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Real Name: Watoomb

Identity/Class: Extradimensional being (principality); magic user

Occupation: Mystic Entity

Group Membership: Octessence (Balthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Krakkan, Ikonn, Raggadorr, Valtorr)

Affiliations: Clea, Cyrus Black, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Dormammu, Tempest (Nicolette Giroux);
    presumably Oshtur;
    see also the Catalogue of Correspondences for Oshtur from Ian McNee's reading of the First Tarot

EnemiesBalthakk, Cyttorak, Farallah, Ikonn, Krakkan, Raggadorr, Valtorr

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Extradimensional realm

First Appearance: (Referenced) Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2 (1965);
    (seen) Doctor Strange II#34 (April, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Vast knowledge and power over magic forces at a level comparable to demons and deities. His Winds were invoked by several sorcerers. His Wand was a powerful magic item. Part of his knowledge in magic was recorded in the Scrolls of Watoomb.






(Iron Man III#22 (fb)) - Millennia before the modern era, Watoomb was a so powerful mage that he dealt with incredibly important mystic entities.  Seven mystic entities and he quarreled about who, among them, was the most powerful one and they organized the Wager of the Octessence. Watoomb, as each one of the others, created a totem in which a fraction of his power was contained. The first human being who had touched the Totem would be transformed into a living incarnation of that power. The Totems were hidden in Temples in various parts of the World.

  (Iron Man III#22 (fb) - BTS/Avengers III#25 (fb)) - The worshippers of Watoomb built a Temple in his honor, the Temple of Watoomb, in northern Australia. There was placed the totem which contained Watoomb's power: the Waterfall of Watoomb.

(Doctor Strange II#81 (fb) - BTS) - Watoomb transcribed part of his knowledge in some scrolls.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2 (fb) - BTS) - Watoomb empowered a Wand giving it several magic capabilities.






(Doctor Strange II#34 (fb)) - In the Modern Era, Watoomb was retiring from mystic affairs for awhile and wanted to choose a disciple to whom he could pass his awesome Wand to. The choice should have fallen to the winner of the mystical fight between Doctor Strange and Cyrus Black, both apprentices. In another dimension, Watoomb gave one half of his Sceptre, the Wand of Watoomb, to each one of the sorcerers. Strange won the fight and Watoomb retired in his own dimension.





(Amazing Spider-Man Annual#2/Doctor Strange I#179 - both BTS) - Xandu stole the two parts of the Wand but was defeated by Dr. Strange and Spider-Man.

(Doctor Strange I#163/173/177/182/183/Sub-Mariner#22/Marvel Premiere#8/Doctor Strange II#6/20/22/29/39/44/Ghost Rider II#31 - all BTS) - Dr. Strange used Watoomb's name in his spells.

(Incredible Hulk II#126 - BTS) - Van Nyborg used Watoomb's name in a banishing spell.

(Doctor Strange II#40/45/48/57/61/65/66/68/69/73/Doctor Strange III#5/7/10/23/28/34 - all BTS) - Again, Dr. Strange used Watoomb's name in his spells.

(Doctor Strange III#13/1 - BTS) - Clea invoked the Winds of Watoomb to banish Arkon back to his dimension.

(Doctor Strange III#24/1 - BTS) - Dormammu used the Winds of Watoomb to waft away some enemies of his.head shot

(Doctor Strange III#48 - BTS) - As many other powerful mystic beings, Watoomb was involved in the War of the Seven Spheres, a cyclic conflict between magic entities which will endure for 5000 years.

(Doctor Strange III#49) - Invoked by Dr. Strange, Watoomb appeared as a brown-skinned giant with long flowing white hair and mustache. He wanted to enlist Strange as a weapon in the Pan-Cyclic War of the Seven Spheres. The interference of Cyttorak, Seraphim and other beings drove Strange to pronounce the Enchantment of Emancipation, refusing to serve Watoomb and any other being in their war. 

(Iron Man III#22 - BTS) - Nicolette Giroux casually found the lost Temple of Watoomb. She touched the Waterfall of Watoomb and became Tempest, replying to the call of the Octessence.

(Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch#1/3 - BTS) - Ian McNee invoked the Winds of Watoomb to form a mystic helmet to allow him to breathe underwater as he sought the Serpent Crown at the ocean's depths.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer);
    graphically created by Tom Sutton and Craig Russel (pencils & inks).

    The Wand of Watoomb is a major item of power that also has a profile on the Appendix. Further, the Eye of Watoomb is the altered reality/House of M/Reality-58163 version of the Wand of Watoomb wielded by Sir Warren Traveler of that reality. It should receive a separate profile as well at some point.

    Strange eventually did serve in the War of the Seven Spheres and is back in the good graces of the various Principalities, including Watoomb, as far as we know.

Thanks to Catherine Yronwode and her THE LESSER BOOK OF THE VISHANTI web-site, I was able to easily find some occasions in which Watoomb's name was used by Dr. Strange for his spells:

Strange Tales I#163: Banish: the Talons of Cosmic Fire 

By the Wand of Watoomb, 
and the Seraphims' shade, 
let these talons be quenched -- 
let their dread fire now fade!

Doctor Strange I#173: Banish: Beings From Whence They Came
Let the whirling winds of Watoomb rise from the nether regions ---- 
to carry you back from whence you came!
Doctor Strange I#177: Banish: Dark Forces and a Mystic Trap
By the wisdom of Oshtur --
by the curse of Watoomb --
let the forces which threaten
now know only doom!
Doctor Strange I#182: Misc.: Cloak and Amulet Control
Let my cloak be now transported
thru the dark enshrouding gloom --
let it fly as if 'twere living --
for it runs a race with doom! --
let the eye that hath offended
now make haste to its own tomb!
and let all now join their master,
on the Winds of wild Watoomb!!

Doctor Strange I#181: Exclamation: as if smitten by the whirling Winds of Watoomb...

Doctor Strange I#183: Conjure: Illusion of One's Body

By the images of Ikonn --
by the Wand of weird Watoomb --
let a gazer fix his eye 'pon
my form sleeping in this room!
Sub-Mariner#22: Banish: False Appearances
By the sands that time has shifted --
by the Winds of weird Watoomb --
let the masking veil be lifted
though it means a demon's doom!

[Note: Used by Strange to force Joella Ward to revert to its actual demonic form]

Marvel Premiere#8: Conjure: a Spiral of Demon-Destroying Energy 

Now do I name Raggadorr and Cyttorak as well! 
Let Ikonn & Watoomb join their ranks and thus shall the growing spiral swell! 
'Round and about me let it whip 
gathering matter in its grip! 
Stab out, spiral, lash out force!

Marvel Premiere#8: Strange conjured the Winds of Watoomb to travel across the universe, reaching Earth in 4 days.

Doctor Strange II#6: Banish Umar

Now Umar so haughty -- no more hold you sway! 
May the Winds of Watoomb -- waft you away!

Doctor Strange II#20: Banish: Winds of Watoomb
In the name of the Eternal Vishanti -- 
let the Winds of Watoomb cease!
Doctor Strange II#22: Control: Teleport Others
Winds of the Watoomb
take the innocents away!
Hide them in the deepest shadows --
lest evil hold sway!
Doctor Strange II#29: Conjure: Shield of the Seraphim
'Fore the gathering doom
may my power never yield --
let the Winds of Watoomb
strengthen Seraphim's Shield!
Doctor Strange II#39: Banish: Illusions
By the sand that time has shifted --
By the Winds of Weird Watoomb --
let the masking veil be lifted --
though its lifting might bring doom!
Doctor Strange II#44: Banish: Weapon's Power
By the Winds of Watoomb,
and the Seraphim's Shade,
let these mystic darts be quenched,
let their dread fire now fade!
Ghost Rider II#31: Banish: Dormammu
Now as I speak the arcane rune
let swirl the raging Wind of Watoomb!
And to his own dark world unnamed
may Dormammu be reclaimed!


Watoomb was invoked other several times, if not indicated the spell was casted by Dr. Strange, for example (some of them are re-translated from Italian, so if anyone can look up the actual quote, please let me know, thanks!):

Strange Tales I#147: Mordo cursed Strange

Hear the words of Mordo!
Upon you I place the curse of Watoomb! 

Doctor Strange II#40: Conjure

Before the impending destiny can arrest my power -- 
let the Winds of Watoomb support the Shield of Seraphim!

Doctor Strange II#45: Banish: Blades. 
Per i Venti di Watoomb,
per l'Ombra di Seraphim,
che queste mistiche frecce siano fermate,
che la loro temibile fiamma sia fermata!

Italian version

For the Winds of Watoomb, for the Shadow of Seraphim, 
let these mystical arrows be stopped, 
let their frightening flame be stopped!


[Strange used a counterspell to the Blades of Daveroth casted by Shialmar]

Doctor Strange II#45: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb

Doctor Strange II#48: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb

Defenders I#108: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb.

Ora... che i Venti di Watoomb ci aprano la via!

Italian version

And now I say...
let the Winds of Watoomb clear us the way!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Doctor Strange II#57: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb

Prima che i poteri piú mortali rendano la mia anima impotente
che i venti di Watoomb rafforzino lo scudo di seraphim.

Italian version

Before deadlier forces make my soul powerless and grim
let the Winds of Watoomb strengthen the Shield of Seraphim!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

Doctor Strange II#61: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb
Che i venti di Watoomb obbediscano al potere che comando
e ingabbino i nostri attaccanti nello scudo di Seraphim.

Italian version

Let the Winds of Watoomb obey the power that commands
 and aid ours attacking in the Shield of Seraphim!


Let the Winds of Watoomb obey the power I wield
and cage our attackers in the Seraphimic Shield!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Doctor Strange II#65: Conjure the Winds of Watoomb to help Banish creatures
Odimi o sapiente Vishanti!
Esaudisci la mia invocazione e rinnova la mia forza
perché io possa salvare tutti gli innocenti da questa schiera blasfema!
Venti di Watoomb montate e vorticate attorno a queste creature si' indegne
che le intonse fiamme delle Faltine le respingano nei piani di Pohldahk.

Italian version

Oh, all-seeing Vishanti, hear me!
Renew my strength and fulfil my plea
to protect the innocents from this blasphemous fear!
Winds of Watoomb grow and swirl around-- 
these creatures from beyond the bound.
Let the Flames of the Faltines enligthen the dark
and banish them to the Planes of Pohldakk.

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

[Note: the strong winds pushed back the creatures in the dimensional portal back to the Planes of Pohldakk].

Doctor Strange II#66: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb.

Doctor Strange II#68: Strange conjured the Winds of Watoomb to hurl the Black Knight into a dimensional portal. They were both in another dimension and the casting was rather easier than on the Earth.

Doctor Strange II#69: Banish: Water Elementals.

Venti di Watoomb, crescete e roteate,
vorticate al mio comando!
Liberate il terribile lampo della terra senza nome del tempo perduto!
Che attorno a me scorra il potere senza limiti...e si accresca!
Disperdetevi acque malvagie!
E per il volto mai visto di Dyzakk...
sperimentate i terribili lampi di Balthaak!
Allontanatevi da questo luogo!

Italian version

Winds of Watoomb grow and blow,
whirl as I command!
Free the terrible glow
of the Lost Time and no-name Land.
Around me, the power flows...
unlimited, it grows!
Evil waters, dispel, I say!
And for the never-seen face of Dyzakk...
feel the awesome Bolts of Balthaak!
From this place, go away!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay

Doctor Strange II#73:

Venti di Watoomb crescete e tuonate!
Allontanate questi miseri dalla mia vista!
Tutte le maschere cadano, sotto la vostra potenza elementare!

Italian version

Winds of Watoomb grow and thunder!
Remove these wretched ones from my sight! 
Let all masks fall, under
 your elemental power!

Attempt at re-translating--Spidermay


Doctor Strange & Doom Graphic Novel: 

Bolts of Balthakk, Winds of Watoomb...
sweep back these hordes from Doctor Doom!

Doctor Strange III#5: Exchange bodies

By the Great--Omnipotent Oshtur--
by the Watoomb's Wand, forever cursed--
by the power of Dark Dormammu--
myself and Mordo be now reversed!

Doctor Strange III#7: Banish: Agamotto

By Faltine and Ikonn and dark Valtorr, 
by Seraphim, Denak and Raggadorr -- 
by Dormammu, Watoomb and Cyttorak -- 
Agamotto be now hurled back!

[Note: Dr. Strange's spell was uneffective].

Doctor Strange III#8/1: Strange conjured the Winds of Watoomb

Doctor Strange III#10: Conjure: Wings of Watoomb

And let your instrument of doom -- 
be carried off by Wings of Watoomb!

[Note: a pair of wings appeared connected to a demolition weight and carried it off not to cause any harm].

Doctor Strange III#13/1: Banish Arkon, casted by Clea

Oh, heed me, Winds of Wondrous Watoomb--
shake the cosmos with your storm-like song!
'twixt our world and his, let aperture loom--
hurl Arkon where he does belong!

Doctor Strange III#23/1: 

May the wondrous Winds of Weird Watoomb, which blow over and into and under, 
now swirl like a dervish the opposite way--and rend your whirlpool asunder!

Doctor Strange III#24: Dormammu conjured the Winds of Watoomb

Doctor Strange III#28: 

May the Wondrous Winds of Wild Watoomb--
now hurl you back that we have room!

Doctor Strange III#34: Banish: Shadow of Doom

By the four fantastic fragments of the fabled Quadriverse--
by the might of puissant Oshtur, swift to chastise or to curse--
may the fearsome Winds of Watoomb, whose storms the stars coherce--
*now howl and blow and bellow--and this Shadow-Doom disperse!

Doctor Strange III#36: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb.

Doctor Strange III#49: Conjure: Watoomb!

From these creatures I suffer in torment let Watoomb raise me in flight with its wind!

[Note: this spell conjured Watoomb himself who asked Strange to help him in the conflict between mystic entities].

Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme#49: Emancipation Incantation

Satannish, Watoomb e Raggadorr
Ikonn, Seraphim e Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur e Munipoor
Hoggoth, Faltini, Valtorr e Denak!
Voi che ho nominato e voi che ho omesso
voi che minacciate la mia amata libertá udite questa sentenza: ció non sará permesso.
Le vostre pretese su di me rigetto
le richieste di servitú devo rifiutare
per la vostra saggezza ho grande rispetto
ma per essa é troppo alto il prezzo da pagare!
Il sentiero che percorro deve essere solo mio.
Ascoltate queste parole: che il mio destino lo decida io.

Italian version

Satannish, Watoomb and Raggadorr
Ikonn, the Seraphim and Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur and Muniporr
Hoggoth, the Faltine, Valtorr and Denak!
Those whom I named plus other I'v omitted
whose who threatened my cherished liberty
hark to this irrevocable decree:
such enslavement will not be permitted
your claims on my person I now reject
all demands of servitude I must deny
for your wisdom and might I've the utmost respect
but the price for its use is far too high
better the path I walk be mine alone
hear now these words: let my fate be my own!

Original version

Defenders II#12/1: Conjure: Winds of Watoomb.

[No words spoken, Strange *probably* conjured the Winds in conjunction with a Dimensional Portal]

The Order#2: Strange conjure the Winds of Watoomb

Winds of Watoomb, hear my call, Hear my call and fiercely blow! 
Sweep this place like a storm-tossed sea--And see this mob of fools laid low!

The Order#6: Clea conjured the Winds of Watoomb.


I couldn't help myself writing a spell invoking Watoomb. A Banishing spell using a Dimensional Door:

By the wondrous Winds of Watoomb,
let evil power fade, be no more!
I fling you in your house of gloom,
now, be hurled back thru this door!--Spidermay

    The Scrolls of Watoomb were possessed by Strange, probably because Watoomb himself gave them to Strange after he won the duel with Cyrus Black.
    In a RPG manual by TSR it is reported that Strange said about the Winds of Watoomb "have sped me past light-years of real distance trough unreal ways" but, of course the spell is NOT the same as the scrolls.

Profile by Spidermay.

Watoomb has no known connections to  any other character with a similar name.

The Scrolls of Watoomb

    The Scrolls of Watoomb were a precious source of magic knowledge, written by Watoomb in an unidentified past. The scrolls gave their owner quicker and safer control over the Winds of Watoomb, and also a greater power to the Winds. The scrolls also increased the power of the sorcerer who controls them.

(Doctor Strange II#80 - BTS) - Dr. Stephen Strange possessed them but when the sorcerer Urthona stole the entire house of Dr. Strange, he also acquired the Scrolls of Watoomb.

(Doctor Strange II#81/Doctor Strange III#9/2 (fb)) - During the magic battle occurred among Dr. Strange and Urthona, Strange decided to destroy all the magic artifacts that could have helped the cruel Urthona in his dreadful purposes, so Strange cast a spell to incinerate the scrolls and all the other precious items.

(Doctor Strange III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Agamotto the All-Seeing did not want to see his Orb disintegrated, so, magically transported the Orb of Agamotto, the Wand and the Scrolls of Watoomb and the other artifacts in his own dimension, before the Strange's spell destroyed them and so suddenly that both Urthona and Strange believed the items lost for ever. 

(Doctor Strange III#7) - Months after, Strange entered again in Agamotto's dimension and received by Agamotto the Scrolls of Watoomb and also the other precious talismans.

(Doctor Strange III#8) - Strange went back to his Sanctum Sanctorum with the scrolls and the other talismans. Later, he used the Winds of Watoomb with quicker and a surer control.

(Doctor Strange III#10) - The Talismans were still strewn about Strange's bedroom.

(Doctor Strange III#36) - Dr. Strange shrunk his talismans and hid them behind the Eye of Agamotto. He restored them to their size when he was forced to confront the Infinity Gauntlet God-made Adam Warlock. The scrolls were really useful to cancel the effects of the Gem of Space, the Winds of Watoomb recalled reading the scrolls enabled Strange, Pip and Gamora to cover a distance of light-years in few seconds. Shortly later, Strange had to use all the talismans to increase his own powers and match, even if only for a few moments, the power of Adam Warlock. After the fight, Strange went back home and put the scrolls and the other talismans in their right place in his room.

(Doctor Strange Annual#4) - Some scrolls were among the artifacts of earthbound magic which Doctor Strange used to cast the enchantment of the Unifying Braid.

--Doctor Strange II#81 (Doctor Strange III#9/2 (fb), Doctor Strange III#7/1, Doctor Strange III#8/1, Doctor Strange III#10/1, Doctor Strange III#36, Doctor Strange Annual#4

Doctor Strange III#49, p8, pan3 (Watoomb, old giant form)
Doctor Strange III#49, p16, pan4 (Watoomb, head shot)
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Doctor Strange II#34, p17, pan4 (Watoomb, human mage form)
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Scrolls of Watoomb:
Doctor Strange II#81 (February, 1987) - Peter Gillis (writer), Chris Warner (pencils), Randy Emberlin (inks), Carl Potts (editor)
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