elemental_obliterator-powp-franklinELEMENTAL OBLITERATORelemental_obliterator-powp-elan

Classification: Technological/cosmic-power item

Creator: Unrevealed

Possessors: Elan ("Infant Terrible"/Delinquent), Galactus (Galan), Franklin Richards

First Appearance: Power Pack I#58 (September, 1990)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Elemental Obliterator is a powerful weapon that can neutralize certain types of energy.

    Based on its name alone, one would ASSUME it could be used to destroy beings and materials.

    In the hands of most beings, even one as powerful as an Elan, it can destroy the user unless its energies are somehow shielded, filtered, etc.


(Power Pack I#57 - BTS) - After losing some of her cosmic power, Nova (Frankie Raye) borrowed the Stimulator from Four Freedoms Plaza, and she had Alex Power fire the Stimulator at her in order to restore her full power, enabling her to face the threat of the Star Stalker.

    Franklin Richards had the Smartship Friday fly him, Raymond the Flame Guy, and the Elan youth (formerly aka the Infant Terrible) to Galactus to eliminate the threat to Earth.elemental_obliterator-powp-elan-backlash

    However, after absorbing the Stalker's powers, Nova went temporarily insane and became a threat equal to that of the Star-Stalker.

(Power Pack I#58 - BTS) - Aided by Raymond, Franklin Richards projected his dream self into Galactus' ship.

Confronted by Galactus, Franklin asked for the Ultimate Nullifier to save Nova. Interested in helping his former herald but feeling the Ultimate Nullifier was too dangerous to give to Franklin, Galactus instead supplied Franklin with the Elemental Obliterator. 

(Power Pack I#58 - BTS) -  Galactus warned Franklin that if he used the Elemental Obliterator it would kill him (Franklin).elemental_obliterator_powp-overload

(Power Pack I#58) - After Friday returned Franklin to Earth, Franklin prepared to use the Elemental Obliterator. However, wishing to spare Franklin, the Elan instead claimed the weapon and blasted Nova with it.

    When the Obliterator's energies threatened do destroy the Elan as well, "Alex Power/Mass Master" (actually a duplicate, but believed to be Alex at the time) surrounded the Elan with a density firle to protect him.

    Somehow, this led to a link-up among all members of Power Pack and the imposter (Counterweight/Katie Power, Destroyer/Jack Power, Lightspeed/Julie Power, Tattletale/Franklin Richards), and their combined energies launched the Elan into space while the Elemental Obliterator apparently overloaded and exploded?

    Nova's sanity and normal power levels were restored.

Comments: Created by Michael Higgins and Tom Morgan.

    We don't know anything about the Elemental Obliterator's origins or its fate. Galactus had it on his ship, and he gave it to Franklin. After the Elan used it, it appeared to explode, but that was not confirmed. Nova was cured, we don't see or hear about the weapon again.

    This profile was completed 11/11/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads):
Power Pack I#58, pg. 20, panel 7 (Franklin aiming);
       pg. 22, panel 1 (Elan firing at Nova);
          panel 2 (Elan affected by weapon)

Power Pack I#57 (July, 1990) - Michael Higgins (writer), Tom Morgan (penciler/inker), Andy Mushynsky (inker), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Power Pack I#58 (September, 1990) - Michael Higgins (writer), Tom Morgan (artist), Mike Rockwitz (editor); with a plot assist by Seth Kruchkow

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