ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-origsin0-2ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-origsin0ULTIMATE NULLIFIER

Classification: Cosmically-powered extraterrestrial technology

Creator: Unrevealed

Users/Possessors: Abraxas, Ant-Man (Scott Lang), Batman (Bruce Wayne) of DC's Earth, Black Panther (T'Challa), Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff), Chitauri, Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom), Drax the Destroyer, Galactus (Galan), Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Magus (Adam Warlock's "evil" aspect), Krona of DC's reality, Mambo King, an intelligent Mindless One, Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Morg, Nova (Frankie Raye of Reality-1462), Nova (Sam Alexander), Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), Ravagers (Yondu Udonta of Reality-616's modern era), Reed Richards of Earth-12498, Valeria Richards, Stark Enterprises, Stark-Fujikawa, Thanos, Thieves Guild, Titus, Toady, Uatu the Watcher, Wonder Woman (Diana) of DC's Earth; unidentified parties in Latveria; unidentified procurer
    possibly Doop;

First Appearance: (Referenced but unidentified) Fantastic Four I#49 (April, 1966);
    (seen, identified) Fantastic Four I#50 (May, 1966)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Ultimate Nullifier is a weapon of vast destructive power. Its power -- though of unrevealed origins and nature -- is certainly respected and feared by beings as powerful as Galactus.

    The Nullifier can allegedly obliterate the existence of anything its wielder could fully conceive, and it is believed to have the potential to destroy an entire universe (if its wielder could fully conceive of the entire universe; see comments). 

    Its wielder can target a single being or an entire world, although most beings lack the discipline to use it and/or target it properly.
    Distraction can lead to annihilation of the wielder and sparing of the target.

    Significantly, the Nullifier has been shown to most frequently nullify both target and wielder (meaning that whoever activates the weapon is nullified by it as well; see comments).

    According to Uatu the Watcher, the control lever adjusted its power; Uatu warned against turning its power to full, which could erase the solar system in one microsecond.

    Under some circumstances, a sphere of nullification spreads from the Ultimate Nullifier; in others, a beam, or beams, is/are fired at the target.

    At least under some circumstances, beings destroyed by the Ultimate Nullifier are consigned to the realm of Oblivion.

    According to some sources, including the Time Variance Authority and Uatu the Watcher, the Ultimate Nullifier would wipe its target from existence: It would be as if that being never existed; the being and all actions undertaken by that being during his or her lifetime would cease to have been, and the effects of all of those actions likewise be nullified (see comments).

    The are multiple examples of false Ultimate Nullifiers (functional to some degree or otherwise) in existence, as well as some references that have led to the construction of "an" Ultimate Nullifier (see comments).

    There is also some evidence of alternate reality Ultimate Nullifiers being brought into and perhaps left behind in Reality-616.


(Quasar I#39 (fb) - BTS) - The origins of the Ultimate Nullifier are unknown, even to the vast library of the planet Rus.

(Quasar I#39 (fb) - BTS) - According the library on Rus, no one who had ever used the Ultimate Nullifier had survived the experience (see comments).

(Quasar I#39 (fb) - BTS) - Under unrevealed circumstances (unknown even to the libraries of Rus), Galactus came to possess the Nullifier.

(Silver Surfer I#109 (fb) - BTS) - Since time immemorable, the responsibility of the Ultimate Nullifier rested with Galactus.

(Nova V#4 (fb) - BTS) <according to Titus> - A group of Black Novas (including Jesse Alexander and Titus) aboard a ship carrying a Rigellian Recorder in a coffin (?) were assaulted by Chitauri. Wishing to see his son be born and knowing that no one would come rescue them, Jesse Alexander departed, urging Titus and the others to abandon ship.

    Overwhelmed, Titus bargained for his life, telling the Chitauri of the value of the Recorder, whose coffin would detonate if anyone other than himself opened it, and offering to help them learn the secrets it held.

(Fantastic Four I#49 - BTS) - When Galactus threatened Earth, Uatu the Watcher transported the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) to Taa II, Galactus' worldship, to obtain "the one object that may stop Galactus."

(Fantastic Four I#50 (fb) - BTS) - The Human Torch retrieved the Ultimate Nullifier.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-ff50-vsgalactus

(Fantastic Four I#50) - Uatu returned the Torch to Earth, and he passed the Nullifier to Reed Richards. Uatu warned Richards that he must never turn the control lever to full power, as it could erase the entire solar system in one microsecond.

    As Galactus prepared to destroy slay the Silver Surfer for his defense of Earth, Reed Richards extended his arm, bring the weapon before Galactus' face and threatening that he would perish instead. Aghast to see the Ultimate Nullifier in the hands of a human, Galactus warned Richards to drop the weapon as he could not comprehend its power, which could lay waste to a universe. Richards stood his ground, asking if Galactus would survive the universe's crumbling.

    Realizing only Uatu had the power to arrange these events, Galactus accused him of giving a match to a child living in a tinderbox. Uatu countered that this world belonged to these "children," which justified his actions.

    Accepting Uatu's instruction to seek out an uninhabited planet, Galactus agreed to leave Earth once Richards returned the Nullifier to him. After Uatu assured Richards that Galactus would honor the bargain, Richards returned the Nullifier to Galactus, who subsequently departed.

(Nova V#4 (fb) - BTS) - Though it took years, Titus and the Chitauri deciphered the encrypted Recorder files, which contained information on how to create "an Ultimate Nullifier."ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-FFan24-galactus

(Fantastic Four Annual#24/2 (fb)) - Returning to Taa II after having sated his appetite on a dead world, Galactus sensed that someone had breached his sanctum. He calmly retrieved the Ultimate Nullifier from its place of concealment and launched its beams at this invader (it is not clarified whether Galactus knew the target was Korvac or not).

(Fantastic Four Annual#24/2 (fb) - BTS) - Time Variance Authority members lamented Galactus' triggering of the Ultimate Nullifier, as it would require extensive time on their parts in erasing and correcting the timelines.

(Avengers I#177 - BTS / Fantastic Four Annual#24/2 (fb) - BTS) - As he battled the Avengers, Korvac sensed that Galactus had sent a power after him that would wipe him from existence. Briefly considering resisting the Nullifier, Korvac looked to his lover, Carina; sensing doubt in her eyes, Korvac instead willed his physical form's death while projecting his knowledge, personality, and cosmic power to seek out one of his ancestors and imbue that being with god-like power; this knowledge and power would be passed on from generation to generation until it returned to Korvac himself at the time of his birth in the 30th century.

Fantastic Four Annual#24/2 (fb) - BTS) - Korvac's knowledge and power passed into one of his 21st century ancestors, the Australian woman Jaboa Murphy.

(Fantastic Four Annual#24/2 - BTS) - After Korvac took over Murphy and battled the Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Sue Storm, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm) and the time-traveling (31st century of Earth-691) Guardians of the Galaxy (Vance Astro/Vance Astrovik, Charlie-27, Martinex T'Naga, Nikki/Nicholette Gold, Starhawk/Stakar/Aleta, Yondu Udonta), Reed Richards used a Hank Pym-shrunken portable time platform and assistance from Aborigine mutant teleporter Gateway to travel back in time and space to Korvac's mansion as the Ultimate Nullifier's beams approached, after which he redirected the beams to the Australian outback and towards the Korvac-possessed Jaboa Murphy.

    Recognizing the danger, Korvac sent his "cosmic gene imprint" into another of his ancestors in the future, Reality-8710's 2591 AD's Varley.

(Star-Lord#2 (fb)) - After Yondu and the Ravagers boarded the Asterion One ship on which the young Peter Quill was stranded, Quill boarded the Ravagers' ship; in their treasure/booty store, the Ultimate Nullifier (or a replica thereof) was present within a high-tech cylindrical containment device.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-star-lord2

Power Pack I#58 - BTS) - When Franklin Richards projected his dream self into Galactus' ship in hopes of obtaining the Ultimate Nullifier to save Earth, Galactus noted that neither Franklin nor any human could wield the Nullifier. Instead, Galactus granted Franklin the Elemental Obliterator.

Infinity War#4 - BTS) - To oppose the threat of the multiple Cosmic Containment Unit-powered Magus, Galactus considered utilizing the Ultimate Nullifier, much to the Silver Surfer's horror.

(Infinity War#4) - Aboard Galactus' ship, Thanos duped the Invisible Woman into glancing at the Ultimate Nullifier, otherwise "hidden in plain sight," enabling him to claim it. Thanos then noted the device to be too powerful, as if it was not utilized precisely and accurately, the wielder would be destroyed along with the target. He considered that while it would easily terminate the Magus, it would take a far nobler soul than his (Thanos') own to fire it properly.

    Speaking to the heroes present, Thanos noted that the brave spirit willing to sacrifice his own life for the good of the universe would have to fire the device within the Magus' extradimensional base to avoid risking his comrades. Thanos then held out the Nullifier before Quasar, asking how steely was his resolve; replying "finely tempered," Quasar took the Nullifier. Captain America and Hercules advised Quasar not to do it, but Quasar noted that it might be their only way out.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-quas39

Quasar I#39) - Thanos considered that vengeance against Quasar's impertinence was part of his motivation in choosing Quasar.

    To protect the others, Quasar formed a quantum shield around himself and the Nullifier. He then contacted his mentor, Epoch, asking for information on the device, but Epoch only noted that he surmised it must be powerful for both Galactus and Thanos to fear its might.

    At Epoch's guidance, Quasar and Epoch traveled to the library world Rus to further research the Nullifier. The energy released by Quasar's quantum warping made some of his allies fear he had accidentally activated the Nullifier and destroyed himself.

    On Rus, Quasar tried to ask the residents for advice on the Nullifier, but they feared its power and fled from him.

(Quasar I#39 (fb) - BTS) - As Epoch began her research, Deathurge appeared and challenged Quasar, who led Deathurge away to allow Epoch to work in peace. Ultimately, Deathurge noted it was testing his resolve to use the Nullifier, telling him that in order to dispense the void, one must accept the void within one's heart. Quasar refused to accept this, and Deathurge -- before departing -- told him that if that was the case, he would fail...although it believed he would succeed.

    Ultimately, Epoch noted that she had only learned that
no one who had ever used the Ultimate Nullifier had survived the experience. She urged Quasar not to use it, as she valued his continued existence, but Quasar assured her he would be careful.

(Quasar I#39) - Returning to within his quantum dome on Galactus' ship, Quasar noted that he just needed to determine the activation sequence, drop his dome, and ask Thanos where he should point the Nullifier.

(Infinity War#5) - Quasar acknowledged warnings that Thanos was not to be trusted, but noted that he recognized the necessity of the situation.

    His interdimensional transport device repaired, Thanos transported Quasar to just outside the Magus' base.

    Focusing his concentration and will, Quasar activated the Nullifier.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-quas40

(Quasar I#40) - At first, Quasar felt as if nothing was happening.

(Infinity War#5 / Quasar I#40) - Quasar then sensed the Nullifier's power building; from its nozzle there was a marble-sized sphere of whiteness. He realized he had then successfully activated the device without perishing.

(Quasar I#40) - Quasar continued to focus, directing the sphere of whiteness toward the Magus' base and planning to will the sphere to contract after it had reached its target.

(Infinity War#5) - However, in this time, the Magus achieved the power of the Infinity Gauntlet (short of the Reality Gem, as later revealed), and he turned the Nullifier's power back on Quasar, who vanished, and claimed the Nullifier for himself.

(Quasar I#40) - Apparently unable to judge the distance of the intense whiteness from himself, Quasar found his hand trapped inside it, and it expanded around him. Though he felt it was likely around the Magus' base as well, Quasar was unable to will the sphere to contract, and he was nullified.

    Quasar’s soul journeyed to the realm of Oblivion, but he finally returned to mortal form after passing through the White Room (the afterlife for Protectors of the Universe).

(Quasar I#49 (fb) - BTS) - Quasar was saved from destruction via the cosmic entity Origin. His body's infusion with Star Brand energy may have had something to do with it as well. ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-silversurfer109

(Silver Surfer III#108 - BTS) - As Galactus faced Tyrant, Galactus' current herald, Morg, sought the means to help his master.

(Silver Surfer III#108 (fb) - BTS / Silver Surfer III#109 (fb) - BTS) - Morg located the Ultimate Nullifier.

Silver Surfer III#108) - As Tyrant threatened to overpower Galactus, Morg arrived, holding the Ultimate Nullifier and challenging Tyrant.

(Silver Surfer III#109) - Both Galactus and Tyrant warned Morg against using the Nullifier, which would destroy them all. Morg, however, noted that he'd rather be nullified than to work for Morg. Seeking to protect its master, Tyrant's "Toady" drone ambushed Morg, transforming its body to invade and take over Morg's form, bonding to the Nullifier but also bonding the Nullifier to Morg's hand. However, Morg instead took control of the drone, who had formed a gun-like weapon around the Nullifier to channel and focus its energies. With this weapon, Morg disintegrated Tyrant's legs, while the powerless drone noted that the Nullfier's power was consuming he and Morg both.

    As Morg mockingly refused mercy for the begging Tyrant, the newly arrived Silver Surfer attacked Morg to prevent his murdering of Tyrant. Realizing that Galactus had sent the Surfer to stop him, Morg felt betrayed and decided that he now had the power and was now on top. As the Surfer futilely tried to dissuade Morg from the path of vengeance, Galactus warned that the energies within the Nullifier were building, the drone could no longer contain the Nullifier's energies and that it was going to explode.

    Telling the Surfer that the universe needed him, Galactus advised the Surfer to depart. Noting that since time immemorable, the responsibility of the Ultimate Nullifier had rested with him, and that he must remain to attempt to contain the Nullifier's energies within his worldship.

    After the Surfer reluctantly departed, Galactus sealed his ship. Deciding he didn't want to die, Morg used his axe to cut off his "gun-hand" (which contained the Nullifier), sliced a hole in Galactus' ship, and prepared to depart. However, the final safeguards to the Ultimate Nullifier then gave way, and a wave of white light was suddenly unleashed, annihilating the drone instances before consuming Galactus' worldship and every thing in it (including Air-Walker, Galactus, Morg, and Tyrant)

    Thousands of miles away already, the Surfer was nonetheless buffeted by a concussive force that rendered him unconscious. Upon recovering, his senses confirmed the complete nullification of all those aboard Galactus' worldship.

(Fantastic Four I#414 (fb) - BTS) - Galactus escaped the Nullifier by escaping into an extradimensional void.
Uncanny X-Men / Fantastic Four '98 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably (as speculated by Bradley enton) Tony Stark obtained the Ultimate Nullifier (or, more likely, a replica, functional or otherwise). When Stark Enterprises was purchased Fujikawa International, becoming Stark-Fujikawa, this Nullifier and numerous other artifacts of power remained in  a storage facility.

(Uncanny X-Men / Fantastic Four '98 (fb) - BTS) - Bradley Benton was fired from Stark-Fujikawa after Reed Richards released a miniaturizer, while Benton had been working on such a device for sometime

(Uncanny X-Men / Fantastic Four '98) - Seeking vengeance on Reed Richards, Benton happened upon and broke into the storage facility containing the Ultimate Nullifier replica. Benton stole a suit of the Psycho-Man's armor and his emotion-controlling Control Box.

ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-ffiii48(Fantastic Four III#46 (fb) - BTS) - Following the temporary destruction of Galactus, when the extradimensional Abraxas sought the Ultimate Nullifier to eliminate Galactuses throughout the Multiverse, Reality-616's Uatu the Watcher hid the Nullifier somewhere in the Multiverse and then hid portions of the knowledge of the Nullifier's location within the minds of Johnny Storms of various realities (Earth-111/"Challengers of Doom," Earth-1116/Atlanterra, and Earth-11113/Five for the Future).

(Fantastic Four III#48 - BTS) - Before dying from wounds suffered at the hands of the Monocle, Johnny Storm-11113 somehow transformed knowledge of the Ultimate Nullifier's location to his sister, Sue Storm.

(Fantastic Four III#46 - BTS) - After Moondragon sensed that Abraxas had targeted Johnny Storm-616 due to his knowledge of the Nullifier's location, Reed Richards realized that Abraxas likely wanted to use the Nullifier to obliterate the combined realities of the Multiverse. Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) sensed the Nullifier to be in one of three locations spread out across the Multiverse, or possibly all three locations simultaneously. They then sent the Torch, aided by Earth-1462's Nova (Frankie Raye) to locate the Nullifier; they were unaware that Nova-1462 was secretly an agent of Abraxas.

(Fantastic Four III#48 (fb) - BTS) - With Reed having determined that the knowledge to pinpoint the Ultimate Nullifier's location was within the minds of three alternate reality's Johnny Storms, he sent himself, Sue Richards (Invisible Woman), and Ben Grimm (the Thing) to Earth-11113, Earth-1116, and Earth-111, respectively, each armed with a device that would allow them to extract the knowledge of the Nullifier's location and transmit it to Johnny Storm-616. The Fantastic Four members' minds were transferred into the bodies of their respective counterparts on those worlds.

(Fantastic Four III#47 - BTS) - The Torch and Nova-1462 continued their search for the Ultimate Nullifier. Reed-616 learned that Johnny Storm-11113 had perished two days earlier from wounds suffered at the hands of the Monocle.

(Fantastic Four III#48 - BTS) - Sue extracted the desired knowledge from Johnny Storm-1116 and transferred it to Johnny Storm-616, who was initially pained by the intense feeling akin to remembering something that was on the tip of one's tongue. Ben extracted/transferred the desired knowledge from Johnny Storm-111 to the same effect. Reed extracted/transferred the desired knowledge from Sue Storm-11113.

(Fantastic Four III#48) - His knowledge complete, Johnny located the Ultimate Nullifier, only for Nova-1462 to ambush him, reveal her alliance with Abraxas, and claim the Nullifier for Abraxas.

    Nova-1462 then traveled to...the Starlight Citadel, perhaps...to meet with Abraxas, who had traveled there to confront Roma and Saturnyne (along with Franklin Richards and Valeria/Marvel Girl-99315).

    As Reed, Sue, and Ben returned to the Baxter Building, Abraxas transported himself, Nova-1462,
Roma, Saturnyne, Franklin Richards and Valeria/Marvel Girl-99315 there as well, after which she gave the Nullifier to Abraxas.

(Fantastic Four III#49) - Combining their powers along with Eternity and Infinity, Franklin and Valeria restored Galactus to existence, and Galactus used his energies to reclaim the Nullifier, which he claimed was as much a part of him as his heart itself. When alternate reality Novas attacked Galactus, he dropped the Nullifier into Reed Richards' hands, telling him that this day could only end one way. Acknowledging this, Reed aimed and fired the Nullifier at Abraxas, destroying him and allegedly ending and realigning reality; Valeria was reverted to fetal form within Sue Richards.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-jla-av1

(JLA/Avengers#1 - BTS) - Krona, a powerful rogue scholar from a distant cosmos (the DC prime reality; I'm not going to try to keep up with that reality designation) came to Reality-616, threatening to destroy it in his search for the origin of existence. To delay him, the Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast) challenged him to a contest of champions.

(JLA/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Grandmaster assembled twelve items of power, six from each reality: Reality-616's Casket of Ancient Winters, Cosmic Cube, Evil Eye, the six major Infinity Gems, Ultimate Nullifier, and the Wand of Watoomb; and the Justice League's reality's Bell, Wheel, and Jar; the Eternity Book, Green Lantern's Power Battery, the Medusa Mask, the Orb of Ra, and the Spear of Destiny.

(JLA/Avengers#1) - The Avengers (unwittingly representing Krona) and Krona's reality's Justice League (Batman, Flash, Green Lantern/Kyle, Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, and Superman, unwittingly representing the Grandmaster) were manipulated into fighting to gather various powerful items from both realities. The Grandmaster detailed the contest to the JLA, while Metron (from the JLA and Krona's reality) detailed the contest to the Avengers.

(JLA/Avengers#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Ultimate Nullifier was hidden on Earth-616's Monster Island.

(JLA/Avengers#1 - BTS) - While heroes fought on Monster Island, and Batman located and claimed the Ultimate Nullifier. Hawkeye knocked it out of Batman's hands with an arrow that was delivering it back to him, but Wonder Woman snared the arrow with her hand and reclaimed the Nullifier. Victorious, they vanished to the site of the next contest, the JLA's Metropolis.

(JLA/Avengers#2 - BTS) -As the items were progressively assembled, Captain America and Batman partially discovered their manipulation, realizing that the Avengers were fighting for Krona, who threatened all reality. Captain America then allowed the Justice League to win, though Krona refused to honor his defeat and assaulted the Grandmaster and then Galactus in an effort to learn the universe's origins. However, the Grandmaster then accessed the full power of all twelve items and warped reality.

(JLA/Avengers#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Grandmaster used the power of the artifacts to bind the two Earth dimensions together and trap Krona at the juncture point.

(JLA/Avengers#3 - BTS) - However, the realities proved too fundamentally different, causing them to overload each other, building towards critical mass. Krona managed to hasten the process in an effort to cause their annihilation and generate a new Big Bang that he could experience. The Grandmaster then passed away, exhausted by the experience.

(JLA/Avengers#4) - Krona used the artifacts to summon countless villains from out of time on both worlds, but ultimately the Flash distracted Krona and Hawkeye shattered the globe containing the artifacts, causing them to be cast into an interdimensional vortex as the two realities separated once again.

(Fantastic Four III#544 (fb) - BTS) - Wishing access to Uatu's database for information on the fate of Gravity (Greg Willis), the Black Panther led the Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Storm, Thing) and Michael Collins to Uatu's Citadel. Via information provided by the Torch, he had Storm retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier.

(Fantastic Four III#544) - When Uatu refused to speak to them, the Panther brandished the Ultimate Nullifier. Uatu warned him that the Nullifier would utterly wipe both target and wielder from reality as if they never existed, which he noted would be a pity considering the astonishing destiny of the children T'Challa and Ororo would someday have. Uatu then allowed them to access the Cyclopedia Universum (the combined knowledge of every Watcher in the history of the universe), allowing them to seek out Epoch, who had allegedly taken Gravity's body.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-ff12

(Fantastic Four III#588) - Seeking to learn the fate of the seemingly dead Human Torch, Reed Richards threatened one of Annihilus' agents (or Annihilus himself? it looks like a young version) with the Ultimate Nullifier, but the creature mockingly held up the tattered remains of the Torch's shirt. 

(FF#14 (fb)) - Reed Richards of Earth-12498 (armor-wearing, black central stripe (with chevron symbol) showed AN Ultimate Nullifier (presumably from his own reality as opposed to Earth-616's) to two other members of the Council of Reeds, Reed-99107 (white business suit wearing) and Reed-98570 (bald with long beard). Reed-99107 warned that to use the Nullifier was to die (he found it's forbidden nature alluring), but Reed-98570 noted that the device could be used without self-destruction, but that it required complete focus, alignment of mind and purpose. ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-avass2

(FF#12) - After Valeria Richards had translocated the Baxter Building's top three floors into a mountain in Latveria to escape Annihilus' hordes, she accessed a hidden panel and located the Ultimate Nullifier (Reality-616's vs. Reality-12498's...or perhaps Reed Richards-12498 got his Nullifier from another reality). 

(FF#13) - When Reed Richards-12498 refused to release Doom at the planned moment, Valeria used the Ultimate Nullifier to force that Reed's compliance.

(FF#14) - As Doom approached the Mad Celestials, Reed-12498 ordered him out of the way and told him to watch as he ended the struggle. Reed-12498 focused and fired the Ultimate Nullifier at the Celestial. However, as he recalled the formation of the Council of Reeds and considered that they could have changed everything, he lost his focus and was consumed by the Nullifier.

(Avengers Assemble#2 (fb) - BTS) - Thanos empowered a group of human agents as his Zodiac to collect a number of objects of power on Earth.

(Avengers Assemble#1 (fb) - BTS) - Unidentified parties attempted to sell the Ultimate Nullifier in Latveria.

(Avengers Assemble#1 - BTS) - The Black Widow and Hawkeye interrupted the transaction and recovered the package, although they didn't know what it was. Zodiac member Taurus arrived to claim the package and battled the arriving Thor and Iron Man.

(Avengers Assemble#2) - After driving off Taurus, the Avengers opened the package and realized what Taurus had been trying to steal. They soon met with Captain America and the Hulk aboard a SHIELD helicarrier and discussed the threat of Zodiac.

    As Zodiac arrived, Captain America instructed the Black Widow to keep the packaged Ultimate Nullifier away from them.

(Avengers Assemble#3 - BTS) - The Black Widow kept the package away from the Zodiac. After identifying a remote source of the Zodiac's power, Iron Man blocked it, reverting the Zodiac to powerless human forms. Thanos soon after confronted the Avengers.

(Avengers Assemble#4 - BTS) - In response to Thanos' threat, SHIELD detonated their helicarrier.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-wolv&xm17pg2

(Wolverine and the X-Men#17 (fb) - BTS) - Doop obtained the Ultimate Nullifier or a replica thereof at some point.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-newav4

(Wolverine and the X-Men#17) - Doop slept at a reception-type -desk, with the Nullifier sitting on the desk between some vinyl records and an Uzi.

    As Doop relaxed in a bath, the Ultimate Nullifier (possibly, see comments) and numerous other weapons aimed at him, as he received an alert that his mandatory Danger Room session began now (see comments).

(New Avengers III#4) - When Earth-616's Illuminati (Beast/Hank McCoy, Black Bolt/Blackagar Boltagon, Black Panther/T'Challa, Dr. Stephen Strange, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Namor the Sub-Mariner) traveled to Earth-13054, which was threatened by Galaktus and his herald, Terrax the Truly Enlightened, Reed adjusted the Ultimate Nullifier in his pocket, although he ultimately didn't use it in the subsequent confrontation.

(Nova V#4 (fb) - BTS) - It took years more for Titus and the Chitauri to assemble -- from the information obtained from the Recorder they had obtained -- the prize, "an Ultimate Nullifier."

(Nova V#4) - When Nova (Sam Alexander) happened upon the Chitauri ship, Titus -- rebuilt as a cyborg by the Chitauri -- attacked him. 

    After learning of the Nullifier, Nova stole it and fled, warping back to Earth. Hiding the Nullifier in a trash can, Nova was subsequently confronted by Titus.

(Nova V#5) - Flying Titus out into space, Nova threatened him with the Nullifier, and Titus inadvertently activated the weapon while trying to grab it from him.

    The weapon apparently nullified Titus and the approaching Chitauri armada (but left Nova unharmed...presumably because Titus activated it?), after which Rocket Raccoon and Gamora showed up to claim the weapon. ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-nova4

    Not trusting them, Nova instead delivered the Nullifier to Uatu the Watcher.

(Original Sin#0) - Wandering through Uatu's citadel, Nova (Sam Alexander) entered a room containing stored weapons, including the Ultimate Nullifier.

(Original Sin#1 (fb) - BTS) - One of the Dark Dimension's Mindless Ones traveled to Earth's moon, where it gained knowledge and visions of sins, presumably from one of the eyes of Uatu, who had been was secretly slain by Nick Fury.

    The now self-aware and telepathic "Mindless One," mentally tortured by the "sins" it had seen, claimed the Ultimate Nullifier and traveled to Earth.

(Original Sin#1) - The intelligent and telepathic "Mindless One" went on a rampage in Manhattan.

    After being opposed by Spider-Man and the Thing, the "Mindless One," unable to live with the "sins" it had seen, turned the Ultimate Nullifier on itself, blowing off its head.

    The arriving Captain America arranged to get some sort of containment team down there to properly deal with the Nullifier.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-guardtu7

(Guardians Team-Up#7 (fb) - BTS) - The (or an?) Ultimate Nullifier somehow fell into the hands of Miami criminal Mambo King who somehow made arrangements to sell it to the extraterrestrial crimelord Dannko.

    Learning Dannko was seeking to purchase the Nullifier, Drax the Destroyer traveled to Miami and joined forces with Ant-Man (Scott Lang) to locate the Nullifier.

(Guardians Team-Up#7) - Mambo King met with Dannko to sell the Nullifier, at which point Dannko pulled out his bladed weapons in preparation to take the Nullifier by force. Drax and Ant-Man then arrived, and Drax ultimately slew Dannko. Ant-Man allowed Drax to claim the Nullifier.

(Guardians Team-Up#7 (fb) - BTS) - Drax apparently returned the Nullifier to...(it is not specified, but perhaps the Watcher's vault?)

ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-asm10(Amazing Spider-Man V#8 - BTS / Amazing Spider-Man V#8 (fb) - BTS) - Led by Odessa Drake, the Thieves Guild looted the weapons of many heroes and villains, apparently including the Ultimate Nullifier.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#9 - BTS) - The Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) led Spider-Man to the Thieves Guild's storage facility to recover his web-shooters; Spider-Man apparently spotted the Nullifier (as he referenced the vault as containing things like it) before the Guild discovered them.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#10) - As the Guild prepared to open their vault (from which the Black Cat claimed nothing ever returned), the Ultimate Nullifier was seen amongst the many objects swirling in the air.

(Amazing Spider-Man V#10 - BTS) - Disabling the device that blocked all of the tracking devices, Spider-Man enabled the heroes to reclaim their weapons, and the Guild fled before the heroes could arrive.ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-drdoom6

(Doctor Doom#6 - BTS) - Seeking to retake control of Latveria, Doom made arrangements with an unidentified man who retrieved the Ultimate Nullifier, possibly from S.P.E.A.R.; Doom's agent Victorious (Zora Vukovic) wired this man the money for his payment.

(Doctor Doom#6) - In Terlingua, Texas and alongside his ally/enemy Kang, Doom met with the unidentified man who delivered the Nullifier.

    Doom noted that the man could have kept the weapon and been the most powerful being in the universe, but the man noted that that wasn't for him...he just wanted to get paid and take care of his family.

    After the man's departure, Kang, wanting the Nullifier for himself, blasted Doom in the back with his will-sapping Ultra-Diode ray.

    However, Doom's will enabled him to resist this, and he stabbed Kang in the neck before departing on horseback and arriving in Chihuahua, New Mexico.

CoViD-19 happened.
To be continued...maybe soon!

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Joe Sinnott.

    An alternate/divergent reality (Reality-82432) Ultimate Nullifier was used by the cosmically-powered and aware Korvac to nullify Eternity and the entire universe as a result, although what happens in one reality cannot be ASSumed to be true of another, even if they at least apparently only differ by one divergent event/decision.

    Who is/was NOT nullified?
    "AN" Ultimate Nullifier
    Rus is an intergalactically well-respected library. The inexperienced, but cosmically-aware Epoch spent time here to expand her knowledge. If the information isn't there, it is either unknown or well-hidden. That being said, when Epoch noted that Rus' resources stated that no one had ever survived using it, Galactus had used it against Korvac. See above. And, perhaps, Galactus' unique/cosmic nature led to him not being included in "no one."

Sadly, the Ultimate Nullifier has become the overused Hyperbole/Deus ex Machina of way too many stories (and not all of them by Bendis), much like the crashing of a Helicarrier.

    A tinderbox is an older term describing a container that typically contained tinder (paper or wood, things readily ignited), steel, and flint.

Wolverine and the X-Men#17ultimate_nullifier-cosmic-wolv&xm17


    To which, Daron Jensen replies:

Well said, Daron...well said...

   Thanks to Daron Jensen for helping gather a list of appearances of the Nullifier.

Profile by Snood.

The Ultimate Nullifier should be distinguished from:

ADDITIONALLY, the Ultimate Nullifier should be distinguished from:

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