Real Name: Biawak

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Vorm) mutant?

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: Vorm

Affiliations: Vorm race

Enemies: Elan race, the Elan, Friday, Nova (Frankie Raye), Power Pack (Mass Master imposter, Lightspeed (Julie Power), Destroyer (Jack Power), Counterweight (Katie Power) ), Franklin Richards

Known Relatives: Star Stalker (father)

Aliases: Star Stalker; "Godzilla," "Stalker" (nicknames via Power Pack)

Base of Operations: mobile throughout the universe

First Appearance: Power Pack I#56 (May, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: The Star-Stalker is approximately 16 feet tall and possesses superhuman strength and durability. Its base level is superhuman to an unknown degree, but its power is amplified by absorption of energy. Its tail could be used as a fifth limb in combat.
The Star-Stalker could travel through interplanetary space unaided and unsupported. Despite being reptillian, its mutant nature somehow provided with the ability to resist the near absolute zero cold, as well as the low pressures and lack of oxygen. Upon arriving on a planet, it could then form an ionic coccoon and metamorphosize into a form of "pure ionic combustion," able to metabolize large amounts of energy. In this form, ions flow into it, feeding it. It can apparently drain the energy from an entire planet. It is presumably this massive energy store which it uses to travel between planets.
However, in its ionic combustion state, while it can absorb massive amounts of certain forms of energy, it retains a weakness to great heat, which can weaken or even destroy it. Even ordinary levels of heat cause it some pain, and it prefers to act nocturnally.

History: The Star-Stalker is the son of a mutant Vorm also known as the Star-Stalker. He apparently inherited the great energy absprbing powers of his father, and patterned his name, and his life after him as well.

(Power Pack I#56(fb)-BTS) - The Star-Stalker drained the energy from a series of worlds, including one which served as the home to an Elan. The Star-Stalker proved capable of overpowering the creations of the Elan, and badly injured the young extra-terrestrial as well.

(Power Pack I#56) - Searching for a meal for her master Galactus, Nova encountered the Star-Stalker and the Elan. The Stalker found Nova attempting to aid the Elan and attacked her. Nova attempted to incinerate the Stalker, who absorbed the blast and drained a large amount of her own power at the same time. Desperate, Nova tapped into her power reserves and attempted to overload the Stalker, but he proved able to absorb all of her energy, actually returning her back to her human form--Frankie Raye.
The team Power Pack, guided by the dreams of Franklin Richards, traveled to the same planet, helped the Elan, and confronted the Star-Stalker. However, the Stalker saw them as no threat, and instead chose to briefly hibernate to metabolize all of the energy it had consumed. Jack Power (with the Destroyer power) attempted to finish what Nova had started, and tired to overload the Stalker. It seemed to be working as the Stalker formed a coccoon, but it suddenly vanished, and Power Pack's smartship, Friday, revealed that it had gone to Earth.


(Power Pack I#57) - The Star-Stalker reappeared in Central Park, New York. He emerged from his coccoon and promptly rampaged through the Park. Friday brought Power Pack, Frankie, and the Elan back to Earth, and they attacked the Stalker anew. The kids' powers proved incapable of harming the Star-Stalker, but they did slow him down and distract him from attacking any others. Meanwhile, Frankie Raye recharged her initial flame-powers after a brief interaction with Raymond the Flame-Guy. She then traveled to Four Freedom's Plaza and located Reed Richards' Stimulator. Using that device, she managed to both recharge her Galactus-powers and to reach a power level sufficient to finally overload, and apparently destroy, the Star-Stalker.
The energy levels generated by the Stimulator temporarily drove Nova mad and made her a threat equal to that of the Star-Stalker, but that's a story for another profile...



Comments: Created by Michael Higgins and Tom Morgan.

The original Star Stalker was red, but his son was green. Maybe there's some color variation possible within the Vorms (or perhaps in someone's memory?)

The term mutant, in the real world, usually refers to one with the development of genetic traits not carried by the parents. The MU definition of mutant is a little cloudier, but generally means one born with super-powers (or who develops them naturally, without artificial mutation). Since the Star-Stalker possesses powers not carried by the rest of the Vorm race, I refer to him as a mutant. Perhaps their is some "mutant" sub-species within the Vorm?

Raymond the Flame Guy. He shows up in Power Pack#56, and is clearly intended to be Toro, Thomas Raymond, who is supposed to be dead. Ann Raymond, Toro's widow, even shows up in Power Pack#60. However, no explanation is ever given for this as Toro has been shown time and time again to be dead. This is the Marvel Universe, where the realm of death has a revolving door, but it still remains unexplained. The only explanation I can come up with is that this guy is not Toro, but instead Captain Kerosene, Gulliver Jones, that Gulliver Raymond Jones, another, lesser known World War II flame-based character. Or we could file it under "D", for D'oh!

The Stimulator was a classic piece of FF from way back in Fantastic Four I#37 and 40, used to recharge the temporarily powerless team against Dr. Doom, and the Frightful, if memory serves.

His real name was revealed in Nova's profile in OHOTMU A-Z HC#8.

The Star-Stalker should be distinguished from:

Friday, the Smartship, should be distinguished from:

Nova, Frankie Raye, has no known connection to:

Power Pack I#56 (May, 1990) - Michael Higgins & Seth Kruchkow (writers), Tom Morgan (penciler), Andy Mushynsky (inks), Daryl Edelman (editor)
Power Pack I#57 (July, 1990) - Michael Higgins & Seth Kruchkow (writers), Tom Morgan (penciler/inker), Andy Mushynsky (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)

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