Real Name: Chewbacca

Identity/ClassAlternate reality (Reality-58163/House of M) extraterrestrial (Flerken)

Occupation: Pet

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Alpha Flight (A'Di, Abigail Brand, Dante Cruz, Glory, Harper, Wendy Kawasaki, Puck/Eugene Judd, Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski), Arana (Anya Corazon), Bean, Tracy Burke, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers; formerly Ms. Marvel), Captain America (Steve Rogers), Lila Cheney, Joseph Danvers Jr., Marie Danvers (Mari-Ell), Sarah Day, Frank Gianelli, Lori Griffin, Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot, Star-Lord/Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon), Jessica Jones, Wendy Kawasaki, Lauri-Ell, Phyllis, Katherine "Kit" Renner, James Rhodes, Sox, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Tic

Enemies: Carnage (Cletus Kasady), Cotati, Haffensye Consortium, Kree Kleaner, Mim, Sir Warren Traveler of Earth-58163 (House of M), unidentified hive, Yon-Rogg

Known Relatives117 offspring

Aliases: "Goose," "Chew," "Chew-Chew," "Chew-Ski," "Chewster"

Base of Operations: Carol Danvers' apartment in East Village, New York City;
   formerly Danvers family home in Harpswell Sound, Maine;
   formerly Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)'s apartment in New York City;
   formerly Alpha Flight Space Station;
   formerly mobile throughout the universe aboard the transport vessel Harrison;
   formerly the head of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York City;
   formerly Carol Danvers' apartment in New York City;
   formerly 10474 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, California;
   formerly Carol Danvers' room at Hotel Conway;
   formerly S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier 13;
   formerly Carol Danvers' apartment in New York City;
   formerly somewhere in New York City on Earth-58163

First Appearance: Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1 (April, 2006); (named) Ms. Marvel II#5 (September, 2006)

Powers/Abilities: Chewie is a female member of the nearly extinct extraterrestrial species known as Flerken. Like with all members of her kind her external appearance resembles that of a housecat from the planet Earth. She has access through her gullet to a pocket dimensions inside her body and presumably bubbles of space and time that exist on other planets. Her fanged inner jaws and tentacles she used in combat were stored in her pocket dimension. She is believed to be able to store whole armies and maybe even universes inside her pocket dimension. Chewie was seen devouring a whole human body in one swoop without hurting the person though it would have been digested over time. She also devoured a large portion of an alien hive at one point. She can teleport herself and others by passing through her pocket dimension to wherever she sought. Though the maximum distance of this power is unknown she was seen teleporting herself and one other person from a planet to an orbiting spaceship in outer space. Chewie was apparently pregnant when she first met Carol Danvers and stored her 117 eggs inside this pocket dimension for an unknown amount of time until they were ready to hatch. She was very temperamental during this period. Causing damage to her pocket dimension can force her to release whatever she devoured and sent there.

Chewie was temporarily possessed by a Carnage-controlled symbiote, which made her tentacles and inner jaws appear more monstrous than ever, but also made her a considerable threat to even Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).

Height (at shoulder): 12" (by approximation)
Length: 20" (by approximation)
Weight: 10 lbs. (by approximation though variable due to indeterminable additional mass from Flerken organs)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Orange (variable)

(Captain Marvel VIII#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Flerken arrived on Earth pregnant. Her species was in danger of going extinct.

(Giant-Size Ms. Marvel#1) - During a fight against Sir Warren Traveler Ms. Marvel found a cat in a burning apartment. She tossed the cat at Traveler, who panicked and used his time displacement spell. While he usually returned within seconds he didn't this time around and the cat was gone with him, which saddened Ms. Marvel a bit.

(Ms. Marvel II#4) - Reporter Lori Griffin, who had been invited by Carol's publicist Sarah Day to do a sit down interview with Carol, picked up the cat sitting on Carol's couch and asked Carol what the name of the cat was. Carol told her that she didn't have a cat and then remembered that she last saw this cat when she tossed it at Sir Warren Traveler. Carol told everyone to leave her apartment immediately, but it was already too late. Traveler crashed through the wall and attacked. Carol defeated him and brought him to Doctor Strange while Sarah Day gave the cat some pets.

(Ms. Marvel II#5 - BTS) - Doctor Strange used the form of the cat to contact Carol in her dreams to ask her for help because Traveler had overpowered him. They eventually defeated Traveler.

   Carol lived with her cat, which she named Chewie, in a room at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for three weeks while her apartment was repaired.

(Ms. Marvel II#5) - When her apartment was repaired Carol finally took Chewie to her new home. They were welcomed by Captain America.

(Ms. Marvel II#13) - Chewie was lying on Carol's bed and received some pets while Carol was on the cellphone with William Wagner. Carol stopped petting Chewie when Anya Corazon arrived.

(Ms. Marvel II#15) - Chewie was sleeping next to Carol in her bed on Minicarrier 13.

(Ms. Marvel II#17) - Chewie approached a down on her luck Carol in her quarters on Minicarrier 13 and she picked up the little furball to ask her if it would get any easier.

(Ms. Marvel II#22) - On Minicarrier 13 Anya Corazon was petting Chewie and then carried the feline around.

(Ms. Marvel II#25) - Chewie was sleeping on the bed in Carol's room at Hotel Conway.

(Ms. Marvel II#43) - When Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) was granted a life apart from her superhero life by the Storytellers as screenwriter Catherine Donovan she lived in an apartment in Los Angeles with Chewie. When her bowl was empty Chewie began to meow and jump on Catherine's desk. It took some time for Catherine to understand what was going on, but in the end she filled up Chewie's bowl with Phiskas (probably the non-brand version of a more popular cat food) cat food.

(Ms. Marvel II#46 - BTS) - Catherine Donovan's mind got trapped inside Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen)'s head. She continued her life and completely forgot about the raging Sofen when she needed to feed Chewie. She later couldn't get any work done when Chewie was sitting on her lap, but Moonstone (Karla Sofen) broke through the illusion and attacked her to get rid of Catherine and reunite her with Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers).

(Captain Marvel VII#9) - Chewie was excited about something while Carol was on the phone with Tony Stark. She followed around Carol and jumped on her lap to get some pets. She wasn't very excited about her annual exam, which Carol wanted to take her to at around 9:00 AM so Chewie could get her shots. Stuck in a cat carrier Chewie hissed at coffee vendor Dave, who wanted to pet her. They took a stop in the park and Chewie was still miffed when they left. When Carol saw two dinosaurs fighting on a street she handed Chewie over to taxi driver Roberto and asked him to transport Chewie to the veterinary clinic at 77th Worth near Broadway (calling it a disguised Avengers Outpost and claiming Chewie was actually Spider-Man undercover). Carol later sent her new assistant Wendy Kawasaki to pick up Chewie from the clinic. Carol later met Kawasaki with Chewie and several other friends waiting at the doctor. Carol picked up Chewie and went into Dr. Nayar's office. Nayar revealed that Carol couldn't fly anymore.

(Captain Marvel VII#10) - Carol was woken up by her ringtone and asked Chewie what they did to deserve being woken up. She picked up Chewie and carried her around while talking to Wendy on the phone. She put Chewie on the table during a meeting with Frank Gianelli. When Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) left to go on patrol Frank stayed behind with Chewie.

(Captain Marvel VII#11) - Chewie greeted Carol at the door when she got home and received some pets while Carol read her mail. Chewie then watched Carol read the legal papers she just got served.

(Avengers: The Enemy Within#1) - Chewie hissed at Yon-Rogg when he entered Carol's apartment. When Carol later kicked in the door Chewie got scared and hissed at her as well. Carol immediately apologized and hugged the little furball. They found souvenirs on the table that showed all the enemies Captain Marvel had to face over the last few weeks and that the last piece of the Psyche-Magnitron was stolen. Chewie started playing with the Poundcakes action figure on the table while Carol tried to explain to Jessica Drew what the Psyche-Magnitron was.

(Captain Marvel VII#14) - Frank Gianelli carried Chewie to the roof of the apartment building Carol lived in and petted Chewie after Captain Marvel (Carol) had thwarted Magnitron (Yon-Rogg)'s plan by severing him from his energy source (herself) and sacrificing a portion of her memories in the process.

(Captain Marvel VII#17) - Chewie watched Wendy, Frank and Tracy pack up Carol's stuff in her apartment. Chewie meowed when Carol hugged Frank.

(Captain Marvel VIII#1) - Kit stayed over at Carol's new home in the head of the Statue of Liberty for a sleepover. Carol gave Chewie some pets and then let her walk off. Chewie later joined Carol and Kit in bed.

(Captain Marvel VIII#2 (fb) - BTS) - Carol tried to find someone to take care of Chewie, but nobody wanted to take Chewie because she was so mean. Carol saw no other option than to take Chewie into outer space on her spaceship Harrison.

(Captain Marvel VIII#2) - Chewie lay on the controls while Captain Marvel tried to activate her spaceship's universal translator. She had to push Chewie off to activate it. When the Haffensye ship fired on the Harrison even after Carol explained that she was an Avenger on a medical transport to Torfa she put Chewie into her cat carrier so she could take care of the Haffensye. Chewie got aggravated and hissed when her cat carrier nearly fell to the floor. The Haffensye fled when Captain Marvel received some support from the Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord). Chewie approached Star-Lord, who gave him pets, but when Rocket saw the little furball he pulled out his gun and fired on Chewie because he recognize it as a Flerken. Carol stopped Rocket from shooting her hissing pet Chewie. Carol told him that Chewie was just a cat, but Rocket insisted that they needed to burn the Flerken before she laid eggs. Chewie walked off, but hissed one more time at Rocket when he threatened her. Chewie later walked around the ship and was seen by Tic, who had awakened from her coma.

(Captain Marvel VIII#3) - Tic stole Carol's ship with Chewie still on board. Chewie joined Tic at the controls and got scared when the Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel tried to stop her. Tic accidentally ran the ship into Captain Marvel and Chewie and Tic both watched through the window as Captain Marvel took control over her ship again via voice command. Chewie joined the interrogation of Tic by Captain Marvel and Star-Lord and seemed pretty mad until Tic began to cry. Chewie then jumped on Tic's lap to console her.

(Captain Marvel VIII#4) - When Captain Marvel and her new crew took off into space again from Ursor 2 Chewie sat in Tic's lap and received some well-deserved pets.

(Captain Marvel VIII#5) - Captain Marvel flew into space with her ship and gave Chewie some pets before going outside to face the Spartax Empire's fleet to defend the planet Torfa from them.

(Captain Marvel VIII#7 (fb) - BTS) - Captain Marvel left her ship and Chewie with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord let Rocket Raccoon fix the ship and guard the Flerken.

(Captain Marvel VIII#7) - Captain Marvel and Tic returned to the Harrison where they met Rocket. Carol was shocked that Star-Lord would let Rocket guard her cat when he had tried to kill it. Rocket assured her that the Flerken was fine because he had promised not to hurt her. He showed her Chewie trapped inside a box. Carol freed Chewie, who ran off into the cockpit. While Carol and Rocket argued about the Flerken, Chewie meowed and hissed to indicate that something was wrong. Because Rocket had put out word that he was in possession of a Flerken, which attracted an unidentified hive of goo-like creatures. Carol put Chewie in cargo stow so she was not in the way during the attack and then went outside to deal with the hive creatures. Rocket suggested handing over the Flerken, but Carol was vehemently against it. Carol still discussed with Rocket what to do next when Tic pulled them away to show them Chewie in inside the cargo stow, which was now filled with her eggs. Rocket gloated and Carol was pretty surprised by the fact that Chewie actually was a Flerken. Tic was holding on to Chewie while her eggs began to hatch and Carol and Rocket tried their best to defend the ship and the Flerken.

(Captain Marvel VIII#8) - The hive wanted to take the last living Flerken into custody, but Carol ordered Tic to take Rocket, Chewie and her eggs to their shuttle while she took care of the attacking hive. Before Rocket could enter the shuttle though, Chewie jumped him to defend her hatching young from him. They ended up trapped on the Harrison, but Rocket didn't want to kill Chewie anymore as he felt kinship with her because she was the last of her kind like him. When the lights went out Rocket defended Chewie against the invading hive, which was ultimately devoured by Chewie while the rest of the hive was destroyed by Captain Marvel in outer space. Rocket was impressed by Chewie, who had finally the chance to meet her young.

   Carol and Tic moved into a new home with Chewie and her young in the T.D. Polyviv Refugee Rehab and Relocation Center in the Tyvorn Cluster while Rocket repaired their ships. Carol said goodbye to Tic, Chewie and the little Flerken to leave on her own, but Tic and Chewie used Chewie's teleportation power to join her once again on the Harrison. Chewie left behind her children and Carol rightfully called her a terrible mother (or maybe it is normal for Flerken to let their young fend for themselves). Tic was sure all 117 Flerken babies would be okay at the finest rescue center in the galaxy.

(Captain Marvel VIII#9) - Tic had Chewie on her lap while she and Carol traveled through space listening to Lila Cheney's latest song. Chewie jumped off Tic's lap when Lila teleported onboard and approached Lila alongside Tic and Carol.

(Captain Marvel VIII#12 (fb) ) - While Captain Marvel and Lila Cheney were back on Earth to deal with a threat the Haffensye attacked the Harrison and abducted Chewie and Tic. They were prepared for Chewie because the Flerken was their target.

(Captain Marvel VIII#12) - When Carol returned from Earth she watched the tapes of the abduction and realized that Chewie was the Haffensye's target though she wasn't sure why. The Haffensye captain responsible for abducting Chewie presented the muzzled Flerken to the Haffensye Consortium's leaders as the greatest weapon in space they could use against their rival Mister Knife (J'son of Spartax) before destroying it to prevent anyone else from ever using it against them.

(Captain Marvel VIII#13) - The Haffensye Slaver Ship captain planned to use Chewie's ability to hold whole universes inside her to smuggle whole armies into Mister Knife's territory to wipe him from existence and fill her with whatever they get for selling their cargo. When Captain Marvel found the Haffensye Slaver Ship she manually used her ship's lasers to scare off the Haffensye, who abandoned their ship and left behind Chewie and their slaves. Tic took control over the Haffensye ship and swore to take down the Haffensye with her new crew because they were hunting and selling her people as slaves. Before saying goodbye to Captain Marvel Tic handed over Chewie to her. Chewie walked with Captain Marvel back aboard the Harrison.

(Captain Marvel VIII#15) - Carol returned with Chewie to Earth on the Harrison and Chewie was pretty annoyed with Carol lifting her up and not letting her down. Chewie seemed as happy to be back on Earth as Carol, who let Chewie walk beside her into Avengers Tower. Inside Carol learned that Tracy Burke had died. Chewie sat on the couch next to James Rhodes while Steve Rogers read Tracy's last letter to Carol to everyone.

(Groot#6) - In Carol's home inside the head of the Statue of Liberty Rocket Raccoon and Groot watched a movie while Chewie rubbed herself against Groot.


(Mighty Captain Marvel#0 (fb) - BTS) - At some point after Carol became the commander of the Alpha Flight Space Station she moved Chewie to the station.

(Mighty Captain Marvel#0) - Carol woke up from a dream session with her psychiatrist in a panic and scared off Chewie, who was lying on her legs. Chewie jumped on the table and tried to touch the holographic projection of Carol's psychiatrist. Carol soon shut off the hologram and Chewie hid her face behind her paws. She then followed Carol around on the station until she lay down on the desk in Carol's office. When an alarm went off Chewie ran along with Carol to the bridge.

(Mighty Captain Marvel#2) - When the artificial gravity at the station was shut off Chewie hissed at the Kree girl Bean, who she was supposed to babysit according to Carol. Despite that Chewie allowed the girl to hug her. When Carol met with director Jason Jay of the Captain Marvel TV show Chewie went along. Chewie hissed at a green-haired dog, which was part of the cast for the series, and then walked off. Chewie was later impersonated by the shapeshifter Mim, who attacked Carol. The fake Chewie was tossed out a window by Carol. Meanwhile Chewie was sitting next to Bean and licking her paw. She stayed on the bridge while Carol asked Wendy about the results of Bean's DNA sample.

(Mighty Captain Marvel#5) - Chewie was sitting on a windowsill while Carol discussed the protective shield around Earth they needed against the Chitauri. When the Guardians of the Galaxy (Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord) arrived on the station Chewie hissed at the small Groot.

(Mighty Captain Marvel#9) - Back on Earth Chewie lay on the table while Carol played poker and ate pizza with Wendy Kawasaki, Monica Rambeau, Jessica Drew and Jessica Jones. She loved the pets by Monica and even let her pet her tummy. She later joined Carol while she slept in Jessica's apartment in the nursery and watched her role around and eventually wake up to go for a run.

(Captain Marvel I#125) - At Columbia University at the temporary home of Alpha Flight Captain Marvel and the rest of the crew learned in a conference call with Black Panther (T'Challa) that they were grounded for the moment after the Alpha Flight Space Station was destroyed. During the conference call Chewie sat on young cadet A'Di's shoulder. On their way out Chewie sat on Captain Marvel's shoulder and held on to her when she flew to her temporary home, the nursery at Jessica Drew's apartment. Chewie curled herself around Carol's head while they both slept. They were woken up by the sudden appearance of Bean.

(Life of Captain Marvel II#1 (fb) - BTS) - Carol took Chewie to her family's home in Harpswell Sound, Maine. Marie's cat Sox didn't get along with Chewie, who tried to eat him a few times.

(Life of Captain Marvel II#1) - Chewie got into another hissing contest with Sox and a small scuffle. They calmed down and both followed Carol upstairs. Chewie sat down on a mysterious box that caught Carol's interest. Chewie lay on Carol's legs while she read a love letter from her father to a mysterious love interest. Chewie got a bit annoyed when she jumped and Carol dropped the box and found an alien piece of tech. Chewie went into the garage followed by Carol, who hit the item with a hammer and accidentally activated it.

(Life of Captain Marvel II#2) - Chewie lay on the floor next to Carol in her room. Carol was still aghast at the letter his father sent to another woman.

   Later in the garden Marie did some gardening and Chewie jumped into a pile of weed before playing with the weed Marie was still holding. Carol interrupted by playtime by telling her mother about her father's letter.

(Life of Captain Marvel II#4) - Chewie hissed at the Kree Kleaner, but ran to safety when the powerful Kree warrior blasted the house to get at Captain Marvel and her mother, who had just revealed herself to be a Kree herself. Chewie stayed with Joseph and Sox inside the damaged house.

(Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Carol let Phyllis from apartment 5D catsit Chewie and she completely overfed her. When Carol returned home Chewie had become overweight. After this incident Carol taught Phyllis about how to control the portions for a cat.

(Captain Marvel X#5) - In Carol's apartment Carol and Chewie both got up in the morning and after a good scratch and getting the newspaper had breakfast together.

(Captain Marvel X#7) - Chewie was sitting on the counter in the kitchen and received some pets from Carol.

(Marvel Comics#1000/30) - Captain Marvel fought a Kree holding a Cosmic Cube in outer space. She punched him so hard the Cosmic Cube flew out of his hand, but Chewie swallowed it.

(Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel#1) - Chewie hunted an insect, looked at the camera Carol used to keep tabs on her, rolled around the floor, ate, looked at a cupboard, hunted an insect, rolled around on the floor, licked her paw and drank some water before the batteries of the camera ran out.

(Captain Marvel X#8/2) - Chewie hunted a rat taken over by a symbiote through Carol's apartment into the bathroom where she was attacked by a horde of symbiote-possessed rats and doves. Chewie was then taken over by the symbiote.

(Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel#1) - When Carol returned home from a mission in outer space she found Chewie taken over by a symbiote under Carnage's control. The symbiote-possessed Flerken threatened Carol and jumped her. Carol tried to resist the Flerken's tentacles at first, but was quickly devoured by Chewie, who licked her paw after the meal. Captain Marvel found herself in the pocket dimension inside Chewie where the fight against Carnage continued because Carnage sought the codex inside Captain Marvel, which she possessed from the time she was possessed by a symbiote herself. The fight between Captain Marvel and Carnage inside her pocket dimension hurt Chewie on the outside. Phyllis came by to look for an earring she had lost earlier and saw the possessed Chewie trying to throw up. Phyllis was sure it was her fault, but then witnessed Chewie not only throwing up and separating herself from the symbiote, but also throwing up Captain Marvel. Chewie sat on the table a bit surprised and Captain Marvel asked Phyllis to take care of Chewie for a moment while she destroyed the symbiote in outer space. Back home Carol put the unwilling Chewie in the cat carrier and took her to Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) because she couldn't leave her alone while Carnage was hunting beings, which had been possessed by symbiotes. Jessica had no problem catsitting as long as Carol promised to babysit for her at some time.

(Captain Marvel X#16) - Chewie followed Carol through the apartment. When Carol lay down to sleep Chewie got her bowl and dropped it on Carol's head because Chewie was hungry.

(Captain Marvel X#19) - Carol's sister Lauri-Ell was stuck at Carol's apartment with Chewie and tried to get her something to eat. When she saw the cat food she believed Carol was trying to poison kill Chewie with it, so she opened the fridge for Chewie to choose something on her own, but the fridge unfortunately was almost empty. With no proper food for Chewie at the apartment Lauri-Ell put on some civilian clothes, took some money and went out to shop with Chewie. At a grocery store Lauri-Ell got Chewie a fish, which Chewie carried around while they continued their walked through the streets of New York. An attack by the Cotati suddenly drew Lauri-Ell into battle in a park. Carol came to her aid and sent a young girl to Chewie, promising her that the cat would protect her. Chewie instead let her anger get the better of herself and devour a Cotati, who was going to attack Lauri-Ell. After the battle was won, Chewie relaxed on Lauri-Ell's belly.

(Captain Marvel X#20) - While Carol took off into space with Hazmat, War Machine and Spider-Woman to clear Lauri-Ell's name, Lauri-Ell stayed behind on Earth to take care of Chewie, who purred while receiving some pets from her. They later watched TV together until Marina Renner arrived to ask for Carol's help to save her daughter Kit from the Cotati.

(Captain Marvel X#21 - BTS) - Chewie stayed in New York while Carol went to her underwater base in Harpswell, Maine.

(Captain Marvel X#26) - Chewie strolled around Carol's apartment while Carol had a talk with James Rhodes. Chewie walked around between their legs, but after Carol broke up with Rhodes Chewie took his spot on the couch next to Carol.

(Captain Marvel X#28) - In the early morning Carol woke up in bed and Chewie meowed at her and bumped her leg with her head.

Comments: Created by Brian Reed, Roberto De La Torre & Jimmy Palmiotti. Reinvented as Flerken by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Marcio Takara.

The name is a reference to the Wookiee Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Chewie's appearance changed numerous times over the years. Artistic license or part of her powers?! We don't know!

Chewie was nowhere to be seen during Captain Marvel IX (March, 2016 - January, 2017) although Carol had already moved to the Alpha Flight Space Station. Did she just leave Chewie with a friend? Did Chewie need some time to get acclimated on the station and hide?

Not sure if Heroes at Home#1 (February, 2021) by Zeb Wells (writer) and Gurihiru Studios (artist) is part of the main Marvel Universe, but in the fourth story Captain Marvel was on a video conference with a Skrull and a Kree and Chewie jumped in front of the camera, inadvertently revealing that Captain Marvel was at home in front of a stars background and not in outer space.

In IDW's Marvel Action: Captain Marvel#1 (August, 2019) written by Sam Maggs Chewie was given the full name Chewbacca Sassy Danvers. If it is the same on Earth-616 remains unrevealed.

Captain Marvel's Flerken also made it into the Captain Marvel movie in 2019, but instead of Chewie received the name Goose (a reference to a character from the movie Top Gun).

    This profile was completed 7/02/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Chewie should not be confused with, but is named after:

Chewie's kittens

(Captain Marvel VIII#7) - Chewie laid the eggs and the kittens started to hatch.

(Captain Marvel VIII#8) - Tic took the eggs while some of them were already hatching to the shuttle to save them from an unidentified alien hive. 117 Flerken kittens hatched on the shuttle while Captain Marvel, Chewie and Rocket Raccoon destroyed the hive.

   In the T.D. Polyviv Refugee Rehab and Relocation Center Tic took care of the Flerken kittens. Chewie abandoned her kittens in favor of being with Captain Marvel again and teleported Tic and herself back on board the Harrison. Tic was sure the kittens would be taken care of at the relocation center while Captain Marvel called Chewie a bad mother.

--Captain Marvel VIII#7 (Captain Marvel VIII#7-8

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Life of Captain Marvel II#1-2 (September-October, 2018) - Margaret Stohl (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Marguerite Sauvage (pencils/inks), Rafael Fonteriz (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Life of Captain Marvel II#4 (December, 2018) - Margaret Stohl (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Erica D'Urso (pencils/inks), Rafael Fonteriz (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Captain Marvel X#5 (July, 2019) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Carmen Carnero (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Captain Marvel X#7 (August, 2019) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Anna Paola Martello (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Captain Marvel X#8/2 (September, 2019) - Clay McLeod Chapman (writer), James Stokoe (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Marvel Comics#1000/30 (October, 2019) - Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer), David López (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Absolute Carnage: Captain Marvel#1 (January, 2020) - Emily Ryan Lerner (writer), Andrea Broccardo (pencils/inks), Le Beau Underwood (inks), Devin Lewis (editor)
Captain Marvel X#16 (May, 2020) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Lee Garbett (artist), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Captain Marvel X#19-20 (October, 2020) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Cory Smith (pencils), Adriano Di Benedetto (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Captain Marvel X#21 (November, 2020) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Cory Smith (pencils), Adriano Di Benedetto (inks), Sarah Brunstad (editor)
Captain Marvel X#26 (April, 2021) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Lee Garbett (artist), Sarah Brunstead (editor)
Captain Marvel X#28 (June, 2021) - Kelly Thompson (writer), Jacopo Camagni (artist), Sarah Brunstead (editor)

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