Real Name: Raggadorr

Identity/Class: Extradimensional magic user

Occupation: Mystic entity

Group Membership: Octessence (Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Valtorr, Watoomb)

Affiliations: Stonecutter (Ultama "Tom" Somchart);
    possibly Kaluu;
    invoked by several mystics, including Ancient One (Yao), Clea, Doctor Strange, Dormammu, Master Khan, Xhoohx, Umar
    presumably Gaea;
    see also the Catalogue of Correspondences for Gaea from Ian McNee's reading of the First Tarot

Enemies: Unrevealed;
    spells used against numerous beings

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Raggador, Raggedor

Base of Operations: The dimension of Raggadorr;
    possibly active on Earth at some point in what would become the jungles of Thailand, where the Temple of Raggadorr exists.

First Appearance:
    (Invoked in-story) Strange Tales#124/2 (September, 1964)
    (Seen) Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#49 (January, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Raggadorr is a powerful mystic who grants magical power to those who invoke him, typically in spells. Raggadorr typically grants power to those invoking the Rings of Raggadorr, which generally serve to bind others, often preventing them from utilizing their powers.

    The Rains of Raggadorr are a virtual shower of "swollen energy motes" that are a bane to evil beings, such as demons.

    Alone or in concert with other mystic principalities, invocation of Raggadoor has facilitated numerous spells, including banishment beings or other magical constructs, conjuring, teleportation, speed enhancement, revival of dormant beings, imprisonment of others in crystal, blasts of mystic force

    Through the Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr, he granted great ability to build massive structures to his Exemplar.

    Raggadorr's powers and limitations are generally unrevealed, though he is presumably on par with beings such as Cyttorak and perhaps any one of the Vishanti.

History: Raggadorr's origins are unrevealed. He was likely worshipped at some point on Earth, though whether he is closer to god or demon is open to speculation.

(Marvel Tarot) - Agamotto freed the fourth Ring of Raggadorr from the Dungeons of Dyzakk.

(Conan the Barbarian I#180 - BTS) - The sorceress Renrutanit used the Mists of "Ragador" as a truth serum to learn of Conan from his friend Keiv.

(Iron Man III#22 (fb)) - <Millennia ago (see comments)> Eight great mystics gathered, and a disagreement arose as to which was the most powerful. To settle the argument, they entered into the Wager of the Octessence: Each created a totem, with each totem holding a fraction of its creator's vast power and possessing the ability to transform the first human who touched it into an Exemplar, a living embodiment of that power.

(Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11 (fb) - BTS) - Raggadorr placed his totem, the Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr within his temple in what would become the jungles of Thailand

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe '89: Kaluu) <1450 BC> - When the Ancient One tapped into mystic force to drive Kaluu from Kamar-Taj, Kaluu fled to the dimension of Raggadorr where he remained for over five centuries.

(Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11) - The Temple of Raggadorr and the Ringed Ruby were found by graffiti artist Ultama "Tom" Somchart, who touched it and was transformed into Raggadorr's Exemplar, Stonecutter.












(Doctor Strange III#49) - Raggadorr was one of the entities who confronted Strange about his invocation of him for power, seeking to conscript him into service during the War of the Seven Spheres. Strange instead invoked the Enchantment of Emancipation, refusing to serve Raggadorr or any other being in their war. As a result, Strange lost the ability to call on any of these principalities for power.

(BTS) - Raggadorr presumably participated in the War of the Seven Spheres, but how active a roll he took and for which side he fought is unrevealed.





Comments: Name and use in spells created by Stan "The Man" Lee.
    Form revealed by Len Kaminski, Geof Isherwood, Bob Petrecca & Don Hudson.
    Alternate form revealed by Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern, Sean Chen, Rob Hunter, Rags Morales, Nelson & Eric Cannon.

    Raggadorr's first reference in an editorial note (ST I#125) was, "We promise by the seven rings of Raggadorr that he <Dr. Strange> will appear again in the next ish of Strange Tales!"

    Another editorial note in Strange Tales I#128: "Order by Tamah Shud (Stan Lee): And, in the name of the all-seeing Agamotto--by the seven rings of Raggadorr--we urge you to be with us again!"--Spidermay

    Writers say "millennia" all the time, as if they were really an ancient time. It's possible that it was hundreds of thousands of years ago, or even millions or billions.

    See the Stonecutter profile for his further appearances, so I don't have to duplicate them here.

    According to the flashback in Strange Tales I#148, Kaluu fled to the dimension beyond the edge of the universe. Maybe he revealed that dimension to be Raggadorr somewhere in the second Strange Tales series?

(Marvel Tarot) - The dimension Raggadorr is part of the Consecution of Colors, a group of realms also including the Crimson Cosmos and the Purple Dimension; they are separated from the Inner Realms by Brona's Barrier, but they are accessed via the Bridge of Asbru.

    For centuries, Raggadorr was thought to be as far as a mortal wizard could travel without sleeping, dying, or undergoing some sort of mystic transformation; but then a treacherous passage was found through the Winding Way that opened up the Archipelago to other realms. Raggadorr is still considered to be "Beyond the Pale"by most, and very little is known about it or its seven rings.

Per David Sexton

Mystic beings (such as demons) can gain power in 3 ways...
  1. Entities can steal energy from an unwilling source by consuming the source entirely or by draining a portion of energy from the source. This exchange is one-way. The entity takes energy.
  2. Entities can be given spiritual energy unconditionally in the form of worship. Statements of worship come in the, "I believe..." format. Worshippers may also petition for favors, etc., but this form of prayer is an affirmation of their belief and of the entities existence. The worshippers expect nothing in return. This exchange is also one way. The entity is given energy. 
  3. An entity may grant energy to a petitioner in answer to an invocation or prayer. The mere act of being asked gives the entity power and so to encourage this action, some spiritual beings will grant power to an individual who invokes their name in the proper way. The entity may chose to ignore the request. I would theorize that the spiritual energy or "mystic potential" present in the petitioner plays a part in how often requests are granted. The invocation or prayers of an individual who has large amounts of spiritual energy would provide the entity with a more enticing exchange and they would be more inclined to answer them.

    Further, I believe the Rings of Raggadorr are sentient.

Thanks to Catherine Yronwode and her THE LESSER BOOK OF THE VISHANTI web-site, I was able to easily find some occasions in which Raggadorr's name was used by Dr. Strange for his spells
I'm sure there are PLENTY not included here. Please let me know what I've missed, preferably specifying the issue, the situation it was used in (by whom, against whom, accomplishing what), and then quote the spell exactly:
Note: Spidermay provided several of these, and ones in Italian are printed as they came from his books. If anyone has the books in English and has the time and ability, please note the English translations. Thanks.

X-Men I#33 (fb): Exclamation: 

By the seven rings of Raggador...[Ancient One.]

Strange Tales I#124: Exclamation: 

By the seven rings of Raggedor...

Strange Tales I#126: Exclamation: 

May the seven rings of Raggadorr protect me!!

Strange Tales I#127: Dormammu used a banishment spell:

Back, creatures of the night!!
Back -- I command you, by the seven rings of Raggador!

Strange Tales I#128: The Demon conjured Destructive Bolts:

Let the seven rings of Raggador circle around me!!
Let the shades of the Seraphim come forth once more!
Let all the powers of Darkness lash out--out--out!!

Strange Tales I#129: Exclamation by the Ancient One:

May the seven rings of Raggador protect you!

Strange Tales I#131: Control: Hypnotize: By the roving rings of Raggadorr, innocent one, my will is your will, you must obey!

By the roving rings of Raggadorr, innocent one, my will is your will, you must obey!

Strange Tales I#135: Control: To Teleport Another

By the seven rings of Raggadorr --
By Cyttorak's crimson bands!
I send thee through the unseen door --
Go thou where my spell command!

Strange Tales I#137: Exclamation: What, in the name of Raggadorr, can this mean?

Strange Tales I#138: Exclamation: 

...in Raggedor's name...[Hamir]

Strange Tales I#139: Exclamation: May Raggadorr smite him!

Strange Tales I#147: Conjure: Shades of the Shadow Demons

By the seven rings of Raggadorr,
may my future actions be visible
only to the evil ones before me!
Heed my incantation, O shades
of the shadowy demons! Reveal
thyselves to the blackhearted
mortals who stand before thee!
Thus speaks thy master!
Thus speaks Dr. Strange!

Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1997 - Hovering above what looked a little like the Midnight Sons symbol, Dr. Strange engaged in the Ritual of Raggadorr. Sensing great fear and unrest across the city, Dr. Strange sent out his astral self to investigate, but his body could not leave the mystic circle until the ritual was complete.

Strange Tales I#151: Exclamation: By the seven rings of Raggadorr! [Umar]

Strange Tales I#152 Banish: Hostile Demons

By Raggadorr's Seven Rings!
By Cyttorak's Crimson Bands!
Let yon demons feel Valtorr's Stings --
So Dr. Strange commands!

Strange Tales I#152 Banish: Enchanted Bonds

Let my amulet shine brighter than day!
Let freedom be mine --
Let the bonds turn to clay!

By Raggadorr's seven Rings -- It must be so!

Strange Tales I#154 Banish: Demons With Munnopor's Mists

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr!
By the power of dark and gloom!
Let the mystic mists of Munnopor
send yon demons to their doom!
In the name of the all-seeing --
in the name of the all-knowing --
in the name of the all-freeing
let the mists be ever growing!

Strange Tales I#155 Space: Rapid Dimensional Travel

By the Vapors of Valtorr
wherein the Nameless dwell --
by the roving Rings of Raggadorr
let my speed exceed her spell!

Strange Tales I#156: 

To Revive Zom:

In the name of the eternal --
by the Rings of Raggadorr --
though his spirit be infernal --
Zom must live once more!

Exclamation: And, by the Seven Rings of Raggadorr-- you shall not fail! [Ancient One]

Strange Tales I#158 

Conjure: Rings of Raggadorr

By the awesome nameless race,
by the evil I abhor --
let my fearsome foe now face --
the Rings of Raggadorr!!

Conjure: Roving Rings of Raggadorr [The Living Tribunal tightened the Rings around Dr. Strange]

Conjure: Roving Rings of Raggadorr [again, the Living Tribunal tightened the Rings around Dr. Strange]

Strange Tales I#162 Banish: the Glass of Doom

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr
by the lance that Oshtur hurled
let the glass that here before me stands --
be cast forth from our world!

Strange Tales I#166: Exclamation: By the Rings of Raggadorr!

Strange Tales I#170: Exclamation: By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr!

Doctor Strange I#172 Banish: Young Women to Earth-M

By the roving Rings of Raggadorr
which bind the cosmic night --
by the mystic Moons of Munnopor
which bathe the stars in light --
by the power of great Satannish --
by the might of Oshtur's name --
let the captive girls now vanish --
return from whence I came!!

Doctor Strange I#176 Banish: A Cube of Nothingness Composed of Ribbons of Nihility

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr --
by the dozen Moons of Munnopor --
may the bonds that now beset me sore --
be now cast off -- forevermore!

Doctor Strange I#178 Conjure: Crystalline Imprisonment

By the roving Rings of Raggadorr
by the myriad Moons of Munnopor --
may yon brutes which sprang from founts unseen --
be encased in prisons crystalline!!

Amazing Spider-Man I#109:

Space: Levitation With a Cloak

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr --
Since I have donned my cloak of levitation --
We shall journey now together!

Exclamation: By the seven rings of Raggadorr!

Marvel Premiere#3 Conjure: Tiling a House

By the seven Rings of Raggadorr, Let my portal close -- and let it open to none till the spell be ended!

[Note: an imaginary spell, as Dr.S. was actually being put into an ambulance at the time.]

Marvel Premiere I#5: 

Dr. Strange summoned the magical Rains of Raggadorr to rid himself of a magical fungus (from the curses of the fiends of Fungol Thopa) that the demon Sligguth had cast upon him. The Rains were successful in dissolving the fungus and further caused Sligguth great pain as each "drop" touched his body. The drops were further described as "swollen energy motes."

Conjure: Roving Rings of Raggadorr!! [Note: the rings cut the rocks imprisoning Strange.]
Conjure: Rings of Raggadorr:
Che gli anelli di Raggador si leghino attorno alla tua carne...
e ti tengano soggetto a me!

Italian version
Let the rings of Raggadorr bind you still...
and hold you at my will.

Attempt at re-translating

[Note: the Rings entangled Sligguth.]

Marvel Premiere#8: Dr. Strange created of an illusion of himself, which Dagoth attacked and seemingly strangled, but then the real Strange bound Dagoth in the Rings of Raggadorr as Strange escaped with Gordon and Blondine.

Conjuring: a Spiral of Demon-Destroying Energy

Now do I name Raggadorr and Cyttorak as well!
Let Ikonn & Watoomb join their ranks and thus shall the growing spiral swell! 
'Round and about me let it whip 
gathering matter in its grip! 
Stab out, spiral, lash out force!
Now shall these energies take their course!

Marvel Premiere#9: Exclamation: By the rings of Raggador!

Doctor Strange II#3 (fb): Strange conjured the seven rings of Raggadorr

[Note: the flashback refers to the first encounter between Strange and Dormammu.]

Doctor Strange II#6

Sussurrati nei tempi delle tradizioni perdute...
ci sono i sette anelli di Raggadorr.
Ora io chiedo... imploro...
che tutto ritorni come prima! (Clea)

Italian version
Whispered in the times of the lost traditions...
there are the seven rings of Raggadorr.
Now I ask.. I entreat...
might everything be as before!

Attempt at re-translating


Doctor Strange II#9: Conjure Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

Seven rings has Raggadorr --
indigo to deepest black --
but Oshtur grant me something more --
crimson bands of Cyttorak!

Tomb of Dracula#44: Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr

Doctor Strange II#15: Exclamation: By the Rings of Raggadorr!

Defenders Annual#1: Strange used an enchantment not named but they seemed very like the Rings of Raggadorr

Doctor Strange II#27: Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr to entrap Stygyro, but the evil wizard broke them.

Doctor Strange II#31 (fb): Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr

Doctor Strange II#40: Conjure Constraining Rings

By the awesome nameless race --
by the evil I abhor --
let my fearsome foe now face --
the Roving Rings of Raggador!

[Note: already used in Strange Tales I#158.]

Doctor Strange II#43: Strange conjured the Flames of the Faltine (but in the drawing they seem Rings of Raggadorr)

Doctor Strange II#44: Clea conjured the Rings of Raggadorr

By the awesome nameless race --
by the evil I abhor --
let my fearsome foe now face --
the Roving Rings of Raggadorr!

[Note: already used in Strange Tales I#158 and Doctor Strange II#40, but in this case the Rings were not completed.]

Doctor Strange II#47: Clea conjured the Rings of Raggadorr

By boundless forces beyond the norm--
by powers thrice and four!
Let loose your energies and form--
the Rings of Raggadorr! 

[Note: two beams of light came out from her palms to form a luminous cylinder, which broke apart in seven perfect dark blue rings of magical force.]

Defenders I#70: Strange triggers the transformation of Banner in the Hulk

By the Rings of Raggadorr,
by the Vapors of Valtorr...
let the awesome transformation begin!

Doctor Strange II#52

By Morpheus and Raggadorr, and powers of the Norn--
halt in your tracks you wretched curs! Be still until the morn!

 [Note: Immobilized some dogs.]

Doctor Strange II#55

Seven rings has Raggadorr --
indigo to deepest black --
but Oshtur grant me something more --
crimson Bands of Cyttorak! 

[Note: already used in Dr. Strange II#9]

Defenders I#73 - Xhoohx joined forces with Dr. Strange and Clea to form a Ring of Raggadorr, through which the Valkyrie knocked Arisen Tyrk, blocking him from his source of power and incapacitating him.

What If? I#40 (August, 1983) - An alternate reality counterpart of Raggadorr was invoked.

Defenders#109: Strange used the Roving Rings of Raggadorr against the Enchantress' harpies

Doctor Strange II#73: Conjure Rings of Raggadorr

Seven rings has Raggadorr,
from indigo to deepest black!
Their fabled mught we now implore...
grant us the force to force these back!

[Note: Strange banished the Mindless Ones.]

Doctor Strange II#76: Strange banished Iuriale

By the warders of the dark
by the Faltine's holy spark
by the Rings of Raggadorr--
come you not where sun does reign
banished now from mortal plane
prey on humankind-- no more!


Power Man & Iron Fist#100:

As Raggador rings 'round you,
let Faltine's flame be felt,
burn fiercer without ceasing
'til flesh, like steel, shall melt.

[Note: casted by Master Khan]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#1: Exclamation: Rings of Raggadorr...

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#5

Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr--
and the Dozens Moons of Munnupor--
I hurl thee to the Park's green floor!

Mordo conjured the Rings of Raggadorr

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#6

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr...
by the dozen Moons of Munnupor...
may the bonds that do beset me sore...
be now cast off--forevermore!

[Note: already used in Strange Tales I#176.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#7/1

By Faltine and Ikonn and dark Valtorr,
by Seraphim, Denak and Raggadorr--
by Dormammu, Watoomb and Cyttorak--
Agamotto be now hurled back!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#11/1: Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#15: Exclamation

By the Rings of Raggadorr!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#19

By the Mystic Moons of Munnopor--
by the roving rings of Raggadorr--
These tendrils which now toward us roll--
be driven back into their hole!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#20/1

May the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and Raggadorr's Roving Rings--
bind up the shattered amphora which once was the prize of kings!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#23/1: Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#28: Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#29: Strange conjured the Rings of Raggadorr.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#33/1:

Now let the Roving Rings of Raggadorr into every crevice peek...
until they find amid so many, the very scroll I seek!

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#37

By the darksome void where chaos reigned--
by the myriads Moons of Munnopor--
the Silver Surfer be now constrained
by the Roving Rings of Raggadorr!

Marvel Super Heroes III#11: Strange removed the curse on the Diary of the Aged Genghis

By the Roving Rings of Raggadorr,
which bind the cosmic night...
by the Mystic Moons of Munnopor,
which bathe the stars in light...
by the might of Oshtur's name--
return whence you came!

[Note: a very similar spell was used in Dr. Strange I#172.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#40: Strange conjured the Raggadorr's Rings but he couldn't complete the spell.

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#43: Conjure: Rings of Raggadorr

May the Crimson bands of Cyttorak, and the rings of Raggadorr-- [Strange started the spell...]
--now tie themselves all up in knots-- while my Orb holds you evermore! [...and Agamotto finished it. The Orb grew and entrapped Strange.]

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#49: Emancipation Incantation

Satannish, Watoomb e Raggadorr
Ikonn, Seraphim e Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur e Munipoor
Hoggoth, Faltini, Valtorr e Denak!
Voi che ho nominato e voi che ho omesso
voi che minacciate la mia amata libertà udite questa sentenza: ciò non sarà permesso.
Le vostre pretese su di me rigetto
le richieste di servitù devo rifiutare
per la vostra saggezza ho grande rispetto
ma per essa è troppo alto il prezzo da pagare!
Il sentiero che percorro deve essere solo mio.
Ascoltate queste parole: che il mio destino lo decida io.

Italian version
Satannish, Watoomb and Raggadorr
Ikonn, the Seraphim and Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur and Muniporr
Hoggoth, the Faltine, Valtorr and Denak!
Those whom I named plus other I'v omitted
whose who threatened my cherished liberty
hark to this irrevocable decree:
such enslavement will not be permitted
your claims on my person I now reject
all demands of servitude I must deny
for your wisdom and might I've the utmost respect
but the price for its use is far too high
better the path I walk be mine alone
hear now these words: let my fate be my own!

Original version

Defenders III#2: Dormammu conjured a Dimensional Portal

By the Seven Rings of Raggadorr--
the Dread Dormammu now unleashes the Amulet's energies...
shreds the fabric of reality...
and calls forth--the portal!

World War Hulk#3: As the Hulk's Warbound entered Dr Strange's shielded mansion, with the Shadow Priest, Hiroim, burning thru the protective spells hiding Doc & Wong, Dr Strange, his hands broken, then invoked:

"In the name of the Eternal
By the rings of Raggadorr
Though his spirit be infernal
Zom must live once more.
And may he who dies
Die well."

Zom was then unleashed, overpowering Hiroim, and Strange confronted the Hulk at the Madison Square Garden arena.

Refurbed main image by Ron Fredricks.

Profile by Snood.

No KNOWN connections to:

images: (without ads)
Doctor Strange III#49, p16, panel 2 (green-skinned form)
Iron Man III#22, p17, panel 5 (snake-tailed form)

Doctor Strange III#49 (January, 1993) - Len Kaminski (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Bob Petrecca & Don Hudson (inks), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
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