: PEGASUS, and purchased a surplus battle suit for a very good price. He'd later employ the suit against Power Pack as the Bogey-Man.

(Vision and the Scarlet Witch II#1) - Following the Vision's attempted world takeover, he underwent a rigorous physical and psychological examination at Project: PEGASUS. The Scarlet Witch eventually tired of her husband's treatment and, using her powers to override PEGASUS' security and the Guardsman, rejoined him. The pair quit the Avengers on the spot and left with the blessing of Avengers' liaison Raymond Sikorski.

(Avengers I#261) - When the Black Knight and Hercules visited PEGASUS seeking help tracking the Beyonder, the Beyonder appeared there. Hercules attacked him, and the Beyonder blew a 50 foot wide tunnel from the cosmic research facility to the surface. He soon teleported away, and the Avengers left.

(Power Man and Iron Fist#121) - In PEGASUS, Captain Hero overheard the Guardsman and a doctor discussing the fact the he was going to die soon and nothing could be done about it. He fled from the facility, and did not return.

(Vision and the Scarlet Witch II#7) - Synthetic duplicates of Mastermind, Quicksilver, and Magneto (derived from the Stranger's alien technology) were brought to PEGASUS for study, as was the real Toad. Quicksilver and Magneto were dismantled; when the Vision spoke with the Mastermind robot pieces of it escaped and freed the Toad. Despite the efforts of Vision and Guardsman, the Toad escaped the facility.

exterior view

(Iron Man Annual#8) - After Willie Evans used his reality manipulating powers to violently disrupt a class, Project; PEGASUS personnel burst into his home and took him during the night. Later, Tony Stark (as Iron Man) delivered his Alpha-Particle Generator to PEGASUS for testing; where he was met by the Guardsman (PEGASUS' security director), Dr. Wilburn, and Dr. Sorel. Iron Man witnessed Evans' being tested on, but the Guardsman unhappily prevented Iron Man's interference. X-Factor soon invaded, seeking Evans for the boys' father, and about that time Evans woke up and began wreaking havoc in the facility. Evans escaped to the nearby town of Pottersville, which he destroyed in a serious of powerful explosions before dying himself.

(Marvel Super Heroes III#12) - A hacker broke into PEGASUS' systems, doing nothing more than pronouncing his hacking success and leaving his name - Glitch. Among others, Blacklash, Rhino, and Blackout were being held in PEGASUS at this time, guarded by Guardsmen.

(Fantastic Four I#313 (fb) - BTS) - Following the transfer of most of PEGASUS' superhumans to the Vault, the facility transitioned back to a purely research facility. Shortly thereafter, Myron Wilburn brought in thermal energy expert Dr. DeVere to aid in the transition.

(Fantastic Four I#313) - Seeking access to the Mole Man's tunnels, Ben Grimm's Fantastic Four came to Project: PEGASUS and used the drill hole that originally brought the Lava Men to PEGASUS to access those tunnels. They were given access by Dr. DeVere, and returned the same way later that day.

(Marvel: 1989 The Year-In-Review#1) - Dr. Talia Kruhm (Kruma) of PEGASUS publicly theorized that Quasar's energy bands, though she'd never examined them, were likely terrestrial in nature.

(Incredible Hulk#366) - A U.S. military convoy transporting the Abomination to Project: PEGASUS was interrupted and the transport vehicle destroyed by the Hulk.

(Quasar#8) - The Omnivore, a creature evolved from abandoned pieces of Iron Man's armor created on the Beyonder's Battleworld, attacked PEGASUS; security ordered the facility abandoned. While security director Blue Shield saw 15 of his men murdered and devoured and he himself trapped in an organic cocoon, Quasar came to the rescue, sending trapped worker Helen Carver to the surface. Quasar freed Blue Shield and ultimately killed it by opening PEGASUS' magma tap and driving the creature into Earth's core. Blue Shield told director Wilburn of his intention to resign, then turned his attention to restoring the facility's power.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/5 (fb)) - Following the Omnivore's assault on PEGASUS, Blue Shield resigned as security director. He chose to instead become a PEGASUS test subject, and Firebolt (secretly a Roxxon agent) replaced him in charge of security.

(Quasar#13) - Quasar brought the stranded Squadron Supreme to Project: PEGASUS, and director Wilburn agreed to house the Squadron there in the Compound quarters now emptied by the movement of PEGASUS' confined criminals to the Vault. Almost immediately, most of the Squadron were kidnapped by the Over-Mind.

(Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/5) - A series of tests went awry, culminating when a test observed by Jeannine O'Connell and Henri Sorel involving Blue Shield left the Shield near death. Jeannine investigated the accidents and realized that only Firebolt could be responsible; Firebolt attacked her but Blue Shield came to her aid; Shield caused Firebolt to implode, incinerating himself. Afterwards, Blue Shield once again accepted the security director position.

(Quasar#17) - After the Squadron had been kidnapped off-planet by the Over-Mind, Quasar returned them to Project: PEGASUS.

(Quasar#19) - Dr. Strange visited Project: PEGASUS and attempted to send the Squadron Supreme home, but failed. It was theorized that Arcanna's son Benjamin would eventually end up where the Nth Man was created, at which point the Squadron could return home.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#1 (fb)) - The Squadron Supreme befriended Dr. Mortimer Dauoi, who convinced them that researching their DNA codes might help advance medical science. Dr. Spectrum created hard-light constructs of his teammates' DNA helixes.

(Quasar#51 (fb) - BTS) - Due to overcrowding of the Vault, PEGASUS agreed to again accept prisoners, though only of an extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial nature. One of these prisoners was the Angler. Numerous Guardsmen were assigned to PEGASUS as security. The Squadron Supreme also accepted an official role with PEGASUS, investigating extra-dimensional activities and energies on Earth.

(Avengers West Coast#81) - Several Avengers (Hank Pym, Wasp, Spider-Woman(Carpenter), Gilgamesh, She-Hulk, USAgent, Mockingbird, Falcon) waited at PEGASUS guarding Warstar and many Shi'ar warriors (including Alake) and the Kree Doctor Minerva and Captain Atlas, all of whom were brought and held there in miniaturized containers. The Shi'ar Imperial Guard members Nightside, Scintilla, and Hobgoblin attacked, restoring the captors and fleeing with all but Minerva and the Shi'ar grunts.

(Avengers West Coast#82 - BTS) - Wasp agreed to let Minerva go in exchange for help tracking the Shi'ar; Gilgamesh, She-Hulk, and Falcon briefly remained at PEGASUS to guard the remaining captives after the others left.

(Quasar#51) - Quasar brought a cocoon containing Kismet to PEGASUS for safe keeping. While Quasar was visiting with the Squadron, the Angler awoke and went on a rampage. Quasar banished the Angler using an Nth Projector, but in doing so granted the Geometer access to PEGASUS and Earth.

(Quasar#52) - Quasar and the Squadron battled the Geometer, eventually convincing him to time travel away. The Whizzer and Dr. Spectrum captured Ion, and brought her to Project: PEGASUS for confinement.

(Quasar#53) - Led by Dr. Pons Indenbaum (a cosmic radiation and human research expert), PEGASUS scientists studied Kayla Ballantine and the Starbrand she bore, but were unable to determine anything or help her. Kayla's power surged causing a small explosion, and Quasar angrily confronted Dr. Wilburn about that and the Angler, after which he and Kayla left the facility.

(Quasar#54) - From the moon, Quasar contacted the Whizzer and Dr. Spectrum at PEGASUS, seeking their help in recovering his kidnapped girlfriend.

(Quasar#57) - Dr. Indenbaum was conducting a passive investigation of Kismet's cocoon, and the Squadron were playing poker elsewhere in PEGASUS, when the Enclave opened a spatial gate and stole the cocoon.

(Quasar#60) - Quasar visited PEGASUS to say goodbye to the Squadron, announcing his intention to leave Earth. When he learned of Kismet's kidnapping, he set out to find her first.

(Justice: Four Balance#3) - Justice arranged to have four superpowered kids known as the Psigns of the Times brought to Project: PEGASUS for study and treatment pending potential criminal charges against them.

(Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha#1) - Following the release of the Carrion Virus in Springdale, Pennsylvania, personnel from Project: PEGASUS arrived to take custody of the surviving infectee, Rafael Carago, over the objection of Genetech's Walter Rosen. Spidercide impersonated the pilot and stole PEGASUS' helicopter and the infectee.

(Siren#1-2) - At Project: PEGASUS, Whizzer detected four dimensional breaches in the New York City area, three of which surrounded Avengers Mansion, and summoned the Squadron to investigate with him.

(Siren#2/2) - By vidphone from PEGASUS, Whizzer consulted with Hank McCoy about the anomalies, which he had determined related to another universe (the "Ultraverse").

(The Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1) - At Pegasus, in a chamber dedicated to constant supervision of the 616 continuum, the Squadron continued to detect dimensional breaches. These were probes sent by an extradimensional ship, but an enormous probe created a large gate; the action blew out PEGASUS' holomap and detectors.

(Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1A / Ultraforce/Spider-Man#1B) - Project: PEGASUS registered unauthorized entries from the Ultraverse into the 616 dimension, and reported the breaches to SHIELD.

(Avengers III#5) - The US Government sent a team of PEGASUS investigators (Sidney Keith (mission chief), Faith Barrows, Davis Kent, Jessica Knowles, LeAnn Margolis, Seamus McAnn, Jerome N'Tuba) to look into the crash of a ship formerly belonging to Thanos, but their plane crashed; the Avengers (sent by the government) and Squadron Supreme (sent by PEGASUS) rescued the team and other victims.

(Avengers III#6) - Concerned about the Squadron Supreme, the Avengers visited PEGASUS. Administrator Kappelhoff and the Blue Shield had doubts about the Avengers' identities, but a PEGASUS security agent, Jenkins, was able to verify Ms. Marvel's identity. After a battle between the Avengers and the Squadron Supreme, the Squadron was revealed to have been controlled by the Corruptor.

(Avengers/Squadron Supreme Annual 1998) - At PEGASUS, the Squadron was attacked mentally again by a force trying to control them, and Arcanna called the Avengers for aid; the two teams departed to track the source. After locating that source (Imus Champion), the Squadron was finally able to return to their home universe, and so did not return to PEGASUS.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#1 (fb)) - Dauoi began experimenting with the Squadron's hard light DNA constructs, later grafting the DNA to medical cadavers.

(Iron Man Annual 1999) - Tony Stark contacted Dr. Jason Rivera at PEGASUS for a comprehensive list of ionically powered individuals.

(New Warriors II#5) - In trying to figure out what to do what the mutated Biohazard (Traynor), Namorita said she knew some people at PEGASUS who might be able to take care of him.

(Nova IV#17 - BTS (fb)) - Over time, PEGASUS acquired several new staff members - Director Gruenwald, Security Head Darkhawk, and Robotics Technician Robbie Rider.

(Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness#1 - BTS (fb)) - Whirlwind and "some friends" (likely some or all of Boomerang, Mr. Hyde, Tiger Shark) broke Biohazard out of Project: PEGASUS.

(Nova IV#17 - BTS (fb)) - Robotics Head Evelyn Necker's pet project was a squad of defense robots code-named Minion; technician Robbie Rider worked with her on this. Necker also oversaw the extraction and containment of some exotic radiation from the Negative Zone.

(Nova IV#17) - During the Skrull invasion of Earth, PEGASUS was attacked and the Guardsman armors were all shut down. Following the first wave, Nova entered PEGASUS and engaged Darkhawk, but after a brief battle Nova aided PEGASUS in its defense. During the second wave (during which guards George and Ralph were apparently killed), Nova and technician Robbie Rider aided Evelyn Necker in "uncorking" the quantum flask containing the energy drained from the Negative Zone six weeks earlier, energy which appeared to be a disembodied Quasar (Wendell Vaughn). They also downloaded the Xandarian Worldmind into the Minion system.

(Nova IV#18) - Nova, Quasar, and Darkhawk defended PEGASUS< but we're slowly losing ground when the Worldmind activated all of Necker's Minion robots; this tipped the balance and allowed the humans to win. However, a Skrull ship above launched a series of attacks intended to destroy PEGASUS, only to be stopped by new members of the Nova Corps.

(Nova IV#19-20) - Project PEGASUS served as headquarters for the Woldmind, Nova, and the Nova Corps while Director Gruenwald and others saw to repairs and restoration. While Nova and the Nova Corps were off battling various Earth-bound threats, the Worldmind empowered approximately fifty humans as Nova Corps members, including Robbie Rider, and summoned them to PEGASUS.

(Nova IV#21 - BTS) - Having empowered Ego the Living Planet as a Nova Corps member, the Worldmind moved the Corps out of Project PEGASUS and on to Ego.

(War of Kings: Darkhawk I#1) - A Skrull booby trap freed the U-Foes X-Ray and Vector; guards recaptured X-Ray and Darkhawk confronted Vector, only to lose control and seriously injure Vector. When Dr. Necker reached for him, he lashed out at her and fled.

(Nova IV#22 - BTS) - Darkhawk took a leave of absence from PEGASUS.

(Nova IV#22) - Now depowered, Richard Rider returned to PEGASUS and colsulted with Quasar, Necker, and Gruenwald. Rider was throughly tested for mental or physical damage from the Worldmind, and no mental damage was found, though serious physical deterioration was uncovered. After Nova Corps members Robbie Rider and Irani were lured into an isolation chamber, tests showed that the Worldmind was altering the behaviors of its new recruits; several other Corps members soon broke into the chamber, allowing Worldmind to take control of Robbie and Irani, after which the Corps departed.

(Nova IV#22) - HAMMER took control of the PEGASUS facility. Director Gruenwald was suspended, and Dr. Necker's contract terminated. Before leaving, Dr. Necker stole Quasar's quantum flask.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#1 (fb)) -  Dr. Dauoi used Zeta rays (negatively charged energy) harvested from the Project's orbital particle collector, inadvertently mixed with the dispersed form of Jack of Hearts, to reanimate the corpses that had been grafted with DNA constructs from the Squadron Supreme. Dauoi kept Jack  of Hearts' energy in a separate part of the facility, not realizing what it was. Likely due to the refractive nature of Dr. Spectrum's Power Prism, the cadavers revived instead in a zombie-like and human-hungry state, quickly overrunning and consuming many of the research staff. The surviving scientists, holed up near the bottom of the underground silo, activated the failsafe shut-off, locking the place down and disabling communications. The zombie clone Nuke escaped via the radioactive waste chute.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#1) - Battlestar and the elite Guardsman Alpha Team (Doc, Jill Harper, Hoss, Mainframe, Soapbox, Two-Ton) arrived to investigate, soon bypassing security protocols. Inside they found the scientists, but also the zombie clones of the Squadron Supreme. They later found the captured particles of Jack of Hearts. Meanwhile, the zombie clone Hyperion escaped via the facility's magma pools that led far under the earth.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#2) - The zombie clone Shape used the airducts to find Battlestar and the elite squad, followed by the other hungry clones, but Harper was able to release the trapped energy, allowing Jack of Hearts to re-form.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#3) - The zombie clones continued to hunt and fight Battlestar and his human colleagues within the underground facility.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#4) - In the continuing melee, Dauoi, his body mutated and partly affected by the zombie virus, reappeared, leading zombified scientists in an effort to escape and infect the world.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#5) - The remaining Squadron Supreme clones also arrived at the still-open main gate, but Jack of Hearts destroyed all the zombies and purged the area of the zombie virus. However, Dauoi was able to escape and ate a man in the woods outside the facility.

Comments: Created by Ralph Macchio (writer), Sal Buscema (pencils), A Alcala & Sam Grainger (inks), Roger Stern (editor).

Project: PEGASUS had in-depth entries in both OHotMU I#8 and OHotMU Deluxe Edition#10. It is being profiled here anyway to a) update its appearances and status changes since the mid-1980s, and to allow me to give the individual PEGASUS staffers some face time. I also apologize to those with slower internet connections for the two full-size PEGASUS maps, but the second proved necessary for completeness' sake. Here's rooting for a PEGASUS profile in an upcoming Marvel Handbook! Note: it subsequently did receive one, in the Iron Manual Mark 3 (2010).

Project: PEGASUS contains a _lot_ of cool technology. Here's some tidbits: Six-inch titanium steel walls, and force-field projectors built into some walls as security devices (Marvel Two-in-One#43). Forty-ton external walls of glass-folded steel with poly-woven Adamantium fiber shell (Zombies Supreme#1). Stark International energy-tracking technology, capable of locating given energy sources worldwide to a very fine level (Marvel Two-in-One#43). Security systems including engram (brainwave) scans, holographic scanning, DNA, eye, and fingerprint matching (Marvel Two-in-One#53 & Power Man and Iron Fist#113). Dimensional cannons capable of breaching dimensional barriers (Marvel Team-Up Annual#5), and including accessing the Negative Zone (Nova IV#17). Dimensional breach detectors, and a planetary holomap for charting extraordinary energy-related occurrences (Siren#1 & Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis#1). A pneumatic zoom tube elevator system for quick access between silo levels (Marvel Two-in-One#55). The Loop (see either map), a high-speed rail car transit system (Marvel Two-in-One#57). Weaponry (primarily for study) including XK12 portable meson cannons, portotype plasma discharge weapons, "screamer" sonic bombs, synapse disruption charges, Narwhal-class sentient hyperspace missiles (all Nova IV#18).

Power Man and Iron Fist#112-113 has Iron Fist believing and Guardsman confirming that Falcon used to head up the top-secret SHIELD organization which became PEGASUS. Given that PEGASUS is a US Department of Energy facility, that gets a big "what the ???" reaction from me. I originally recorded it above as "the Falcon headed up some sort of secret SHIELD splinter group that had some involvement with the early days of Project: PEGASUS" and it was further clarified in the Iron Manual Mark 3 (2010).

PEGASUS has occasionally been noted as being in the Catskills, and occasionally in the Adirondacks. The latter is generally assumed to be correct.

In Marvel Two-in-One#60, Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, and George Perez attended a party for Alicia Masters and discussed their recently published "Project: PEGASUS story." Presumably this can't be the actual Nth Man storyline, as many elements of Project: PEGASUS are top secret.

The "completed in 1979" date on the main image above is clearly topical, as are any other dates associated with this. Though construction began earlier, it was in the final stages of completion during Marvel Two-in-One#42-43.

Dr. DeVere in Fantastic Four I#313 was clearly up to something sneaky and/or evil. However, the author apparently left before we got there, and who and what he is remains unresolved.

Bobby Wright, a.k.a. Captain Hero, was really the Super-Skrull, though even he did not realize it at the time.

The character clarifications noted throughout Avengers: Most Wanted Files (February, 2006) are noted as coming from Project: PEGASUS, and almost certainly would have to come from Jason Rivera's database.

Robert Frank (Nuklo), the son of the World War Two heroes the Whizzer and Ms. America, was born at Mt. Athena, New York (according to his Official Handbook entry). As no such town has otherwise been seen to exist, and as his parents worked at an experimental nuclear reactor before Nuklo's birth, the experimental reactor was clearly being retconned by Mark Guenwald into being a precursor to Project: PEGASUS (particularly since a precursor facility is known to have existed there).

The Abominaton was being transported to PEGASUS in Hulk#366 when the Hulk attacked the convoy; when the Abomination is next seen (Hulk #382-384) he is free and it is assumed there that he escaped from whatever government institution held him. It is unclear if he ever made it to PEGASUS or was placed somewhere else instead.

(B-Sides#1/2) - Katherine Hahn (Feeva) was asked to attend the Pegasus Institute. She was given a high-tech headset, as a test was asked to motivate her friends to investigate a New Jersey mystery. Passing the test, she left to join the Institute. Whether or not this Pegasus Institute has any relation to Project: PEGASUS is not stated. Given that a plane flight is necessary from Newark to access it, it seems unlikely that the Institute is located on/near Mount Athena, though that does not mean they're not affiliated. Until some relation between the two is established, this is remaining in the comments.

First names for Dr. Slevin Clark, Dr. Eduardo DeVere, Todd Meeker, Basera Staar, and Skip Markham were given in the Iron Manual Mark 3 (2010).

The Marvel Team-Up Annual#5 story is recapped in Fantastic Four Annual#22/5 (1989), but as no new information is added there that issue is not included here.

As of Ultimate Power#1 (2006), there is a Project Pegasus in the Ultimate universe (Earth-1610) as well. However, Pegasus appears to just be a name and not an acronym there (though this is still far from clear).

According to unverified online sources, Project: PEGASUS apparently appeared in the 2006-2007 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes cartoon series, in an episode titled "The Cure." Crates from Project: PEGASUS also appear in the 2010 Iron Man II movie.

A Project: PEGASUS plays a significant role on Earth-98702 in the novel series X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow: Book Two: The Present (August 1998, by Tom DeFalco and Adam-Troy Castro) and Book Three: The Future (September 1998, by Tom DeFalco and eluki bes shahar). In that dystopian world, the U.S. government passed legislation requiring all superhumans to register, and inevitably incarceration of criminals turned to incarceration of heroes too, with only the X-Men remaining unconfined as government agents. The captured superhumans were kept in stasis in Project: PEGASUS, and the book climaxes with the efforts of a dimension-traveling Bishop and Spider-Man (Parker) to free them, alongside that universe's rebels. They do eventually succeed, and Spider-Man and Bishop are returned to their own world just as the freed captives face off against the X-Men. However, in Book Three, Kang's machinations result in the destruction of that universe.

In the 1986 Marvel Superheroes Adventure Gamebook #1, The Amazing Spider-Man: City in Darkness, by Jeff Grubb, a Project: PEGASUS truck transporting Electro is attacked by thugs, and Electro freed (entry 146). The transport was headed by Captain Amber Nash of PEGASUS, and included guards Lawson and Blashfield. ---Unless referenced in a Marvel comic, licensed prose materials not generally considered in continuity. So, this is only noted here in the Comments.

In Spider-Girl #86, there is a Maximum Security Prison at Mount Athena in her world (Earth-982). It seems unlikely to be a coincidence, so this is probably part of, or used to be, Project: PEGASUS.

The Project: PEGASUS gets mentioned in the 1999 Adam-Troy Castro novel Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six when Chameleon disguised himself as agent Sean Morgan, taking custody of Dr. Octopus and pretending to transfer him to Project: PEGASUS to aid in a radiation-based emergency. As the mention of PEGASUS is in a lie, this novel is not included above.

Though the Sinister Six novel trilogy is in continuity as the handbook profiles for the Sinister Six, Rocket Racer and White Rabbit mentioned them.
--David A. Zuckerman.

Thanks to G Morrow for his help with Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha, and Sean McQuaid for pointing out the Contest of Champions mention. Zombies Supreme update by Grendel Prime.

Profile by SQUEAK. (Zombies update by Grendel Prime)

Project: PEGASUS has no known connections to

Dr. Eduardo DeVere

DeVere came to PEGASUS as thermal energy expert.

 DeVere joined PEGASUS not long after the Compound was closed and the super-criminals moved to the Vault. He showed Ben Grimm's Fantastic Four how to access to drill hole to the Lava Men's village.

--Fantastic Four I#313

Dr. Anson Harkov

Dr. Anson Harkov is PEGASUS' head of research. A number of directors in various forms of research report to Anson.

 Harkov attended the security discussions following the Grapplers' break-in. He was present when AIM assaulted PEGASUS to steal the Cosmic Cube.

 In the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691), an Isaac Harkov created their faster-than-light drive. Its possible that Isaac was a descendant of Anson, though that is mere speculation.

--Marvel Two-in-One#57 (Marvel Two-in-One#57, Captain America Annual#7

Dr. Pons Indenbaum

Dr. Indenbaum is a long-time PEGASUS veteran with a background in cosmic radiation. He has spent the last five years in human research.

 Indenbaum conducted a fruitless study of Kayla Ballantine and the Starbrand. Two days later, Indenbaum was conducting a passive study of Kismet's cocoon when the Enclave stole it.

--Quasar#53 (Quasar#53, 57

Dr. Andrew Kappelhoff

Dr. Kappelhoff was the Project Administrator when the Avengers visited to confront the Squadron Supreme there. He has since been replaced by Director Gruenwald.

--Avengers III#6

Dr. Margaret Mayfair

Dr. Margaret Mayfair is PEGASUS' head of development, patents, and marketing. She is also their liaison to private industry.

 Mayfair attended the security discussions following the Grapplers' break-in. She was present when AIM assaulted PEGASUS to steal the Cosmic Cube.

--Marvel Two-in-One#57 (Marvel Two-in-One#57, Captain America Annual#7

Dr. Jeannine O'Connell

Jeannine O'Connell is a psychotherapist at Project: PEGASUS. She has extensive training in child psychology.

 Jeannine was Wundarr's therapist, treating him before and after his exposure to the Cosmic Cube, and befriending the Thing when he came on board as security. She played poker with Grimm, Quasar, Bill Foster, and others. When Quasar was wounded battling Solarr and Klaw she helped care for him; she and Wilburn discussed the futility of evacuating PEGASUS while the heroes battled the Nth Man; and she was present when Aquarian (the transformed Wundarr) left PEGASUS. She later attended a Christmas party at the Baxter Building with Quasar, reuniting with the Aquarian there. At that party, Quasar introduced her as his fiancee, though apparently the engagement didn't last.

 Jeannine was present when Dr. Sorel conducted a test on Blue Shield which went awry. She soon deduced that only Firebolt could have been responsible, and after Blue Shield defeated Firebolt, Jeannine convinced Blue Shield to re-assume his prior duties as security director.

--Marvel Two-in-One#53 (Marvel Two-in-One#53, 55, 58, 74, Vison & Scarlet Witch II#7, Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/5

Dr. Jason Rivera

Dr. Rivera is cataloging all parahumans known to exist, in all known dimensions. This enables PEGASUS to cross-reference by powers, history, modus operandi, and other factors. It should be noted that Dr. Sorel had started a similar, if smaller, project before he left PEGASUS, which Rivera used as a partial basis for his own. Their work was later incorporated into the Avengers' holomap status board (apparently destroyed during 'Disassembled').

 Rivera provided the Avengers information on mind-controlling villains when the Corruptor was influencing the Squadron Supreme. Later, Iron Man contacted Rivera for information on ionically powered individuals when many of those were being murdered.

--Avengers III#6 (Avengers III#6, Iron Man Annual 1999

Dr. Myron Wilburn

Myron Wilburn was one of the architectural consultants for PEGASUS, and is the general administrative director.

 Wilburn greeted the Thing when he came to PEGASUS as security, and witnessed the Thing and Quasar's tussle when Grimm mistook Quasar for the Crusader. He participated in security disruptions following Deathlok's and the Grappler's invasions, considered evacuating PEGASUS during the Nth Man's fight, and was present when the Thing and Aquarian left PEGASUS. Wilburn was later knocked unconsciously by the exploding Nitro after being legally forced to free him.

Wilburn was one of those who fell under the Serpent Crown's control; he became high acolyte of the Crowns. After being freed by Dr. Strange, the Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and the Thing, Wilburn unhappily accepted Quasar's resignation. He was present when AIM assaulted PEGASUS to steal the Cosmic Cube, and also hired the Guardsman to replace Quasar.

 When the government wanted reality-altering Willie Evans confined and tested, Wilburn reluctantly agreed, and prevented Iron Man from interfering. However, Evans eventually woke up and escaped; Wilburn was seriously injured when parts of PEGASUS collapsed during that escape.

 Later, Wilburn oversaw PEGASUS' evacuation during the Omnivore's attach, and accepted Blue Shield's resignation as security director thereafter. Not long thereafter, Wilburn approved Quasar's request to house the Squadron Supreme at Project: PEGASUS. Several weeks later, Wilburn was confronted by Quasar, who blamed Wilburn for difficulties relating to the examinations of the Angler and Kayla Ballantine. Wilburn eventually resigned, to be replaced by Andrew Kappelhoff and then in turn by a Director Gruenwald.

--Marvel Two-in-One#53 (Marvel Two-in-One#53, 57-58, Marvel Team-Up Annual#5, Quasar#2, Avengers Annual#18/2, Captain America Annual#7, Iron Man Annual#8, Quasar#8, 13, 52

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