Warren Traveler


Real Name: Warren Traveler

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-58163/House of M) magic user

Occupation: Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-58163

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Formerly the King of England of Earth-58163

Enemies: Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers), Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Sorcerer Supreme

Base of Operations: Variable throughout the Multiverse;
    formerly London of Earth-58163

First Appearance: Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (January, 2006);
    {prima apparizione Italiana: Thor#89 Marvel Italia (agosto 2006)}

Powers/Abilities: Vast magical powers consonant with the Sorcerer Supreme position. He manipulated magic energies producing explosions, force beams, burning shots, deadly or stunning charges, enchanted animals, banishments and, most of all, jumps forward and back in time.
His time and dimensional displacements were probably made easier by the Eye of Watoomb. This ability was increased using the Wand of Watoomb.

Weakenesses: His mental sanity was weak, producing en erratic behaviour and memory loss. The more he used magic, the creazier he became. Using different sources of magic, as new ones discovered in alternate realities, could mitigate this mental illness.

(Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (fb)) - Not much is known about Warren Traveler's past on Earth-58163 (House of M).
Traveler was Sorcerer Supreme, and after his service for the King of England, something pushed him to become a criminal.

head shot

(Ms. Marvel II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Traveler forgot a lot of magic. With his abilities decreased he started searching for artifacts to increase his powers again.

(Ms. Marvel II#4 (fb)) - Seven years before the events of House of M, but still in the past of that reality, Traveler found the Eye of Watoomb in a "magic shop", in New York. He sneakily shut off the defensive enchantements of the shop, summoned an enchanted Manticore which killed the old shop owner and stole the Oculus. He couldn't wait until he got back back to London and in the back of a bar in Hell's Kitchen Traveler cut out his own right eye and magically bonded the Eye of Watoomb to his face.

(Ms. Marvel II#4 (fb) - BTS) - Traveler fought Ms. Marvel several times, trying to kill her, and was sent to prison.

(Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (fb) - BTS) - The heroine became his nemesis.

(Ms. Marvel II#5 (fb) - BTS) - During his interdimensional travels, Traveler visited several alternate realities. One among these was Earth-20069, where the human race had been eaten by alien insects. He studied that reality.

(Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (fb)) - Traveler schemed to kill Ms. Marvel as he was sick to plan around her. Seeing her as his only weakness. Traveler surprised Ms. Marvel in Hell's Kitchen, confusing her with his time-jumping apparitions and taking her at bay with his magic, an energy which Ms. Marvel couldn't absorb. In the very moment he was completing a deadly spell, Ms. Marvel threw a cat on Traveler's face, interrupting his concentration. Surprised, Traveler time-jumped with the cat, disappearing.

(Ms. Marvel II#4 (fb) - BTS) - The time-displacement spell flung Traveler into the future, outside of Earth-58163, to the reformed Earth-616. Traveler's conscience, records and magic were still linked to the House of M reality, which was no more. His mind, having lost the tuning with the magic forces of his world, went insane, no more steady, wading like a drifting boat.

   In some moments of rationality Traveler adopted a new outfit and tracked down Ms. Marvel to her flat, leaving the cat there.

(Ms. Marvel II#4) - Carol Danvers spotted the cat and was immediately attacked by Traveler. This time, Traveler succeded in launching his "Facultas iower menit" spell on Ms. Marvel, seriously stunning her. To his surprise the the effect wasn't mortal and Ms. Marvel managed to kick Traveler, who immediately after, apparently lost his mind. His belligerent ways vanished, his behaviour became aulic and his words lost any sense. Ms. Marvel stunned him with a force bolt, brought him to Doctor Strange and went home.

    Strange understood that the more Warren Traveler used magic, the more he became insane. In the meanwhile, Traveler was unwittingly acquiring a keener concentration. He felt a link (thanks to his Eye of Watoomb) with a wand he saw on the fire-place. Reacquiring a bit of sanity he succeeded in untying the Bands of Cyttorak that imprisoned him. He grabbed the Wand of Watoomb, taking Doctor Strange by surprise, and knocked him down with a right swing.

(Ms. Marvel II#5) - Traveler employed the wand to increase his powers to such a level that Doctor Strange had to ask for Ms. Marvel's help, through the cat in her dreams. But, only few seconds later, it was a Ms. Marvel coming from a recent future to attack Traveler. Traveler escaped with the wand and carried with him the Ms. Marvel of the present to the alternate reality-20069.
   A time-jump to six years earlier, took them to the a moment only some seconds before the deadly swarm arrived. Traveler and Ms. Marvel tangled for so long that Traveler had to flee from that reality. Traveler brought them back to Earth-616, arriving some minutes in the past, grasped the wand and vanished in a magic flash. Ms. Marvel used the few seconds at her disposal to help Strange defeating the other Traveler (of the past). Actually, Traveler had shifted to Earth-20069 again.

Comments: Created by Brian Reed, Roberto de la Torre & Jimmy Palmiotti

   I place the Eye of Watoomb discovery in the House of M reality's past because Traveler thought about "going back to London", where he lived during or immediately after he was at the King of England's service.

    The events of his previous visits to Earth-20069 can be cronologically placed somewhere else. I thought that he visited them before he wore the Eye of Watoomb, because, in that case, he was supposed to feel the link with that reality's Wand of Watoomb, but this is a weak explanation, because the wand could be at a galactic distance from Earth, undetectable, or could also not exist at all.

    I suspected that his master plan barely mentioned in Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1, could be the search for all the alternate reality Wands of Watoomb. This could explain his "madness" when he attacked Carol in her flat. It could be a trick to be brought into Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. However, Traveler's words seems honest when he said that he barely recognized the wand. So, the plan to find other wands was conceived later.

Someone could notice that the movements of the Wand (and also Traveler's and Ms. Marvel's) in Ms. Marvel II#5 weren't told in the same order I placed them. This is because time travel often creates confusion about what happened before and what happens after. Moreover, sometime time travel leads to paradoxes.
  Interpreting Ms. Marvel II#5 in the common "Marvel Universe Time Travel Rules" way, when Traveler brought back Carol from Earth-6095 to Earth-616 BEFORE she had arrived at Strange's house, he immediately created an alternate diverging timeline (hypotetically lets' call it Earth-200610 for clarity). In that diverging timeline she battled Traveler alongside Strange AND was also flying to reach the battle. However, the writer put some sibylline words in Strange's mouth. While contrasting Traveler's final sorcery, Strange claimed that he was remedying to the mess created by Traveler. So, we can suppose that Strange had guessed that a paradox was occuring in those seconds, and his defensive spell also intended to "help" Traveler leave Earth-616 with the Wand and one of the two Ms. Marvels. How did he know? He was speaking to Carol in her dreams and another Carol suddenly appeared to help him against Traveler! Or he sensed the contemporary presence of two Wands of Watoomb, while defending himself against Traveler. Moreover, Traveler, an expert multi-realities jumper, too "suggested", when he brought back Ms. Marvel to Earth-616, that she had "important things" to do and that they arrived home "a bit too early". He knew that a Ms. Marvel had to surprisingly assault his other self in Dr. Strange's house, and the one near enough was the one behind him, (he had already lived through that event).
  So, for some seconds the same two Wands of Watoomb existed in Earth-616 reality, present only a few meters away from each other, and also two Ms. Marvels and two Warren Travelers did.
  Of course, since the Wand seen in Ms. Marvel II#4-5 had been drawn very differently from the previous issues, all the episodes could've happened in an entire different reality ;-).

Ms. Marvel and other characters can visit their own pasts, and the two temporal versions existing at the same point in time does not necessarily cause a paradox or anything like that. Happens all the time. That's a Gruenwald rule that hasn't been very consistent with the rest of the MU time travel appearances.

Here is a little compendium of Traveler's spells.

PatefacioDispel another person's enchantement
MartikhoraSummon magic manticore
Voro oculus Watoomb. Voro oculus WatoombCarve the Eye of Watoomb onto his face
Nunc pro tuncTime-jump
AjdahayolanSummon magic dragon
Taru TeshubSummon magic bull
Facultas iower menitDeadly energy blast (or very harmful blast)
KeralinoMagic bolt
Eo ire itumDestructive chain reaction or Escape?

Profile by Spidermay.

Warren Traveler has no known connections to:

The Eye of WatoombThe Eye of Watoomb

    The Eye of Watoomb was a little sphere, as little as an ocular globe, coming from the fusion of (a part of) the powerful, golden Wand of Watoomb of Earth-58163. Its powers were mostly unseen but probably similar to, and reduced of, the Wand of Watoomb of Earth-616.

    The Eye was the best and most important piece of a magic shop in New York, where an old man worked. He tried to sell the Eye to Traveler who immediately felt the power coming from that object. The shop was protected by an enchantment that could pulverize a burglar, but Traveler managed to dispel it. He killed the old man, then couldn't wait for acquiring the full power of the Eye.
    In an excess of power-craving, Traveler cut his right eye out and carved the Eye of Watoomb at its place.

   The Eye enabled Traveler to jump among alternate realities more easily.

   When Traveler was held captive in Doctor Strange's house on Earth-616, he felt a keener concentration, due to the proximity of the Wand of Watoomb, induced by the Eye of Watoomb he "wore".

--Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (fb) (Ms. Marvel II#4 (fb), Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (fb), Ms. Marvel II#4, Ms. Marvel II#5

Ms. Marvel II#5, p8, pan3 (Traveler, full body)
Ms. Marvel II#4, p4, pan1 (Traveler, head shot)
Ms. Marvel II#4, p1, pan5 (the old shopper and the Eye of Watoomb)

Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (January, 2006) - Brian Reed (writer), Roberto de la Torre (disegni), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)
Ms. Marvel II#4 (August, 2006) - Brian Reed (writer), Roberto de la Torre (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)
Ms. Marvel II#5 (September, 2006) - Brian Reed (writer), Roberto de la Torre (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Andy Schmidt (editor)

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