Galannan Alternative Research for Immunization Development

MEMBERSHIP: Calvin Falconer, Bill Galannan, Joey Klein (deceased), Peter Parker (quit), Dr. Eric Schwinner, Dr. Monica Staphos, Jeff (deceased)

PURPOSE: Immunization research

AFFILIATIONS: General Techtronics West (precursor)
Dryrot), Tendril (created via their research);

ENEMIES: Tendril

BASE of OPERATIONS: GARID Laboratories, Portland, Orgeon

FIRST APPEARANCE: Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1 (November, 1995)

((Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1(fb)) - GARID was formerly affiliated with General Techtronics West, the company that performed the radiation safety demonstration at which Peter Parker was bitten by the radioactive spider. This experiment was presided over by Dr. Schwinner.

((Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1(fb) - BTS) - Dr. Staphos' research into a cure for Necrotizing Fascitis (NF, the "Flesh-Eating bacteria disease") was tested on a patient named Alstaetter, who died after 3 weeks of treatment.

((Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1(fb) - BTS) - Four months later Dr. Staphos treated Paul Contoni with a Synthetic Skin Derivative (SSD) created via the Isotope Genome Accelerator (IGA, the device which irradiated the spider before it bit Pete). Contoni was cured of SSD, but was mutated also mutated into monstrous form. He was released.

((Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1(fb) - BTS) - Twelve to sixteen months later, Dr. Staphos' research into a cure for NF was tested on River Verys, a convict with the terminal disease. She tried two surgeries to remove the infected tissue, and then utilized a more advanced version of the SSD, which also met with failure.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1) - As Verys' condition continued to deteriorate, new research assistant Peter Parker discovered the radiation being used in Staphos' project and injected a small amount of his blood into a test sample, observing that this kicked the SSD into overdrive. Before he could test it further, Staphos discovered that the material had mysteriously improved. Desperate to save Verys and to legitimize her research, Staphos injected Verys with the mutated SSD. Verys was mutated into the monstrous Tendril, who broke free, slaying Staphos and two security guards in the process.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#2) - As Tendril went on a killing spree, the heads of GARID attempted to figure out how to recapture him before their involvement could be discovered by the authorities. Peter Parker learned of the involvement of the IGA.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#3) - Falconer and Parker convinced Contoni, aka Dryrot, to return to GARID for further testing, so they might cure both he and Tendril.

(Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#4) - Spider-Man brought in Tendril, and Parker and Schwinner utilized the IGA in another procedure to neutralize both Verys' and Contoni's disease, as well as their mutations. Contoni was cured, but Verys fought the process vigorously and died as a result. Parker, as Spider-Man, contained Verys, but was also exposed to the radiation from the IGA, and his powers were temporarily neutralized.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#235 - BTS) - Peter Parker decided to return to Manhattan, New York, and he notified Schwinner that he would be resigning.

COMMENTS: Created by Fabian Nicieza and Darick Robertson.

Necrotizing Fascitis, NF, "the flesh eating bacteria," is a Beta-hemolytic Streptococcus infection.
A Staphlycoccus (Staph) infection is usually much less serious, but can be similar at onset.
 I would guess Staphos' name came from Staphlycoccus, one of the most common bacteria on human skin.

Calvin Falconer has no known connection to:


Calvin Falconer


Head of security at GARID, he was a no-nonsense, fearless, and skilled type. However, he was also willing to listen to reason. When Galannan attempted to force the others to continue to hide their knowledge of Verys from the police, Falconer lifted him off the ground and chastised him for risking lives.


--Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1 (2-4







Joey Klein & Jeff


A pair of security guards, they were with Staphos when Verys broke free, and they were immediately slain by him.


--Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1





Bill Galannan


Both the son of the company's founder, and the Director of Media Relations, he was more concerned about negative publicity than trying to save others from Tendril.


--Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1 (2








Peter Parker

aka Spider-Man. He joined GARID when he thought he was a clone, and it was his blood then provided the catalyst that transformed Verys into Tendril. He was instrumental at capturing Verys and formulating the cure for the mutation of he and Tendril. He was also temporarily rendered powerless by the IGA's radiation, but his abilities returned a short time after his return to Manhattan. He learned that he was not a clone and resumed his career.

For the full deal on Spidey, see the Spider-Man Encyclopedia and the Spider-Fan website. He WON'T be getting a full profile at the Appendix, I can assure you.

Dr. Eric Schwinner

Dr. Monica Staphos


Designed of the SSD, she sought a cure for NF. Her process resulted in the creation of both Dryrot and Tendril, and she was slain by the latter.


--Spider-Man: The Final Adventure#1 ([1(fbs)], 1





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