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Classification: Weapon

Creator: Kree (presumably)

User/Possessors: Yon-Rogg, Carol Danvers, Kerwin Korman (Destructor), Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva), Captain Atlas (Att-Lass)

First Appearance: Captain Marvel I#18 (October, 1969)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: It possessed matter-shaping powers. The Psyche-Magnitron allowed its master to conjure up anything ever devised by Kree Science. When its rays hit the user, it could create the device desired by the user and also modify the genetic structure of the body gifting it with super powers.
    The Magnitron Power Unit or Power Core could be contained in a small shielded box. It was extremely radioactive and outside the box it immediately changed its form to a bigger, starred polyhedron. It emitted the same radiation emitted as the Psyche-Magnitron when it bathed a subject, but in such a high quantity that it burnt, blinded, annihilated the senses in an instant and probably even killed the subject in a few minutes. Its rays gave the user greater but more uncontrollable matter-shaping powers. The radiations covered all the wavelengths known and their strength could transform an area as wide as Northern Florida into a radioactive desert.

History: (Captain Marvel I#18 (fb) - BTS) - During the expansionist era of the Kree Intergalactic Empire, the Psyche-Magnitron was considered a device so powerful and dangerous that the Kree outlawed it. So, the founding fathers of the Kree Empire decided to hide the Psyche-Magnitron. 250 centuries ago, the incredible device was transported on a forgotten planet far from the centre of their dominion: the Earth. In the same Kree Outpost, in a vast chamber beneath a cave, the Kree also left the forbidden Nega-Bands and many other devices.

(Avengers West Coast#80 (fb) - BTS) - At a third, deeper, level of the cave, the Kree hid the guardian to the second level: the Intergalactic Sentry #372.

(Captain Marvel I#17) - In the Modern Era, Yon-Rogg was sent on mission with his crew to monitor Earth. He began to secretly search for the Nega-Bands, trying to locate the hidden Kree Outpost where they and the Psyche-Magnitron were stored. He found the Lost Outpost following Rick Jones, but had to flee, because Mar-Vell had worn the Nega-Bands and was too powerful for him.

(Captain Marvel I#18 (fb) - BTS) - Later, Yon-Rogg went back to the Outpost, taking with him Carol Danvers, who he had kidnapped days before. Once in the cave, in the lower level of the Outpost he found the Psyche-Magnitron.

(Captain Marvel I#18) - Using the Psyche-Magnitron, Yon-Rogg created the Mandroid, and had it battle Captain Mar-Vell. Unable to harm the legendary robot, Mar-Vell tricked it into firing its beams at the Psyche-Magnitron, damaging the device and causing its power source to run out of control. The Mandroid, no more sustained, faded to nothingness, but the battle had damaged other unstable machineries.

(Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb)) - The Psyche-Magnitron obeyed to Carol Danvers' unconscious desire to be as powerful as Mar-Vell, so it transformed Carol's cells, extracting the needed energy from Mar-Vell's Nega-Bands and combining the Human and Kree characteristics in her persona. It also created a special costume which reproduced some of the super Kree powers, while Carol's body and mind got used to the genetic reconstruction.

(Captain Marvel I#18) - The overloaded Magnitron's energies started to fill the chamber, Captain Marvel picked up Carol Danvers and carried her to safety just in time, as an explosion destroyed the upper level of the Outpost, killing also Yon-Rogg.

(Avengers West Coast#80 (fb) - BTS) - Mar-Vell believed the whole Outpost destroyed, but the lower level was almost intact.

(Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb)) - Weeks after the explosion, the still-working Psyche-Magnitron called the hidden Kree part of Carol's personality and attracted her to the Outpost cave to bring the Captain Marvel-like costume back. The Psyche-Magnitron's action on Carol Danvers had produced a split personality.

(Ms. Marvel I#2) - Kerwin Korman, after months of studying Ms. Marvel's origins, succeeded in finding the cave of the hidden Kree Outpost. His instruments signaled an incredible source of energy, a Magnitron Power Core.

(Ms. Marvel I#3) - Ms. Marvel also found the cave, driven there by her Seventh Sense.

(Ms. Marvel I#4) - During the fight between Ms. Marvel and Doomsday Man, the radiations and the seismic waves emitted from the cave were registered from the Kennedy Space Center. The radiations level around the cave was lethal and it was increasing. It threatened to transform Northern Florida into a radioactive desert.
    Destructor, after Ms. Marvel had defeated Doomsday Man, stunned her and searched for the incredible source of energy he felt through the debris in the cave. He found a little box containing the Power Source Unit of the Psyche-Magnitron but made the mistake to open it. The flashing, burning radiations emitted by the Energetic Core scorched and blinded Korman and drove him mad. But the radiations of the Power Core bathed Ms. Marvel again, penetrating the energy field of her suit. She managed to flee, while the cave exploded again, under the strain of the randomly shot rays of the now blind Destructor.

(Avengers III#17 (fb) ) - But before the explosion shattered the upper level and the outside ground of the Outpost, the Psyche-Magnitron changed Korman's cellular structure, transforming it into Kree and merging his human body with the remains of Doomsday Man.

(Quasar#10 (fb)) - Dr. Minn-Erva, a Kree scientist, found the Psyche-Magnitron and used it to give herself super Kree powers. Her Kree genetic potential was unlocked, so the Kree Empire sent Captain Att-Lass to retrieve her. When they met, Minn-Erva became attracted to him and also allowed him to be enhanced by the Magnitron.

(Avengers West Coast#80) - Months later, during the Kree-Shi'ar War, Oracle, Tempest and Electron kidnapped Rick Jones, and Oracle extracted from his mind the location of the Lost Kree Outpost.
    They reached the Outpost and entered the lower level but triggered the activation of the guardian: Sentry #372. However, Tempest had succeeded in picking up a particular component from the Psyche-Magnitron, so when Captain America and the West Coast Avengers arrived to free Rick Jones, the Shi'ar could flee with the stolen component. Meanwhile, the Sentry, damaged by the battle against the Avengers and unable to terminate the intruders triggered the last defensive function: destroy the whole Outpost. The Avengers escaped just in time.

(Avengers West Coast#81 - BTS/Quasar#33 - BTS) - The stolen component was used by the Shi'ar together with the Nega-Bands and the Omni-Wave Projector to create the Nega-Bomb which later destroyed the Kree Empire.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, and Dan Adkins.

    The Energy Core found by Destructor, was probably a spare one, or a backup one. If it had been the only Energy Core it should not have been placed in a separate box, in another level of the Outpost. Minn-Erva wouldn't have been able to use the Magnitron months later if this was the case because there wouldn't have been any Energy Core in the Magnitron itself.

     In Quasar#10 Minn-Erva said "Psyche-MagnEtron" instead of Pshyche-MagnItron. The most used term to refer to the device is the second one.

    In Avengers I#383 Arides reached the Outpost and there battled the Avengers. The Outpost was supposed to be completely destructed, instead buildings, even skyscrapers, were around it. Surely were they built by humans. Arides found an Omni-Wave Projector (rather fragile), it is probable that pieces of the Psyche-Magnitron still lied there, too.

    In Iron Man III#14, Stark says that the Universal Energy Core used by Ronan was identical to the Psyche-Magnitron in the Long-Lost Kree Outpost in New Mexico. Questionable points:

  1. the Universal Energy Core WAS different from the Psyche-Magnitron AND from its Power Core seen by Destructor and Ms. Marvel;
  2. the Long-Lost Kree Outpost, as stated in Ms. Marvel I#4, was in Northern Florida. In Avengers West Coast#80, Oracle read into Rick Jones' mind the Outpost location, in the Southwest of the USA.

    The Universal Energy Core found by Ronan could be:

Profile by Spidermay.

The Psyche-Magnitron has no known connections to:

The Psyche-Magnitron is probably related to:

The Psyche-Magnitron Universal Energy Core

    The Universal Energy Core of a Psyche-Magnitron was a smaller but fully functional version of the big machinery hidden in the Long-Lost Kree Outpost.
    Apparently it could be used remotely and floated near its user/possessor. It let its user create any Kree weapon he wanted like: Mandroids, explosive missiles, a flame-absorbing device and also give to or increase energy handling powers to its user.

(Iron Man III#14) - One Universal Energy Core of a Psyche-Magnitron was stored in an armored room in Uatu the Watcher's Dome on the Moon.

    Ronan the Accuser, helped by an enslaved Invisible Woman, succeeded in entering in the room and using the Universal Energy Core. Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and Charlotte Jones fought Ronan to free Susan Storm but were almost overwhelmed by Ronan, whose powers had been improved by the Core and then used the Core to create Mandroids, missiles and other devices to attack the humans. A communication module built by Reed Richards with Mandroids broken parts let Iron Man to interface with the Universal Energy Core and set it off-line. Ronan's body was disintegrated and Iron Man carried the Power Core with him with the purpose to use it to restore the Starcore Moon Base systems.
    Ronan's starship auto-reintegrated Ronan's body and Ronan sent the Energy Core's technical schemes to his master.

(Iron Man III#15 (fb)) - Iron Man installed the Kree Core to perform the life-support for the SHIELD/Starcore Moon Base

--Iron Man III#14 (Iron Man III#14, 15(fb)

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