Real Name: Valtorr

Identity/ClassExtradimensional magic user

Occupation: Mystic entity

Group Membership: Octessence (Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Krakkan, Ikonn, Raggadorr, Watoomb)

Affiliations: Decay (Yoshiro Hachiman);
    invoked by the Ancient One, Baron Mordo, Cyrus Black, Clea, Doctor Strange, Howard the Duck, Tiboro and presumably other mystics
    presumably Oshtur;
    see also the Catalogue of Correspondences for Oshtur from Ian McNee's reading of the First Tarot

Enemies: Unrevealed;
    spells used against numerous beings

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Extradimensional realm;
    possibly active on Earth in what would become the modern Taiwan.

First Appearance: (Invoked in-story) "Vapors of Valtorr" Strange Tales I#115 (December, 1963);
    "Vipers of Valtorr" invoked Strange Tales I#144 (May, 1966)
    (Seen) Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49 (January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The full extent of Valtorr's power remains unknown. Valtorr is an entity who grants magical power to those who invoke him, typically in spells. He typically adopts forms of and/or grants power in the form of gas ("Vapors of Valtorr") or snakes ("Vipers of Valtorr").



History: Valtorr 's origins are unrevealed. He was likely worshipped at some point on Earth, though whether he is closer to god or demon is open to speculation.

(Iron Man III#22 (fb)) - <Millennia ago> Eight great mystics, including Valtorr, gathered, and a disagreement arose as to which was the most powerful. To settle the argument, they entered into the Wager of the Octessence: Each created a totem, with each totem holding a fraction of its creator's vast power and possessing the ability to transform the first human who touched it into an Exemplar, a living embodiment of that power.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#48 - BTS) - As many other omnipotent beings, Valtorr was involved in the War of the Seven Spheres, a cyclic conflict between magic entities which would endure for 5000 years.

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49) - Valtorr was invoked by Dr. Strange and appeared before him alongside a number of other mystic beings, each of whom wanted to enlist Strange as a weapon in the War of the Seven Spheres, appealing to the Protocols of Servitude. To escape his would be controllers,  Strange pronounced the Enchantment of Emancipation, refusing to serve Valtorr or any other being in their war. 

(Iron Man III#22) - Yoshiro Hachiman followed a calling to the Temple of Valtorr in Tahiti, where he found the Verdant Vial of Valtorr, which transformed him into the Exemplar Decay.








Comments: "Vapors of Valtorr," and "Vipers of Valtorr" created by Stan Lee.
    Whirlwind form revealed by Len Kaminski, Geof Isherwoood, Bob Petrecca & Don Hudson (inks).
    Serpentine form revealed by Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern, Sean Chen, Rob Hunter, Rags Morales, Nelson & Eric Cannon..

    Valtorr could be considered Behind-the-Scenes in all of Decay's appearances, but I'll refer you to Decay's profile for that information.

    Writers say "millennia" all the time, as if they were really an ancient time. It's possible that it was hundreds of thousands of years ago, or even millions or billions.

    In Strange Tales I#127, Strange used "To breathe the final Vapors of Valtorr" as a metaphor for "to die".--Spidermay

Per David Sexton:

Mystic beings (such as demons) can gain power in 3 ways...
  1. Entities can steal energy from an unwilling source by consuming the source entirely or by draining a portion of energy from the source. This exchange is one-way. The entity takes energy.
  2. Entities can be given spiritual energy unconditionally in the form of worship. Statements of worship come in the, "I believe..." format. Worshippers may also petition for favors, etc., but this form of prayer is an affirmation of their belief and of the entities existence. The worshippers expect nothing in return. This exchange is also one way. The entity is given energy. 
  3. An entity may grant energy to a petitioner in answer to an invocation or prayer. The mere act of being asked gives the entity power and so to encourage this action, some spiritual beings will grant power to an individual who invokes their name in the proper way. The entity may chose to ignore the request. I would theorize that the spiritual energy or "mystic potential" present in the petitioner plays a part in how often requests are granted. The invocation or prayers of an individual who has large amounts of spiritual energy would provide the entity with a more enticing exchange and they would be more inclined to answer them.

    Here is a list of issues in which Valtorr was invoked by Doctor Strange or others in spells. In some ways, Valtorr could be considered BTS of these stories, because he granted his power to the Supreme Sorcerer. I'm rather sure that there are some appearances not included here. Please let us know what I've missed, preferably specifying the issue, the situation it was used in (by whom, against whom, accomplishing what), and then quote the spell exactly.
    Some spells are reported in Italian because I don't owe the original USA book. If anyone has the books in English and has the time and/or ability, please correct the English translations. Thanks.--Spidermay

Strange Tales I#115: 

Mordo used the Vapors of Valtorr against the Ancient One. 

Mordo conjured the Vapors around a statue of the Ancient One

Dormammu, accept my incense offering!
Let the force of your power descend upon my enemy!
Let him feel your fatal touch!
I beseech you, Dormammu!

Strange Tales I#125:

Conjure: Vapers of Valtorr

I call upon the Vapers of Valtorr to destroy you! 

[Note: Mordo used the Vapers (with an 'a') against Strange]

Conjure: Dark Vapors of Valtorr [Mordo engulfed Strange with dark clouds of Vapor]

Strange Tales I#126: Dr. Strange conjured the Light of the Vishanti in conjunction with the Vapors of Valtorr.

Strange Tales I#129

Exclamation: the Vapors of Valtor! [Note: Tiboro said "Valtor" with one "r"]

Exclamation: the Vipers... [Tiboro]

Strange Tales#131:  Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr: Now witless one, let the Vapors of Valtorr engulf thee-- !

[Note: Mordo's astral form against a one-eyed smuggler . The smuggler is shrunken at a third of his size.]

Strange Tales I#144: Mordo in astral form conjured the Vapors of Valtorr against a one-eyed smuggler.

Strange Tales I#136: ...may the Vapors of Valtorr shield thee from harm!

[Note: This was only the last sentence of the last panel of the story, a benevolent wish from Stan Lee]

Strange Tales I#138: Banish: Mind-Clouding Spell: By the vapors of Valtorr, let thy mind be cleared! [Hamir was freed.]

Strange Tales I#141: Banish: Vapors of Valtorr

May the shades of the Seraphim banish
the vapors of Valtorr! In the name of 
the Vishanti I speak!

Original version
Che le ombre di Seraphim facciano svanire i vapori di Valtorr! Nel nome di Vishanti, ho parlato!

Italian version

  [Note: The Ancient One did not invoked Valtorr, instead he invoked the Seraphim to free the Orb of Agamotto from the Vapors]

Strange Tales I#144: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Strange Tales I#152: Banish: Hostile Demons

By Raggadorr's Seven Rings!
By Cyttorak's Crimson Bands!
Let yon demons feel Valtorr's Stings --
So Dr. Strange commands!

Strange Tales I#155: Space: Rapid Dimensional Travel

By the Vapors of Valtorr
wherein the Nameless dwell --
by the roving Rings of Raggadorr
let my speed exceed her spell!

Strange Tales I#157: Space: Levitation Without a Cloak

May the Vapors of Valtorr,
where're they be found,
form a cushion about me
that I may float to the ground!

Strange Tales I#160 (R.M.): Control: "The Spell of Exorcism"

By the Vapours of Valtorr,
by Munnopor's moonlit maze --
let the shadow of thy heart
into my hands now -- blaze!

Strange Tales I#164: Space: Levitation With a Cloak

By the Vapors of Valtorr -- Let the magic
cloak of levitation slow my descent!

Strange Tales I#167: Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr

Omnipotent Oshtur, Lord of Skies,
let now the magic vapor rise!

[Note: two minds are needed for this incantation, which was cast by Doctor Strange and the Ancient One]

Doctor Strange I#169: Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr and Form an "Iron Clamp" of Them

Hear me again, O Dormammu! Let the Vapors of Valtorr carry out my innermost desires! Let the lips of the western dog be forever stilled -- so that I am safe to do your bidding!

[Note: this is taken from the corrupt "Thomas" text. The original "Lee version" (Strange Tales I#115) showed the vapors but gave no incantation]

Doctor Strange I#173: Conjure: Cloud Congealment

By the Vapors of great Valtorr,
which do all things conceal --
by the prowess of my mentor --
now let the clouds congeal!!

Doctor Strange I#174: Exclamation: By the dread Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange I#178: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange I#180: Banish: Vikings and Savages Who Intrude into the Present

By Hoggoth's grim clan,
by Valtorr's dread clime --
let arms and their man
now fade from this time!

Doctor Strange I#181: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Incredible Hulk II#126: Van Nyborg conjured the Vapors of Valtorr, held in a sort of brazier, used by Barbara Norris to stun and immobilize Banner.

Marvel Premiere#5: Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr:

I call upon the Vapors of Valtorr to surround us! Let their hidden lightnings serve my will!

[Note: darkness filled the church and golden lightnings sprung, felling Sligguth's worshippers.]

Marvel Premiere#8: Conjure: Vapors of Valtor

Vapori di Valtorr...fatevi avanti!
Distruggete i nemici che più mi sono vicini!
E datemi il tempo di poter ricorrere agli altri poteri di cui sono dotato!

Italian version

Vapors of Valtorr... make me shield!
Destroy the closer enemies on the field!
Lend me the time to use the other powers I wield!

Attempt to re-translate the spell-- Spidermay

[Strange defeated one of Shuma-gorath's demons.]

Marvel Premiere#9: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#1: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#3 (fb): Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr

Doctor Strange II#7: Exclamation: Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#10: Conjure: Mists of Morpheus

Vapors of Valtorr --
swirl 'round thy brow!
may the Moon's Mists of Morpheus
envelop thee now!

Doctor Strange II#14: Exclamation: Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#15: Conjure: Mists of Morpheus

Vapors of Valtorr --
swirl 'round thy brow!
May the Moon's Mists of Morpheus
envelop thee now!

Doctor Strange II#22: Conjure: Snakes From Guns.

By the Vipers of Valtorr! You will be stopped!

[Note:  Cast by Clea]

Doctor Strange II#23: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#25: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#33: Conjure Nightmare

Let the Vapors of Valtorr divide,
in the name of the All-seeing
reveal my ancient enemy,
in whose realm all lay dreaming.

Doctor Strange II#34: Conjure: Vipers of Valtorr: 

Your death will come slowly...
slowly at the constricting coils of...
the Vipers of Valtor!
[Note: performed by Cyrus Black. Green tendrils assaulted strange. For every appendage that Strange destroyed, two arose in its place. They even pierced through his Mystic Screen.]

Doctor Strange II#35: Exclamation: Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#37: Exclamation: Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange II#42: Conjure: Concealing Mists

By the Vapors of Great Valtorr,
which do all things conceal.
By the powers of my mentor,
now let the clouds congeal!

Doctor Strange II#47: Strange conjured the Vapors of Valtorr, vanquished by Clea's Winds of Watoomb.

Doctor Strange II#48: Exclamation: Vipers of Valtorr!

Marvel Treasury Edition: Howard the Duck Banish: Combatants With Vapors of Valtorr

Come ye, Vapors of Valtorr, ye billows of enchantment, and waft away these combatants 'upon your wind of sorrow and silence!

[Note:  Cast by Howard the Duck]

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#3: Exclamation: Vapors of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#7/1

By Faltine and Ikonn and dark Valtorr,
by Seraphim, Denak and Raggadorr--
by Dormammu, Watoomb and Cyttorak--
Agamotto be now hurled back!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#33/1: Exclamation from Clea: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#47: Conjure: Vapors of Valtorr [Necromancer]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#48: Banish

Creature che la vista ripugna senza indugio,
erraste nel lasciar della notte il rifugio.
Prima che nel vuoto le vostre grida vengano udite
per Valtorr, Cyttorakk e Satannish vi ordino sparite!

Italian version
Creatures utterly repelling the human sight,
you did err leaving your hideouts in the night.
Before the void could hear from your shouts a single tone
by Valtorr, Cyttorakk and Satannish I say begone!

Attempt at re-translating the spell-- Spidermay


Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#49: Emancipation Incantation

Satannish, Watoomb and Raggadorr
Ikonn, the Seraphim and Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur and Muniporr
Hoggoth, the Faltine, Valtorr and Denak!
Those whom I named plus other I'v omitted
whose who threatened my cherished liberty
hark to this irrevocable decree:
such enslavement will not be permitted
your claims on my person I now reject
all demands of servitude I must deny
for your wisdom and might I've the utmost respect
but the price for its use is far too high
better the path I walk be mine alone
hear now these words: let my fate be my own!

Original version

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#54: Exclamation from the Ancient One

By the Vapors of Valtorr!

Giant-Size Defenders I#4: Vapors of Valtorr

Marvel Feature I#2: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Defenders I#1: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Defenders I#9: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Defenders I#13:

Per i vapori di Valtorr...
ti ordino di dormire.

Italian version
By the Vapors of Valtorr...
I order you to sleep.

Attempt at re-translating the spell-- Spidermay
By the Vapors of Valtorr I keep...
I order you: Sleep deep!

Attempt at re-translating the spell-- Spidermay

Defenders I#15: Exclamation: By the Vipers of Valtorr!

Defenders I#70: Triggered the transformation from Banner to the Hulk

By the Rings of Raggadorr,
by the Vapors of Valtorr...
let the awesome transformation begin!

Defenders I#81: Exclamation: By the Vapors of Valtorr!

Defenders I#82: Exclamations

Valtorr's eyes!

By the Vapors of Valtorr...

[Note: Strange thought them while he was in his astral form.]

Defenders I#99: Exclamation: Vapors of Valtorr!

Marvel Super Heroes III#11: Strange transformed Augustyne Phyffe and himself in two gargoyle statues

By the Vapors of great Valtorr,
which do all things conceal--
now let our forms congeal!

O, Valtorr, bathe us into thy ken--
and let us stand once more as men.
[...and then dispelled the spell.]

Marvel Super Heroes III#14: Banish

By Hoggoth's ever-grim host--
by Valtorr's dreaded clime--
let yonder ebony ghosts
now fade from out this time!

Defenders II#8: Strange cast the Vapors of Valtorr but they were ineffective against Starwheel.

Profile by Snood.

Valtorr has no KNOWN connections to:

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49, p16, panel 2 (vapor form)
Iron Man III#22, p17, panel 5 (viper form)

Strange Tales I#115 (December, 1963) -
Stan Lee (co-plot, dialogue, editor), Dick Ayers (co-plot, script), Dick Ayers (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks).
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49 (January, 1993) - Len Kaminski (write), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Bob Petrecca & Don Hudson (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Iron Man III#22 (November, 1999) - Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern (writers), Sean Chen (pencils), Rob Hunter, Rags Morales, Nelson & Eric Cannon (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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