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Real Name: Dr. Mortimer Dauoi

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Fugitive;
    formerly scientist

Group Membership: Project: PEGASUS

Affiliations: Squadron Supreme (zombie mutates: Amphibian, Blue Eagle, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Nighthawk, Nuke, Power Princess, Shape, Tom Thumb, Whizzer); Squadron Supreme (Earth-712: Amphibian, Blue Eagle, Dr. Spectrum, Golden Archer, Hyperion, Lady Lark, Nighthawk, Nuke, Power Princess, Shape, Tom Thumb, Whizzer)

Enemies: Battlestar, Guardsman Alpha Team (Doc, Jill Harper, Hoss, Mainframe, Soapbox, Two-Ton), Jack of Hearts, staff at the Pegasus Research Facility

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York State, USA

First Appearance: Marvel Zombies Supreme#1 (May, 2011)

Powers/Abilities: Dauoi is a brilliant but mad scientist and geneticist. He was later transformed into a semi-zombified state that included a hulking mass (and presumably heightened strength), as well as a fierce appetite for human flesh.


(Marvel Zombies Supreme#1 (fb)) - When the Squadron Supreme of Earth-712 were stuck on Earth-616, they spent time at Project: PEGASUS, where they befriended Dr. Mortimer Dauoi. Motivated to overcome his terminal illness, he convinced the Squadron that researching their DNA codes might help advance medical science. Dr. Spectrum created hard-light constructs of his teammates' DNA helixes. When the Squadron returned to their home dimension, Dauoi grafted the DNA to medical cadavers and used Zeta rays (negatively charged energy) to reanimate the corpses, although the rays were amplified by the Zero energy from the discorporeal Jack of Hearts. Likely due to the refractive nature of Dr. Spectrum's Power Prism, the cadavers revived instead in a zombie-like and human-hungry state, soon overrunning the complex.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#5 (fb) - BTS) - Dauoi was able to partially vaccinate himself before the zombie antigene took over, leaving him in a quasi-zombie state.

(Marvel Zombies Supreme#4) - Leading dozens of zombified PEGASUS staff, Dauoi was confronted by Battlestar and Soapbox, who were both part of a force assembled to investigate an emergency at the complex.

Dauoi goes all-out zombie (Marvel Zombies Supreme#5) - Dauoi sought to lead the zombies out beyond the science complex to spread the contagion. The arrival of the zombie clones of Squadron members Nighthawk, Power Princess and Whizzer provided a distraction while he fled. Jack of Hearts eliminated the rest of the zombies in the complex, but Dauoi had already escaped and ate a man in the nearby woods.

Comments: Created by Frank Marraffino (writer), Fernando Blanco (pencils) and Jason Paz (inks).

His appetite and word balloons indicate that he was succumbing to becoming a fully fledged zombie.

He likely knew security chief Blue Shield and Quasar (Vaughn) during his active time at Project: PEGASUS.

An Internet profile elsewhere states that he had mental control over the zombies, but this is not actually confirmed.

"Dauoi" is Icelandic (with an accent mark over o) for "death."

As far as I know/recall, the Squadron Supreme members who stayed at PEGASUS were Dr. Spectrum, Haywire, Hyperion, Moonglow (Arcanna), Power Princess, Shape, Skylark, & Whizzer. So...where did they get the DNA for Amphibian, Blue Eagle, Golden Archer, Nighthawk, Nuke & Tom Thumb? --The latter five died in the Squadron Supreme “maxi-series,” and Amphibian quit and didn’t get back together with them until much later, in New World Order. Possibly just an error in the story. Obviously PEGASUS could have traveled to Earth-712 to get samples.
    The flashback in the story shows only Spectrum, Whizzer, Hyperion, Shape, Power Princess and Lady Lark (Skylark) at Project: PEGASUS. The DNA was not taken directly from the SqSup, but rather from hard light constructs for all that were generated by Dr. Spectrum. So it's more of an issue of how much contact Spectrum had with the other originals that were later "cloned" by Dauoi.
---Grendel Prime

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Mortimer Dauoi has no known connections to:

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Marvel Zombies Supreme#5, p1, pan4 (main image)
Marvel Zombies Supreme#1, p17, pan2 (headshot, pre-zombie)
Marvel Zombies Supreme#5, p21, pan5 (headshot, num-nums)

Marvel Zombies Supreme#1 (May, 2011) - Frank Marraffino (writer), Fernando Blanco (pencils), Jason Paz (inks), Mark Paniccia (senior editor)
Marvel Zombies Supreme#4 (July, 2011) - Frank Marraffino (writer), Fernando Blanco (pencils & inks), Mark Paniccia (senior editor)
Marvel Zombies Supreme#5 (August, 2011) - Frank Marraffino (writer), Fernando Blanco (pencils & inks), Mark Paniccia (senior editor)

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