Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Deviant mutate (Pre-Cataclysmic and modern eras)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Deviant mutates

Affiliations: Former pawn of the Deviants;
    power sought by Felix Guillermo Carridad and Geist;
    mutated Hammer Cody and Roughouse

Enemies: La Bandera, Palo Caridad, Celestials, Sister Salvation, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: El Jardin del Rey, Tierra Verde

First Appearance: Wolverine II#17 (BTS; November, 1989), Wolverine II#21 (February, 1990)

Powers: Spore's body is composed of unorganized amorphous material making him immune to most forms of physical destruction. It can rapidly reorganize itself after being injured or even completely dispersed. It can engulf and consume the forms of people and even superhumans, enabling it to grow in size and power.

History: (Wolverine II#21 (fb) ) - Spore was created by the Deviants, many millennia past, from a human template via genetic engineering techniques. It was created to be the ultimate weapon against the Deviants' enemies, the Eternals. It proved successful against the Eternals, and even gained immortality by consuming many of them. Spore continued to grow in power and hunger, eventually beginning to consume its Deviant creators as well. It was destroyed @ 18, 000 BC by the Celestials of the Second Host. The Celestials judged Spore as too dangerous to continue, and so the rained their vast powers onto it, scorching it back to the visceral slime from which it grew. Its destruction took place on the mountain el Jardin del Rey (translated as the Garden of the King, or the King's Garden), on the Island of Tierra Verde.

(Wolverine II#19 (fb) ) - The energies released in this battle were observed by tribes and people on Earth and gave rise to stories of falling stars, and of an ancient god who had fought to his death on the mountainside.

(Wolverine II#21 (fb) ) - In the modern era, a cocaine crop was harvested from el Jardin del Rey, which incorporated the particles of Spore, which had been incorporated in the soil. The special nature of this harvest was soon discovered when its users began to develop superhuman strength and durability after partaking of it.

(Wolverine II#17 (fb) ) - Spore's life force existed in all of its minute forms, and sought release in those who consumed it. A criminal and drug addict named Hammer Cody, developed superhuman strength and durability, in addition to a savage frenzy after partaking of the cocaine tainted with Spore. However, Cody's body, like most others, proved unable to survive the shock of an alien presence growing inside of it, and died suddenly in mid-rampage while battling Daredevil and the New York Police Department.

(Wolverine II#18 (fb) - BTS) - The president of Tierra Verde, President Felix Caridad, sought a superhuman government warrior along the likes of Nuke, the short-lived agent of the United States government. Caridad commissioned his agent, Geist, to create such a warrior for him.

(Wolverine II#17-20 - BTS, 21-23) - The involved cocaine was identified, and via the actions of certain US government agencies, the entire shipment was shipped to Madripoor where it was "impounded" by Prince Baran. Geist purchased the enforcer Roughouse from his employer, President Nguyen Ngoc Coy, following one of Roughouse's many defeats by Wolverine. Geist then purchased the confiscated cocaine from Baran. Geist injected Roughouse with this cocaine, as a test of its power, and of Roughouse's as well.
    Wolverine had followed the cocaine shipment to the ship that Geist was using and attempted to free Roughouse. Roughouse awakened and went on a rampage, and Geist allowed Roughouse and Wolverine to battle each other to exhaustion and them subdued them both him tranquilizer darts. Wolverine was disposed of (yeah, right!) and Roughouse was brought to Tierra Verde and presented to Caridad. The President sought the aid of his estranged wife, Sister Salvation, to calm Roughouse, who had been driven to the brink of madness by the cocaine, which they continued to pump into him.
    Caridad coerced Sister Salvation to help him, despite her objections to his motives, by offering to allow her to see their son, Palo. Having been long forbidden to see Palo by Caridad, Sister Salvation agreed. Her healing powers brought relief to the pain-maddened Roughouse. However, Wolverine, alongside the local heroine la Bandera, then arrived and freed Roughouse and Sister Salvation. As they escaped, Geist shot Wolverine full of several doses of the tainted cocaine.
    As Wolverine, Roughouse, and Sister Salvation made their way through the jungles of Tierra Verde, Spore tried to assert itselfagainst Wolverine, explaining its origins to him in the process. Sister Salvation's abilities bolstered Wolverine's healing factor and enabled him to expel the components of Spore. However, despite helping Wolverine and Roughouse, Sister Salvation had been marking their trail, enabling Caridad and his men to track them, so she could see her son again. Cardidad and his soldiers recaptured all three of them.
    Caridad brought Sister Salvation to their son, Palo, but revealed his plan to have Palo become the warrior he had sought, and to use Salvation's powers to help control the change. Wolverine and Roughouse broke free at the same time that la Bandera led a group of rebels into Caridad's compound. They interrupted the empowerment of Palo, resulting in only one of the chemical darts hitting Palo, and the rest bouncing off Wolverine's claws into Caridad himself. Sister Salvation purged the drug from Palo. Geist fled as the rebels began to overrun the compound, and Caridad, maddened by the cocaine, unloaded the rest of the supply into himself in an effort to become the hero he had sought in others. This massive collection of the cocaine allowed Spore to reform itself within Caridad and to consume his body.
    Spore engulfed Wolverine and the rebels in his vicinity, rapidly growing in strength and power. Wolverine tore his way out of Spore, but despite the efforts of he and his allies, Spore continued to consume the people of the army and the rebels around him, and grew to immense size in a short time period. Wolverine succeeded in hurting Spore badly enough to cause it to collapse, but is was just a matter of time before it reformed anew. However, Sister Salvation used her healing powers against Spore. Her touched seared Spore like the fire the Celestials had rained upon it, and it was consumed into nothingness.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Thanks to Henrique Ferreira for the translation assist.
Thanks to
Prime Eternal for correcting the spelling on Sporr, the Thing that Could not Die!

Take a look at Sluj, another Byrne creation, and see if you see any similarities.

Clarifications: Spore has no known connection to:

President Felix Guillermo Caridad was the ruler ofTierra Verde, the father of Palo, and the former husband of Sister Salvation. Caridad achieved his political power through military success, anti-communist politics, and a personal fortune from the traffic of cocaine. Caridad had made certain alliances within the United States government, who assisted him in defeating a rebel force within Tierra Verde via the temporary loaning of Nuke. Caridad was impressed by Nuke's efficacy, and sought such a warrior for his own use. He commissioned Geist to develop such a warrior for him, which resulted in his obtaining the cocaine of el Jardin del Rey, and Roughouse as her first test subject.
    Caridad coerced his estrange wife to use her healing powers to help palliate the effects of the cocaine by destroying her mission village, and promising to allow her to see her long-lost son, Palo. Caridad convinced Palo to allow himself to be subjected to the cocaine in the hopes of becoming Tierra Verde's new hero. Wolverine interfered in the experiment, resulting in Caridad himself being exposed to the largest amount of the cocaine. Caridad, maddened by the cocaine, unloaded the rest of the supply into himself in an effort to become the hero he had sought in others. This massive collection of the cocaine allowed Spore to reform itself within Caridad and to consume his body, killing him.

--Wolverine II#18 (18(fb), 19-22







Palo Caridad is the son of Sister Salvation and President Caridad. He was kept separated from his mother for five years, after she left President Caridad and began her missionary work. He became a loyal soldier in his father's army, always seeking to prove his abilities to his father, and always disappointing him. Even after being reunited with his mother, he was still willing to risk his life for his father in an effort to become the national hero for Tierra Verde. Wolverine deflected the drugged darts Geist used in order to inject him with the cocaine, and Sister Salvation controlled the drug from the one dart that struck him. However, the effects were not short-lived, and extended treatment would be necessary, apparently without the benefit of her powers.

--Wolverine II#22 (23









Hammer Cody was once a promising heavyweight bozer, but was ultimately reduced to fighting for his next fix. In Hell's Kitchen, New York City, in one of those tenement-turned illicit fortresses called a crackhouse, Hammer was one of the first people to try the cocaine harvested from el Jardin del Rey. He quickly went on a maddened rampage that resulted in the deaths of all of the dealers, at the cost of multiple gunshots and stab wounds to himself...to no apparent effect. After all of the dealers were dead, he took his rampage out on the streets, which drew the attention of Daredevil. It took all of Daredevils' fighting skill to drop the crazed boxer, but it was to no avail as Hammer Cody recovered almost immediately and smashed Daredevil unconscious from behind. Cody then rushed the arriving police, but his body could no longer handle the alien presence within him and he collapsed, dead. News of Cody's phenomenal rampage drew the attention of numerous parties, and generated interest in the involved cocaine


--Wolverine II#17 (17(fb)




Sister Salvation, is the mother of Palo, and the former husband of Caridad (her last name, if not Caridad, is unknown, as is her first). Her origins are unknown: Wolverine postulated (he's a postulator, you know) that she might have been a hereditary product of the Celestials, left behind to destroy Spore should he return. Sister Salvation mentioned the possibility that she was simply a mutant, like Wolverine, but also commented that he lacked her faith and wouldn't believe the most likely explanation.
She had married Caridad and given him a son Palo many years ago. At least five years prior to her adventure against Spore, she could no longer tolerate his "evil" and left him to join a convent. Her healing powers (when they surfaced is unknown) earned her the nickname Sister Salvation. She spent a lot of time working in a jungle mission, until her estranged husband returned for her. Seeking her aid in using the cocaine of el Jardin del Rey to create a superhuman agent for himself, he blew up her mission, killing everyone in it to sever her ties to outsiders. He promised that if he helped her, he would allow her to see her long lost son, Palo.
Whatever Caridad's motives, Sister Salvation could not let others suffer, and so she used her powers to ease the suffering of Caridad's test subject Roughouse, and later Wolverine. Wolverine and his allies broke her out of Caridad's compound, but wishing to be reunited with her son, she left a trail that caused them to be recatpured. When both Palo and Caridad himself were exposed to the cocaine, Sister Salvation directed her powers towards her son, allowing Caridad to feel the full force of Spore's transformation. When Spore was released, she helped Palo get to safety, but she returned to face Spore, realizing that her powers might be the only thing that could stop him. Her energies did indeed consume and destroy Spore, but so much power was released in the process that her hands were severely burned. Sister Salvation was uncertain whether her powers remained after this, believing she may have used them for their ultimate purpose. Even though she may have lost her powers, she decided to stay and help Palo and the others, and rebuild her mission. Roughouse decided to stay and protect her.
Sister Salvation possessed healing powers enabling her to ease pain, cure disease, and heal wounds with a touch.

(Uncanny X-Men IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Dark Riders hunted down mutant healer Sister Salvation and killed her.

--Wolverine II#18 (19-23, [Uncanny X-Men IV#2 (fb)]








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