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Real Name: Kerwin Korman

Identity/Class: Human, unconventional technology user;
later used by unconventional technology

Occupation: Scientist, would-be Super-Criminal

Group Membership: AIM

Affiliations: HYDRA, Scorpion (Mac Gargan), Doomsday Man, Targoth

Enemies: AIM, Arana (Anya Corazon), Ms. Marvel

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel I#1 (January, 1977) as Dr. Korman;
Ms. Marvel I#2 (February, 1977) as Destructor

Powers/Abilities: Korman was a genius engineer and technician, his specialization was building weapons and traps.
In his suit as Destructor he had an improved resistance to injury and impacts. Its weapon was the Tachionic Ray, which he could shoot from his brow. It was a beam of energy running faster than light. He also used a flying base to move. It was a circular disc he could stay on.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 96 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

History: (Ms. Marvel I#1-2 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Korman was a scientist and was considered a genius, well-known in the criminal world. He built several weapons for criminal groups like HYDRA and AIM. AIM was sure of his abilities as scientist because Korman had built a Psyche-Conditioner for them and other useful devices.
    Korman set up his laboratory in an apparently abandoned building near the Brooklyn Bay, Norman Mailer's desultory residence, and built several traps to protect the lab: laser rays, sliding entrapping doors and trap-doors.
    Korman decided to start his own criminal career, so he created a suit which granted him superhuman powers. 

(Ms. Marvel I#2 (fb) - BTS) - In search for additional power, he studied the career of Ms. Marvel since she began, guessing that her power originated from a powerful technological source.

(Ms. Marvel I#1) - Korman sold his laboratory to the Scorpion.

(Ms. Marvel I#2) - Korman, in the Destructor suit, had studied Ms. Marvel for a long time and now proposed to AIM to capture her. He suggested killing her, but AIM wanted her alive and nonetheless he accepted the task.

    Hiding his actions from AIM, Destructor found the place of Ms. Marvel's first appearance, a cave in Northern Florida, north of the Kennedy Space Center. It was the the Long-Lost Kree Outpost. He knew that in the cave, the alien Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg fought their final battle and he wanted to find the source of the incredible power which had been released during their battle to possibly duplicate Ms. Marvel's powers.

    Back in New York, Destructor reached the street where Ms. Marvel was again fighting the Scorpion. He surprised her and sure of his superiority struck her with his Tachionic Ray. The flying disc which Desctructor used to fly was smashed by Ms. Marvel but the impact didn't weaken Korman. He shot a second Tachionic Ray, sure it would have knocked her out but Ms. Marvel reacted and double kicked Destructor against a hydrant. He was was knocked out.

(Ms. Marvel I#3) - Destructor and Ms. Marvel both woke up dizzy, but after a brief struggle Korman was definitely KOed. Suddenly, a huge AIM subterranean drill-vehicle, emerged in the middle of the street, the AIM operatives distracted Ms. Marvel and kidnapped Korman.

    For his failure, he was subjected to the Psyche-Conditioner, to be enslaved and then used later by AIM.

(Ms. Marvel I#4) - Korman managed to escape and reached the Long-Lost Kree Outpost cave. There he saw Ms. Marvel fighting against Doomsday Man but didn't intervene, because he was too weak. He searched through the debris for the source of energy signaled by his sensors. When Ms. Marvel defeated the robot, Destructor Tachi-blasted her and finally found a little box. The box contained the Power Unit of the Psyche-Magnitron; Korman opened it and was burned and blinded by the incredibly high radiations it emitted. All his senses were obliterated. Shocked and maddened, he started to shoot his Tachi-Ray all over the cave. The cave started to crumble, but Ms. Marvel fled just in time before a great explosion destroyed the cave.

(Avengers III#17 (fb)) - The radiations emitted by the Power Core mutated Korman's cells from Human to Kree. When the Power Core exploded, it merged Korman's body to the Doomsday Man's shell. A short time later, AIM found them and placed a false Doomsday Man shell in the cave.

    AIM scientists completed the merge under MODOK's leadership, rebuilding the Doomsday Man with Korman inside, whose super Kree energy cells served as a power unit for the robot.

(Avengers III#15-17) - Korman, still prisoner in Doomsday Man's body, had to witness Doomsday Man's escape from AIM and search for Ms. Marvel. She had to become Korman's substitute, because his cells were exhausted and Doomsday Man needed new super Kree energy to sustain itself.
Doomsday Man was defeated by the Avengers and Warbird, but Korman still remained entangled and bond to Doomsday Man's shell.

(Avengers III#18) - Henry Pym was studying for a solution to free Korman but he was kidnapped by a group of Ultron-like robots.

(Ms. Marvel II#11 (fb) ) - AIM retrieved Doomdsay Man with Korman still inside. The fused duo was put into storage after AIM scientists couldn't figure out how they worked and how they were able to evolve.

(Ms. Marvel II#11) - In AIM Sub-Base #94 Korman awakened and began to dream about his fight with Ms. Marvel. He made the Doomsday Man scream and two scientists opened the robot to check some connections between Doomsday Man and Korman. They realized too late that Korman was awake. Korman, now in full control of Doomsday Man, attacked them and went after every living being in the base. Inside Doomsday Man Korman talked to the robot. It tried to resist, but Korman knew how to override the robot's programming. On his search for something to kill Ms. Marvel Korman found the Targoth, who he released shortly before Ms. Marvel arrived. Korman revealed to her that he was in control of the robot now and then surrounded her with the Targoth.

(Ms. Marvel II#12) - Korman watched Ms. Marvel fight the Targoth and then attacked her herself. He surprised her with a few updated weapons of Doomsday Man and soon smashed her through the ground down to the next level. There he told her how contagious the Targoth were when she was surprised how many of them were running around and then knocked her out. Afterwards he went to the storage rooms to get more weapons. He was impressed with all the stored weaponry, but didn't have the time to take one because Ms. Marvel was already back and her sidekick Arana was with her. Korman teleported Arana in striking distance then lifted her up and tore her carapace off her body. Ms. Marvel attacked Doomsday Man with ferocity, tossed a car at him and then tore open the robot's chest to pull out Korman, who thanked her before passing out.

(Ms. Marvel II#12 - BTS) - Some time later Korman was stabilized by medics and Wonder Man told Ms. Marvel that he would likely survive.

Comments: Created by Jerry Conway (writer), John Buscema (pencils), Joe Sinnot (inks).

    It is probable that Korman also intervened in the modification of the original Doomsday Man. The robot, fighting with Miss Marvel, shot Tachionic blasts from his laser arm. Or, maybe the robot already possessed that weapon, and Korman studied it and duplicated it to insert into his Destructor suit.
    It is also probable that the Doomsday Man's third incarnation behaviour was more human than before because of its interconnection to Korman.
For greater detail about Doomsday Man's actions while using Korman's mutated body as power supply see its own profile.

Korman got his own partial entry as part of the Doomsday Man entry in the All-New OHotMU#3.

Markus Raymond added the recent Ms. Marvel appearances.

Profile by Spidermay.

Destructor has no known connections to

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