main imageHAMIR

Real Name: Hamir

Identity/Class: Human magic users;

Occupation: Servant 

Group Membership: None 

Affiliations: Ancient One, Dr. Strange, Wong

EnemiesAstrid Mordo, Baron (Karl) Mordo, Dormammu, Nightmare, Zota of Pergamum

Known Relatives: Wong (son), Kan (ancestor)

Aliases: The Hermit

Base of Operations: The Ancient One's temple in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#111/2 (August, 1963);
   (identified) Strange Tales I#141/2 (February, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Hamir possesses some mystical ability, although far below the level of a Sorcerer Supreme. He has been shown, for example, to be able to levitate himself and others. He bears uncommon loyalty and devotion to the Sorcerer Supreme. He may also have received some training in the Martial Arts (see comments).

History: Hamir was the personal servant of the Ancient One, Earth's Sorcerer Supreme before Dr. Strange. The job of servant to the Sorcerer Supreme, is a hereditary position that is passed down from father to son. Hamir's son, Wong is servant to the Ancient One's successor, Dr. Strange

(Dr. Strange II#43 (fb) - Dr. Strange II#44 (fb)) - The family tradition of service to the Sorcerer Supreme began 1000 years before, with Hamir and Wong's ancestor Kan. Kan was drawn into a neighboring dimension, and fell in love with one of its princesses, Shialmar. Kan and Shialmar were deceived by an evil sorcerer, Vung, and conquered the dimension's peaceful rulers, the Wizard Kings. To atone for Kan's mistakes, his descendants have served those sorcerers who use their powers for good ever since.


(Captain America/Nick Fury The Otherworld War) - During World War II, Hamir was present when the Red Skull attempted to steal the Eye of Agamotto from the Ancient One.


(Dr. Strange II#75 (fb)) - Hamir took his four year old son, Wong to meet the Ancient One.


(Dr. Strange II#75 (fb)) - When Wong was ten years old, Hamir introduced him to a young couple who had agreed that their yet-unborn daughter would be Wong's future wife in an arranged marriage.


(Strange Tales I#111/2) - Baron Mordo placed a mystic spell on Hamir and forced him to drug the Ancient One's meal. Dr. Strange used the Amulet of Agamotto to cure the Ancient One, broke the spell over Hamir, and defeated Mordo.


(Strange Tales I#124/2) - Following a battle with Zota, Hamir brought a plate of refreshments to the Ancient One and Dr. Strange. However, Doc was still in his Astral Form, and might not have been able to enjoy the meal.


(Strange Tales I#130/2,#132/2-134/2) - Frustrated by repeated defeats by Dr. Strange, Baron Mordo formed an alliance with Dormammu, and acquired a considerable increase in power. Mordo and several of his minions, including Kaecilius, then attacked Strange and the Ancient One, in the Ancient One's temple in Tibet. The Ancient One was severely injured. While Strange regrouped and looked for a way to defeat Mordo and Dormammu, Hamir looked after the Ancient One in his secret cave in Tibet.


(Strange Tales I#136/2-137/2) - While he was recovering from Mordo's attack, the Ancient One slipped in and out of a comatose state. During brief moments of lucidity, he mumbled that Dr. Strange must seek help from Eternity. Strange did not know who Eternity was at this time, so he questioned several mystical adepts, but failed to deduce Eternity's identity. Strange decided he would attempt a mind probe with the Ancient One. Hamir was concerned that the Ancient One might not survive the ordeal in his weakened state, but he deferred to Doc's judgment and the mind probe succeeded.


(Strange Tales I#138/2) - While Dr. Strange searched for Eternity, Mordo overcame Hamir and abducted the Ancient One.


(Strange Tales I#141/2) - Dr. Strange defeated Dormammu in hand-to-hand combat using the Pincers of Power. Having achieved a partial victory over Mordo and Dormammu, Doc sent his Cloak of Levitation to the secret cave to retrieve Hamir and return him to the Ancient One's temple. Hamir prepared a meal to celebrate. (Hamir's name was first revealed in this story.)


(Dr. Strange I#170 - BTS) - Nightmare disguised himself as Hamir and conjured a Hamir illusion to deceive Dr. Strange.


(Marvel Premiere#11) - In the aftermath of the Ancient One's final battle against Shuma-Gorath, Dr. Strange and Hamir reflected on Doc's memories of the Ancient One.


(Dr. Strange: Shamballa (fb) - BTS) - After he became one with the universe, the Ancient One bequeathed his "spiritual legacy" to Hamir. Hamir continued to dwell in the Ancient One's temple, where he received spiritual pilgrims and trained disciples of his own.


(Dr. Strange: Shamballa) - On the anniversary of the Ancient One's death, Dr. Strange journeyed to his master's temple in Tibet. There, Hamir presented Strange with a gift from the Ancient One. Strange took the gift to his Sanctum Sanctorum, and opened to find that it contained a simple mirror. After pondering the meaning of the mirror for forty days, Strange concluded that it was simply a mirror and nothing more, at which point he was drawn into the neighboring dimension of Shamballa. The dimensions rulers, the Lords of Shamballa, tasked Strange with casting a three-part mystical spell which would wipe out much of humanity and pave the way for a more evolved race of humans to emerge. Strange, who thought he was obeying the Ancient One's wishes, agreed. Strange traveled to three locations of great mystical energy in order to complete a spell fragment at each, but he encountered a mystical obstacle at each. At the final location, he learned that the obstacles were the work of Maya, Queen of Illusion. Ultimately, he refused to cast the final spell and returned to the Ancient One's temple where he learned that the entire episode had been planned and orchestrated by Hamir, perhaps as a learning experience for Strange.


(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#84-85) - Dr. Strange traveled to the Ancient One's temple to try to rediscover his sense of purpose. There, Hamir and Strange journeyed into Doc's subconscious and found numerous suppressed memories, and psychological constructs placed there by Baron Mordo. Mordo placed the constructs in Strange's mind as a child because he was jealous of Strange for being chosen as the Ancient One's disciple. Upon returning to the Ancient One's temple, Hamir urged Doc to forgive Mordo, who was dying from cancer, for his past evil deeds.


(Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#87) - Baron Mordo's daughter, Astrid, followed in her father's footsteps and became an evil sorcerer. Astrid kidnapped Hamir and his disciples from the Ancient One's temple and transported them to Castle Mordo. She attempted to drain their energies to fuel her own sorcerous power, but Baron Mordo killed her, thus freeing Hamir and the disciples. Hamir and the disciples looked on as Mordo succumbed to his cancer, and ascended to join the Ancient One on a higher plane of existence.

(Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme#88) - Following Mordo's death, Hamir and his disciples cared for the body.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

    Hamir was never shown to possess any skill in the Martial Arts. However, his son, Wong, was shown to be proficient in the Martial Arts, and it is reasonable to assume that all servants of the Sorcerers Supreme were required to be trained in self defense.

    Mordo was subsequently resurrected during a reality warp in Amazing Spider-Man.

Profile by Clay.

Hamir has no known connections to

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  • Hammer, Leroy Jackson, partner of Anvil, @ Incredible Hulk II#182
  • Hammer, Eisenhower Canty, of the Six Pack, @ X-Force I#8
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  • Hammer, Hydra agent patterned after Thor, @ Amazing Spider-Man II#519
  • Hammer 2099, Yuri Lysenkovitch, Soviet warrior in suspended animation, @ Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1
  • Caleb Hammer, Pinkerton agent, @ Marvel Premiere#54
  • Justin Hammer, Iron Man foe, @ Iron Man I#120
  • Sylvester Hammer, US Marine, @ Warlock and the Infinity Watch#14
  • Hammer Cody: Spore host, @Wolverine II#17
  • Any other "Hammer " characters

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Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#85, p20, pan1 (main image)
Strange Tales I#132/2, p4, pan5 (face)

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