Real Name: Davida DeVito

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Wrestler;
  former criminal

Group Membership: Deadly Dozen (Basilisk, Bird-Man, Cyclone (André Gerard), Death Adder, Firebrand (Gary Gilbert), Hijacker, Human Fly, Letha, Megatak, Miracle Man, Mirage),;
    formerly Grapplers (Letha, Poundcakes, Screaming Mimi); Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (Auntie Freeze, Battleaxe, Butterball, Cowgirl, Gladiatrix, Magilla, Sushi, Vavavoom)

Affiliations: Bird-Man, Brand Corporation, the Hood, Letha, Power Broker Inc., Roxxon Oil, Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation;
    formerly Kowalski

Enemies: Battleaxe (competitor/rival), Captain America, Dazzler, Giant-Man (Bill Foster), Punisher, Scourge of the Underworld, Spider-Man, Thing, Thundra, US war veterans self-help group, X-Men (Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Titania

Place of Birth: Davidale, Maine

Base of Operations: Mobile;
  formerly New York City, New York;
  Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One I#54 (August, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Titania was granted cybernetic enhancements by Roxxon's subsidiary, Brand, and superhuman strength and durability from the Power Broker. While under Roxxon Oil’s employ, Titania carried one-inch diameter discs containing explosives and other offensive materials, as well as a rod that fired concussive energy bursts of an unknown nature and intensity. Although able to survive grenades, she was not bullet-proof. Post resurrection as Lascivious, she was able to open the part of the brain that regulates passion, making her victims fall deeply in love with anyone she wants.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 183 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black


(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#10) – Marian was born in Garden City, New Jersey. Later she took up the codename Titania.

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#5: Grapplers) - Poundcakes, Screaming Mimi, Letha and Titania became protégés of Auntie Freeze. They became famous wrestlers, but despite Auntie Freeze's promotion, they didn't earn as much money as their male counterparts. A Roxxon operative saw them wrestle and offered them the chance at some extra money.

(Thunderbolts I#21 (fb) / All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe#9: Roxxon) - At some point, along with the other Grapplers, Titania received cybernetic enhancements from Roxxon's subsidiary, Brand.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#54) - After witnessing Poundcakes’ defeat in a wrestling match with Thundra, Titania and her teammates joined in the battle, only to be quickly tossed aside.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#55) - In Madison Square Garden, Titania battled Thundra in a wrestling match. Thundra proved to be more powerful, but Titania pricked her with a needle, which drugged her and allowed Titania to defeat her.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#56) - The Grapplers, along with Thundra, infiltrated Project: PEGASUS. After they finished the mission Thundra thought they were sent on, Titania and the others took off and split up. Titania and Poundcakes ran into Giant-Man, but Poundcakes made quick work of him by throwing him into a vapor-tube. He managed to escape, but the pair of women assaulted him again, with Titania using her energy rod to disorient him. With the last of his strength, Giant-Man grabbed the two women and smashed them together, knocking them unconscious.

(Dazzler I#13 - BTS) - After their mission with Thundra, the Grapplers were imprisoned at Ryker’s Island. They made the best of their time in prison by ruling the women’s wing with an iron fist, with Titania as the leader.

(Dazzler I#13) - Three Grapplers (Poundcakes, Letha, and Screaming Mimi) entered Dazzler’s room at night while in prison and brought her to Titania. They planned to punish her for supposedly killing the villain Klaw, and ruthlessly beat her. Dazzler eventually fought back and knocked all of the Grapplers out by using Screaming Mimi’s voice against them.

(Marvel Two-in-One I#96) - Having somehow escaped prison, the Grapplers waited outside the hospital the Thing was a patient in until the appropriate time to attack. However, Captain America intervened, and defeated Titania and Screaming Mimi after their joint attack. They soon recuperated and prepared to attack once again. Fortunately for Captain America, the X-Men showed up and held off the Grapplers. Later, Titania and the other Grapplers joined a super-villain army on their way to attack the Thing, and they participated in the battle against several superheroes.

(Thing I#33 - BTS) - Some time after their stint with villainy, the Grapplers became assimilated into the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, and they were completely willing to give up a life of crime for a higher paying (legal) gig as wrestlers. They were also granted superhuman strength from the Power Broker.

(Thing I#33) – After she suffered defeat in the wrestling ring against Battleaxe, Titania lost leadership of the Grapplers. Enraged, Titania attacked Battleaxe, only to be restrained by her teammates, who attempted to calm her down. In the locker-rooms, Poundcakes scolded Titania for being a poor sport. Feeling abandoned by her team, Titania stormed off into the showers. Soon after, Golddigger, who was really the Scourge of the Underworld, approached Titania in the showers and shot the wrestler, killing her.

(Punisher VII#5) - Aided by Dormammu's dark magic, the Hood resurrected Titania along with several other of Scourge's victims to fight the Punisher.

(Punisher VII#6) - The Hood addressed the assembled resurrected villains (including Titania, now dubbing herself Lascivious), warning them that failure to kill the Punisher would leave them dead again after 30 days, but lying to them that it was the Punisher disguised as Scourge who had killed them. Each one resurrected had been augmented, armed and costumed by the Hood

(Punisher VII#7) - Letha and Lascivious walked into the room where Mirage, Firebrand, Mind-Wave and Cyclone were playing cards. The two women derided the others, Lascivious using her newfound seductive powers to bring Mirage to his knees. Letha then declared that their group of resurrected villains had the advantage because others would underestimate them.

(Punisher VII#8) - Mirage facilitated the disguise of Lascivious and various resurrected villains to appear like (1980s era) Avengers as part of an elaborate masquerade to engage the Punisher, but the vigilante saw past the ruse and fought back. Lascivious survived the grenade trap the Punisher left with Mind-Wave's body. Lascivious and Letha then rode atop Hijacker's tank, taking the fight to the Punisher.

(Punisher VII#9) - The Punisher managed to incapacitate Lascivious by hurling the electrified Fly onto her, knocking her out.

(Punisher Annual II#1) - To attract the Punisher's attention and exact revenge, Letha and Lascivious went to a US war veterans self-help group, forcing them to brutally kill each other. The Punisher tracked the two down and resisted Letha's mind manipulations and fought back, jamming a pumpkin bomb into Lascivious' mouth. Lascivious and Letha then took a car to chase down the Punisher and Spider-Man, who were fighting each other due to Letha's rage manipulations. The Punisher destroyed the car, Lascivious then using her powers to make Spider-Man hold the Punisher while she and Letha escaped using Bird-Man.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald & Ralph Macchio (writers), John Byrne (penciler), Joe Sinnott (inker).

Titania received a two-page handbook entry in the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #20. Her physical attributes in this entry are different from her appearance in Marvel Two-in-One #55 – the handbook lists her as being 6’1” and 194 lbs. whereas the announcer in #55 states she is 6’2” and 183 lbs.

The murderer who killed Titania was most likely Caprice, though it remains unclear whether or not the killer is a woman. It certainly seems that way, but the handbooks make a point of stating the uncertainty.

Profile by Nyssane.

Titania, Davida DeVito, has no known connections to

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