Real Name: Jeff

Identity/Class: Genetically-engineered creature (Land-Shark)

Occupation: Pet

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Alligator Loki (reality unknown), Bill the Lobster, Elsa Bloodstone, Bun-Bun the Destroyer, Chewbacca, Cosmo, Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Devil Dinosaur, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Dogpool of Earth-103173, Hairball (Niels), Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Hit-Monkey, Howard the Duck, Hurl, Jelby, Jonathan the Wolverine, Kohlaab the Pile, Lockheed, Lockjaw, Loki, Lucky the Pizza Dog, Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr) of Earth-200080, M.O.D.O.K./B.R.O.D.O.K. (George Tarleton), Chet Morita, Night Wolf, Old Lace, Redwing, Rocket Raccoon, Smash Smash, Sparky, Spider-Ham (Peter Porker) of Earth-8311, Squirrel Girl, Svetja, Throg, Tippy-Toe, West Coast Avengers (Alloy/Ramone Watts, Fuse/Johnny Watts, Gwenpool/Gwen Poole of an unidentified alternate reality, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Hawkeye/Kate Bishop, Kid Omega/Quentin Quire, Ms. America/America Chavez), X-Men (Armor/Hisako Ichiki, Beast/Henry McCoy, Emma Frost, Magik/Illyana Rasputin, Polaris/Lorna Dane, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett), Zabu, Zrrgo

Enemies: Eleanor Bishop, Bone Beasts, Deo Monstri Cult, Fin Fang Foom, Knull, Kraven the Hunter (son), Queen of the Bone Beasts, Silly Seal, Symbiote Dragons, Ultron Dinosaur, vampires, Ziggy Pig

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Monster Metropolis;
    formerly West Coast Avengers headquarters, Los Angeles, California, USA

First Appearance: West Coast Avengers III#7 (March, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Jeff is a Land-Shark likely created by M.O.D.O.K. (as B.R.O.D.O.K.). With a shark body and small legs, Jeff has a large  mouth with sharp teeth that allow him to bite large chunks of flesh off when he wants to.

Capable of breathing oxygen, it is unrevealed if Jeff can also breathe underwater.

Jeff can leap high and has very durable skin.

Loyal, playful and wanting lots of attention, Jeff tends to bond with one human at a time to take care of him, such as Gwenpool or Deadpool.

Height: 2'1" (fork length) (by approximation)
Weight: 22 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: None

History: (West Coast Avengers III#7) - While fighting a team of supervillains affiliated with M.O.D.O.K., who was using the alias B.R.O.D.O.K., Gwenpool of the West Coast Avengers found a small Land-Shark, a shark with legs who could breathe oxygen, that she named Jeff after a cat she'd had previously. Likely created by B.R.O.D.O.K., who had attacked the West Coast Avengers with massive Land-Sharks days before, Jeff greeted the West Coast Avengers with a toothy smile and they reluctantly agreed to allow Gwen to keep him so long as he didn't bite anyone but supervillains. Jeff interacted with the team and their ally, Marvel Boy.

(West Coast Avengers III#8 (fb) - BTS) - Gwen fed Jeff prime rib.

(West Coast Avengers III#8) - Jeff playfully chased Gwen down the street in Venice Beach.

(West Coast Avengers III#9) - Jeff followed Kid Omega around the house, sitting in his lap at times.

(West Coast Avengers III#10) - Jeff joined Gwenpool and the West Coast Avengers in battling vampires (one of whom had his face eaten by Jeff) led by Eleanor Bishop at the Temple of the Shifting Sun. Jeff was impressed when Alloy's powers kicked into gear and the vampires were destroyed. Jeff was thrilled when the heroes passed through a dimension of shrimp creatures as Ms. America transported them home. Later, after meeting Lucky the dog, Jeff was spun around in the air by the telekinetic Kid Omega, both shocking and delighting Gwen.

(Fearless I#1/3) - Jeff and Gwen were among a group of heroes mysteriously changed into baby versions of themselves temporarily and Elsa Bloodstone tended to them.

(Gwenpool Strikes Back I#3) - Jeff relaxed with the West Coast Avengers.

(Gwenpool Strikes Back I#4) - Alongside Kid Omega, Jeff watched Gwenpool.

(Deadpool VIII#1) - Gwenpool gave Jeff to Deadpool, who was running Monster Metropolis, for safekeeping. After biting Deadpool multiple times, Jeff was given some ice cream.

(Deadpool VIII#2) - Jeff hunted until Deadpool grabbed him, while he struggled to rule the monsters including Chet Morita, Quonian, Bun-Bun the Destroyer, Kohlaab the Pile, Zrrgo and the Night Wolf. Elsa Bloodstone soon arrived in the city. When Kraven the Hunter attacked, Jeff tried to help in the fight against him. Bloodstone shot Deadpool and he disappeared.

(Deadpool VIII#3) - Bloodstone saw Deadpool reappear. Jeff looked confused when Bun-Bun suggested he eat Jeff. When Deadpool showed Jeff his new trading card about him, Jeff ate it. As Kraven later fired an arrow at Deadpool, Jeff caught it out of the air.

(Deadpool VIII#4/2) - Deadpool took Jeff on a walk then Jeff convinced Deadpool to put on a Gwenpool costume for fun.

(Deadpool VIII#5) - Jeff wrestled the water dragon Smash Smash for fun. When Smash Smash went to attack civilians, Deadpool had Hurl the monster launch him after Hurl but Jeff bit on to Deadpool's leg to go along with him with Elsa Bloodstone right behind them. Smash Smash refused to stop putting civilians in danger then even tried to eat Jeff so Deadpool had to kill him.

(Deadpool VIII#6) - After playing cards with Deadpool and the Night Wolf, Jeff joined Deadpool hiding within the form of Jelby and passing through the gate to Krakoa. They met the X-Men, many of whom found Jeff adorable, and briefly sparred with them. During the fight, Jeff was thrown at Storm's face and he briefly had her head in his mouth, and he bit Polaris' leg. Magik teleported Deadpool and Jeff home, and Jeff barfed up a Krakoan flower that he'd swallowed.

(Deadpool VIII#7) - Jeff was startled when Deadpool woke from a nightmare. When Deadpool tried leaving Jeff behind on a mission, Jeff bit his face then accompanied Wade and Elsa to a mission in Greenland, teleported there by Hurl. They went through the Seam into the dimension of the Bone Beasts, and Jeff bit the beasts in his way during the following battle. They soon confronted the Queen of the Bone Beasts directly.

(Deadpool VIII#8 (fb) - BTS) - Jeff, Deadpool, and Elsa were captured and tied up.

(Deadpool VIII#8) - Deadpool freed Jeff and Elsa, and they met the captured kids, including Svetja. They then confronted the Bone Beasts directly.

(Deadpool VIII#9) - Elsa and Jeff got Svetja and the others to safety as Deadpool battled the Queen of the Bone Beasts and her minions.

(Deadpool VIII#10) - When Knull took over the planet, Jeff ate pizza while Deadpool made plans with his allies, then Jeff pulled a rope to reveal a board full of pictures of monsters that Deadpool had prepared. Deadpool aseembled a team that included Elsa, Bun Bun the Destroyer, Kohlaab the Pile, Chet Morita, Sauron, Mister Frosty, Fishhead, Zrrgo, Shiny, Night Wolf, and Jeff. After Jeff heard members of the Deo Monstri Cult prophesy that Deadpool would be consumed by Knull, the team began battling symbiote dragons. Jeff was briefly taken over by a symbiote, but Jelby contained him to protect him. Soon, after the defeat of the dragon, they restored Jeff to normal by blasting the symbiote off him with loud noises.

(It's Jeff infinity Comic#1) - Jeff attended a pool party with many heroes, but they all left the pool when he got in.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#2) - Hawkeye accidentally put Jeff the Land-Shark into the laundry and he had fun riding around in the machine.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#3) – Jeff wore a shark costume surfing.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#4) - Jeff joined Squirrel Girl, Tippy-Toe, Ms. Marvel, Hulkling, Wiccan, and Spider-Man in sledding. Jeff soon took Captain America's shield sledding as well.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#5) - Jeff played in the tulips.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#6) - Jeff played in the bath, dreaming of epic battles, as Kate took care of him.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#7) - Jeff stole items from Hawkeye, Captain America, Falcon, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Widow, and they initially blamed Deadpool, but Jeff soon built a fun costume for himself.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#8) - Jeff got a fish but gave it to some hungry kittens.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#9) - Uncomfortable with the heat, Jeff tried napping in the fridge, but Hawkeye kicked him outside, where he called Iceman to come over and fill the yard with snow.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#10) - When Jeff got a tummy ache, Hawkeye rushed him to the doctor where an X-Ray revealed he had eaten too much.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#11) - Hawkeye tried making Jeff a dog house. He decorated it but then made a sign that it was for her and returned to the couch.

(It's Jeff Infinith Comic#12) - Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) had Clint Barton, Spider-Man (Peter), Spider-Man (Miles), Captain America, Captain Marvel, Nightcrawler, Squirrel Girl, Ms. America, Fuse, Alloy, She-Hulk, and Elsa Bloodstone over for Thanksgiving dinner, but Jeff ate the turkey.

(Marvel Meow Infinity Comic#8) - Hawkeye watched Jeff with Pizza Dog and Loki, in a cat form. When he fed them ham, Loki tried to steal it all, but Jeff worked with Lucky to get it back, then they snuggled.

(Marvel Meow Infinity Comic#9) - When a cat chased Tippy-Toe, Loki (as a cat) chased the cat, Jeff the Land-Shark chased Loki, Old Lace chased Jeff, Devil Dinosaur chased Old Lace, Ultron Dinosaur chased Devil, and Fin Fang Foom chased Ultron. Squirrel Girl beat up Fin Fang Foom stopping the fight. Jeff later played with the others.

(Marvel Meow Infinity Comic#10) - While visiting Strange Academy, Jeff saw Doctor Strange end a conflict with Loki the cat.

(Marvel Meow Infinity Comic#12) - Jeff the Land-Shark attended a big party with heroes and their pets. He fell asleep with Tippy-Toe on his chest.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#13) - When Jeff kept trying to pull a bandage off his tail, Gwen put a cone on his head, but he freaked out until she filled it with water, making it a fish-bowl.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#14) - Jeff went for a walk with Gwenpool, Ms. America, and Hawkeye, when he rushed off to eat a bunch of fireflies, but he ended up burping them up and delighting some children.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#15) - Jeff passed a toy store of Jeff merchandise and he fainted, overwhelmed. A little girl took him home for a tea party and made him a Jeff cake.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#16) - Jeff discovered that the Jeff merchandise was made by M.O.D.O.K. Toys. He snuck in and found M.O.D.O.K. playing with Jeff toys and, despite dreaming about attacking M.O.D.O.K., he chose to let the villain play in peace.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#17) - Jeff walked the streets so hungry. After hugging Tippy-Toe, he ate all of her nuts, but returned them when she got upset. Jeff was thrilled when people started tossing him their leftovers.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#18) - With Hawkeye and Gwenpool watching, Jeff tried on a number of Halloween costumes, from a shark to a taco, but they were all scary when he smiled. Finally, he dressed as another shark and they approved.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#19) - Jeff broke into an Avengers research facility and played with the chemicals. He first shrank himself and was chased by an ant, then he returned to regular size, but the ant became giant.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#20) - Jeff and the ant both grew to giant size and battled in the street until the Hulk restored them to their normal size. Jeff then got the ant back to his friends.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#21) - Jeff played in a dog park and made the big and small dogs all get along.

(It's Jeff Infinity Comic#22) - When Hawkeye found the house a mess, she tried to make Jeff do his chores, but he changed the chore-wheel to convince her to take him to a movie instead.

(Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal Infinity Comic#6) - A group of pet-themed heroes, including Lockheed, Throg, Spider-Ham, Redwing, Lockjaw, Rocket Raccoon, Tippy-Toe, Old Lace, Howard the Duck, Pizza Dog, Dogpool, Jonathan the Wolverine, Alligator Loki, Jeff the Land Shark, Hit-Monkey, Sparky, Hairball, Zabu, and Devil Dinosaur, closed in on Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal for giving a bad name to animal heroes.

(Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal Infinity Comic#7) - The pets, including Chewbacca, Cosmo, and Bill the Lobster, confronted Silly Seal and Ziggy Pig about their actions, then beat them up.

(Captain Marvel X#50) - Kate took Jeff to a party.

(Marvel Voices: Pride III#1/1) - Jeff the Land-Shark aided Gwenpool in guarding an asexual Pride event.

Comments: Created by Kelly Thompson and Daniele Di Nicuolo.

THANKS to Mike Fichera for providing approximations of length & weight!

Profile by Chadman.

Jeff the Land-Shark has no known connections to:

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