Real Name: Att-Lass

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Kree) mutate technology user;
   citizen of Kree-Lar

Occupation: Would-be-conqueror; former special operative of Supreme Intelligence & captain in Kree space fleet

Group Membership: None; formerly Starforce (Doctor Minerva, Korath the Pursuer, Ronan the Accuser, Shatterax, Supremor, Ultimus), Kree Empire, Kree space fleet

Affiliations: Ael-Dan, A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics; especially Alessandro Brannex), Creatures from Kosmos, Dar-Benn, Doctor Minerva, Halflife, Spymaster, Supreme Intelligence, unidentified Shi'ar soldiers;
formerly Blizzard, Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Firebrand (Amanda), Unicorn, Whiplash, Whirlwind

Enemies: Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Avengers (Black Knight/Dane Whitman, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, Crystal, Goliath/Clint Barton, Hercules, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Sersi, Thor/Odinson), Binary (Carol Danvers), Blizzard (Donald Gill), Luke Cage, Deathbird, Firebrand (Amanda), Giant-Man (Dr. Henry Pym), Giant-Man (Bill Foster), Human Torch, Imperial Guard (especially Electron, Glom, Impulse, Magique, Manta, Moondancer, Neutron, Nightside, Onslaught, Oracle, Scintilla, Shapeshifter, Solar Wind, Starbolt, Tempest, Voyager, Warstar), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Iron Patriot (James Rhodes), Project: B.I.G., Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Satori, Shi'ar, Silver Surfer, Starfox, Unicorn, Whiplash (Anton Vanko), Whirlwind (David Cannon), a white tiger, Wonder Man (Simon Williams)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Titanium Man, Mr. Atlas

Base of Operations: Mobile in Earth's orbit;
   formerly Kosmos;
   formerly an unidentified planet (see Silver Surfer);
   formerly mobile throughout the galaxy aboard Kree light cruiser Ramatam;
   formerly mobile throughout the galaxy with Kree space fleet;
   formerly Kree Military Academy in Kree-Lar, Hala;
   formerly unrevealed location in Kree-Lar, Hala (place of birth);

First Appearance: (Mr. Atlas) Quasar#9 (April, 1990); (Captain Atlas) Quasar#10 (May, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Att-Lass possessed superhuman strength (lifting 10 tons), enhanced speed, superhuman stamina, superhuman durability, peak human reflexes and agility and the power of flight. Like all Kree he was adapted to life under higher gravity than Earth's and possessed therefore greater strength on Earth.

   As one of the Kree's most decorated soldiers he was highly accomplished in all forms of armed and unarmed combat utilized in the Kree military and was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. He wore the a Kree helmet and battlesuit according to his rank of a Captain. His helmet contained supply of the nitrogen-oxygen balance present in Hala's atmosphere. He wore a Kree uni-beam on his right wrist, which projected concussive energy beams and laser-like beams generating intense heat. The battlesuit possessed jet boots.

   He was trained to pilot various Kree ships.

   While wearing the Nega-Bands he gained all the abilities inherent to the Nega-Bands including solar-powered flight, absorbing and manipulating energy, creating spacewarps and replenishing forcibly depleted life force. The Nega-Bands were powered by his mental force, which they could convert to enhance his strength (up to lifting 25 tons) and durability even further. The Nega-Bands also enabled him to survive in outer space unharmed and live without food, water or sleep.

   He could survive in Earth's atmosphere by employing a special breathing potion and could alter his skin color to Caucasian by using a serum. Both were most likely provided to him by Doctor Minerva.

   Att-Lass temporarily wore a Titanium Man armor around 8'9" high and 550 lbs. heavy. It magnified his strength by at least a factor of 50 and enabled him to fly. It was impervious to most forms of damage and allowed the wearer to survive in the depths of the ocean and the vacuum of outer space. The armor's gauntlets could emit energy blasts, which could be used for concussive force or disintegration and to charge and disable force fields.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

(Quasar#10 (fb) - BTS) - At the Kree Military Academy Att-Lass studied galactic weaponry, learning of the Power Bands of Rinn, prototypes of the Nega-Bands left behind millennia ago in a weapons depot in Earth's solar system by Sentry #213. His professor ranked the Power-Bands' power level on the level of the Soul-Gems (Infinity Gems), the Skrullian Cube (Cosmic Cube) and the Ultimate Nullifier.

(Captain Marvel X#3 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Att-Lass served under the command of Captain Mar-Vell during the Kree's war against the Satori. During the conflict a planet destroying bomb was deployed on Mar-Vell's order to annihilate the Satori. (POST-SECRET WARS III REVELATION)

(Avengers I#346 (fb) - BTS) - Under unknown circumstances Captain Att-Lass became known as the Kree Empire's greatest warrior and was considered a hero to his people.

(Quasar#10 (fb) ) - After she mutated herself using the Psyche-Magnitron Minn-Erva contacted the Kree Empire, who sent Captain Atlas to retrieve her. When he arrived on Earth they fell in love with each other and Minn-Erva decided to share her discovery by using the Psyche-Magnitron to mutate him as well. Though the process didn't mutate him as much as Minn-Erva it turned him into the most eugenically ideal mate for her to start a line of super-powered Kree.

(Quasar#9) - Minn-Erva and Att-Las attended the first A.I.M. Weapons Expo on Boca Caliente posing as humans. A.I.M.'s bio-scanners secretly identified them as extraterrestrials.

   Claiming to be with a new firm named Xenotech Dr. Minerva and Mr. Atlas hired A.I.M. through Alessandro Brannex to create working replicas of Quasar's Quantum Bands for them. They were willing to pay 100 million dollars per bracelet and Atlas handed over a case filled with money as their down payment.

(Quasar#9 - BTS) - During a board meeting Brannex discussed the contract from their alien clients. It was decided to send MODAM after Quasar to acquire the original Quantum Bands instead of attempting to create replicas.

   After MODAM failed Brannex and the A.I.M. board decided to come up with something to appease their clients or return their down payment to them.

(Quasar#10 - BTS) - Halflife was on her way to meet Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva in the desert.

(Quasar#10) - Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva watched from afar as Quasar delivered the captured Halflife to the Vault.

   At night Minn-Erva climbed through an open window and abducted Quasar from his home in Connecticut after shooting him with a Synaptic Disruptor Gun while he slept to keep him unconscious for an hour. After handing Quasar over to Att-Lass to carry him, they flew back to their star cruiser. On their way back they discussed the threat posed by the unstable nature of the people of Earth. Att-Lass was sure Minn-Erva's work with the Psyche-Magnitron would make her a celebrated scientist within the Kree Empire, while Minn-Erva was sure the acquisition of the Quantum Bands, prototypes of the Nega-Bands, would earn Att-Lass a promotion. While Att-Lass left for the bridge to get them out of orbit, Minn-Erva used a stationary Synaptic Disruptor Ray to keep Quasar unconscious while she removed the Quantum Bands. Att-Lass returned to the lab and witnessed Minn-Erva fail to to slip the bands off Quasar's arms after using a lubricant on them and when she couldn't even slip a depressor under them she decided to use a laser to sever the forearms above and below the Quantum Bands and then scoop out the organic material afterward. Att-Lass had no interest to see the bloodshed and returned to the bridge. Warned by Eon in his dream of what was happening Quasar subconsciously lashed out at Minn-Erva using the Quantum Bands, knocking her out and destroying the Synaptic Disruptor Ray to regain consciousness. He caught Minn-Erva moments before the ship jumped into hyperspace, then headed for the bridge to oppose the ship's captain. When Att-Lass got accidentally sucked into hyperspace after blowing a hole into the ship's hull, Minn-Erva begged for Quasar's help to save him and explained who she was and what she was up to. She told Quasar about her past attempt to mate with Captain Mar-Vell, how she despaired after his death, how she found the Psyche-Magnitron and used it to mutate herself and later Att-Lass. She also revealed that they sought to steal the Quantum Bands from Quasar to enhance support for Minn-Erva's experiments among the Kree and decided to do it themselves after A.I.M. failed. They found Quasar by homing in on the unique energy signature of the Quantum Bands. Quasar believed Minn-Erva and agreed to save Att-Lass, who was still alive after 10 minutes due to an air supply in his helmet. They headed into hyperspace and Minn-Erva used her heightened power of perception to find Att-Lass floating in hyperspace. Quasar returned with Minn-Erva and Att-Lass to their vessel and made them swear to never return to Earth. After leaving hyperspace Quasar wished Minn-Erva and Att-Lass luck to unlock the hidden potential of the Kree before he returned to Earth.

(Quasar#32 (fb) - BTS) - When the Kree went to war with the Shi'ar the Kree Empire sent Minn-Erva and Att-Lass back to the Sol system to retrieve the Nega-Bands from the late Captain Mar-Vell's grave. On their way to Mar-Vell's grave Minn-Erva and Att-Lass accidentally tripped the proximity alarms around Mar-Vell's tomb-world.

(Quasar#32 - BTS) - Att-Lass worked his way through deterrent devices at Mar-Vell's tomb while Minn-Erva watched.

(Quasar#32) - Att-Lass kept working with two or possibly three more deterrent devices to go according to Minn-Erva. Att-Lass considered preserving the body of the dead a waste of resources, but Minn-Erva considered it lucky for them because it would be far more difficult to get to the Nega-Bands otherwise. Minn-Erva suddenly felt with her seventh sense that someone was coming for them. Seconds later Starfox and Quasar appeared at the tomb and Quasar caught them in a net created by his Quantum Bands and was surprised to see the tomb raiders to be Minn-Erva and Att-Lass, who had sworn not to return to Earth's solar system. Att-Las explained their agreement had changed because the Kree were now at war with the Shi'ar. A moment later the Imperial Guard attacked Starfox, Quasar, Minn-Erva and Att-Lass. Quasar erected a protective dome and released Minn-Erva and Att-Lass from the net. The Imperial Guard soon broke through the dome.

(Quasar#32 - BTS) - During the ensuing chaos Att-Lass snuck back into Mar-Vell's tomb, which Quasar realized too late.

(Quasar#32) - After defeating the attacking members of the Imperial Guard, which actually only consisted of Impulse, Manta, Magique and several three-dimensional constructs created by the latter, Quasar followed Att-Lass into Mar-Vell's grave. Att-Lass wanted to make sure the Shi'ar wouldn't get their hands on the Nega-Bands after they had already gotten the Psyche-Magnitron because he was sure they would rain destruction upon the Kree if they had them as well. Quasar was disgusted at Att-Lass stealing from the dead. When Minn-Erva attacked Quasar from behind, she was caught by him in an energy net, but Att-Lass used the distraction to put on the Nega-Bands and clang them together to call upon the powers of the Nega-Bands. He switched places with Earth's Rick Jones in an instant.

(Wonder Man II#7) - Arriving on Earth right next to Wonder Man a surprised Atlas attacked the hero because he believed Wonder Man had somehow transported him there. During the battle Atlas clanged the Nega-Bands again and switched places with Rick Jones, appearing on Starfox's ship. Minn-Erva immediately told the surprised Att-Lass to flee, which he did after realizing he only had to clang the Nega-Bands together to switch places with Jones once again. Using the Nega-Bands to his advantage Att-Lass repeatedly switched places with Rick Jones, forcing Wonder Man to hold back in fear of accidentally hitting Jones whenever Att-Lass switched places with him. Eventually Wonder Man got the right timing and managed to knock out Att-Lass. After the battle Wonder Man took Att-Lass to Avengers Compound. Quasar, who had arrived at Avengers Compound with Minn-Erva as his prisoner, used quantum constructs to bind Att-Lass and prevent him from clanging together the Nega-Bands again. Quasar and Captain America failed to find a solution to keep Att-Lass and Minn-Erva imprisoned at Avengers Compound.

(Avengers I#345 - BTS) - On Iron Man's request Hank Pym shrunk Minerva and Atlas down and placed them in a holding tank. He took the box with him to Avengers Mansion and Captain America questioned the ethics of the prisoners' treatment by Pym.

(Avengers West Coast#81 (fb) - BTS) - The alien prisoners were transferred to Project: PEGASUS and kept in stasis tubes in their shrunken forms.

(Avengers West Coast#81) - The Avengers guarded the prisoners at Project: PEGASUS. During the shift of Mockingbird and USAgent Imperial Guard members Nightside and Scintilla attacked the facility to free captured Shi'ar warriors and Warstar, but were thwarted by the Avengers (including Doctor Pym, Falcon, Gilgamesh, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman and Wasp).

(Avengers West Coast#81 (fb) ) - During the chaos Scintilla freed Att-Lass and Minn-Erva as well, but Minn-Erva was knocked out from behind by Imperial Guard member Shapeshifter, who posed as her afterward. While posing as Minn-Erva Shapeshifter led Att-Lass to a Shi'ar vessel. They escaped the Avengers in the stolen vessel and Shapeshifter had to fend off Att-Lass' advances while piloting the ship directly to a Shi'ar Cruiser. Att-Lass believed the Kree had captured the Shi'ar Cruiser until he was led by his beloved "Minn-Erva" into the hands Imperial Guardsmen Neutron and Starbolt. Shapeshifter then finally revealed how he had deceived Att-Lass and after transforming into his true form took the Nega-Bands from Att-Lass, who didn't care what the Shi'ar planned to use them for and only wished to know what they had done to Minn-Erva.

(Avengers West Coast#81 - BTS) - Seeking revenge on the Shi'ar Minn-Erva aided the Avengers and used her enhanced perception to home in on Att-Lass, discovering him on a Shi'ar Cruiser that was headed for the stargate near Earth's sun. She-Hulk called Quasar to intercept the vessel and retrieve Att-Lass.

(Quasar#33 (fb) - BTS) - Oracle used her telepathy to drain all important strategic information from Att-Lass' mind...

(Avengers I#346 (fb) - BTS) - ...including the whereabouts of the Omni-Wave Projector.

(Quasar#33) - After they were done the Shi'ar Cruiser was attacked by Quasar, who demanded they release Att-Lass into his care. On Oracle's order Att-Lass was released and revealed to Quasar how Oracle had interrogated him telepathically and had taken the Nega-Bands from him. When Quasar demanded the Nega-Bands to be returned as well he learned that they couldn't because the Nega-Bands had been teleported to a planet in the Shi'ar home star system. Quasar believed them because he had scanned the ship for the Nega-Bands' energy signature and couldn't find them, then left the ship with Att-Lass, whom he safely placed in a quantum capsule. After damaging the Shi'ar Cruiser's stardrive Quasar escaped members of the Imperial Guard and flew with Att-Lass to the solar system of Chandilar where the Nega-Bands had been teleported to. While Att-Lass remained in the quantum capsule Quasar got into a scuffle with Binary (Carol Danvers) and the Imperial Guardsmen Glom, Moondancer, Onslaught, Solar Wind and Voyager. Luring Quasar through a portal the Imperial Guardsmen left him stranded in a distant solar system and then took Att-Lass, still inside Quasar's quantum capsule, to a prison on Chandilar.

(Quasar#33 - BTS) - Glom devoured the quantum capsule and Att-Lass was placed in a prison cell.

(Quasar#33) - Though Att-Lass failed to contact Minn-Erva through his empathic link he hoped her sensory abilities were trans-spatial. He was soon freed from prison by Kree warrior Shatterax.

(Avengers I#346) - Captain Atlas joined the Supreme Intelligence's Starforce. The Supreme Intelligence congratulated Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva on their escape from Earth, but Captain Atlas regretted how he got caught by the Shi'ar afterward and was responsible for the Shi'ar getting their hands on the Omni-Wave Projector after Oracle plucked its whereabouts from Att-Las' mind. He regretted it so much that he would've preferred to be killed by Quasar, who had left him with the Shi'ar. Shatterax pointed out how he rescued Atlas from Shi'ar imprisonment and wondered if Atlas' days as the Kree's greatest warrior was over. Minerva tried to defend Atlas, but he wanted to fight his own fights. Ultimus calmed down the situation by reminding everyone of what it meant to be a Kree. When the Supreme Intelligence falsely claimed the Avengers, who had actually come to Hala to talk the Kree leaders into ending the war with the Shi'ar, were working with the Shi'ar and planned to assassinate the Kree leaders Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn. The Starforce found the Avengers at the Capitol Citadel and Atlas attacked Captain America, who hit him in the face. Crystal buried Atlas and Minerva in the ground when they decided to take down Captain America together. Eventually the Avengers were surrounded by Starforce with nowhere to go. Ael-Dan and Dar-Benn arrived on the scene and were surprised by the unsanctioned Kree heroes including the known hero Att-Lass. They sentenced Starforce and the Avengers to death for the affront of storming the Capitol Citadel. Seconds later both teams got trapped beneath an impenetrable force field by Lilandra's sister Deathbird and were all forced to watch Deathbird assassinate the two Kree leaders. Following the Kree leaders' deaths the Supreme Intelligence appeared on all screens at the Capitol Citadel and destroyed the force field to free both teams. The Supreme Intelligence rallied the Kree against the Shi'ar once more and vowed to retaliate against the Shi'ar by having their Majestrix Lilandra killed by the Starforce with Ronan the Accuser added to their ranks. He ordered Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva to stay on Hala to guard the captured Avengers.

(Avengers I#347 - BTS) - The Nega-Bomb detonated in Kree space and killed billions of Kree. When the Supreme Intelligence revealed it had plotted the detonation of the Nega-Bomb to lead the Kree out of their evolutionary dead end the Avengers slew it.

(Avengers I#347) - Att-Lass and Minn-Erva were among the few surviving Kree on Hala. Together they confronted the Avengers and Att-Lass angrily blamed them for the destruction of the Kree. He attacked Hercules when he offered his sympathy and had to be restrained by the combined efforts of Goliath (Barton), Thor (Masterson) and Hercules. When Captain America and Deathbird arrived Att-Lass only saw it as evidence that the Avengers were working with the Shi'ar all along and wouldn't believe Deathbird's claim that the Kree's Supreme Intelligence had orchestrated the detonation of the Nega-Bomb. Captain America reiterated her claim and confronted Minn-Erva, who confirmed she had known of the Supreme Intelligence's plan all along. Att-Lass called her a traitor and pretended he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. He saluted the Avengers and asked them to make the Supreme Intelligence pay for its crimes before activating a device in his belt. Minn-Erva jumped at Att-Lass when the device in his belt revealed its true purpose. They both vanished instantly (the Avengers believed they had died).

(Silver Surfer III#79 (fb) - BTS) - Att-Lass actually teleported himself and Minn-Erva to an uninhabited planet. Though Att-Lass couldn't forgive Minn-Erva for her role in the Kree's destruction he eventually admitted the wisdom of it. They planned to start a race of super-powered Kree.

(Silver Surfer III#79) - By pure coincidence the Silver Surfer relaxed on the planet Minn-Erva and Att-Lass now lived on. Att-Lass came to Minn-Erva's aid when she attacked the Surfer at a small river and shot the Surfer with an energy blast. When the Surfer proved too powerful for both of them Att-Lass claimed once again he was suicidal and asked the Surfer to end his shameful life. The Surfer spared his life because all life for sacred to him and told Att-Lass to stop blaming himself for what the Supreme Intelligence did. Minn-Erva begged the Surfer to keep their whereabouts secret because she feared if anyone else discovered them Att-Lass would find a way to die in battle. The Surfer promised to keep the secret and left. When he was gone Minn-Erva congratulated Att-Lass on playing the suicidal warrior once again. Alone again they were ready to start their race of super-powered Kree undisturbed.

(Marvel Double Feature...The Avengers/Giant-Man#382/2 (fb) - BTS) - When the size-altering super-villain Goliath (Erik Josten) was accidentally transported to the Kosmos prison world, breaching the wall of the prison, four criminal Kosmosians saw a chance to escape their prison and take revenge on Hank Pym, an enemy of their former ally Pilai. The criminals established a psychic link with Josten and used him to slowly break down the walls of their prison world by transferring the mass of their prison to him and through him to anyone and anything ever influenced by Pym Particles. This included the Kree warriors Doctor Minerva, Captain Atlas and a group of Shi'ar soldiers. The criminal Kosmosians blamed Pym for their current state, which angered the Kree and Shi'ar so much they willingly allied with the Kosmosians to take revenge on Pym. The Kosmosians used "Josten Juice", a unique form of Pym Particles extracted from Josten's body, to revert Minerva, Atlas and the Shi'ar soldiers to their normal size. A Shi'ar sacrificed himself to become a temporary portal to Earth so the others could get over the prison's wall to stop Project: B.I.G. and abduct Dr. Bill Foster.

(Marvel Double Feature...The Avengers/Giant-Man#380/2 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Atlas, Doctor Minerva and two Shi'ar soldiers infiltrated the Project: B.I.G. Compound beneath Death Valley, Nevada because the project threatened the plans of the Kosmosians.

(Marvel Double Feature...The Avengers/Giant-Man#380/2) - Captain Atlas knocked out Bill Foster with an energy blast to the back before he could fly with Rover to aid Hank Pym in his battle against giant insects in Arizona.

(Marvel Double Feature...The Avengers/Giant-Man#380/2) - In search for the shrunken Bill Foster in Project: B.I.G.'s garden Captain Atlas shot wildly around while blaming Doctor Minerva for Foster's escape. She explained that there was no way she could know that Foster's body would have the opposite reaction of what they expected. She asked Atlas to stop firing blindly at something he couldn't even see, but Atlas' plan was actually to set the garden on fire to prevent Foster from escaping it alive. They talked about their hatred for Pym and how they would ruin him psychologically so he would never learn how close Project: B.I.G. was to ruining the master plan (of the Kosmosians). Minerva urged Atlas not to endanger their lives and Atlas ordered one of the Shi'ar soldier to open a portal for them. The Shi'ar soldier sacrificed his life to become the portal back to Kosmos through which Minerva, Atlas and the other Shi'ar soldier escaped.

(Marvel Double Feature...The Avengers/Giant-Man#382/2 - BTS) - After Pym thwarted the plot of the criminal Kosmosians he removed all traces of Pym Particles within Minerva and Atlas. Pym hoped this was enough to convince them that he was not their enemy.

(Annihilation: Ronan#1 (fb) - BTS) - The members of Starforce were branded defectors when the Kree Empire later regained its autonomy from the Shi'ar and forced to leave the Kree Empire.

(Infinity: The Heist#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spymaster found a buyer for Iron Man armors...

(Infinity: The Heist#3 (fb) - BTS) - was Captain Atlas.

(Infinity: The Heist#4 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Atlas planned to lead a small contingent of loyal Kree warriors donning Iron Man armors to conquer New York City as a launching pad for a new Kree Empire.

(Infinity: The Heist#1 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Atlas somehow acquired a Titanium Man armor and joined with Spymaster's knowledge the team Spymaster put together to steal the Iron Man armors from Avengers Tower.

(Infinity: The Heist#1) - Sporting a Titanium Man armor Att-Lass crashed through the roof of the underworld club Black Market to join a meeting of his partner Spymaster and his newly put together team Blizzard, Firebrand, Unicorn, Whiplash and Whirlwind. Spymaster apologized for Titanium Man being late and introduced him as the last member of their team.

(Infinity: The Heist#2) - Titanium Man (as the only one in costume) was present at another meeting of Spymaster's team in Central Park. Spymaster already knew that Blizzard wanted out and decided to punish him and his friend Whirlwind for it. While Spymaster trapped Whirlwind in an energy bubble that could be penetrated from the outside, Titanium Man pushed Blizzard to the ground and held him down. Spymaster then proceeded to beat up Whirlwind until Firebrand attempted to stop him. She was whipped by Whiplash for her interference. At the end Spymaster made clear that he expected Blizzard, Firebrand and Whirlwind to meet them at the rendezvous point at 5 AM the next day. While leaving he told Whiplash to make sure none of them survived the heist.

(Infinity: The Heist#3) - Titanium Man joined the heist at Stark Tower. While alarms and other defenses were taken care of a few Avengers were actually still at the tower. Spymaster urged his team to keep quiet to not alert them. Titanium Man went along and witnessed how the combined powers of Blizzard, Firebrand and Unicorn destroyed the door to Stark's armory. He didn't interfere when Blizzard and Firebrand turned on Spymaster, Unicorn and Whiplash only to reveal that they did that to insure they were not killed by them right now. Everyone was surprised when Spymaster was teleported away after placing small discs on each of Iron Man's armors to mark them for the buyers so they could teleport them to their location. The Avengers were alerted, but the villains defeated them and escaped when Titanium Man showed he had one of the discs in his hand and knew where Spymaster had gone. Blizzard, Firebrand, Unicorn, Whiplash and Whirlwind placed a hand in Titanium Man's left palm and they were all teleported to a Kree vessel. Upon arriving there Titanium Man blasted his former allies with an energy blast and took off his helmet, revealing himself as the Kree Captain Atlas, the the armors' buyer. Numerous Kree soldiers hailed their returning leader Captain Atlas.

(Infinity: The Heist#4 (fb) - BTS) - The captured villains were stripped of their equipment, handcuffed and placed under an energy shield by the Kree.

(Infinity: The Heist#4) - Spymaster asked Att-Lass what to do next with their former allies and Att-Lass straight up ordered to execute them. He was disappointed how Spymaster didn't predict the remaining Avengers at Avengers Tower, who couldn't even defeat them, forcing Att-Lass to bring his former allies to his ship and expose the Kree's presence to them. Spymaster pointed out how Att-Lass, a disgraced renegade of the Kree, had been provided with an army to fight with while all other Kree had surrendered. Att-Lass promised pay Spymaster by giving Staten Island to him as soon as the armored Kree warriors had conquered New York City. When Att-Lass and Spymaster noticed their former allies were awake again they couldn't stop Unicorn from breaking free and using his vast powers to destroy the energy prison. Mere moments later Iron Man attacked the Kree vessel, having tracked down his stolen armors. Att-Lass former allies used the distraction caused by Iron Man's attack to suit up and aided Iron Man against the Kree using his stolen armors. During the battle Captain Atlas in his Titanium Man armor got hold of Iron Man, but Unicorn came to the hero's aid and slew Att-Lass by disintegrating the Kree villain.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald (writer), Mike Manley (pencils) & Danny Bulanadi (inks).

Captain Atlas has a profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition#20 (1992). The main image of the profile showed a Kree in a Captain uniform, but it either wasn't Att-Lass or he had a shave before the image was drawn ;).

It is unknown if Att-Lass, who had abandoned Starforce following Operation: Galactic Storm, was actually branded a defector like the rest of Starforce as mentioned in Annihilation: Ronan#1 (June, 2006), but it fits with his next appearance.

Captain Atlas was probably named after Atlas Comics (Marvel's 1950s name) as a play on Captain Marvel & Marvel Comics.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Captain Atlas should not be confused with:

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Infinity: The Heist#3 (January, 2014) - Frank Tieri (writer), Al Barrionuevo & Pat Olliffe (artists), Tom Brennan (editor)
Infinity: The Heist#4 (March, 2014) - Frank Tieri (writer), Al Barrionuevo, Ramon Bachs, Neil Edwards & Horacio Domingues (pencils), Ramon Bachs, Neil Edwards & Horacio Domingues (inks), Tom Brennan (editor)
Captain Marvel X#3 (May, 2016) - Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters (writers), Kris Anka & Felipe Smith (artists), Sana Amanat (editor)

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