Real Name: G'uranthic Guardian

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional, mystic statue

Occupation: Guardian of the Dark Dimension

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dormammu, G'uran, Umar

Enemies: Clea, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Hulk (Bruce Banner), Sif, Silver Surfer

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Dark Dimension

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#126 (November, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: The G'uranthic Guardian is an immense stone statue with six arms which is normally immobile, only coming to life when either someone attempts to cross its path, or when it is being commanded by someone such as Umar or Dormammu. Its single eye emits a beam which tests the will of those beneath it, and can absorb mystical power from those it bests. It also possesses superhuman strength (class 100?), stamina and durability.

History: (Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#21/2) - During the age of the G'uranthic Empire in the Dark Dimension, the G'uranthic Guardian was constructed by G'uran the Great to defend the Azure Throne of the Dark Dimension, and it has remained to guard the Dark Dimension ever since.

(Dr. Strange II#51) - In 1943, the G'uranthic Guardian stood guard alongside Dormammu as its master engaged in battle with the Ancient One (actually a time-traveling Dr. Strange in disguise).

(Strange Tales I#126) - When Dr. Strange first journeyed to the Dark Dimension to confront Dormammu, the G'uranthic Guardian was the first trial he faced. The Guardian tried Strange's willpower, but Strange stood strong against its ray, and it allowed him to enter the Dark Dimension.

(Clandestine I#8 (fb)) - After Dominic Destine was accidentally teleported into the Dark Dimension, Dr. Strange saved him from the Mindless Ones and brought him outside the borders of the Dark Dimension, to the G'uranthic Guardian, before leading him home to Earth.

(Dr. Strange II#7) - After capturing Dr. Strange, Umar placed him beneath the G'uranthic Guardian to sap his willpower. Although Strange was able to free himself from the Guardian, he lost all of his magical power in doing so.

(Dr. Strange II#8) - Clea then confronted the Guardian herself, and bested it in psychic combat, absorbing all of the power it had taken from Strange. She then transferred that power back to Dr. Strange.

(Thor Annual I#9) - After capturing the Asgardian goddess Sif, Umar placed her beneath the G'uranthic Guardian, and it proceeded to sap her willpower. As a result, Sif transformed into Jane Foster, the mortal woman whose life force had been bonded to her. The lost willpower eventually returned, and Jane transformed back into Sif.

(Dr. Strange II#58) - The G'uranthic Guardian stood guard over the Dark Dimension as Clea began to plot a rebellion against Umar.

(Dr. Strange II#67) - Umar's servant Asti passed through the G'uranthic Guardian as it set out on a mission for Umar.

(Dr. Strange II#71) - The G'uranthic Guardian stood watch over the Dark Dimension as a teacher taught his students about the Dark Dimension's history.

(Dr. Strange II#73) - Dr. Strange, joined by the Outcasts, attempted to access the Dark Dimension by pretending to be their prisoner, but the G'uranthic Guardian's light dispelled the illusion of Strange being bound. He then unleashed the Eye of Agamotto upon the Guardian in order to put its eye to sleep, so that the Outcasts could pass through safely. The G'uranthic Guardian was later seemingly destroyed after Clea bested Umar in mystical combat.

(Incredible Hulk II#312) - The Beyonder journeyed through the Dark Dimension, and saw the G'uranthic Guardian from a distance.

(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#50) - When Dr. Strange led the Hulk, Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer into the Dark Dimension to save Clea from Dormammu, the G'uranthic Guardian came to life and attacked them. The Hulk engaged in battle with the statue, remarking "I am really sick and tired of fighting big rocky guys." He finally managed to knock the statue out cold.

(Mighty Avengers I#26) - Wasp (Hank Pym) and Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) passed by the G'uranthic Guardian while they were hurled through several dimension by Pym's Dimensional Wave Inducer.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

The flashback in Clandestine#8 took place at least 11 years earlier, since Dominic Destine had spent that much time in insolation on his island. I chose to place it as early in Dr. Strange's continuity as possible.

In the cartoon episode "Seven Little Super-Heroes" of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the Chameleon unleashed a robot against Dr. Strange that looked somewhat similiar to the G'uranthic Guardian.

by Prime Eternal

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