Real Name: Boris Lubov

Identity/Class: Human, Citizenship unknown, presumably Russian

Occupation: Henchman/Enforcer for Ivan the Terrible; former criminal

Affiliations: Employee of Ivan of Terrible; partner of Sickle; one time partner of Omega Red; former member of marauding gypsy band

Enemies: Maverick, Elena Ivanova, Francois Perigeux, Isabel Ferguson, Major Barrington, Puck, Red Guardian (Josef Petkus), AIM, presumably HYDRA; Turkish marauders

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Russia, Paris, Canada; formerly Central and Northern Europe

First Appearance: Maverick II#1 (September, 1997)

Powers: Has no superhuman powers, but is a skilled combatant, especially in fighting with a hammer. Hammer's weapon is apparently energy-based, hence its glow.

History: BTS- In their youth, Hammer and Sickle were members of a Gypsy band that traveled through Central and Northern Europe by caravan, pillaging as they went. Their own camp was decimated by a group of Turkish marauders. Soon after this they were enlisted by Ivan the Terrible.

(Maverick II#1)- Hammer and Sickle interrogated Francois Perigeux on behalf of Ivan the Terrible, to determine who leaked information about the Russian Matioso's planned expansion into Canada. After extracting the information they needed, they killed the Frenchman.

On behalf of Ivan the Terrible, Hammer and Sickle attacked Maverick and Elena Ivanova at the hotel Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, Canada. They were to apprehend the duo and bring them to Ivan; Maverick, whose mutant powers had resurfaced (due to the Legacy Virus within him going into remission) fought off Hammer, while Ivanova fled from Sickle. The mutant couple fled in car, but were pursued by Hammer and Sickle in a helicopter. Maverick, using his mutant ability to store and release energy, shot the helicopter out of the sky. Hammer and Sickle survived.

Later, the Gypsy duo were part of the group who ransacked Isabel Ferguson's house in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, capturing Ivanova and forcing Maverick's surrender to Ivan the Terrible.

(Maverick II#2)- Hammer and Sickle were present when Maverick awoke from his "brainwashing" at the hands of Ivan the Terrible. Their appearance triggered a memory for Maverick, whose recent memory had been changed to make him trust Ivan the Terrible. Nonetheless, Maverick listened to the mob boss and set out to kill Major Barrington.

(Maverick II#3 (BTS))- Hammer and Sickle were sent after Maverick to complete the assassination if his conditioning wore off.

While Maverick and Vindicator were rescuing Pierre Cloche from Sickle, Hammer entered Barrington's room and knocked out Puck, killed the Major and escaped.

(Maverick II#10)- Maverick, having been captured by the Confessor for Ivan the Terrible, was brought to the mob boss' estate in Borivichi, Russia. There he was confronted by Ivan the Terrible, Hammer, and Sickle.

Later, after Maverick was imprisoned, Hammer and Sickle were told of Pushkin's plan to attack an AIM installation, stealing its weaponry. They met Omega Red, who they were to work with during this operation.

(Maverick II#11)- Hammer and Sickle, along with Omega Red, got further details about the impending assault, along with the fact that the "regular" troops would be outfitted in HYDRA uniforms, to frame the terrorist organization.

(Maverick II#11 (BTS))- Hammer, Sickle and Omega Red, along with Ivan the Terrible's troops, and unknowingly Maverick and Red Guardian, departed Ivan's estate for the AIM headquarters by plane.

(Maverick II#12)- Ivan the Terrible's forces began their assault on the AIM base. Hammer, piloting the plane, received a transmission mentioning Maverick's escape.

After landing, Hammer was in charge of supervising the loading of weapons, particularly the biological ones. (i.e. anthrax) While he watched the transfer, Maverick arrived, only to have equipment dumped on him by Hammer. During this the Red Guardian destroyed the anthrax weapons and Hammer then attacked him, breaking the Russian's leg with his Hammer. Maverick helped the Red Guardian escape.

Hammer and Sickle departed in the plane, along with the troops and biological weaponry. (Omega Red, defeated by Maverick, departed) Maverick got on the plane and destroyed the weapons with his mutant power. In a confrantation with Sickle, Maverick then destroyed one of the wings' engines, crippling the aircraft before plummeting to the ground.

The plane crashed, and Hammer and Sickle, both alive, radioed back to Ivan the Terrible to explain the situation. Although displeased, the Russian crime Czar did not seem too mad, and sent an airlift to pick his men up.

Comments: Created by Jorge Gonzalez and Jimmy Chueng.

The names Hammer and Sickle are derived from the symbols of a hammer and sickle which appeared on the flag of the Soviet Union. It was meant to represent the union of the workers and the farmers in the Communist order.

Not to be confused with:

Hammer, partner of Anvil, @ Incredible Hulk I#182
Hammer, a member of the Six Pack, @ X-Force#8
Hammer, the radical terrorist organization, formerly known as the Right, @ Cage#2
Hammer 2099,
Corp.Yuri Lysenkovitch, a soviet warrior placed in suspended animation in the 1960s, discovered in 2099, @ Spider-Man 2099 Annual#1
Justin Hammer, Iron Man nemesis, @ Iron Man I#120

Caleb Hammer, Pinkerton agent, @ Marvel Premiere#54
"Hammer" Cody, Spore host, @ Wolverine II#17

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