Classification: Magic Item

Creator: Watoomb

User/Possessors: Watoomb, Imus Champion, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Grandmaster, Krona, Melinda Morrison, Sir Warren Traveler, Xandu, unidentified priestess of Yog;
presumably Mr. Jip (see comments)

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#2 (1965)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The wand gives his possessor near omnipotent power. It primarily serves as a means for enhancing, multiplying, gathering, focusing and/or producing magic energies. Controlled by mere thoughts of its wielder, the wand can be an awesome instrument of destruction, striking everything the conjurer wants with mystic charges or ordinary bolts. The wand can control the elements, with particular ease the Winds of Watoomb, and can open dimensional portals already present but closed and invisible. The wand could be easily used by someone with only little knowledge in magic, absorbing and reflecting magic attacks with amplified force. Used by trained sorcerers it can enable its possessor to see far places and persons just by thinking of them and also perform actions in these remote places.
  The wand is also a means of gaining knowledge, letting the expert user learn and discover some deep information about the nature of the planes of existence.
  Combined with other objects of power, the wand can reshape the reality of the universe.
  The wand can be divided in two halves. When divided, the parts are powerless.

The Priestess of Yog and the Wand


(Realms of Magic Book#2: Manual of Mysticism) - Very little is known about the Wand's origins, it was created by Watoomb himself.

(Savage Sword of Conan#188/2) - In the Hyborian Era, when Yog, the demon-god was still worshipped, one of his priestesses came in possession of the wand.
  In the middle of an enchantement, threatened by a Cimmerian warrior named Conan, the priestess used a fraction of the Wand's power to summon a thunderbolt and bury the barbarian under the resulting crumble. Still wielding the Wand, she became Yog's Avatar, ready to spread destruction over Mitra's worshippers. The Wand was used to conjure a storm of immense proportions whose fury wrecked havoc over the land. Conan, as Mitra's Avatar, delayed the emissary of evil, and when she lost contact with the constellation of Yog, panic filled her heart. She dropped the Wand, promptly grabbed by Conan, who used it for a brutal physical strike. The Wand's protruding horns opened the priestess' chest, resulting in a fatal blow.
  When Conan awoke under the rain, the Wand was gone. The constellation of Yog bursted and then fell, leaving the sky empty.

(Doctor Strange II#34 (fb)) - In the modern era, the Wand was in possession of the mystical entity known as Watoomb. Apparently, he wanted to retire from the mystical affairs and decided to pass his Wand to the fittest of his two apprentices. Cyrus Black and Doctor Strange grabbed a half of the Wand and battled. The winner was Stephen Strange, and he took the two halves of the Wand from Watoomb's dimension to Earth.

(Doctor Strange II#34 (fb) - BTS) - The Wand, however, didn't remain whole in Strange's hands. Shortly after the contest, the sorcerer Xandu managed to steal the half held by Black.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#2) - Needing the whole Wand for his purposes, Xandu returned and had two lackeys steal the second half of the Wand. The Wand, whole again, remained on Earth for a very short time. Spider-Man interfered with Xandu's plans and, just before he was banished into an unidentified dimension by Xandu, managed to web the Wand and took it with him.
  The Wand was returned to Xandu by his strong guys, and he could use its power against Doctor Strange who was almost overwhelmed. Only the combined efforts of Spider-Man and Strange let the Doctor reacquire the Wand and defeat Xandu. Strange, claiming that the Wand was too powerful, drained every bit of power out of it. Xandu's memory was apparently cleansed of all his ambitions.

(Marvel Team-Up I#21) - Xandu had tricked Strange and had managed to restore his mind. Using the Crystal of Kadavus he recharged the Wand that he needed to revive his lover Melinda. Interrupted by Doctor Strange, Xandu used the Wand, and easily transported the Doctor and Spider-Man to his own extradimensional world. Though almost omnipotent, the heroes succeeded in making him drop the Wand and beat him. Strange decided to leave the Wand in the dimension beyond the reach of any man, so he threw it away to drift in Xandu's surreal dimension.

(Marvel Fanfare I#6 (fb)) - After long researches the Wand was found again by Xandu, and it was used to restore the body of Melissa Morrison at full health. But the Wand could not awake her mind and soul, because Melinda was actually dead.

(Marvel Fanfare I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Xandu created a planet (probably using the power of the Wand) in another dimension and placed his Castle there, scheming for the resurrection of Melinda.

(Marvel Fanfare I#6 (fb)) - Wielding the Wand, Xandu captured Wanda Maximoff and transferred her soul into the empty body of Melissa.

(Marvel Fanfare I#6) - When the spirit of Melinda, coming from the realm of Death, appeared before Xandu, he was terrorized and shot some magic blasts from the Wand against it, to no avail. Spider-Man defeated Xandu and brought back the Wand to Earth.

(Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The Way To Dusty Death GN (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man gave the Wand back to Doctor Strange, who placed it near the Crystal of Kadavus, safe under a protection spell.

(Doctor Strange II#81 - BTS/Doctor Strange III#9/2 (fb) - BTS) - During the magic battle between Dr. Strange and Urthona, Strange decided to destroy all the magic artifacts that could have helped the cruel Urthona in his dreadful purposes. Agamotto, teleported all the items to his dimension before they were incinerated, letting Strange and Urthona believe that they had actually been destroyed.

(Strange Tales II#8/1) - In Mr. Jip's "Shoppe of Wonders", the Wand of Watoomb (or a replica; see comments) hung from a pole, waiting for a buyer.

(Doctor Strange III#7 - BTS) - Months later, Strange entered Agamotto's dimension again and received from Agamotto the Wand of Watoomb and also the other precious talismans.

(Doctor Strange III#8) - Strange went back to his Sanctum Sanctorum with the Wand and the other talismans.

(Doctor Strange III#9 - BTS / 10 - BTS) - The Talismans were still lying around in Strange's bedroom.

(Doctor Strange III#36) - Dr. Strange shrunk his talismans and hid them behind the Eye of Agamotto. He restored them to their full size when he was forced to confront the Infinity Gauntlet empowered Adam Warlock. The scrolls were really useful to cancel the effects of the Gem of Space, the Winds of Watoomb scrolls enabled Strange, Pip and Gamora to cover a distance of light-years in a few seconds. A short time later Strange had to use the Wand and all the other talismans to increase his own powers to match, even if only for a few moments, the power of Adam Warlock. After the fight, Strange went back home and put the scrolls and the other talismans in their right place in his room.

(Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The Way To Dusty Death GN) - Xandu, from the realm of Death, possessed Spider-Man's body and stole the Wand. With its power he opened a dimensional portal under the New York Central Station and gave the Wand to Melinda who went back "home". A short time later Xandu took back the Wand to use it against Strange. It released a tremendous amount of eldritch energy when it exploded after Spider-Man webbed it up and shattered it on the ground.

(Secret Defenders#6) - The Wand, however returned. Strange sensed it and in fact, Xandu, who had established a link with the Wand, succeeded in recalling it even from his unstable mental state.

(Secret Defenders#7 (fb) - BTS) - Through the Wand, Xandu learned that once near the end of the millenium the planes of Earth and Death could be merged.

(Secret Defenders#6) - Captain America was the first to try and stop him but was unable to contrast the pure power of the Wand, the storm and the winds it created. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch intervened but Xandu escaped to the Death dimension. They reached him there only to learn that he was employing the full power of the Wand to merge his plane and Earth to a gigantic dimension of Death.

(Secret Defenders#7) - Using the Wand, Xandu turned three of the dead into parodies of the heroes he had captured, then he turned them to death and dust again. The merging of the worlds continued. In Manhattan, the dead started rising from their graves.

(Secret Defenders#8) - The Wand gave Xandu so much power that Strange and Scarlet Witch couldn't break through his defenses. Melinda defeated Xandu, Spider-Man gave the Wand to Strange and Melinda sent back the heroes to Manhattan.

(Avengers/Squadron Supreme '98) - Through unknown means, Imus Champion retrieved the Wand of Watoomb. He used the Wand to protect himself from Moonglow's mystic bolts. The wand stored and reflected the energies to fell her. Eventually Champion was captured.

(Avengers/JLA#1 - BTS) - In his game against Krona for the safety and the conquest of the Universe, the Grandmaster randomly displaced 12 items of immense power in two different universes. Among them was the Wand of Watoomb.

(JLA/Avengers#2) - Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch defeated Black Canary, Hawkman and Blue Beetle and found the Wand of Watoomb. The Wand was immediately teleported to the Grandmaster's base.

(JLA/Avengers#2/Avengers/JLA#3 (fb)) - When all the 12 items were gathered, the Grandmaster used them to change the reality of the two universes, merging them and trapping Krona in the point of junction.

(Avengers/JLA#3 - BTS - JLA/Avengers#4) - The 12 items of power were used by Krona; he tried to completely merge the two worlds and produce a new Big Bang. He captured the avatars of the two universes in hope to have them reveal the secret of their creation.
  After a furious battle involving hundreds of superbeings, Hawkeye freed the objects of power. The resulting, chaotic swirl of released energy swallowed Krona. The universes separated and the resulting stolen energy became a Cosmic Egg containing Krona's essence.

(She-Hulk III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Mr. Wilkes stole the Wand of Watoomb from Dr. Strange's house. Strange stopped the burglar and took back the Wand.

Long Wand(Ms. Marvel II#4) - Sir Warren Traveler, bearer of the Eye of Watoomb of Reality-58163, was captured in Doctor Strange's house. Feeling a link with a Wand he saw on the fire-place, he unwittingly acquired keener concentration and succeeded in untying the magic bonds that imprisoned him. He grabbed the Wand of Watoomb, taking Dr. Strange by surprise, and knocked him down with a right swing.

(Ms. Marvel II#5) - Traveler used the Wand to increase his powers to such a level that Dr. Strange had to ask Ms. Marvel for help through her dreams. But it was a Ms. Marvel from a not too distant future that helped Strange. Traveler escaped with the Wand and carried with him the Ms. Marvel of the present time to the alternate reality-6095.
  In their fight, Ms. Marvel managed to take the Wand for some seconds but the two had to flee from that reality. Traveler brought them back to Earth-616, arriving some minutes in the past, grasped the Wand and teleported away. Ms. Marvel used the few seconds at her disposal to help Strange defeat Traveler's past self like before. The past Traveler landed with the Wand in reality-20069. (see comments)

(New Avengers#51 - BTS) - The Wand of Watoomb was still in Dr. Strange's possession. Looking for a new Sorcerer Supreme he vowed to give the Wand to him to his successor as soon as he found him.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Steve Ditko (plot and draw).

  In the MU the Wand's creation was never told. It is rather logical to think that the creator was Watoomb himself. The link between the Wand and its creator is mentioned in "Realms of Magic Book#2: Manual of Mysticism" by TSR.

After the Crystal of Kadavus was used to restore the Wand's power, a link existed between them. Another link seems to exist between the Wand, Xandu, Sandy Plunkett and the interdimensional jumps.

Someone could notice that the movements of the Wand (and also Traveler's and Ms. Marvel's) in Ms. Marvel II#5 weren't told in the same order I placed them. This is because time travel often creates confusion about what happened before and what happens after. Moreover, sometime time travel leads to paradoxes.
  Interpreting Ms. Marvel II#5 in the common "Marvel Universe Time Travel Rules" way, when Traveler brought back Carol from Earth-6095 to Earth-616 BEFORE she had arrived at Strange's house, he immediately created an alternate diverging timeline (hypotetically lets' call it Earth-200610 for clarity). In that diverging timeline she battled Traveler alongside Strange AND was also flying to reach the battle. However, the writer put some sibylline words in Strange's mouth. While contrasting Traveler's final sorcery, Strange claimed that he was remedying to the mess created by Traveler. So, we can suppose that Strange had guessed that a paradox was occuring in those seconds, and his defensive spell also intended to "help" Traveler leave Earth-616 with the Wand and one of the two Ms. Marvels. How did he know? He was speaking to Carol in her dreams and another Carol suddenly appeared to help him against Traveler! Or he sensed the contemporary presence of two Wands of Watoomb, while defending himself against Traveler. Moreover, Traveler, an expert multi-realities jumper, too "suggested", when he brought back Ms. Marvel to Earth-616, that she had "important things" to do and that they arrived home "a bit too early". He knew that a Ms. Marvel had to surprisingly assault his other self in Dr. Strange's house, and the one near enough was the one behind him, (he had already lived through that event).
  So, for some seconds the same two Wands of Watoomb existed in Earth-616 reality, present only a few meters away from each other, and also two Ms. Marvels and two Warren Travelers did.
  Of course, since the Wand seen in Ms. Marvel II#4-5 had been drawn very differently from the previous issues, all the episodes could've happened in an entire different reality ;-).

Ms. Marvel and other characters can visit their own pasts, and the two temporal versions existing at the same point in time does not necessarily cause a paradox or anything like that. Happens all the time. That's a Gruenwald rule that hasn't been very consistent with the rest of the MU time travel appearances.

The Crystal of Kadavus was as big as a fist in Marvel Team-Up I#21. In Secret Defenders it was twice as big. The power it contained probably made it shrink.

The Wand's appearance in Strange Tales II#8 is one of those throw-away appearances that just don't fit. I personally think that the Wand seen in this issue was merely a replica or an illusion created by Mr. Jip.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Spidermay.

The Wand of Watoomb has no known connections to any other Wand .

Crystal of KadavusCrystal of Kadavus

The Crystal of Kadavus is a big crystal, resembling a skull.
  Nothing is known about its powers, with the exception that it can be used to restore the power of the Wand of Watoomb, or contain its power.

(Secret Defenders#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Crystal of Kadavus was forged in a wizard's tomb.

  The Crystal was kept by the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, who had transferred all the Wand of Watoomb's powers into it. After that, the Crystal retained a mystic conection with the Wand.

(Marvel Team-Up I#21) - Spider-Man, under Xandu's hypnosis, stole the Crystal. Xandu used it with the proper incantation under the light of the full moon to recharge the power of the Wand of Watoomb.

(Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The Way To Dusty Death GN - BTS) - Spider-Man saw the Crystal among Doctor Strange's other magic items, near the Wand of Watoomb.

(Secret Defenders#6) - Strange used the Crystal of Kadavus to reach the Wand of Watoomb. The Crystal floated in the sky, where Strange could open a portal to the Death Dimension.

(Secret Defenders#7 - BTS) - The Crystal fell to the ground. Dead rose from their graves.

(Secret Defenders#8) - The Crystal was again contacted by one of Strange's spells from the Death Dimension and it was picked up by Captain America. The resulting spell emitted a pulse which hurled back the dead.

--Marvel Team-Up I#21 (Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: The Way To Dusty Death GN - BTS, Secret Defenders#6, Secret Defenders#8

images: (without ads)
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Marvel Team-Up I#21, p3, pan5 (the Crystal of Kadavus)

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