Creations of Stan Lee

Abominable Snowman - by Prime Eternal

Absorbatron (Leader's weapon)

Abu Ben Hakim (Dr. Strange character)

Abu Dakir (Mogul ally)

Aces Wilde (Suprema/Scarbo foe) - by Prime Eternal

Acrobat (Human Torch/Captain America foe)

Actor (Iron Man foe)

Adria (Dr. Strange foe)

Aero-Sub (Avengers vehicle, invented by Mr. Fantastic) - by John Kaminski

Agamotto (Vishanti, Doctor Strange character)

Aged Genghis (Dr. Strange character)

Agent L (HYDRA defector) - by Prime Eternal

Aggamon (Dr. Strange foe)

Agnar (King of the Eagles, Thor character)

Agnar the Fierce (Asgardian)

Agon (Inhuman king, Black Bolt & Maximus' father) - by Chadman

Air-Cars (Yashonka tech)

Aireo the Floating Man (Inhuman, Skybreaker)

Airjet-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Alana ?? (Centaurius II, John's girlfriend)

Alethea (1950s mermaid) - by Ron Fredricks

Alibar (Mogul, Thor character)

alien champion (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

alligator (1960s, fought Monstrom)

Altarra (Solarman character) - by Grendel Prime

Amanda ?? of Earth-77013 (Blue Fly victim, Spider-Man character)

"Amazing Fantasy Boy" (Spider-Man character) - by Markus Raymond

Ambassador Jordan (US ambassador, Headline Hunter character)

Amphibian Androids (Synthoids)

Amphibion (Hulk foe)

Anderson, Dave (Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Android Man (Thing foe)

Android X-4 (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Andromians (xt, Shann's foes)

Andromidian (xt, Mummex's race)

Anelle (Hulkling's mother, Avengers/Fantastic Four character) - by Chadman

Anne ?? (encountered Roc)

Anne ?? (encountered Gorgilla)

Annie ?? (college student, romance character)

Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing (used to combat cosmic Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Gravity device (Tony Stark's invention) - by Prime Eternal

Anti-Magnetic Inverter (Spider-Man invention) - by John Kaminski

Ape (Old West, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ape (Ant-Man/Wasp foe)

"ape creatures" ("Twilight World" race)

Ape Horgon (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Aquarium Security Guard (Monsters on the Prowl) - by Patrick D Ryall

Aquaticons (Dr. Druid/Droom foe) - by Ben Peberdy

archeologists (encountered Gorgilla)

Archeopian (xt, Thor characters)

Arctic city (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Ard (Kronan, part of invasion fleet to Earth alongside brother Korg) - by Proto-Man

Ardina of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Arkin the Weak (Loki's cousin, Thor foe) - by Julien Vivé

armed carts (Yashonka tech)

Artemis (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal & Will U

Arthur, Larry (Valerie's husband)

Arthur, Valerie (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

artificial mutants (created by Magneto's mutant-creating machine)

Asbestos Lady (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Asbestos Man (Human Torch foe)

Asikii (Mingo victims)

asteroid (new home of Victor Farrington)

Astran (xt, Metal Master)

Astrologer Royal (Odin ally)

Athena (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal & Will U

Atlas (Greek myth) - by Will U

atomic blast (1959, temporarily mutated gorilla)

atomic gun (caused mutation of the Weed)

atomic machine (mutated the Spider)

atomic machine (mutated Bruttu)

atomic research center (New Mexico research lab, mutated the Spider)

Atomic Space-Displacer (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

atomic transmitter (caused Mekano to run amok)

Atomo-Duplicator (Kang technology, used in Spider-Man robot creation)

"Attila the Hun" (a Space Phantom, Avengers foe)

Attuma (Namor foe) - by Chadman

Aunt May (Linda Brown's aunt)

auto-extensors (Operation: Artificial Powers)

Automatic Car Wash (1960s, run by con artist Rocky Baines)

Avril, Sally (Spider-Man character) - by Prime Eternal

Axel, Anton (Amazing Adult Fantasy character) - by John Kaminski

Axon-Karr (Makluan) - by Prime Eternal

Baines, Rocky (1960s con artist, encountered Martian prisoner) - by Ron Fredricks

Baker, Mart (student, doped by Grizzly)

Baker, Sally (pre-modern, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Ba-Korr (warlord of Klangians)

Baldini (Exiles)

Baltag of Other Earth (Kang/Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Bank Robber Brown (criminal, Homer Ghost foe)

Barker, Carl (Journey into Mystery character) - by Future

Baron Hugo (Romanian mayor, Fantastic Four ally) - by Proto-Man

Baron Mordo's Minions

Baron Zemo (Heinrich, 12th Baron Zemo) - by Prime Eternal

Baroness (Heike Zemo)

Barracuda (Old West, Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

Barracuda (Captain Barracuda)

Barton, Lucy (Living Laser's ex-girlfriend) - by Prime Eternal

Barton, Sally (Brute That Walks' lover)

Barton, Whitey (Daredevil character)

"Bast" (encountered by Miles Keston) - probably

The Bat (Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Battling Jack" Murdock (Daredevil's father)

Baxter, Joe (Ozamm foe)

Baxter, Mr. (Gigantus foe)

Baxu (Iron Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Beast-Man (werewolf, vampires foe)

Beast-Men of Earth-715 (Femizons foes)

Beatles Imposters (Human Torch/Thing foes) - by Prime Eternal

Beaver Division (HYDRA)

Beehive (Enclave)

Beeper Dogs (Yashonka tech)

Beepie (Solarman's robot) - by Grendel Prime

Behemoth (android, Namor foe)

Behemoth puppet (controlled Atlantean Behemoth android, Puppet Master creation)

Ben ?? (thug, beaten by "Fourth Man")

Benedict, Laird (Journey into Mystery character) - by Future

Bennett, Beverly (romance character, model) - by Grendel Prime

Bennett, Douglas (art critic, romance character)

Benson, Anne (Bruttu's lover)

Benson, Biggie (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Benson, Blade (Circus of Crime)

Bentley (Simon Drudd's partner)

Bentley, Charles (X, the Thing That Lived creator)

Bentley, Clive (Dr. Strange character) - by Spidermay

Bentley, John (Tales to Astonish time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Bentley, Victoria (Doctor Strange/Black Knight character) - by Clay Jodee

Bernard the Poet (X-Men character) - by Chadman

Beta-Gun (handheld weapon used by Kree Sentry#9168)

Betatron Bomb (HYDRA weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Big Joe (criminal organizer, Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Big Joe (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Big Monk McGak (encountered Mister Zero)

Big Rock (Maggia, Fantastic Four foe)

Big-Time of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord

Big Turk (Kingpin's gang, Spider-Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Bill ?? (U.S. Army, Space Phantom victim)

Bill ?? (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)

Billings (met Willis Striker)

Billy ?? (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

Bimmu of Reality-63157 (Tales of Suspense story)

Birchwood, Miriam (Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Black Feather (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

Black Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia)

Black Knight (Merlin construct)

Black Book of Bast (used by Miles Keston) - possibly

Black Panther's Engagement Party (Marvel Swimsuit Special event) - by Proto-Man

Blackjack (Old West gambler) - by Ron Fredricks

Blade Benson (Circus of Crime)

Blake (pre-FF character)

Blake, Dunstan (1950s Explorers Club, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Blake, Joe (Wyatt Earp ally) - by Grendel Prime

Blastaar of Earth-78909 (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Blips (Electrical beings) - by Prime Eternal

Blitzkrieg Squad (Baron Strucker's team, Howling Commandos' counterparts) - by Prime Eternal

Blue Fly of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord

Blythe, Jennifer (Jo's sister)

Blythe, Jo (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Bobby ?? (encountered Monster in the Iron Mask)

Bobby ?? (1960s, poor child, owned robot teddy bear)

Bobkins, Mary (Tommy Jr.'s future wife)

Bobkins, Tommy Sr. (Tommy Jr.'s father)

Bobkins, Tommy Jr. (1960s, Amazing Adult Fantasy) - by Ron Fredricks

Bobkins, Tommy III (Tommy Jr.'s future son)

body cell analyzer (part of mutant-creating machine)

Bog Beast (xt monster, Tales to Astonish) - by Chadman

Bogg, Hugo (encountered Ice-Monster)

bolo-cable launchers (used by Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

Bombu (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter - unconfirmed

Bones (Bones 'n Bailey Circus)

Bones 'n Bailey Circus (circus owned by Human Torch's cousin) - by Proto-Man

Bongo (1950s mutated gorilla) - by Ron Fredricks

Bongo Brothers (convict brothers, Homer Ghost characters)

Bootblack (1960s angel, punished Simon Sledge)

Boothroyd (S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons supplier) - by Prime Eternal

Borden, Hawk (Old West gunslinger) - by Grendel Prime

Borden, Jim (Old West, Utah Kid's half-brother)

Borden, Joe (1950s spy) - by John Kaminski

Borers (Negative Zone)

Borgo ("Frankensurfer")

Boris (Doctor Doom's aide, Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

Boss (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Boss Barker (Fantastic Four foe, Skrulls of Kral)

Boswell (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Bouncing Ball of Doom (Mad Thinker weapon) - by Prime Eternal

The Brain (horror character) - by Prime Eternal

Brain Beam (Sagittarian mind scanner)

Brainosaur (Tony Stark's bomb defuser) - by Prime Eternal

Bragg, Ben (Rawhide Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime

Brandon, Arthur (romance character)

Brant, Eleonore (Betty Brant's mother) - by G Morrow

Brass Button Kid (Old West gunfighter) - by Grendel Prime

Breathing Potion (Kree life support medication) - by Donald Campbell

Brenner, Wolfgang (Red Skull's servant) - by Prime Eternal

Brett, John (2062 A.D. Earth robot, used against Pildorr the Plunderer)

Brewster, Tom (Daredevil character)

Briggs, Foxy (Spider-Man foe) - by Patrick D Ryall

Briggs, Tony (preteen boy, assisted in creation of Mechano)

Brimer (King of Storm Giants, Odin foe)

Brinkley, Chet (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Brok the Crusher (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)

Brona (Enchanters)

Brother Joshua (Miracle Man)

Brother Royal (Badoon) - by Darc_Light, Stunner, Kyle Smith & Prime Eternal

Brown, Bennington (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

Brown, Linda (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Bruce Banner's Robot (created for Thunderbolt Ross) - by Prime Eternal

Bruno ?? (William Cartwright's bodyguard)

Brunt, Dan (Old West sheriff)

Brute That Walks (giant monster) - by Prime Eternal

Bruto the Strong Man (Bruce Olafsen, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

Bruttu (giant monster) - by Prime Eternal

Bryant, Jane (1950s subterranean, nurse) - by Ron Fredricks

Bull (Captain America foe)

Bull Brogin (Terrible Trio)

Bulldozer (Captain America foe)

Bullet-Proof Man (Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Bunyan, Paul" (a Space Phantom, Immortus servant)

Burglar (Ben Parker's murderer, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Buri (Tiwaz)

Burke, Anne (Henry Burke's wife, Sserpo enemy)

Burke, Henry (Sserpo enemy)

Burke, Thomas (scientist, Henry Burke ancestor)

Burke, Walter (engineer, haunted former employer) - by Ron Fredricks

Burton (encountered Zog)

Cabbie (Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Cadavus, Franz (Exiles)

Dr. Caldwell of Earth-50136 (28th century, invented indestructible metal) - by Chadman

Camel Division (HYDRA)

Cancrius III (homeworld of the Kigor)

Candell, Colton of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Candell, Elyna (Colton's sister)

Candell, Irene (Colton's niece)

Cantor, Vera (Beast (Henry McCoy) girlfriend) - by Chadman

Captain (Stone Men)

Captain America imposter (Acrobat)

Captain America imposters (would-be fill-ins) - by Prime Eternal

Captain America imposter (Sons of the Serpent)

Captain Barracuda (Human Torch foe)

Captain Fong (Dr. Octopus foe)

"Captain W" (FOOM, Super-Hero ally)

Captivator of Earth-6676 (25th century robot)

car/spaceship (Martian prison transport, taken by Rocky Baines)

Carelius (king, father of Ravonna) - by Prime Eternal

Carl ?? of alternate Earth (2050, colleague of Derek Welles)

Carla ?? (wife of Ralph, Ka-Zar foe)

Carol ?? (1960s, owned Teddy)

Carson's Carnival of Traveling Wonders (Hawkeye's original carnival) - by Proto-Man

Carter, Bobby (encountered Martian Who Stole a City)

Carter, Charleton (Mr. Doll victim, Iron Man character)

Carter, Dan (Two-Gun Kid character)

Carter, John (Torr foe)

Carter, Professor (Krang foe)

Carter, Robert (encountered the Spider)

Carter, Tad (pre-modern era, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Carter, Wade (Old West gunslinger) - by Grendel Prime

Cartwright (General Electronics executive)

Cartwright, John (Titan foe)

Cartwright, Victor (Dragoom foe)

Cartwright, Victor (Lizard Men foe)

Cartwright, William (alien Four-Armed Men foe)

Casey, Pat (WWII era friend of Black Marvel (Dan Lyons))

Cassidy Crystals (Fear Itself GN)

Cat (aka Prowler, Spider-Man foe)

Cathode Gloves (Count Tagar's weapons)

Cathy ?? (discovered "Twilight World")

cat-man (slave of Skrulls of Kral)

Cave of Ages (Mangog's prison)

centrifugal force ray (Tony stark invention, used against Crusher)

Cerberus (Hellhound) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Charles Xavier's Explorer Wheelchair (tank-tread wheelchair) - by Prime Eternal

Charlie ?? (Gigantus foe)

Charlie ?? (Spider-Man foe) - by Proto-Man

Charlie ?? (Teen Brigade)

Charlie ?? (Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

Charlie ?? (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Charlie ?? (Unus foe)

Charlie ?? (police officer, Daredevil story) - by Chadman

Chase, Barbara (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Chen, Hu (Black Widow foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Chicken Hawk" (FOOM, Super-Hero ally)

Chip ?? (encountered "Speed Demon")

Cho ?? (Hu Sak's brother)

Chris ?? (Beetle enemy)

Christmas tree (set up by Monsters on Mercury)

Chuda (Replicus creator)

C.I.A. Agents of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Cicero, Caesar (Maggia criminal attorney, Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

Circlet of Power (Solarman's source of power)

Circus of Crime (Kid Colt foes) - by Prime Eternal

Circus of Crime (general troublemakers) - by Chadman

Citadel of Science (Enclave)

Clayton, Adam (Strange Tales)

Clayville Chapter of the Mr. Fantastic Fan Club (Fantastic Four characters) - by Norvo

Clea (Dr. Strange's wife, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Clem ?? (Raven victim, Old West)

Clown (Eliot Franklin, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

Clown-9 (newspaper strip, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Coaxer (SHIELD technology) - by John Kaminski

Cobalt Bomb (nearly used by Doomsday Man)

Cobalt Ray Weapon (Tony Stark invention) - by John Kaminski

Cobbwell, Professor (Spider-Man character) - by Proto-Man

Cobra (Klaus Voorhees, Serpent Society leader) - by Chadman

Cockroach of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe)

Cody, Ace (criminal carnival owner, Old West)

Cohen, Isadore "Izzy" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Cohen, Irving (Izzy's father)

Cohen, Selma (Izzy's mother)

Collin, Derk (first mate of the Space Queen)

Collins, Josh (cursed Bob Lane and others)

Collins, Matt (shot by Waldo Forrest)

Collins, Walter (Fantastic Four's landlord) - by Prime Eternal

Colombo, Nick (romance character, musician)

Colonel Kuro Chin (SHIELD)

Colonel Hendershoot (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Colossus (super-computer) - by Prime Eternal

Colossus (Mingo foe)

Colossus (Ant-Man/Wasp foe)

commandant (Communist leader, Hulk foe)

Commissar (Avengers foe)

Compeller Beam (Rigellian technology, Thor story)

Comrade X (Ant-Man foe)

Conrad, Lewis (Taboo foe)

control panel (used to control "Isaac Nicholson's" robot teddy bear)

Cooper, Dan (Keeper foe)

Cooper, Fred (Lizard Men foe)

Corbett, Captain (Circus of Crime)

Cord, Jeff (1950s, spelunker who lived in subterranean city for awhile) - by Ron Fredricks

Cosgrove of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Cosmic Cube (later evolved into Kubik) - by Proto-Man

Cosmic Power Siphon Harness (device of Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

Cosmos, B.J. (Spider-Man character) - by Prime Eternal

Count Bornag Royale (SHIELD foe) - by Spidermay

Count Nefaria (Luchino Nefaria, Avengers/Iron Man foe) - by Norvo

Count Tagar (New Men/New Immortals) - by Prime Eternal

Count Varron (1950s, Marvel Boy (Grayson) foe) - by Grendel Prime

couple (Wax People)

court (banished Victor Farrington)

Craddock, H. Warren imposter (Skrull)

Cragg, Silas X. (Captain America foe)

Cramm (Nazi spy, Headline Hunter foe)

Creature From the Black Bog (giant monster) - by Prime Eternal

Creature from Krangro (alien invader) - by Prime Eternal

Creature from Kosmos (Pilai, extraterrestrial criminal, Ant-Man & Wasp foe)

Creatures from Krogarr (Tales to Astonish) - by Prime Eternal

Creyton house (abandoned, used by Walter Phelps)

Crime-Master (Spider-Man foe) - by Stunner

Crimson Circle of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak (magic spell) - by MarvellousLuke

Crimson Dynamo (Anton Vanko, creator of the armor) - by Prime Eternal

Crimson Dynamo (Boris Turgenov, Iron Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Cro ("Twilight World" inhabitant)

Crusher (Hades, Thor foe)

Crusher (Iron Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Crusher Hogan (Spider-Man character)

Crypto-Man (Thor foe)

Cult of the Living Pharao (X-Men foes)

Cummings, Diane (It's Amazing Crew, It the Living Colossus character) - by Prime Eternal

Cummings, John (Dimension of Doom)

Cyborg (Captain America character)

Cyclops (Ant-Man foe)

Cyclops (Fantastic Four foe)

Cyttorak (demon) - by Per Degaton

Dakkamites (aliens)

Dakota Kid (Frank Yarrow, Old West sheriff) - by Grendel Prime

Dallas Kid (Old West hero) - by John Kaminski

Dancer, Ben (Two-Gun Kid's mentor) - by John Kaminski

Dane, Elias (horror character) - by Prime Eternal

Dangerous Dan (fugitive, Homer Ghost character)

Daniels, Norman (dated Judy Parker)

Darkhold (Book of Sins) - by Patrick D Ryall & Snood

Davis (Spider-Man character) - by G Morrow

Dawes, Harry (encountered Stone Men)

Daydra (Sagittarian, Hulk character)

Dayton, Beverly (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Dean Smith (Daredevil character)

Death-Stalker (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

decoy spaceship (found by Harry Grubb)

Deimosans (Journey into Mystery characters)

Deltonians (Mingo victims)

Demon (Demonicus)

Demon (Thor foe)

Demon of the Diamonds (Namor character)

Demon of the Mask (Dr. Strange foe)

Demonicus (Dr. Strange foe)

Demon-Riders (Mogul, Thor characters)

Dempsey (High Evolutionary's first New Man) - by John Kaminski

Denak (Dr. Strange character) - by Spidermay

Denbrow, Pete (Old West, Dakota Kid (Yarrow) foe)

Dent, Hal (Wyoming Kid, Old West character) - by Grendel Prime

Dernier, Jacques (French resistance, Sgt. Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

Destroyer (Human Torch foe)

Destructon (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Deth (xt planet, Ozak's homeworld)

Dethan (metamorphs, Ozak's race)

Diablo (smoke creature, Fifth Dimension) - by Prime Eternal

diamond (Superius Rexian bait, stolen by Dunstan Blake)

Diamond Head (Rocky the Lynx, Captain America foe)

Diamonds of Doom (Namor story)

Diane ?? (encountered Pan)

Dimension of Doom - by Ben Penberdy

Dimension Transporter Helmets (Slaveworld)

Dimension Z (home of Living Eraser)

dimetrodon ("Twilight World")

Dionysus (Olympian god) - by Alex K & Prime Eternal

Disciple of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

"disintegrating gun" (fake weapon used by Protector (Gerald Marsh)

Disintegrator (Blue City on the Moon) - by Prime Eternal

disintegrator ray (Tony Stark invention)

Disruptor (Spider-Man foe)

dissolving spray (Crimson Dynamo (Turgenov) weapon)

Doc Draggett (Old West, Kid Colt foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Dr. Anton (Avengers character)

Dr. Brimm (1950s, killed by Jane Bryant)

Dr. Danger (Kid Colt foe)

Doctor Doom (mad scientist, Homer Ghost foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dr. Doom Hologram (Solarman foe) - by Grendel Prime

Dr. Doom's Killer Robots (Fantastic Four foes) - by Prime Eternal

Doctor Druid (Anthony Ludgate Druid, former Avenger...first super hero of the Marvel Age) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Ecstasy (Night Cat foe)

Dr. Konda (encountered Norton Dunlap)

Doctor Molinari (Invisible Woman's obstetrician) - by Proto-Man

Dr. Ryder (SHIELD traitor)

Dr. Schwanig (Dr. Doom's scientist)

"Dr. Shrinker" (Iron Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Doctor Sinn (magic user, Imp foe)

Doctor Strange (Iron Man foe)

Dr. Svenson (doctor, Avengers ally) - by Prime Eternal

Dr. Van Eyck (scientist)

Dr. Warren (Dr. Strange character)

Dr. Yen (Black Widow's brainwasher) - by Prime Eternal

Dolly (xt child, 1960s Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Don Blake's Android (creation of Don Blake(?))

Donkleburro (xt, Martians pets, Homer Ghost story)

Doombots (Servo-Guard)

Doomsday Man (Silver Surfer/Ms. Marvel foe) - by Spidermay

Dormammu's Wraiths

Dorrek VII (Skrull emperor, Avengers/Fantastic Four foe) - by Chadman

Drago, Bull (convict, Totem foe)

Dragoom (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Drake, Chance (Old West saloon owner) - by Grendel Prime

Drake, Martin (photographer, romance character)

"Drakos" (Shazana's homeworld)

Dredmund Druid (Captain America/Nick Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

Drenkov, Igor (Hulk foe)

Drom the Spirit-Weaver (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)

Droom (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Drudd, Simon (pre-FF scientist) - by Madison Carter

Drug Dealer (Spider-Man foe; sold Harry Osborn drugs) - by Stunner

Dunlap, Norton (Marvel Tales charcter) - by Spidermay

Dunphy, Duke (romance character)

Duplicating Machine (Professor Zaxton)

Durok the Demolisher (Thor foe) - by Luis Dantas

Earth-7888 (Earth-M/Earth-Moebius) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Doc Savage & Snood

Earth-62321 (alternate future Uranus planet) - by Proto-Man

Earth-64358 (conquered by Skrang)

Earth-66381 (Tana Nile colonized Earth)

Earth-I Never Broke Into Comics (What If humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth of the 30th Century (future traveled to by Fredrick Fenton)

Earth of 3050 AD (alternate future, visited by Derek Welles)

Earth-Stan "The Man" Lee and the Blob Were Roommates (What if? world) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Stan Lee Read This Issue (What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Stan Lee Was the Writer of Ultimate Spider-Man (Wha Huh) - by Proto-Man

East Berlin communists (Giant-Man (Pym) foes)

Ecce the Watcher (Galactus character) - by MarvellousLuke

Ed ?? (London Star editor, Headline Hunter character)

Edward ?? of Earth-77013 (Blue Fly victim, Spider-Man character)

Eel (Leopold Stryke, Serpent Squad/Crime Wave/Emisarries of Evil member) - by Chadman

Egghead (Ant-Man/Avengers/Defenders foe) - by Chadman

el Dorado (hidden city)

El Tigre (X-Men/Ka-Zar foe) - by Spidermay

el Toro (Giant-Man (Pym) foe)

Elan (xt, Infant Terrible, Fantastic Four/Power Pack stories) - by Donald Campbell

Electro (50's Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Electro-Death Ray (Slaveworld)

electroni-blade (Enclave creation, used by Alicia Masters)

Electronic Mask (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

Electronic Mass Influencer (Xavier's device) - by Prime Eternal

Electro-Ray Barrier (Ludwig von Frankenstein creation)

electro-vibra suit (Operation: Artificial Powers)

Elektro (giant robot) - by Prime Eternal

Elliot, Hank (Old West marshal)

"El Presidente" (dictator, sought Crusher's power)

Emissaries of Evil (original version, Daredevil foes) - by Chadman

Emissaries of Overlord (Silver Surfer foes)

Emnu (Watcher)

Emotion Charger (used to disrupt Reed and Sue's wedding) - by Prime Eternal

"Encephalo-Feedback Scrambler" (Mr. Fantstic invention) - by John Kaminski

Encephalo-Gun (Fantastic Four item) - by Prime Eternal

Enchanted Rod of Wondrous Wizard Power (Mogul weapon, used by Volstagg)

Enchanters (Thor foes)

Enclave (Fantastic Four foes)

Enslaver (Mrrungo-Mu, Silver Surfer foe)

Eric ?? (Lucius Farnsworth enemy)

Ernst ?? (Blitzkrieg Squad)

ersatz aliens (Mysterio/Tinkerer allies, Spider-Man foes)

Escape Jet (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Eternals of Eyung (alien race, Overmind's race) - by Chadman

Eternity Alarm (for Cave of Ages/Mangog's prison)

Ethel ?? (Monsteroso character)

Evans, Doris "Dorrie" (Human Torch (Johnny Storm) love interest) - by Chadman

Evans, Leslie (Groot foe)

Evil Eye (energy weapon)

"Evolution Accelerator" (xt device, used by Mr. Fantastic) - by John Kaminski

Executioner (Thor foe-- no, not that one)

Executioner (Skurge, Thor/Avengers foe)

Exiles (Captain America foes)

extraterrestrial dummy (found by Harry Grubb)

Faceless One (Dr. Doom foe)

Faceless Ones (Namor foes)

Fafnir of Nastrond (Thor foe)

Falcon Division (HYDRA)

False Face (fictional character) - by David Lawrence

Faltine (Dark Dimension race) - by Jean-Marc Lofficer

"Fang" (Unholy Three)

Fangs of Farallah (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Fantastic-Kids (young Fantastic Four fans) - by Prime Eternal

Fantasti-Copter (seldom-used FF vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

"Fantasti-Jet" (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by John Kaminski

Farnsworth, Lucius (horror character) - by Prime Eternal

Farnum, Fenton (Giant Man (Pym) character, Hidden Man victim)

Farrington, Leslie (executive, Imperial Industries International) - by Prime Eternal

Farrington, Victor (encountered Centauran)

Fatal Finnegan (wrestler, Thing foe) - by Proto-Man

Fatima (Nick Fury ally)

Fat Man (Kid Colt foe) - by Snood & Prime Eternal

Favorsham (Gregory Gideon rival)

Featherstone (wealthy man seeking immortality, Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Feepers (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Fellowship of Fear (Daredevil foes) - by Chadman

Femizonia (Earth-715)

Femizons (Thundra, both versions)

fenced area of Hidden Valley (used by Morgan Yancy, Monster of the Hidden Valley)

Fenris Wolf (Asgardian monster) - by Prime Eternal

Fenton, Fredrick (Journey into Mystery time-traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Fenton, Tom (1950s, Hollywood publicist, Skull-Face victim)

Fenton Electronics (Frederick Fenton's corporation)

Fernusans (Fernius, sentient plant race) - by Grendel Prime

Fifth Dimension (home dimension of Xemu)

Fin Fang Foom (Dragon Lord, Iron Man foe) - by Madison Carter

Finisher (communist Red Skull agent)

Fireproof Natives (Human Torch foes) - by Prime Eternal

Fisk, Richard (Kingpin's son, Spider-Man/Captain America/Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Fisk, Vanessa (Kingpin's wife)

500' Tall Humanoid (Humanoids)

flame jet suit (Operation: Artificial Powers)

Flames of the Faltine (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Fleming, Paul (encountered Mummex)

"Fletcher, Hiram" (Death foe) - by John Kaminski

Flint, Captain (one time C.O. of Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

flora of Planet X of Reality-59356 (controlled fauna via exuding neural scent)

Flying Fortress (Dr. Doom's ship) - by Prime Eternal

Flying Trolls of Thryheim (Thor foes) - by Markus Raymond

Followers (annoying devices of Dr. Doom) - by Prime Eternal

force field gun (used by Insect Man's son)

Foreman, Nancy (Jester character)

"Fork Tongue" (Unholy Three)

Forrest, Waldo (pre-FF werewolf) - by Madison Carter

Forrest, Emily (Waldo's wife)

Forsung (Enchanters)

Foster, Nan (pop music aficionado, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

"Four-armed men" (1950s subterraneans, Jane Bryant's race)

Four-Armed Men (xt, 1960s invaders) - by Ron Fredricks

"Fourth Man" (1960s, living statue) - by Ron Fredricks

Fox (Human Torch foe)

Fox (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Fox Division (HYDRA) - by Prime Eternal

Fox-People (xt, Planet-Taker Corps foes)

Frankensteins - by Prime Eternal

Franklin, Buck (Destroyer host, Thor foe) - by John Kaminski

Freak (Iron Man foe)

Fredrich ?? (Nazi spy, Headline Hunter foe)

Fredricks, Lt. General (X-Men/Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

"freeze" ray (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Frisky (distinctly non-frisky Millie the Model dog) - by Prime Eternal

Fritz ?? (Brain ally)

Fritz ?? (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Frog-Man (Strange Tales) - by Future

Fury, Nick LMDs (all of the pesky imitators!) - by Prime Eternal

Galactus of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Doc Savage & Snood

Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates (cosmic re-creations) - by Prime Eternal

Galaxy Master (Hulk foe)

Galp of the Steel Arm (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)

Gantry, Kitt (romance character, singer) - by Grendel Prime

Gargantus (1960s, carnival gorilla, encountered by Victor Phillips)

Gargantus (Iron Man foe)

Garnett, Frank (romance character)

Garth, Donna (Zombie's daughter) - by Snood & Prime Eternal

Gates, "Gunner" (captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Gaxton, Blackie (Spider-Man character)

General (Siver Surfer foe)

General Cartright (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

General Chen (Supreme Serpent) - by Prime Eternal

General Ching (Exiles)

General Chou (Yashonka)

General Fang (Hulk foe)

General Su (Dr. Octopus foe) - by Grendel Prime

General Wo (Captain America foe)

George ?? (Lucius Farnsworth's gardener)

Getz, Lyle (A.I.M., former Scientist Supreme)

Ghan (Frost Giant, Thor foe)

Ghost of Kragmoor Castle (encountered by Anton Axel)

Ghost of Midnight Mountain (Kid Cold foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ghost of Silver City (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

Giant Monster of Midnight Valley (Kid Colt character) - by Prime Eternal

Giant One (Monks of the Hidden Temple)

giant white bird ("Twilight World")

Gibson, Ben (engineer, romance character)

Gideon, Amanda (Night Cat foe)

Gideon, Claire (Gregory's wife, Glorian's mother)

Gideon, Gregory (Fantastic Four foe) - by Per Degaton

Gigantans of Gigantus (alien race) - by Chadman

Giganto (Fantastic Four/Avengers foe) - by Prime Eternal

Giganto (Atlantean monster) - by Prime Eternal

Gigantus (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Gigantus (world of the Gigantans)

Gilbert, Gregson (Dragon Man creator, Fantastic Four/Power Pack character)

Gimlet (Maggia, Fantastic Four foe)

Gladdings, Mark (Hollywood guy)

Gladiator (Melvin Potter, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Glob (pre-FF alien invader) - by Grendel Prime

Glob (Frank Johnson creation)

Globe of Ultimate Knowledge (Hulk/Uatu/Spider-Man stories)

Gloria ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

Goddit, Paula (Human Torch (Hammond) character)

Gogo (servant of Madam Macabre)

Golden Angel (wrestler, Thing foe) - by Prime Eternal

Golden Bull (ancient artifact, Thor/Daredevil stories) - by John Kaminski

Golden People (Savage Land)

Goldplate (Homer Ghost's rich seafaring uncle)

Goliath (Gigantus)

"Goliath" (a Space Phantom, Avengers foe)

Gomdulla (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Googam (Goom's son) - by Prime Eternal

Goom (Tales of Suspense) - by Prime Eternal

Gordon, Bill (victim of the Martian Who Stole a City)

Gordon, Henry (Droom creator)

Gordon, Tom (romance character)

Gorgilla (Marvel Monster, Fin Fang Four member) - by Norvo

Gorgolla (Marvel Monster, Stonians) - by MarvellousLuke

Gorgon extraterrestrial colony (Elderspawn, Journey into Mystery)

Gorilla of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord

"Gorilla from Outer Space" (1960s, encountered by Mike Mullins)

Gorilla-Man (50's Avengers) - by Prime Eternal

Gorki (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Gor-Kill (Marvel Monster, Tales of Suspense) - by Madison Carter

Gorko (Tales to Astonish#55) - by the Voice of Doom

Gorlion (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Gorr (Kronan, Thor foe) - by Grendel Prime

Grabber (Dr. Doom's device) - by Prime Eternal

Graham, Dr. (Thor ally) - by Prime Eternal

Granny Gardenia (Thor character)

Grant, Liz (Ronny Langdon's girlfriend)

Grant, Tim (Old West, idolized Billy the Kid) - by Grendel Prime

Grant, Vick (aspiring actress, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Granu the Prophet (1950s, Microverse)

Grappler Machine (used by Cobra and Mr. Hyde, Thor story) - by Ron Fredricks

Gravity Nullifier (Rigellian technology, Thor story)

Gray, Martin (Old West rancher)

Great Gambonnos (Ernesto & Luigi Gambonno, Circus of Crime members) - by Chadman

Great Video (Marvel Boy foe) - by Prime Eternal

green mist (dimensional portal to "Twilight World")

Green Thing (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

"Green Thing" (Fernusan)

Greer, Blackie (Old West gunfighter)

Grey, Bradley (talent agent, romance character)

Grey, George (Owl (Owlsley) foe) - by Chadman

Grizzly (Rawhide Kid/Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Grizzly (AIM, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Groff of Earth-62321 (Uranian criminal) - by Proto-Man

Grogan, Gorilla (boxer, Homer Ghost character)

Grogan, Grizzly (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Grogg (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Grogoom (X-Men villain) - by Prime Eternal

Grokor (Komoks)

Groot (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Grottu (monster)

Growing Man (Avengers foe) - by Chadman

Grubb, Harry (1960s fake alien, Tales of Suspense) - by Ron Fredricks

Grubb, Jason (time traveler, 1950s to Camelot) - by Ron Fredricks

Grubnik, Hans (Gor-Kill foe)

Gruesome Gus (mean man, the Imp foe)

Gruning, Eric (Exiles)

Gruto (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Gulgol (Dr. Strange character)

G'uranthic Guardian (Dark Dimension guardian) - by Prime Eternal

Guardian of the Light (High Priest of the Monks of the Hidden Temple)

Guardians of the Hidden Temple (Monks of the Hidden Temple)

Guardian Robots (Servo-Guard)

Guerilla fighters (led by Hu Sak, Thor foes)

Gullin (Boar-god)

Gulliver (encountered the Little People)

Gulliver, Lemuel (Gulliver's descendant)

Gun-Barrel Kid (Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

Gun-Dance Kid (Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

Gundar the Viking (Viking warrior) - by Spidermay

Gundar ?? (Viking descendant)

Gunther (Doctor Doom's tiger) - by Prime Eternal

Guy Named Joe (Spider-Man character)

Gyps (Zombie (Simon Garth) foe) - by Markus Raymond

Gyro-Cruiser (Wakandan vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Haag (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Hagstone Sanitarium (1950s, insane asylum)

Haines, Lou (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Hale, Janice (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Half-Face (Iron Man foe)

Half-Man (Nick Fury foe)

Hamilton, Dr. Jerome (Enclave)

Hamir the Hermit (Dr. Strange character) - by Clay Jodee

Hammerhand of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord

Hammer-Hand Androids (Synthoids)

Hans ?? (Nazi spy, Headline Hunter foe)

Hanson, Bart (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

Hanson, Jed (dealt with Thing That Crawled by Night)

Hanson, Joe (Creature from Krogarr foe)

Hargrove, Lewis (Red's brother)

Hargrove, Red (Nick Fury's best friend) - by Prime Eternal

Harkness, Agatha (Fantastic Four/Avengers character) - by Norvo

Harokin (Asgardian, Thor character) - by Markus Raymond

Harper, Al. B. (Silver Surfer character)

Harper, Dan (Pandora foe)

Harper, Diane (robot, Eric Krugg foe)

Harper, Hunk (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime

Harper, Paul (1960s, discovered "Twilight World")

Harris, Charlie (ruthless amusement park owner)

Harrison, Edward (Conspiracy) - by Prime Eternal

Hartnell, David (Stonians foe)

Hartog, Hans (encountered Kraddak)

Hate-Monger (Hitler clone-dealy-o) - by Nick, Per Degaton, Prime Eternal, Snood & others

Haunted House (House of Shadows)

Hauptmann, Gustav (Fantastic Four character)

Hawley, Evelyn (Pamela's mother)

Hawley, Pamela (Nick Fury lover)

Hawley, Peter (Pamela's father)

Head Hunters (Gorgilla characters)

Headline Hunter (journalist, Golden Age hero) - by Prime Eternal

Headstone P. Gravely (Tower of Shadows host) - by Norvo

Heat-Image Tracer (Fantastic Four device) - by Prime Eternal

Hellcat (Defenders member) - by Chadman

Hephaestus (Olympian god) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal & Will U

Hera (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K & Prime Eternal

Herrick (victim of Josh Collins' curse)

Hidden Man (Giant-Man foe)

Hidden Temple (Southeast Asia, Spider-Man story)

Higgens (chauffeur, Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

High-Intensity Field Cannon (designed for commandant, Hulk story)

High Priest (encountered Gomdulla)

High Priest of the Hidden Temple (Spider-Man character)

Hijacker (Ant-Man foe)

Hippolyta (Olympian goddess) - by Will U

Hoary Hoggoth (Hoggoth)

Hodges (Imperial Industries International)

Hogarth, Professor (encountered Harry Sikes)

Hoggoth (Vishanti, mystic principality)

Homer Ghost (happy spirit, 1950s character) - by Grendel Prime

Hooded Horror (pre-FF villain) - by Madison Carter

Hopkins, George B. (creator of Mechano)

Horner (Nazi officer, Headline Hunter foe)

House of Shadows (Strange Tales)

Hover-Cycle (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by John Kaminski

"Hover Platforms" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Howard ?? (Unholy Three victim)

Howard, Joe (romance character, dated Connie Smith)

Howard, Nick (Beverly Dayton's boyfriend) - by Grendel Prime

Howling Commandos (World War II ranger squadron) - by Prime Eternal

Hulk (Albert Poole, pre-FF character) - by Prime Eternal

Hulk Hogan (Two-Gun kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Hulk-Killer robot (Hulk foe...surprise!)

Hulk Larsen (Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

Human Cannonball (Jack Pulver, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

Humanoids (Hulk foes) - by Stunner

Human Robot (50's Avengers) - by Prime Eternal

Human Torch duplicate (Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates)

Hungry (Heroes for Hope comic, X-Men foe) - by Madison Carter

Hunk ?? (convict, Totem foe)

Hunter (HYDRA weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Hunter, John (pre-FF character)

Hunter, Pete (John's brother)

Hurricane (Two-Gun Kid/Phantom Rider foe) - by Prime Eternal & Snood

Hu Sak (Thor foe) - by John Kaminski

Hydra-Ram (HYDRA/S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Hypno-Creature (Dimension of Doom)

Hypno-Fish (Atlantean fish) - by Prime Eternal

Hypno-Gun (Maximus weapon) - by Grendel Prime

Hypno-Persuader (Dr. Doom invention, Fantastic Four stories) - by Ron Fredricks

hypno-ring of Earth-6212 (used by Valeria)

I.B.P. (S.H.I.E.L.D. jet) - by Prime Eternal

"Iceberg Alien" (visitor from the stars, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Iceberg Rocket (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

ice-guns (Kallusian weapons)

Ice-Monster (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Ice Queen (Human Torch/Thing foe)

Id Machine (Wizard invention) - by Norvo

idol (disguised Superius Rexian spaceship)

Idol of Tibo (Karl King foe)

idols of Kraa (Wabuzi tribe)

Idunn (Asgardian goddess) - by Will U & Prime Eternal

Idylicans (xt race, Vulcanians foes) - by Spidermay

Ignatius, Paul (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Igron (Thor foe)

Ikonn (Dr. Strange foe) - by Spidermay

Ikor (Watcher)

Image Projector (Avengers device) - by Prime Eternal

Images of Ikonn (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Immortus (Avengers character, Kang counterpart)

Imp (tiny Golden Age fantasy character) - by Prime Eternal

"Impossible Spaceship" (1960s, Strange Tales alien) - by Ron Fredricks

Indestructible (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Infant Terrible (Fantastic Four foe)

Inferno-42 (A.I.M. weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Infra-Red Machine (Strange Tales)

inhabitants of subterranean city (1950s, encountered by Jeff Cord)

Insect Man (Marvel Monster, subterranean insectoid scientist) - by Markus Raymond

insectoid race (subterranean species)

intelligence ray (mutated Beasts of Berlin)

Inter-Continental Phone Hook-Up (Nick Fury device) - by John Kaminski

interstellar spaceship (Centaurius II, stolen by John the Changeling)

Invaders (alien race) - by Future

Invaders (Martian movie characters)

"Invaders from another world" (pre-modern, thwarted by Victor Marshall)

Invincible Man (Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

ion bridge (Rigellian, Sky Station 14-R)

Ionic Inanimate Matter Converter (used by Reed Richards)

"Iron Hand" Hauptmann (Exiles)

Iron Mask (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

Isle of Silence (Loki's sometime-base) - by Prime Eternal & Proto-Man

Iso-Nuclear Duplicator (Kang technology, used in Spider-Man robot creation)

It the Living Colossus duplicate (Reed Richards' Monster Duplicates)

IT, the Silent One (Sub-Mariner foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ivan (Fantastic Four foe)

Jacque ?? (encountered "Iceberg Alien")

Jacques ?? (Human Torch (Hammond) foe)

Janus (Fantastic Four foe)

Jenny ?? (friend of Solarman)

Jerry ?? (1950s criminal, controlled "Metal Monster")

Jester (Jonathan Powers, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Jet Paralyzer (Crimson Dynamo (Turgenov) weapon)

Jim ?? (Carol's husband, she owned Teddy)

Jinku (Lava Men)

Jinni Devil (Mogul, Thor character)

Joe ?? (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Joe ?? (police checkpoint officer, Fantastic Four character)

Joe ?? (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)

Joe ?? (Daredevil character)

Joe the Barber (made "Muggsy" Bogar vanish)

John ?? (encountered Roc)

John ?? (ally of Creature From the Black Bog)

John ?? (Strange Tales)

John ?? (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

John Bentley's time machine (Tales to Astonish)

John the Changeling (space traveler from Centaurius II) - by Ron Fredricks

Johnson (Daredevil character)

Johnson, Frank (Zzutak creator/foe, Fantastic Four character)

Jones, Cathy (1960s, played with xt child Dolly)

Jones, Orville (Kid Colt foe) - by Sammy7D

Jones, Ricardo (Thing imposter)

Jones, Timothy (1960s, Cathy's father, found Dolly)

Jordan (1960s ghost hunter) - by John Kaminski

Judge Lewis (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Jukes (time traveler) - by Spidermay

Juniper, Jonathan "Junior" (Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

Jupiterians (Sserpo enemies)

Kaa (monster)

Kaecilius (Dr. Strange foe)

Kala (Iron Man foe) - by Norvo & Snood

Kalldin-Zo (Troxx/Enslavers)

Kallusians (alien race, Avengers foes) - by Prime Eternal

Kaluu (Doctor Strange/Mighty Avengers character) - by Markus Raymond

Kalya (servant of Madam Macabre)

Kane, Eric (time traveler) - by Spidermay

Kanga Khan (Hulk foe)

Kangaroo (Frank Oliver, Spider-Man foe) - by Stunner

Karlbad, Dr. (mad scientist, Ape trainer)

Karlbad, Virginia (Karlbad's daughter)

Katzenbach, Nicholas de B. (Sons of the Serpent enemy) - by Proto-Man

Kawa (African tribe, encountered Monsteroso)

Kaxton, Carl (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Keefer, Monk (Gordon Keefer, Ape-Man)

Keeper (asylum keeper) - by Prime Eternal

Keeper (A.I.M., Cosmic Cube) - by Prime Eternal

Keeper of the Comics Code (She-Hulk character) - by Will U

Keeper of the Flame (el Dorado)

Keewazi Indians (Native American tribe) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Keibler Circus (circus, one-time home of the Hulk) - by Proto-Man

Kemperer Family of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Kenojuak, Aningan (Avengers character)

Kent, Paul (romance character, university student)

Keston, Miles (pre-FF character) - probably

Kigor (xt race, non-humanoid hexapeds, It the Living Colossus associates) - by Markus Raymond

Killer Plants (Savage Land creatures) - by Chadman

"Killer Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Kim ?? (Hu Sak's sister)

King (John the Changeling's dog)

King, Karl (Tibo foe) - by Spidermay

King Arrkam of Earth-6676 (Hulk foe) - by Snood & Ron Fredricks

King Kobra (Kid Colt villain) - by Prime Eternal

King Midas (Greek myth character) - by Will U

King of Mirwood (Pearla's father)

King Vladimir (predecessor of Dr. Doom)

Klang (homeworld of Klangians)

Klangians (warlike race, stopped invasion plan of Earth) - by AvatarWarlord

Klaw (Master of Sound, Black Panther/Avengers/Fantastic Four etc. foe) - by Chadman

Knorda (Thor/Avengers/Fantastic Four character)

Koenig, Eric (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Kole, Max (drummer, cursed by Madame Grimm)

Komoks (xt, giant conquerors, Tales to Astonish) - by AvatarWarlord

Kosmosians (aliens)

Koto (Mandarin's android, Iron Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Kozlov, Miklos (Grogg foe)

Kraa (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Kraal (Solarman foe) - by Grendel Prime

Kraddak (xt, Tales of Suspense) - by Spidermay

Kragg, Ben (Karl's brother)

Kragg, Karl (glory-seeking bodybuilder, Amazing Adult Fantasy character) - by Grendel Prime

Krak (Night Cat foe)

Krang (giant ant) - by Prime Eternal

Krangros (Creature from Krangro, xt conquerors) - by AvatarWarlord

Krask, Kronin (Thor foe)

Krass, Roger (horror character) - by Sammy 7D

Kreig, James (Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Krills (xt race, pre-FF era) - by John Kaminski

Krogg (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Kronans (Thor foes) - by Prime Eternal

Kronton, Dr. (Doomsday Man creator)

Kruger, Heinz (Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Kruger, Klaus (Daredevil foe) - by Prime Eternal

Kruger, Nat (Old West bank robber, Warren Mace foe) - by Loki

Krugg, Eric (Journey into Mystery, robot creator) - by John Kaminski

Krushki (Exiles)

Kruzak, Deszo (vampire, Beast-Man victim)

Kulla (Ant-Man foe)

Kunga (1960s, Journey into Mystery alien "gorilla") - by Ron Fredricks

Kurrgo (Fantastic Four foe)

"Lady Ewe" (New Men)

Lamp of Alaeddin (Alibar)

Lane, Bob (cursed undead) - by Spidermay

Langdon, Ronny (romance character, singer) - by Grendel Prime

Langley, Billy (Mark's son)

Langley, Helen (Mark's wife)

Langley, Mark (Tales of Suspense) - by Prime Eternal

L.A.P.D. Cops of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

La Roc, Pierre (1960s criminal, encountered living statues) - by Ron Fredricks

Larrimore, Don (romance character, fashion photographer)

Larry ?? (Brain ally)

Laufey (Frost Giant king, Loki's father) - by Markus Raymond

Laura ?? (encountered Gruto)

LaValle, Artur (film director, proposed marriage to Vick Grant)

Lawson, Janet (romance character)

Lawson, Larry (Janet's brother)

Lazlo, Sigfried (artist, romance character)

Leander (1950s, lived in subterranean city, encounterd by Jeff Cord)

Leap-Frog (Daredevil character)

Lederer, Horst (Red Skull's servant) - by Prime Eternal

Lee, Stan

Leopard Division (HYDRA)

Leprechauns under the quicksand (Tales to Astonish characters) - by Ron Fredricks

Lifter (Human Torch (Hammond) foe)

Lindstrom of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Lippy Louie (Skrulls of Kral)

Lithodia Rexians (pre-FF aliens) - by Madison Carter

Little People (Strange Tales characters) - by Spidermay

Live Wire (Rance Preston, Circus of Crime member/Psycho-Man agent) - by Chadman

Living Brain (Spider-Man character)

Living Eraser (Giant-Man foe)

Living Laser (Arthur Parks, Iron Man/Avengers foe) - by Chadman

Living Pharao (Ahmet Abdol, X-Men/Spider-Man/Power Man/Iron Fist foe)

Living Rock (Lava Men weapon)

Living Shadow (Warlord Kaa)

"living statues" (encountered Mike Rugger)

Living Talisman (Enchanters)

Living Totem (Rawhide Kid foe)

Living Tribunal (multiversal judge)

living wax statues (1960s, encountered by Pierre La Roc)

Lizard-Bird (Frank Johnson creation)

"Lizard-Men" (1950s, alternate Earth subterranean race)

Lizard Men (Deviants, Monster Hunter foes) - by Prime Eternal

Lizard Men of Tok (Microverse)

Locust (X-Men foe)

Lokar (Venturite leader, Tales of Suspense)

Lo-Karr (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Loko (Hidden Man's servant)

Looter (Spider-Man foe)

Lord Danvers (London Star publisher, Headline Hunter character)

Lord Ha-Ha (Howling Commandos foe)

Lord Ugarth (Xartans) - by Prime Eternal

Lord Wotonby (Nazi ally, Headline Hunter foe)

Lord Zano (Xartans) - by Prime Eternal

Lorenzo ?? (xt, loved the princess, tricked the Bog Beast)

Lorraine, Linda (romance character, Lady Fair fashion magazine editor)

Lou ?? (encountered Krills)

Louie ?? (Boss agent)

Lucas, Cyril (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Lucas, Willie (Captain America character)

Lucifer (X-Men/Captain America/Iron Man foe)

Lucky Lobo (Spider-Man foe) - by Stunner

Ludwig ?? (enemy of Krang)

Ludwig ?? (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Lumpkin, Willie (Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

Luna Lizards (alternate future moon reptiles, Tales of Suspense characters) - by Grendel Prime

"Lurkers" (Doctor Druid foes) - by Ron Fredricks

Lurking Unknown (Fear-Lords)

Lyra of Earth-715 (United Sisterhood Alliance, warrior princess)

Maa-Gor (Ka-Zar foe)

Mad Martian (Frank Johnson creation)

Mad Merlin (Merlin Demonspawn)

Mad Pharaoh (Iron Man foe)

Madame Grimm (pre-modern sorceress) - by Ron Fredricks

Madame Hydra (Viper, Avengers/Spider-Woman/Captain America/Wolverine, etc. foe)

Madam Macabre's wig (included size-changing circuitry, Giant-Man/Wasp story)

Madam Macabre's prefabricated room (made from plasticized steel, Giant-Man/Wasp story)

Madame X (Comrade X)

Madam Macabre (Giant-Man foe)

Magician (Giant-Man foe)

Magneto (no, not him-- a pre-Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Magnir (Enchanters)

Magno-Man (slave of Skrulls of Kral)

Maha Yogi (Merlin Demonspawn)

Major Carlson (doctor, Avengers ally) - by Prime Eternal

Major Uberhart (Nazi, Red Skull agent)

Male Model of Earth-7888 (Silver Surfer) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Mallon, "Crow" (Rawhide Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime

Man in the Mystery Mask (Fantastic Four foe…of sorts) - by Prime Eternal

Man-Apes (Savage Land race, Ka-Zar foes)

Man-Beast (Thor/Adam Warlock/Heroes for Hire foe)

Man-Brute (Captain America/Omega the Unknown foe)

Mandarin's killer satellite (laser weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Manelli, Dino (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Manfred ?? (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Man-Killer (Hydra robot) - by Prime Eternal

Man Monster (Spider-Man foe)

Man Mountain Marko (Spider-Man foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Man-Thing (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Mango Kid (Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

Mangog (Thor/Odin foe)

Mangog's race (imprisoned within Mangog) - by Donald Campbell

Manners, Steve (Brain foe)

Margus (Kronan, Thor/Hulk foe)

Maria ?? (Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Marion, Ed (Kulla ally)

Markham, Harry (Strange Tales character) - by Spidermay

Marlowe, Bret (Haag foe)

Marshall, Victor (Marvel monster hero, thwarted alien invasion) - by Prime Eternal & Ron Fredricks

Martha ?? (ally of Creature From the Black Bog)

"Martian Flying Saucer" (1960s, Tales of Suspense alien) - by Ron Fredricks

Martian Who Stole A City (Tales of Suspense) - by Prime Eternal

Martian Who Walks Among Us (Strange Tales) - by Future

"Martians" (xt, Homer Ghost foes) - by Grendel Prime

Martians (alien race) - by Future

Martians (xt, Homer Ghost characters) - by Grendel Prime

Martin, James (Daredevil/Moon Knight character)

Martin, "Machine Gun" (role model of Skrulls of Kral)

Martin, Mike (romance character, Nan Foster's ex-bf)

Martin, Mike (romance character, Kitt Gantry's ex-bf)

Masked Marauder (Maggia, Daredevil/Spider-Man/etc. foe) - by Chadman

Masked Maverick (Old West, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mason, Jake (Bombu foe) - unconfirmed

Mason, Lint (son of Masked Maverick)

Mason, Wade (son of Masked Maverick)

Master Planner (Captain America imposter)

Master of Guile of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Masters of Evil (Heinrich Zemo's) - by Prime Eternal

Masters of Menace (Clown-led Circus of Crime) - by Chadman

Matador (Daredevil foe, continued from El Supremo)

matter displacer (Kallusians, Avengers story)

Matter Mobilizer (device of Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

Maulers (rival squad of the Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

Maxie ?? (Unus' trainer)

Maximus (xt, fought Bog Beast)

Mayor of Los Angeles of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

McGiveney, Sgt. Bull (Maulers leader) - by Prime Eternal

McPherson, Mindy (Prowler's wife, accountant) - by Chadman

McSnide, Molly Margaret (television talk show host, interviewed Invisible Girl) - by Proto-Man

Mechanical Dragon (Iron Man foe) - by John Kaminski

Mechanical Gladiator (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Mechano (1960s giant robot) - by Ron Fredricks

Mechano-Monster (Kronans robot)

"Medusa" D'Bari (Avengers foe)

Menace from Inferno Isle (Namor foe)

Mentallo (Marvin Flumm, psychic criminal) - by Chadman

Mephisto (Hell-Lord, the Devil)

"Merlin" (a Space Phantom, Avengers foe)

Merlin Demonspawn

Messenger, Tobias (Promise, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Metal Master (Hulk foe)

"Metal Monster" (1950s, Journey into Mystery robot-like armor) - by Ron Fredricks

Metallo (horror character) - by Prime Eternal

meteorite (used to destroy Thing That Crawled by Night)

Midnight Monster (Journey into Mystery) - by Ben Peberdy

Miklos ?? (terrorist, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Mind Transfer process (Ludwig von Frankenstein uses the X-Machine, Silver Surfer story)

Mingo (Tales to Astonish) - by Voice of Doom

Minister Blood (Scarbo, Skeleton Crew, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Minotaur (Avengers foe)

Miracle Man (Fantastic Four foe)

Miss Hotchkiss (encountered Skrang's spaceship)

missile (destroyed the Spider)

Mr. Cooles (Nazi spy, Headline Hunter foe)

Mister Doll (Iron Man/Spider-Woman (Drew) foe)

Mr. Fantastic duplicate (Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates)

Mister Fear (Zoltan Drago, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Mr. Hyde (Calvin Zabo, Thor/Daredevil/Avengers/Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

Mr. Lightning (Old West, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mr. Marvel (Circus of Crime)

Mr. Reginald (Headline Hunter character)

Mister Smith (Robot X creation)

Mister Zero (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Mitchell, Dan (encountered Gruto)

Mogard (Black Knight construct foe)

Mogul of the Mystic Mountain (Thor foe)

Mole Division (HYDRA)

Mole Man's robot (Avengers foe)

Molten Man (Mark Raxton, Liz Allan's half-brother, Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

Molten Man-Thing (Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

Molto (Lava Man)

Mongoors (xt, 1960s semi-humanoid race) - by Prime Eternal

Mongu (Hulk foe)

Monks of the Hidden Temple (Spider-Man characters)

Monocle (Fantastic Four/Spider-Man foe)

"Monster" Ambassador (alien Supreme Council of Civilized Planets ambassador) - by Loki

Monster Ape (Captain America foe)

Monster (Escapes) (pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

Monster in the Iron Mask (alien villain) - by Prime Eternal

Monster from the Lost Lagoon (Fantastic Four/Power Pack character)

Monster/Larry Rambow (Fantastic Four character)

Monster in the Iron Mask (Pre-FF monster) - by Prime Eternal

Monster of Hidden Valley (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Ron Fredricks

monster robot (Yashonka tech)

Monster That Walked Like A Man (Gigantus)

Monsteroso (monster)

Monsteroso (micro-monster) - by Prime Eternal

Monsters on Bald Mountain (living statues) - by Prime Eternal

Monsters on Mercury (xt, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Monstro (robot, Dr. Doom, not THAT Dr. Doom!)

Monstrom (swamp monster) - by Prime Eternal

Moomba (monster)

Moon Tractor (Tony Stark invention) - by John Kaminski

Mopox (Komoks)

Moran, Ray (Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Mordred the Evil (Camelot, Black Knight foe) - by Snood & Will U

"Morgan, Anne" (xt, Four-Armed Men)

Morgan, Cal (Old West, Moose Morgan's son)

Morgan, Joe (criminal, transported to Earth-62321) - by Proto-Man

Morgan, Moose (Old West era rancher, Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime

Morgan, Philip (Strange Tales)

Morgo, Edward (hypnotist, would-be robber, Amazing Adult Fantasy) - by Ron Fredricks

Morlak, Maris (Enclave)

Morrison, Peter (Unholy Three ally...kind of)

Morsden, Gerald (1950s era tycoon) - by John Kaminski

Morse, Sheriff Tom (Old West, Raven foe)

Mosquito Man (Spider-Man/Stan Lee character) - by Loki

Mother Night (Suprema, Skeleton Crew, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

mountain lion (1960s, slain by Teddy)

"Muggsy" Bogar (criminal fugitive, Joe the Barber foe) - by Grendel Prime

Mullins, Mike (1960s, Tales of Suspense character, encountered alien gorilla) - by Ron Fredricks

Mummex (pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

Mummy (Amazing Fantasy character) - by Madison Carter

Munch, Heinrich (Thing Called IT creator/host)

Munnopor (Dr. Strange character) - by Spidermay & Snood

"Munntosso" (1950s, alternate Earth, vulcans controlled by "Lizard-Men")

Murder Machine (Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mutant-Creating Machine (Magneto technology) - by Ron Fredricks

Mutates of "Earth-69362" (Thor foes) - by John Kaminski

Mutaurus (Mogul, Thor character)

Myers, Anton (Ant-Man/Wasp character)

Mystic Mogul (Mogul)

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Prod (Nightmare weapon)

Nancy ?? (Strange Tales)

Napoleon G. Robberson (Skrulls of Kral)

Nash, Mary (WWII era friend of Black Marvel (Dan Lyons)) - by Prime Eternal

Nast, Charlie (year 2100, Strange Tales character) - by Prime Eternal

"Nazakka" (Dr. Strange character)

Nazi Sleepers 1-3 (original Sleepers) - by John Kaminski & Prime Eternal

Neanderthal tribe ("Twilight World")

"Necrophone" (Victor von Doom invention) - by John Kaminski

Nedra (Storm Giant queen, Odin foe)

Nega-Man (Janus)

Nelson (victim of Josh Collins' curse)

Nelson, Art (Cynthias Worthington's ex-boyfriend, romance character)

Nelson, Mindy (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Nelson, Skip (Mindy's brother)

Nelson, Wendy (actress, chosen by Artur LaValle)

Neri (Asgardian goddess) - by Kyle

Nester, Cob (Old West gunfighter) - by Grendel Prime

Netherworld of Eternal Doom (Demon of the Mask's realm)

Neuron-Magnet (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

neutralizer (Dr. Phillip Zolten Rambow invention, Fantastic Four story)

Neutralizer (Tony Sark invention) - by John Kaminski

New Atlantis of Earth-928 (underwater colonies) - by Proto-Man

"New Gods" of Reality-10118 (posible post-Ragnarok gods) - by Ron Fredricks

Newton, Professor (Spider-Man character) - by Proto-Man

Newton, Steve (proposed to Alice Whyte, romance character)

"Nicholson, Isaac" (1960s, thieving inventor) - by Ron Fredricks

night watchman (Wax People)

Night Cat (Jacqueline Tavarez) - by Madison Carter

Nile, Tana (Rigellian, Thor/Howard the Duck/Ronan character)

Nixon, Sam (Old West sheriff)

Nolan, Blackie (1950s criminal, owned "Metal Monster")

Nopply, Ignatz of Earth-52123 (Suspense, mad scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

Norman ?? (encountered Pan)

North, Dr. John (Kronin Krask foe)

Nuba (Golden People)

Nuclear Measuring Device (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by John Kaminski

Number Nine (Secret Empire agent, impersonated by Gabe Jones) - by Prime Eternal

O'Brien, Bernard (NYPD, Peter Parker character) - by Copeinator123

Octo-Monster (Lizard Men)

Octo-Sapien (Hulk foe) - by John Kaminski

Odinsword (previous Mjolnir, Rhinegold, Odin's sword, Thor stories)

Ogor (Martian) - by John Kaminski

Ogur (Mogul, Thor character)

"Old Man" (Willis Striker foe)

old worker (Harry Markham employee)

Omni-Bots (Servo-Guard)

Ooog (xt, Martians, Homer Ghost character)

Operation: Artificial Powers (Fantastic Four power sims) - by Prime Eternal

O'Reilley, Seymour (Spider-Man character, Midtown High School bully)

Organic Energy Attractor (Konrad Zaxon’s device)

Organizer (Daredevil foe)

Orikal (Thor character)

Orini (Dr. Strange foe) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Prime Eternal

Orion Missile (invented by Bruce Banner) - by John Kaminski

Oshtur (Elder God, Vishanti member, Doctor Strange character)

Osirusians (xt, Menace characters) - by AvatarWarlord

Osirus (xt planet, Menace story)

Other Earth (Fantastic Four story)

Otto ?? (Blitzkrieg Squad)

Overkill Horn (SHIELD/Hydra weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Overlord of Dakkam (Silver Surfer foe)

Overmind (Fantastic Four foe, Defenders member) - by Chadman

Owl (Leland Owlsley, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Owl Division (HYDRA)

Ox (Karl Stragg)

Ozaan (Frog-Man foe)

Ozamm (pre-FF monster) - by Future

Pacifier (Dr. Doom's robot) - by Prime Eternal

Pacion Rex (Gruto's homeworld)

Page, Karen (Daredevil's ex-girlfriend/secretary/confidant) - by Chadman

pain (alien substance, created the Glob)

Painter of a Thousand Perils (Human Torch foe)

Pan (Olympian god) - by Will U

Parker, Judy (Norman Daniels date, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Parker, Mary (Peter Parker/Spider-Man's mother) - by Minor Irritant

Parker, Phil (WWII era Army intelligence officer, Howling Commandos ally) - by Prime Eternal

Parker, Richard (Peter Parker/Spider-Man's father) - by Minor Irritant

Parthea (planet, Tales of Suspense)

Paul ?? (encountered Gomdulla)

Pearla (Fantastic Four character)

Peggy ?? (former Human Torch date) - by Proto-Man

Peri-Viewer (used by Ludwig von Frankenstein)

Perkins, Mrs. (Purple Man victim)

Perkins, Seth (Purple Phantom foe)

Perry ?? (Mr. Reginald's cousin, Headline Hunter foe)

Petty, Mr. (designer of the Living Brain, Spider-Man character)

Phantom (Iron Man foe)

Phelps, Filbert (1960s time traveler, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

Phelps, Walter (time traveler, Tales of Suspense) - by Ron Fredricks

Phil ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

Phil ?? (Monsteroso character)

Phillips, Harry (Terrible Trio)

Phillips, Victor (1960s, Tales of Suspense character turned gorilla) - by Ron Fredricks

Phineas (ruler of the Fifth Dimension)

Phosgene gas capsules (Yashonka tech)

Pierre ?? (Invisible Girl's hair stylist) - by Proto-Man

Pildorr the Plunderer (2062 A.D., giant space pirate) - by Ron Fredricks

"Pilot Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Pinkerton, Lt. Colonel (Percival's brother) - by Prime Eternal

Pinkerton, Percival "Pinky" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Planetoid 12 (2100, visited by Charlie Nast)

Planet-Taker Corps (xt conquerors, including Skrang)

Planet X of Reality-59356 (plants in control of others, Tales of Suspense story)

Planner (Master Planner)

Plantman (Samuel Smithers, Human Torch/X-Men/Namor/Captain America/Defenders/Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

Plastic Bubble Projector (used by Red Skull) - by John Kaminski

Plasti-thene (Leader invention) - by John Kaminski

Plastoid (Daredevil foe) - by John Kaminski & Chadman

Plunderer (Parnival Plunder, pirate villain, Ka-Zar's brother) - by Chadman

Pluto (Olympian God) - by Chadman & Will U

police officer (Wax People)

P184 (alternate future spacecraft)

Poole, Albert (pre-FF character) - by Prime Eternal

Poole, Wilbur (creator of Elektro)

Porcupine (Alex Gentry, Ant-Man/X-Men/Captain America/Defenders foe) - by Chadman

Portable Distorters (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology) - by John Kaminski

Possessors (Dr. Strange foes)

Power Stones (energy storage device used by Skrulls) - by Donald Campbell

Preacher Slade (Old West gunslinger)

Prelle, Walter (pre-FF character) - possibly

Prentiss, Tom (Unholy Three victim)

Prester John (Fantastic Four character) - by Per Degaton, Snood & Prime Eternal

primitoid (slave of Skrulls of Kral)

Prince Rey (el Dorado)

Princess Python (Zelda DuBois, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

the professor (Sporr creator)

"Professor" (toymaker, Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Professor Barnes (1960s, Paul Harper's teacher)

Professor Stromm (Geophysicist, Commandant slave, Hulk character) - by Prime Eternal

Professor Tomkins (Unholy Three victim)

Professor Zaxton (Thor foe)

Project: Vanish (military weapon, World War 2) - by Prime Eternal

Prosilicans (aliens)

"Protection racket thugs" (Solarman foes)

Protector (Ant-Man foe)

Proton Beam (commandant weapon used against Hulk)

Proton Coagulation Ray (Rigellian technology, Thor & Iron Man stories)

Prowler (Hibbs, Spider-Man foe)

Psyche-Search Gauge (Rigellian technology; Thor story)

Psycho-Man (Fantastic Four/Microverse/Spider-Man/Silver Surfer foe) - by Norvo

pteranodon ("Twilight World")

Punchy (Purple Man victim) - by Chadman

Punisher (Galactus agent)

Purple Dimension

Purple Gem

Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Purple Phantom (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Pursuit Ship (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

python (Kraa the Unhuman enemy)

Q-Bomb (Wizard's weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Queega (Xt, Daredevil foes) - by John Kaminski

Queen Kalthea (She loved Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

Queen Ula (Thryheim, Thor foe) - by Markus Raymond

Quick-Draw Kid (Hulk Andrews, Old West gunslinger) - by Grendel Prime

Quicksilver (Timeslip hero) - by Madison Carter

Quon race (Monster from the Lost Lagoon)

Quor (Ka-Zar foe)

Rabble-Rouser (Human Torch foe)

Radar Crab (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

radar outpost (Canada, invaded by Krills)

Radzik, Baron (kidnapped by Gorko)

Rakku (Vulcanians)

Ralph ?? (Swamp Tank owner, Ka-Zar character) - by Prime Eternal

Ralston, Robert "Reb" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

Rama Kaliph (Dr. Strange character) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Rama-Tut (Nathaniel Richards, Immortus aspect)

Rambow, Zolten (father of Larry/Monster)

Ramon (El Tigre agent)

Ramsey, Paul (Torr foe) - by Prime Eternal

Randac (former Inhuman ruler, discovered Terrigenesis)

Rank, Rocco (Amazing Fantasy character) - by Madison Carter

Rattler (Rawhide Kid foe)

Rattler (Spider-Man foe)

Raven (Old West criminal) - by Ron Fredricks

Raven (Rawhide Kid foe)

Rawlings, Cedric (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Rawlings, Celia (Cedric's sister)

Ray Projector (invented by "Hiram Fletcher")

Reaper (Captain America/Bucky foe)

Recreater (Time Reversal Ray)

Red Barbarian (Iron Man foe)

Red Beard Dolan (cover identity, Old West sheriff)

Red Raven (Rawhide Kid foe)

Red Skull (communist, 1950's villain) - by Per Degaton

Reds who imprisoned Thor (Thor foes) - by John Kaminski

Reducta-Craft (Fantastic Four vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Red Wolf (Apache brave, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Reed Richards' Monster Duplicates (Dr. Doom foes) - by Madison Carter

Replicus (Thor foe)

Repulse Spheres (Sagittarian attack spheres)

Reptile Men (Savage Land)

Resuscitator (Sagittarian reviving machine)

Reverend Miller (officiated wedding of Reed Richards & Susan Storm) - by Ron Fredricks

Reynolds, Steffi (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Rhino Division (HYDRA) - by Prime Eternal

Rhino Tank (HYDRA vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Rhinogron (slave of Skrulls of Kral)

Rigel-3 (Rigellian Command Planet, destroyed by Black Stars/Rhunians)

"Ring of Full Power" (Dr. Strange weapon) - by Spidermay

Ringmaster (Maynard Tiboldt, Circus of Crime leader) - by Chadman

Rizzo (Black Widow foe) - by Spidermay

Roaring Bear (Apache chief, Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Robert ?? (Blockbuster’s son)

Robert the Robber (Homer the Happy Ghost foe) - by Grendel Prime

robot laborers (Robot X enemies)

robot teddy bear (1960s, invented by "Isaac Nicholson")

Robot X (Amazing Adventures/Doc Samson character) - by Prime Eternal

Roc (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Rocco (Fantastic Four foe) - by Proto-Man

Roger ?? (General Electronics executive) - by Proto-Man

Rogers, Steve LMD (Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

Rommbu (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Rorgg (King of the Spider Men) - by Prime Eternal

Rose, Lt. Bert (NYPD officer, Daredevil ally) - by Chadman

Ross, Bill (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Ross, Margie (romance character, insurance firm employee) - by Grendel Prime

Rrorgo (alternate future xt race) - by Spidermay

R-2 (AIM, Captain America foe)

Rugger, Mike (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

Ruler of Earth (Pre-Marvel sci-fi character) - by the Prime Eternal

Rynda (Inhuman queen, Black Bolt & Maximus' mother) - by Chadman

sabre-tooth tiger ("Twilight World")

Sacred Flame of Life (el Dorado)

Sad Sam Simms (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Sagar (Klangian warrior)

Sagittarians (Hulk characters)

Saguta (Mogul victim)

Sagyr (Golden People)

Sal ?? (student, Matt Murdock character)

Sam ?? (Raven victim, Old West)

Sam ?? (truck driver, reluctant Hulk ally) - by Proto-Man

Sam ?? (S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop)

Sandhurst, Sheila (social worker, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Sandor (communist Red Skull agent)

Sandu (Thor foe)

Santini, Jose (Avengers character) - by Norvo

Sara ?? (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

Sara ?? (encountered Mummex)

"Satan" (encountered by Sammy Snodgrass)

Satan's Eggs (Dredmund's combat vehicles) - by Prime Eternal

Satellite Machine (Dr. Doom weapon) - by John Kaminski

Satellite of Death (Dr. Doom's weapon)

Savage, Captain Simon (Skipper, Leatherneck Raiders leader) - by Prime Eternal

Sawyer (Circus of Crime)

Sawyer, Samuel (General, commanding officer of the Howling Commandos) - by Prime Eternal

S-Bomb (Iron Man foe Doctor Strange invention)

scanner (Konrad Zaxon invention, measured organic energy of living beings)

Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton, Iron Man/Spider-Man/Captain America/Ghost Rider foe)

Scarlet Beetle (Ant-Man foe)

Scavenger (Mad Thinker's Monster Android)

Schlag, Lars (Nazi, activated Nazi Sleeper)

Schwinner, Dr. Eric (GARID)

Scorpion (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

Scotty ?? (encountered Gorgilla)

Scragg, Sam (Old West arms dealer) - by Grendel Prime

Screaming Idol (Tiboro's item)

Sea Dragon Division (HYDRA)

Sealer Beam (Leader invention, Plasti-thene)

Seaweed Man (Namor foe)

Second-Story Sammy (Giant-Man imposter) - by Prime Eternal

Section Leader B (HYDRA)- by Prime Eternal

Seeker (Inhumans foe) - by Spidermay

Seidring (Thor foe)

Sentry #459 (Kree robot) - by Prime Eternal

Sentry #9168 (Kree robot, Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

Seraphim (Dr. Strange characters) - by Spidermay

Sgt. Mason (U.S. Army, caught by Insect Man)

Serpent Den (cave, original HQ of the Sons of the Serpent) - by Proto-Man

Servo-Guards (Dr. Doom's robot servants) - by Prime Eternal

Servo-Robot (Namor foe) - by John Kaminski

Shann (alien monarch)

Shadow Men/Soldiers/Warriors (Shadow Realm, agents of Warlord Kaa)

Shadow Realm (Shadowverse, alien dimension) - by Prim Eternal

Shagg (Horror/Sci-fi character) - by Madison Carter

Sha-Han (Solarman character) - by Grendel Prime

Shalla Bal of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Sharpo (knife thrower, X-Men story)

Shazana (Dr. Strange foe)

Shellshock (Thing foe)

Shezada (Mogul's sister)

S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop (front for headquarters) - by Prime Eternal

S.H.I.E.L.D. Flying Wedge (S.H.I.E.L.D. technology) - by Prime Eternal

Shiffman, Maxie (Spider-Man character)

Shinski, Wladyslav (Enclave)

Shorty (Bones 'n Bailey Circus)

Shorty (Kingpin's gang)

Siegfried ?? (Blitzkrieg Squad)

"sight-stealing ray" (Queega technology)

Sikes, Harry (pre-FF mutate) - by John Kaminski

Silent Fox (Keewazi chief, Wyatt Wingfoot's grandfather) - by Prime Eternal

Silent Ones (Trolls of the Isle of Silence) - by Prime Eternal

Silvermane (Silvio Manfredi, crimelord, Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

Silver Surfer of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Sir Baskerville (Dr. Strange foe)

Sir Lepard (Knights of Wundagore, New Men)

Sir Lyan (Knights of Wundagore, New Men)

Sir Ossilot (New Men, Knights of Wundagore)

Sir Porga (New Men) - by Prime Eternal

Sir Ram (Knights of Wundagore, New Men)

Sixth Dimension (home of Tiboro)

Skagg (Storm Giant) - by John Kaminski

Skarr, "Blackie" (gangster, Mad Thinker associate) - by Proto-Man

Skateboard Unit (HYDRA Tigers)

Skinny Smithers (Old West character) - by Ron Fredricks

"Skipper" (Captain Savage)

Skoll (Wolf god) - by Prime Eternal

Skrang (alien would-be conqueror, Tales of Suspense)

Skrull slave-master (Skrulls of Kral)

Skrulls of Kral (Fantastic Four characters)

Skull-Face movie (1937 movie, remake planned 15 years later)

Sky Station 14-R (Rigellian satellite orbiting Rigel-3)

Sledge, Simon (1960s, ruthless businessman) - by Ron Fredricks

Skull-Face (1950s Mystery Tales character) - by Prime Eternal & Ron Fredricks

sky-hook (Jupiterians, used against Sserpo)

Slagg (Daredevil/Ka-Zar foe) - by Chadman

Slaveworld (Kulla's home)

Slaveworld insects (Kulla's world)

Slick Stone (Old West, Cob Nester foe)

"Slim" (S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop)

"Slugger" Sykes (Thor foe)

Smasher (Purple Phantom's thug)

Smathers, Mr. (Purple Man victim) - by Chadman

Smiley (Human Torch (Hammond) foe)

Smith, Connie (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Smith, Joe (Spider-Man character)

Smith, Sandy "Baby-Face" (Kid Colt foe) - by Grendel Prime

Smith, Tom (Teen Brigade, Rick Jones foe) - by Prime Eternal

Smithers (security guard, Vanisher foe)

Smithson, Horace of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe)

Sniper (Captain America foe)

Snodgrass, Sammy (1950s horror character) - by John Kaminski

Solar Guns (Yashonka tech)

Solarman (solar-powered hero) - by Grendel Prime

Solar Wave (phenomenon utilized by Doctor Doom) - by Ron Fredricks

Solo-Cruiser (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Sonic Disruptor (Skrulls of Kral)

Sons of the Serpent (racist group) - by Prime Eternal

Sorcerer (Human Torch foe)

Sorcerer (Spider-Man foe)

Space Parasite (Hulk foe)

Space Phantom (servant of Immortus, Avengers foe) - by Chadman & Markus Raymond

spaceport security guards (Centaurius II)

Space Queen (spaceship, encountered Osirusians) - by AvatarWarlord

spaceship (Rigellian, Sky Station 14-R)

Spade (thug, beaten by "Fourth Man")

Spade, Mr. (associate of the "Professor")

Spears, Gilda (Brain ally)

specimen cage (used by Tinkerer's ersatz aliens)

"Speed Demon" (pre-modern speedster) - by Ron Fredricks

Spider (1960s, Marvel Monster) - by Ron Fredricks

Spider-Man imposter of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Big-Time ally, Spider-Man foe)

Spider-Man robot (Avengers/Spider-Man foe)

Spider-Slayers (Spider-Man foes) - by Stunner

Spinybeast (Dr. Strange foe) - by Spidermay

Spliny (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Sporr (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Spot (dog, encountered Monster in the Iron Mask)

Spotlight Costumes (Gladiator's shop) - by Prime Eternal

Spotted Plague (used by Mogul, Thor stories)

Sserpo (pre-FF Marvel Monster) - by Ron Fredricks

Stanford, Guy (Nazi spy, Headline Hunter foe)

Stanley, Simon (time machine inventor)

Stanley, Professor Steven (Two-Gun Kid character)

Stark, Sam (Old West criminal) - by John Kaminski

Starlight Special Effects of Earth-77013 (Hollywood, created Gorilla exo-skeleton)

Star Patrol (heroic extraterrestrial organization)

Static Distorter (Fixer invention) - by John Kaminski

Statue of Liberty (opposed Undersea Giants)

Stewart, Kathy (romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Stillwell, Dr. Farley (Spider-Man character) - by Minor Irritant

Stilt-Man (Wilbur Day, Daredevil/Spider-Man/Punisher foe) - by Chadman

Stimulator (Fantastic Four device) - by Prime Eternal

Stimulator (Kree device guarded by Sentry #9168)

Stingray (Walter Newell, Namor/Avengers character) - by MarvellousLuke

Stoneface (Captain America/Falcon foe) - by Al Sjoerdsma

Stone Men (pre-FF aliens) - by Madison Carter

Stone Men From Saturn (Kronans)

Stone, Allan (social worker, romance character)

Stone, Roy "Blarney" (sailor, Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal

Stones of Merlin (Merlin creations, owned by Doctor Doom) - by Donald Campbell

Stonewell, George (Howling Commandos, replacement member) - by Prime Eternal

Stonians (Gorgolla's race) - by Prime Eternal

Storm, Franklin (Sue and Johnny's father) - by Zerostar

Stragg, Dr. Karl (Daredevil foe)

Strange, Carla (the other Dr. Strange's daughter)

Stranger (Journey into Mystery character)

Stranger (enigmatic alien, Avengers/X-Men, etc. foe)

Stranger's Laboratory/Prison World (alien planet used by Stranger as a lab)

Street Punks of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Striker, Willis (horro character) - by Madison Carter

Stromm, Mendel (Spider-Man foe) - by G Morrow

Sub-Atronic Time Displacer (device of Uatu) - by Prime Eternal

subterranean city (1950s, discovered by Jeff Cord)

Sulibeg (servant of Mogul)

Sun Stealer (Watchers foe)

Sunday Punch Missile (used against Hulk) - by John Kaminski

Sunor (Idylicans)

Super-Adaptoid (Captain America/Avengers foe) - by SQUEAK

Super-Hero (FOOM hero...momma's boy) - by AvatarWarlord

Super-Humanoid(s) (Humanoids)

Super Olympics (charity event) - by Proto-Man

Super-Synthoids (AIM Synthoids)

Superius Rexians (1950s, abducted Dunstan Blake) - by Ron Fredricks

Supremacy (king of Dimension Z)

Supremus (Nick Fury foe)

Swami Mordo (1950s, spiritualist) - by Ron Fredricks

Swamp Tank (Savage Land exploratory vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Sykes, Clem (Old West, rodeo rider) - by Grendel Prime

Synthoids (AIM creations) - by Spidermay

Syrani of Earth-715 (Sisterhood, Femizonia)

Tablet of Life and Time (Spider-Man stories, used by Silvermane/Hammerhead, etc.) - by Markus Raymond

Taboo (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Tabor (pet of Insect Man's son)

Tagar (Count Tagar)

Tall Bear (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

"Talon" (Unholy Three)

Tamiroff (Gregory Gideon rival)

Tartarus (realm of Pluto) - by Will U & Prime Eternal

Tavarez, Beth (Night Cat's mother)

Tavarez, Lou (Night Cat's father)

Taxtor (slave of Skrulls of Kral)

Taylor, Frank (alien champion foe)

tear gas (used against Monster in the Iron Mask)

Ted ?? (Teen Brigade)

Teddy (1960s toy) - by Ron Fredricks

Teen Brigade (Rick Jones' allies) - by Prime Eternal & Proto-Man

Teena the Fat Lady (Mary Stenson, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

Tektons (semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race, Fantastic Four characters) - by Prime Eternal

"Tele-phony" (pre-FF micro-alien) - by John Kaminski

"telescopic robot" (Hulk foe)

Temporal Assimilator (Collector's time-travel device) - by Proto-Man

"Tentacle Robots" (Kraal's Star Cruiser)

Terminatrix (Avengers foe)

Terrible Trio (Fantastic Four foes)

Tex (carnival performer, Blob ally, X-Men foe)

T-Gun (Bruce Banner invention) - by Ron Fredricks

Thatcher, Thug (Thor foe)

"Them" (pre-FF aliens) - by Future

Theos of Earth-6212 (Fifth Dimension, Human Torch character)

thermal bombs (Yashonka tech)

Thermal Man (Thor foe)

Thing Called IT (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

"Thing from the Hidden Swamp" (Kirby monster) - by Madison Carter

Thing duplicate (Galactus' Fantastic Four duplicates)

Thing robot (Operaton: Artificial Powers)

Thing's pop art dealer (Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

Thing That Crawled by Night (Marvel Monster, Tales of Suspense) - by Ron Fredricks

Thomm (crewman on the Space Queen)

Thompson, Wade (Old West sheriff)

Thor duplicate (Professor Zaxton creation, Thor foe)

Thorn (coal-miner, encountered subterranean "Four-armed men")

Thornton, Professor Thaddeus (resurrected skeleton, Skull-Face victim)

Thought Projector Helmet (Mr. Fantastic invention) - by John Kaminski

Thru-the-Ground Tank (Fixer/Mentallo weapon) - by John Kaminski

Thung of Earth-665 (Bim Grimm, humorous Thing counterpart) - by Proto-Man

Tibetan lamas (encountered by Dunstan Blake)

Tiboro (Dr. Strange foe)

Tidal-Expander (used by Attuma) - by John Kaminski

Tiger Division (HYDRA)- by Prime Eternal

Tilburn, Cal (Old West sheriff)

Tim Boo Ba (classic monster character) - by Prime Eternal

time-bomb (created by Jason Grubb)

time machine (invented by Frederick Fenton)

time machine (invented by Eric Kane)

time machine (invented by Simon Stanley)

time machine of alternate Earth (2050, invented by Derek Welles)

time machine (future technology, used by Mary Bobkins)

Time Master (Ant-Man foe)

Time Ray (Time Master)

Time Reversal Ray (Mr. Hyde's device) - by Prime Eternal & John Kaminski

time traveling tourists of alternate Earth (time traveling since 2000 AD)

Titan (Avengers foe) - by Grendel Prime

Titan Time-Probe (Sagittarian probe)

Tnneya (Troxx/Enslavers)

Toloc (El Tigre agent)

Tom ?? (Beetle enemy) - by Chadman

Tomazooma (Native American god, Keewazi) - by Loki

Tomazooma (robot, Fantastic Four foe) - by Prime Eternal

Tommy ?? (Fantastic Four fan) - by Proto-Man

Top Man (Maggia, Fantastic Four foe)

Torgo (Fantastic Four/Hulk/Wolverine character)

Torr (Marvel monster) - by Prime Eternal

Torrak (Tribbitite/Toad Men)

Totem (animated totem pole) - by Prime Eternal

Toughguy, Tony (criminal, Homer Ghost foe)

Trago (Ant-Man foe)

tranquil-gas (used by Insect Man)

Transfer Grid

Transistorized Detector (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

(Transistor-Powered) Ejector (Iron Man high-tech device, Avengers item)

trapper spaceship (caught Harry Grubb)

Trask, Nicholas (She-Hulk foe) - by Will U

Trask, Nora (sister of the Raven)

Tribbitites (Toad Men, Hulk foes) - by MarvellousLuke & Grendel Prime

Tricephalous (Fantastic Four foe) - by the Prime Eternal

Tri-Man (Daredevil foe)

Troxx (Enslavers, Silver Surfer foes)

Trull the Unhuman (pre-FF alien) - by Madison Carter

Tubby (Daredevil character)

Tucker, Mike (Solarman's father) - by Grendel Prime

Tulak (el Dorado)

Tumbler (John Keane, Captain America foe) - by Spidermay

Tumbling Turners (Circus of Crime)

turpentine (used to destroy the Glob)

"Twilight World" (1960s, prehistory world) - by Ron Fredricks

Twister (Ant-Man/Wasp foe)

2-D Men (Dimension of Doom)

Tyr (Asgardian god) - by Will U & Prime Eternal

Tyr of the Burning Blade (Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies)

tyrannosaur ("Twilight World")

Tyrannosaurus Rex (fought Gorgilla)

Uatu the Watcher (Earth-616's Watcher, Fantastic Four/Avengers/X-Men character) - by Norvo

"Ubbu" (Shazana's pet)

U-Car (underwater FF vehicle) - by Prime Eternal

Ultimate Nullifier (cosmic power item, Fantastic Four/Avengers/Spider-Man etc. stories)

Ultimo (Iron Man foe)

ultra-frequency transmitter (Iron Man foe Doctor Strange invention)

Ultra-Sonic Radio Transmitter (Fantastic Four device) - by John Kaminski

Ulvar (Gigantus "foe")

Umbu the Unliving (Hulk foe)

Una (Captain Mar-Vell character)

Uncle Ben (Linda Brown's uncle)

Undersea Giants (pre-FF race) - by John Kaminski

underwater city (Alethea's home, 1950s)

Unholy Three (ghouls, Adventures into Terror) - by AvatarWarlord

unidentified abducted scientists (Kulla victims)

unidentified alien race (xt, inspiration for the alien imposters from Amazing Spider-Man I#2)

unidentified aliens (conquered by Krangros)

unidentified archaeologist (encountered Shagg)

unidentified Atlantean scientists (Behemoth creators)

unidentified colonel (spied on by Tinkerer)

unidentified Earth astronauts (encountered Monsters on Mercury)

unidentified escaped Martian prisoners (1960s, encountered by Rocky Baines)

unidentified extraterrestrial invaders (Mechano foes)

unidentified extraterrestrial race (xt, caught Harry Grubb)

unidentified failed experiment (Ludwig von Frankenstein creation)

unidentified farmer (encountered "Green Thing")

unidentified general (spied on by Tinkerer)

unidentified giant savages of Reality-6966 (Silver Surfer characters)

unidentified group of scientists (encountered "Impossible Spaceship")

unidentified high-ranking soldier (Sagittarian)

unidentified hunters (1960s, hunted Kunga)

unidentified jalopy driver (car destroyed by Thing (Ben Grimm))

unidentified king (xt, Krangros race)

unidentified king (xt, used Bog Beast)

unidentified magician (Monster in the Iron Mask foe)

unidentified mother (Hu Sak's mother)

unidentified owlhoot (Old West, Skinny Smithers foe)

unidentified painter (encountered/created the Glob)

unidentified partner (Raven, Old West)

unidentified physicist (Giant-Man (Pym) character)

unidentified pilot (alternate future, flew P184)

unidentified planet(s) of Reality-6966 (home to giant savages, Silver Surfer story)

unidentified poker player (Old West, encountered Blackjack)

unidentified police detectives (1960s, hunted Victor Phillips)

unidentified princess (xt, guarded by Bog Beast)

unidentified rabbit (mind transferred into wolf by Ludwig von Frankenstein)

unidentified race (xt, Shann's race)

unidentified race of Reality-59356 (xt, humanoid aliens, controlled by plants on Planet X)

unidentified race (sentient rocks, Komoks failed to conquer them)

unidentified race (xt, encountered a Blip)

unidentified race (xt conquerors, Skrang's race)

unidentified radar operator (encountered Krills)

unidentified radar operator (encountered a Blip)

unidentified reporter (encountered Swami Mordo)

unidentified reporter (interviewed Lem Whipple)

unidentified R'Zahnian leader (Zamu's superior, Doctor Druid foe)

unidentified sailor (encountered Alethea, transformed into merman, 1950s)

unidentified Saturnian woman (encountered Gerald Morsden)

unidentified scientist (encountered/created the Glob)

unidentified scientist (General Ross employee, Hulk-Killer creator)

unidentified scientist (Commandant slave, Hulk character)

unidentified scientists (1950s, encountered Xanna...kind of)

unidentified scientists (experimented with atomic gun, accidentally created Weed)

unidentified scientists and generals (encountered "Martian Flying Saucer")

unidentified sheriff (Old West, encountered Blackjack)

unidentified slave race (xt, Fernusan's slaves)

unidentified soldiers (encountered "Impossible Spaceship")

unidentified spirit (encountered by Jordan)

unidentified spy (Hulk foe, stole Bruce Banner's robot)

unidentified subterranean city (home of Insect Man)

unidentified teacher (taught John the Changeling)

unidentified teacher (encountered Kraa the Unhuman)

unidentified townspeople (1960s, encountered Monstrom)

unidentified toy store manager (1960s, sold robot teddy bear)

unidentified warrior (xt, fought Bog Beast)

unidentified warriors of Earth-6676 (25th century, Hulk foes)

unidentified wealthy toy store patrons (1960s, clients of toy store manager)

unidentified witch doctor (Africa, befriended Mr. Doll)

unidentified wolf (mind transferred into rabbit by Ludwig von Frankenstein)

unidentified zoo official (1960s, tricked by Mike Mullins)

United Nations delegates (1950s, alternate Earth; opposed Zraa Zromm)

Unknown (Lurking Unknown)

"Unknown Alien Object" (discovered by Uatu) - by John Kaminski

unnamed adventurer (foe of Diablo)

unnamed alien race (Creatures from Krogarr foes)

unnamed chief (animated the Totem)

unnamed Earthman (encountered "Tele-phony")

unnamed man with a fly-swatter (pre-FF, encountered Zogg)

unnamed pilot (encountered Lithodia Rexians)

unnamed pilot (2100, encountered Charlie Nast)

unnamed scientist (created Lo-Karr)

unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (S.H.I.E.L.D. Barbershop)

unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (aided Agent L)

Unog (Fifth Galaxy, recruited Karl Kragg for Mr. Universe challenge)

Unus the Untouchable (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)

Uranians of Earth-62321 (Strange Tales story) - by Proto-Man

Urban, Steven (Daredevil character)

Urrpo-Fish (Poppupian fish) - by Prime Eternal

U.S.S. Sea Wolf (Captain Savage's submarine) - by Prime Eternal

Utah Kid (Old West outlaw, Matt Slade foe) - by Grendel Prime

Utah Kid (Spade Borden, Old West outlaw) - by Grendel Prime

Valeria of the Fifth Dimension of Earth-6212 (former rebel, Fantastic Four ally)

Valkyrior (Asgardian warriors) - by Will U & Prime Eternal

Valley of Diamonds (Mole Man's kingdom) - by Prime Eternal

Valtorr (Octessence, mystic entity)

Valtorr's Stings (magic spell) - by Spidermay

vampire coven (Beast-Man victims)

Vandergill, Vincent (Imperial Industries International)

Vandermeer, Jefferson (Imp ally/home)

Van Doom, Ludwig

Van Dorn (General Electronics executive)

Van Dyne, Vernon (Wasp's father, Hank Pym character)

van Vroot, Jacob (Gregory Gideon rival)

Vanisher ("Telford Porter," teleporting mutant, X-Men character) - by Chadman

Vanna (Asgardian pixie-like race)

Vannetta (witch) - by Patrick D Ryal

Vaporizer (commandant weapon used against Hulk)

Vapors of Valtorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Vega of Earth-715 (Femizon queen)

vegetables (Journey into Mystery characters)

Venturite (xt, Tales of Suspense)

Venusian (Strange Tales)

Veritas (Sayge)

Vibra-Gun (Baron Heinrich Zemo weapon) - by Grendel Prime

viewscreen (used by Astrologer Royal)

Vikor (Deltonian)

Vipers of Valtorr (magic spell) - by Spidermay

Vishanti (mystic principalities, Doctor Strange characters)

Visi-Rod (Rigellian technology, Thor story)

Voice (Ant-Man foe)

Voltan of Earth-77013 (Newspaper Strip, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord

von Doom, Werner (Dr. Doom's father)

von Frankenstein, Ludwig (aka. ICON leader Rainbow, Silver Surfer/Frankenstein's monster foe)

von Groser (German scientist, Headline Hunter character)

von Kimmer, Martinus (Nazi, awakened Nazi Sleeper)

von Logor, Wilhelm (Nazi, Headline Hunter foe)

Von Vile, Wilhelm (Painter of a Thousand Perils)

Vortex Bomb (Hydra weapon) - by Prime Eternal

Vulcanians (xt race, Idylicans foes) - by Spidermay

Vulture (Blackie Drago, Spider-Man foe) - by Spidermay

Wabuzi tribe (Kraa the Unhuman's tribe)

Walking Stiletto (AIM robot) - by Prime Eternal

Wand of Watoomb (mystic wand, Dr. Strange/Spider-Man stories) - by Spidermay

Wanderer (Prester John)

Warlock (Merlin Demonspawn)

Warlock Prime (Silver Surfer foe) - by Stunner

Warlock's Eye (Asgardian mystic item, Thor stories) - by Markus Raymond

Warlord Kaa (monster)

Warlord Morrat (Fantastic Four foe) - by Zerostar

Warlord Supreme (Sagittarian, Hulk foe)

Warlord Wrogg (Watchers foe)

Warner, Bat (Old West, Sam Stark enemy)

Warren, Miles (Jackal, terrorist former college professor, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Warren, Raymond (Midtown high teacher, Spider-Man character) - by G Morrow

Warren, Wanda (1950s vampire) - by Spidermay

Warriors of a Thousand Galaxies (Thor foes) - by Prime Eternal

Warroo (Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal


Watoomb (mystic entity, Dr. Strange character) - by Spidermay

Watuna (volcanic island, Rommbu's demise)

Wax Mannequins (Wax People)

Wax People (pre-FF characters) - by Future

Wazir (Asgard, Thor character)

Weasel Wills (Iron Man imposter/foe)

Weed (mutated plant, Lucius Farnsworth foe) - by Ron Fredricks

Weems, Tommy (Time Master's grandson)

Weems, Wilbur (encountered a ghost)

Welles, Derek of alternate Earth (2050, time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

Wentworth, Charles J. (Robot X foe, Martian invader)

"Wertham," Hubert (1950s Stan Lee foe) - by John Kaminski

Weygard, Dr. Earl (Silver Surfer ally)

White (friend of "Fourth Man")

White Ninja (Spider-Man foe)

Whitey (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

Whitney, Reginald (Headline Hunter character)

Whyte, Alice (secretary, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Wickshire, Edmund (Geoffrey's evil brother)

Wickshire, Geoffrey (encountered Leprechauns under the quicksand)

"Wild Bill" (S.H.I.E.L.D. robot) - by Prime Eternal

Wilkes, Professor Harvey (invented time machine)

Wilkes, Jonathan (Robot X creator)

Williams, Warden (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

Willie ?? (Teen Brigade)

Willowby (Harry Markham employee)

Wilsnn, Jon (captain of the Space Queen)

Wilsnn, Mara (Jon's daughter)

Wilson (Imperial Industries International)

Wilson, June (secretary, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Wilson, Louis (Tablet of Life and Time expert, Spider-Man character)

Wingfoot, Will (Wyatt Wingfoot's father) - by Donald Campbell

Winthrop, J.B. (Journey into Mystery character)

Witness (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

Wolfe, Hedy (Hellcat character) - by Chadman

Wolverine Jet (NOT an action figure accessory!) - by Prime Eternal

Wolfmann, Kerta (Nazi, awakened Nazi Sleeper)

Woman of Earth-7888 - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Women's Canasta and Mah Jong Society (Fantastic Four characters) - by Norvo

Wong-Chu (Iron Man foe)

Wormly, Richard (Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief's assistant) - by G Morrow

Worthington, Cynthia (college student, romance character) - by Grendel Prime

Worthington, Warren Jr. (Angel (Worthington)'s father) - by MarvellousLuke

Wrecker (Fantastic Four foe)

Wrecker (Giant-Man foe) - by Prime Eternal

Wundagore II (xt planet colonized by New Men)

X, the Thing That Lived (Marvel Monster) - by Prime Eternal

Xanna (1950s, Microverse dictator) - by Ron Fredricks

Xantha (xt race, Fantastic Four characters) - by Proto-Man

Xavier, Brian (Professor X's father) - by MarvellousLuke

Xavier, Sharon (Professor X's mother) - by MarvellousLuke

Xartans ("Carbon Copy Men", Thor foes) - by Prime Eternal

Xemu (Human Torch foe)

Xenians (1960s humanoid extraterrestrial race) - by Prime Eternal

X-Machine (Ludwig von Frankenstein creation, Silver Surfer story)

X-ray machine (John Bentley invention)

"X2" (Robot X creation)

Yagg the Slayer (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Yancy, Morgan (used Monster of the Hidden Valley, Two-Gun Kid foe)

Yarro Gort (Silver Surfer foe) - by Stunner

Yashonka (Captain America foes) - by Spidermay

Yeager, Spade (Old West villain)

Yellow-Crested Titans (Olympian creatures) - by Prime Eternal

Yeti (Inhumans, First Line)

Yinsen, Ho (Iron Man character)

Yirbek (alien race, Skrull allies) - by Prime Eternal

Yogi Dakor (Terrible Trio)

Yon-Rogg (Captain Mar-Vell foe)

Young, Max (Mendel Stromm's former assistant, Spider-Man foe) - by G Morrow

yo-yo (future technology, temporarily owned by Tommy Bobkins Jr.)

Yucoya-Tzin (Aztec magic-user, Zzutak/Fantastic Four character)

Zambooba, Svenzaldo (human cannonball, Blob ally, X-Men foe) - by Chadman

Zamu (Dr. Druid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Zanadu/Zandu/Xandu (the Mystic Mountain)

Zarek (Captain Mar-Vell foe)

Zaxon, Konrad (Hulk foe) - by Snood & Ron Fredricks

Zedelia (Daredevil/Spider-Man character) - by Chadman

Zelda ?? (Iceman girlfriend) - by Chadman

Zemo, Heinrich (12th Baron Zemo) - by Prime Eternal

Zemo's pilot (Zemo imposter)

Zeno (Jupiter spy)

Zog (pre-FF monster) - by Madison Carter

Zogg (pre-FF alien) - by John Kaminski

Zom (Dr. Strange foe)

Zombie (Simon Garth) - by Snood, Prime Eternal & Madison Carter

Zorr (Fantastic Four character)

Zota (Dr. Strange foe) - by Per Degaton

Zota, Carlo (Enclave)

Zraa Zromm (1950s, alternate Earth "lizard-man") - by Ron Fredricks

Z-Ray (Yashonka tech)

Z-Rays (Cedric Rawlings' radiation)

Zzutak (monster) - by Prime Eternal

List compiled by Prime Eternal

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