Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human vampire

Occupation: Predator;
    former occupation(s) unrevealed

Group Membership: Vampires of Earth

Affiliations: None;
    presumably Dracula (as the presumed guy who vampirized him)

Enemies: Thor Odinson, unidentified near victim
    presumably Dracula (as the presumed guy who killed/vampirized him)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance: Thor I#332 (June, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Like most conventional/Varnaean vampires (though he could have been from some other variant sect), this guy presumably had superhuman strength, durability, and longevity; was immune to many forms of conventional injury but vulnerable to wooden (and presumably silver) blades, and likely religion icons, garlic, etc.; and required human blood to survive, presumably transforming those who perished from his bites into vampires as well.

Height: Unrevealed...perhaps 6'1"
Weight: Unrevealed...perhaps 200 lbs.
Eyes: Unrevealed...perhaps red (original color unrevealed)
Hair: Black

(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) - Presumably fatally bitten by Dracula, the unidentified man's corpse was brought to Community General Hospital's morgue, where it was held in a freezer; three students who had recently perished in similar fashion were kept in the cooler there.

(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) <Presumably three days after being bitten> - Reviving as a vampire, he escaped the morgue and was presumed to have been stolen.

(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) - Around the junction of Clark and Eighth street, the vampire assaulted a woman upon whom he presumably intended to feed. A mugging in progress was reported, and heard by both Lt. Timpano and Thor who rushed to the scene.




(Thor I#332) - Lt. Timpano ordered the seeming mugger to halt, then swiftly recognized him as the "missing corpse." Timpano's gunfire pained the vampire as it passed through him but did little significant damage. Thor hurled his mystic hammer, Mjolnir, at the vampire, who dodged it, only to be struck as it magically returned to Thor. With Mjolnir, at least formerly, a religious icon, and with it being wielded by a staunch believer in its nature and power (see comments), the vampire burst into flame and ashened into dust.






Comments: Created by Alan Zelenetz, Don Perlin, and Vince Colletta.

In Blade III#12 a prophecy was fulfilled that brought back all vampires that ever died. This most likely included these four vampires as well, though we'll have to wait to see if they resurfaces.
--Markus Raymond
    As Ronald Byrd pointed out, half of the world's vampires would likely have been reborn in a sunlit part of the world and thus would have been almost instantly destroyed again....

    I don't think Mjolnir has been consistently effective as a religious icon against vampires. I'm pretty sure Dracula and quite possibly others have been struck by Mjolnir without instantly bursting into flames.

Profile by Snood.

This vampire
(and the ones in the sub-profiles) should be distinguished from:

Schechter high school yearbook staff (40% vampire free!)
From left to right in the main image: Richie (red hair with glasses), unidentified guy (brown hair, turtle neck, and "P" jacket), Julie (brown hair -- though it looked blonde in the other panel we could see her -- and orange scarf), Stephanie (hat and striped scarf), and Jeff (brown/red/purple? jacket with brown hair and wearing a hat; visible without a hat (recognizable by his large collar on his jacket) in the face shot with the unidentified guy, Jeff, and Stephanie)). Julie was the girlfriend of the unidentified guy, and Stephanie and Jeff seemed to be together.

    I'll retain a few topical references, as they add a little humor...for me, anyway...

(Thor I#332) - Following an "all-night" yearbook meeting, the Schechter high school staff headed home. Noting how foggy it was, Jeff teased Stephanie that he hoped Jack the Ripper didn't creep up on her; she told Jeff that he was "such a zod!" Richie invited the others over to his place (presumably his parents' place) to play all-night Atari (a cutting edge video game machine in 1983; likely a  topical reference, though his parents could have kept one in working order, or he could have a retro game machine that played the original Atari games). The unidentified guy couldn't believe Richie, and wondered how he aced all the tests without any sleep; Richie credited himself as being just talented.

    As Richie headed home, telling the others to "Take it easy," the unidentified guy told him he'd pick him up around eight. The other group headed to Julie's apartment (her parents', presumably) and dropped her off. The unidentified guy told "Dollface" he'd remember to tape "General Hospital" (a popular soap opera in the 1980s) on his Betamax (a less popular system of video tape recording).

    As Jeff, Stephanie, and the unidentified guy continued home, Stephanie noted that the yucky fog seemed to be following them. Jeff agreed, and the unidentified guy told the others he felt like they were in Friday the 13th (a series of slasher films involving the virtually unstoppable Jason Voorhees); Jeff suggested they "split," quick, and he soon realized the fog really was after them. They started running and yelling for help, with Jeff's hat falling off, but the fog rushed in front of them and coalesced into Dracula (whose powers were being enhanced by the Darkholders), who gazed into their eyes and mesmerized them before leaping on and fatally feeding on the trio.




(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) - The three students' corpses were found and taken to the Community General Hospital morgue

(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Jerry Weinberg identified the cause of death of all three kids as severe loss of blood.

(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) - The kids' parents grievingly identified them.

(Thor I#332 - BTS) - Lt. Timpano promised the distraught parents that he had every available man working on investigating the apparent murders round-the-clock. He promised that once they had apprehended the viscous animal who did this to the kids that they were going to nail him hard.

(Thor I#332) - Dr. Jerry Weinberg asked Dr. Don Blake (an aspect/alias of Thor) to look at one of the students in the morgue; as Blake entered, Lt. Timpano noted that, if Thor was an honorary citizen, he could use Thor's help on this case. The morgue attendant showed the neck wounds on the unidentified student, then informed Blake there was fourth, unidentified man, with the same wounds in the freezer. After the attendant confirmed the cause of death as severe blood loss, Dr. Weinberg added that, if he didn't know better, he'd say this looked like some vampire flick on Monster Horror Chiller Theatre. Blake, whose mind was occupied with concerns over being accused of murder after the disappearance of Jane Foster (which was being investigated by Lt. Timpano), speculated that it might be the work of some cult murderer, then excused himself.

(Thor I#332 - BTS) - Appreciating that aiding Timpano might work to his benefit, Blake transformed into Thor and met up with Timpano and offered his aid.

(Thor I#332 (fb) - BTS) - All three students' parents had the students buried in Mundelein Cemetery.

(Thor I#332 - BTS) - Three nights after the vampire bites, Thor and Timpano heard a report of a mugging, which turned out to be a vampire attack. Timpano recognized the vampire as the unidentified man from the morgue freezer. Thor's hammer, Mjolnir (apparently as religious icon wielded by one who strongly believed in its power -- see main profile comments), incinerated that vampire on contact, after which Thor realized the three students were likely similarly afflicted. After learning their location from Timpano, Thor flew to Mundelein Cemetery.

(Thor I#332) - Reviving, the three students dug to the surface and attacked Polowski (the cemetery groundskeeper and, as Peleus, the former squire to the Crusader/Arthur Blackwood).


Thor arrived before the three vampires could harm Polowski and warned them that he would never suffer them to rise against innocent mortals. The three vampires transformed into giant bat form and took to the air, and Thor summoned a torrential storm to slow their progress.






In rapid succession, Thor struck the vampire bats with his hammer, and each perished in flames.



 --Thor I#332







images: (without ads)
Thor I#332, pg. 9, panel 2 (students leaving school - full body)
        pg. 10, panel 5 (ensorcelled students - faces)
        pg. 11, panel 2 (students' parents)
        pg. 15, panel 4 (unidentified vampire; assaulting would-be victim)
            panel 6 (unidentified vampire; frontal)
        pg. 16, panel 3 (identified vampire's destruction)
            panel 4 (ashes)
        pg. 17, panel 6 (students as vampires, in shadows)
            panel 8 (students as bats);
        pg. 18, panel 6 (vampire bat close-up);
        pg. 20, panel 1 (death of final bat)

Thor I#332 (June, 1983) - Alan Zelenetz (scripter), Don Perlin (penciler), Vince Colletta (inker), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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